The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 17, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TJ1E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AKKAKs** »«T> onn™..-. .™i ,. '* - *- ' f *~ / VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 179. Blylhcville Courier BlythevDIe Herald AUKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ,„ ~ - - - 1 - - Mississippi vmiey racier HM i 1 11KV1LLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, OCTOBBIt 17, •• 11)39 Blylheyllle Daily News NAZIS STRIKE ' SWGLB COPIES FIVE CENTS ' Mysterious Tourist Cabin Blast Burns Man,WdmanSeverely ' OSCKOLA, Ai-k., Oct. 17.—Frank .Urhnhn 28 of Char ice, i io., and a woman companion; identified by iiive.slii'pi- inff olhcm here as Miss nr Mrs. Flora Burns (In.L report* n Memphis Lo IMS to. Urhahn), also of Chaffee, are !„ a V r',^: 1 "!' a f,^,,^ t ! 10( i ist : "-"P^l. !" Memphis LAND, SEA AND IN AIR Twin., todav can., today from third degree, burns caused by a invs-le' loitt explosion in a cabin at Sullon's tourist cam,) on HiKlu rious V>'A5 o'clock this Jiie man, reported lo be an cm-t _ plcyc of llie Frisco railroad, was •void to have told an ambulance . attendant (hat the explosion occurred when lie attempted to light .1 lieater in the cabin room but investigating officers said (list the artificial gas heater was cold after Hie explosion and showed no signs of having been the crux of l»e blast. Although Ihe explosion occurred in one room of a four-room unit the mulling fire was confined tu Hie room occupied by Hie couple. ' Fleming Succeeds Andrews WASHINGTON. Oct. 17. (UP)_ President Roosevelt today announced the resignation effective yesterday cf Wage Hour Administrator pi,,,. „ Elmer v. The olher rooms were also ociu- _ Milton Pope, who resides on tlie engineers '"VTokc , highway opposite tlie camp, heard ihe explosion snrt hurried across iiic road to the cabin. He rushed the couple to Osceola where liny received first aid in the office of an Osceola physician. They weie then removed to the Afemphirf hospital in an ambulance. Pope found the mail r.nd woman outside the cabin. It was reporte-l that the man had hurled thc woman out a window of tlie cabin and jumped out -after her. The explosion had practically torn thei> clothes from their bodies which were severely burned, it was said. They were conscious and suffering intensely when rushed lo Os- ceoln. Investigation disclosed that the mattress of the bed in the room :. -h adv. been destroyed almost completely and: that . the ,• force pf the _explosion-h!>d ,.for<}«d We wall and the deillhg 'apart '..several iriches. The fire was extinguished by buckets ot water thrown hurriedly into the room. While the mai- tress was severely burned other fire damage to the room appeared to be more or less superficial. post. Andrews and delnlled "~ ; of the army over Andrews' \ York (To/for? NEW YORK. Oct. 17. (UP)— Cottin closed sternly. open high Oct ........ 922 Dec ........ 889 Jan ..... ... 878 Mar. . ...... 8C9 May ....... 8.50 July ....... 830 927 909 8M 881 SOS 843 low 915 838 877 858 850 830 close 897 89)11 83-1 Spots closed nominal at 922, up 1. Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 17. (UP) — Collon advanced several pcints to' day due lo 'tlie strength of Octobe: and an advance -in stocks and othei commodities and futures >cl:sed 55 to 85 cents. open higli 933 945 LECHE INilFT' Former Louisiana Governor Among 14 Persons Accused By Jury ^EW ORLEANS, Oct. 17. (UP)— Former Governor Richard W Leclie and Speaker of the Louisiana Hruse L. M. Wimbei'ly were amon* H persons indicted today by two °feti- erar grand juries on cliarges-bf using: the mails to defraud and divtrsicn of WPA labor and materials. LeehB mid seven others were indicted by a federal grand Jury ;r New Orleans. Wimberly and five others were indicted by a grand jury at Monroe on oil fraud charges Leche and William G. Rankin, former state conservation commissioner, were indicted here on charts of using the mail to defraud in the purchase of a gift yacht for Leche's private use with c:nserva- lion devrartment hinds. The yacht presented to Lcche United'Slates Supronic Conn Master • Rules River Island Is In Tennessee Coriiilli Man One Of Holcl- Slicriff's Office i\p l'ai Claims Arthur Newcomb. 