The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1941
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VOLUME XXXVri—NO. 289. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP WORTHIEST AI.VA™.- . m ^.^i't™*' ^ ^ -«-^ * * O Blytheville Daily News ' Biytheville Herald Blytheville Courier Mississippi Valley Leader HKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Gird^For?Spring Offensives ivri'n'bTTk TJ>.,I. r»-. ,»T»-»% ~~ HI* MADRID, Feb. 21. (UP) German troops marched into Spain today. They were said to be on a completely peaceful mission Nazi Penetration Is Seen In Move LONDON, Feb. 21. (UP)—Well /» i 7 - — ~-~*ji~*+~. --—*-^n, A-CU. .ii. iurV— Well lor.trie purpose of aiding" ^formed quartern in London to- bpamsh reconstruction a« vpJ n! § hl expressed the opinion thai suit Of the devastation of hsf' dL5 P atch of German army -relief" week's hurriwmp ti »,«<. ,-,-, ,* umt3 to Santander marked the ,»,,. fV , - • - Ti w ^s said here mat the troops consisted only of nve detachment from the German occupation army m Prance they reportedly will" proceed to -samander to aid in reconstruction 01 that city damaged bv the hurricane and fire that followed Accepts German Offer The troops reportedly were sent across the border after Foreign Mmmer Ramon Serrano Suner accepted the offer of Germany for The units that crossed the border were said to comprise members of a field hospital detachment, a company of ambulance troops, a company of technicians a company of sappers and a "mo-' tor.'zed column." The motorized column, it was said, was brought in to aid in Spanish transport work. It was •said to be equipped with a field •mchen with which to distribute 30.000 rations daily. These rations H was emphasized, were distributed to Spaniards in need rather than to German troops. The Situation Was "Urgent" The offer to send German troops to aid in hurricane reconstruction work was made fay the German ambassador. Serrano, it was said gratefully accepted the offer because of the "urgency of the situation." The number of Nazi troops being' sent to _§pain was not indicated,—. However,- the announce-'• mem insisted that the number: was small, 'It mentioned only four technicians and a "motor-feed column," The size of che "motorized column" was not, given. However, ft field kitchen equipped to provide 30,000 rations daily presumably would be that normally attached to a full division—15,000 men. By. United Press The great powers gave evidence today of an unprecedented race to holster their positions and bulwark their defenses in preparation for offensives that mav first Spain. open Nazi penetration of tittii ican Army Planes .strike from the battered j Sent To Hawaii- Most shnrp* nf r-ti-iu;,-, »« «.» I n t „ ' ' ino * 1 Defense Moves Secret shores of Britain to the \var tense Far East. Indications were that behind the scenes and barely below the surface war preparations wer His Bill To Abolish Textbook Commission Passes Senate After Debate LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 21 (TJPJ— A house bill by Representative Autry of Mississippi County abolishing die state textbook commission and setting up a board appointed by the Commissioner of Education to regulate selection and purchase of textbooks passed the senate today after a spirited debate. Senator Pilklnton said the bill would accomplish two things, protect che price of books and provide for professional selection and adoption. He said there were too forward wirh unequalled vigor Reports flooded in of significant preparations In the Middle East, .1 in the Balkans, in Moscow and in i the Far East. Strategy Devised Briiish war strategy was being devised at Cairo by Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and General Sir John Dill, chief of the imperial war staff. Moscow set a seal on ihe policy switch that jumped "collective security" in favor of the Russo- German pact by dropping Maxim Litvinof. ex-Foreign Commissar, trcm the Communist party central committee. He was replaced by V. G. Dekanozov. Soviet ambassador to Berlin and architect of the rapproaehmeni with Germany. Rome tightened Italian belts, revealing the heavy economic war drain by cutting the rations by one half, effective March i, and banning sale of ice cream and pastry many things wrong with the present commission. Senator Milam pleaded for de"eat of the bill. 't can't.see how we can afford :o Jet a single board, select-books for all-.schools In Arkansas", Milam said, "arid I don't think we should vote for this bill just because it. has the approval of the administration." New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 1038 1033 1030 1030 1037 1035 1031 1028 1028 1034 1024 1021 1015 1015 1021 974 980 974 977 S70 978 S7G 974 97G 9S8 972 964 964 974 968 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 1042 1041 1035 1038 1042 1039 1037 1033 1033 1038 1028 1022 1021 1022 1027 982 983 980 983 980 980 978 981 975 975 975 976 976 975 972 Stock Prices Prominent New. York Lecturers On Jaycee Program at Osceola Tonight OSCEOLA. Ark., Feb. 21.