The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1939 BLYTTTEVIU,F!; (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Protection Of Carrier Serious Problem Plane Carriers Are Particularly Vul n e r a b 1 c To Bombing Attacks Kecent German claims nf air attacks on Hritish fighting ships, combined with '.successful U-liouL attacks on the airplane carrier, Courageous, anil Die battleship KoyaL Oak, have • focused mil lary interest on defense of navy ships. An American expert here SM«s into the latest angles on naval defense. BY UKD'f. COMDH. HAIll I V COI'E, U. S. NAVY Written for NEA Service In tills age of airplanes the war- tliip can be bull), to outrun surface crafts of its type, but not the airplane. Ship designers therefore must, eivc surface vessels means of protection against bombers. Sinking by submarines cf men- of-war in Hie present conflict presents n problem that all warships must be vitally cognizant of. It must never be taken for granted that n submarine is not in the vicinity and every menus must be employed to make attack difficult by offering/only a zigzagging high speed target, screened by watchful destroyers. The battleship, backbone of the fleet, was built to withstand 2000- pound armor piercing prcjectiles, and so it's invulnerability to air attacks sliotild remain unquestionable for some time to come. The battleship, loo, has efficient antiaircraft batteries to rid the air ot enemy planes. The cruiser, next possible victim of the bomber, although not of the shock troop contingent, is capable of withstanding considerable punishment, as it comes under fire from eight-inch guns of enemy cruisers and sometimes, the enemy batlleline. It has valuable assets in its anti-aircraft battery, its comparatively narrow beam, and its ability to effect radical changes of ccuvsc at high speed. Deck needed strong enough to resist bombs—or made of replaceable sections to insure landing of returning planes Anti-aircraft batteries give some protection against attack Destroyers, .cruisers accompany carrier to ward off surface attack. A«F«W Carrier's guns equal those of cruisers." Broad decks make carrier most vulnerable* naval vessel. High speed; zigzag course precautionary defense against subs. nmln Ktntlons nre crowded with fathers, vinclcs, minis, big brothers rind sl.slers und, .sbincUinc.s, mothers who.slnycd nt hcmc when their children went. away. l>nrt:e crowds urrive nt, the High Wycomlio station mill Irom there iprcad tlieinselves all over Hie Aircraft must be protected from nltack. Meeting those or (lie. Navy :|iiiilmriil.—II, !•'. (',. liiltern villages between llio cot nges and Inrms where ilio children re staying. There urc more crowds nl Che- hani, Amcrsham, Heading atiU ther towns. Village commons and luncs are lopuhued as never before, and the •cunlted families spend most of heir tune In the open nlr. Xi-u Wonders fur Children The children are alnust Inco- icrcnl with the new wonders they discover — blackberries, cows und Ihe duck ponds — nl! of which lulhfT hits to he shown. Ixmdon liuniHc;; wllli yas masks slacked uriunrt llicin, pli'iilc oil the grassy banks by tin: side of ilic roads. Mftny of Hie fulher.s make some sacrifice to pny Ihclr 1'nri's. At Wld- inere Km! (Uucks) one father, u laborer, having lunch »llh Ills'Juin- lly by the roadside, snlil he came from Paddinglcn. • "Our irnin wns filled with ptir- cnt.s," he said. "1 walked ipnv miles here from High Wycombe station und hiul n Job to find the place." i Another man wlio came. Io seo Ills fumily searched nn foot nil nornlni; before he found the I'licrc tlicy lire living. Al Floimcr' circcii K:mc of the falhcra had walked miles, Some Cycle From London "They have wnlked ami Iwssed lilts In' lorries." one of the voluntary \v:rltcrs said. "Others cume partly by bus und sonin cycled from Ixmdon." There has been sonic slluhl trouble In some of the nraas nnil nn evacuation cfflcer .s'tiinmarlxed the main complaint:, under tlii'se hends: Temixirarlly sloeplng on Hie tloor on .''Oil stoves, whtcli the women da liot undcrstnnd. distance from the shops. IMftlculL cooklnu nrrnnjcincnts • Quiet o; the country. The brcuklni; ii]) ;f the funiiU 1 . "A fiiw liuvc returned but mos nre .scttllinj down." said thu orilcci "In many cusc.s the foslcr-pnr enU and tin: children uve B on so well dial ll will be n wrenc when the children go buck homo I know tf i\ childless couple wh huve Iwln iih'ls of 7 staying wit them'und already ihc hiLsband nn •Ifo nro dreading tlw dny when ic twins will leave." The nnclcnt Chlnc-sc, icfilous 1 of heir discovery cf silk,.Imposed a Icalh penally on nnyone socking o export, tho 03gs. worms, cocoons, r anything