20, of Corinth Miss., was jailed at Osceola early today to face charges tr kidnaping and highway robbery, it war, nn- nmmced today by sheriff Hale Jackson, who Said Newcomb is believed lo be cue ot Ihe two men «ho held ii|> five men and a and later kidnaped a man Bassett last Tuesday night. The prisoner has not yel been iewed by Bertha Kcmey Denver Herman Oilen, Die/; Jfnrston, Jack Robertson, John Beaver and. "Sonly" Cissell but it was planned to question him i])j s afternoon, officers 'said. Chief Deputy .Sheriff John p. Reinniiller and Deputy Jess Cirecr went lo Corlnlli laic yesfcrday where they took (lie pitener iiito custody. Officers are confident that New-comb is one of the two men vanted and (hat (lie other will be ccated soon. Tn-o white men obtained only seven dollars in cash afler robbing ive men nnd the girl before they r orced tile Cissell youth to drive hem In his ci-.r as they fled frtm he pig stand at Basselt where they ie!d up thc cashier and owner, Mr. 'den. 'flic car became overhedert MIC! they were .compelled to stop it Frenchman's Bayon where the" two men left the car and fled through a colt:n field. The robbers first held up Dick Harslon, whom they forced lo take them lo thc pig stand. Enroutc there they-met Jack Ucberts and WASHINGTON, Oct. 11.—Mohic U'liiann of New Orleans, special muster in « boundary depute be- twcc-n Arkmisns and lcmici?fo, recommended to the Supieino Coiht lodny Dial claims of Tennessee to lands known as Moss island In llie Mississippi River be uphel<i iii)d those'or Arkansas rejected. The htgii court will net Inter The Island, containing uroiintl 10,000 acres, is'kncwn locally ' a.s Cutoff Island or the niuo GI)KS to-Ahead. It lies due cast of tilytlic- ville, Ark., and 25 miles uiislrcnm from Luxora. ' The' special masler recommended lhal Ihe boundary at a point kncwn as Forked Deer Island be flxcdi In accordance with a stipulation entered tnlo between the two states. 'Hie dispute arose because of shifts in ihe Mississippi River ccurse in 1821 mid subsequently. The river previously had dcter- mlnccl llie boundary line. V. Arkansas tiled thc original coin- iilaint. In thc Supreme Court In llhs lo determine ownersliip. In Us nin- swcr. Tennessee. laid claim lo the lived by congi-Mx when Arknnsns ««s admitted lo statehood in mo r. tmpssce authorities snld Ihelr slate had collected- taxes In the nreix foi more than 100 years nnd Min |iasu:f(icc (here \ vn s recounted m liimg in, Tennessee territory. ;i*ne master's report recommend. cd Hint the boundary "be flxfd nl Ibe mlddlo of the m atn channel of navigation In llji; Mississippi Kiver ns It existed nl Die dale of (he fil- ln» cf ihe bin of complaint." To File, Ifrcrpth OSCEOLA, Ark,, Oct. 17.