The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1952
Page 4
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! PAGE FOUR BLTTRETTLLK (ARK.) COCTTEH 1TEW9 FTHB'AY, ATTOTBT 1, »B| THE BLYTHEVILLB COUKI1* NEWS THR COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINE8, Publtelwr HARRY A. HAINB6, Assistant PubHehw A. A. FREDRICK6ON, Editor D. HUMAN, Advertising M»n««er Bole National AdverllstnB RepresentaUTes: WaUace Wilmer Co., New York, Chicago, Dttrolt, Atlanta, Memphlt. Entered aa second clou mutter at the post- office at Blythcville. .Arkansas, wider act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Pr«M SUBSCRIPTION RATM: Bj carrier in the city of Blylhevllle or tnj cuburban town where carrier oerrice U maintained, 35o per week. By man, within p. radius of SO miles. 15.00 per year, $2.50 for six months $1.25 lor three monthi: by nail outside 50 tnUe zone, $12.60 per year payable In advance. Medi tot ions And now, Israel, what tloth Ihc Lord thy God require of the*!, but to fear the Lord thy Gnrt, lo walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the Lord thr God with all thy heart and with all thy soul.—Deul. 10:12. * » * Religion consists not so much In Joyous fecl- as in a constant exercise of devotedness to God.—Stewart. Barbs It's a!! right to brag about coming from good people alter those people feel they can brag about you. • * * Marry for real love, advises a pastor. Maybe, then, you'll never do it again. + * * Illinois thieves robbed a truck loaded with $8000 worth of men's clothing. They can get all dressed up—but don't dare go anywhere, • * • A bachelor's nwln troubles are that he hits no wife to b!ame them for. • * * Good homes are made by good carpenters and good homes'by home-made girls. Flying Saucers? We're In Favor of Them It may not al first appear to he in keeping wilji the conventional editorial page material, but after due consideration this newspaper lias decided In take an editorial stand on the timely subject of flying saucers. We're in favor of them. At least thus far. We admit they may later be proved detrimental to the well-being of humanity as we know it. But for the time being, anyway, we bear them no grudge. If for no other reason, and regard- Jess of their true cause, form and purpose, we stand in favor of flying snncers because they have excited American curiosity and interest. Americans, we regret to say, have a way of becoming easily bored with things. Even politics. And it is contrary to the much-heralded "American way of life" for this nation to become jaded about things. Curiosity is the basis of progress just as necessity has been called the mother of invention. Too, Americans in recent years have become increasingly introspective. Despite the fact we appear to be supporting the rest of the free world, our interests keep swinging back to ourselves on a what's-in-it-for-me basis. Flying saucers have turned our interests and speculations outward, perhaps to other worlds. Not even the experts can explain flying saucers. The experts don't even agree among themselves. No. not all. frontiers have been explored. Not every! hing has been ox- plained. Here is an nppurtunity for American genius to tackle another puzzler and come up with the answer. We will lie wailing patiently for that answer, sitting quietly with our eyes cast extrovertly skvwanl. them th*» *h«* th«p were ready and willing. And what about the impression made by the farcically frivolous aspects of a convention on a television audience of voters who are attentive mainly to the gerioun business of choosing nominees and platforms? Th« horseplay and time-killing ami and hauling are something people watching a convention will put up with because, up to now, those elements of the proceedings have been accepted as somehow traditional. Rut that acceptance was before the chilly eye of television brought to millions of people, remole from Chicago and