Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 21
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mv, 5L & MHBGE BOOKS. [Modified Features of The New Interchangeable Mileciige Ticket. f DMr. E.A, Ford, general Passenger Agont of I the Pennsylvania Mid VandaJU Lines, fiends I out the following information refrardtafr the [ modified feature), of the Oantral Passenger AMOOIation's Ini !!rchang<?able one thousand Bile ticket: The moat imporiant modllleationi an; In the !-rule as to sliming the mlleaKo sMD and issu ingr the exchange Uckot. Under the new rule, the owner ot mi Interchangeable mileage ticket m»7, ilt ht|. convenience and leisure, £ifrn hi>i namo up<in the back of tho widest |f ,D«rt 01T the mileaiie strip cloie to the last pre^ iceding detalx^hnj<!3t, (but it must be ginned •with an indelible |ienoil < T vita Ink. or It not be honoied). i nrt can lefive big ticket thus .sljmed with the Airentupon his arrival at a station, or lond it to him by a messenger or by tie hol«l pOirtar, CT in gome other way, and upon kjg return 1o the station find hla ex- ohange tickdt rea<ly End his baggage checked; |tv proTldisd he bM made such an advance ar- rang««ient. Therefore there need be no more d.lay 11 tho static n or on i bs train in the use of the new than tiere wag la using the old " iormol! mileage ticket, which latter form wa« «ood only over thdi> stem olroadg, while the "intCrohUDgoable" it good oiror forty The old form of exchange ticket IB valid for continue,n jussaj* only on •« certain train and date, while the ne ir or modi lied form iriU be good on any train, (except tli a '•Limited"), on either the date of laiue or tie day following. ThUneir form hai been glmpllflcd to render IteMyof lime wid to better aocommodate 'traceleii, ant the hindrances which uocom- pani«dtk« old foria will tbeivfoire be, ::n the ••fly future, entirslr obllberated. Interlln* tioket* from point* on one Ruilway to itointi on iiDOtbor. via through ear lliiei and rla JUBdiloni whei«tnnn«ctlon« are close and there are no cranilort). are living prepared ai faitMioMltiJti. 5?keaetiok«'t> will be issued in •xohiBfe for ooupcms from the Interchangeable mllsaire tlokel.a'id bagf age will be cheeked tkrouyh. H ooBTBDieooe which oould not be enjoyed t>j tlie use of the old form of mileage tioket The modifications above alladed to hare twen ap|)ioT«d by Ae Mlleaire Tlckc' bureau of the Ccniral Passenger Assooiatlu.. and will be in effoct »n or before Deofmber lit, or lust ac toon tia thci new forms of exchange and ic- terllnetlokeni can b« printed) and distributed among tlie thougac ds of agencies of the forty different railway oompaiiiee over whoso llnng tke ticket* ari9 bonomd, and some Agtmis of the Pennsylvania Lines haro been already supplied with them. It Us believed that iheso amendments to a platnrjbioh is ready successful and jopular. yrtll pli^e the new interchangeable milervsro ticket seyond tho reach of reasonable crltiji'w*.^^. wniffHUBni! ilotin till spoonfuls are required, of BY WA he; toi AT S Miss Stella, re: through the. nigh When sh«i beca: surroundings the upon her. She wanderings and comprehended With extreme ty, in excruciatin, self, crawling;, rock near which thence looked a' same one to wh< for assistance); whence help mig] sue. Her survey any helpful disco rock she attempt but the effort w; not even stand sturdy bush for Forced to ab walk, she s;tl: u carefully exjimi which was greatl; liculty she removi Ing and found th located;; and line eared that she had For 'the Christmus and New Tear lolidayu, tllf) Wnbash R. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced r«;tos.- Tickets - be good going on date of sale otily, gfrod returning up to, and including also sustained a aive and the pain atid so equal at USE. 