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The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey • 4

The Morning Calli
Paterson, New Jersey
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THE PATER SON, N. J. MORNING CALL, SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1946 SOCIAL SOCIAL Junior Woman Club Engaged Home Of Good Shepherd Miss Hinchliffe Engaged Barnert Temple School To Hold Annual Picnie To Hold Charity Ball Central Church Ladies' Plan Picnic July 18 The Womra'i Guild of Central Reformed Church held Its last meeting ef the season recently. tritavwt tfwikar ur a Vflaa Aran. Holds Card Party Today To G.

W. Aufderheidc, Jr. The Junior Woman's Club will sponsor a charity ball this evening at the Ridgewood Elk Club, pro The Women's Auxiliary to the "71 herd Home functions in a modern environment and employs scienti ceeds or tne atiair to go to tne club's milk fund through which The Sunday School of Barnert Memorial Temple will hold its annual picnic tomorrow at the Preakness Pool. Cars will leave the temple at 10 a. m.

All admission cards will be distributed at the temple only and all pupils are urged to meet there on time to make the trip in a body. milk Is supplied to under-privileg Home of Good Shepherd. Morris-town, extends a final invitation to friends of the Paterson diocese to attend its initial Paterson bridge Earty at the Catholic Diocesan Li-rary, Jackson Street, this ed children fic yet personal techniques in solving the psychiatric problems of those young women who enter its portals. Within the buildings of Our Lady of Grace Training School at Morristown may be Allison Barton and her orches tra will provide music for dancing Games will be played and prizes from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m awarded.

Everyone attending is Miss Marie Riva ls chairman of Of all the problems which have the affair assisted by Dolores Muell- faced those Interested in the pro asked to provide a box lunch. Exercises will be held. ner. Marv Ralston. Sue Hall.

Mrs, seen educative, medical and vocational mediums through which the abilities of its girls may fill their places in society. So that the lay public might become acquainted with the Christian social work, in Darwin Cart otto, Marjorie Van Ri tection of society, that of female delinquency has always been most difficult to solve. The Good Shep- per, Jean Wardle and Mrs. John Up-To-Date Ilomemaking Breslin r.i Miss Chrystal McCourt. presi Miss Mary Montgomery Extension Service By OLIVIA DUGHI.

City dent, heads the slate of officers. action performed by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, His Excel-, lency. Bishop McLaughlin has or ganized the Women's Auxiliary J-the Paterson diocese. which is composed of Miss Jean Wardle, vice-president; FONTILLA JOHNSON. County Weil To Anthony Defeo Montesano, recording secretary: Mrs.

Elmer Parker, corresponding Raisin Pie Is Good Any Day The Droceeds of today's bridge Vroegindewey an army nurse, who recently returned from India. Miss Vroegiadewey is a most speaker and told of the customs cf the people in India. The guild held a silver tea yesterday at the borne of their president. Mrs. IL Shew, 274 Twentieth Avenue.

The Ladies also planned for a pltc to be held at Gofile Brook park on July 18. In case of rain it will be postponed one wek. "An apron sale was also arranged for a fall date to be announced later. Mrs. Peter Hook is in charge aprons.

Program For Flag Day Given By No. 5 Pupils la observance of flag Day, a program was presented ednesday EKsming In the school auditorium by the pupils of the 8B2 class rr fer the direction ot Miss Fannie Eoteinson. -The stage was decorated with Hairs of au nations and a replica cf the Statu cf Liberty. The program was a follows: Hymn, 0 God of Bible reading. A.

Eeese Matteson, songs, -Flag Day "My Native Land," Of The Year! secretary: and Airs. John Breslin, A handful of sweet, chewy treasurer, 4 w- raisins is a delicious and sugar party will be donated to the Mor- ristown home to assist the phenon menal growth and wonderful ae-' eomplishment of the Good Shep- herd. Patrons for the affair are the followins: DORIS BADERTSCnER saving between meal snack. A box of raisins skillfully seasoned Miss L. Jean Wardle, Mr.

and Mr. and Mrs. P. Badertscher cloves, cinnamon and the Mrs. C.

Boyd Wardle. Mr. and Mrs. Players are reauested to bring 11 znnA Avnn? tart juice oi a lemon maKes J. Wesley Wilson.

