The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
Page 4
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_BI<YTHEVILLB; (AUK.) COURIER NEWS • THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , ' THE COUH1EH NEWS CO. -, -H W. HAINES. Publisher ,< r " ' J. GRAHAM SUDBU'ftY, Editor • SAMUEL P. NORRIS. Advertising Manager ' Sol* Nation^), Advertising Representatives: 'Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis published-Every .Afternoon Except Sunday Entered'to'second class matter at the post- offtc? r »t Blytheyllle, Arkansas, under act of Con- fress Octob&r 9, 1917. Served-by the United Press, SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythevllle, 15c per aeck or 65c per month. By mall, within a radius ol 50 miles, 53,00 per year. I 1.50 for six months, 75c for three months. by mall In postal zones U.o to six inclusive, $650 per sear, In zones seven and eight $10.00 per, payable In advance What Rights 4 We Prepared to Ui'fcnd by li ib piobably )»cic dunce UiuL not one of the many iieutial bhips lorpe- docd without \\ainmg in Die Nortli Sen happened to be itn Amencun ship. Unless the United States has belter luck than it has any light lo cspuct, this will happen boonei 01 latci The Swedish steamers Gei'trtid HraU find Silesia, the Danish hcighler Von- tlia, lie on the bottom of the sea. The Just tuo weic caiiyiiiff uoot! products to England, the Uiud uas empty, bound for the Frith ot Foilh The Germans lake the position that they would not be bound for Butain uulcbs on business necessaiy lo (.'.ui.vuig on the war, and that theiefoie they .ue subject lo sinking; hcaich is tirineeesMu v , all business of nalioiib at w<u today ib war busi- What happened lo Sweden and Don- maik vcsteidas may happen to the United States tomoiiow On Sept. M Secietatv Hull gave notice that the United States "nab not abandoned any of its lights as a neulial under international law." That, \\e take it, is for the iccoid, foi ipfeience in some future day when intci nation il !av, instil again become active Nobody knows at Ilia moment what intei national law is, if indeed theie is anv. Fiolubsor Uear<l has, called it "a vent able jumble of c'ainii, asseittons, Ueatics, pledges, and hot contention*, 1 ' A.s a practical nuttlei, "international la\\" today is wh«it you make it, and what you are piepaied to keep il It might be nuei national law that American salesmen 1,111 sell lollypops lo the soldieis up and down the Magi. not Line. But anjone will agree • that it \\oiild be pietly silly right, now fo insist on any hticli n-Jit Just so, theie \\ill be many who Hunk it- quixotic lo insist that Ameiican freighters can dehvei wheat to Liveipool, and uho will \\ondei hos\ '•life Americans should expect to be uho sail for England oil the Aquitama with her film-looking 12-pound guns. International law, or no mtei national law, doe.s any .sane poison expect (hat a German .snbmaiine commander is going .. to come to the bin fate, hail the Acvui- tania, and cany ona pleasant convcrsa- ' tion mulei the shadow of those guns'.' The United Slates will have s'ttc'i neutral liglils dining this Kuropcan war as it i.s determined lo defend v.'ilh ;:orce, and no others. It is just as wYfl lo deteiminc now, dm ing the neutrality debate, what lights we piorose to en- OUT OUR WAY force, arid to Insist on no others/ That is the kind of a world il is, and it is unrealistic to act as though" it were some other kind. Thnt is why. Secretary Hull urges Americans in Europe to come home only on American ships. Thuy have the "right" to come in'the Athenias, but it is not now wise to exercise tluit right. That is why the' American nations plan a "peace stone" around their contiiienls equivalent lo the "war zone" around Europe. The "peace zone" is reasonable, and there is some chance that we may be able lo enforce it. Now, if ever, is (lie time for America lo be realistic in action, and lo provide a nice, ijuicl room in which the international lawyers can sit and split hairs undisturbed until sanity returns again to earth. Moving v lowly It is probably just as well thai Hie State Department lias clarified the Uec- luralion of Panama establishing a "Peace /.one" along the American coa.'