The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 3
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1964 ' It Charging Pickets Sweep Past Shotgun-Armed Police ilHl flits era (Continued from Page II Morgan rounty, Indiana, tiis mother dieri when he was ihree years old End his father, a grocer, re married snd movfd hi; family to the toiisii west- sine of Indianapolis. Lflier Ihe family moved back to a iami Dillinger wits popular while r.t tending high school and WOH u star on the school's basebnl] team. He married a cbilrihoml swectheaiv while.: he still was In his 'teens and soon after r-mb.iikeri rm his crime earet'i. Strangely;'' this mnn v.ho came to be. considered one of tlip most dangerous criminals at large, had only one conviction against him. That wu.s in 1924, when he was sentenced to Indiana stale reformatory to from 10 to 21 'years for robbing a grocery store-. He attempted to escape within a few months and was removed to the stale prison at Michigan City as an incorrigible. Launched Career Ijist Year Dillinger was released on parole, in June, 1033. Then he I»san a' series of r-.scapadcs lhal carried him almost overnight from obscurity to the. dubious ranking of public enemy f/o. I. While in prison he nuide the acquaintance of several veteran crooks and as they were released. Diliinger took them one by one into nn outfit 'until they formed Ojie of (he most dr-spc-iate Kfmgr. in the ration's dime history. On Sept. 2-2, l»:i3. Dillinger VA;. arrested at Daylon, Ohio, charged with being leader in a rule.-i ol bank robberies that netted nearly SM.OOO. A month later he wns freed from Jail at Lima. Ohio, by three confederates. Sheriff Jesse Sartor was killed bv nilllirecr-s deliverers. Armed with machine guns isken from the jail. Dlllineer aiid his cronies tore through the Middle - XVcsi, robbing banks, and in at least one instance v^ere accused of killing a policeman. Inen on Jan. 25. 103-4, he was iiriviir-ii fit Tucson, Arb... with Charles Maklcv. Hairy ricrpom, and Russell Clark, fugitives from Indiana stnli; jjcnitentlavy who freed him from Limn, nnd with women comna'nions. A Boast Made Ooml Flown lo oroxcii Point. Ind., Jail to await trlar for killing a policeman, Dilllri'!or boasted that, "no Jail could hold me for long." He made good .Ills.bout on March 3. Using'a fake gun he had-fashioned out of'toood in his cell, Dillinger and a negro convict, Herbert. Youngblood, Intimidated (Wards and escaped. Youngblood ITS*.-later-shot- and killed. .Then feJ,.-rol nuthorhlcs took a hand. . The Box-eminent agents traced Dlilinser to. ail apartment in St. .Paul. Minn. Blnvin? away with a machine, sun, Dillinger escaped from ihn trap. A blooily irail indicated lie was wounded. Next he raided 'a police station in Warsaw, Imi.. lo replenish r.npply of firearms nnd ammunition. Federal agems again caught up with him - ni a resort near Eagle River, Wis. An ali-niglu gun battle ensued. Dlllineer again i>;ojle hi soscape. A federal Rgenl and n C.C.C. youth were killed In Ihe BRIU.^ Thai followed one of the r;rc.-.t- est. manhunts since thij United Slates army set out .'j- its unsuccessful quest for Pnnclio Villa. Soldiers, sheriff's posses slid vigilante . committees joined federal agents nnd local police in the hunt for the de,s]>erndo. Tile Polish government uses Gn.- 000 tons 'ol herritjg annually. Perishes in Effort to Scale Everest YouVe Heard of the Horse Marines? Well- Ilei-2 Is an raily Incident of (he bloody rioting in the Iruck drivers' .strike nl Minneapolis In which nciuly 7(t mrn were .senl to hospitals, healcn Oi 1 shot. A wave of pickets has surged forward uiiil hrnki-ii ]m!!ce lines, lenvlnp !i .single policeman armed with a shnl(riin In Hie milor of the advam-lnu wave ot plekels. First Concrete at Norris Dam poured at Non-is clam on the Clinch riiver oiileiilc nntl the ixiiirlna marked tho Mail 01 ihe last cough, whenever lie lias n Int.