The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 6
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T-^MSI ^rAGE SIX" Tourist Welcome Station Now Open at Missouri Stale Line ^ New Yorker Expected to ^ v Endorse G.,0. P. Candidate ' BLYTHBVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS , ' :BV RODNEY ntlTCIIEK •_ NEW .YORK, Oct, 1.—Al Smith, . 'in'-"addition to attacking the New Deal with his bUta^-st brand of ].scorn; will endorse Governor Lnn- .'don by nsinie, says tin Inside tip. J .That's the ansK'e- to a uestloii "piariy politicians have have been asking themselves — assuming,- ol course, that Smith doesn't change his mtiid. •'.;Some"bf tlie Republican/ strategists now siy privately llmt Smith will cut more heavily into the Roosevelt vote than tlicy prcvl- : ously, anticipated, mainly In/targe 1 cities such as New York, Boston, .Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit, j Democrats consulted on that, )x>int aie divided 'between those who say Smltli will give \oles to I HcoEevell as often ns lie speaks and (hose who feel thai Smith .will be helpful to Roosevelt In sonic areas and harmful in others. The question as to whether Smith, in campaign speeches, would actually coine out for f,an- don has been a question or whether this lifelong Dcmocro could'actually, Ixr persuaded to declare for a Republican candidate other than by implication. ',;Thc iJiside tip from Reiibllc. sources.Is Hint Smith lins so elded. Old associates of both Smith Tourists, entering Arl:nnsns on Highway Cl the stale niut supplied wllli roa(i,nml oilier will be welcomed to nfornmilon nt this at- • . • , • — ......... •• «n,vt iin\ii i mi uu n at - t'.its attractive- building, recently openqd.: by tno Arkansas Centennial Commission nml the Arkansas ;', Highway Commission »lx h,il» north of here.; , At llu, extreme right ; j» .shown the log 'rcj.llw of the homes of. pioneer Arknnsnsf settim, , (lift Welcome Station. civulcd in ' awmcctl,, lean Welcome Sliillon, located on u s " lc Cclll c»nl«l Cotumlsston, states dc- Highway 01, six miles north' of l thc ' sc buildings are being _. jolh Blylhcvllle, was opened this week co ," s(nlcl «l on Hie right-of-way or and Roosevelt admit Hint with Miss Hanoi Llnsmnn of Blv ot lcl ' l"'°!>crly ow;ic<l by ll, e /uk- the bitterness which has grown thevllle in charge as hasles.-; This "" SI1S Stnlc I!i Kl>™y commission - , ...^.u., ,!„.> b , unjl ^^^,,,,^ ,,, ^luti^i; us Hostess This ~ ~~~" ..... •-• ""• Up between the two men Is. now Is the second of sis of these sin' "'"' ^cooinc llic property ol the "'•"" ........ ----------- ..... — ' ' '' Highway .commission luidcr ,,„ agreement between Hie Centennial the Highway -- ...... »~'v... also states tlml ,'oti'"' 0 '',''"" 1 ° f " lolor U ' n(flc l lr °- almost In the Incredible stage.' Gariwr to Sprak—Once oanwr (o hprak—Once ansas Centennial commission in ^''ccmenl l;i 7 vice President John N. Gnrner cooperation wllli Ihe Arkansas comml; >' slo ii nnii will mnke a radio s|wech for Ihe State Highway commission , coninibisloii. He Roo<cvclt-Garner ticket. This news to Republicans, who have mancnt and tlmt the ndverttsiny Col. Frank Kno.\, that the Demo era tic vice presidential candidate Is lined up for only one speech It Is common talk In Washington that Garner docs considerable grousing In private about the New Deal. One story Is (list he blames the New Deal because he now has to pay pecan pickers •75 cents -instead of 50 cents < a day. , -.. . But Jack 7 does keep leassertlng his loyalty to Roosevelt In private conversations and has pointed out to..,many boiom friends that no one ^ould possibly agree with Roosevelt-or any oilier man em nil pornU of a program ns big as that which Roosevelt inlllatcd. Pin Faith on Roosevelt ' ~ The real strategists In the Democratic high command have finally concluded that they have only one speaker this year worth nienttomng. That's Roosevelt. The other New