The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1934
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Served by flte United Pret* TM DOMOUNT MKWBPAP1R OP NOBTH*»Br ARXAH8A8 AND 8OOTHM4ST lUMOORI VOL. XXXI—NO. 108 BlytheTille D»Uy Nm BlytheTill* Ccurkr Mississippi VaBey I*ad« Blythertlle Henld BLYTHEVIU.E. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JUI,Y 23, 1<KM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' ty GIRL IN RED" THE KILLH ifiPE TEWS •/aplisl Pastor One Dffifl and Three Are Woutirlficl in Bat I IP. on Hunlsville Prison Wall. 'rex., Jiily 23. (UP)--TiBW killers roamed .ihe «iiilhv.'f5i. lojf.y flflcr escaping from. the death house of stale prison in a daring break yesterday thai resulted in the death oi a convici imu thr. wnuiul- ing of L'.VI) eorivicis nnd a guard. All Iliiw were- availing eleclro- cntlan. Most desperate was Raymond f [n mill on, member of the Clyde Bano^'-nonnie Parker fsanrc. a tank rnhlwr and r> murderer. Tile others wore Jnt Palmer nnd "Bluckie." Thompson. Dead wns William Walker, mem- lier nf the Thompson gang. Wounded were Charles Fraser and Hoy Johnson, convicts, nnd H. E, George, a guard. Last regions indicated IhrU the conclemne{l men \verc. I raveling in two cars the p The ______ „. ............ _ shot, all bank rolilwra and life! The Hoi 1 . Alfred Cnipcnler, who will become pastor of the First Raplisl church.. September 2,1. Mercury Here Hits | 102 for Second Time, SKY nilflT ITflTIII SIT 'IT .51 III Ovcrlakes Public Enemy Air COI 'P S Expansion ^_^^_^ ^ KPrAniivipnnar] liu f The lemnerature reached 102 in Ihe shade Ihis afternoon for Ihe tecom! lime in Ihe pasi week and weather forfca.sis gave no hope or <\ break in rlie heal \vave. Onnilnurrt warm" \vas the forf- c.isi [or lonlghl ami Tuesday. Weather records lier.^ show ( . the maximum lempcmlure lor Ihej/^/f. .-.. ".or, ., \'. ! past eight days has heen 98 oc lUtllCei' 1'ireS When IVlopll- iuf,«' "*£TX™:\ l»iinor Attempts lo S^e cations miring liial |:?rlod. ( oilier day [hi-, iiionih, ilir- I: thr- li'mnf-jfiHii,' learlied 1(X1. ,„ „ ... , "not: 1 Hickman, M. formr-i 1 Mis sisslppl convict, was .ihcl by A)i-h Undsey, Mississippi comity d?pii!) p sheriff, In a raid 011 a p ,sllll, abftul [five miles south of Hosela'nd, Bet- urdsy night.. Hiekmon -WHS. flin: afler he had I blown, an r,<:e al the officer and wlill- U; ^as allegedly reaching for a sholgun al i his feet. !,„„ c if 0 I "\V7- ' Hlckman, who fl.'d nfter kOS aays He LVekR WISC shooling, \va* raplured about Ulilization of Our udiuduun 01 uur Resources." hours lnlerV »' h11 * receiving Ireai- mcilt aL lll( , omw of u Deil phy , slclan - His injury was nol regarded as serious. FTe vva'i Klriick UN. CIRPEITER mufti men WITH mivenng in; • ft nn|§||in i 4 p n f ars and ih.ii women were ta ; IL I I Inn III I Ul U I any ' M it u nil 111 Ml t three convicts who were. 1 lu UUIIIIIIU IIL*1IL all bank rolibera and life] termers, were mowed down by mil I »»• • . * gunfire of guards as Hamilton.! Oklahoma Minister An•Thompson nnd Palmer scampered over ihe wall to waiting anto- mosile:',. George, the guard, was stunned momentarily as a bullet creased his scalp. Tin- bieak recurred while the prison yard was almost deserted. All orTc.ials and . guards not actually on duly, niid practically all 03 convicts, were •'aCtcndirig a ball""' fleld beside Flis.