Mr. and Mrs their own cards; playing will be i- engagement of their daughter, delicious fruit pie. And a plat- Robert J. Flavell, Mr. and Mrs.

gin at 2:00 p.m. Tallies- are sii-. available from any of the follow-' William S. Pryn. Mr.

and Mrs. Ed Doris, to Charles N. Scholer, oil LCl. tk? IRa Vfarlfanti Aunii at I-mfft rausuj-iiuucjr Mute is lib jc lui ward Cuslander, Mr. and Mrs'.

lng committee: luncheon for the immediate fami- company mean James R. Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. An Chairman. Miss Agatha Spin- thony J.

uashler. Mr. and Mrs lies Saturday Tne Pie na the raisin sauce mi Rari.rV.rW ffrrfnt are both included in this week's ella, of Fair Lawn; honorary chair Harold J. Qulnn, Mr. and Mrs.

man and president or tne uooa Hi ah Extension Service menu, prepared Ernest H. Esser, Mr. and Mrs Shepherd Auxiliary Mrs. Robert Donaldson, of Morristown. School, and is presently employed by Home Mi" h.

rnrr.tfnn DuehL Raisins are a year round Pierce J. Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Storbeck.

a friend. Mr. Receptionists Corresponding Mr. scholer is a i graduate awa ru. icuuuu.

uuic and Mrs. Theodore Meng, Mr. and Nnrth Uilrni rZrammar Kxhnn uiuci 9. U1U UJCY ue 11UI Ul secretary of the auxiliary. Miss Mts.

Walter Smith. Mr. and Mrs -Our Native Land." by the as- and Hawthorne High School and valuable lron and energy-giving Daniel J. McCourt. Mr.

and Mrs. was recently discharged. from the J. Stein, Mr. and Mrs.

Leo Kuper- Genevieve O'Brien, of Bloomfield; Mrs. Fred Brunt Mrs. Edward Fitzpatrick, of Newark: Eu- gene Campbell, of Morristown; smith, Mr. and Mrs. N.

Stark, Miss U. 5. Army-alter serving tnree 7w tta nrManfiv at I raisin pie follows, together with Introduction, by Isabel Aughey who announced the program: Recitation. "Old Flag Forever by Carl Loetner: reading. "The History of fh.

v.i.n.m. wiPirer. oirnors- the week's Extension Service Selma Maskery, Mr. and Mrs: P. Riva, Mr.

and Mrs. Hugo Terraneo Miss Eleanor miss. LoretU Milton, of Jersey City. Uon. dinner menus: Mr.

and Mrs. William Ferry. Mr The Fla" Albert Barbieri; reci Tables Chairman Miss Mar Amm tn i tation. -Hats Off." Victor Seine and Mrs. Paul Suiereda.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Beiesma. Mr.

and MrsJ iwo LDa umrc-t ULarici cups ui wedding. MISS HELEN HINCHLIFFE water. Henrv Hankel. III. Miss Nilah Gal- Recitation.

"Old Flag," Mary De-Nora; song. "You're a Grand Old Flag." Carroela- Portella: and the assembly: "Cautions in Use -a a a i JS -ft a ar ar garet Geerinck; assisted by Mrs. C. Nauman; Mrs. J.

Nichols, Mrs. Dougherty; Mrs. Herman Rein-hardt. of Morris Plains and Mrs. Thomas Furrey.

Announcement has been made by Kindergarten Party" and sne aiso auenaea xviarymuuui arae, Mr. ana Mrs. xeo (jaiarae, Colleffe. Her for many Mr. and Mrs.

Darwin Cartotto. Judge and Mrs. Louis V. Hinch MRS. ANTHONY DE FEO I years has been judge of the First Miss Irene Mahoney, Miss Gene- Held At School No.

5 cf Flag." Casimer Gabriel. H(w To Disnlav The Flag" by One box raisins. One stick cinnamon. Two teaspoons lemon juice. One-quarter cup molasses.

Two teaspoons vinegar. One-quarter teaspoon salt. One-eighth teaspoon cloves. Six tablespoons sugar. AT charming June wedding was Gifts Chairman airs.

District court ot raterson. vieve Kerslnger. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Losco.

William Marone, Mr. Aufderhelde was graduated o. Howarth. Mr. and Mrs.

Ed- soleminzed on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in St. Boniface's R. C. liffe, East Far: Drive, oi the engagement of their daughter, Helen, to George W. Aufderhelde, son of Mr.

and Mrs. George W. Aufderhelde. of 210 Sunset Road, Greenhaven, Rye, N. and from the Choate School with high- mund J.

