The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 8
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' <v SilFTS'if BE IN lifFRl! ,, Moody, May Replace Meie' clilh As'Blockjiq'Back; Burton Impioving Fasl ' HY J. 1>. rRU.NI) The stalling Blv.lhev.IUe Chlck- nsaw llnoup for the grime win, ^Ihe Plggott Mohawks, Filday i night, inny be slightly .iltcicd • fiom the eleven tlmt took the field against Corning jnst week , Alfred "Slick" Meredith, ncc .blocking buck and one of the best In the stale, has been mn.s- ilng a bruised hip since the liob- icat affair ami has been withheld from the rough vvoik the past few , dajs. Indications aie lhat Coach • Cainey Laslle vUll keep him out ^of ncllon during the coming bat„ UP In ordei to have him in good •i shape for the Jonesboio Hmil• cane, Octota'9. In that event Calvin "Hlckci- • -nut Head' Moody, nigged 11,0 j))oundci, who has been opcinling Jnt guaid and blocking back, wi'l Eel the call. Moody, though com- ,'1'nraltvcly snnll as f,ir as lines- ,»nen go, Is a first clnss knockcr- '.downcr and a fine man to lead jllio Interference. Calvin was nain- ,ri\ on -eveial all-opponent teams .Ufct jear, nnd Joncsboio was one 'of Iheni -There is a possibility, loo, that , ,v.aeil Cialg, ctiunkj guard and ^Moniatc cnplnin, will see little, .If any, service against PigiraJt Craig's anklo, imned In *crlm- H'mge last week, It not well vet Though most of Ihe Is cone and it doesn't pain him tho -mcmbei Is stiff and handicaps turn in hb miming He may st.ut find then be leiftvcd attei n. quaitcr 01 so. llurlun Shines Dick nurns, <cmppy guard, turned up foi sciimmage wllli a lidly bruised cai sustained dining nn Intei-club battle the day •befoie uick hu been shining dally In the woikouts, but lack of weight handicap'; him f r0 m Eetling a call ' James Burton, giant tackle fioni Slccle, Mo, who has been (lie .object of, attention fiom the coaches and fans alike, showed flashes of "uirlvlng," jcsteulay He wns literally "tearing 'cm up' all during.the vvoik'out If he does come through us the coaches want , part of thch vvonles will be over Scaling well over 200 pounds, nnd extending; uctlci than si\ feet > Burton lui$-the cm marks of developing t inlo one of the finest, Iniesnicn ever turned out here * Lnck of nggicssheness and fall• me to get "lough" is his greatest ratling AS scon us he gels "that . *ny" he bids fair for bcltei Ihlngi, and so will the Chickb • It was long after the shades of niqhl had set in before Ihe. Tribe v>as excused'by the mentors It marked the second day Hint the floodlights were turned on, but If -the Clucks are to be icady when the big test comes they need the work, and the coaches spared nothing The line went through another vigorous offensive diill; >J the backs their usual excises, followed by a haid, long scrimmage, and topped with blocking ^and tackling BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER. NEWS Open Annual Quest For Gridiron Glory ^ruir^."''^ 0 tlwt " mdc tte " " sl " Illum "'< S01 """" c «-'- ara >« *'»»>'i»™. ,«u Ui c Uhlvculty nine Devils defeated ColjalcM ll;d rtdm at nm-lmm. N C C-0 In the firstmU S.-IDK.I game of the IB3 3 eastern Inlcrcclleslalo Joe: ball srasol ,, Pictured Is'one'of the ,.-«item»,,t" f'-u t instants of the t ,,n, 3 . Cith Whitney Jaeger <»> of Colgate In the rpc,, nncl S «cmh, for a touchdown, nut he was hnltcri after 11 15-y.wl advance. Till. TES 1 learn phynlclnn, refused today to say whether or.not Jack Roblilns, I Arkansas' ate passer, 'would i>u mdiiy. However, Roblilns, who lins been bothered with a bum knee and did not play against Ihe • llitfli-llikiiij. Han Irks SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE, Cal. (Ul 1 )—The student body of "Saint Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Terrp-Wagster. Miss Hautlc Terry and Mr. S. L. Wagster were married nt the court house In Blylhcvlllc last Thursday afternoon by Justice of peace T. L. Cassldy sr., a friend of the couple. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fowler of Cooler. The bride wore a navy blue crepe drees, with accessories In the same shade. Immediately after the ceremony they went on a short honeymoon to Memphis. Mrs. Wag.ster Is the daughter of Mrs, Umla Terry. For several years she was chief operator of the Cooler telephone exchange. R>r three years she has been employed In wngster's store as clerk nnd bookkeeper, she has been a very active worker in the Methodist church for years. Mr. Wagster has been one of - —- t . ,, t .,v mi uyfraiioii nimmcni . - - - J_ ceremonies were direct Monday for removal of a tumor ttKsci ' wini* n n i , r, I ed v tlle sl " cloud ' Mlnn ., ' "~ Announcements have arrived ' ec^'in Sy V C° P im a WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER -.30, '1936 > ^ it . ~...t.. v j innc It [I IVtU f %?,?£*£*«*.<*-* «i ^"^"^Granton Logsdon II Hughes of Shawneelovvn, u]., spent the son to Mr. and Mrs. Rex , vi baby lias Chillis. life »"" Mr. "" Mrs. Pnul Copper, wlio was taken seriously in, Wh11e shopping In Memphis last week, is still very 111 but Is showing some Improvement. •_Dr. J. R. Chhpman lias roturn- ed from a visit with his sister In Memphis. Mrs. j. w. Robbins and daugh- Miss Sue Woods, Mrs. Spence Williams. Mtes Sarah F. Moorehead, Miss Sallie Crisp nnd Helen Moore spent Saturday hi Memphis. Miss Crisp remained over (he week end with friends hi Marlon. Jack Turner and Kliidred Young were married Saturday nl"ht. The wlliv the city council of Berkeley "t'nhist Its' ordlntnice prolilbllln" hilch,blfci,, a . H hiipp»i« that Snliii ™" - -.., vvcio iin Ro'.e ' iheie was r lowing It was misting the flclc, IBSJ nnd the Lall sll]>]>cij and mid to handle. We play T c U — thch own field Saturday and' ' '"'M l<n out to avenge the Tech defeat," Rn<-e biunijht. back the, Ifnorma- .lon tlmt the Horned Frogs have ~ i i\tl/AJI UUL'AS "J 1 " v less. , | U'«iii, While the • weather: conditions at iiibhock minimized Sam Bnugh's forward pnssln B tjirent, II wns sildent In today's practice : .scs- lon that the Rarorbacks consltl- i Baueh's lieavcs; a • real Ihreat.' •ay Cole, Arkansas freshman nisei, impersonated Baiigh In to-1 liy's workout, 'while Coach i'homsm spent qullo a bit of time in defense aealnst tlic fresh- nans tosses. Di Allan . Gilbert, Razorback B«fnrc ^ou BTI> /\n> Ontlxnrd - See thc /NEPTUNE ,-•'* JI.'-P. '"^Single J Cyl ipther Si'es lo 1G H P.) TJRK & HA'ri'EUY CO. Plant Winter Legumes Increase jlold 250 Its of seed cotton "pet ncre by planting Hairy ,Vctch. Wd lia\e the only planter equipped to plnnt Vetch In cotton . ai'^1 corn ^middles ' "^A \Vc_ can * furnlsH Duplex Hoopers and Legume attach- Sents to convert your ^mwnee Cotton and Corn \ntcr to Legume planter {nominal cost. Maaul Byriim j n \ViM OT Lone Way Toward Dcicmiin i n g Arkansas' Chances .PAVBITEVILLB. Avk.. Sept. 30 -Line Conch Glen Rose, who scouted the Texns Christian Honi- toni,!- ,, ! i B I>IU ' 1 '" alg:ll>1 1>m °- B ^^V and the students like to ' ce ""," fr0mlll ° sl<le - | "'« looks get there as often ami in tl" ei' J the n C. U. I'canul Derby liecldcii ' SEQUOIA NATIONAI, PARK, Womcn's Clul) Honors Man Eb PASO, Tex. (UP)—Abel E Homo, drugslst, Is as dcxlci-ous wllh Ihe canning kettie and glass Jars us he Ls with morlar ami pes- lle. He recently won first prize In bef k , be i milfii. than SaHndavs seme derby lasting nil summer Tie dlcntfls | chipmunk Mint could stow awuy the 'Plating conditions vvcie bad,' '" rsest number of peanuts In his ' cnle 1>0 " cl1 beforc '.scampering lllrt ' "»«r won. «m,n,' «B 1-2 ncamits'io Ws^ to nlth Hunter Loses- to Hornrts HOLLISTER, Cal. (UI')-Lcoii Ifltaplnc has : the hardest hick story of. the deer hiinling season 1 . He had spied-his first large buck and kicked over a stone in order I of the Methodist church, of which he was one of the founders. • » • Mrs. Mnschell Kanira, Mrs. Clay Lewis and Mrs. E. w. McCann were hostesses to a surprise theater parly In honor of Ihe birthday anniversary of their mother, Mrs. C. P. Howard, Friday night. The guests gathered at the home of Mrs. Howard about a o'clock and went to the Hit* theater at lilytheville. After the show they went to Bornm's Dru» store where a long table was decorated In ferns and cut flowers. Those attending besides the guest of honor and the hostesses were Mrs. Jack Rustling of Cooler Mines. George \v. Cook, T. C Bt-us- ley, Raymond Brooks ami Ruth La when from Stccle and Mrs R J. Burdlne of Bakersvllte. Miss Juanlta Losslng was' hostess to a bridge party at her home Monday evening In