pnrKonatly linwarmerl by its holiday spirit, what actually goes on at a convention. Now. a lot of people are wondering if our president-making machinery couldn't do with some overhauling and modernization in keeping with the limoa, of which the spirit is serious and the byword efficiency. If convent ions got their job done in a completely open manner—simply, di- reclly, easy lo see. and reflecting thoroughly the will of the people, it would be one thing. But a lot of people left their television sets groggily after Stevenson waa nominated, wondering just what happened, to Kefauver. The last a lot of people knew, the gentleman from Tennessee was nicely placed and moving well. Then the track caved in. Some of the souped-up demonstrations for favorite sons lent an unbecoming carnival aspect lo a show which at its best took on at times the aspects of a high-grfifle circus. To ninny people walching such goings on in Ihe quiet of their darkened living rooms, it was just simply embarrassing. The same goes Cor a lot of the moss- laden style of oratory — long on arm waving and yelling and short on common sense. For their own political well- being, in this day of television, such speakers should be curbed. Lacking conviction and thought, such oratory I Mints the whole proceedings with the same defect. The interminable roll calls of individual delegations could kill interest in an ascent of Niagara Kails. That they, and some of (.be other .stumbling and fumbling aspects of the conventions, killed the interesl of millions of lele- viewers is illustrated by a fact or two. The, Republican convention had a night-time. TV ral ing.-jiKonly 3fi in New York Cily, for instance, .which is poor. "I Love Lucy" does better, and it has competition, which for the most paii the conventions did not. Views of Others Evaluation of UN Chilly Eye of Video Exposes Convention Machinery Rust The point has been made that the convention system of choosing our presidential nominees must be a good one if it can produce two such men as Stevenson and Kisenlunver. That's likp saying that bernii-e a broken-down, ill-ec|uipped gun factory, powered by a water wheel and manned by gnomes, turns out a gun that will shoot now and then, it is a gond factory. What seems more likely is that good presidential material is chosen in spite of conventions and not because of them. Witness the several men who have gone to the \Vhite House lo live for four years with little more to recommend Sir Carl Bcifnd*on. Nru- Zealmids chief dr!?- fcatc lo (he UN for thp j»3s( .six yrars. 1ms Lwfn one oMhe strrnsest supporter? n( the Umtprt Nations. But unlike many UN supporters, he Is nol a blind one. As he lefl his UN post recently lo return to his homeland. Sir Carl had the Integrity to admit the failure of the UN as an Instrument lor pence. Sntrl thp UN's friend in hi.? honrst Mntnnrnt: "Ths How of speech and the spur ot 'vovds In (tie United Nnunn* are rmi'e incredible nnrl In time heroine Insuppnrtnhle. . . . Vo'rs .irf. bonch' and solrl. no' [or rnnnry, tin' bv a syMrm of bark-aiiiin? which Mime thine part ot the clrrn- ocratir system but uhich I and many others Hunk clispuMme. ... | say -vilh ama/emenl. aeony and fnry that million!: n[ worthy hut simple people ai'l as it Ihry hr-Jicverl that it is possible to keep thr pracr by \\nrds and e<x<d intentions." 