Montesano. Miss Jean W. Mothers of the nresent and the Church when Miss Mary Elizabeth Mrs. Mary Schmitz; Mrs. Peter Verers; Miss Helen Dennehy, ot.

Clifton; Mrs. Patrick McDonnell; Mrs. Anne Journey, of Bloom-field; Mrs. Joseph Keegan, of Pas Act bony Barbieri. Angela Mont-aLaitti, Ethel Crothers, Marinus Klapmuts, Theresa Corona to.

est nonors. tie is president, oi tne Reid. Dr. and Mrs. William B.

van new kindergarten classes oi School No. were entertained on Montgomery daughter- of Mrs. Two one-half tablespoons corn Frances Montgomery of 32 Jack Thursday afternoon by Miss Bar- class of '46 of Princeton, where Riper, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H.

he now attends. He was commis- Steele, Miss Dolores Muellner, sioned an ensign in the naval re- miss Grace Hornby, Miss Mary serve at Corpus Christ! on July 12, Recchione. Mrs. Ralston. Miss spring Laice.

The time for the fixed for the early part of Au son I Street became the bride of bara Harris and ner pupns. a. Unbaked pastry for nine inch Elizabeth Vogtman. Malsie Capaz, za. Audrey Kehrle, Cassimer Ga-JbrieL Alberta De Flora.

rI Recitation -Barbara Frietchie" saic; Mrs. Bnda Lysagnt; ana nan. William Hansden. Anthony De Feo. son of Mr.

and Reese Matteson, principal oi the crust and strips for top. gust and will take place at the Hinchliffe summer home. 7 Awards Mrs. William Sullivan. school, welcomed all Who were rnmhln ftrt elffht -inffredienU.

ana wis recenuy uiscnargeu Helen Garrettson. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs, De Feo of 69 Nagle Street. The: Rev.

Meyers officiated at the Spier Avenue. Allenhurst from active duty. Garrettson. Miss Adelaide Helli- of Harrison; Miss Marian Kearney; Mrs. Patrick Feenan; Mrs.

Leo present and explained the require- simmer slowly for 15 minutes. Re-ments for admission to the kinder- move cinnamon stick. Combine Alfred MaeXeill; erercise, "The School The Character the scbooL Isabel Augreyr ideals, ceremony after which a reception Miss Hhinchliffe is a graduate Mr. Aufderhelde. is vice- well.

Mr. and Mrs. Harv Hella- was held at the v.F.W. Hall on of Lacordaire School, Montclair, president of Bates Fabrics. well.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. O'Blen garten. sugar and cornstarch.

Add gradu- Piaget Avenue, Clifton. Gloria Courage, Marinue Klap- Dean, Mrs. Gertrude- Siraposn; Miss Marie of Passaic; Mrs. Fred Kennedy, of Clifton; unaer me airecuon oi mias axiury mUv In ml-rture tirrtntf is. Mrs.

Henry S. Leach, Mrs. Gai mvt.r, recreation, jacs: nugnes; Given in marriage by her uncle Meunae, xeacners oi aome etuuu-1 constantly. Continue cooking un India Seeks Trade Mcwraii thrift. CarmeU PorteUo.

Frank Delia Torre the bride wore a mics, the following girls served mixture thickens. Pour into refreshments; Jean Layden, Jean a Dastry-Uned pie pan. Place strips Honesty, Theresa Coronato; am- and Mrs. L. Kavanaugn, oi Rockaway.

Tallies Miss Ann Donnelly: Marie Antoinette gown trimmed Jeptha Chapter Plans Card Party Tuesday Jeptha Chanter No. 134 O.E.S. An Indian trade 'delegation has B'nai Brith Chapter Roman. Joan Knais and BarDara n.ctrv over ton. lattice fashion.

with seed pearls and her train vr.el lV. rrr i rt rr I t-iticn, Angela on tu; loyalty, Eiissa Schmid; health, Connie Amato: industry. William Marone: Miss Dorothy Warr, Miss Helen Coppa. Bake in 450 degrees oven for 25 vviiiuic bvA a loth iu uiii ULjiiaL rviai i n. trimmed with chantilly lace was fi.TfIVI5" Installs new Ulticers five yards long.