'conscious ol! her was shining :y recalled her terrors and then isition. aborious difficul- a, she drew her- top of a huge had fallen, an-d hoping to see she could appeal some habitation expected to is- unrewarded by and leaving the get up and walk; seless; she could thout graspiilg a 'port. h«r «ttorl:s to the ground and 'her injured limb .wollen. With dif- the shoe and stock- the ankle wasi dis- ODD FELLOWS, Master of IllinoiK Grand tx>d|fe— Triple Link Xoics. Cicero .7. Lindlpy o! Greenville who WHS elected grind uu-ietcr of Iliino:.- Odd Fellow-: at- the last #ef«ioD of the t pand lodge, was Sxirti in lS5"andistboro- iore still a young man. ' Mr Liimlcy h;i> been a prouiiiK-nc ma:: in 'he stau- for a number of years. In IS86 lie was electe.'i county judgre of Bond county and in ISPi 1 tvas tit one time confkierod'n stroiip rantu dace for the pubwnnrurinl noininntioii o: 1 ;he Hepubliran ticket,. Mr. Uadlcy wn^ elected grand \vaitien In ISHo. advanced •actur* of the knee, though the inflan lation was so extern- 10 acuta, so diftused ill points that, she n« with certiiinty. could not doner Having considlably r«lleved her pain by releaisin : the tool and limb from the pressur«Df tho »hoe and hos- lei-y; siie ate tie "«iit «he-had brciught from I^tson'ii, 1 ping that it would impart a little Irength. Remembering that persons i ifferins from sprains and co3itusion« a e relieved somewhat of pain by bathii ', th« wounds in cold water, (the again i rawled upon the rock to look about he , iioping to dis'iover a Bpring or sti'*aiil«± within her reach. This time, fron} h*r obfiervatorr she saw what had! before escaped her observation; a atone but with an odd- looking door, covered with scraps of iron. So distinct, so plainly visible, so conspicuous 4as the structure that she could not comprehend how il; ivas possible: for hsirfto have failed to see it before. Indeeh, so impossible did It seem to overlook the hut that she felt a superstitious doubt about its reality and fear< becoming dellirl vinced her of .Hi and she said oil that ste was :ig^in jus. Inspection cour substar.tial character "No one. live. '-* TJckeits can be puichased December 24th, i!5th, and 31st. 1897, and January 1st, 18913. For further particulars, call on or address. C. 0. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. Holiday Excursions ?ia Vanflalia Line. T^OH th» Holidays the Vandalia idoe will sell Ixouirslon Tiokota at^^duced riteg Ironi _ ail datlcms, to local points on its own line, and! " also i;o poilnts oa cio.anectlnir lines. For lull particulars call on nearest Tandalia LJnd Ttok'St Aifont, or address 3D. A. FORD, Gen'l Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. Rates Via Pennsylvania, Lines for Christmas and New Year. following the annual ouitom, Tioket Agent« \.6f thi> Panptylvaniji Lines will sell excursion tickets Doe, 24th. 25th and 31st, 3S97, and Jan,, at. 11)86, tor toe Cbrlauna* and New Tear ys. Ttokets wSIl not be sold to ndu'tii r less ttian 25 cents, nor to children for leeui ^thwa 15 oeau. Keturn limtt of exouaiou will Slnoltt<l« J;in. 4th, 18S8. For rates time of trainn I further Intormiitton. please apply to near-, rtokeit Agent of tlie FennsylvanJa Linee. Tho world admlTCi *lt» prrf«ct Jinn! Mlii , prrf«ct Jinn! Nol; a*ur«K«,<ltcnty t ornia>culU' development tlone, | (•tUiat*tabtieaa<l w»»d*rfnl forcu known ati SEXUAL VITALITY, at vor. there now; but some •re or stopped there if I can each the door 1 .will bef to discover a path to their source find a bathedflimb and reduced the ^veil- Ijvater supply. Then I can to the road after I have Is watt mer, with bear ing anjcan soon reach some place where f can be found. Surely there r that queer old hut! Ho- I wish that you were here gallant steed; you should way to—to the altar." ng'from the rock she