Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 13, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1942
Page 6
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light WAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, JULY 13, 1942 BEACON FALLS | Mike the Jap-Killer TRUCK OWNERS WILL REGISTER Will Mako Application for Gasoline in Beacon Falls ThU Week, Hoaoon KM MM, July IH — Mrs, n tioopor, clerk al. Iho ration- Ing drfhm on Main st.rmU, will bo al Kin htiadf(iiarl<oi'x ovory afternoon this wook to receive applications for tho rationing book* for KHH for truck*, tractor*, and ptlvw .'««'«" lin " plninonla Ihal ro(|uln> the HMO or KAHOlirifl, Tho registration will bo hold UilH wook and also on next Monday afternoon at tho old Mia to police barraokM( on Main Htroot. Hoglmilng Iho wnok of July W, Uio louul rallonbiK board will ant upon applloallohM for mipplomonlary gasollno ratlonlnK- 'I'ho forma whluti woru glvon out last wook, upon ro- (fWMt by tho applliwnt of passenger motor vohloloH, miiHt bo Illlod out and ma find w presented to Iho rationing board ofl'ltm this wook. oarly thJs wuek, Tho following ; dispatch" fro in Uriltod 1'ruHH' WUH /ru.eolvud ,.by, Natigaluok No'ws today: 'llio the (Spooinl To The News) Hartford, July l.'J— Ho ports arc ournjnl In' Hopublloan. party circles that CongroHHinanvJoKoph W. Talbot, of NaugriUiok, ha's deckled not to run for rdolootlbn; '. Instead, thnsu popopts ; 8ay, Talbot will bo a candidate, for lieutenant governor on the- Hopubllwm ticket t-hls fall, /\ -...-.• Talbot Is In Hartford today eon-, .furring with noyoral of his advisors/ Tomorrow ho goes to Bridgeport to, talk with Stato Chairman ,{, Ken-; with Hradloy and former Governor) Maymond 10, Baldwin, Talbot'H namo also Js boing rnpn-;- tlonod in oonnoo|.lon with tho n6m~- (nation for statn treasurer, but trustworthy sources Hay. ho prob-' ably will favor tho nomination for. sooon'd place on tho tiokot. Nazi Watches* Witnesses Eiiter Court Room I'arhh Tho regular vw«kly Mass nl St.. Mlrthaol's church tor tho boys In Uio armed t'oi-dOM of Iho United .States will bo dolohratod tomorrow morning at H n'ulnr.k, lintoad of Wednesday 1 morning. /t was announced yesterday at tho masses, that a hormfU card party WOH glvon potently by M/-M, Mar* Ka.rot McCarthy of Dorby, organlal of Ht. Michael's ohurnh, for Iho honr(K of Uio now ohuroli, Mrs. Me- JJuro'g ono follow who knows how to handle tho«o J«p«, Ho'fl Mike Wan-on, 9, of Now York City and ho'a shown all roiuly for his own w«r on tho llttlo «ona of Hlrohlto. Ho nppoai'od on uwank Park Avonue woiU'lng n tin holmot and currying nn inaoot aprny gun, After tying up,traffic for a whllo Mlko told policemen ho wanted to join the nnvy, They finally powiadod him to wait 'o boioi'9 ho wont Jap killing, Thov / ft whlli flarthy nor wan oontrlbuMon, Sorgoant Huymond HtaMonod In Virginia, paid for PI OHM, ft brief visit to bin .paronlM, Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Ploss, on North olrolo ovor tho work-end, John Srodak, a formop poaldnnl- of fkuiron Knlls, now sfatloniMl at South Carolina,; and a