Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1942
Page 2
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Page Two NAPaATUOK DAILY HEWB,, TUBBDAT,JU;LY 14, 1942 BEACON FALLS ROCK RIMMON GRANGE TO MEET IN BEACON FALLS LEAKY FAUCETS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIGH WATER BILLS Repairs Will Bring Amount Back to Normal in Many Cases, Children'» Night Will Be Observed Tonight; Entertainment Program, V--Cliil(lrnn 1 H at tho mcot- I'ylhlrti .fiivonllo Hcnoon Full*, July will (>n observed of Hook HlinrmHi ii led for -till* nviwltvx «t hall ut 8 o'clock, Tim IIHMllllOI'M SVlli he vvoll us children (if tho sonlai he Kindts svlll presont »i proMTiiin of onhTtulfMtuwt, which will .ho followed hy the playing of Indoor gam"M, and tho sorvhiK of (Mrs, HoMullo Truvoi 1 , Juvonlln grango, will wUlvttloM, refreshment*. matron nl 1 the llomiff niMnbnr fi »u- foir allotment IM uibmit exh Minted, •will bo plna.HOd with tlm annoinu'o- in/'nl I hut a bomi* of 2 potmiln of sugar nun ho Hoeunul ut (ho pruni- fiit Mnm with number 7 stamp of Mm rallon hook, ThU honun of two pound* will he given until August, U2, according' In In forma I (on glvefi out yesterday at Mm local ration- Ing board. .Al'lor August W, it oan- not he UM«d, Numhord stamp iHiiot j'oduomablo as yol, , A roqulrin high MUMH will ho hraterl on Saturday morning ut I o'clacU n>t St. MIoln'iil'M church foi Iho happy PC|KIHI» of tho soul ol Mm Ifil-o Mrs, Aiiinlla riolmlnl. I-'ri'diM'tck SehalVr lam n'lui'ncd In UndtM-clIlT In -McrUhMi, 1'ollowlnK u vacation sjinnt with his KrumU'utli- IT, Ihmry I'YtwNi, on. UlKtiiand av- onuo. Mr*. XI'Kimiiid KlrdKlk, of Main si rent, it-he former lU'Klnu Stron- k'Ow.Hkl, JH vIsliliiK her hunhand, Sn/'Kt'uiil Klrd/.ik, slallonnd tit In- (JIuntowM Hup, In I'onnuylvanlu, Landlords of tlio c.oiiHuunlty arc reminded (hat (tomorrow Is tho 'deadline lo nudslur -mill* with llw ronf. adminUlralor, Tho form* havo '.bcnrj prncurnd loyally from Tax flol- JwJloi 1 Halph Tucker, or from Town (Jlf-rk /''red (J. (Jin 1 //**, and althoiiK/t Mftvt'iMl liuvn uompMud "thum, Micro arc- oilier* who havo not ntluudud lo Iho matter. In (v atatomorit rcoonlly Is^suod and onoloHOd with the) quarterly 'hills. I'ondorort by tho NnugatucTc NS'ator Co, lliooompany again warrts consumers that t'lm tnoroasod cost for water supply In many oases Is duo to Iho •hona&holdor falling to repair leaks In faucets, to I ID In, oU If the leaks ai'o rupalrnd, tho H merit says, (-.oMsumorH will (Ind tliol hill.H ai'ii normal, Tho siatomont rnnd.s In part: "Comsr, Joseph P, O'Coimoll stalo •that aftci- Htudylnff t'he faotn, It hollcvoM tho motoring was tho only fair basis to pay for water usod Ifo also staled Win Naugaluck Wa IcrUo, had Instftllod motors to con- servo Mio water supply and not to Inoroaso its not Inoomo, Ifo thouglit tlm .svater oomjiauy was doini, every Hi Ing In Its power to mako tho cliungo with as little friction as possible, and that It had boon very fair In I Is-procedure," "Tho comrnlH.Hlon 1 will establish a rate after dot, I, -.10-12, that will give tho water company tho sarno net Inoomo from oonsufnoi-H as formerly on Win flat ra(o and t'hc commoroiul motors, as wan obtained ibei'nre. motors wcro in- s-tallefl, If th'ls rate Is lowor Mian the present rate, tho OOIIKUUUM'H will be credited with tho (llffor- enco in rates on all bills for tho year, 1W<J.V Tho statement continues, "A vory 'small per cent of tlm total con-, Humors attomlod t-ho mooting, it was the oonaoninis -of thoso pros- ont Ihut thu water company was entitled tu a 'higher Inoomo because of high costs of labor and mate rial, c.vtru expense gu/irdlng l\w rcsorvohVM, and taxes, but that their bills worn too Irlgh. "Coinsr. O.'C.onnell asked all thuso oom|>lalnts bo lavoH-blgatwl and a report of thu condition of tho pluntfblng bo sent to him and tho consumers, This wan done and It was found In mo»t cases Iho high consumption was duo to Inakn and if tho leaks woro repaired tho bill would 'havo boon, normal," tfdugatuck Defense Council - • - « - -i • OFFICE HOURS— l^NIY ^ J2 to 5p, m. Y Telephone 5304 • - - ' .v... ., : V.