- T). P Taylor Sr.. special assistant attorney general who represented Arkansas iu (he Mess Island boundary litigation, said tonight he wciilil flic a bill of exceptions to n special muste r's report to Die Sil- Tcnncssec's claim was based on c: mention that the boundary wan preme Court of the Untied Stales that Arkansas' claims to Ihe terrl- lory be rejected. Mr. Taylor said Die Arkansas exceptions • would be lo the special master's ruling (hat this state lost claim to the territory by allowing Tennessee lo exercise political Jurisdiction ever the land for several REFUGEES! JXPECTED Roosevelt Warns 10 To 20 Million May Come To U.S. WASHINGTON, Oct, 11 (UP) — President Roosevelt tcday called Criticize Move To Fix 'I ransporlation Rates On Rail Basis ST. LOUIS, iwi>., Oct. n (ui 1 )^. Speakers at thc 21st annual meet- upon executives of Ihc Intergov-j Ing of the. Mississippi Valley As- Jphii Beaver and Ihe robbers de- crnmenlal committee on political I soclntlon cided thev: should also accompany l-refugees to prepare to find' news Wheeler-Lea tnein after falling to obtain any-:homes for Hie. 10,000000 lo 20000,. money frqm.any^Mjie :tbree. ' ODO.- el may After, holding;.un the^iiMer" t'he'lmay become-, refugees before robbers held Ihe [our men captive j war in Eurcpe ends men,, women and childien who the until young cksell drove up to obtain s:mc water for his overhe.ited Frank Jones, 62, Dies At Home In a speech opening a- two-day conference of the committee's cx- Rooscvelt said of resettling ectilivc body Mr. that the problem. Prank Jones, fanner of near Luxora, died at his.home at 1:20 refugees must, be faced nnd solved I iivnv* " if thc Dcmccratic principles based LUXOra on respect and human dignity, is to survive—If world order which rests on the' security cf the inc 'clock Ihis morning'after havin been stricken ill early Sunday morning. He would'have been C2 New Orleans last December G osTcn- ycars of a °" Oct. 22. sibly had been given by admiring Funeral services will' be held citizens. Wednesday morning. ( C n o'clock The olher three indictments re- at , 'be Cobb Funeral .Home ni:d turned here involved WPA labor 1 burial will-be made n't Elmwo-'d and maierials allegedly diverted by I cemetery. The Rev. J. T. Hood Krmor Building Superintendent j retired Methodkt minister, and tlie Dec. Jan. Irfar. May July 901 886 S77 858 8-10 910 886 890 876 859 low 933 897 880 SI 7 85S SAO George A. CaUHvcll of Louisiana State University. Caldwcl! was charged with his assistant, Eugene Barksdale, in one indictment with diverting $1,141 In WPA material and fabor' to im Caldwcll ' s palatial home in Baton 11 | R.-Hge. close' In anolher indictment Caldivell 3(18 897 887 875 55G Spols closed steady at Q09. up 11. Stock Price* and Barksdale were charged witlv former Business Msnager Edgar N . Jackson .of L. S. U. with diverting $2.622 in labor and material to ll>e constr «etioii of hcmes. for Jack-son and Mrs. Huey p. '•Long Catdwell. Carl R. Dean and H J Albert, Baton Rouge contractors \yere accused cf conspiring over a three-year period to defraud Ihe NEW YORK, Oct. 17 (UP)— Uniled States and violate thc emer :,-, .-^ , gcncy re|icf a pp rQpriallon nc(; Wounded Farmer's Condition Improves 93 5-8! W. M. Wright, 38-year-old farm- 28 3-8 er of near Gosiiel! who was 92 5-8 , wounded'Sunday by a gun shot ---? Ca ?°« i V 113 ""WJ'y innicted by Albert Pccton,! Blythevillc after a number of" cases j 2 C ." ei : a ! ?! c = tric !l 3 -*l™! g ! lbo r f»'!»^, was able to be ' «!=™ set for trial next week and MaSOllS Will 1 Meet Stccks spurted to within touching sency rtfstancR of their 1939 highs today] in the most active trading of the month. A. T. & T 166 Anaconda Copper '. 34 7.5 Associated D. G 93-8 Bethlehem Stee\ Boeing Air Chrysler Rev. A. W. Harris, pastor of Ihe Blytheville ofliciatc. Methodist circuit, Kill Born in Sardis, Miss.. Mr. Jcncs had resided In Mississippi County for a number of years where he was engaged in farming.' He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Kathleen Jones; siv daughters, .Mrs. I'irgie Moore of Blythevilte. Mrs. rtnuie Piducia of Osccila. Mrs. Kathleen Turner of New Madrid. Mo., and Mrs. Willie Mae Meadows and Mrs. Maggie Beckle of Luxora; three sons, John aud Thomas Jcnes of Sordis, nnd Frank Jones Jr., of Memphis; one brolher. Nrcd- hnm Jones of' Blytheville. and two sisters, Mrs. Emma Byrd ot Kelscr and Mrs. Georgia Dodd cf Press Station. Miss. dividual—is to be restored. Reverses Lower Court. .Upholds Blackwood Lien LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Oct. 17.