U, S. Marino pfwrult, visited aovoral friends nnd former oo-workor.M a-l tho llomor R Hronson Co., last 1'Ylda.y, Mr. Soodak Is-a HhorpHbootor InMtruotor at far- rl« (Hlaiid. Ho wa.n foimiorly HPOPO- tfiry of Iho Hoac.on (iod and (tun C-lllli. •Mp«, Margarot (fnrknoHM, who un- doi'Wont froMtmoul at Iho \\'ator- bury boMpllul for ono wcok, N now al hop homo on Wolfo avonuo. Jerc L. Callahan at National Convention (Continued from Pago Ono) lion*) thouwirulH of MlkM and their /arnlHoH ,^vho annually al-tonrl thf n^ had not Iho mblior, (trul trunMportallon prob- facing ttio million pro von tn-1 normal Ira'.Vfl, Wo bow to HIOMO onn- dltjnpH and bavo glndly oooporaitcrl wlfn flrnrifl f>oilgo offlolalrt \i\ thHr effort .lo <'.ohfmo tlm nowlons tt) huJ|]m^H and \palrlcHlo work." 'tlw Orafid hodgn offlnorn hoadod by pj-aiid Kxallod Mulor John S. M<»d, Atlanta*, UoriCgfa, arrived aha ovor .tlio wook-oiul nriil -mom-boi'M of .tllo Klk?» War f:orpn'|ilHi»lori, .plungod Into dlmuiM- of'tho many rnaltorH of polloy facn tho cirdor in ihh tlmo or notional orlnlH, Tho Mlk* W-ir whloh among other i, has sponHopod tho -Ordor'a pnrtlolpatlon \\\ ithfi Army Air Koi'co'M "Knop 'Km Hying" -pro- gi-arn and Iho'ourront "Write 'Km A f.otlor" (uimpalgn, I.M hoadod'by Jamoa It. Nloholson, whowasOrantl Mxullod Uulm 1 In lyiri-H'i and a mom- bur of tho Klks War Itollol' (.lominls- Hlon during Would \Var 1 whloli oonlrlbulod moro Huui $y,fKX),(K)0 to tho war off out and built and opor- atoil tho i'lrnt two baso hoHpltals In Franco and mado pOMslblo "tho groat JH7.*MMMX) Hoconslnluolloii ifon- pltal in HoMlon, MUSH, (llhor mom luM's of tho prosoiiit War (.Jomrnls slon ivro, Judgo .lamoB T. llalllnan vloo-'Chalrman and a Just loo of tho Supromo iliiurt of Now York; lloii- ry I!. Warnor, hlxou, Illinois; foi inor •Uovornor of Kloi'lda, David SholU; DP, Kdsvard ,f, Mo<;ormlok, Tofodo, Ohio; J-ohn It. Coon voi 1 , (lolorado, a-nd Jonoph (!, Tronton, N. ,f, All nro Pant. OraiVrl K.xallofl Huloi-H ol 1 Iho Klks, . , ' Tho oponlng oonsmon-los .'I6ni|flit at tho I'aramounl foaliiro ihu tuldrvaa of Mrand Kxallod lUilor MoMlollunrl and olhur prnmilnunt, nationally known Hpoakors. Tbo Mu J tual Uroadtumling Sysloiu AVlll, oar- ry Iho addroHj* of om? of Iho spouk- ors nvor a nullon-wlrlo hook-up. Hthor radio programs Ihroughotn Iho svook will tViiluro InadopH of tho Ordor -who will dlauiiaa the iM'ograma of tho Klks for Ihn oom- ing your, Orniid Lodge sos.slonH will tlnuo from loduy through T day, -mul tho iinoollngH will to a (»IOHO on Thursday wlUi a tary parado iln wliloh mochanlxod irnl'ts of Iho 7th Army' dorps will purl'" Talbot Mentioned For Lt.