\ •/, : •.;.: - : !^ ' £*f Notices for Mils- Calendar must bo .at Defense Headquarters, or Cross Ilouso by 5 p. m. Friday oaoh \yook.v : - , TUKSDAY, 7:00", in, Week Beginning- July 13, 1942 .Inly W— FiHST AID CLASS , Hull (Auxllhu'y''FJronioh')—Mahion B. Sears/ HOME NUKSING CLASS Cross House—Mrs. Fred.Chandler, Rod 7:30p, m, WEDNESDAY,.-July iff—No moo tings + •'scheduled. ^ «- TIIUIISIIAY, July 1(1— HOME NUHSlNG CLASSICS 8:00p, m, Rod, Cross ]Iouso— {.Juni'ors)— Miss Guthorino A. Brooks. 7;30p, rn, Rod Gross Ilbuso— Mrs. Arthur , • Sweeney, ' AXJXHJAHY FintiMEN'S CHAINING COUllSE •0:30 p. m, ' Plro House— Section B— Arthur Fagor. ' ' ' Capture Sniper-Slayer Suspect '-'' " lA ' "*' ' , July 17— AUXILIARY FIIIEMISN'S THAINING COUOSE 0:30 p. ni, Plro House— Section D— Stephen Sweeney. • AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS MEETING 8:00 p. m, ' St. Mfiry'H Ghuroh—Harokl W. . Brown. OBITUARY (Irouio Croolo Soquanxla, 82, of 45 High atroot, d!6d this morning at tho Wa- ,orbui'y hospital. Ho had boon a •osldorit of 1 Naugaluok i'or 20 -years incl was roll rod '15 years ago. -from io lUrlXbcr nogonoratlng company, Mr, Soqiionxla la survlvod b'y two J'OHOph, of ; Nfiii&atudk- 1 and Mario of Italy, throo daughtoi^, Mrs. Torlol of Waterlnu-y, Mrs,: Nan'ey iNIalana and Mrs. Paulino loglallo of Now York city, ' Tho funeral will bo 'hold Frldat; nornlng from tho Duokmlllor i'U-! icral 'homo, 22 -Park plaoo, -to St.. 'ranols ivh-uroh, Ki'londs may. call* Vudncsday after 7 p. in. Daily Chuckles f)|'A HAH I'I,AN ' Wnnhlnghon, July M—(W*)—Tim f)-P-A Is drawing up a. new plan to kee'p Ka'Hlern m(»torlsls from slipping out of tlm rationed aroas to buy gasoline, The plan l»"to • take Iho place of tho 50-iullo xonn previously set up around tho area. ThoTi-p-A doi'Mn'f. glvo any hint us to Wllftt It Will :ho. SIX-DAY WORK WEEK PLANNED KiJonoMifaii by MolfctlnK kitchen tilorirtllH which havo multiple UHPM, Tho now, mnall porcelain enameled round nwHU-i'M may bo \\xw[ for lofHt/MlH'-Mtovo c-ooklnK. and for raxMcrolcM, as wo 11 as Tor nmall I'OtiHl* and .1'owln, UurU'ord, July [<\ — (UP) — Tho fSnll'H Patent l-'lro AIMIIH Mnnufac- turhiK uonipnuy luw agrfuui not to work (hoi i 1 nmlo omployos rnoro thud Mix dayH a wuok. Tho nfli'otuMont \VAH ronohorl with Htutii Labor CionmilMfllonoi 1 florno- II UH .f. DaimhtM', who nuld thoro woro several- oninpldhilH (ihout IMo novon days a wnuk Hohcdulu at Cloll'H, hunafKu 1 said thn company also has aKi'oiul not lo work women more than M houi'H a wook, (lly United Press) It was all very liuah-hush. In Atlanta, defense officials wcro getting roady to stioretly rledicato u civilian dofonso control center , Vory f(5W people woro supposed to know whoro tho control ountor wan located. So only a small seleut group was invited lo tho core- in on I os, VVhon Hio time oamo for tho soc- rol ooramonloH, tho small select group shownd up all right. Along wilh around 200 ourlotos visitors, ' ; Tf\Y A CfyASSIPIIOD AD IN TlirO NIOW9 r HOWLAND -HUGHES '«i < ••' <r Wiiterbury'8 Friendly Department Store" GREAT JULY SALE ; ;v 32-Piocc Set of Domestic \ Semi-Porcelain ... V Reg-, $5,05 Oomplolo, c-harmin^ Hot-vico Tot- MIX olam! r rho nwoot fluid iii c'lainly (lower dowig'tiH rig-lit for your Hitmrnor lunohooius , , , Ilio clo'iioato HhapoH imumially atlraotivol din nor platoH (j broad and butter (I INI I OH pin I tor G vo^olablo dish (j rM HIU!) I'M,(.)OU plates cups Iji Nowton, North Carolina, Policeman Hill nohlnson ^'as Hooping a Hhnrp lookout for drunks, Polloonmn Rill parked his oar, and wfilkccl about tho strobts, liis oycs l>oclotl for any citizen with the wobbles, fhit not an Inohrinto did ho dis- oovor, At least., not until ho want back to his parkud oar, Thoro was one wound ftsloop In tho baok scat. If ft good frlond Is an asset, how about man's best friend? In fronton, Ohio, John Bloomflold submitted a petition in bankruptcy, Assets—One pot dog. I.f you 'llvo In Pasadena, -Calif., your olmnoos of getting >a new bike are less Mian nothing, And wo nio«n that morally. Horn's the reason, First Washington officials notified tho Pasadona rationing board that the ally's blcyolo quota-would be '/ero, Then carno n second order to out the quota in half, Kdwnrcl Hayes, That's a nice damn, Isn't It? ft has a lot ,of assets—short, oon- olso,'easily prbnounood, But "ship- yard worker Edward Hayes, • jrV San Francisco, didn't like it. So he' asked the Superior court to give -him permission to make a change, •• -Did he, want a shorter, more 'con- cike, more easily •pronounced name? You ^bo the judge. : The permission was granted. -And now he spells his last name not H-A > -Y-E- : S,.-.but: , .:,.: y P-i i ~a-g-h,;ii~9-t-s--p-o-n-d-g-I-i-e-errifi i . Nobody loves the rationing board, The Denver, 'Colorado* board has boon ordered to clear out' or tho city-hall; 1 And -now-tho board's found out there's not only. ; a shortage-of sugar and g'asollnc and tires, but also ol' offices^ . So far it hasn't found one. There's a : little 'Isolated;- \Vooclecl Island In tho -Tennessee secjtloh -of' the Mississippi river named Bar Island. "' . .-..•• It's Isolated and heavily Wooded. And on it lives a hermit named* Adolph, -•' Ho wears patched rags, and he : grows his own vegetables and he's very happy. Adolph ,has bees, .which..he says: "are Just' like people 'and -better" company," And lie makes his owii flour and catches his own fish. When United Press Correspondent: James • MoFCoo paid .Adolph', a 'visit, MoKcc happened to mention ; the war. 1 » ' The Avar?'The war? Said Adolph \ astounded; .--<••! "JL's hard to believe things have gone that far." 4 «••» : -V . .' KEPOHTKD ALUES NOW HAVE MANY IN GREAT BRITAIN 1 WANT FR01R TO THOSE OF AXIS Jphn Eugene Ekliind/ second from left, (no iie), 25, accused sniper- elaycr, is ahpwn surrounded-by detectives, after'his : recapture in Wash- irijgtori; !i 3pi 1 '6i. Handcufflfed^ he escaped froin a police 'van while the jury was deliberating his fate^ in connection with the sniper-slaying of Hylaad Mp^CJainev biie of several negroes shot from ambush on different u^S^ffiS^k^ v 'occasions in 1940. This is a phonephoto. -•'."•• ' . • • • • - • . . (Central Press) OF M VOYAGE TO MURMANSK New York, July 14— ago tho army '-'turned (UP)—A year down Walter a cost ttccountant. 'So did tho "navy. 