- The state supreme court yesterday reversed a decision of thc Mississippi county chancery cant and held 1 that tha mortgage of Dwi»ht H. Blackwood. former state treasurer and highway director, on certain Mississippi county pri: r (o one held by \V. lands is . . Davidson and directed the lower court lo foreclose ihe niackwood mortgage. Justice Frank Smith dissented from the cpinion. The Blnckwood-Davidson case was Our^Wra condemned insporlatlan thc Mil | Maloucy Refers To Throats Bui Does Not Elaborate WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 (UP) — Scnnlor Francis T. Mnloney mem., icy,) .nltgnliiK himself ,wllh administration forces In the neutrality' ilBlil said loday that he linn ".suiTd'cd political and physical Inrcnls" while deckling how he Intends lo vote. :' Maloney made no ex|)lni)alloii of the threats. "I want lo im.Winckle the United Slates", lie ailil In urging repeal of thc nrms cmb.'irgo. "l wnnt Id prove to Die rest tf tlie world dial they are lacking In moinl values nnrl. tlmt while wu huvo a strong nallonnl nnvnl nnd nilllta^- defense we will likewise keep our spiritual arnmuicnl stout and nii- tnrnlshcd. "This Is n bill (o maintain Am- erlca's Integrity and to keep us if. lif'nrn *' . • - at, peace. Maloucy conducted a unique and Ihc pioposat of thc hUumln mis coal dKlslon to fix coal price* on nil alKiail rittc-'busls' Fred Brenckman Washington representative- of thc National, Orange, said the Wheelcr-Lca bill,! roll unions scimlors sympathetic o embargo repeal nnd found that J8 either have ions ot military auo or "lire eligible " vice.'themselves. It Is a sufficient, llsl, .ho siilrt, o let Ihe people of tho, country, know that the nmjoilty of tho senators do not'leel thnt the passage of tlils bill would be (ho first step toward war. . The proceeding speaker Senator David I. Walsh culled repeal of bargo Ihc first slcp.lovi-fird win. Assistant Republican Lciidur Warren R. Austin of Vermont, n. proponent of mmS cmbiugo 10 peal, i.ilroduced an nmondincnt, to thc bill which woiild wsperid Ihc ^hole. neutrality jiroginin wlien- tvci peace -HOS restored In feu- rope. (Dem., Mnsa.) the arms em- Germany Fighting 3 'For Keeps' Against Allies' Armed Forces l»y Unllnl t'rcss Towcvfiil Uii-iisU by Iho Nnxl finned forces on the Srit »'« ."Mcwello Noelors of Ll.c Khiiiclnml (Yon 22^,;' Now Take Minoii- ties Out Of Path. which tion would place Ihc Inland fays system under Jurlsdlc- of Hie, intcrsltilc commerce detri- , ' Boat Accident To Ashport Fisherman l.,niPLEY,- Tenii., .Oct.- 17.-Prank commission, 'works to the mcnV of the fanner. T'herc Is no public demand, Walker, •. M-yenr-old fUhcrmnn wIiBlsocver;- ..for subjcctlne ihe drowned-yesterday In [Jib Mlssl"-' water carriers of the nation io llie'slppl .River nt Ashp;rt 111 miles type of regulRtlon projiosert • In thlslMcst of here 1 , when Ihro'mi from « bill, he said, "nor Is there cvl-' speed boat during n trial run. clcncc o( idlscriminatoiy practices Adam E. Scoll caviller of Ihe among water, carriers lo warrant Gates Bank & Co nnd own- , -, I, Oct, 17. (UP)—Goimnny Intends to rcpalrlnto all acrnmn minorities from all Euiopean countries us, soon us possible, n (crclgn office spokesman i,ald loilny. It wns'csllmnlwl unollljlally that Gorman . mliwitlc.i In 1 Emono to- (ullcd more than 2,500,000 iwople. Thc spokesman said tlmt Germany did not Intend lo include Germans in Norlh niui Soulh Amcilca. • "They arc net mlnoiltles In Ihe sense, of n closed nallonnl German erovip such ns'.those which exist in the Unltlc and clse\\hcie In EIUOJIC," Ihe sirakesman explained. Adolf Hitler eailici had announced plans fci icpalilntlii!! Oennan minorities Ihrouijhoul enst- crn Euroiic as a p,nt of hh co- oiKrutlon with Scvlct Russia foi solution of outstanding problems He hcean putting his plan into practice In the lialllo slntci—Lnl- vln, Lithuania and Estonia — by BciuUng ships :which nre bilnglng tlKiisrmcls of racing aermnua home, mmiy.