The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1941
Page 3
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FEBRUARY 21, 1941 Big Boy Gives Ideas of Show Business BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Dams Built To Protect Lands From Devastation Of Many Years Ago SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP) — Hydraulic gold mining—cause of baLiles and bloodshed between fanners and miners in the historic ?old rush days of '49-ha.s been revived in California without a shoi being fired. Mot far from the monument to iis discoverer-John Mai-shall—the precious yellow metal again will be washed down with hit>h pressure hose from the hills of the \ir-h mother lode district of Nevada, Sierra and Yuba counties. Any objection from agricultural Interests, which in other years {ought hydraulic miners with injunctions and rifle bullets, was precluded by erection of huge dams to •store "tailings" and other debris which ttsed to choke rivers, causing them to split and change their boundaries and flood homes and farms in the valleys. Two of four huge dams—the so- called Upper Narrows and the North Pork Dam on the American river—have been completed and •sites are being sought for the Rucka-Chucky darn on the American river and the Bear river dam. U- S. to Be Repaid The government will be repaid the cost of building- the dams by the hydraulic miners, who will give a percentage of their earnings for scoring their debris. The Ruck-a- Chucky dam alone will cost $750 000. The American river is in the heart of a fabulously rich district, and the site proposed for the Ruck-a-Chucky dam is only "Personal Envoy T*" y***» t * I o China Fritz gives Cutler's Sunny Jim a St. Bernnrd's idea of show business at Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Gsrden Fritz belongs to Betty Ann Smith of Chicago. Cutler's Sunny Jim to Ben Cutler of Rpck Island. CO Heads U. S. Study of British Arms S MONDAY First Instruction Will Be Given In Tractor Operation And Care ' ' CARUTjHEmviLLE, Mo. Feb. 21.--Federal defense classes will begin here next Monday ni'*hc. according to an announcement Thursday by Floyd Barnhart. high 10 r a-jhcol faculty member who is supervisor of the defense training program in this city. The first course will be tractor operation care and repair, and will be given at Neeley Bros. Implement Company's repair department for the first four weeks- The second fouT weeks sessions will be held at the Crysle-r-Matthews Implement Company's repair department. Head mechanics in each establishment will be in charge of instruction work. Classes will be held five nights per week, and materials and sup- be furnished by the "ov- miles from Coloma. where gold was discovered. Workers on one of the dams turned prospectors last fall when a slide of 500.000 cubic yards of dirt halted construction work. That dark cloud, however, had more than a silver lining—it uncovered a mh vein of gold. The site yielded about S 10,000 worth of free gold in four days, with one nugget bringing $30. Despite the hidden wealth : of the site, no claims were permitted, as che area had been set aside for the dam. Hydraulic operations are expect- j ed to boost California's gold pro- j duction because much of the area j Supervisor Barnhart seated that has lain idle for 60 years, except for | fcw .° c 'ia?ses in metal work will be an occasional small-scale -mmei\ j ^rted :abcm March 3rd. These when the U- & Stioreme Court out-'[.classes will be held at the Harry In wed hydraulic mining in 1880."[ Se2man sh °P hi this city, with Mr. 1 Seeman to instruct one course, and Redmond Frost, m.