Her three tier un lie lUiauwiux muiuri auu I minutes, inenas were present: aiiss ntnnr ported English veiling leu trom a self control, Parl Del Pizza; in-r-: ration. Keeina Fern an di: respect Menu Scanlon; Miss Mary luernan ana Miss Mary Quinn, of Hoboken; Mrs. E. Cross; and. Mrs.

Paul Van Eastern, of Newark. Dossioiiities to marJcetine India a will hold a card party at the Masonic Club next Tuesday evening. The affairjs being sponsored by Walter L. Davey and Caroline beaded cap. She carried a Colonial Sunday: Pot roast shoulder of goods there.

New Delhi reports. I New officers of the Harry, for law. Alberta De Flora: patriot Sherman, Mrs. Anthony Ziccardi, Mrs. Anothny Spagnola.

Mrs. Anthony Marslco, Mrs. Theresa Delia bouquet of white roses, orange lamb, mashed potatoes, cauli India wants particularly to ex-Albert chapter of B'nai Brith were Alias H. McGinnis. ot paterson.

blossoms and gypsapmis. ism. Audrey Kehrle; education. Maisie CaDazza: character, Casimer flower salad of shredded carrots change tobacco and cotton for raw installed Wednesday evening, by is in charge of publicity. Matron of honor was Ruth De Sails, Mrs.

Daniel Komei. Mrs Carabello, Mrs. Eva Romei, Hrs Gabriel: worthy home-member- and young spinach leaves, lat tice raisin Die. silk, silk fabrics, snices and food Mrs. Legal.

Thev are Franco of Paterson. She wore Elizabeth Yoctman. Mr. And Mrs. Newcombc grains.

Mahomed Suleman Mitha, President Ruth Conn; first vice-member of the delegation, in a president, Phyllis Miller; second fiuy xmDrogno, Airs. Aieiinaa Aiig liacclo. Mrs. William Spinnler. Monday: Mushroom omelet, sliced Flag salute, led by Scouts.

Carl Le-fifer and Marinus Klapmuts: beets, beet greens, green beans. pink gown of frosted neon and a large horsehair hat. She carried a colonial bouquet of roses Mrs. Edward Knopf. Mrs press interview emphasized the vice- president, Anita Tucker; re- fresh fruit compote with cream Married 44 Years lmportance of developing such a cording secretary.

Judy Jacobs: cor and sweet peas. Mrs. Irene Norei cheese balls Charles Debaghian. Mrs. James Perrone, Miss Helen Wehrer, Mrs.

Orlando Guarlno, -Mrs. John Tuesday: Spaghetti capped toma scsg. pledge of allegiance by the assembly; "The Star Spangled Banner, by the assembly. Music was led by Miss Winifred Ttothstein; accompanist. Miss Jane two-way trade.

He said that with- responding secretary, Helen Bart: in two years, India will have to and treasurer. Pearl Arbus. revert to its prewar scale of cot- The retiring president. Charlotte All card games will be played and trophies awarded. There will be several door gifts.

Refreshments will be served and a cordial invitation is extended to all members and friends to attend. The chairman of the social committee Irene M. McCloud requests that all donations of sheets and pillow cases be returned by June 19, make all returns to the worthy Matron Anne Matchett or the chairman or the assistant chairman, Rina Brunlng. ka, Mrs. Frances Kemster and Miss Emily Tahan bridesmaids all wore toes, creamed onion 3, spinacn Auchv.

Mrs. John Unger. Mrs. Ed Mr. and Mrs.

Charles H. New- Bavarian cream ward Di Napoli, Mrs. Fred Hagen ton production and will then need Bulgatch. the two leaders. Mrs.

C. of pink frosted neon with arge picture hats and carried Mrs. Vincent Mrs. Frank Wednesday: Oyen nut-potato cro- XT-earner. new markets.

The aim will be to Bornsteln. and Mrs. A. Kramer auettes. baked squash.

Swiss colonial- bouquets of roses and see that the Indian cotton grower were presented with gifts. The Daurlzlo, Mrs. Victor Bullen, Mrs. Loais DAneelo. chard, relish dish of carrot combe, of 154 Washington Place, Ridgewood.

will observe their Forty-fourth Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Newcombe have four children and ten grandchildren. sweet peas.

will not again be "at the mercy of retiring and new officers were the Indian cotton-textile industrv presented with corsaees. A Dro itrn iT -ri 1 Richard Montgomery brother of strips, scallions, radishes, and cottage cheese custard pie with strawberry toDDing. tne: bride served as best man. The me soie Duyer in recent years, ne gram followed wnicn inciuaea en- in. iis.

wb itwa, awja at. i Vincent Ziccardi. Mrs. John Huber, ushers were Angelo De Cellus, II eh re Ladjes To Hold Meeting On Tuesday "The Hebrew Ladles' Benevolent Societv will hold its final meet saia. tertalnment and retresnmeni.