.ls. Many people had become worried by the prospect that American naval patrol 'ships might become involved in "incidents" with foreign warships while trying to prevent lighting', in the neutral xone. For the present, at least, such patrols are to be an observation patrol only. They are not going to attack foreign ships in the area, or even forcibly drive them out. For tho present, at least, they arc simply hoping to gain voluntary and world-wide acceptance of the wishes of the united Amer icas that warring nations .keep their lighting out of our waters. From this initial step it is hoped that new policies and new concepts of neutral rights will develiix But any "big stick" enforcement is to bo left distinctly dependent on how the policy works .in I ho future. No More Deputies' Badges , KcsicKiii.'; of SI. Lam's County who ao'd commissions ns Mjcclal deputy constables v,ill finil these worthless on Nov. 1 when Ihc ucv/ law placing- nnnstnbles nils! their deputies on a sal- .niy basis becomes effective. There can, of course, IK; lio objection to A .measure; which pills'hn cml to the vinous H.T •system mid reduces the number of constables In the- county. Those remaining will be paid n regular salary and may reasonably be cxjjcctcrl to be more efficUnt than clcputlrs .who hac! to forngc for fees. The only objection lo Ihi.i ncw'ineusm-o conies from private citizens who have been flc-piiuzcrt us constables. The argument lints'been Unit tin; badge and the permission to carry arias iluit, they so acquired have helped them to protect their homes and properly In iss weil-ptwuca sections/ As n matter of fact, any citizen has the right to arrest a person in the act of com- mHtlng « crime. Hc'tlces not need a badge. Ana any citizen can obtain permission to carry a. weapon it he has reason to do so. The short of it Is that deputies' badges Brallfied a certain vanity that is at its most obvious in our younger school boys. This ini);lil have been loleriiktl but for the clinnce of sucli badges fceijiB Issued to a more dangerous element. The r.cvr lav,' dot's away with this peril, tviid. by confining authority to a lew pro;)»riy telected, mrn, greatly enhances the .average clti- rcn's respect for the deputies' badge: —St. Louis Fosl-Uispatct). We will not go to war if we 'repeal the cm- bargn. We will not BO to war it we retain Ihe embargo. Repeal or no repeal. «-e .slay out. —Senator J'renliss M. Brown (Dem., Mich.). ' TUESDAY;- OCTOBER 17," 1939 I SIDE-OUNCES by Catbraith 9 SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFIELD tr\Si1l 1 WB *^I\IVA^| H JMJ COPYRI6HT, 1»W. MEA SERVICE, JNl JNC- llrsl Vi:STi:ill)AY, Joan Me* Kcllh i!|nj- I.rMltilinl) I" 'IVHi'K i>, .Hnl fihf HOlK-p* Ilia/ D.