-t..E;cai>e •The\escarje. ; was "lite HrsL evei- made from trie death house, which is located fn the center of "the prison. . . . ' Al 4:'M p.m., an inside guard, Brasweli, approached the death ftouse to feed the, five Inmates. ln- mmnces Meeliug Yesterday. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, of Oklahoma Cily, Okia.. accepted Ihe pastorale of Ihe Firs'. Baptist cinueh in a meeting Sunday. He will assume his work on fiepi-mbcr Ills return from Ber- where to WASHINC.TON. Oil Administrator slruciive retail gasoline price wars, "ekes issued new regulations re- darkness from the direcllon that , Ihe axe was thrown, II was-later te .win mil, ro adjust local" price Confirms Uniw.v'j Slor.? J. W. Lyons, arrested nl the stJ), terially iitor )x>liek>s." HIP here Hwfc'c fecenny 'liefore' 'y f s- terday. A native of New Jersey, he was reared In southwest Oklahoma "and Te:;as. He obtained his College education at the Baptist university at Shawnee, Okla., and r his ,. , • . --- theological training al slde, guards arc not permitted to carry weapons, 'ar, they"corns close-! Worth. Texas, having both his ly into contact v:iih ihe convict«,lBachelor of Arls and Master of and it would be possible, for .the An« d'-greej; latter on occasions in overpower! He has heen pnslnr in ehurclie." nnd disarm them. - I of Oklahoma and tollas, Texas. 1 A.--, llraswell approached the. ami [or three years wa=i pastor door. Frascr, crouched against'Ihe of ihe church ai Balton lleioiil.s, wail, slopped fonvard and thrust canal Zone. Since his return Ihe ninz-ilc of a .45 caliber revolv- to the stales iwo years n°o bs er against his ribs. In his other has teen field representative, of hand the convict, held-another .4S. the Baptist Home mission r.narrt Frawr marched Bras well • into -.nth hrailquaner;. in Oklahoma Ihe cir-aih hou.-:c, and' compelled Cily. him to unlock the cells in whiclvj Mrs. Carpenter is also a eradu- llamillou. Palmer and Thompson i ate of ihe rorl Worth seminary were, held. 'These convicted mur- uicl specializes in work ainon-j rterers cam?: mil. and Pr'ascr hand- children and youn; |>eoph Tuey Pt Hamilton his extra gun. h::ve na children. The four desperadoes then ran Mi.s. Carpenter will join Mr. fiom i lie death house, and were Carpenter nerc following uir, le- Jolncd al ihe donr by Walker anfl mm from Kuropc. White away Johmon. jlu plans to visit (he Holy lami. Picket Ciuard Bi-^'/joux sighted On ihis irip he will ihe convicts Just as they crept the AKoe.iaied Pros.* nnd will be upon him with their weapons and social reporter for Ihe Sha-.vnee compelled him lo • drop (Town to Daily Newis -&!, Shnunee. Oklo, ihem his fruns—a .saued on shot- and Ihe Courier News. TJIP Rev. gun. a .30-.SO rifle and a "niK .\ir. Carpenter did neivs)-a|!fr re- shnntr-r." j nrriini; two years while in ro;. Bailie Krfaks Oiit ll.-ge. Tlie hastily raised a The. church lias been without a ladder ihey had hroujht with pastor since the Rev. Alirjd S them. Hamilton, Palmer and Harwell resigned lasl November Thompson, Hie killers, went. up. In become pastor ol til? First Fra-e.' followed next, and after church at Brownsville, T.