Thursday: Meat balls with raisin Mrs. Charles Griffin, Mrs. Joseph Frank Simarro, Daniel Mallatesta The following committees were Leitner. Mrs. David Hanna.

Mrs. Mechanical methods are now annotated bv the new president; sauce, noodles, carrots, cabbage and shredded yellow turnip Our Newest Citizens William Rocco, Mrs. Guilo Rocco. used to mine more than 80 Der Membership, chairman. Rose Minqua Council Plans Committee Meeting Council held a card' The church was decorated with palms and gladiolia.

Albert Schwind of Clifton sang "Ava salad. rasDberrv junket. Mrs. Sam Medici, Mrs. Frank De- cent of the bituminous coal pro- Lipshultz; and Anita Tucker; ing before adjourning for the sum Friday: Salmon loaf, baked pota Marco.

Mrs. Thomas Hayden. Mrs. duced in Czechoslovakia. gram, chairman, Phyllis Miller, A son.

Thomas, was born to Mr. Maria" during the ceremony. mer on Tuesday at toe uarnert John. Vitaalianov Mrs. Chester Florence Rothenthal and Francis toes, green peas, wax beans, molasses walnut ice cream.

The bride's mother wore a romon party on Monday evening after -which refreshments were I. v. I Mazza. Mrs. Aquaro, Mrs Ed.

ij.u 1 1 wavs ana lYieaus. uaui' and Mrs. Joseph De Gregorio of Franklin, at the Paterson General Hospital on June 9. Saturday: Baked lima beans with Zack. Mrs.

Frank Cirangle. Mrs. striped jersey dress a large straw hat and black acessories and wore i man. John Comerford and Mrs. Edward Straight Street Mrs.

Jacob Munixer has called the meeting for 1:30 p. m. as a dessert luncheon is being planned for airs. De Gregorio is the former a corsage of gardenias. The bequest "providing they have not SOCk 'WHh pawned ni-evious lotte Bulgach, Rita Gotfried.

and bacon buttered gabage, grape fruit and green pepper salad, floating island. Freeh. Kosa Alberto of raterson and a On next Monday evening-a toro--mittee meeting will be "held at th: home of Minnie Freeland, North First Street, when returns should be made for tallies. Plans will made for future entertainment. groom's mother wore-a black sheer dress, matching acessories and that afternoon.

After the party. Phyllis Miller; A.Z..A. co-operauon Austmiia'a 1Q4V4R whenf rrnn chairman. Esther Freedman; and graduate of the Paterson General Hospital. Miss Adolf Awarded wore a corsage of gardenias.

Lake view Ladies' Aid is officially estimated at 130.000.- Helen Bart. Following a wedding trip to pim-wui be formulated lor the summer program since the society's relief work continues through the summer months even Exploration for oil Is underway 000 bushels, as compared with Vermont the couple will make $1,500 Scholarship Plans Picnic Thursday The ladles aid of the Lakevlew in the Bahamas, although none 000,000 bushels in 1844-43. their home at 32 Jackson Street, has as yet been found. though the regular meetings are City. Your Baby And Mine mm HTITU MKT KM IXDkED Having received a $1,500 scholar- Preahvterian Church are havln a CONTRACT BRIDGE By JOSEPHINE CULBEKTSON How To Play And How To Win ciwontinued.

Mrs. Ira Jaffe. chairman of the ship to the Hebrew University in picnic at the fresh air camp on AtTene Kochman Is Addraaa lauora to Mr Bdrad. Rarlatat raiesune, miji v.iiire aqqh, Thursday. All memoers ana Ukd rrtbuna Syndlcata.

Daa Momea. low a. toward of directors, requests that all members of the board "be pres Class Valedictorian daughter of Rev. and Mrs, Mar- friends of the ladies' aid and neloa'n aaif-addrawa taTnpd nTiopa tin Adolf. 399 East Tnirty-iourtn church are invited.