-Governor and sh/ill abide by thoir rloclslon, He IH at present Ihn only• liopuhll- cau poproscnlatlvr IVom '(JhnnMolloiit In -Ihi.' hoii.mi or oofiKi'i'ss, He was the statf Ircasurci 1 In the administration of (lov, llaymond K. liald- wln. MM' has hern mentioned as a candidate for the U, 8. sonato, attorney Kcnnpal of OonneothMit, Jts Kovernor, lUuitoimntrKovopiiop aiu also to attain assume the role of tho statn treasurer, Mr, Talbot Is tix- pfoli-fl to announcn his decision Russians Nearingr Critical Battle ^___^__' - • (Continued from. Pago Ono) Moscow, thu Our/nans 'have Increased Ihn tnmpo of tho 'llghMng, Berlin olalm.H to havo driven through the Sovlol dofnnHOH In 'Uin IV/liov suol-or, and oaplurod iJO.OOO prisoners. Tho Soviets acknowlodgo llorce Naxl attacks, hut 'say lUiHHlnn oountor-at- tacks rogalnotl Homo ground, and ufTlluUul heavy oaHimltlos. Tho full extent of the Kallriln lighting, however, still Is not clear and the main "NflBl drlvo appears toho aimed at (lio oau</asus, • ' Moscow, however,• makes no attempt to gloss over tho'serious nlt- unllon, In fact, tho Kromlln's press chief, Gregory Aloxandrov, ,mado a' now a'ppoal for an Immediate allied" soc- 'oiid front In Europe. . Ho warns that any delay might prove fatal,' and that tho main Job Is to strike crushing blows at'Germany on all possible fronts. Yet the Hussion front was the only active major Itoltlotf.round In lOuropo today, Thore were no reports of New Hrlllsh air raids since they pounded Pan/,lg and Flens- Inirg Saturday, and raided the f'Ycju.'h coast last night, However, the biggest Nassl radio station— f)eulsohlandsondor, • (Doytoh - lahnt- Aondorf—went olT the air In mid- afternoon. That might moan that Urltlsh planes wore headed for a daylight raid over Germany, though there are no roporls yet. Kronoh patriots started oelebralr Ing nastillo day tomorrow, ahead of time with anll-Na/l violence. Free French circles say,a military train lias been wrecked by KUprrlJJas'noar Tours. And the Urltlsh radio says a train used to carry Spanish blue divisions across Franco to tho Russian front, also has boon destroyed. Hrlllsh and Axis forces are starring In Uio battle of Egypt, with t>ql!i bringing up reinforcements foi the big battle to oome, • The nrltlHh lobbed artillery shells at the Axis positions on the El Ala- meln line, and bo.mhers raided the one my base .at -Tohru'k. • A'n n'AF eommunkiue nays' heavy damage was caused and fires wore started by tho pianos, • , There has been llttlo ground no- ll'vlty slnoo tho -Urltlsh repulsed several Axis counter-thrusts against Uio now positions they won In a live-mile advance on tho northern Mwlor Friday. • .home, however, claims It was the JlrltlHh who worn repulsed In lively Mghtl'ng, And they claim that .the There's always two sides to a question. With us we always decide on the "quality side of the question-— i we don't know anything- about the non-quality side—we weren't brought up in that ; school; Just one reason we know you'll like your Rogers Peet clothes as j much as we enjoy handling them. They're all woot—virgin wool —all wool to the last thread— \ then hand done to the last stitch, $50.00 to• $70.00.; i . . , Ilii'ain Hnrin Koinck, 35, 'Is shown in lh« cuslody SOS (riff ill.) ontoi 1 "lh« court room oh (lio (IH.h .'floor lloliick and s«y«n olhor Nn/is nVp hojiif/ Irioil by •i Ofltoml U. S. Army. Sifjiin! Corps Pholo. oi' two U. S. Army guards wnl.chinj; Const. Gunrd wit- 'Pi* lluv nnpartmonl, ol' Jusl-tar, buihliirif in . \Vasliiii(i(.oii, ' I). l mUKnry oommission for -.1 (.tamp led sabotage. I'irsL ga<fhG; Oakvll.lii //, New MilfprcJ 1, . second game. Mcridon defeated DIG BrlsLoJ Nc\v Departure nine 4-J. The. -New Doparlurc. l,oam replaces' !.ho ]Vo\v. Bi'JI.aiii Lutherans.