-rof: rcsutUeJiioiit lu.conqiicicd Polish territory.^ ' About 120.COO rneliil ariuinns me In the Baltic-Males. Nazi? have Inken (he (Ulitudcjln some. Inslnnces that the Hltlei nil- noi;lly plnii is proof cf Geimany's (Icctoriillcn llmt'slie has no further lerrllorlnl ambitions In Euroiic Kliinclnml front drove back + The acimnn high commnnd ic- • ported thai Ihc French )md ic- tired fiom almost nil occupied tc<- «in 01 M 'V'l Fjiencl1 >wl<l tllal le -' (000 NII/I i,ooixs liad pushed foi- ««»!, brleny Invading rrench soil, Hut had been thrown back v Kit )hea\y losses by coiicnilinted nrc fiom thc allied populous. ' ' The main icsult was llmt t|ie Ocimnii 1 ! had iiicceeded In lellev- ing piossliie on (lie Impoitaiu thc icpoils Indicated. A new MilM of nlr i«lil al inoiiicd Ihe English east const at , such regulation."- er of life bint, was rescued by (Ion Mooro of filple)'. who saw .'he men tossed from -Ihc liont as It shot cut from under (hem. Mr. Wnlker's body lias not been found. tried in chancery court here iirfonJ .Mississippi county will have Chancellor J. p. Gautuey. SV. Uon Smith represented Blackwo.'d nnd P. C. Douglas was attorney for Files Damage Suit Will Attend District P.T.A. Session Thursday Mrs. Marion Williams of Blytheville, president ol (he Mississippi County Council of Parents nnti Teachers, will head thc delegation of Mississippi County representatives to (he illslricl Parent- . , Teacher Association meeting LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 17. (UP)-- f Thursday st Marlon. Each of thc Crltlcnden County Jmlgc C. 11 20 units In the county plan to Bon d 'odny requested Gov. Bailcj t send members. | 'o naiiift a sixclnl juilgc to sit in f ills |ilacc nt n levee hearing of ' Missouri Official x Visits Gov. Bailey •LITTLE. ROCK, Oct. 17. (UP)U. oov. Prank G. Harris of Missouri-was a stalehousi: visitor lo- day.. • „,,.! n _ l ' vislled with Oov t: the noon lodny. They extended fiom Oilniiby southward to the Kentfa'it cons-t In nn mca dolled with shipping nnd fishing centci-s nnd dockynrd. 1 !, : Wllh 16 dend mid at least one ciuljei damnged as Ihe icsult of « laid by n do^cn Nazi bombors on Ihe Fit!h of FVjrth ycstctda'y the Doynl nlr foice and antl-nlr- ciaft balteiies iveie aleit foi now allacks. ",„- fiidlcnllons of a return visit this nfleinoon by Biltlsli bombers \lo Qeimany were seen In reportiv fiom liollnnd thnt planes had lloiui (o\inid Emdon, wlteie theu weie ninny hcffyy ex-plosions near llie Geiiimn ntivnl base Qcimany, in n coii'mumlque, clnlnlccl that nt least 100,000 Ions of BtltMt wnislilfn had been SUIIA dining llie war—B figure far hlgli- 01 llinn admit (cd by the admiralty In London Furthormoie, tl|c i Nazis stated officially that both tliC'Royal Oak ant) lite Repulse—«Well Britain donles,,«as .lill^-wcic torpedoed lu Ihp British navy^ slroitgliolri of ecnpn Flaxv. This was ndmittexl In Ihe House of Commons and that thc Nn?l U-boats had 11 the Arkansas : Llvcsto<:k Show afternoon. , made n dating venture thiouali mine nelds and warship patiols lo invnclc (tie most strongly rfc- fendcd den of tlie British Hon. On Hie diplomatic front *tha meeting af thc luleis of Denmalk, Sivcdpn, Noi«ay and Finland _at Stockholm tomonow ap|>eared likely to centei on effoiU of iha noilhcin iteutial states, lo protect llieli iiosltlom and maintain theli International .trade. > - iw, Soviet Russia, pushing