packed np si. K and tried to use it as a Aliijat h'ir first step she fell and Taint } X. [HE SARCOPHAGUS. Idlers at Min«ravale were (Jail:; fitly called upon to arreat de- k-oin the Union armies. :|erm deserter was applied by , |n> to volunteers who fled from It in violation of their onlist- menJWLEaiion.6. and to such drafted meif refused to report to this pro- ,rshal in obedience to his or- „„ not alwayn an easy matter to .Cfdtlie capture of determined de- linti.8 of either class. Facilities .pe and concealment were am| by a popular inmsposition to , 'information to the troops, whili ae contrary all possible aid, in- .ation, food, shelter and conceal- [t were given to the deserters. ; and there was found a loyal ,., but detestation of the provost aha!! was too nearly universal to > it safe for such as might te in- d to aid that officer or tie forces ting him. to do them any sar- nie of the contrivance* for eon- trhleli U tl» glory of manhood— th« pride ol both old aud jonnc, but there are thousands of men •»ffei1ng||b« mental tortum of a w—' -" aVptwvr who c<\n be cured bj our fMCvavptww vno cira oc corcu oj our Magical Treatment r j £ •Mch nujr 10 tMcen lit home under out- direction! tn _ -^m—ivl} T» *b*» nn.1 lh.v».vl V.<1>* «t,M.k. *hnJ *** Hi;' dwertirm "-w«r« Infeiilou* que,. n« ifflaa t«came so common that 1 ian« -wholly useless. T-lss desert ghfl.ve clean, put on a ! iiind nii«ttca.p and reti.r« to th« 1 if some -vroman or girl of the usjhold, relying upon th« delicacy ; t> soldlwrs to prevent discovery. Tl»r« was oo« young man at Jer- for Tliom search waa mad« al- daily for w««ks, as tiere w*s TO information of Ms presenc* in Brery s«arcli w»s» fruitless, cealment waicn proi r ed. effectual a long time. No one ever thought of searching a small corner cupboard for a man. Indeed, so smiill did it loolc that if they had been looking for a truant boy they jTObably would hav-e considered it useless to j search th«r« for him. After many visits to the hous* a soldier chanced to observe that 'tie door pressed h«rd against the wooden button by which it was secured., imd with some effort he succeeded in opening it. There drawn up in a cramped and constrained position -WM ttie object of their search! Crawling out, the deserter sarcastically inquired'. "Are you hungry, that you rummage a woman's cupboard?" At Minersvale a man was rolled in a big carpet and evaded discovery for nearly a rconth, though search was made three or four t±m<as every -week. At Minersvale another deserter successfully escaped for a long time by being buried under a lot of onions kept in a garret and was discovered at last only because one foot was exposed by his own movement. Troops frequently scoured the hills and searched the wood and brush for delinquents. On the day that the adjutant had that startling interview with Mrs. Zenith and Miss Stella, a detachment was among the hills. About Hve miles from town thej cam* upon .an odd structure which at once interested them. It was a long, low hut; its thick walls and arched roof all built of heavy stones. There was no window. The door was clad in a promiscuous patchwork of iron that had th« appearance of having been gathered from different scrap neaps at different periods. "That looks like a promising hiding place for skulkers," the lieutenant in command said. "No danger of a d'&serter finding quarters there; I have heard of the place," said the gossip of the company; a man who alwayi acquired the complete local history and traditions of a place at which th« troops camped for a week. "Why not?" "Which Prophet?" "John the Baptist." "I thought that his head was struck off, some centuries since, by order of General Herod, to please a pretty ballet girl the tyrant, was struck oa." "That was the real, original »nd genuine