The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHEVJLLB (ARK.) COURIER JSEWS tHURSDAV. 6CtOftBR< 1, 1956 ^jlalin in Role of Politician Smith and J \L, JCiechf Each Take .Two, "fust Places at Fan *?' ,„«„, , — ~, i, >•* O a $uvHh and J E Krcch each > on h\o first place n\\ftids with their entries in the work slock tU- \\t'on of thjp lUcsiock slio\v nt tH Mississippi count) Ili'r, no\\ undcr- «?>! It was announced \villi completion of the judging |n tho di- \ision jeslsrJay Emilli won (list plnce with til best mule under one scar old iiui \\ith the b2Sl mjrcs li'litel Ihc cla's ot nnimils entered In Ujc,Ht- ler group prOvokMl fno>n)j)c torn mint h> /l M, V/il«)iV,tuc,JiiJgc \»ho comittlmcntcj Uie "ovncr^ on the l>pc o^bre-ilm" stock thin <Krech won awards for tic IrM. pair of hoiso mulci lilUlieJ and fqi Ihc b n st liorsi. mule o\cr time jcars old 'Other fust place yimicis Inilml- cd Henry Youii", -v\ltli the best pah of mare mules liilc'ieii charle) AbioU v,il!i the b»st mules undo three seirs and mci one in.! Kc"< ter, Young ^ilu th" 1 -st mile mule Over thiee jeiis old Results of judging in the dhl- E(OII willi pi lie awaids follow .jBest pair o f nme muks liUcli ^Henrj Youns first $10, Abbott, second, $5 ' pest pair of horse miilis, Wttliui 4-J E Kiccl), nrst, $10 r E HooXer second $5 . Best jinulo iindcj on" jiai — C O famith first $0 Huiry Bunk lev second {260 " Best mule uiijer lime jciis nncl d\ar on- jcir — Chailcy Abbotl f}ist $5 and *econd, ?250 I Best mare mule o\er thiee jcaii old — Hestci Younf first $5, A V. Bmlver second $2 50 , B°sl horse mule ovci fluee JIT? old — J E {ircLh Arst $5 N J Jones jEeconil $•> 50 ; D-st' in ires hllolic-J — c O Smith $10, Clmrlej Lutes, second ?5, and third, county, Tcwi, 70 jears ago Hb ffiljitr was n'tlavc^prlor to tlic Civil Wnr, bdonijliijj U Ihc )>tom- ily i Incut Slinw family iij 'lennesscpjl nnd Luke was reared In fnmllj When lie first came Alkiuihos. lie IKccJ oil! ilie^ Duls faun, and liail Keen for 27 >ciifi on the place vilicic lie uled irp Jcaves n w' ions .ind Ihi cc danghlei 1 ) Biink Saving? Rjse As '"Soviet Wage* Ipcrea-»e i ' MOSCOW (TJP>—\Vllli tlVe'Slnk- lianov .('ilglipr.*, Individual production llnougli mnsteo of technique) M stem In i ffc-tt fui a jcni, Individual eurnlntji -ot' Soviet me" jdlkctfd fit i Initc ncreasc of savings bank deposits, deposits iciclicd 2(H OOO.QO^ joub'es >Sc))l wmlvciifu/ pf pic/'&(!>!'inov Ncv. uenosll 1 , tllnlnt, IQV, yen amounted lo > pubic; as" mj' Iiic cldci geticimion In Rtissh nnj plol lo o\ert>ntm Jc^ef Slnlln lut \oiiii!j Connminhls crowd mount) lilm in this plctulc il n Mo,con ahjorl nnd, ll|c *-6\iet. tllUUm piu/e llnl la I l_ollllcall> vie uioiiji In'mike,'fin ml-, «Hh Ihc \oiu\ pf my plulc' It li'ul been tefoio me I I5UOOOOQO )0 OOlrOCO (Qublei of J'pv 1 d'cDosIl 1 lining Llie cor>c i ii)gnd)i1g 1 jc(<r bo. 