-III M'fljlji-r i-lr:irw lilt way for Ul'tlh'K KlKM'Innilur rtmu. Afler I tic Kill. ic. Kl'llli >':ill« In Invite her In 111., llamrna haute, 'i'lio olucr e!rl» MIC- frnnlilj' ruvluu>. CHAPTBH VI herself in the full- length mirror next morning Joan. felt there was little reason why she shouldn't process. H wasn't conceit but a world of confidence. ! "So you're Joan Johnson," the blond purred. "We've heard so much abo'ut you." "I can't imagine," Joan confessed innocently, "Just what liave you heard?" Keith didn't watt for an answer. He pulled her away for more introductions. "Nix—she's poison— strictly," \\s muttered. Suddenly n short, wiry redhead burst front the music room. She attached a blue velvet bow , " whwo «" she? Where is slie? ! Ihc redhead yelled. Then he sow to her hair stepped back (o "Yon have nolliinjj lo worry about wilh Busier us lonu . "-" "mi don I make ;i sudden move toward him." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson LIGHTHOUSES HAVE CAUSED HUNDREDS' OR FOR. LIFE HAVE-. THB DEATH , HOWEVER., IS AAADE UP OF OF THAT; L.URHD BY THE BEACONS, CRASH THE UcSrHTS. IN FLORIDA... VOU CANT <3O !OO MILES INLAND. (§AN VOU THE SCHOOLS OF THE "G/Cr 7X/V" ANSWER: Minnesota, Oliici Slate, Norlliiveslern, Chicago due, Incliuini, Iowa, Illinois, jMicliigan and Wisconsin. NEXT: How arc U. ,S. submariner named? I Alabama I'mlfets Kabbib lane highway and <!--nnsil il 226 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP) ~ fccl away, isimncr c;nstnictii>n iThc lowly rabbiflias been elevated - here. It will lie used in strip mill- to the dignity-of game r.uimat by ing work in Indiana coal fields. the stale of Alabama, Nf.v hum- rules promulgated by the state conservation di'pavtraDnl [ thai. Ihe Htlln aiihnal ran be II'MII- i ccl with n gun only from Oc'. 1 to • rcb. 20. S.T Hill nf ISO?) "OUTifil MONTGOMERY. Ala. (UP)—Mrs. survey the result, "Looks pretty slick lo me." Joan lurried quickly at the sound of a voice in the doorway. "Oh . . . Carol . . . c'mon in." Carol sat down and regarded Joan meditatively. "Y'know," she began, regarding Joan's sleek curves smd long, dark bob. "I've i;ot u pretty good hunch that you'll have Misler Keith Rhodes all tied lip and wrapped for delivery before many moons have come and gone.!' Joan smiled. "Thanks, bul I don't ever want to get my man in that condition. They don't amount to much." "I can appreciate your philosophy, but wouldn't'It give you a lot of personal satisfaction to bag Keith that way?" Joan looked at her levelly. '"I suppose it should, but I just don't' think like that. Surprised?" Carol's smile was warm. "No— »nci It's too bad a lot more of us aren't as sincere as you arc. Bul this is an opportunity, kiddo, so make the most of it. Being invited to Sunday dinner at the Gamma house isn't exactly being presented at the Court of St. James, but it's something which a hundred gals I know would give their left arm tor." Joan winked. "I'll stand 'cm on their collective ears before I'm through." "You'll probably do just that, loo," Carol murmured. * * * TH called for her a liltla before noon-and took her back to the house. Tl'&ee other girls were there as guesls. Keith introduced her to Flo Bissel,,a Pi Rho blond, .v : ' Joan and Keith and swooped down on them. : "Umnimm," he murmured. "Rhodes, you wretch, you're a master of understatement. The lady isn't beautiful—she's ravishing, divine, she's—" He ceased and look Joan's unprolesting hand while Keilli grinned. "Neighbor, do you recognize this native twang f mine?" • Joan turned . startled look on Keith. 