honor of Miss l.eVernc McNeil of Alamo, Tcnn who Is visiting her sister, Mrs Pom Hopper. from tetliodlst hos- '; , 'bill Corbin of Colorado Iras' ir ' ,^ OCKVIIJ ' E . Minn, (rjp) _ All | rived In Cooler for nn extended a ''-«' nn '<! school, the only one visit with his so,, Bill Jr who P f "f ltllld "' " lc u " ltol States makes hb home her" w ui, II- has bc<? " co "'P>elcd' here. Formal £ the first time that the child s seen libs father in about ten years. Jilllie Turner left Saturday night' for an extended vUit with his Brand-parents at Marlon, III His grandfather came here for' him after the death of Billlc's cousin Vernelta Ruth Rowc, who died of Infantile paralysis Saturday eve- Mrs. C. E. Miller, is llic guest of. her sister, Miss Helen Marvell of Memphis, and while there she Is . taking medical treatment at the Baptist hospital. Keiser ., , A e Ic -«»"K>n Duffcy. a first nde student, while going home PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. NOW OI'EN UNTIL 9 P. M. Ri'ljalrs for all Cars and Trucks Washing - Greasing Wrecker Service Phone 633 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO We Assure You MORE MILK! "MORE MILK INSURANCE' la the biggest ntwa we've had in a long lime for dairymen. Conic in and let ua lelt you nil nbout it. You can get more milk and feed good old reliable Cow Cliows at no extra cosl I _l .'.;«« *s ' '»•: 1, CASH FEED STORE T12 East Main ' n ut I MLiYiru uver a sionc 111 ^S"7^^^^ l -»& -«±i 2ar,±s c ri;rrfc^: r^Ms s< —' nigh school this year, "So many , . ' Railroads of the United States owned ^5,(iOO locomotives on Marcri .1;, 1986, as coinpai'ed lo (J00bo''"oh "•-"'"' date in 192 ' '' - >"<i.""M>™ rrogs nave •"«" -wnuui mis ycar> "So manv l>ovvcifui:forwardvva u, Including .!>"Js want«r to join tlic'class "'saH unh of,. ; 220-poiiml tackles,- n A K"es Schlanser, instructor, "iliaI ositio In which the Raxorbacks ! V V» couldn't take care of 'all of me shown n weakness. . I tlieni," : , ;•,<• V.V.- ..;' iin.ti^ 11.' .. , ... _' ' -, • • lor tlic Deaf. He also visited in St. Louis. Mrs. Workman and an- and Mrs. J. N. Darnes, while lie Mrs. Hayes Smith, whn underwent an operation In Memphis Methodist hospital and who has teen staying at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W N. Holly of Cooler, while recuperating, was able to return to her home In this city over the weekend. Her mother was laken to the ply. The driver rushed him to the office of Dr. J. T. Polk. The lit- ] II* boy was .cut- around the head . •and face but .was not seriously The ladles of the Methodist' Missionary: society met in a fourth Monday social at 'the home of Mrs. R. H. Robinson, I John Miller, of Johnson, Tcnn., I arrived Sunday to nil the vacan- ' cy on the KeLser school faculty Plves . Mr. Miller is. a graduate. of East Tennessee State Teachers College. He will have charge of the seventh grade. Mr. Knight, who has had • tlic seventh grade, BEAN PICKERS WANTED ^l-"0ii culiulrc(1 Free Rides-Trucks Leave Canning Factory 6:30 COOI.EST SPOT IN TOWN Mati Weds.-Thurs. TWINGTIMP I'irairiiniiit News and Novelly Sliorls — Admission— ee— 10 * 25c— WIlli lc Tax il— 1C fc 35r— Wi.h lc Tax TUKSDAY, OCT. G_ S150.00- HANK NIGHT! last nlclil F. H. Moore of this cily was called tor tho S125.CO-- He was rot present — Making BANK DEl'OSIT next week S>SO! ROXY Aara.—Always 10 * Z5c—lo Tax Show livery Nl s hl M-ilmrf, Friday. S:Uurrt.ij-, Sunday trull) & Snnd.iy Millnces—2:15! Saturday Mat iiicfs—1:00 ] Tue.-lVed.-Thur. PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted, for Price of I All Children—I0c Champagne Charlie With Paul Cavanaiigh, Helen Wood, Thomns Heck, Minna Gombel! and Herbert Mundin The candid drama of a stranded romance lh« *holc world wondered about. . Don't Miss This Show TONIGHT Mississippi County Fair Blytheville, Ark. PRESENTS THE BATTLE of the ARGONNE Big Fireworks Spectacle HORSE RACING Every Afternoon This Week Wednesday and Thursday Nights and Sunday Afternoon News-PAPER PROFIT Some day soon, you are going to buy something you want very much; It may be a radio or a garden-rake, an a pair of socks.' But regardless o'f its size, you can save money when yon buy it. And money saved is money made. 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