Deal speaker.? are local heroes, just window- dressing. One' question this raises Is whether Roosevelt can be more effective than Landon and all the other Republican orators put together. There were those who felt that Secretary Harold Ickes would be the nearest thing to a tower of strength among New Deal speakers. But they have been more pessimistic since Ickes undertook to wipe the. door with Hearst in a radio speech. The delivery wasn't very exciting and the content wasn't up to expectations of those who «anted to see Hearst thoroughly smeared Hopkins i s stltnt Ickes still rates higher as a New Deal campaign cnisnder thnn his rival, Harry Hopkins of WPA, however. Hopkins has been completely silent. . Reason Is that Jim Farley doesn't think he would be of any help. Jim can't sec WPA as a campaign asset, at all. And strangely enough, he and ninny olher regular Democratic polltl clans believe that the party is under a v great handicap because It failed to play politics with WPA and other emergency agencies to the extent which politicians normally would be cxpecled to play. Some of the Democratic professionals are especially sore at Hopkins because he refused to cooperate with Farley sufficiently o let Governor Brann appoint UK WPA administrator In Maine They believed that a good Bram Democrat on the job could hav he highway rlghl-oMvity nt ui i«ir entcn-ay jiolnts on fcdciiil •pads entering the stale. ;., Plan Long: Time rroj^am According lo tile statements of he...tourist Jrnffic promotion . do- mrtmenf of llie Arkansas Cen- einilnl 'commission these .slatterns a part of the general long ^program of motor lourlsl raffle tlevelopmcilt In Arkansas. They nro constructed at locations o serve the largest now of tour- si traffic. The welcome station larl of Ihe commission program ms been arranged to'Jit In with he strip mnps and other Htern- iirc distributed by Ihe commis- clecllon for won the. senatorial the governor; And of course if you want to ECC Parley bounce off the celllnc Just suggest to him that he put Rex Tugwell on the stump! 7 Read courier News.W.nt Ads. PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. NOW OPEN VNTIL 3 T, M « »tl Can and Tracks - Greasbii i Wrecker Serrk* nine BJ . TOM UTTLE CHEVROLET CO nna 11 o n Service lo Motor Tow-! isrs Is Planned The Arkansas Official Jznllon nf (he Arkansas Loyalty ™ 8 iic under Hie sponsorship of the Arkansas Hankers nssoclnlion through funds collected by the M! C ,° f , m P mbt -' rsl 'li>s l» the league. Mississippi county, under Ihe leadership-of i). A, Lynch, Fanners jiinnk and Trnsl coimiany of Hly- Ihcvlllc, and L. I,. McUearmaii of MlKkslppl County Hank- of os- ceula, furnlslicd its proportion of league memberships. Information for Tourists William McComlj, manager »f Tourist " I0lor !> r oniolion dcparlinenl of , rr e "'c Centennial Commission, states MlsstEElppI comity and Is furnishing the station with it .(supply 0 ! Mississippi county,Cotton lolls ( 0 bo mailed by visitor's ns souvenirs of their visit to Arkansas. Postal'cards of Arkansas sc'onca and other articles significant, ot Arkansas for sale at the station. The Ci'iitc/miai commission states however, that the sale of sueli souvenirs is a secondary matter and that Die firs', and primary purpose of the station U to cx- lem! a cordial welcome lo vLslUm/ motorists from oilier state nm l ( 0 . supply thorn with travel nnd oilier Information regarding Arkansas. ' Electric Razors Asked In Joliet Penitentiary .JOMCT. ill. iui')-Warden Joseph K. Hnijen hns announced he will nlli'intit to install electric ra- xors'in the prison barber .shop. '. They will eniibtc the prison bar-' liers to work fusli-r, lie «nl<| ami will prevent a recurrence of tin! prison fl(j|i(. whiui, ins), J1C(ll . : suited In death for Richard Ixieb literally hackrtl to pieces with a' .stolen razor, , Head Courier News Want, Ads. COOLEST SI'OT IN TOWN Ions being erected by dio Jisas Centennial commission in This is Station «"«ber one tisslon will probably be located at , , , -, --.:-.