'AVli-whaU-?" "The jpceimen in front of you," Keith began by way of explanation, "is Tommy Peters, varsity cheer leader and noisiest man in seven counties." "Including .Ouaehita," the redhead added. "And don't tell me you've never heard of Ouachila county." "Why—no, where Js it?" "Where is il!" lie shrieked. "And they lold me you were from Ar- kansasl What "part of Arkansas you from, anyway?" A sudden warning buzzed inside her. "Oh, you're from Arkansas, too. You see, I don't know the slate as well as I should. Spent so much of my time in the east after I grew up I sort of lost track of the home 'stamping grounds. Was born in Little Rock, though. Have you lived in Arkansas all your life?" He hooked his thumbs in imaginary su.s-pcn.dcrs and rocked back and forth; "Nigh onto 22 years come first irost. Know everyone worth knowing down that way, and some lhal aren't." She wondered at lhal. Tommy Peters was apt to Know too many people. Dan Webber sat at thb : -table just across from them at 'dinner. "Nice 'same yesterday.' sour-pus^" THE FAMILY DOCTOR Kapid Diagnosis-of Stomach .Cancer Increases Chances for Recovery J1V I)K. MOUUIS KISHBEJN KditDr, Joiirn;il uf (li c Aniericiin! Me ili en 1 Associiilion, and <:f Hygciu, the Health ALiganInc Not m.iiij- years hare passed ;ince cancer of the stomach \vus oTOictcreil a fatal disease. New methods of (Imtjnosiiig this condition much earlier tliau used to he possible liavc been cifecovercd. The teclniic of opcraUon lias progressed greatly. Better ail&s- jhciics ai-p iisetl ard the treatraeiH given patients before and after the operation'has impi-orccl. Pcoplu arc better educated Ciiaiil .SJiovrl r.tiilt I oldest S3 bill ill Alabama. The note j.wns issued in IS09 by the Centra! IBank o Montgomery, a private MARION, O. fUP)—A iiiir.u out- ! banking mstHiition on which all tricul shovel, which v.lli lie aiik to ' records have vanished. <ti-j through earth ns deep us ;i ' six-story building, v.iik" ns .a r (i -.u- Courier News want, Ads. Uorn Bell I'arkcr of Evergreen :;,nccr and arc likely to consult a owns ulmt is believed to IM the .lector much sooner than before. WHY, I'D THINK THOT KIDS WHOSE BIG BROTHERS OR FATHERS WAS FOOTBALL P ^ £ RS WOULD NKTURAULY MAKE TH'-.BEST PL AVERS-- KINPA HANDED DOWN! THAT'S TH'TROUBLE- TOO MUCH OF IT HANDED DOWN. 1 By J. R. Williams QUBJBOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople iHEROES AfcE MADE-MOT BORM cG£xP,i PEAR THER.T; ARC FOOTPADS LWIMG UNDER TMIS . VERY ROOF.'^^ PAP PAP/ ; COULD I HAVE HIDDEN THW * 5O BILL AND F-ORGOTT WHERE? EVERY IMUABlT&UC OF THIS HOUSK SEEMS TO WOIO fAY OlR-ECT GLAMCE LKTSUY .' FtV.V.' ;-^->~O>MCE I FOUMD k QUARTER IM THIS CHMR.-^- U/AP/ VJPAT 1MFERMAL TlCKUT, A. FINGER'NAIL l=U,E, %N OUi COfAB * J :'f bo: THE. OLD PIRATE WWTS .0! EVERYBODY is IM BVD, TH&' •••-• i-'V GOS5 PROVJLKG TO"-2 HIS LOST TTLW }$. TR6A<S<JRE/«^^-APR.MD IP C r&Mi " \?,C »'^tW fe HAD IH \0 BUY- ME A W~' , ft I'LL FIX H:;A i , : /i r, ^sa>. ' /\ \< l;-?5V*Si -r-.rV,.\il~IZ- ^c&v>;,c.>. Despite alt of these Improvements, cancer of Ui G stomach still has a hiyher death rale and a ,,wcr perccniasc of five-year cures than any type ol cancer. II Is a cci;ditioi) in uhicli tils most that can lie donfi is accomplished by motlern sclenlilic suiucry. Nothing is gained by any <,<srl of inji.c- an operalicn under the best mcd- -rn conditions. Approximately 20 per cent of all patients with cancer of \lhe stoin- ich who are operated on can have a five-year cure from this couo.i- .ion. she greeted, at the same tlniQ noticing the ugly red welt under n!s left eye. "And it's a nice souvenir you have, too." "Thanks," he acknowledged briefly. "Just something I picked up when I wasn't looking." She nudged Keith. "Cheerful ray of sunshine, isn't he?" "Ill let you in on a secret," said Keith. '"Veb isn't half the sourpuss you t.iink he is. He's really a swell ",uy and everyone likes him. Somehow you and him don't hit it off so well, so you think he's a droop." "Poor, misguided soul, he hasn't given himself half, u chance to like me." "And he doesn't have to as fin- as that soes." "Jealous—already?" "Terribly." lie showed her through the house after they had eaten. "This is where Dan and I park tho bodies," he