^astrial art .3 high school instructor, tc have charge of the other course. Each class will be for eight weeks, five nights per week. Class periods are three hours each night. Other courses that mav be offered in the future are "carpenter work, electrical work, and operation, care and repair of automobiles. These courses are termed pre- employment courses and the purpose is to provide training ' for youth to prepare itself to take part, in the industrial defense of the nation. The lo^al boards of education institute, supervise and control the defense training in collaboration ! with local advisory committees The ' members of the Caruthersville ad- j visory committee are S. Crews i Reynolds, Paul L. Homer, A. B. ' Rhodes and James T. Ahem. The law now permits this method if Provision is madft for storing debris. Leases have been signed by a big minine company to work around the o'd eold tow^.<; nf, Moonev Flat. Timbuctoo. Smartville and others. Drsel'nes. shovels and open pit method- 5 ? will be used. Days of '48 Recalled Revival of these operations recalled the turbulent da^s foUowiu? the discovery bv John Marshall of the metal on Jan. 24, 1848. on the American river at Coloma. The ."second bi<? di^^ovevv on th° Yuba river at Rose's B^r (neir Timhnc- too 1 * on June 8. JfUS! show°d that sold extent wirt^v through the Sloi-ra Nevada vallej's. Miners flocked in and claims were so close the uonuhr r^n^rk prew up that a m°?.s9<?R c?*'ld b? bv word of mout^i the 65 between Marvsviils and ne. Fortunes running into th° v^'ilinns were made, Timbuctoo became a h^cf'ino-city of 3.Cfn pnd a Mck W°lls-Fareo bank bnild'n? still stands there. SmartviHe boasted 3.000 residents. Moonev plat boomed in t'-^e '^Os and other nlaces like Park's P-^r and T..OVIO B°r h<id ^.nno , OT 3000 pODuiation. Only Smartvire has remained to any extent, with the old Ma.«c"ir! ball built In 1853 still bei"? used. The site of Timbuctoo intent be mined, but other towns dam workers urolDablv \vi>i be from the dred?es. Tentative estimates place the gravel at better than 15 cents n°r cubic vard. about twice the cost of removal and considered excellent for dredging. Special scientific defense commission whirn will study Britain's develoomem of war weapons as it might aid U. S. arms program is-neacted L>y Dr James B. Conant. above, president of Harvard University. Chief Speakers Will Be Cabinet Secretaries and 1 Mayor La Guardia ST. LOUIS, Mo, (UP)—Progress of the national defense program and the part its cities are playing in the drive to re-arm the United States will be outlined Feb. 20 and 21 to more than -100 mayors expected to attend ji regional eonU'roneo called by Piorcllo La Ouardin mayor of New York. Throe principal speakers are on the program, till oi them members oj President Roost-veil's cabinet. They are Prank Knox, secretary of ihe navy; Henry Morgentluui-, Jr., secretary of the treasury, and'. Robert H. Jackson, attorney gen- j eral. 'Hie conference opens in the City Hull at 10 a.m. Feb. 20. Speakers at the first meeting will be Stanley Lewis, mayor of Ottawa, Can.- Howard O. Hunter. WPA administrator, whose- speech is titled "The WPA Program." and Dr. W. P. , Draper, assistant surgeon general i of the United States, who will speak i on "Health and Welfnre and the j Defense Program." La Giiut-diii to Guide Sessions ! At the same Hireling La Guardia will outline distiLssions which will I be presented during the two-day -• session. Knox's speech features the afternoon meeting Feb. 20. Ho will ad, dress a meeting limited to delegates to the conference- and between 60 and 100 St. Louis business men invited by Mayor Bernurd F- Dickmann. The title for Knot's address has not been announced, but he is expected to present to the mayors a picture of the navy's needs before its program is completed. Morgenthaii will speak on "The Tax-Exempt Bond" at the morning meeting Feb. 21. while Jackson is expected to talk as m:iin speaker on the afternoon program Feb. 20. Jackson's tentative title is '"Law Enforcement and the Cities." Mayor La Guardia Is to deliver wiiat is expected to be the fourth major .speech of the meeting at a luncheon Feb. 