'ore SliiMiiinov. ' ' ! Moscow prqvlncc, |ncludiii' Hi city of Moscow |c(,*5lCfC<l tli rcilest incrcabc of deoosih 084 MJOgflO )OiiWe,^ bciit J JO ibibi 4i7,qoj.go9 sc^rt J ' 02: Redd pourler lor iimulred.s of . years. ' fccine pitienis dul The air breathed (luring a day wtlilis mnie tlian the fooil c-On iimicd during the snujc period. Uncle Lu^e Shuw Dies " fo» pRic* L y flk and 32 Olhir ton.r.l LUXORA (Ail:. — Uncle Luke SI] w lil| li!\ p^lcciucd IHUIO died at Ills liajnc'lcs cusl «fj luioit liisl nc.dc and \uis binicd , He was born : In JInywopd UEAKE-B Science Tests Drug - ^ Creating 'Craiy' Effect -LONDON (UP) h led Intliin d.iug Po\otli mcd in pa(,nn ceic inqinc' ind prodi,uig dnjnmrei,' ft being'studied bj ucseirch v \oiK cTs" it the Matidslej Hnspllnl rlt is leJng Hied bj the \\ouer!. lo, picdiict In Ilieinsehcs mid normal people Mho \oHintcei ffji CAperimenU) slntts of njbid ItfiimL li^menuil p'lUenlS rhc icsiills al, igwlj iccoidcd bj Di Eiick CUidg <v«nn in The Jouninl of Mont U Science ire do cribed ns- ciim* 1 ijOne patient licitul \\ithj. iiic driig -il<l 7 c ^ I felt ns if mj Iicid hnd bcei turned to 180 dceices MS nb<lo men became n soft n»ld niasi m> |ace acqniicd giant, dimensions nij Hi) swelled my arms becnm •wooden my feet Inrnttl into spl nls nnd seiolls mj ]n\\ was Ilk a hook -uid mj chest seemed melt nv, nj Anothei tlcchred 'To mj gieil sin prise I fomi llnl I Inrt no licid bill In il plnce a. slie-t of giountl-glnss like n c-imcra screen f ctiank > spoonful of soup and looked agriln al RUBfNOII . A ft rjf'J. '•$':', ABOUT HIS !• -.VWha! appeals lo me nipsl in tiepo new Delco Radios 13 Uicir surpiic- Ing ability io cany all the o\er- ^ones lo Hie radio lirfoner—Ih'ose j-yague, fleeting ^ViU-o-\\i£p rf inl-fr- T nahons wkjcH mako the adual }ieonng o| a^beauhful insttument t &Q mucK inoie •"sahsfying tKan ^jccep-tiofi ov-M 1 tlie ordinary radio. •You may, rest assuied tKal I would be happy if oil ay Wener could hear my Slrcdivcnus o?cr a. new Delco ia<5io—foe Ihcnlcould frnotv ttal lUey Vioald cc heanngt-my xau ic exactly as it *wn -prcxJuced rr ' ' ' -Hardware Phono 32 WOULD VOU BELIEVE IT 1 LIBERTY CASH GROCERS LOWKST PRICES IN 10WN .. .' ?;.( W- MAJN ST., I^VTJIKVJI'LP, ARK- SPECIALSIFQK Fli|J)AY .AN!p SATURDAY \i^^''l : -'[I\'- r M^.. f ^ I'hnV or. S. Rising 48'lf) SRCk . . $1.35 Cucumber Chips Sorghum Tomatoes !