11 ... We psrabhshrd at Sail FranciM-o an c-r- canl/atlitn svhich coultj nn doubt protect Ihe \vorld flk-ainst A maianrtmc mon>e bill not against tiny real rinncer from n t:cer." This candid evfllualimi of Ihe UN from one ot Us [rienris should emjihnr-ue lo the American people than any real hope [or.pc^ce or vtnory o\cr apcrrssive Communism must come no! from the UN hut from Ihe Umled States llsclf. Thp bubble of internationalism has burs' with a n>Mructive explosion o! hot and cold nor throuermul the world. The failure of interna'ionahsl llieorizuu run- not h" overrnme *vi(h innrp of the same irnprnc- Itrality. What thf United states badly needs today is a return to fai'h in America Inslead of nn- rea^inme faith In thp kind of orcani7allnn described by Sir Carl in his comments about hi- dyintr Irienri — Chattauoosa N'e^-s-rtee Press Summer School Erskine Jo/inson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NEAi— Exclusively Vours: Pntrlce Wymore Is "It ain't true" to the rumor that she's about to divorce Errol Flynn. Back in Hollywood for a role in Warners' "Back to Broadway" after a long absence in Jamaica, long-stemmed Mrs. Flynn confided : "It's Jusl unfortunate that Brrol and nr trying to make eer»a!a t»-pe£ af pictures. The Idea te to get pee. pie away from TV and back tn'« the theaters. We'll make a plo, tyre about a stalk ot celery, H It turns the trick." When Broadway lie Hodd White arrived In town, a producer friend offered to show him the sights. , , . . "Thanks, but I've already seen id I have to be separated so them." White replied "I sat next :uch. As long as we both slay in , o Marilyn Monroe at Giro's last this business, '.ve'll face long separations. I' ninot ready to give up show business. I get tired of it sometimes, but I can't stay away from Hollywood more than four months at a time, t get itchy feet." The only reason Pat's not in London playing leading lady to Errol in "The Master of Ballantrae," she wants it known, is that British quota laws prevented her from taking on an acline stint that an English actress could fill. Joan Rice, the British beauty who clicked in Disney's "Room Hood" and who will he Burt Lancaster's leadinc lady in "His Majesty O'Kecfe." is flashing an engagement ring at the Hollywood wolves. Lucky ?room-to-be is Mariin Royce. who manufactures air compressors. Peter Id ion's Washington Column- Republican Platform Doesn't Echo Record of GOPs Congressmen WASHINGTON — (NEAi— Com-j publican senators volsd to cut soil i platform says flatly. "We will op- Republican ! conservation funds from SZ80 mil- pose federal rent control." Since night." It always happens dept: After starring in "The Thing," Kenneth To bey went eight months at RKO without facing a camera, finally won his release, Now he's back at RKO for "The Murder"—at three times his previous salary, This Book'* A Tearjerher They're going to need waterproof book-co\ p ers for this: Johnny Ray's biography, still untltled, will hit ihe bookstores in September. It's by disc jockev Bill Handle. sporting singer a new Edith Piaf Is plastic surgery The battles bet we on Av tier mid Frank Sinatra are getting [ pnn&nn of the platform with (he actual voting record nf Rppj.iblir.nns in Ihe last reveals some strange in- r cms is t curies. The- only conclusions that can be drawn from this comparison are either that Ihn OOP tinder General Eisenhower has turned over a completely new leaf, with t h e "New Crusade" running as a rival to thp "New (Ti t ^/plat^" 01 * 01 *' 'W'« "nn. form tines not \ ?™™*? the true ?rnti- Tiienl.s of thp Re- PMer Erf*** publican O \ d Guard in Congress. Take the farm planks. The GOP platform conies out in favor of commodity loans. Bui over halt the House Republicans and nearly linn to $l;iO million this year, rnntr;i(lirUnn rm Small Business Take thp planks on small business, which no politician would dare say openly he was H gainst. The Republic nn platform pled ens "equal enforcement of thr. anti- monnpnly and tin/air competition statutes." In the 80th Congress, H is recalled, DO per rinnt of the Senate Republicans killrd a SI million appropria!ion for the Federal 1 Trade Commission lo enforce mo- Anri ihe same voted overwhelmingly in of exempted thp railroads from antitrust law regulation. Take inflation, The 18W Republican platform (avnrs combatting inflation by "enroiiraErins the full production ot goods," but it says (aler. "We shall remove. . .Injurious pricp and wape controls." The rent control Is about the only one of the