prophet." "Who is this?" "He is a crazy old fellow who believes himself to be John the Baptist. He goes about preaching and is fed by the charitable. Everybody knows him hereabouts, from Kingston to Honesdale." "He hasn't, got an attractive home! I'd as soon dwell in a sarcophagus." The troops having reached the sarcophagus, as they now called It, halted at the door and the commandant ordered a search within. A trooper struck repeated heavy blows upon the mailed door with his sabre without eliciting response. No latch, knob, lock or hinge was visible; therefore, if they secured entrance die}' must first break down the door. It was determined to do that, for experience had taught them to suspect every habitation, house, hut and other structure as a place which was liable to be used to conceal a deserter, if it afforded space into which a man mijjfct crawl. A heavy log wai found and six flies of soldiers were dismounted and ordered to take the log upon their shoulder and aasault th* door. Having his mea in place the lieutenant command- id.: "Squad, attention; forward, double- quick, charge!" The living machine dashed its inanimate head at the mailed door which. at 'that instant opsned mward and allowed egress to an old man wio stepped to the threshold—too late to avciid tae catapult; too late for the living machine to hilt—and ws» itruck violently and hurled to the ground within Ms dark abode. "We have killed the I>rophet!" "Csjry him to ta* opan *lr!" MASONIC. T,l»« Hai Ample Fnnd* to PrOTld. Home—Cliipn From the T«mple. Texas has a fund Cor the endowment o a home which ha= now crown to ove: |:lOD,00'i), invested in interest bearing securities. The directors have bad ten propositions tendered them ior its location and express a preference for that of north Galveston. on the shores of the bay : the proposed site containing £00 ncres. The final choice, however, has not been made Thi-re are 94 destitute widows and 160 or- pha.ns to be cured for in the home when established.—Exchange. Five brothers were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at a recent communication of Northern lodge of Newark, >'. J. They are sons of Past Master Henry Jf, Phillips of Newark lodge. The oldest- If 38 years and the youngess 23. The father has been a Mason nearly 50 years. There is a steady growth of Royal Arch Masonry in Minnesota. There are 58 chapters, with a total membership of 4,776 in the state. The grand lodge of Arkansas suspended a inemberof the fraternity for a term of three years for attacking a brother member. The Australasian Keystone of Melbourne disapproves the delivery of a short address to the wardens outside the ordinary ritual when installing them. The annual ball of Palestine command erj- New York, will be held Feb. 10 in thti Metropolitan Opera House. The n^mc Freemason appears for the firiit time in statute 25 of Edward I of England, A. D. 1350. The term signified a " ; Freestone Mason," one who worked in freestone as distinguished from the rough Muson who merely built walls of rough stoues. There is nc lucre in Masonry, no discounts, no bargains, nothing that is of the eai'th, earthy. Freemasonry was born an i li-res in the region of ideas. Its first great light came from above. A large sum of money has already been contributed to the New Year's donation fu:nd of the Pennsylvania Masonic home. Obedience is taught both symbolically and linguistically in Freemasonry, No Masonic brother needs to be told how. He may forget some duties which he owes, but he can never forget this. •idcli mtir •rwc win pkyH-B.Tiiw and hotel bllli lot th who irtiK lio romo hoi'e. If V6 fall to cnrB. We havl 3O ' -*K fni«pr«»,o.. :tate. T e (iXWOOr^PlWuci Kiarameo to cure ir« trcnvior «nmd «yery dollar yon I»T n«, cam ir« trc «MinaTbi> d«po«tt^d 111 anT beak to b(i paid •w M ,acnr«»'ir'«t«d. 