Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 20
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">e of Life" Champaign." is pasfbut it ing" pgaitis TMUp-to 8, Hairs and 313 Fourth St, The I boose •ensati oappei brim sensa men great ia at Dolac's opera 11 be the well-known !»medy-drama "Kid- IfiW that is said to he ? Withe best comedy and Infects, those two ele- boun-3 to please the . mater-goers who at»7 *ouse for but one pur- * h »l.ls to be entertained, "lias enjoyed a long run • Jt- '- whlca speaks well for, be BJ*Jta of the play. The company [ ic/»ia>«l tote one of usual merit' 9 d indadei the names of many well- oowo.People and it, Is safa to pre- ictttM all will D8 pleased with the F LIFE." friend in a new dress will at the opera lionse next '•7 night, when Matteger Wm. will present Sutton Vane's 'table English drama, "The of Life." The scenic and rne- Ical features of this intensely f stlc play are well known to the prlty of our theater goers. The 'panyls one of the strongest ever £*f In this play and includes Geo. Jlptaley, Randolph Murray, Win. pfiay, W. H. GonKn, A. K. Adams, i.^b. llwell, Frllz Arthur, Master j^irry Qougb, Ba.cbel Sterling, Dor- H|;t Ashton, Lizzie Morgan, and that soever troupe of acrobats, the : . vonaietti Trio. :] "TH« ISLB OF CHAMPAGMK," ^he most successful comic opera nk oeS43 Pfivlte Money So Deiyj C. 5- HEfflJ :V^<urance an<fo« | «o» Fourth I •^^^ Nl Americans ha [be seen at th jnesday night |by a company 'e known la years, will opera house on Wed- It will be presented of seventy artists, In- eluding a coi ipUite ballet and or- I chestra. The I den, of "Old. os for men i aggart baa iom doctor, stars are Richard Goland formerly* of The Fen iln £ Master." The production ls^ ll( j lo fce complete in every detail, bc tn a9 1 0 costumes and ecenic environments, is under the direction rs&'co., and will be one of gorgeous and amusing en- nments ever seen in this city, ok 0 £ "The Isle of Cham is by Charles Altred Byrnf wls Harrison and music bj Kerker, It is bright arJB y throughout. The opera bps playing the capacity of each sire wherever presented this sea'? \will doubtless do the same iQet.j liles. r— • 4 Wall I Nmerl Vector. ADlTflOMAX ITEM!). Boy ArKleirson has returned from Chicago. Samael P«,n«biiker, sr., centime critically ill. Cbas, Beam has returned from visit at Peru. Charles Sine, sr., has returned to Indianapolis. Misses Blanche a,nd Delia Reed are visiting at Marion. Mrs. F. M. Hartley Is recovering from a long illnees. The public aad parochial schools ill reopen Monday. W. A. McClictock and family, of Wabash, are visiting; here. Mrs. James Cook and sons are lit Anderson viciting friends. Miss Mollle Buchanan has returned from an extended visit to Missouri!. Oddd and ends fine underwear to close out at half price —New Otto. The Cigarmakers' union 'Will meet in regular session Tuesday evening. Misses Lola Clymeir and Maude Hupp, of Elwood, are -visiting friends here. Mrs. Edward: Plum and Mrs. O. 0. Morgan, of launticgton, are visiting In the city. Miss Stella McLaughlln and Mrs. James Sparrow have returned from a visit at Kokomo. Miss Sophia Etei timau has returned from a visit with Jam«s Mann and family, of Chicago. Bev. aad Mrs. W. E. Bolder wolf are entertaining Lulu Beloer- woilf, of Monticello. Baino Kuhn and wife entertained a number of friends sit dinner today at their home on the Westside. Mrs. Fred Blfimark returned yee- terj}*y from Frankfort accompanied by her cousin, Master Fred Catter- lino. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Clymer, of the Westside, areontertalning Mrs. Hattie Arche^r and Mrs. Li:izie Leonard, S^"~ " iy Kauflimin returned from yesterday morning with the ota of shoe bargains for the tto. Iss McFarland of Pittsburg: Pa., .est of Mr. aocl Mrs. George corner of Fifteenth and 111 'Sr* B- ICRE4.SE SHOWN. pert Mrs. Dr. J R r ••-••-^ i »v • "• -dynas i _»-^« t*e few firms in r ** rtl » one reason f ,n J? Lo ^sport that aas the to their 1 for thi "utSS that has rori teht f°u. *.r. ^'/S^i'ef^iil I'OANJ are en- '0. Nat- I «ons, «eventeen medicine past prepara- Ugh I'aul fernhart. eon of C. P. Barn hart, out of the proprietors and manager of tije New Murdock hotel, ar- rl?od todi-.y from Sull:lvan, Ills. Thieveta broke Into Thomas' grocery on Michigan evenue, Thurs- acd stole some sugar, e's' "and two bottles or irMrs. A. F. Curtis, who J e gueats ot Mr.and Mrs. ot 91!) Spear street, to their home at Mlaa to. ceqia wli ^ngryej sn* IMDOJ !GJL & '• °t Golden »rs old, us !'S. last ni< ar., ai in " e Kisses £aj for^Peru, ffil<^ag OD) Mis. f eth »<i*et A f Bother, Tiios. ' e P«tt_ f today to rtfes, the of •ence a-iinct, j*ng matter L fcof Floyd the home offlw" »twet. leTerjcircuJarj concerns today toj° rtl »e( his aged I tl0n of clerk at, cas6 - ®r~ « le adverti. bjrfchehou8 e, « fstrea , 0tlr " ?ement $be a fstltntefo Ja 7 K(_ /Metea, rerf's morning I ountJng- e/ through I an d oth#rn is acting as §n ^ • Powelj, ot point.. The br/»e an antler. 80n , continue to Smoke the and I fill flrnjIthJ ' MgSf na Keefe, who has been .„ --,„ ot Mrs. Fraiah: Hanley and Miss Ma/y Shannaban 1'or tbe past, weei:, his returned to her home in n, Ky. 'ollowlng are among the various braAas of rubbers just laid In by I '&« Ke.M* otto: Candlee, Wales, Good mericau Woousocket, only |ss makes. County Democrat, Enox: Mrs, Ambrose Pownell and son Leonard, of Logansport, Christmas heire with Mrs. 1's father, Robert B. Green, (family. re Haute Tribune: E. E. Shll- ihe Logansport.gentleman who es to engage lei the manufac- '. ice cream.here, tias secured a n at 26 North Ninth. He will p in April. i evening sill their borne on High t, Miss Elizabeth Hlilis and er Robert gave s watch party. rge number of filecds were pres- thoie from out-of-town being W. Uvln. of Amandi, 0., and the leies Fickle and Messrs. Copeland Thomas, of Gralveston. Loyal Center Record: Richard ney and family have returned to ir former home in Cass county r a residence at Lugrange, Ga , | two years. They are thoroughly Isfied with their southern ex- riunce and are convinced that Cass fiunty people are much, better off ere obey are and if their advice is liken will "stick to the old home." Cure the Eruptions Her Blood hade Pure by Hood'*. "We have sed Hood's Sarsaparill* in our family for «ome time with very best results. It cored my little girl of scrofula and I have given it to our baby for eczema and it entirely stopped the eruptions. We recommended Hood's Sarsaporilla to many of oar friends." Mm ROSAUHI: MHiKB, Loyd. Indiana. Bemember Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the beat—is fact the One True Blood Purifier. THI NewFnrnitoi CO R. MA R.KK A ANEW YEARZS Hood's PI"* cure all liver ills. 25 cents. ABODT (MS AND OIL. There is a Territory About Sixty Miles Wide Known as tbe "Wahaish Arch." The Hartford City Times says that ,be natural gas belt of Indiana is comprised within the territory which s Known to the geological surveys of the state as the "'Wabash Arch," a plateau which begins in the neigh- wrhood of Fladlay, 0., and extends rregularly to the western border of Howard county, Ind. The belt embraces eight or ten counties, but rom south to north It does not el- end sixty miles In extent. Outside f the area some gas and some oil have been found, more of the latter nan of the former, In fact, but both )roducts are almost wholly confined o the area known as the "Wabash Arch." This