an'i-inflationary measures which has remained effective sinre loiificr and longer. But nt thp •sain Hnu? Ava's circa mine: of tearing up her MGM contract so she can join Frankie in nn "f LOVP Lucy" type of TV show. Her MG Mpact prohibits TV a pprri ranees. N'nt Satisfied Paul Winchell, the TV ventriloquist, is being flooded with movie offers. To date hp's nixed them all "because they wanted me just as a vemrilnquist. Sure, I'll work with Jerry Ma honey in a movie, but I want \o play a character in the same film." nose shape—the better for her TV appearances and a future Hollywood movie, . .Nina Foch will be Richard Carlson's leadins lady in Card- "Around the World Week-End."" to ^ shot in Paris. Rome, Athens, Cairo and just about every foreign city you can name. . .Whoops! sa sa Gabor'.s panties for her can - can number in "Moulin Rouge" will be decorated with pearls. Charles Laughton. who did It tor Charles Boyer in "Don Juan in Hell," will coach Tryone Power for his role in "John Brown's Body." Betty Jane Kean, who wants to j be the next Mrs. Mickey Rooney, . I arrives in Las Vegas any day : Spike Jones is a new comic book ' for 1-1 nitery engagement. Next star. For kid appeal, one series sl °P ; Hollywood and Mickey. take wes t. him to Mars, another .HoUywoorilles are _ _ Jacques rath dictates d r e s i gasping- over the lavish rooms In styles in Paris, but his sister-lathe Flamingo Hotel'.? new wins at | '•*"•'• Catherine Path, Is showing Las Vegas—more resplendent than a Joan Crnwforrf movie set, . Sue Carol. Alan Larid's wife, is back bnUrimer his career Ihe way she did in the old days when he it was first introduced durinE the war. this new stand puts the Republicans nut on a limb in opposi- ! was a stnurslins actor and she tion to keeping down living cost-, was But, t.his stand Is in complete ac- j Dick cord with the vote last month in favor of ending rent controls Sept, all the Senate Republican* voted ! 1'pcnrd here shows that majorities j n ; of the Republicans in both Hnnsn.s apainst n S2 hi 11 inn inrronse Commodity Credit Corporation bnr-, nf Congress voted last month to kill or weaken thp nofense Production Act. ThU is ihe act eranlins? rnwinp nm horily in IHJtl. The platform also offer for crop insurance. Dirksrn of Illinois, upport bitr-lime latent agent. , . Contino and. hip accordion have come to a parting of the ways. He's play ins the organ for Mass at the post Chapel at Fort On health Ihe Republican plat- '• Ord. form favors "support of scientific ! '^ TAipino on her future pro- research." But 80 per cent of the', " rfirn n ^ independent films with Republican senators recently voted i co-producer Collier Young, her <:x- to cut cancer research funds by i hushnnd: "This time out we're not *5 million, or 31 per cent. j ~~ The new GOP platform now comes around to support for the Point Four program of aid to undo rveloped countries. But in l!)5f) three-fourths of thp Republican senators vnted against Us start. I law. women how to undress. She appear? in the nude in a scene, in a new French movie, Direcior Row Row!and about * former st a ge hoofer: ' 'On the stage he danced to the shuffle and in Hollywood he eot lost in it." The platform al?o calls for giving- the Voice of America "a real function." Last, year 70 per cent of The House Republicans tried to slash its hinds /mm *85 million a year (o >70 million. played low and West carefully played the deuce of diamonds, Stay- the suit could man realized that not be brought in. West's play of the deuce of dia- monrfs indicated that he held ex- aclly three cards in the suit.. 'With tun, or four, diamonds West would play high-low instead of following .suit with his lowest diamond.! Asainst ordinary players declarer j micht, load another diamond In the ,,- . , , I hope that the ptaver with thp acp Sen. .Rvprell: a|ltnon| y mmrd »l increasing pro- Ta ^ e forcien affairs. The plat- | would hold off onr? more Snice this however, in } duct inn and controlling inflaleri j f Orrn this time favors aid tn rnH could n™ hf> r.vperfed of experts. 