-nn. him. Walker and Johnson. . ' Plans are already being loimu- Ed Rogers, a picket guard.' loted for a welcoming cslebra- sighted Ihe convict-; as they start-,lated lor a welcoming celebration ed up the ladder, and opened fire, when the Rev. and Mrs. Carpen- HIs first shot and accompanying ter arrive. There, were six addl- shont drew the attention of II. E.; liens to (he church yesterday fol- Gtorce. picket guard, and he also lowing the sermon in which !i» Joined In the fire. I announced hU acceptance. The convicts, all but one armed j fey that lime, returned the fire as- they swarmed up ihe ladder. Ham-| llton. Fsltner and Thompson drop-1 pert off oiilj-ldr Ihe prison walls. ' Roosevelt ,yiU Sight ' Hawin'i Sbwe Tuesday ABOARD U. S".' s: NEW Oit- LEANS. Al Sea, Jlllyi 23 (UP) — The U. S. Cruispr Houston, carnv in^' Pfsfiident Roos?v?lt overrmonlh Eeus to the Hawaiian Islands, drew close to its imd-1'ncilic destination today.. • •. By dawn tomofiow the.ship will je within'siclil, of Hawaiian shores. Army Airplanes Resume mil 4 Lyons "said Hlckman Hold that h^ was preparfd for troi. , when lhey.:»nt to the ptlll ami "tf they 1 copSt.,16 otV.lilin he; wJa going to sliool somebody, he wasn't going td':,be calcted." Lyons said that Hickman told him the slil! had been discovered by Mr. Knob- etoch (f>ll plantation operator) and his ridjnfj bow and he expected trouble. Officers said the .^lill was on Knob?loch'n land. Hickman, Lycutt, and a ihird man, named uy Lyons as his son, Ray Lyons, were .at .the still wten Recommended by Board WASHINCTrON. July 23 (UP)—' Karly official action on tlie recommendations *; ihe Itaker bo.ird. which investigated army avlutlolr and urged extensive reforms in 'the alry-Jiiis was piomlic;! at th? Whole Hou'e tcxlay after publication nf the Ijonrd's report. The ivporl made uy a Itfard Ir.'uu. ' o. ii 1 'ii i • M'l-.-r. S'' lary of «ar under President Wil-j son, recommended aiuons oilier i tilings expansion of Ihe army alrl would |.!:ic> thr> United hiali.i ..:! Ihe tciv fruit In noild air '.u ucy. f ; f dri'al A(3;eiits Guard Wo.- man Who Is Believed to Have Given Tip, ...: i CIUOAQO, July 23 (UP) -j- A {mysterious-"girl in red" sat }ni» Imcvlc thcnler with John DllUng5r, I knowing tbal she had polnttcd the treasonable finger of death .at htm and that he probably would die in a hall of bullets when I hey walked from the place, It war, revealed today. The girl, who "sold" the. nation's most murderous outlaw to- the mithnrltl-'s—.'.he was lured into tho iHroyuPby a tir,.(XK) reward—wiis rep:rl:il to he under heavy guard In a Chicago hotel this afternoon.. Kecteral department of Justlca agc-iils, whose unerring guns barked a finish to Dllllnger's bloody reign of terror last nlghl, -ft-awd thai sume. survivor, of hU gamj might make a bold effort to take the ciffjeers surpilved llwm. Tin younyer Lyons fled • through the . binsh. while ihe ojctrr Lyuiu .s Their'Flight to Alaska ly "'rtman was s^urm feet 0 awa h'DUONTON, Alberta, July 23 (O ')—Delayed temporarily by r,itor failure in its commander's plane; the U. S. army's ten-ship armada re.-.urned Its ' bop toflay. y .behind a brush pile, digging a hole .to pi,I, "lit; drip pan in, Ex-Sultan of Morocco Seeks Arkansas Divorce HOT SPRINGS, Ark. IUP) — Baron Xenophon Kouchfr?n:o, .'oriner sullan of Morocco, h h.-iv •irjking a W-rtay '"divorce. His wife, daughter of a Minneapolis traveling salesman. Is «l then- home In Bertele 1 . 1 . Ca!., r.nd knows of his mission h?re, he said. Tl'.ey were married July 27, !03^ :IT Cappsllano inlt.rlnii. near L./ Angles. - . . baron, speaking through ai received ills the 1 Rn r ,=;on revoluilonlst. Yousirf, In Ihe r-?