- in Uio league.' MIODLEBURYIN FffiST PLACE IN THEPOMPERAUG Defeat Grays 6-3. Bluebird Win , From Wpodbury ' AnoLhor' : dpff.iat ,,of I he -.N<iu-gal,ucl Grays by ^•(lclefiol)Xii-y ynsl.orday nf- tornoon r ',0~a,' .-gAV^./the^ Middlplnir. l \ toanV- : top''-pOHl'tibn In, the , Pompor- aug Leagun stand Ing- with -5 "wins -mfj oho', dui'oat. Bnlliany, -lost, l.o Sandy;'-'I-fbofc; 9-'{,'.'aad "dr-6'ppod'.' to socon(,i, p.ln'po. \yltli <> Xv'lns and flofonts, NaugiUuok's Blue Birds '.hnrj an fey'.; time- In dci'eniting Woo'rl- hury,/M-rl and are now In -third position, Th;p,'.Grays.. Jiave lost, all eight starts. ,' Rubo '^'li'nor. Ayas.M/hc hlg nolfio for the;.,llirdH. .Ho Hold the Woodbury toivnivto it.vvo hits and fanned 15 aiuhoamo'.''through In Uic ,slx!,h Inning.Ayiih a.Jvdmor 'with IAVO nion on. Wcypdbury''•scored Its.only In tho seventh. ...'...- .' ... The stiore':""." ' Naiif/aiiiek s.h ft w, Jens e n,, 13ra,dsli n \v, Dom in I ok, 'StilHviinj Desmond. Eirors— 13ren- nan,. v: Voogtle,. I Urns'balled in—Bi'on- na'n ; 3, .^Brads'lidw, -MalJiews, D'es- i Tw.o .Jjase hiitsi—r Bi'ennan. riin ~ Bronnan.- .Sacrifices — Left on .toascsr-MhJdJo- jckV2, .Bases .on -haUs Leary'2, -Sulllynn 3. Hit by -by Lofrr-y (Labriola). Struck : pili,'; 1 -b 1 Y Ijeary I), Sullivan" a. Uin- p.'jru; Jtyriy.. •.'J'i-mo; 2;05.^ . .L. B.. B. Hook,. j\ai.igi;luck G rays •Pot. .83:1 .750 .714 .429 S ,000 HIGEANW LOSE TO BRISTOL, 6-0 H. S. FOOTBALL CANMDATESTO REPORT TUESDAY Convenes . The 'Porn]:)er{iirg"Loaguo will .h'okJ ft '"mdbl In'ff • l,onf£li J, • • n»t Die Ox Cord town-.hall ai 8- o'-cJ'OCk, NaugaUick I3lue])h ; fls and Grays will moel, Werl- ncsciny nlglii Tn '-'• a Jeiiguo game al Beoreal.ion n'ojrl. '• • BOWONG STAR, niokordlko, Swan, vc| Furs, .s. r; is., Mariano','' 2 icf Murphy, I'ff. 11) DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS Unit o/ weight *. Son of Jacob 10. Wide* mouthed Jug 11, Mullet ia. Ketleve* 14, Highest 2. To to back 3, BllrclAafl U 37, To transport 20. Thin tin plate •pen term 24, Back of log 25. GUMM cured for fodder 20. Company 27, Mlxoa 28, Twlfltod 20, Wonk 19, kingdom If. fiuimlan village 17, A AAurel id, Masurium hill 8, To Appro prlate H, Off ok letter 30. Toalandop 13, Fine- 31, Dlsruptablo grained rook Froi«n 33, A tailor 34, Land fiur- roundod by Water HuturtUy'fi Annwer 30, Dig 30, A tltlo 40, Short-blllod rail 42, Garment border HA I*' lost throo i>lanus whllo maklrjg an uiiHiioooHHI'uI.' attack on an. Axis uonvoy In tho •Modltoi'pahoan, Tho noyor-aay-tllo ClhlncHO have built UiohiHolvoH anothor JHirniu coad—|,n tho air, Today, hugo frolght plancn aro roaring far ovor' tho heads of ihc Jtip Invaders, bringing their cargooh 1 safely down to tho eager Chinese soldiers, . Thu oommuniuatlons ministry says that, as many supplies aro now Hying Into China as formerly rollac In ovup thu torturous Mui-ma road The air Horvli'O IH qulbkup, and is o.NpeCtod to 1)0 uven further In- As'li, MliVqp, .j Totals nb .2 . a , /I , V) . /I . 