save the rubric woven roiii the fiber, which brought its veliihl In gold. Prom 1901 to MU, Inclusive, 171 .icrsons won the Nobel I'rl/c award, Madame Curie, co-discoverer o! indium, .shiiroil Ilic physics i>rlw illh her husband In 1903, tine! won he cliemhlry prize, alone, in 1911, Housewives say. H APPY 1IOUR ran-ft. 11 MKT. PREB niiUVEHY 10!) W. Main St. Phone 11 APUjDINEfor ADACHE Practice air bombs hit. attack" "on old lighting ships shows what happens when During the late Spanish War, bombers found it difficult to hit slow moving .commercial steamers which adopted zigzag - tactics. The destroyer, possessing a smaller anti-aircraft defensive . battcrj than the cruiser, presents a much smaller target and must rely on radical maneuvers. CAHRIEU DEFENSE ' MAJOR PROBLEM Tile aircraft carrier probably < offers more ship designer. Its offensive power lies in 70 or 80 planes UV mothers. Its mission is to carry its' brood to a designated area in the baltle zone, provide a lakepff field and then ensure a landing place when the flight is completed. Obviously, the size of the night deck Is an expansive target to the eiicmy bomber. Tile carrier is exposed to UK same dangers as the- battleship with the exception of the enemy battleship guns. Its high speed will . keep it out of range of the other battleline. Cruisers and destroyers however have enough sped to. force a fight against it. The carrier must be prepared from this angle. First, the carrier, generally is a long way from the area over which land based planes operate. Second, it would require enemy carrier planes for a marauding expedition. Third, it might, leave the carrier's planes In un- jrotested possession ot the air 1" .he neighborhood of their objec live. However, the designer must assume, that some time the decision will lie irtade by the enemy to ut- tnck, and the ship must be built to •take' if." A large anti-aircraft battery en the earlier would necessarily lessen the chances of attacking bombers. Guns from escorting cruisers would also lie of great, value. However, some bombs would probably land on the deck that miist be kept intact for returning planes. The designer's problem then is to provide a deck tough enough to withstand the ripping of large tombs, or one that may. be replaced, section by section, after the attack is over, in .'iiillicient lime to provide a landing field for the carrier's returning planes. The present war may show that the present design of airplane car- it is not beyond the realms of the Imagination to hear that same warring countries should bring out carriers with flight decks protected from overhead by bomb proof decks, planes taking off through a hole in the bow nnd coming aboard through the stem. AUTHOR'S NOTE: The opinions expressed in lliis article are my own anil cannot, directly or indirectly, be construed as rc- Fathers Sometimes Find Children's- Billets With • Greal Difficulty LONDON.—Sundays are reunioi days among I/melon's cvncnntci families. In fact, they might almost be called "Father's Day" tor the great majority of the husbands \\h: leave London to visit the towns and villages around every week end are the men whose \vlves and families had left home nt the start if the war. The trains leaving London's There Is only one REELFOOT BRAND SAUSAGE and Is made by us. Most all first class markets handle our Stuisage. If possible; REELFOOT Pure Pork Sausage I better this season Uinn ever. Cal for a poimd or more of this REEL FOOT SAUSAGE from your Mar ket with your next order. Reynolds Packing; Company / Union City, Tcnn. REAL COFFEE — ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY t.b e North Sea to land plane bases, for such an eventuality. The eas- r j er "j s sound, from our fleet's point iest answer appears to Ire in an O f view. escort of cruisers and destroyers,) Hcwevcr, due to the proximity of even though -the carrier's guns are quile capable of matching the enemy cruiser's guns, gun for gun. The carrier has its mere immediate problem, the protection of . its night deck, against enemy bombers. Departure of carrier's J planes on a mission removes an | important defensive weapon .for. the carrier and inasmuch-as the' planes arc designed more for speed than long range, the landing field must be kept inviolate, pending return of the brcotl. BLOW AT CARRIER INFUCTS DOUBLE DAMAGE Ambitions enemy bombers would therefore deliver a master stroke if this landing field were destroyed and the returning planes forced down at, sea: Several factors aid These Farmers Look Ahaad Exlr» W!d. tr CusMon , Rolll • Tub PoiceTdln onBolh SUei • Rubbtr Cuih- lonid Tub. 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