The ladies are ent at 1x30 that afternoon as there will be an important meeting of Street, is expected to leave for to meet at Main and Ellison Streets lene Kochman. granddaughter Rich Formula May Impede Palestine this summer. at 10 a. m. and are asked to take tie board before the regular ses of I Mr.

and Mrs. Morris Taub df Solid Food Consumptipn As an exchange student, she will their lunch. Mrs. R. Montgomery sion.

474 East Thirty-third street, is pursue her studies lor ner mas- and Mrs. L. Aimsioueh will serve graduating as valedictorian of. her More letters today and then we In today's deal. North thought-that he had bid his hand "right-up to the hilt" but he was" wrong! f-'i; North dealer.

Both sides vulnerable. 4 A 10 8 i 984 4 A 93 lers degree, commencing wiuj me tea and coffee class from Midland Public School shall have a clean desk again. fall semester in septemDer. i our No. Park.

male students- and Miss Adolf were Makes one feel like a tidy house AIDS TO GLAMOUR She is the daughter of Mr. and wife. selected from hundreds of appli Mrs. Jack Kochman. Mrs.

M. Try a three-meal cants. schedule and see if your baby's Announcement of the award 214 UA1U ST. fe KEEP COOL IN THIS aoDetite for solid foods will in came at the same time as she received the degree of bachelor of crease. Maybe your present milk formula is too rich in cream.

You science in mathematics from the New Jersey College for Women. may be over-doing the sugar por 495 4 10 8 5 9 5 43 4K 7 6 I 1 432- 10 3 -or 4 2 VVq I 1 tion and thus making the formula Rutgars university on Wednesday She was graduated from summa so satisfying that four bottles is cum laude honors her field, it all the child can manage in a day, was announced by the NJ.C. fac without other foods. ultv. Our leaflet No.

22 "Formulas At college. Aiiss Adoix was elect and Early Feeding." will help you ed a member of the National Hon to see what may be wrong and our No. 23 "Three Meal Schedule." will orary Society of Physchology and served as secretary oi that group iasc summer sne received a show you how the different foods should be distributed on the day's menu. Both of these may be had' for a self-addressed, stamped en campus scholarship for the Bran- VAK95 Q76 10 7 2 V. The bidding: fJ North East South West v.

14 Pass 3V Pass 44 Pass 5 Pass 6jf. Pas Pass Pass As may be seen. South had the dels camp institute where she re- Mi Lceived a training course in Jewish 4 velope sent to Myrtle Meyer in care of this newspaper. leadershlD and Zionism. UDon her i-K A hK I1 i Uivi Boom Mrs.

B.5.T.: The tnree-year-oid return sntr organized me Zionist Club of which she acted as chair couldnt hate you. Children dis man, during her senior year. like anyone who bosses or punishes them too much and may say hate 'Here's one for the frilL Remove next thing to a laydown for all 13 ful things in response to such treat a slice from blossom end of to tricks, and made them without be matoes. Scoon out cart of pulp. ing forced to finesse or to play Fill with cooked peas and broil ten minutes, three Inches from ment, cut.

if you hold such a thought you will misinterpret typical childish behavior and bring about the very situation you dread. Probably she is more partial to her daddy who has less to do with her day and discipline. If he is a flame. for any unnatural oreax. mux.

North-South earned -only 20 points for the extra trick, instead of the 750 points that would have been -added to their score by contract- -ing for the grand slam. On the respective holdings, the 237 Ucla SI. grownup as a father ought to be he won't take advantage of this situation to diminish your importance and enhance his own and will not be guilty of talking to you in -a way which will under 297 Main St. rand-slam contract most certain-' should have been reached. It was North's fault, exclusively, that uy it wasn reached.

He failed to put the proper interpretation on mine the children's respect ror you. Too many persons are grown sr up witnout navmg acquired uie emotional attitudes suitable to adulthood. What you. have said First Floor Plan SATUEDAY DOLLAR DAY SATURDAY Sargains galcr for this 0n Day Sol Soturday. Read every item and SAVE as Bohens ore never UNDERSOLD.


mm taa CW Tvrkitt Trwate 4 far txt Kxtra kMr. Hbl tbrad Tmrkiah Tewala. oat bn you nri4 hvn. A vvctal pmrhim tiabl ffr yo absorbent, lonc-waarlnc Tarkish TtviUi Blaa, (ma, paaca and geld. Coroa aarly.