'JSut^Klerninc -was -looldng for ac- tipii. So 1 'he-joined tlic Merchant Mal'Inc. ' - A : nd he found it!' Plenty 'of'It. ''Tn n. <;lraniati : c dispatch Klemme 'lias -written for the United PI'CSH his account of a voyage to FACIUTffiSOF THE RFC HAVE KEEN EXTENDED -London,. July 1-4—(UP)—The Allies n ; ow 'have in; production new tanks and fighter planes capable of smash- i,ng any thing the Axis has. , That's the -answer British production spoikes'men gave ! io critics as a two-day, full-dress debate on 'production opened in Commons. B-ut Commons: 1 still regards produc-- tio,n as secondary to' the grave shipping 'situation which wiJl be debated secretly in the near, future But Mie tanks and planes, says Production VMinister Lyttelton, and Air Minister DlewelHn, Avill give 'the Allies real''assurance; of-the superiority required for victory. •* Lyttelton also says' that Britain's high velocity "anti-aircraft % and'-antl- Lank guns .holds its own with the touted German 88-'miHimetrc antitank gun. Speaking 1 of the Lybian armies, LyttQlton reveals that the United States is ivow- goin-g to equi-p the Imperial forces in •that 'theater. In retiu-n, Britain is going . to do the same for American troops in England. . . And the praises the United States' production, saying: "Jn many things we are far ahead of the United,States, -but the United Stales'Is ahead of us'ipplifioa- tion of design and substituti-on of material." (\yp\. 01. London, July 14 — strong agitation in 1 second front to help tinues, but it is gctlin:- ficial encouragement. The bi-g obistuclc tjtlll is n )M of sIHps. And the government h * •pcctpd to give parliament some/ 1 ' isfib facts cm tlic situation ( w thc-' -forthcoming debate On ping. . Several unofficial hint strongly thai UK to a second fi^ont Mi is Mrge-s-cttle" air raids on ( Nevertlaelcss, a good \r.\r\, London press is loud in mands for an invasion. of tlii Us <fc FOK <t<lio' Brockton, Mass., July Six h-undrcd niembnrs of Guard are getting down day at the 'Brockton fail The'-'Guardsmen wore lectures and (by mo I ion yesterday. But today they'll tra i n 5 n g in the op e n — a 11«T .joel, matter will be giun'r fare. + •» . TRY A CLASSIFIED .IN THE NJ2\YS Piclun, st'tri Havorliill, Mass,, July I/J~(IJP)_ Mrs. William 'MacFaiMand ,ancl her 13-yoar-old son— William —' have 'boon missing fnom .home since June 1 28th, •Her husband says- Mrs. Mac-- Karlaiul and the son visited Mansfield and tlicn disnppoared. WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, iJULY14,1941 "Tlic: '-.v : Qytigb," ; - he wri tcs, "is a nightmare of U-boa'ts, Gorman hombcrs. and , icebergs. • They /ire Lorpedp^y uii xUy ;by •l;lio : .score; big Kocke-NVulf. planes rained bombs. But we got .through." (By United Press.)' Prime Minister Winston Churchii'l plculgos "no truoo or parley" ,\\'f|,h Adolf Miller; promises HAP will outdo Luftwaffe in. bombi'ng Germftiiy. lUissians report . . . "no signifl- oftivt changes in positions of the troops occurred; ' ' ; "Break-through operations on the 'Eastern Front continue on sohed- ulc," announces Gorman High 1 Command, . ' V'ichy government ratifies _ annls- tlco Hi Syria, ..... : DAILY CROSSWORD 4. Worried 32. Size of coal 15, Tea 33. Having . i <d£verytkiHg at$ew fork's HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN ROOM i BATH from,,, $2^ /rom $3,85 /or TUK> SPCCML RATES FOR GROUPS Attractive lowngti — largt, olry, comfortably furnl»h«t< roomi and iult«»—popularly priced R«iftturtfM and Cocktail Bar—•««l|«nt food, Cvntrally lo«of«d on taihlonabl* 57th 3lr»«j to flfy'» im«n«it ihopi.nthcatr*!, brood* ifudloi and Radio City, Tram- portatlon fo<llltlti at door, Writ* for dttcrlptlv* folder. Ill WEST 57th $T, NEW YORK. N. Y. fat Motof1sU:~G«mt Mfi\m HI W, 56th St, Entrance ACROSS 1, Snovvshoca 5, Applaud 0, Flash 10, Dlvinion of a day (pl.) 12, Valley of the moon 13, Cant 14, Capital of Canada 16, Italian leader 17, Cry of pain 18, Sharp'bark 20, Lxx>k ' 21, Animal doctor (abbr.) 23, Enlarged 25, God of lovo 27, Obcflo 28, Dysprosium (aym.) 29, Also 31, Apex , 