The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 8
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HLYTJIKVILI.C:. CAKIO COUKJEH NEWS MONDAY, .IDNK #), I Ml Browns Continue Streak; Giants DDs Thrilling Finish of American Derby The Brookl leading CarJIna league nualn y?slcrd; - .v Kew York Gisnts b:a twice to r^'t o:ilv a half back of the Red Blr«. In the American circui! li'c Ath- lellrs, 'after a closn . to move further aluad cf the c!«'- leiiRlng Senators by taking R in;r as the Mats divide:!-two. The veteran Adolfo Luquc iv-m the route for the Robins. all<iv.-i:i? the Cards 10 hits but kcsphr: thorn scallered. The Robins won, 10 I ',. Tl:e Dodsers hit Ihc Card's hurl- crs for 18 blngles. Burlclgh C!rl:n.: = was (he losing hurler. Rraves Take Cubs The Boston Braves won from th? Chlcano Cubs nnd played n ilv.v- 1 game In the contests at Boston. Tl:o first game resulted in a 9 to 1 victory and the second In a 2 to 2 11-;. Ed Brandt chalked up his tenth victory In the opener. The Giants walloped the Cincinnati Herts. The scores were 17 to '•> mid 5 to 2. Flti'.slmmon was the winning pitcher of the first game and Morrell of Ihe second. Johns™ and Lucns were thi. 1 losers. O'.!. Ixiach. Stripp, Llmlstrom and Crabtree hit home runs. Detroit's Tigers were the victims of ihc Athletics twice at Dr.rslt Sunday. Tf.e nckmcn won tlie first game 9 to 1 with Mehc.flcy hurllns five-hit ball, while WnlbcrR nllunvd but four hits In the nl^hlcni). winning 5 to 1. Williams hit a homer for Philadelphia. The Washington Senators divided a pair with the Chicago White S-j-<. The Nats wen the second. 3 lo 1, alter losing the first 2 lo 1. Bot': games were hurling duels .will .TJiomiis besting Burke hi the open er and Crowder onthurilng McKaLr in the second. Crowder rjllevc:! Brown who wr.s weakens:! by the excessive heat. firuwns Keep G'jins A • roushiff five run rally In tlv .ninth inning gave tl^c New York Yankees n 9 to 6 victory over the Cleveland Indians. Wc-s Ferrell. who relieved Hudlin, was the losing hurler and Gomez the winner. Bit." Ruth's seventeenth home run ot (he sea.son started the attack. The at.. Louis liro'-vns boDstec" their winning streak to eight ijamci by winning t-x'O from Boston ycj- terdoy. The first victory was by n 5 to 4 score and the f;ccond thr same, way, 5 to 4. Stiles was the winning pitcher of the first nnrt V'slly Hebcrt of the second name. Webb of Boskm hit two homers in the second gfime. BRUSHING UP SPORTS P Laufer i „_..,„.,—~-^< If j; w Mirqirr :;:; jr-lbn an:I thrill* n:itl .looy Bibb, Ib i'::-,> i.iti:nd v, I.LN: 11:1: ;,!;:'.< '.mji!:hi'd tin-in, us 1'ii.'. picture indicate!;. M.-.le, Pltls- I:IL nrtirr in Lhr Auu-riian Df-rliy lit Chicago, liiul 11 of 12 .i stiriin; li'iWi with Mai ! of tNo. I!) llyliig 5 niTHE oral loam of ; Hue Loses Slratdit Game. HKLKNA. Ark.-Thn Hr'.nn Pea- -..-. irliT.> made a clean swivp ci llielr I New Orlfuns Hirer [Tame serlKi-wlih Ihe "Jllylhc- Mobile ville" Hcd Kux by ensliy wiiihijiln:: Nashville Ihe visitor.*. In Ihe ilnal jieme of Ihe soiies Sunday. The .s-r-oie v,as U lo 1. Philadelphia The game was rnr!««l frnn I! 71 Wnshlneti'n .. first limljit:. Ihr visitors us, 1 :! I-.VB pi'.chi'rs l:ut f«il:"l to keep ih.' b- c,i!:- from hiitliit; f rrtiuriilly. A inri:, 1 tro\ul tnri'.i'd out. t'xpicthn; tlir. Sox to show snme new [ncrs after playins; a Iniui compiisp.i -jl- most entirely of a Mernplil-; reinl- pro club for two days. The "Blythevtlle" 10:1111 cnnllmiocl Ik ll^!:t liittiii!;. Pill M;'UufI:y li'ii- Hcd the visitors lo five hiU Tl: :! yL'-ilcr failed lo oxoeeil five hi!s in any one cf the thru? naui's SITIT Ti. II. E lelena ---- JD2 310 0:ix— II la i ilytlieville r.W 001 nuO— 1 3 :( Bsttfiies: McDuffcy .Bfiry mill Enlow: Ifou^h, YIHIIII- nirl "uetti- ;on. Umpirvi: drttU' ;:i;:l n •.