said, opening the door to their room. ' "And I'll bet I know which is yours and \vhich is his desk?" she mused. " "llow?" "Simple. The one that's barren of books and things scholastic in general would be yours. Very elemental. Ask me something tough next time." * * si CHE looked over the collection of cups nnd trophies in tho spacious living room downstairs and had the background of each explained to her. Over the fireplace was a large picture of a football player. "Ba'rt Crowell," Tommy Peters offered. "Gamma's first AH-Amer:a . . . center in 1921. "Over there," pointing to another, "is Jimmy Ludwig, All- America tackle in '29. Maybe we'll be able to slick up another this year, hey Keith?" "Hope so," Keith said, just as a pledge attracted his attention. "Phone call," Keith told Joan. "Be back in a minute.*' "Needn't hurry," Tommy chirped, and Keith threatened him with a look of mock severity. Joan turned lo find Tommy staring at her. "Johnson . . . Johnson," he was saying softly. "Hey, tell me—ao you have any relatives back in Arkansas?" "Nupe," she replied coolly, "Not a single one. Why?" "Oh, makes nn never mintf. Johnson's pietly common name, I guess. Just thought you miKhl ba related^ lo a certain family down that way.!' (To lie Continued) friends often for help? What waild you do If— A friend asks you to recommend him for a job with another friend of yours. You d: not believe lie is qualified to fill It. Would you— (a) Recommand him wflli'out reservation? (b.) Tell him that. y:n will B ive him n note of Introduction? (c) Speak to the Irienci about him, bul give an honest picture of what he has to ctfer? Answers 1. Yc.S. 2. Yes. 3. Ho. 4. Yes. 5. No. Best "What .Would You Do" so- lution—(b; cr (c). Memory Lane tlons, vaccine- or serums. Cunccr of Ihp stomach is in years Ago Ne«- York: A fortified arsenal with emplaccmcnli fcr its battery of iiK'ctiine gtins, used as hnad- Wirtcrs for a Sl.ono.flCO rum smuggling syndicate, was in the bands of federal agents today after a air- prif.c attack on the syndicate cx- iendmi; along the Atlantic coast, irom hero to Atlantic, city. Mrs. Hoi-ace T. Gulp left lost night fcr Kl Dorado where she will visit friends for several days. SiJkcu Safety live Years Agro Detroit: Trapped by his c«n | bravado, a dreamy, io-ycar old' n daiiinglni; condition tlial Hin pa- '"dory v.orkcr was held by fcu-~ tient who ccmcs lo operation" is ctKi f wnls today as the author ot frequently in too weal: a condl- a lion lo undergo a yrcal physical i* strain'al the time the operation is ! One Year Ago required. . I ! 'il'- v burgh: A log so ilonse lluil ! two high school IcoUniH 'gamer, oft threatening lo hill Edscl mis with cancer'of •tlic'";^' lvi<ni » «»'' P"«« of Weal scon duriiiB the 10-year '^»S«'ia mid Ohlo.twlay. Incident- j n "" 't »!so kept traffic at a sland- t'hyitlclans in the Aiassnclii(ficttJ> 091 stomach period ending in 1936. The value of nny cancer cure or treatment Is ba.'.crt on the number cf patients who arc surviving live yciii'S after ii coiiccl scientific diagnosis unit Ihc application of the method of Heat- rr.eiil. Figures. sl:o«- that each succeed- ( big year (lie tendency is for the I diagtiosis ol cancer to be made Mind Your Manners rest your Xnowlcrtsc ot correct nw«i- social usage by .answering the fol- ..', lowi "e <l«ci.tion», Ihen checking - Tliis outfit of oiled silk is the latest thing in liShtwetght, gas repellent suits lor women now on sale in Lond.'n. Worn with gas mask, the hood, trousers, jumper end mittens come. In various colors. Without nmk and b.ols, Hie &uit vtigh-j •our ounces and can be dcuued iis 35 ieoonds.

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