13, Aloft 35, Receptacle •37, Net-like fabric 40, Specimens 43, Devoured 44, High priest 45, Evenings (poet,) 47, Conjunction 48, A season 60, Copy from nn original 02, Speak |<4, Plays 60, Feminine name go. —*. Bronte 67, Break sharply 58, Allowance f for weight, DOWN 1, To slide 2, Short skirt 3, Inlaid work , 6, Title Of nobility 7, Summer month 8, Advance O.Rut 11, Horses 15. Arabic letter 19, A town $ttc 22. Little child 24, Particle 26, Liquid food SO, Voided escutcheon utility 34, Roof of mouth (pl,) 36. Glacial snow 38, A stopper 30, Opposing religious opinion 41, English poet 42. Hidden from others " 46, Mouthlike opening • 7-H Aniw«r 40. CTberian -'' , river •.."/••' .j 51, Norse giant /.. 53, Knock Thoro wcro some Josses, however. ''Tlirt'o days out from a British poi'l,," K'lfltnrnc .'writes, "tlic submarine htKl air jVtlacks 'starLoci-, and J lltorally ~\ds(,. my.,, panl.s. -It. sounds funny, Jut I at the time 1 didn't i think so. • • '••'."I was climbing a ladder with my arms i'li 11 of,.shells when our deck guns let .go," he relates. ."The blast knocked mo- oiT the ladder. and one of. the gun crew grabbed all).the live ammunition I was carrying and heaved it over the side •"When I came to," he says, "I asked • i'oi 1 my - pants. The crew .showed me some shreds of cl-oth. 1 ' From 'then until they, got into the 1 'iceberg xone, Klemme says, the coiWoy was in term I tten tly; attacked Somcwiioro in the lA'ir North, he relates, the Russians took over. And they didn't. 'take chances. When they heard or saw anything, they dropped' depth charges. "There was plenty of trouble, 1 -' he writes, "when we reached Mur- mansk itself—10 or 15 air. attacks a day." Klernmc makes-a plea for more air support for the Merchant Marine,' Says he: '"Wo' 1 11 take our chances on the subs, but when a 'big Focko-WuU' ca rn'cs over, we got th a t 11 c I pl ess feeling. No thing 1 .*' going to help it except air' protection," TWO KILLED O.klahoma City, Okla., July i ; i— •T.'(LIP)—A Boston aviation cadet has ',] jjecn'ldi.led. ,'lain'es F. Gi'llis a»cl his •''flight 'Instructor Mcrvln Davis-' of OklalVoTiia City ibol/lT lost Uicii-lives yesterday in an airplane collision over'Giniar.V'.oh. field.' A cadet in tlie oi/her ,plano para'cliuted to safety. ,'1-ohn Boston Boston, mobile 21 33 48 18 23 30 10 31 58 2.*+ facilities of the 'Reconstruc- Lion-'Finan-cc Corporation -have been made avail ah le to all. dealers en- gvrged in the automobile business and 'also' to 'banks anrl finance companies who were no live in financing t'hase dealers, for the purpose of making Joans upon the security of passenger "automobiles and commercial vehicles,- • U\c sale of which has been restricted by rationing order. J. 1-lagerl.y, manager of the Loan Agency, 40 Broad St., •has suggested that all au-to- d-ealcrs in- the New England area contact at -once (heir local banks or the finance companies with whom they have been doing business, or come directly to (the Boston Agency at 40 Broad street,, in order to file application for this assistance. ' . ' . ; The' immediate purposes of tills pi'Ogram are : (.1) To give relief to automobile dealers by making available to them, in the form of. a loan, sufficient monies "to liquidate the -present' indebtedness- covering t-hclr fro /en stock, and to s COM re financing fosr an IS mo-iitth poi-iod at a nominal interest rate; and . (2) To make availa-blc to dealers sufficient, funds, .to .provide i'oj 1 riK)ii Lilly 'reialal ' charges' covering the warehousijig and storage of automobiles and trucks. (3) To • give toanks. and finance coin panics', who iiave been active In automobile financing, the opportunity to "00111111110 to • earn Interest in'c-omc in this same type of business. EASY TO GET Boston, July 14— (.UP)™ If you Jose your ration bo:ok\- it won't be sucli a tragedy after all. Slate 0-PA Administrator Henry Parkman, Jr., -says 111:1* new book's will be is.