5 . A ; ,3 2 ' 3 . t 4 0 0' 0 J Jfi 2 0" 3 5 0 0. 1 0 14 27 1.1 21) 19, Anapoetle 21, To make choice 32, Mulberry 34, Cunning *t, Part o/ body 3«, Club a?, Scrutinize 39, Churn 30, Mke 32; Attempt 33, A JUh 35, I^ap-ge moth 36, Dl^mbark 37, Mineral ftpring 38, Prayer t»ada 40,8nov/ vehicle 41 Hun along ttwtdgeof 43, WhlU with age 43, Therefore 44, Be a eagle* 45, Antlered v , ardmal \6. Manufactured DOWN ' But tho .iupfl arn Hlill trying tit bottln u|) China by land and sea. Thu (llilnoHU nay the onumy tlrlvo 01.1 tho laHt two soaports Htlll in hliujHO hands, Kooohow and AVon- ohow, has boon lumpornrlly ohookod Uiil tho ,lapH claim thoy'vo already tnkon Wonohow,. , Noar Kuohow, not far from tbo uith of thu Mln rl'vop, tho Chi- IIOHU way.: thoy ha'vo' rooaptured the iHland of Kuloti. after 'desperate hand-to-hand lighting, f Tho Chlnosn, roport thoir troopH Infllolod 3(KJ can ual'tlt'H on tho oriomy. In tho nlPi tho wook-oiul .stiornH to havu boon f|tilot, v 'No roporl/ 1 Is tho only muHflntfo 'froni Lloutonant Ocn« .oral stllwoll's hoiukjunrtorH. AiiHtrall'u ' IH U!HO Hllcnl, but tho AuHlrulian forolffn minister, Mor- hfM't Kvatt,'t \ynnt tho United NatlonH to bo lulled Into a HOIIHO of fnlso Hoourlty In tho Pacific, "There- IH gruvo duntfor," Kvatt Hays, ."In thinking Owl -Japan Is .hold at bay. 1 ' InHtoafl, ho.wnrnH, "they are only 'Kathorl'ng thoir Htrongih for another Hprtng." ' . Hvatt had hl8 Orfl't' mooting today with Oonoral Douglas MacArtliur— and It was an Important .sosslon dovotod to -tho war. Later Evatt talked with tho ooinmanfU'T of tho Allkul.alr foroos i'n tho Soulh Pa- (Jll'lu, i.loiitonant- Oonoral Hrol-'t, n. Manxl, Dawson ( .c ., 10, Man/1,, of . K, A two oil, lb Gowlps, if ..... (.lasslily, 3b , t; IfaUtat, ss .. Nutlliitf/ rf '.-/ C5. At wood, 1 p . ab /i 3 4 4 3 3 2 3 3 l.lial, .•TfiYv nlfl ti'mo. Jiqwioi'S in •l,uoj>';lcnn-iod with rognjl, Today .Tosjo'iJli- .Porto;; 5'l, \\oll-known' Wos flavin bowl ing', dlod •. in a Now llavfin .Jiospllii.1 yusj.oi'dny a'flor n ' ' "Ace" Durel.l.e 'inado a Drilliani s'howing -In his first uppfiarancc in a 'flighlander vmil'dnn when lie re- linved Magas at l.-ho n?id ol' l;be fifll) inning and bold Iho hurt} hilling Bristol Towivies l.o two liiLs and an unearned, run nl'lor l-hoy bad i?arnored five runs in l.lie firs I, five innings off Magas, lo win l.lin' Cen- Iral\\fccagt.iR -gnmo, G-0. P.osUy er- i-ors ,wcrr; i' i espon»iiblo for Magas bc- lng- v pftli-fived by. 'DureHn-- nnd ; lino winners .•mado their six runs on six •hil's:- ; iM.a-n'ager-:Mi 11: Weisinan' slaicrt trOfla-y'Llial- I/lie.'!Acn"- will. be':.a r.og- ular. mornhnr of- Uie IfighJnnder plitchliig slaTf for 'I.Jio j'emainflef of the season. -Flood • twirled the eh- l.ire- roujc'. for:BjMs.l.ol.' - 11, was. a • Ji ar d .'. b 10 w l,o L11 e Na u- L^aUiclv Loam ";whkiiv-'had -high as- thelr ab PO[.GP J. Poley, d/peel-or of al.JiIel,- ics at: l,ho .NaiigaUicJc high school, nmouncod today thai, the fl'pst. practice for-candidates for the N. H. 