'Write for fan [wrtlccJ •lATJB JIKBtCUili CO toraUM price nn<Jer«ime yoapref er tocomelitra w<» [J!W*t»?fareandl«jtc;i to «»». If yon hxr* ial»n -h,, and will hrr* «c if «ln n>™tli, Sore T eaoti renewed effort afforded of the honse opjportuntity dioule the soldiers. One niijnt a er thrnst his s»br« into whal, bad been mistaken for a hogshead >ran, Tlie blade penetrated six es of b;ran and stack upright lull txioLrd. Cltat* had been nailuH to tH insiide of the vefisel, upon those a li| wain plae«d; below the lid, »x>r«6 o?'F«rj' sjnaill holes were bored from -wtark of tremendous *c.d te- dt>iis labor! Tneee holes,, Impeircep- ftom without, in the durtn-ess of cellar, afforded ventilation foir the irtio, upon alarm, jnjaped the hogiihead, when a mMnbur of f«j;nily would adjust tn-s lid asd kmpty upon it a bag of bran -n'hich |, kept there for that purpose, ready vlnstant tise, and the emptied bag f. concealed in tie bran u tho de- concealed becearfa it Sapreroe Regent E. It. Schryrer hall written Grand Regent Smith, highly com- plijnenting the membership in Missouri for the effectivE work o.one during tho summer, the percentage <>f gain in Mis- sanri exceeding that of aiiy othei 1 jurisdiction. The grand regent of B,hode Island has offered a prize of a gold icounted gavel to the council, making the largest gain be- foni March 1. G're«t (»ro-shoald be exercized in tho selection ol your officers. Look dot to the bestowing of honors, but, rather look to the selection of officers wlw will faithfully perform'the variooi dutaas of taeir ofSa) and; com UNITED WORKMEN, Saccess Will Not Come Itself— Xotes From Varloun Jurisdiction*, The jurisdictions that adopt' the nerr; asiiessment plan with any kind of an tde» that it will "work itself" will make a mis take. It will take work to make the of der grow with any kind of a plan. So, f you like the old plan, best don't sit dovjb and wait until the order gets into ae "rooky rond" for want of work. O^if you adopt the new plan, do not conclile that all your troubles are over, andpo more work is needed. Work is 'the fey • stone to success under any plan.—Kafeas Workman. I The laws of the order require thai the beneficiary certificate of a member jfsusC be made payable to a member of hisjimi- ly, or a blood relative, or someone dfend- ent on him. I Delaware made a gain of 140 m«berg last year. I Michigan dropped 2,068 membfe last year as a result of the "<;lassifled"|ght. California, under the classing plan, broke all her former records wi| an in crease af 3,431 members, the resufe of lib eral outlay and active work. | Missouri lost 3,305 members tet year. while Minnesota hustled and gaied 879. Oregon, through unwise stgjjition, re duced her roster by 318 mem bap. South Dakota had a net gain of 988. MACCABEESJ : to promoto the welfare of theiir I at lie. KitualUttc V^ork Should Ifc Proper!) Pre»«nt*d—TenU and JBiTe^ The Maccatieas have a ritual that any member can tioast of, and tb« : enthusiasm with which it has been received in all parts of the country is proof conclusive that it is thoroughly appreciated—when properly exemplified by a well drilled team—by the most competent ritualistic critics. No tent within the entire jurisdiction should be without a team and the necessary paraphernalia for conferring the degrees. •-;' The EnighEs of the llaocabees have Increased their membershhjmore than twofold since their orgaajiiation in Johnstown, N. Y., less than iffear ago. Reports from Manitolji show that tenU •re springing up all o^pbe province. Duluth's -'Maccabeelmil" has returned from his glimmer ^acejbn and has again started on hii: persisce|l round of Maccabee making. Ontario teEits rep^P mote hopeful outlook than at any jJBe in the past few years, and fiora PWnt