<!)!). New York CU'.veland Ht. Louis Ho-ston Oelrolt Clilcngo Lraglir \V. EL lan\f. ... New Ynrk . CIllCT'.O Brooklyn ... Uorlon Phllnilclnhiii I'lllfijur'-'h . Cir.rlnnali . 37 38 -12 -18 Ii. 1R O'> 27 H3 SO 3B •il I.. 34 .S3! .533 .S33 .5 in ,4in .417 ; Still Goiny Strong Pels Defeat Leading Barons. Game Finally Called BeCifiisc: of Excessive Heat; Ltifes Leads County Loop I.nles. leading loam of the conn! 1 : loop, played a 13 Innlni; tie v.ith | Armorel Sunday afternoon but continued lo lead the leasiu:- with seven victories nii'l n:> ilcfcoti. The game was called at the on:l of the nth Inning with the score tied, 3 to '1. Armorel is a new l?n:i> In the league, having replied Ek- rnn In L!ic circuit. Hot!) starllne plteliers went the route in the came which v:as finally closed because of the excessive heat. Land sv.'amix.'d Little River, n to C in u game featured bv home runs of Ira Dlxon nnd L. M. Vance, llightowr '.valloped Burdette-, 13 to 3. Holberl won a welt played Bame from Dell, (i to4. Blackwell, Armorel catcher, snf- 'ered a broken nose In Hie Lutes- Armorel game and hts siiccsssor si- lowed two runs [o cross the plate on errors, Waller Lutes, pitching for Lnle.s. allowed four hits and struck out 15 men. Smothcrmaii hurled fine ball for Armorel. 'Hie lie game will be played off July 8th. according lo league officials. Ml 'I'ile New Orleans Pcliraus admin- Istercsl a defeat to the lens™ lend- Ir.l! Barons of Ihc Southern loop Sunday bill the Memphis Chicks with two victories over the Challa- 1100411 Lookouts provided the show of (he day. Tho wins put Ihe Chicks In a third place tic with the Look- o;ils. 0:10 point back o! the Atlanta Crackers. The i'elicans won a close 3 lo 3 decision uve: 1 l.iie league leaders. 24 •« GAMES TODAY Promising (.last Supports Gibl)S- Burton Program A promising preliminary cast will support the Spruce G&bs-Don ton battle at the Armory here n- morrcw night. While the rnstn go is billed ns a championship bout with Gibbs. the state's leading lightweight, defending his title claims against Burton. the preliminaries may furnish the thrills for the evening, as preliminaries often do. In the seml-windup. Roy lUanley. the southpaw Le;«into welter, will meet Albert Thornton of Caruth- crsville. Thornton is 'an unknown amount here but Manlcy will b; remembered for past years as a br>y with an exceedingly accurate an2 hard punchuig left hand. Young Irish Cnbb of New Mal- rld. Mo., end Diioxi. MU^.. who was tcssed out of the rin» in his last appearance here by the referee, will be tossed back in ngain to oppose Nolan Lambert. local boy. Cobb was disqualified here wvcra! weeks aso in fight with Tommy Seaton, Luxora lighti'elght, becaiiF!' he insisted upon using his head, elbows and knees instead of his gloved fist?. According to reports, he has promised lo do better tomorrow night. Lambert £lin?s lots of gloves and should be a fa'.r opponent for Cobb. :The seml-wind'.ip and the Cnbb- La"mbert bout are slated for si\ rounds or less. Preacher Hall of Lusora and Killard Smlfn of Blytheville, m:rt:li: weights, will meet in a four roiwo opener. New Madrid Wins Title oa Forfeit by Pascola COOTEB. Me —Victory u:; a forfeit from Pas'joln cave New Madrid undisputed leadership of the Snutli- us'. MKsuurl baseball lea^iin at, the end nf (ho half of Ihc season yesterday. Llll)oiiri;c, which won yesterday oti ct fjrlc-!: ftom B:\i;:i;adi;clo, finished the fin.t half 111 tEcoud place, while Wardell. r.rrvlously In a lie with I.llkinuriiC for second hoimr:-. was defeal.'tl by Denton, 2 to I, in one of 111? brst panics of the Ic-aviic M'asim. !n oilier cames yestnday Hnyii defeated Sticle. 