- i\cw York Cotton intrrprefer, said 'PP. tii o fielding with ioi. ecUven (be Spanish Moroccos. French and Death List May Grow as Search of Chawed Wreckage Continues. CSSIN1NC1, N. Y., July 23. (UP) —Searchers of Hie clurroil hulk of a bus thai- v,':is a flamln; cof- ii P ° \\(? lln for al. leosl 10 persons feared! A squad nf federal agents'and an even greater death list today £ ar ,i Chicago, Ind., police shot Dll- fts Ihey silted ashes for cUnnnre. \\,^ e _ r on the Sidewalk In front 'of I of human cremation. Fifty men, women and children were In the blazing bus that careened down n steep hill within slghl nf Slug Sing prison and plunged over ment, ' a -ID-tool embank- All were ball team rooters for Ihe base- of the Young John Dilllnger, Indiana farm boy who became [he "worst outlaw nines Jessa James." shot down like a ral 'as he emerged last niijht from a neighborhood picture lh:aler In Chicago. ' Girl Baptised In Baih.Tnh al Loral HospilaJ RETfllt SIES IN Democratic League of the 20th Assembly district, Brooklyn, which «'a3 scheduled (o play Ihe con- vkt learn In Sljig Ring prison, only, a. few hundred yr^ds nwny from tW ''scene of the traiedy; •II was an end to^^eunday.hoili day-Biccv«!uv.K'^UOT&»i<Vi*t : a4>' (horilles feared many 'of trie charred rcmiins would never be Identified. nolgliborhood theater. at 10:40' la.iL nighl ftfttr the natUmtlly.. hunted autluV had watched the nim, •'NfiCnluttin Melodrama,"- "»'.'• picture thai took for its plot they; eternal batllt of tha law and th*J.j lawless. . . •-'.'• •;'? Wcalineu far Women Fatal 71 Victorious after months of ' Irallon, the federal . |o«rnjnerit.' ! was shrewd enough In triumph to piotect llw iwurce that l*d to death. •' ' Almost' a score of the survlv'^ 1 passengers were in hospitals. Three hatl a. c and dfjUbUtu It naii this we»kri«w ' Melvln Purvis, eral bureau of tnv«tlg»tlon,Tie*rc} reports lliat "§- woman in rwl pur, Ihe flnger on DUllnger," and he ,smiled without comment... ': '.', ot these arc not expected to live.' Someone, he uld, Is going to,tit The bus rolled down a steep a large share of Uw-IISflOQ re- miarter-mlle hill and plunged over ward olitJta'tKtlrii • for. :Dilliiiger'» a : 40-foot embankmenl, bursting into Hames and trapping isers in llic wreckage. . Services Held Today For Billie Brewer 'hoHwelf l °'a™",~ ^ m ^ dKy •••• r < >Ii .sioi!£ cTiinonyiinrier tr.i-j Mississippi Fourth Among 1 Funeral servic^verr, held this noiiereu — aont run.. Hickman usual nrcumsiaucc'i u-ai perform- 1 .. „ ' . . . . .= afternoon for Billie Brewer 12- nifw tte axe. nt^lm," Lyons said, the Dlylhrvllln Hospital to-i Counties ol Arkansas in year-old .wn of- Dr and Mrs W " ' 1933 Business. , City Court Room Robbed NEW BRITAIN, Conn. iUP>— If the Ihiet in (his case returns lo the scene of his crime It will be as a prisoner. He stole $200 from a d«k in Ihe rily a drawer in twin room. . .... NEW YORK. .July 23 Frarer wa.-, phot ofT the ladder i Cotton closed v?ry steady. Ic-.v op;n high 127ft 12!>2 12SO 1303 1275 1303 13IG 1281 1SK 1318 I31S 1338 1321 1335 dor..' 1285 1293 1311 a'\ lie reached the top. and drop- ; prd wilh several slugs in his body.'July Walker was toppled off a second Ocl latrr. and tell to the ground. He Dec tppircmly killed instantly.' Jan Tl:e gilnfire caught Johnson just March as he was slarilng up the ladder. May One. of Ihe convicts had seized' Spots closrrt quiet at Ihe rifle dropped by Burdeaux, and ; with this i-hot George. The impact | .V*-., mmned the guard and took him ". _„,_,.,,, , , „„ ,„„, out of the battle • j NEW ORLEANS, July 23 <UP>Guard Rogers coolly advnnced Cotton fulures closed five to nine - upon ihe convicts along the wall • p0pl ? ls lower °" the New °* eans riant his ride as he ran then exchim S e . Pfces teing influenced lo-idi'ns and firing again. By the! 1 ' 5 ' ™ im in TexclSp . . „ lime he reached the spot where',, cs * n hie " HMilllon and bis pals clambered! ^ over Ihe wall the machines ln|;^': which, they escaped had rounded I ihe ro'.ucr and sped away. I Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 23 (UPI — Eellinj orders from every section Servtd Prlsoi, Tenn When Hickman. tossed Ihs a\c, Lind-icy.dodged and fired, one shot from.his .32-20 calibre revolvsr as Hickman reached for his sho:3im Ihe ground, fjlruck by the bullet. Hle.kman fell lo rhe ('round ami (hen jumped up, running off through ih.> brush. SherifT Clarence Wihon and oitnr.s were summoned 10 aid. In [he -jearch. in- chiding Police Clilpf Ed Rice. I'nl- up a Up ihe officers lat^r lound Hickman In ill? Deli physician'.', ndlre, wlicr? h? nfffrrd no re.^i'itance. Hickman admitted* having served three years in Mississippi for making liquor, officers .••aid. lie 1m been hern .several months, coming from Polls Camp. Miss. Lyons and hi.s son have teen picked .,p on liquoi- charges before. As io his reason for being al (he still Saturday night. Lyons .raid: "Hi.-r.- man wanted me to go down Ihsr3 »lth him and see him cook [hut off. I never had seen an outfit cr any cosktd oc and went on wrn him." Fearing make a break for liberty or thai an effort mljht be made lo free him, a 24-hour guard has bee'* posted over al Ihe Bly- iheville hospital. ilny. Mi. 1 '', Lorene • Monljnmery, ' 18. dauphin- of Mr. and Mrs. W. 1. Momwimery. r.l iv-ar Manila. wlv> he.'; l:er!i crllicallv ill nl >}|lal for rh- pa.'.t iwo weeks. VMS '•n«-|i.ep t | a<; a menilrr of !h? Manila Church e.C Christ. capture, dead'or. alive. ..Wno> r ._. someone la remained a 'de^ii' si- . c:tt. H seemed likely; that .stprles i of one and - perliap? two women accompanying Di!Unger to the-the- nter probably had a vital connection," • • • ':' : AS Dilllnger emerged .from the II. v. ter he walked alone -but following closely came one or two women. Accounts of witnesses' differ. It was one of these,: perhaps. F. Brewer, who died at the family who telephoned Purvis at 5 piri. residence yesterday morning fol- yesterday. • telling of pilllnger's lowing several months Illness from planned theater, party, • and ' then county ranks fourth n heart ailment. ["put him on the spot" at-the cru- amoug tlie counties of Arkansas. The Rev. W. V. Womack pas- 'cial moment, m volume of retail sales, accord- | 0 ,- 0 [ t | lc F| rst Methodist church'' nilllnger'a hair end moustache ins to a summary of the lOtt r,-- conducted the rites from his bad been dyed and Purvis believed tall ccr-Mis, mailc public by Ihe church and burial p »os made at. I" 1 had undergone a face llftirrj •atlon lo make • Identification .-... ... uuvrou,!, c,. more difficult. incnIUs to Join lh» church an:] ! Hetoll sales in thU counly In u. Ferguson. O. C. Qanske and J \ Father lo Claim Body hod anlleimlcd the openinr:. 1933 were 1.2a3.0CO, accuroinf lu w. Shouse. Honorary "pallbearers' As the inquest s'.arted, unc-'i . f-he n-31 r.lrlekc'n a monlh nga. i department of commerce. bur.Mii Elmwood cemetery. Active pall- opera 'I hxd l:epn her desire for several of the census, al Washi"-''iu I bearers we?e Tom W Jackson E more '- •' " ' ' ' of a revival al Manila for souv: • the report. time with Hi? intention of bun^ Ten lending counties' ot lhat Hickman mit>hl ^ the 32 members of his Boy " le direction of Coroner Frank tn?!Rcout troop 37. i Walsh, .it was reported that-every" and becoming a numb:!