indication* Ontario will tafee a gap DIOTB forward dnr- imj the next .Tea i. B-P* M and W. P Col| Two am ISM Is arecc «u> «baw. U<M of Homor. nd protector of ffw. nd secretary. n 1897 Uu,» to atbw fntternal «rtv SALT RHEUM Most torturing ami disfipiring of Itching. burning;, «aJy skin anil siealp Iwuort it in. siaiLtly relieved by :i \rarui bath with CCT»- CUBA SOAV, a single appli ratio* of CtmccKA. (ointment). the* preat skin cure, ».od a full dow of Oi-rici'KA KBSOLVEST, preaitest of blood purifiers aud humor cures, when allelcafaila. (uticura I< K.W itiTmufbtru*. tlit w.»rM. T'nmr* Dltt'O *» €»»•. Cour ., t^rvjvs,, Ko»i<m. ** How M Core S»l!, KhMn," ftw. F1LLIN6 CICERO J. LIXDI.ET. the office of deputy grand master last a- and Is now the heat! of the order ip i gniud jurisdiction. He is able, efli- int a'ad energetic, and in his hands and [der his direction Odd Fellowship is sure prosper. .'he grand lodge of Quebec raised tho capita tax from 00 to 70 cents in order Appropriate $250 to its fraternal organ, dfhe jurisdiction of Kansas refused to ™- t-he P. W. to lodges that did not obey aw relating to tho purchase of official iipts and now rituals. id Fellowship teaches its members to set and obey, rather than rear or evade, ^yWS. ilbordinato membership in Colorado is T,fe, i Rcbfkahs 2.292, encuinpineiic 1,4 ibcl canton 557. 3d "[Fellowship as a fraternal order is anipirtant factor in crushing the spirit of %o|i-y imtl inuileranco. Every mcm- benjl yiiawjver religious belief or puliti- calfet* is recognized as a brother. 'ilk g-iaml cneuiupment of Indiana spent SlOiflo last vear 1'or the relief of Pat-ri- arcfl Shere" are 10, ( Jy6 members in the statiji I Jii|i 'I Blaney is grand patriarch of II- linoiiinl John C. Smith grand, scribe. TlSJNlji' .Tersey state board of taxation has ijcicfi^ut the property of a lodg:e couli;[noiK_;jissessed, as it is used for Tliflli'itoisKctaekab assembly conferred the aseffiiy degree upon 600 past noble graiicibf fcbekah lodges at its recent SCL=- sion.. | | Thee a| 7,229 Rebekohs and £,416 membrso^he encampment in Wisconsin. E»ms IJBt 1,7'1G members last yaar. PretaiSmelbership, 19,124. Rebiah|nade a gain of 2, 447 members in Iow^]as»ear. There are 16,765 in the jurii;dittlOE.| Opeifthe Seeting promptly at the hour fixed ^p tiSs bylaws. Don't delay th9 meennjfor Sme delinquont officer. Wherimeidjers attend their lodge meetings, thly sh%ld remain to the close. It rooks very b^to sec half of those present leavu be»ro fe meeting is over. _ __ Miss ^netddams of tha Hull settlement i^hicagohas been appointed ]X)stinast«of substation No. 10 in that' city; alary, $2,400. Now Miss Addams willjfje able to make practical application ofstill more of her philanthropic ).lauB| CELERY^ SARSAPARILLA COMPOUND. The Best Nerve Tonic Known. The Greatest Blood Purifier On Earth. ' It Restore* Strength. Renew* Vitality. Purifies the Blood. Regulate* the Kidneys Liver and Bowels PREPARED BY PecK Medicine Co., NEW . N. Y. For sale by Ben Fisher, Busjahn * Schneider, W. H. Porter, J. F. Ooui- son, B. F. Keeillng. •4 the W«rta FELDIeFLOWERS The roost bowtUul Art^ProdactioBot tie «-»• HEIESrtlECRICBElIONEIiRffl <e4j I FOR ME AMD WOiENJ READ EVERY WORD DR. HOI Newlmj) (ELECTRIC ;'S ELTS w Warrnnt •ulthout thefoUo LAST OPPORTUNITY to get the World-Renowned DR. HORNE'S g lOeotWb t for only $6.66 THIS COUPON! U Koodfor $13.34 ifsetilmihcutordt fora$30jooBelt,*o£l later than thirty days\ fmm date cf O*t\ •***•** ... _^ w^i.- t1w ^Jjji JMcndndfv JtS, ifcaMMBsta* itiooM love CD* o "°~ YOU HI IIIIMMI KAUj",*™*f •„« ^1 Spin*! Di,,, Varteoeetc fltront Tr» KUinfjf C«i (Mil. fttZ&SSKgl. • dunei UHl IA» it; <<br i DR. HoiiiVEiiCTOCj^iJlWSftl. f.J._U you !•»»»• ««^fct"Jj7**jJ^»JjJ[|^Uj | 3^jS L

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