The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE: NINE can PIT WHAT YOU WAHfl^ f&? WANTAD1 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS Don't forget we have genuine Alatttlln I.aliip I'arts—25c liuch BURKE HDW. CO... Mrs, 3. J. I>a\ k — Spencer Corseflcre Call 421-W for Appointments CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per liiii! per clay .. 08c Three times per 1'ae per day .. OOc Six times per line per [lay .. 05c Month rate per line 60c Cards o[ Thanks .... SOc & We Minimum charge We Ads ordered far Jirie v -" x /mcs ami ttZftd oefoie .-xplrn- Uon -wlU -C chained lor the number c.1 times the ad appeared ana ttiyutmcnt of bill ramie. All classified Advertising copy fcibmitted 'by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may Ire easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for incsjulai' insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken j for more than one Incorrect inser-| D e [t a Implements, Inc. tion of any classified ad. ._. Business Directory ' Coal & Wood Plate Glass WE CAN MAKE DESK & DRESSER TOPS AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. Arkmo Lumber Co. phone 40 BARGAINS!! 1935 CHEVROLET PICK UP 1932 V-3 FORD SEDAN t or Kent 2 room nicely furnished MENT, «22 W. Main. APART- 10-ck-tf 3 Room House, garage. G21 So. water furnished, Lake SI. IpkO Double garage, concrete floor. Reasonable. 721 W. Main. Call 45. 20-ck-3 TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving SOc room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 9«4 USED COAL STOVES $5 AND UP Hardaway Appliance Co. MAIN As 2ND - - PHONE 233 EXPERT KADIO REPAIRING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES COAL BUSINESS Location changed from Matian Glu to S. 5lli & R.R. BEST PRICES-CALL 244 L. I. It ICE Get the benefit of summer prices Fill Up Now "My ! Coal Is Black- But . T Treat You White" LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN —FHONE 101 Salesmen Wanted WANTED—Man with ear. Roul« experience preferred but not necessary. Opening now. Ravleigh, Dcpt. AKJ-27-MC, Memphis, Tenn., Write or see Crlll Crawford, ti;evi!le, Ark. Eggs, Poultry BABY CHICKS-Blood Tested, liarred Rocks, While nocks, K I Reds, White Leghorns, $7 jx-r hundrcil. P.istpaid. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Unl3n, Mo. Personal FREE! STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved quick. Get free sample doctor's prescription, l/dgii. nl Klrby Bros.! Drug Co. - ' Central Figure in Strike Threat Wanted AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED Biy- N° co-signers. Just UrltiB car and' registration card along. U. W. MULLINS : Siulbury !ililf. Phone 495 Wauled To Purchase—2-mnle hay baler, l-inule drawn disc break- ini; plow, 1029-31 Ford Coacli, "J'l Chevrolet or Plymouth Couch. (Dealers don't apply). C. F. Dunn. Luxora, Ark. • i, 20n kti 2 room house for negro couple V[io ' out. Call 25G-W. • PKUjAGKA Medicine on market 20 years, registered in U. S. Pat. OlficD. 30-day treatment $5.00' Oiliee over Blyllievillc Babery H. C. CAMPBELL CHEMICAL CO. . liox 813, I'.lytlicvillc, Ark. Nicely furnished bedroom, 10V '' Walnut. Call .alter 4:30. 27-ck-tr) Modern FURNISHED BEDROOMS. 1009 W. Walnut St. H-cfc-lf 3 room Furnished Apartment, 60<i N 5lh St. Mrs. W. S. Crowder. iac-ktf •Nicely 'Furnished Front Bedroom, steam heat, garage. Phoiic MO. Ic k Unfurnished apartment, <1 rooms A -natli; newly decorated. 12a W. iKcntucky. F. Simon, call 164.'. For Sale .FURNISHINGS for 2 room apartment, will sell' separately. Also Simmons baby bed, wardrobe, dav ted Reasonable. Mrs. Charles Bright. i-*-" | ~~ -For Sale or Rent Residence, "store-building and fixtures, for : , safe cheap or will rent to permanent renter. 640 Will be vacant, soon Sec Dr. Sahba, | Close Out Prices On All Paint •l'o prepare for new slock Sherwin-Williams line. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Phone 35 - - Free Delivery 'A1T?1V! GET l>IJjl>. Ncw GOOD, CLEAN RAGS—Will pay goo'd price for good, rags. Must be News. free of buttons. Courie dlj if True tone Jr. 5 Tube Auto Radio completely installed $21.50. Truetone Radios for home at tremendous savings. Guaranteed Tuues & Batteries. Tutos tested free—Radio Service. Western Auto Aswwiale Store. WANTED—AM. KINDS JUNK $5 to $0- Per Ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brnss, 2c to 4',ic Ib. Copper Wire, 4 to Sc Ib. Radiators, 4'/-rC Ib. r~ HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 11G 120 E. MAIN Do You :*,iLAST Remember- — WINTER? Phone 410. ~' BRICK .FOR SALE CHICAGO MILL & LBR. 29-cktf I Room arid Board ROOM' & BOARD Mrs. J. E. Crook' - Call 433-W GET VIGOR AT ONCE! Ostrcx Tonic Tat- Icte conlain raw oyster Invlg-j orators and other stimulants.! One dose peps up organs, elands, j e( | (i le V j 0 ] cnt If not deliiililed, maker refunds; s i,.i] I( , iro ™ 'few cents paid. Call, "•- 1 - 1 ' ' Bros. Drue Store. Threat of a new Pacific coast dock strike centered attention on the activities of Harry Bridges, shown here in a new picture. Uridges | 3 the fiery leader of coast longshoremen, ivho direct- Interstate Aid to Curb Crime, Goal in 1937 CHICAGO (UP) — Polly-three state legislature, convening In 1P37, will be urged by Iho Inter-, slate commission on crime to start] a legal war against "commuting' criminals." ' The council of slide governments will' present n four-point pi OK i urn designed to simplify Iho procedure of extraditing .criminals, (ncllllnlc (lie summoning of out- of-state witnesses, penult officers o cress state lines to arrest lleu- suspects, hud jicnulC Interstate couipacis or supervision of per- iis on parolq, ,., . The American Legion has plcds- ed Itself 10 back the raminkslim's program. New- York and New Jersuy Inive adopted the four statutes advocated', Rhudo Island has ncloplcd three, and Illinois, Indiana, Loulslnna, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Viryiniii eacli have uppiovcil one. The (list lighthouse tower on Cape Itattctas wns crcelutl In 1TJ8. After 72 years of pounding Iliu Atlantic reached the lighthouse base. Read Courier News Want Ad*.' I Tea compress:d into bricks In China, slabs of copper in Sweden, cattle, milk, salt, and tobacco, all were used as coinage at one time or another in various; lands. GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling be o prominent In negotiating-any agree* ment reached with employers. ORDERS TAKEN PUR "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FltUI Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mfv. A. 0. Haley 1109 clilcknsawba Phone 193 RADIO REPAIRING A ' Completo Un« of I Tub** *ud farfe I IWBBARD T1KK * BATT«air CO. 1 HOKB tit ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE , WELDING AT BEST PRICES 1'UOMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Wrecker Service - Giu OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SKRVICli CEINTEK Phones 7TJ - e:o HEAR! HEAR! If you have n burinl iissociation ccrliCicnlc oC any kind on your loved- ones when they pass away, we will accept it at full value on the Amwal, in-uvidcd you buy as much as 550 cv more in merchandise. COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONE 20 On. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WK HAKE 'KM SEE" Phone MO FOR SALE We have op hand now and ready (or delivery new crop of Alfnlfa Seed for retail or to dealers. If Interested ECO us. I.R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton* Cotlon Scctl and Cual Tel. 1511-3 Yatbro, Ark. <mi> WAVE COMING - WARNING Yim rctuemWr those mini} u irn IKS Luul (ho sovere cold weather rn.luiil lust winter, u Is iireiUdcd iy, many luitliurltlc-s. Unit .tlio coming vlnli-r will I I'D iivcn rulilcr anil will early. Tim imiicrs rL >i>ort tlmt limy lire ulremly slilveilui; ami hiioiv luw fallen In dm Northwest. Last whiter lllythovlllo mis , wliii- In n linv iljiys of u eoal fnniliie. Tills season llio lojl miners contrail expires uuil thu IlallruuK and I irgo Imluslrli's will storo limvlly , m il willi LI colil winter, \vo uro morft IINdy to liuvn a cual fiiinfno this wliiliT, UM.t SS u Iirjro IHrumtuio i>[ puoiilu s'.oro their ciml NOW Tlii-ro n-iiKilus unly a