} New Crpj) '}'cnilCS!5l',C Giljuji' S(anilanl (;i Limit) No. 2 Can Grapefruit (14 Si/p For Hoi|iiig Pnunit , Hiked I'dlHIll 23c •Snow..While CoillIUIlllKl Pnund •-' Beef Stew Pound* IC-c Tnkiiv or AVhilo 'iMata;;a S'ouiul 5c Potatoes Fancy Western Reils Pound JVOT KNOW ATTRIBUTES HER MARVELOUS SKIN TO ONLY SOAP, AND WARM WATER. THE NOTPOIMT ELECTRIC WATER HEATEft. COULD BE BURIED IN ., IEED FOR ATTENTIOI-I IS CONCERNED SPENDS AS MUCH MONEY FOR (CIGARETTES AS IT WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR AN AUTOMATIC 'SUPpLY OF HOT WATER •The new Ilotpoint ElectncWatcrllcatcr gives you hot water for 27 daily needs at amazingly low cost. No fuss, no attention, no worry. Enjoy the convenience nnd pleasure of hot watci always on tap. Think- of the protection it gives your family by encouraging the ftcqCfcnt \vasliing of children's, hands to cleanse them of germs picked up in play- Now you can have hot water "fpr'sniajl co_st. Low electric rates nnd beautiful new Hotpoint Electric Water Heaters give every home a "hotcl-likc-supply" of hot water. Come in today and sec the new models. SIJKC1AI, AS i,o}y., AS (UOW1J3I I'KK ftJONTII JNCLUDlNf- JNTKUICST. Cabbage No\v (Iroon 1'on ltd Salt Square !!ON Table Use' liox 2c Sardines Amcriccin Can Meal Best Cream 21-l,b. SacU 63c Catsup Celery Ruby J,g«V "1..1- Botile .lumlio Stalk Spare Ribs . . 17jc BeefRoast K. C. Chuck, Ib 15.C IjKiii'ricd Thifk liib, 11) 17'A "' " ' Shpulricr, ll/ .. 'ZQc PigEars, Snoots, Sb. IQc Oil Sausage, Ib 25c Bacon Swiff's Oriole. WIND-ON; i*b...:... Lard ': * WilSCBi' •8-Lb. Cartgn -S'.O.O ' ' * 3for2flc- .^ji/ 'Tune m onLOii} !>utcji Katlio 1'ro- 4f^4 Br.J»>. J'"BaeStlor'i 'Cliiliitc."i'' -° vcr /, p V" nn •• ' •«M«iij: •K!\i6x,i8:15^A: IB.,'-nf- WI.W, *»:l">'h"* Tiyi*"""'wi* ^^M' i; :'«•• « & W Sdkmbcf- ?s. y •i(fl ( =.*j*Jt; i - Shibley's Best Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed 5:Lb. Sack .., : 19<: J2 Lb.' Sack 1 -....4Sjc 24 Lb. 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'21/2 Can IS 1 Slick Bach- BOLOGNA 8lick Lb. 12 Ivxtra Select .;o' •• •' • 1'm't CATFISH I'rcs.h ' Channel^ Lb. L litcf. Kpunii or Loin. Lb. BROOMS Special Each 18 1 1DOG FOOD Victory Can Jonathan Lb. MMENTOSS 4-Qz. Can ! COCONUTS Fresh Bach PCRK & ,1 BRANS Van ' Cam]). Can I MATO . JUICE St*ggC : VIENNA SAUSAGE .Can ? IJcauly Lb. KRAUT New ilarrel L>1 i'ii c Lb. IV MOPS Special Kat'b MUSTARD Quart If SALMON Chum ''1'a'll Can I'Yaniis Lb. PORK CHOI'S Knd Cuts ' ••"• ' Lb.. PIG LIVER Fresh PftBPBAP CRAfNBERRiES CORN I'l.AKES Miller's Ljfc. lips GKTAIil.KS inC No. 2 Can 1U POWER CO. - Depenc&b'le Low-Cost Electric Service Pure Cane Granulated Sugar : 07c 1 Lb- Box PoW.tred Sugar .07c lp L^. Paper Bk Sugar 5.3.c 25 Lb. Clolb|:k : Su^ar $1-39

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