'S. ; IO/i2 footbal-J team will be held, at field tomorrow evening •il G:30> o'clock. ,', .: : Pete, evidently is out, lo football championship fo r cliarges this fa)}. Candidates for tlie football wil] meet for practice ivich Tuusn- and Thursday evening at G-30 3| HecpcnUori-'fleJd for the balance Ihc .sum in or. DORSEY, IS |)KA) l,o : Kl;jirt . climb'-.yesterday:. The 1 score: '.,'••• •••Bristol 'Sliedri(5k, Wood,/.If ..V, Lynch,' 3b . CliajDman.v/cf: PI OO'fliv p.'..;;-.-. . Tiroiiipsbn W'wrighf, Totals v . rf'•' c... j]j . •• Porl.6 was :'a momb.or of l.lin Now ;Havc]1. _ flyo r maji toarn wh ioh won |,iic v "Amerioaii-" Bowling Congress .f.iianiplpnslj'lp 'at, BulTnio, N. Y., in io .0,1 so .hold a; I," vari'ous. Timos ; s(,ato . bigpiji and riuckpln. Ij,',»Vf».^V.•••:-.,.' : . - .... , . .fl^unqral.-. service's will Lake place a.b . 3 Pbiladelpb-ia, July }3_,; seventy-year-old father of orchestral leaders- Jimmy and Tommy D is dead.. .Thomas Dorscy, 'gp yesterday', after a (three year The elder Dorsey himself \vas>| mnsicjon and tausM his two so* bow to play all the wind menl,s. For 30 years be was sJ-c.' teacher and -band director Mabanoy Plane, Ponnsylvania. Order a delicious COUVICE CAKIC For Snndjiy's Broakfasl, Picnic ''Supplies of All Kinds. Any KuhWsGiiy Bakery IIAPMJ ST... TEt. S BRUSH-UP ON YOUR FURNITURE ]>I£AliSOiV TO .AVEI) Totals .... ,' Woodfhiiry . .„ Naugaituck ' .. tluns— Sway, Murphy nor, K. ..,. 20 2 24 0: 0 0000100—1 0' 0 O..'n J 7.0 0,x—II Fairs 2, Mariano 2 2, Swlpskli 2; nb-blns.on, Mi- Atwood. Huns bat ted In Mimor ;i, aoblnson ,'J, . Schillor, Inn. Mariano,. Cassldy. Two base .hits —Murphy, 'Mariano/ Homo run--j, Minor. Stolon 'bases— Furs, I3ickei-- dlkc. .'noil-hie" plays '—, Minor, Furs, Swlr.skl, Left .on l>asos-~Naugatuc,k «, Wpodbury J.-^Baaqs on -balls— off Minor ly <AiAvtfpd^8,'--'Slrirck out, by Minor 15; Alwo.pd ,0., Ayild plbh-- Atwo,od.;,. Pass pel >ball^Da wson. plro— S\fthson. ________ (J, Grays The './loagijd - loading '. tpn-ni had ,anpthe> hard-h'litl.lng and alr-tlght , pittih'or ; InM.oary -in the defeat ',of tho ... Naugatuck Grays hoary .allowed .oply' tlnt-eo 'hi is and•was- responsible /.for throe, runs Ills toanV .\yjftli 'a .iio in or. and a ilou- blc. ; . . . • • in.-i 1.1, July :!.'{-- (UP)—Pitch OP lich". Pearson ot f.he Phiia'dnlphia ^wlll marry Miss fiarncl. Whit- .Qf Lnlianon, Ohio, in-l.lie. bride's 11 o ni CT--, /to w ii I, o n i g 111,. T i'i e couple bof'.h were nincinnal.i sf.orc'jnsf, wfhl.p.r. .! I. ,••/..... +-++- .working, in dQparl.menl l.Odmonds, jb Cred'do, Jb -. White, c .'.-.'• nld.iko \vski, T Noi-dby, -3b .> Magas, p • ..:'. Durel/te,- p .. 0 2 3 .0 9 G 8 5 1 0 0. Durette, -Wood 2, PisterelU, Greddo^ ArMU^ICHIKN'r KEACHEI) ' Proyidenco, R. I.,' J-nly'.13— (UP)— Soven' liundi'ed em-ployns of the Oariston Print Works company begin.-, worldii'g (bills•"'-morning for extra 'pay. will receive wage [noronscs- ranging from five to seven cents an 'hour under n;n agrce- inpnl. : reached between plant offi-. cl a Is, -and t'he 'United Textile Work- 6 rs t, - o.f Arn o r.i ca-^a n /A - K- o f-1 > union. Totals 32 6 27 J!