11 in Ii. al Ilayti. L',i~ Cooler defeated lidiand. fl it: 5. r,l Cooler. In iho Cootcr-Holloiirt Ram:. 1 later Fryc of Coctcr hit a ho:ne IMH in the second, one of the longest lilrmiiiKliiin nl Atl<>nlii. Sew Orleans nl Mobile. Only k'"iues snlieiinUd. .3S7 The Uarotis scorcnl iheir one run ii .3iri.t]u.' seventh iniiinii. The Blrtls scored two hi llm seventh and one in Pel the eighth. Johnson was the winning and Hasty [lie loslni; pitcher. Thr'Meinphlans. plas-iug al home'. I'-ent tin 1 I.rokouls, (> lo U and 5 .U: .MO ]3. May and Orillhi wero the wln- .515inim; piti'hc-rs. The Chicks got but .•ill! five hiu sr thi 1 second game .:!FU"iiiseit them (o advantage. ,nr»!f Lltlle ttoek's Travelers defealec j Uie Na.sbville VoLs twice by ,nf 7 (o 6 and 7 to 2. B.mia'he, who , relieved Hughes, and Moon weir •Ihe wirsninij pitchers. Barnabc: ain 1 e. f - r .aye-! the relief role in Ihe seo I e-nd "\\enk S|iols" of Ihe A's References .to .Max .Bishop nnd Joe Bolcy as "weak spots" in the Allilclics 1 infield linvc teen frequent and I think ill-advised. I have seen both of them come up ivltli brilliant plays when a crisis called for sensational clfni't. During the first game of the A last v/orld series culed nil nlmost and throw. As Boley's play cut Joe Boley impossible il turned oil a run exc- stop out, that. base. !i true test for a secoiu baseman, most of whom can s to their left, but who lind it diiri- cult lo move rauully lo the right and recover for the throw. • • + A Pal-gain Mack, paii! Jack Dunn $250,000 for Grove. F-arnshaw, Boley and Blshoj). Cfrove cost SIOQ,!M)0 and Karnshaw $80,0000. Boley was sent along for SGO.OOO. Bishop only $20,000. lie is 31 now and if he keeps Going as he has been this seasnn he hns many more years to play for ihe A's. of Horses' Hnrscjiower Tcstfd PARIS. France, (UP) — Three hundred delegate;; of the horse in- iMi.ilry of H'suce have met raris lo te.-~! th" hor.sepowcr the»r animals They were judE:d entirely on the number or uomi'-Is they could pull. Oth'r endles wero scrutinized by biitcher-detr«ates v/lio breed the variety' lor Ihe markeK MiH^s and ilonkeys W2re a-so paraded. T!ie show was staged a', tin: M:iirl:e au.\ Chevaux do la Villp ar Paris. WiisMnRirin nl Chicago, Hoston at St. 1.0'iLi. Philadelphia nl Detroit. New Yoik at Cleveland. Xallnnal r.eacue I'ltlsbnrnli nl notion. Clnrlmintl at Brooklyn. K!. UMiis n! New Ytirt;. • Chiratio ill Philsdelplih. Ban on Sunday Bail in Greene County Orderec PARAGOULD, Ark.—Nnlice tha the slate law prohibiting Suicia baseball would be enforced i 1^:' Greene county was given Saturda ""' ' by John P. Cardwcll, deputy pros' cutlng. attorney, who said Unit h . was acting under Instructions fro S. Ii. Oladlsh ot Osccola. duld prciecutor. "Personally" I think ba^bsll great sport," saW Mr. Cardwell, "b Ihpre is a law against playing it o Sunday in this state and it is m . duty to see Is enforced." ".Mr. Cnrdwcll said that Mr. Glad-1 '. Uh'had received o number of com. plaints about Sunday baseball In _.