75 Years /n BlytheYtU* Mi?:- Bernlce Chlllon of f er:viUe has Joined the Nrvp *K society editor. Jnck McHanpy will fake brother. Rnb. and Bill Morse to Boy 5 rout. Camp Crowley this week, Bill HRlm. •' Blytheville'5 Town Cri?r wbo heralded many Unoort- n m rvcnls with his meeaphone, haa died. Courier his \ j leotive srwirify force,-- The record I Stayimn looked "for a better plan. , . both IOM anrt IM2 introonred | price. 1 ;. ainr-ndmpnls to cyl (unrts for cropf Trtke Social Security. The new i shows heavy Republican support insurance arlminis'ra'iori. And: platform favors expnndins rover- I in Concress for cnttine Mnuial Se- these amendments \vrre supported 1 ape tor old nge and survivors in- : curity funds over 41 billion. by majorities of the Republican j surance. This is a complete chanze j Adequate support for (lie u. S. After some rhoucht he found way to makp his rontrnrt. Just for ihe fun of it, look the hand over rarclully and ,-pf if you can find The record is the same on "an; expanded soil conservation pro- j cram." which the pSatfor me a Us : for. Four .out of live of the Re- [ . . j from the record nf the 80th Con- ] armed forces is calle.d for in ihe j * ne rieht line of piny. which took .Sfltl.OOn people } platform, though over fid per cent off the Social Security roll?:. j of Ihe House Republicans tried fn rialfnrm Opposes Pent rontrnl I limit defense spending next year On hoiiMns, the 1P52 Pepuhljcan i io H'i6 billion. Sunday School Lesson BT \V. K. Gilrr>.T, D. D. | \\'ritten fnr j NF.A Scrviri- t tuMly ihe i' 1 'o Old^nifnt :s of Kinc> hczin with the dp^th of Kinc Hariri, anrl Mie ar-renrianry j of Kin? Solnmon; but MIP brzin- ! nine of kirns in Tfrarl wn* '.-.Hn Mi" i choir* of KuiC Saul. whrn the p^n' pie drmandrri nf Samuel to eive' i I hem a kino i i The solemn wmiinc by Saimrrl of, : wlvit ihnr rhmrr rnranl. and of ! \vhat kitiz* would rln to thrni »I • Smuirl 8:10-18' was aniplv i<i.*i sfirri • i in (he history of thr kines that fol- l lo\vf»rt. That palace is OTIP in read i arid (imidrr. lor ii wn= ,1 pmohrry thai far couivry in^o exile. i Whr.n thp Jews in Babylon re- i hirnrd from (lip rxile. as the storv 1 is told in 'he Book? of Ezra inn ; Nehrmiah. if was under religion?; Irariers. They \\-r>rr> inspired hy all ; that was brsi in the rclicloiis hi.*-1 lory and heritage of the Jewj.-h It was, of rour<-r. a crf.if sov- erricn. Km? Artaxrrxes. who had mnrtn pos-ibl? thai, return of "h* 1 ,\f-\f. and th^ir restoration m 'hrir lirmebnri and that IP amone thr eracious arts here and 1 herp s'nnrl out u'iih brit;h',n''-'i' In i.he ri.irk pirep of much misuse, nf pow- T anri mi.^nilp by k1iie = . Thrrf* 1= ai Irspt litMr tn Scvlp- i tnrp or in hi?tnry to liiPtify th? rtnrtrinr nf th** divine riahl nf • kine«. 'hM OPTP broncr.t ahont T^V. olnlion in Fnsrlfl nd. fr.d thf 1 death hi* prnf"^.:rti divin- rieht. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Defense Is Planned In Tourney Game By OSWALD .TtVCOBT Written fr>r NEA Service On? of the advantage? of playin; ! igainsl experts in a natinnal tour- n^tnfnt Is lhat you know what, to exprcf In the way rf dffen^p. You can'f afford to hasft your ramnnien on tiifi hopp that the opponent, 1 ; St.iyrrran lerl a IP-.V heart from his hanrt. East ti-on with the nine of hearts, cashed the are of diamonds, and led his last, !p5 de. South won vilh the queen. Now Stayman hopefully cashed the top hearts nnd rlubs anrt put East in with the last r,|i]h. En-t'5 JaM rarrt wa,> a !o\v rtia- mond. and he had to ?i\-e dummy the prermn.> riinth fnrk. >' : -..*.C^ i'QiiiSrS General Eisenhower called the coming Republican campaign a crusade. President Truman comes right hack and says the Democratic campaign is a crusade, too. The question now is which ride will produce a Richsrd Ihe Lion-Hearted or a Peter the Hermit ® N EA Answer to Frev! ~s Prr.zta SO THEY SAY Thp hnrrip^t por«.nnp fo an^Iyvp air T«\an.