being the highest point In the tate and having a stratum cf tren- on rock at an average depth of 1,000 eet below the surface, It is assumed hat It represents an early up- heavel of the earth, causing a pocket" to be formed under the renton rock, and here the gas gene- ated in the earth by the forces of ature, has accumulated for ages Underneath the gas lies the )etroleum from which it comes, and ng the more volatile of the two. it s the first to escape when a passage way is made for it to the outer air. Grass Creek Happenings. Peter Buchanan, of Rochester, has ieen'visiting In our village. William Snyder and daughter have ieen visiting relatives near the city. The U. B. society gave a Cbriet- mas entertainment consisting of ongs, recitations, etc. A substan- ial treat was also given to every ne. Mrs. Laura Pcigh has been spend- ng the holidays at Battle Creek, Mich , visiting her children, Charles nd para, who are attending ischool here. The children and grand children f^Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Julian met Thursday to enjoy tbe hospitality of he old folks at home, and the social eatures of the occasion grandma ave presents to each one, number- ng in all about thirty. Annual 6as Bates. Artificial and natural gas bills are ow due and payable at the . corn- any's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to vail themselves of the annual rate, ommencing December 1st, can do so y calling at the office and arranging or same. All bills must be paid on or before be 10th of each month. LOGANSPOKT & WABASH VALJ BY GAS COMPANY. Bea^iMhAa^"^' Govsrnor Theodore )olice commissioner for riR city Logansport. Mr.' S, received commission yesterday. He was appointed for on'e year and eiDlres today. He will fora period of three ye»rs. Vacaiefes Filled. Governor Mount has fille'i caneles on the Lougeiifi board by the appointment ol W. Slick; of Misliiawaka, to? himself, and of W. J. Ban saw, In place of Jacob Bluflton, who resigned. This Solid Oak, 3ane Seated, Carved Back, Jrace Ann* Ladies Sewing Ro< ker. We will sell It for tbe nej ± three dari «i *• unheard of pries of j f' ONLY 98 Cents. They were neTer sold for lew tt»a $S M, '#•* sold to sacond lund deilen. at tal« ptM*^. •' ,'__'! Our stora *!omt me6 p, except par day Hlirhti an THE NEW COMMERCIAL SCHOOL/ Genuine Ofloe and) Bustn*** the dar of entrance. -, . — Logansport Commercial High TJp-to date. Tboroyjrh.'i. pjinioa 1 . C»iirtM— BnglUX Commercial; Sfen«JTapWe. Pen Ait Experienced Teachers irfixlern Methods, Thorough Work. Competent BootteepBr* a»« Stenographers furmslie* to Ruaiaesi Firm*. Lngansport Coaimenial High School.^ Over32U323-3:J5 rifurtb Streets. J. w - f M. W. Murphy, Associate Principals. Phone 184. [ r ^ NO PAIRING DANGBgfc\ Teeth Attracted without pj*^"'" after cff/ots, such as sore ff^*J' sore gum/8, etc. Absolutely •**;^r painless <3* The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. Theflnest and best method ofCKOWJJ u< BKlDuE Work. OP"No charre for extracting without when new teeth an> to be supplied.. Dr. W. T. Hurtt. DENTIST! 311 1-2 Fourth St. •, Over FUber's Drur Btnr Notice Rathbone S All members of Dlna 40, are requested to be Pythian Castle hall, Momda; January 3, '98. Initiation iion of officers, by order of f Ladies' shoes 890 Ladies' shoes Ladies' shoes Ladies' siho 99c, Misses shoes 690: Misses shoes Sgc .23 Misses iihoes 990 . 48 Misses sho«5s fa 19, BEHOVED $i roods and we ° n «s Half save you] pair of Shoes f 0 35c Chillis shoes 490 Cbfld's shoes 590 Child's shoes 890. $4 Ladies' Fiinethoes $2=48. S Sl.OO Latdies's Shies This is your C»nce to buy GOOD SHOEifor the iiicejof Cheap for Ir'f'J LO •EN.

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