-Orcene county, and had instructed , him to KtS Information for anest of all porsohs such : In Ux. rounly. ts c\er sren horc. U. Ki ct-.r made a cioub'r p slstcd. in the fifth, latteries wcr? A>l:tr r fcr Coot-.T r.nd ProH.T. d ISIoomtr fcr Hoilsnd. TC- Kn.nii anil t>J*3:us. nr: "Black Crows" Dc^ta? S^nath, II to 0 j MANILA. Ark.. June 20.—The jManil:! lns:jb:=!l nlp.o, ''Black CrowV ;<' n fr.i'.r.-| the- Srnath. Mo., ."/•.•rre^a- t'.cn. 11 in n. : \i Cs-.vdwell. Mo". y':s- j l-^rtb.y nliL'rnoon. behitul tl'.e slrouy : r^ht arm of Monk Wih-jr.. Monk i :!l!nwcd only tv.rrc lilts, and slr.sck -out lei; oppoMiv.; batsmen. 'Hie M-i- KPRMZ is our lo kiiuw linw hard { luive srrn ninny gi £<jlfers and thry all seem (o liailg Liway at tlie hull. * • • \\'ln'n the pros bang away al the ball. II dors seem (hat Ihey are noi practicliii; wliiit they preach. The pro ncivist.s you to lilt easily because lu> i:; trying to loosen your of Frnr.;t-. 'UP' •:ir, ul iar.:r '. the \ Ln-iii:: 3ns ' dial taki; plsiv the Hotel de Viiie !>•" C' mrda'.s of v u ' : '. -^ CM/O, ricccidine to N:ariy , fihf- ar.d !;!• uiniis of fh r^se. have- ;IIH bf :i diilrib- cd. The po'.d imci.'.is '.\.'::t !n till' m-nls ot 1! and U i.lf.^rins. ver lo those of ebhl or nin>. id broure to Ihos? u; ;i l :e, dlx cr veil. Ihrro were 0 of 'i'.r i'oJt! i^.s tliis yc;ir, Ul of the siivc ere than. 100 brctv.e nurs nie;i ! The services nf Monks yaulhful brother. Tom Nic!:. third b.urmnn. are intleflnUelv iu.-l. a.s he v/renchrd ni:j., s ..-i: MS 3^^. Vl ^-y jj.uiiy. in tile second u fane.-, pincc. n misnndrrsiar.rtiiiir In rcqara p.i:o recrip:'; only n.ntrd l!ie lo- ral club n sum less a t!e!hr. alth-muh th,-v hr.d won thi- •Mine. Virivvl C.ity in Win Over liiii Al Osccoln. 3-0 Read CcmliT Now. 1 ; VTAII; 'TOLA. Ark.—The Oscroin Ir,- j 'M.vic lox! a fast and woll p!avc:! j.ii.ill "ivitc lo to rones'. Cilv club |hciv Sunday. The sccuo ' 3 to 0. i Slim t.ovc. rcrrftt Cily burli-r. [iivl Kiily Ciram of l!i» !r>,-nls. • hooked m) in a pitch-rV rinol wi i, ©UHA '.ilf;iicd muscles and minimize the error in yo;:r suing. Alter all, it is a matter of hov,- cue htt.s that determines the forrc lie should apply. F?.:iliy jiivotliig find weight shift- iiii. 1 rauses the Ixxly to work :it!:ilnst the arms, necessitating more shoulder and arm fore? to would have materialized that In- 1 niiitt line! the baiter be;n safe. Boley's bat has been genfaliy inpotcnt during the two worl 1 sc- •ies in which he has played, birt :iis brilliant fielding has laved the pitchers time and again. The same goes for Bishop. Taka Iheir llfellme major leiRiie batting nverages, Boley and Bishop ore swinging along prc-tty close lo^ether, Boley having mark of .2CD while liishop has .208- Bishop came up from Baltimore In 1024: Boley finally arrived three years later, comln: up from Ihe same time. On Way Down Connie Mack must have be-' lieved Uishop WM about, (hroiigh in 1929. I know he was tickled at Fort Myers fn the spring of 1030 when Dllnell Williams showed so much promise around second base. Two years ago an eye infection impaired Max's vision. Thus handicapped he played in 129 ball games, but during much of the time the other players were moving blurs. Keen vision is pretty important o a ball player, especially In Bishop's case as IIQ always has «en lead-oft man and supposed to be a careful judge of balls and strikes. Max hit only ,!32 in 1929. It ooked as though a place would be made for him on Ihe bench las' year. But Max beat the illness. radually his eyes improved and His playing last year was an