Lamit 1 to a makes me feel that he Is one. Mrs. L. Your lovely, enthusl astic and appreciative letter bright I 'I I sizes ened my whole day. i am so nappy the previous advice helped you so much.

You can use goats' milk fresh, or goats' milk canned exact IS A. M. TO I. M. tS Taaukaa) Calarfd BanUr Disk Ts-wrla I 1m Sl.M ly as you use fresh or evaporated tLm.

UM Catorad Berdar Diab Towaia. Unaaualicd towala. Taalad cows' milk. It is a real help when When one strip of this chair-set South series of bids, and 'the proper emphasis on his own sup- -port for a club contract. Most specifically.

North failed' to give due consideration to his own three aces, or to put the matter in a different way. to- the fact that South had done all his strong bidding with a maximum of one ace. This is always a highly significant point! A jump takeout' with only one ace is a comparative rarity, and it signifies that the bidder must have extra winners, and suit-solidity, to compensate for his dearth in the most vital con-' trol cards. It is a highly debatable' point whether South should have bid four diamonds instead of clubs, but the diamond raise was Just what North should have liked. and at the very least he should have Jumped to six clubs.

Instead of giving the non-jump raise to five-odd. Had he even done this, much. South might have taken the children have shown themselves iwi tmr toac -wrimm. Limit 4 to a palron. I A.

M. TO P. M. (Here's a dress wise to the wiles of. fit and flattery! Pattern 9338 does away with shoulder seams sensitive to cows milk- is crocheted you know how to do them all.

Then repeat as many as Mrs. R. L. Do show your Mac-ltve ltxIS Whlta or Border Faca Clotba far f-rm. ti-i Xmmt Proof Nea-AIUrtta Pillow Protaetora Sl.M Mac Ifca ril All Whjta Danuk Napklna for Sl.M -Jtac te 17-larfe wuta Floral Pnatod Vimh Tawalln yda.

Sl.M you need for the set you re man disapproval of this insane be and set-in sleeves. Note well defined waist and gentle falling 'A lng. havior. No right-minded person skirt. ij It takes only two strips for a 4 chair back, five for a davenport.

I Pattern-9338 comes in sizes 14, should hesitate to tell a woman what a crime she is committing when she serves liquor to a minor. A. M. TO P. M.

RC- Hill Hiiil Bloekad Tabla Clotha. AU rolor Sl.M lUt. ITxlt Lait-WaariK, part 1-laaa Dlah Towala far Sl.M Sac ao Nw Plaatie Kitcbaa Chair Pad a Rd. rraaa far tl.fto JLac Tarn. KXTRA LARGE Wbtta Shaat Blanhata SIJM 16, 18.

20; 32, 34. 36. 38. 40, 42 Size 18 takes 2V4 yards 39-inch. I Claaaf i I wrn, (p jj Jt -LJ Mat biw mr oaawawataaaaaw Taix to tne father, it tnis ooesnt I Send 25 cents in coins for this help, bring her to the attention of They re crocheted in No.

30 cotton. Pattern 828 has directions for set. Send 20 cents in coins for this pattern to Morning Call, 115 Nee-dlecraft 82 Eighth Avenue, 1 A. M. TO P.

M. pattern to Morning Call. 112 Pat the Humane Society which is de 9tM aUtcataa Cottar a MJ1JI Ptooa Cot a a Sata. liada from rofla flock acrlm. Niw Cap Cod raffia.

tern 232 west latn rew York 11. N. Y. Print plainly size. signed protect helpless children from all kinds of abuses, of.

which th Cottao Bat. 1 a. U. to 1 P. U.

enlr Coma aarly. Uniltoa uao- utr. KM, lao aaxl rraoa. name, address, style number. this is one.

xinai step New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly pattern number, your name, address' and zone. I Now ready the Marian Martin Our leaflet No. 22 "Formulas (Distributed bv King Features and Early Feeding, may be had new summer 1948 Pattern hooki FEET Syndicate, Inc.) Fifteen cents more brings you Fifteen cents more brings you 't 4 by sending a stamped, self-addressed enveloDe with this reauest to 1 A.

M. TO I P. M. toTKLT oirrs rus jink bbidzi Hoc "St it aVrraato Lave Dinner Clotba Rai. JJ TlzM KaaotU eramboraot Blaakata Kac ytta.

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