-. !;tate, wilh the volume of vcl.ill| He was an outstanding lad, hav- ' precaution was being taken by tht - for the year Mil each, were::lni{ excelled In school worl- and government to protect Its "source." Hrr illnew. however, rhanacd he , . nlans. Slie was unable lo al'.?iid Pulaski. $28,187.000: Sebasllan, $10.- 1 was a leader In Ihe First Meth- H was uncertain what share of tlie revival because ht-r conrtitlc-r. .073.000; Union. $7.987,000; Missis- odlst. church, of which he was a "'c reward will te distributed to. - - h-cnme steaditv wor.-e. bill $7,263.000; Garland. £6.543,- . member. He was affiliated wilh lnc unnamed parly or panifes and , ,. . ., . did nol relinquish the desire n'oOO; Jefferson. $6,484,000; Wash- the Boy Scouts and was burled In what part-will be given to the fiVe b?come amilated with Ington. 85,531.000; Crolghead, $5.- his scout uniform. He appeared Eflsl Chicago police who particir lay .she Is very sick. She, 132.000: Phillips, 14,170.000; Milter,I ill four and a half months ago P««l In the ambush. an uphill fipht If she is ! j3,959,000. land his parenls took him to ». Dlllinjer's father, John Dillln- to live nnd r?cain her healCi. I Toto , relal) ^^ for (hD enllre j .spccialLst who discovered that he S sr "'•• '«H- his home in Moores- But things are dlfferenl. She has • E[ate !n 1933 were $179,284,000. l na tl « very weak heart. Since, vllle ,Ind., with Hubert Dlllinger, " I There were 481 retail stores lnj lll[lt "me he had been in a Mem- » half-brother of the outlaw, to In 19S3 with IP 1 '' hospital and at home. Today faces memtcr of d nnd accented as the. church of her choice. She has happlnew—and'' hope. an averag of Undertaking company was . «1 nil time and 134 parttime; 111 charge ot arrangements. vlval at, Manila, performed ih- ceremooy al (h« hospital Ihi^ morning in Mi? ore^nce of a MM!! grout) of Ihe girl's friends anil relalivrs. A bath lub r rmilllil the means .of Immersion. .roll of I Services Held Sunday Boy Evangelist Opens Revival Meeting Here Charles Jessup, 18- ivangeltst, has start- Jan March May- 1271 1281 128S 1299 1302 1.112 1290 1191 1317 1372 1321 1334 low 1271 1271 128J 1290 1301 1308 Chicago Wheat - SpoLs closcd stead y al 1294 ' Chicago Corn close 1281b 1294 1305 1310-J 13220 1334 •angellstlo meeting at the A T and T na i a Flrsl AssemM y "' Ciod church tent '' ™ 11 * a "d Sycamore streeU. meeting will continue for Aiuconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola it i a'° n 28 ™- General American Tank General Electric 35 7-8 2 130 34 1-2 18 i-i open New high low clos; Sen 101 1-2 102 1-4 99 7-8 100 Dec 103 103 1-8 101 1-3 101 1-2 July open high low SI 1-2 64 7-8 M close 64 General Molors 381-2 Intrmatlonal Ilanf.sler 30 1-2 Middlen-efl Utilities .... -j l-a Montgomery Ward 20 New York Central 21 3-4 Packard 3 Phillips .Petroleum is •-•> Radio Corp 4 7*8 Simmons Beds 101-3 St. Louie-Sain Frinclsco 2 Standard of N. J 42 7-8! Texu Co 22 1-4! several week* with sen-Ices each evening at 8 o'clock. The evangelist is a brother of JImmie Jersup. 16. Paragould Man Hurt in Accident Near Here O. W. Kclley. Paragould rail^d man, b m the Biythcvuic hospital today with possible Inter- lla i injuries and bruises as result -:f an accident on Highway 61 near here last night. • Mr . Kelley MA he was driving , L ?