21. Dr. Cooke to Speak Other speakers scheduled to appear are Dr. Morris L. Cooke. of the Council of National Defense; Assistant Secretary of Commerce Wmnan's Oat Decoys THrrt MEMPHIS, Tenn. arm-Tin* wo- mnn's hai, object of many ., joko has bwii <!.sf<! siK'n-ssfully'iis n, decoy for birds. Mrs. \v. o. Crimip ir- pon.Kl that she and n cousin iriod u'iihoui HvaJi 10 catc-ii a bird that as k'arninn to ily. T) 1( . job was '"sy-wheii ii, mitiewl an m-iiflcinl bird on Mrs. Hump's )mt. H fl eu , up and perched bt-.sUie it. gi u , u-hc'd up and euuuhl tt, r-nurlor News want mis PAGE THREE THEATRE LIJXORA Phone -12 one of admims- Uurne. nt Koosevelfs assistants with n "passion °r, anonymity." wil! ™kc trip tuUmu, M invitation uf Chinese C.overmnont. Curric is reported <-> nave i.Mssum much like Ikirrv lopcms' in London-io B et lirst 'uiul information of China's economic situntkm. Mat. Sni.-Suu. 2 and 4 I'. M livery Niuhl 7 1>. M. Always We - 20c PUmAY-SATURDAY Insurance Firms In '40 Paid Americans Billions HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)—More than three and a half billions oi dollars were paid to the public last year by American insurance companies. Life insurance payments amounted to more than $2,700,000.000, which is approximately 75 per cent of che total 53,615^000,000. It is estimated that automobiles arf responsible for at least 20 per cent of all payments tinder all forms or insurance, both pt."onal and Milwaukee, now with tho council o! National Defense, on "Cities and Uu- Prosram." Mayors from 115 Middle Western Souiht-rn nncl .South We.siorn states are exposed to attend. In addition' mayors irom Severn 1 Cmuullnn cuii's luu-e been invited. Hurpose of the mm Ing, it Is explained, is to n-cqusilnt the mayor* with what the government needs Irom cities in naliunnl defense work us well us Inform them of the pro«reiw of the pro?ram. Philosophy With Thuggery OAKLAND, Cnl. (UP)—A philosophical thug g'ot into Cecil M. Lyle's taxi, forced bom m pistol point i oclrivo 10 » safe spot, and then parted with nmcnltlcs. Lyle parted with $10. mid the thug poked with "Well, goodby, . my kind benefactor; I don't we will evi.-r meet ngnin." [ WAGONS WESTWARD ANITA LOUIS! BUCK JONE-S jONA MUNS0W, $ 30 Philco Radio FR E WITH EACH PHILCO rigerator As A Special Introductory Offer for a Limited Time Only! fQC£ ,-£><!* HAYES ftffc, OUtNN WtUIAMi.' Chap. -1 'Drums of FH Mnm-hu" BUMPS UGLY SORE FACIAL (blackheads-due to external Rashes, breaking-out-of skin, PHOTOGRAPHED IN TECHNICOLOR Directed by W. 3. VAN DYKE II Darnel. Admission Ahvays I0-2()c Malinee Satwdny :\nd Sunday, 2 anil -J p.m. Night 7 p.m. former mayor of^iinjoy Black and White Skin ap. Town J«nks Fire A ! arm With Bovine Nuance BATAVIA. N. Y. (UP)—The .familiar ccw-Hke tone of the mu- niripal fire alarm no loivrer will foil upon the ears cf Batavia citizens. The city fathers decided to relegate the horn to the scrap heap aftrr being advised a $250 overhauling would be necessary to put H in f-ood working order. A Batavia fire chief was dismissed from office over a decade ago fcr .silencing the alarm with- cui proper authority. In his opinion the alarm only caused curiouu motorists to chase fire apparatus. Approximately 3.850,030 gallons of crude oil gush from American wells every day. Sweet Potato Grows In Form Of A Snake JONS3BORO, Ark. (UP) — D-e Moss, negro, cUi? tip a sweet potato m his garden this week, that resembled in every detail a coiled snake. Indentations in the potato were in the exact spots to resemble eves and mouth, and the "head" of rhc r nake was in a .striking position The other end of'th- potato tapered to a slim, curling end to form the snake's tail. Hawk Oddly Electrocuted MERCED. Cal. (Up) _ A hawk anticipating a hearty breakfast" came to a sudden, violent death -hat resulted in considerable ex- sitement. 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