II? tone of Influence fuithei Into thc Bal~ nallcy|(i CSi appealed not lo expect a uV,r "^ n *- 1' cKlan In negotiations with Flu^"' s land until after llie ''meeting Crittenden County Judge Recuses Self ^jj|, Slarls War Relief brief council meeting there at Ihc drainage district No. 7. Jame time other county councils Bond said that he was dlsquali- are having their conferences, aii fylng himself because he Davidson. * "" '' a "eed In the nil day program. .. dircclor on Ihe board ol the drain- Mrs. Curtis Stout of Lltlle Heck, I age district. president of the Arkansas Congress' Tlic,hearing Is to be held ta ppr- of Pa'rcnl.i and Teachers, Mrs. H. mlt Ihe board to make a new la\ . . ... . .™' v - Hn)1 of Lltllc Rock . lirsl vies levy on drainage dislrict properly Against District 1 1 P rc sWcnl of the state group, and for maintenance purposes Miss' Pearl Dccn of Memphis, su- j ; 1 Keck Recesses Osceola M"* of Inml owned by Frank Court Until Next Monday SS^" &%££*„£& . ' I Ko - 17 I" « suit filed in circuit OSCEOLA. Ark., Oct. 17.—Circuit | court here. „ •-> criminal court, opening Here ycstcr- palrlow nnd Bradley represent day was recessed until M:nday. •'•- -'--"^ y - re l )rcsc " 1 Oct. 23, by Judge G. E. Keck of thc plaintiffs. General Motors 55 j removed today from International Harvester .. 68 5-8 hospital to his home Montgomery Ward 56 7-8 \ Officers of Missouri the Walls otlicrs irer e disposed of. LcRoy Smith, negro, accused of! are still N. Y. Central 22 1-2, seeking Peeton, who fled immcdi- Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio .-.. Schenley Dist, ... Simmons Socony Vacuum .. Standard Oil N. J. Texas .Corporation 48 U. S. Smelting ., C4 3-4 U- S. Steel , 781-8 37-8 f ately after the shooting which charge against him alter .. .,„.. 46 1-8 .took place n short distance over' had fai!e(l to asrce as to his guilt , the theft cf several dollars fro negro woman, won dismissal of the a jury the Missouri state line at a set- or innocence, bein ? divided 10 to 1 127-8' Hemont called "Kellyhand". The fcr ««l»l«a!. The state then dis- 23 3-4 trouble Is said to have started over lllissecl thc cass. G. B. Scjravcs Ji H I Peeton's dismissal from a snw . | represented the negro bv appoint 49 1-2 j mill cperating on Wright's fann j mcnl of thc «onr't.' ' Dec. May nee. Mai- open high i ow ciojg 851-2 88 3-8 85 ' 801-4 841-2 851-2 841-8 851-4 Chicago Corn open high low close «V-8 51 1-8 «3-4 511-8 523-4 541-8 521-2 54 EAST ST. LOUIS. -JU bet 17 (UP)-Hogs: 10,500 Top, 7.40 . - • 170-230 Ibs., 7.25-7.35 140-160 Ibs., 6.50 r 7.30 Bulk sows, 6.10-690 Catlte: 4,850 ' • Steers, S.25-10.75 1 ' ' '. Slaughter steers. 6.25-1] 00 . Mixed yearlings, heifers,' 7.50-9.50 Slaughter hellers, 026-11 ofi Beef cows. 5.00-0.00 British Women Prefer Slacks of Navy Blue Wednesday Night Chickasawba Lodge 134 will meet in regular convocation in tlic ixxte Hall Wednesday night at 7:30 -'clnck uhcn there will be special work In the Master Mason's decree. Vkitiii!. masons are invited to attend. Neil! Reed. Worshipful Master, announced today. Caruthersville Fair AUendance 45,361 v>,- (i. i : j . . "-"-j -.II" 1 " 1 uuiiiuaiuus, an mcrcass ol 10 should bP I-P« fi * - '" CVC ' U "i pcr cont over '»3».-which boasted '"""'f "S/equlred, - . .,„ mcrcnsc of 15 tier ccnl over . Welt-cutj-navr.flannel slacks vvilhj 1937 altcndMico, ' fastener either side ami; Gov. Stark of Missouri dcclartd • wutl LW\V*. O.UU-U Ut) ' f tfn ' n/i/.l-n» "...v ..