* f several months ailment. Illness Rev. J. H. Pn.ett officiated Mrs. Clara L«ath Dies -i u i ii i\ LI hospital today with po ft? Home of Her Daughter t m \ injuries and bruis. Mr^. Clara iJalh, f,7. died at the home of her dau^ht.'T, Mr.s. IIAI . lv ..^ ^ .. w ,. WJ „ 0 '•Illle Dunaway of Lone Oak. yes-| a .,"7 noriiml raTe of spettTwhen il)0 ae censeo wnn w«* n m™ tsrday alter several years Illness Jn approaching car swerved to e r K su r \S bv Ihree dauO from heart trouble „_. Jtj. „. ii,. ,„„,! „„,< r , r ,,^ .' ls . .f 11 """ 1 DJ tiirec aaug.i- Two women bystanders, Mrs. Etta Natalsky, and 'Miss Theresa Faulus, were wounded in the barrage of bullets but probably will recover. / > /» i"ii PO Employes of th« little rielghbot- I0r A. C. Ililman, 58 hood theater rtcalled after the _ jihcotinj that Dilllnger visited !he Mineral services nere held yes-l sllow f f*j«etitly hi 'went yeAs. terday for A. C. Tillman, 58 w!io, The >" **& * I' 0 ""* » nd attractive ..... woman who had accompanied (li6d . lalc Sal"nliiy al his homo at i the Moss ny in charge. The deceased, who vva one the Rev. W. H. Schullz delating. ot lhc road and struck , er , \ ( « ora Jc Til nn ' and ^Mr7 " Funeral services v.-en- held this | J",',~ c a r "" The sieerivig wheel sl'ruck The name of the driver of Ihe Bill Tillman. meeting here last mnmer. TMt Relatives who sunive Ihe d father Is also tn evangelljt. The cel "d are four dau?hlers, Mrs.: family, who formerly lived m Runaway. Mrs. Maude Smith, Mr.-..; ; oilier rar was not learned. Memphis, now resides "in Oulfport, virg i e Jon< ' s flrd Mrs - Bennte Miss 'Wa'drln, and one son, Dewy' i L?ttlh. ! The Moss Undertaking company ' Explosion Ignites Servant House Wallpaper WU1 Open Revival The Rev. J. H. Fitzgerald, in charge of arrangements. University of Men Receive Honors PITTSBURGH (UP)—Earl Oul- An ol) stove explosion In a ser-1 bransen, graduale tsslstant hi the was replaced list night by another. From that fact grew speculation thai the outlaw's always fickle taste In women caused his death. Of Quaker Atamiry John Dlllinger, called Ihe coun- Iry's worst outlaw since Jesse James, paradoxically came of Quaker stock; of an ancestry that had been taught to abhor any type of violence. He wa? born 30 years ago In (Continued on Page 3) WEATHER S: Eastern Idaho h'unique. Sep S6 3-4 tS 3-4 « 3-4 M t-B U. S. Steel '..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'. 38 ,!, Ll hC S * 00w! ^P 115 ' Chur<a 1- "o drought problem, according to T^ **"? Bn . eva J>S« ll » tl c meeting water master Lynn Crandall who his .veiling, « o'clock, al the Cal- recently completed a survey of the vary B»ptl»t church on LUy tU»tt. I territory. Arkansas — Fair tonight and Tuesday, continued warm. Memphis and vicinity— Oneral- vann to- ji luuBtuiuiH^. t — -•• --' - ; • o— -—**• -ww.-..--... «. —^* s-jcIuDnlS ftnQ VlCmH !__ 1 vant house at the home of I-aw-. University of PftUburgb, has been i» fan- ind Mntlnuwl S Idaho (UP)- rence Posay. Tenner Rrc detriment.awarded a felto'-i'Jhip by the Na- night xand TiMsda-? •i unique. It has fhlc-r. caused slight damage yes- tloiiM Research Council. He plans -™ . .' lerday. Wallpaper In the house was Ignited by Ihe explosion. The to was imall, to conduct his work at the University of California after recelv- ing his doctor's degree in pbllo*- ophy here next month. Ths tnaxlmum temperature here yesterday' wai 'id, mloimum .71. clear, accordlnt to B<uuv»l F. Narris, ofllcJal wwthcr

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