- Drran-f tbry thlnV Thpy nlrrnriv know everything. —-Xieht club "p^.vrhoam'v^r" navid Rice. • » » TVi*> m*:n (radir:c on thf floor nf tli? <NPT York Si<vJo Kxrhaiifff notice K pietfy eirl find arp ,iupt ap hk'-iy fo wli(.«tlp ns anybnrly.•-Stock Exchang€ receptionist Catherine Whitiemore. of kmsj; of Isr.\pl. Tn Innj hi'ioiv HT-V h.i-' in i rn kultrs and PniprroiT \\ho trr-.rri Hirir proplf ^vrll- co^d V:ins^. in rntcd '.vilh .in.^^ire 1 do nof know tvnpthrr surli coo<1 ^ovrrncn. 1 ; havr hfrn tbe exroprinn. iMi 1 rrstainly ilUtorv tpvp.ilji ho-v mstiy. nnd IIOM dl^astrou^ for llirir people, ha^-e hern thp kincj: who havp evploitrd. rathpr than rulfri Rnl It did no! lake Ions for Samuel's prophfov to eomp true. There were nohle a^pprls of Kinc D;v irt'5 reictv bl.ipkeneri ^tth the virni?! innrrter of tfriAh. Kvpn the dory of Solomon *as parrntly roiinierpd hy lh«> elory and cbmom. hut «htrh led rjinrklv to lehelliotl. anri thP division of trip Klnsdom ininiedia'ely followine i^olonion',* ri^.Th. llpnll I^i^rt. thn* rent aMif^rtrr in 1wo ViMEdoms. trAceriv poon fpn Within a ii»i ion 1 less lhan iliat nf i T " Certain Feathered .Creatures 1he hi c tor^ nf Ampi'iea sinrp it^ ri^-i eo\pry hv rntnmhu.s. rhf N'orrhem; ~ Kingdom, of the Ten Trihes. hart 1 To » per,«on stsnciinc al the i pone down in ruinous eonqnest Th», ler's rdpp flnd lookmi out over Pniiihern Kincrlom of .jnrlah hart; ex-ean. the hori/on hern eoniup'Pd hv thf, drmii-' nf'tanl ss^nminB th Babylon, and Uu people carriti lo i ar« t tect high. Therp 15 more triith than h'jmor in the advirp of a I.oncion physician on how to live to n ripe old ace: "If yon want to ]tvp lone, cet a zood rhronie disease--anrt take cood rare of \onrsplf."—Rock Hill (S.C.) Her-! aid. * J 1097 V Q 1054 t 542 4 J 10 Soplii 1 4 2 N. T. Pass Pajs Opening load NORTH I A A 4 ¥ 8 7 » QJ 108,1 4>542 EAST * K83 » .1 9 3 » A 86 *03?3 SOUTH (D) A QF. •>! V AK& » K 7 * A K QS Both sides vul. Pass I » Paw 3 M. T, Pass 4 J Can te.M ynnr r°hsion — Erne Rosers. At1?n'» Journal. Foti^p in Which An Oh^-rr [ Marie Conrernlnsr Human IT— ! -'--it 1 "••.wris ' Lincoln's 2 Funeral notice father 3 Tuneful ~~^>~ •', Falher of Cain 4 Adjust and Abel " " 5 Father's u'ifc (Bib.) (slang) 8 Man's ninie OA^oirls 12Tsrl Lincoln's 7 Males fath-r ROuoles 13 Diminutive of 9 Indieo David * lOSIacger 14 A row pojson " Minus ^111 blunder if you ran find an> more rea.sonahle line of play. In the hand .shown today, playpd hy Samuel M. Plajman In iasl. year's rhampion.ship, the winninz line of piny l< very hard to find. West opened the Jack of spades. and Stavman played low fvom ihe citimmy. East won with the kine of; spade? and reiurnert Ihe suit in ! order to knock out Ihp entry to : I riiiinniv's lotip diamonds. 1 wa-i Deelarpr led a low diamond from • thP • dummy and played the kins from I 3 miles dis-jhi.< own hand, hopine. hnl not ?x-| viewer's (}•*.< ! pectmc. thai ihe oppon»nt.* would j I uka the ace u once. When East 1G Ci\'iiilics 16 Plug 20 Vends 21 Speck 22 Pinnacles 24 Mix 26 Greek mountain 27 Encore 30 Horn blower 32 Unite firmly 34 Entertained 35 United Stales territory 36 Legal matters 37 Raise *" MSmig 40 Knichts 41 Father's small child 42 Glide c i ice 45 Dwarfed 49 Divert 51 War god 52 Far (prefix.) 531rehnd " 54 Insect <•=:? 55 Rich father^ son ^5Malt bevora;:' Father of Ihe 28Applics .lewifh race P Harbors 23 Acadtmy 31 Weirder 33 Georgia city SSAItack - T5 Heavy book 4(1 Guide 2(i Comm.incl 41 Airs 27Slupefying ' 42 Enos'father" 43 Leg joint '. prinling fiuid 44 King ot Hun* 23 Remain ' 46 Weary 47 Great Lake 48 Fniil 21 Asterisk t SOBeveragiV* 1 1 :S ^ <. V) •^ - 15 •i ,> "cc i5 >T 3 s<" 11 -0 V 3 t, il J'l — S <t » i} ill s ;i M ss 7 Z3 5Z Jl \i 1 to 11 e i Si 5J 1 n si » 51 10 a JT u • B IB .

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