short llni'o I" tiiki! mlvniidiKO of our low surn- IIKV prices nil, our Superior Quality WKils. Ihni't out It off. Thfl ^i liui'iiliu; SKISJII Is nlinosl In re Onlir .NOW frt ..... is mill Im assured oi Superior <lnulity, Kcrvico ami 1'rleo. \V« Immllo oiilj iliu MllKrior QuiilHy of nil Jlu, iindlin. l>rnnds of illch Onulo Co ils , Wo Also Sell SAND Superior Coal & I'llOM. 7Q0 1^11 •J'BT' Anew hixuitlou, ' ,,, ^ ' Vb *" nuil V.'lUi yiicli .order Jor n ton or in £ OIUVKL Mining Co. Now Located at 101 Norlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAltfis; I'rourlelor AH mate of ltdiuill 'TmewrHen, Adding mourns r— Parts— Klblio its and Holpoint Electric Stove. Good condition. Allyco Nelson, phone 223. CnOSLEY table ranio, good coii- dition. Cheap. Call 306 or 733 after 1 P. M. ___ _ O'BRIEN'S CAFE, completely equipped. Doing B ood - business fnr past IB Brunswick -years. BARGAIN. Coal .ivas scarce nnJ hard to get- But Harry Bailey's Coal Co. never failed to supply the demand o' their customers. •Don't Forget HARRY iJAHJEY This Winter! Reliable Service - - i Illinois Coal - - Good Prices Phone 1505 F-4 POOL TABLE, plete. CHEAP. com-; JORDAN SEDAN, in goml condition. At give way P nce F SIMON, Call 764 -Good used LOG TRAILER cheap Blytiievillc Machine Shop. 7c htf FOR SALE B' room 'house, bath. Large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town -Could : bc made Into apartment •09 .Chickasawb dh u Real Estate Bargains for Sale! FOR. CASH 117 S. Third, store, $861. 208 'Dotigan, bungalow, $1,400. 301 Dougan, bungalow, $1,517. 310 Dougan, bungalQW, $1,335. 3H Dougan, bungalow, $1,325. 516 Chickasawlw, bungalow, $1,052 2221 Carolyn (Pride Arid'n.) $475 2231 Carolyn U'rittc Add'n.) $1,327 DANCE AT THE GREEN INN CAFE IN CONNECTION Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, formerly of Blytheville, new owners Your feet will be al ease in Selby's Styl-cez Shoes, $6 & $6.50 Other Shoes $4.50 to $5.50. New Economy Shop New Carload Shipment " ^ MOORETS HEATERS, COOK STOVES, -OIL & GAS 'BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE Liberal OUR NEW STOCK Trade-in Allowance Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. PIANO STUDIO REOPENING MRS. L. N. MATHIS Piano - - - Harmony C25 W. Main Call 2T7-J Buy your Hardware, Delco Radios, Bicycles, Seibcrlnig ' Tires, Delco Batteries & Auto Accessories at Hubbard Hardware Co. Terms To Suit You 2315 Dell Road, $1,225. stucco bungalow. Call Parker- 127 Daily Freight Service 1501 lo ses, 1513 Chickasawba, 7 $2,755. hou- 809 Cliickasawba, bungalow, $1,050. Thomas Land Co, • FOR SALE Several thousand acres southeast Missouri rich alluvial cotton & corn lands. Ally size tract. TERMS 1,1 KE RENT. Eve ret', B. Gee, Blylhevillo. : SOUTHEAST aiissounr LAND Improved or Partially Improved GOOD LAND-LOW PRICES EASY TERMS iC. M. SMITH Sr., A ;TV. J. PECK, 'MALDEN, MO. WK PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND laiRNITUKK Thonc 1031 Hubbard 2nd Hand iFtirnilurc Slorc FOR PERMANENT WELDING (. IMMEDIATE SERVICE—CALL Blytheville Machine Shop PHONE 808 or 848 Highest Prices Paid For Used 'Furniture Wade Furniture Co, 301-353 E. .MAIN Tailor Shops i Good allowance for your old suit on new tailored suit. GEORGE L. MUIR, Tailor Batteries TJETTEK BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. dune Al Tom Jackson's Service Stallon VU.EY opi HOLD it, YOU"GUYS : DON'T SHOVE TILL I HOLLER' HONE- AGE ENGINBBIUNG! OM VEfiTOES- UGMHHf OVER SHE f .THAT'S WHA i N_EiJJaWC. INC. T. M. SEC. U.'S. PAT KIN MOD FLY A PLANE, BUD? 6UE5S TKIEP, 15 IT VOU(<S? AW, IT'S. ALL'RIGHT. I'M j JUST GONNJA DRIVE MOUND THE AIRPORT TILL HE ! COME5 OUT. SHERIFF, TOO. SAV I THIN1C. I'LL SEE HOW / iS TH1M6 \VORK9 THERE'S THAT T i PLE v KID ! HE OCESMT KMW/ AWTTHIMG ABOUT FOOTBALL,BLFT HE'S TRY!MG OUT FOR FRECKLES' PO] AIM'T "THAT A LAUGH ? THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO CARRY THE BALL AS CLOSE TO OPPOWEWT'S GOAL AS POSSIBLE, AMD SCORE ATCOCH- ( I DOWtJ !THE FlELD/THINK '" is ioo YARDS /r UNDER UOMG! (. STA ^^l_

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