- dally fever and loses weight, whenever there seems lo be a contlu-. ually tired feeling and n tendency | io swciiI >;.«oi-S5lvely, inedicnl m- lenlion should lie bronchi- In, willi a view lo dctennlninf! wlir-ihr-r tulx-rculost.'i is present. . A .stationary weight in a child who should IK nrowlns is a MKII of .some significance, although It is not conclush'3. In /addition to these .symptoms and stfins, however, a more certain diagnosis can be made by the tuberculin lest and by the use of the X-ray picture of the child's chsst. These factr, Khould l>e kept In mind in recard to nil children, bin particularly In regard lo children who llvr In homes where there Is a j grownup who has liiberciilosl.n. Tin: ilarlriK ultomiu of Mauiko 1'difenil.s hmu-nllns an iiprlsliiR in l(nt)i|iill. Clilli>. u-liii lliniiRhl they'd fnisiiaio Ihe sliniegy of gov-l criuneiii irimin by ile.slriiyln e uil i-i vn - cnift on Ihe Alln Illn nio, dldn'i nvkon on lite lm.sllly coii- .slnicte.1 Ii-irli-.s III,- .'in-blnecv.s mmld luillil Id p'inue Iliem.. )ti.i-e a niniiiiled ciivnlrymun Is. si-en IIIK I'OMvd lo ihe rclH'I .sliDre liy ii-oiic-iunn-|>owei'eil mfl. Special Court Reverses U. S. Protests TI is Slock Case Decision 'Attack by Turks i Sntd Fillings from 'IVclli Kl, PAS5O, Tex. (UP)—All lujcil El PO.SO woman wenl to a dentist and hail gold flllliig.s removed from her leflh. She .wld Ihe Gild «no applied the sum thus obtained on her rent, which was overdue. Relief authorities, when they learned what she had done, unvi- her a work card. Wilso . Dvorest aliinn fiit!r:il ilrniiiiiiiciiUy | The .special t-mirl. In wli ('.•lieu. nccnrr:liiR lo Ilia [im-tera, Im .). VuiiRluin, of Cnmilrn, aci perilled on Hie nalc-3wt>ot t;la- clers Inil ii.000 feet Klinrt of bin ;(nal. A former Dvltlsli Army cap- lain, Wilson, dlsgui.wil HH a Tibetan lo eliule autlioritles, made Ilia fnrlihliloii iiRconl after weeks of I ruining in an attempt lo plant 'tin Mill-in .luck a 1 "" 'lie peak. ITI'J.K HOCK, July 2;i (UP) — i A .specially iippolnlcil slnl? su- pn-ini' couri, nu-eilns limn today; hiinded dwvn n decision in (lie bnni: Mcx-k case ot Marlon Wilv sun. siiiio bank commissioner, r.^ntnsi A._li. Wmilen, )muiin t . Dial '. Uilh old liinl new slocl:liold?is In Uilli- Hook bunks should .-.hniv iillk-.' In iHTOrdann 1 with the iiiiiciunt nf Mni-k In-Ill by tin-li in fnliire ilLsii-ibiillon:; to '(lC|xnHorn. Ith T. ictod us lieace justice, rcvcrsrd the ilrcatlihiif In <'unl,uUm HH Arms i UI 1 )-Cornel breaih-l I ing wns recently added to the ciir- j rlciiliiin nf the University ull Washington. floft 1 fo ride u horse! postliij ami all, iiiul how lo luinl iiiouiKl or .stand up In a canoe wni added * .snmr time a?o. Thcl lircnllihig course r-nst.i ?5 for 12| are 140 pounds ot nltro-1 one Ion nf' decision of 1'iiiaskl ehancevy court which held that future dlsposlllnn should be uuulconly in Brlt!.=li lexllle nianufnclurm uro atlempibi" !•> ] W rffcl a cotlon collar wblcli will lie ui cheap h-n n man ran aitaid In wear one a clny nnd linos,' II a\v:iy whr-n ],e hiv; worn II ourc. Ton conntilc.s Mint niv not incm- lirrs of the MttKUC nf NiHImis nrc Unlli-tl Htnlr-s. liiiislii, 'nukey, llrn- ?U. Cfista nica, H'jiiiidnr. Mexico. A[|'.h»iii. c .taii, Ejynl. ami Hi? Ara- Inn n kingdoms ol (lie Uejd llrd]r,s and Keven Turkish ironps wer conrlnuil-llal as n resull of n (irn Inst from ilio American Kmliassy 111 Klbero, Enst Afilca. , -e dusky A UBF Miy! invisible Ink j Indie,-, completely n«». mannge und by linvliir; It mixed in a cake of work the one. Indus! ry. salt-mak- loibt asp. the ol whirl, Ing, W |,U. the ^Hlomci, galher conlalned rnoiiRli oi the fluid 10 nrcu-imd and run errands lo cam write a mespaco. Mlidr will, lh e medium of excluniae. New York University, ami bin wife near Ran fiiefmyi. The couplo wero neeklug r,liel|er tliero wliilf? oa a caiioo n-J[i when they were nEsaillti-d and robbed. Chilled Ily Prlgldalre Snl'<i - Sanitary I'lnl - It (|nirt . 