- sued Immediately ht cases where the local board is convinced f/hat there's no fraud. -Previously, -the people who 1-ost books had lo wait two -monlJKs. . \ ' REPRESENTED IN ROTARY INTL The spi'ril; of fellowship, good will and good deeds, ever evident in Rotary clubs, is evidenced by the, new officers of Rotary International recently elected at the annual meeting held in Canada. In spite ol" the war delegates were present. fr,oni many-foreign lands. • *.--.',- ; The list of new officers of the international organization follows: President, Fernando Carbajal, Lima, Peru, First vice-president, J. Raymond; Tiffany, Hoboken, IS'ew Jersey, U. S. 'A. • Second vice-president, C, J. Slejg- er, Zurich, Switzerland. Third vice-president, Armando flaniel 1 , Santiago, Chile, Directors: The above olllccrs and P. H. W. Almy, Torquay, ICngland; Porter W. Curswell, Waytiesboro, Georgia, U. S. A.; Richard R. Currie, Johannesburg, South Africa; Tom ,]. Davis, Suite, Montana, U. S, .A.; Norman G. Foster, Ottawa, Ontario. Canada; Manuel Galigarcia, Havana, Cuba; Fred L. 'Haas, Omaha, Nebraska, U. S. A,; Francis Kettaneh, Bey- routh, Lebanon; Harry D. Poulskm, Lima, Ohio, U. S. A.; Datus B. Proper, San Antonio, Texas, U. S, A. Secretary, Philip Lovcjoy, Clii'ca go, Illinois, U. S. A. : Treasurer, Hufus F. .Cliapin, Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A. . <» • • • L STRATEGIC Every move here is planned strategically— to providi fine service economically) 2000 ROOMS, BATH AND RADIO FROM $J.$0 HOTEL -AlFRfD IHWIS, MGIt, TAFT ME W YORK TIMES SOUARE AT RADIO CITY •BtNG * UNO -MANAGEMEM / Waslilngton, July 14—(UP)— Solid Fuels Coordinator Ickcs warns i-liat .there,'!] be cold days .ahead for many New Englanders unless they mend their ways, I-ckcs says -rail- shipments of coal arc way below -capacity. And .there are only about 00 days left, In which to stock up on coal. After Uint,, takes ex-nIain's, Uic railroads and -mines will Jje swamped with orders wliic-h they may n«ot be alble -to fill. • -EXPECTED. Boston, July' M—(lj»p)—New •Brig- land's Kood-I'or-Vfotory program is pi'd^'ossing'. Tho Now lOnglarjd Crop lloportlng- Service says l;h-at' potato acreage r planted lor the 'harvest in :IO. ; i2 i« five ])er cent larger tban the vested in J9-'il. Alertness Is Rewarded ;—A cryptogram quotation Q EQGBNCQ XQC BL, Q EQGGNHC TYH Q . A B C V -— SNA, A N If,. Yesterday'nCrvptbquotte: DEFERENCE TO OTHERS OBTAINS FRIENDSJ TRUTH BRINGS ;HATRED~-TERENGE. ~ £ t George L. 1 Van Deusen <right)\ commandant of Fort Mon- 'mputh, N. J M is shown pinning the bars on newly commissioned second ,lie\ut!enatit JoSepliX. LockariJ, whose wifolooks OIL proudly. Lockritd is Ith.e, 20-ye^r-ol^ soldier .whose'detection-of Jap.planes approaching fearl Harbor went unheeded. He was graduated from the officers' train* ..^__^— v ^.-_ |inir schooLat Fort Monmouth. , _ {CentralPr** S3e3£3£S5ZS=& RYK.S BXA'MIMCI) PKESGIUIJT By A. W. WALKER Optoined' al VIMHU 1 WITH THE filURDMN C0UU RUBIN'S Nito NAUGATUCK, Sale Of Misses Two-Piece Suits—Seersucker and Shantung. '. . Sizes 12 to 20 s Store closed Tuesday at 12:30 — Summer Half-Holiday. Store i = aa£at = a=qa ^^ Life-saving Suits'are torpedoed sailors chance. United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division .',--:

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