-- - ••••« rexnrknnn, Fort Smith, and Har- ', lnfm ™ rltl< '», • maps and lit •ison, depending largely upon the f.™"""" relative to Arkansas and ability of the commission to ob- '""""''"li mul recreational opal., satisfactory and safe sites on '"ft 1 " 1111 ".?: „ , the hihwa 'ri-- Miythcvllle cl Ion The building of stc lions vas made possible by the organ- Blythcvllle cluunber of commerce has Imd printed attractive lllcrnlure descriptive of Relief for Veterans ' otlicr eitir.en that'-ls i ATHLKTK'S FOOT •J >r , for suffering ivft ITCH,TK'1TER. CIHGGEK UITFS POISON .IVY; liAD FOOT ODD nt Mosourro IHTKS or ECZEMA- Blessed and instnnt relief for itching with ,1 single application of ll.e nnm«SHo ''T" 1 nllli «ptic called BROWN'S' LOTION. CIIlOfiKHS nro killed instantly or your money I'jick. ATH LETK'S- I'oOT com. - com- |)Jetely cured within fourteen davs llow m>r.n, w )!l1 ic c<>«c DUOWN'S. LOTION comes in two sizea, COc and Sl.OO. »» Klrby , lli-os. Driii; Co. GIVE HEALTHFUL , SAFE HEAT AMERICAN OIL BURNING HEATER A'n 'oU lasMonec! wooH w. Eoalj burning heater, it not only; • troubleiome, dirty and messy • . < * Hit i : actually unhealthful. Give your family 'clean, j ^eaWifut, safe heat by Installing an AMER1-.! | CAN Oil Burning Heater. Jhsse heaters are the most economical fo; operate. They are built to deliver the heat. to your rooms—rather than to waste it up, the ihimney. We'H gla'dly prove it to you, See tha AMERICAN Sunflame Heater for, yourself. We have a size and type to meet, (your, nee'dt. H'JBBARB HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 ROXY Adm.—Always in i- 25e-'!e Tax Show livery Night Mnfinres Friday. Sutiircliiy, Sunday Friday & Sunday Matinees—2:15 Saturday Matinees—1:00 Last Time Today 'SWING TIME' ''ara ..... mil News ami Novelty Shoria — . Mnllnei:-ic ,t 25c-\Vllh lc. Tax O ,fc :iSi— H'llli lc Tax FRIDAY PAL NITE 2 Adults Aihnil Itil for Price of All Children— 10c ! ROIWNCE! COMtOY! BENGAL TIGER —- SATAN i THI M»N Klltlll- •** Also SelectiMl Shorts . . —Adinlssinn— Malilicc—10, ,t Me—Wltli lc T:l Nlelil—10 & as<\—With le Tax TUKSDAY, OCT. fi_ $150.00 HANK NIGHT!, Last Time Today PAL NIGHT 'i Aillllls Aclmiftril for Trice nf . All Children— l(tc Champagne Charlie With 1'iuil Cavnnaugfli, Helen Wooil, Thomas Keck, rtli and Ilcrhert The caiiiticT ilrania nf a slr.iiiclf,t rninancc tlie whole wnrlil woml- crnl aliout. Seleclcrt Shorls Friday - Saturday C^«*£V,^ Geneva Mitchell A COLUMBIA PICTUIt Also Selected Shnrls 19021 msimawamia 1936 We Started of. our *s ()oit()ht and tried fs UK better prepared than in every detail, bel- « to *« .,»„ M. «« /. «„, ft, ,,„„,. ,, mls . . . „„,. SMS - ler selected, larger varieties thai, we've ever l,ml. Beautiful Coats, Suits, Dresses, Hats The most wonderful showing ol Ladies' Ready-to-wear it has ever been, our pleasure to offer' every garment an outstanding value. THE COATS: ttichly fnrrcil Dress Coals m self-lrimmert \,. .,.-„.,,:„„„, ,- Snorl <;o;ils...i,ll the ni'w fihriK -.nil ., Cxcl! l lli0ll » l 'y flue slimi-ing o f the new colors. . ' ' ' / J^"™^ ^'- «»l will mvc. iviti, C/\l% C to THE SUITS: THE HATS: Sg^^l^po' Children's Dresses 49c to $3.49 MensHats .... . 98c'toj Mens Dress Shirts. §8c to $149 Mens Work Shoes $1.69 to $195 Boys Suits. . . J4JJ5 to J14.95 MEN'S SUITS The Best for the Price in Mississippi County We carry lines we :ire proml of iticltul- ititf fhc fiinums Cur- !i'c (llnlhos . . . every Inn-art jruarantcoil... new styles . . . new- csl shades . . . new fafirics. $10.95 $24.75 SMK OUIl NEW TOPCOATS THE DRESSES: Ladies' Novelty SHOES Ties-Strap S: Pumps Sport Oxfords $1.39 to $4.95 MEN'S SHOES .. THAT GIVE YOU STYLE AND SERVICE AT ECONOMY PRICES $1.98 to $6 WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS 1902] JOE ISAACS. «. Ho^fi

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