12c CRATGS DAIRY Phone 14 Pww4^-;«'?t'i'^l--':'. : '-^' ,-^vVV.:.?"•'';':•<••'..'' ' : ••'•' ' ': STARKV^EYED BEAUTY Ever elnco Sylvia Pc-Urson wji« ic- cUlmed Miss'America at = b;-a-.i:y r»g»nt iu St. Pctciibn-g. r:a.. I'm'S had lier hc-r.d Ii- ihi- c-ln::Ji. Hat not foi vi.n'.iy. fci s-,»n.e. ^\il ailroiiomer of T-MHIIP. F!I-. J i? fibown In Nru Vork on her way so Springfield, Vt., v--|ier« she waa to tell th» National Tele- icop«M«ker9' Convciiiion liow ste , *t a coil ot |3ft, a tek-acov-f . ttqdy. distant snna. Keep Youngsters Away From Persons With Tuberculosis UY Tin. Moitvis nsimr.iN ; •:dilei- t .Icnrnril of Ihe American i Mf-<!!r:tl As'ocbtloli, iml of 'Ily- ! Sci:i. the KfalDi Sfafailrif . Tb? child who live;; In Ihe home ; cf ji i^ro'-vnup i^efr.on uilh tnher- | O'i; is undergoii<£ a ("n-ific risk! of nettinf; this disi-ase. .IjOreforc. your duty to your j child, if ilieie is c-ven the mllilcsl j ::: n/ lub?n;n!rr,h in jour home. I eilhnr la find soiiie other liome j is either to find some olher home, j tor the yonnjsw or to n^L ihe j MP-ctnd irrson inio rr>,iie sann- torium. ! tn tho prtivonii'in of lubercii!o.s*s ! fo:- tho Iimire. the home an the I source of 111031 of (ho ca'-c.s will be j the center of interest by public] health official?. Por exiicrls point; out thai, most r.f the lubercn!o=ls I occurrins nmong children is due toj infection directly frnm c.iov.'nnps j h r ivin? (htil dL-varn in ' Ihe snme I t?'unl!v 'lie ad'jli xvlsh iui)-:vcu- i c-i-j T-ifTt-i-s for a l^m time \vilh j "•pnt is siipf.o;«l 10 i:r- n cold cr | I'M ii .-.ouclil. Vo'.i wdii'i '-uspsof! :hc-t person tit anyihln, 1 ! i;:orc ;;-. rio-is. prolialii;:. ra ther? i-; plonH-: t.l opporainily [or vnu and your; children lo h-comc Jnftcl'-d before- proper f.yglrnic precaul' arc: Time, they rcacr.^tl f> years of a^e, P.QVP a i>ositive renc-tion, indicatlr.y lhal at some lime Iliey liarl iilre.uty keen Infected. aUluHigh mildly, with i ulieri'iilwLs. In clilldhmfl. iul:crciilof.i.s must 1."• (llajiicced by the special naimv <.I Hie infrcliiin. Th:s is nsurilly an invrMven!°nt of llu- planiis .11 Ihe rnol--, .of Hie iuii,«,. ff Ihe (iiicase remains confined lo these glands until hcalini; has occurred. Ih: child is not seriously sick. If. however, (he fjerms 8H 1 out of these ghnds and into '.lief luncs, or if ihuy get into the bloofi' vessels and nrc (hereby carried lo' Ihe bones or Joints, or lo Hie spiml i cord and bvaln, an exceedingly ', serious is produced. Whenever a child 1m a constant ] fJuTBuTy People's Laxative afnpi, <iuicV tctinf, tlicrougb F«(n-a-r,iir', dtlitDiu t«linf chiwing iun Uzitivi, l tuly {vtop!i »xactli, far icj «tion do«> intrrftrt wiih Tifir d-ji!,,. F,i n j-cnini taini i li.niv. iatttSanl r»nllrlv pte- btd by phrx'riini b«mi;t it ii ult. »rd r.iii u l!;oTouehlr. ll ( no rich- to l.-p*-t iTcir.ach ot dill. D*lar r, <flu- om. lo loJif M(«|I- px Ijtt on i; r Mo:l of the adults in a hoiiioi iniSlu hive hid mild infcetioi.- i of • (ubcrculojis in childhood end : so nre prctectsd, to'fci-.ic extEiH.j ngainst the disease. E'.'.t not :c| nrricii; c'hlltlrrn. The avms-i f-hll-J I which usually nfted n rni.ill In- i lerilr-n mny, If his body receives n j large dose of organisms, comer down tcrio'.sr.'.y with" the disease. j So widespread is tubjrcuiosi; (tint 30 per cent of boys and girls examined in Philadelphia, by the Automobile Sales Co. Cor. M.iin ft Fifth 'S3 - icrf;:ci-i lo J. C. App'.eby J.foto;- Co.i ::t-.idcl).il:ci-, Hudion, Ternptane r.iid Willys cars. KKLVINATOR Electric Refrigeration Gel our prices nnd lenns before you buy any electric refrigerator. . . '-•'""c^'tti-think about smdkijrtg'a-qtatette/' - : -' "- '• ^^ ' -\ : :=•••?'-•. "WELL.1 U^k)fiftSTAND, 4 ,'•':• - i \ -biu'-tlicy arc MJ mild arid twtc so good : : .one wliile-\ycarc riding along out here," .;?.-.-•-' ' . ^ -v 4 „ ' ,

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