> 13risk)I /i 0 J. 0 0 0 :l 0 0—(1 Huns— Casey .2, Shed rick, Wood, Lynch, Chapman-. Errors—OldaUow- ski , r j, rs'ordby 2, Maga: Oi'orlrlo. Huns'--batted i-n f Ilia pnia n. Two base h i f.s Sbedrifik. Slolen iKises- Woo'fl. Left oiL/basos—lII^hlanders" 7, nPJSl/pJ .0. -BnKC,s "on balls—off: Klood 2. flils off:.'Magus 3 in 5 innings; off. Durel,!;e, 3 in A inn-ings. INI, by pilcher: by .Magas (Thompson). Si-ruck out, by .Magas 2, Dur- el,l.e .5, Flood : S. Wild pJt-cJi—|>UP- • el.1.0. Balk—iMagiiR-. Losing .pilcher-- Magna. Umpires— J;""Bara. 'Time— Ji-'iO. ...,.Oilier POSUIts in the Central league games yesterday''-were: New Preston 7, WI'nstGd 3, firsl, game; Win- sl.ed .12, Now Preston 2, second game; Ne\V Afilf-or-d--/,, Oakviile '1- The Foloymen or the Greyhounds,/ as the Naugatiiclc high school teams ' arc usually labeled by sports writers and sports : fan.s, copped l.ho Connecticut and New-England basketball championships^ 1-ast season, they easily won '"the Naugatuck Valley -Interscbolastic baseball championship this- year and Use Murphy's and Enamel CANS, INC. MAI»LI2-st.. TKL. account tfrow ^••^ & .^^ savings Await Sspy Trial Proceedings DIVIDENDS were added to depositors counts on .July 1st. Lip to $5,000 the niihual rate 2i/ 2 PER CENT nc- is On la sliffli'tiy cryptogram Quotation A « WM a xxtwoK; IA-O ID D I P S A K IP VAXWNK 7-13 D V 1 T X W K PTI AttO — CAN CONFOUND A WISE FROM A WAR IN EUROPE I A YEAR AGO, JULY 13,1&41 . (H ,Unl'tO(l . Oormnn • High. Cornmond ,nn- nounonH flrlvlng morb than J25 mllOH oaHt of Minsk., Hrltali) and RiiHHla wlgnod niuluai aid pact In \vnr against Germany, HAF homborH rnlil Uromnn. ' Mi'ltlHh Middle ;lC»8t fioinrn^ncl reports Hint "Vlohy roproHontntlvcH In Syria aoooplod. ttio.,Allioil terms, for an arrnlntloo convontlpn to orid Iho In'Syrl'i" July 12, Montv.lilo,;2b' .Ip us oil,, If ;..,v rf ; rOi-ahowski McGann,' Stauffor, l)oinlhlok,';H) of. .. Noblo,, s <if. '. , '.. Oflicial'U. S. f Arjny/SigAal Corps Photo * 'i* TTktSJ *v"-l , £1* J A ~. ._ A * ___*•* to are two being of Justice MldfJlobury Runs—Dreiirian less. mnoiints the rale is Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual" WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on all properly wl expire' June 30, 11M2. This i)i'0(.oc(ioii may /><• ohfnlm thi-our/h Hie .locnl insnrnm nffcnls who nre ncHnjj for 1'nif.ed' 'States Govei-nnu-nt. For inforninlion see Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. ':P, \V. EATON, Manager. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phttne 2080 DO-IT-NOW Automatic Coal Burners are now available—from stock. ^Nb; more are being manufactured, ne knows how much, if any, fuel oil will be avail able for house heating- this Fall and Winter. As col^ weather approaches there will be a tremendous deniand for equipment and coal. Somebody is sure to be <hsappointed; Is it going^ to be you*? : Call iis now for a survey and quotation. lit [he atuck Fuel Co. Distributors of FAIRBANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL BURNERS ^ Phone 5236 V ^ 7

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