----; ..v.,. u....,x wi *»ll.v>Ullll lllL Cutlers and low cullers 17", 4i<\ ' IYL are ' Ul - 6 most 'P"l"'!ari after visiting- the fair that It «'.i, j.u-i.1,1 stjie. - . ,i stroiul In rural. l» ili n ci^ ^ose o? rB d^t«r D c^; Is SuedJFor Damages Mrs. W. W. Prcwllt of Osceola,' bha P man «"<< Dcwcy Land coin- district director, will conduct Ihc j ln " 5 ' ail , d R - G - Coslncr filed suit •district conference '" circlliL court U><\*y against Joe Other counties Inluded In DLs- " ni ',' Jo ' ln Be(lrc<ln ""'' J - M. tricl Five are: Polnsett, St. Fran- mulon ns commlsslcncrs of Drain- els, Crillcnden and Cross . neo "'sWct No: 1G asking J3GOO as ' i compensation for damage to 28 Bailey Cannot Attend ^^11^^"^ C £T ^ side of Big Lake. W. Barham and Atlanta Conference "^^ LfTTf,E ROCK, Oct. 17. (UP>— Gov. Bailey said loday that he would be unable to attend Ihe T U Ij southern governors conference in »° "Old ham Sudbury arc ntlorncys for thc plaintllfs. Atlanta O=l. 20 and 21 The conference was called by Gcv. E. D. Rivers ot Georgia lo discuss the light for lower freight rates for southern states. Bailey said he could not attend because ol previous engagements which he had made in thc norlh and east. Toledo to Have Ice llnckry TOLEDO, O. (UP)—Ice hockey V.-I11 come to Toledo next winter. Service For Deaf And Friends Services for the deaf will bo held nt the Pilgrim Lutheran church al Sixth and Walnut streets Saturday night nt 7:30 o'clock, It was announced today by the Rev. H. J. Klclndlehst, pastor of the church. Thc Rev. N. p. Uhllg, of St. Louis, will conduct thc services to which all of the deaf and friends to ri«! A new arena, called Ihc "Ice of the deaf are invttod at attend House," costing $50,000 will be built.I He will be accompanied here bv' ""7"'"""•: "»'"«• The new arena W ,l, seat 4.5CO spec-1.he Rev, W. Uhlig, .,« or st' ^^fln^Z," tators. The. Qimrds'' Chapel, Welling- Phlla(ICll>h ' a> ls elvlns «P»*~crea Kepcrls OeriKin Raid LONDON, Oct I7\UP)—Geiman airplanes inldcd Scapa Flow at 103 ° °' clock llli! > moming, Ixird Chatneid, defense co oulinatoi, announced in the Hcnse of Lords 10- day. *J,j One German plane was shot dowji lu flames nnd another probably «as damaged, lie said. ^ T\\o bombs fell very neai Ihc balllesliip Iron Duke. Hagsliip-W; Ihe fleet which engaged the (3ef- nmns.nt Jutland during the Wcrld War Thc Iron Duke, Lord Chattiest said, sustained sclme damage bill. Ihci'e were no casuallies. Coleman Is To Head Highway 40 Group LEPANTO, Ark., Oct. 17.—State Senator Lucien Coleman of ; Lepanto was elected president .oftha Highway 40 Improvement Association at a meeting here today attended' by good roads enthusiasts and landowners from Mississippi and Poinsctt counties. Rcpresenta,tivc . Nabors Shaw .0? Polnsett county was elected fivs: 1 vice president; State Senator .Ivy Crawford of Blythevlll", secoiid •>!ce president, and T. C. Brlgaiiw ot Maiked Tree, secretary-tieab- Krcr. - . Directors will be Dan Fort is. J. G. Stuckey, If. T. Bonds and Q, C!. Jernigan of Lepanlo;^ R. H. Wil- molh of Etowah, J. T. Lee Jr. ;0f West Ridge, B. -Frank • Willianw.of Osceola, and John: Brunner nnd A. C. Spellings of Marked Trse. Guy Graves of Lcpanto, L. U. Freeman of Harrisburg and ES- ther Blndursky were named ontlw publicity committee. purpose, and when the Minister of WEATHER Arkansas—I^ir, cooler, frost. tonight, Wednesday fair, continued ccol. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to-, night and Wednesday, not miioli puitiuw, aim \\iieii me mmisicv 01 «),„,,„„ !„ »-n>no^,ii,iv^ i Health wrote that it had been used cllB " so '" tel »>P cr « tu «- - ton H- second largest In the slate. ' about HOC memorials. i Louis. ' At one time hiiutlne down „,.,,' to bu ^ clothm S r « r a little girl, she | The maximum temperature hero Itllluie KVOSIM'WIH « "li>ffl.i VnA»*» announced she wculd aik her jesterday was 79. minimum 33, on the European conthfei t 1 " alQS '° '° nn " clvlb to scnd clear, according t: Samu.-l F. ,vor' u C1H ' ' more money. ; i Is, official Wrather observer.

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