improvement over his disastrous showing of 1929. This year he has been himself again, like the great player he was in 1928 when he hit 31C. He has been going all over tho diamond tor ground ers and flits. He has' made sensational slops back of .seconc 1 Linking the Primitive With the Sophisticated At 10 a. m. you're poundinft' leather on a lope down a gorgeous canyon. At 10 p. m. you're making a redoubled small slam! All the hard, muscle-making- thrills and exercise of the days of Forty-Nine — and all the luxurious appointments of the club of Thirty-One! The perfect vacation— at Rancho Ron! That's the Sort of Vacation Some One of These Girls Is Going to Get FREE! Vote For One of the Following REPOSE To 6eT THA.T THR006H TfiEIR S^L'LL<>- \la\-o g?:iin« the l>.^t n[ thv avpu- mcll!p ltltl to)1 travel any distance iri'.rr.t. E^ch allowed !n;n hiti:. Ihe -" lilc aclion of . V 0" r sw>ng is with- |vifilors rrinbinini two of Iheir'h'-i- | CI " I ' 1 ' rOT - lllc P ro usually will lei c-l.\i wiih twn bn:?s on bill-: in tt-.e |V °" vM W tl'i 1 ball. It errjrs arc sixth fo:- li-eir rnr.i. j di.-.fcrnlblr. thoi:i;h. lir-'ll loll you Vi-o.rnlay's crfeat, the r.v-1' 11 -" 1«"'"B easily is (he best nnri for O-crola this n-ason. Ht>:Ji '.Mills fioirircl s™.s.iilon.illy. Trench Honor Cllrfnrnt.lll PARIS. France. <UP> — \Vhe:i the Finicli poveinniput decorated Clmlr* S'.orrier Elemis. o! Pas- ni'ena. Calif., with : - ,ic T/-':io;i of Hcv.-.c.r. it '.VBS Hie c:-ly time that an American had ever bren so decorated in the Lcuvre Mu.'Ciim. I Not far from tlie official room '.\hrrc Ihr ?hort rrrerr.ony look pb.c wrrc Ihe pifis nf ait and the laprslry collcclioa nhtcli P!ranr Intl eiven in Hie- Louvre. Ptcarns i,ns born in Hartford. Ctinn.. has lived in P.irls for the past ei^ht years, but K now inak- iii'.: iiis I'.cmc In Califurnu. HOME THEATRE .MONDAY—Last Time Today Jean Barlow and Spencer Traoy in 'Goldie' Adin.—Matinee :and Xiplit— 10 and 2Sc. AITO Kit.t.s WOI ! XIU:D HOUHNKMOUTH. fug. ,UP> — C:>'v:ii:l E' 0 vrto;i \Vi'.i!aii:s, 23, whn sho ddKii while flylni? ovor • O:.ri^.i:i linrs r.n I r nnvnln,-; o'. iAvniL".ire D.iy. died ,-f iniuii.s '-•;-.- l.imctl in an auto ac." 1 !;!!ut. Coming — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thuivtlay—Estbe Ralston in "LOXKLY \YIVKS". RITZ THEATER COOI-KST SPOT IN TOWN MONDAY—Last Time Totl:u Paul Lukasand Eleanor Jioanlman in 'Women Love Once Men May Love—and Lov iii—and tStrnngc (As 1 May Seem! 'Women Love Once Our Gang Comedy and News. Adm—Matinee—10 and 30c. N'ight—15 and 40c. Coming—Tuesday, Wcdnes-j day nnd Thursday — Joan Crawford in "LAUGHING S1NNKKS". Martha Robinson, Blytheville Maurine Branson, Blytheville Evelyn Harwell. Blytheville Alberta FAliott, BlythcviUc Marion Burns, Blytheville Ruth Whitworth, Blytheville Ruth Butt, Blytheville Margaret Cross, Blytheville Carolyn Pride, Blytheville Allhea Edwards, Bl'jthsville Margaret Milncr, Blytheville. Elizabeth Martin, Dell i Rosa Lou Cook, Lnxora Dorothy Gideon, Wilson Orinc Hutchens, Manila • Mary DeWeese, Hayti Virginia Burton, Carulhersville Votes Given With Every Purchase at the Following Places Karnes Nu-Wa Cleaners New Mead Clothing Co. New Dixie Store Co. Ark-Mo Power Co. Phillips Motor Co. 777 Service Station McHIullin's Cash Grocery Klois Keanty Shop Gilleu Furniture. Co. Korurn's Drug Store. The Koolenj Central Shoe Store Hitbbard Hardware Co. Hnbbanl Tire & Battery Co. Guard Jewelry Store New York Store

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