—Would ! you like to " en the same date. This cut the consumption to less than half an ounce a day a person. U. S. Denounced Japan angrily denounced the United Slates as i; snakes" that had laid war eggs at Singapore mid Guanv ; '-in the "-Japanese "dove's nest". In the Balkans a major struggle of German and British diplomacy was being fought amid n war o"i" rumors and reports centering upon Bulgaria which appeared to be in a state of semi-mobilization, presumably in preparation for entry of German troops. The replacement of Litvinof by Dekanczov, vice commissar of foreign affairs, before he became ambassador to Berlin.. seemed to. reflect plainly the,.shift in the Russian policy which occurred with the signing of the German-Soviet pact in August, 1939, 'immediately prior to the outbreak of the war. However, a possible hint that Russian policy Is not committed 10 all-out support of Germany was WASHINGTON, Fob OL (UP)— A strengthening of American arm- cd iorces In the Pacific proceeded today, emphasizing .] ie continued seriousness with which the Fai Eastern situation Ls viewed here' I?,- om Pom-Poms To Tom-Toms was Most phases of the operations *"- cloaked established secrecy, but it thai a sizeable associates or staff A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel ..:... Chrysler .. • '_ Cities Service " Coca Cola .. structed in the art of selling and better human relations? Do you know how to make and hold iriends? Would you like to know how to determine where you are going to be 20 years from now and how to imorove vour personality? The answers will be 'contained in the lecture by Percy H. Whiting and Robert Bailes of New York instructors in the Dale Carnegie School in New York, at the Osceola School tonight, beginning at given when Ivan Maisky. Soviet ambassador to London, was' nam- c d alternate to Dekanozov upon the central committee. 77 63 7-8 4 1-8 93 General Electric 32 1- General Mtoors "." 4i 7- Int Harvester 48 Montgomery Ward ". 35 1- N Y Central 12 3- North Am Aviation n Packard '.. [[ 27- 158 3-4 j ' 68 3-4 I Mr. Whiting Is the author of four 23 3-81 book s on selling and sales management, in the past 18 years he has trained over 70,000 men and women to sell. Laree companies in the east have paid him one dollar a minute to train their staffs. For the five years he has been in charsre of sales training for Dale Carnegie. Mr. Whiting concluded a school under the sponsorship of the Ju- 8 nior Chamber of Commerce in Radio 41-8 Republic Steel .......". 135- So:ony Vacuum .......... 81-2 Studebaker ......... '...'.'. 61-4 Standard Oil N J ."'. ',',',',[ 3^ Tekas Corp .......... '/.'' 35 3 _ 8 Livestock 1-8 Hogs. 7000—6500. Top, 805. 170-230 Ibs.. 800-805. 140-160 Ibs., 690-7.15. Bulk sows. 650-700. Cattle 550-500. SI. steers. 750-1400. Butcher yearlines. 825-1000. SI. heifers, 700-1225. Beef cow.s, 625-750. Cutters & low cutters, 475-600. Chicago Wheat Higher Population Brings Wage Boost LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 21. (UP) — Approximately 1800 WPA workers in Independence, Arkansas. St. Francis and Clark counties will receive wage increases beginning March 1, State Administrator Floyd Sharp announced today. The increases will range from 5-1.80 to $8.40 a month, based on population increase of the laraest municipality in che county. The' 1940 census showed BatesviJle Forrest City. Stuttgart and Arkadelphia had passed the 5COO mark. number O i army planes are fiehis dispatched to Hawaii, the keystone 01 the whole American defense system in the Pacific. IManes May Go Further It was not known whether these planes would-permanently augment, the army bomber and pursuit squadrons now on duty there or whether the action might-portend transfer ol some of the planes now in Hawaii to more distant posts, such as the Philippines. First word of the Impending dispatch of more army planes to the Pacific followed appearance of Gen George C. Marshall, army chief of start, before a secret meeting of the senate military affairs committee yesterday. Declaring thai thc United States "had to be ready for anything/-' Marshall reviewed' the foreign situation and the progress 4Jl defenSe > Pl '° gram - ' : . 1 MeX1C °' in hiS typlcal En »^ clothes. A little Some commfttee . members ; ,^ad came as American reported aim as sayin^Vihajfc. aWrmv planes .were being assfgned to the navy to increase the complement 01 planes on navy aircrau carriers •n tlie Pacific. This misunderstand- ng was clarified later when it was earned the planes in question are destined for Hawaii. Strict Secrecy Kept Disposition of the Pacific and Asiatic fleets, which have been •steadily .strengthened, was kept secret under navy restrictions approaching those enforced in war time. Rom bomb-battered England came an 8-year-old refugee. John de Harris Johnson Dade. shown at left as he arrived at San a Fe New Mexico, in his typical English clothes. A little mfcr, rlght he b( L as. possible, domiing Indian war-togs Wd ]fopp'in B it all or!' with a tom-tom. On the diplomatic front, officials continued to study additional economic measures which could be invoked against Japan if a stronger American policy against Japan should be decided on. There were indications of close collaboration on these matters among the Utiitud States, Britain and Australia- Australian Prime Minister Robert G. Menzies is expected to stop here next month enroutc from London to Canbsrra. It was be- heved likely that he would confer with President Roosevelt and Secretary of state Cordell Hull on common American-Australian interests. thus stepping up the wage clas- «n those counties. Paragould Official Talks To Kiwanians CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo- Feb. 21.—T. O. "Doc" Charlton. of Paragould. Ark., lieutenant governor of the twelfth division uf the Kiwanis lementary Action Asks Supreme Court To. Force, Reapporlionment LITTLE''ROCK. Feb. 21. <UP>- Says Reservists Called To ors Despite Agree- T"enty.ntae MteMpnl ' ComUy B^gada" mlufc Col ment With Turkey SOFIA, Bulgaria, Feb. 21. (UP) of Commerce, Haines, Courier filed un 1 tervention suit In ' the ArkaniSs despite its non- agreement with Turkey, preparations hac supreme Court in nn effort to in- 'J . V uu " 0 " a - su PP'y service crease their county's rupresenta- ?, 3 , cr> ' W0l ' kel '« throughout tion In the General Assembly. ; ° r , CO " n !: ry hadi b . ecn announced. Tlie suit supplements nn earlier'",, one filed by Representatives Autry " Brooks Contends Bill Will Lead To Dictatorship n Hooks Feb. 21. (UP)—Senator C. Waylaifo- liean, Illinois, charged today that the Brit- lliiateh' will iiivnlvw Min TT^;f^,7 Oi-.,.j.~-, ••'; :•£ toward jsli-aid bill ultimately will involve the United'States in : ioipign war and turnish a springboard for a "leap tbwa tlictatoivsluo' a homo 4 • ITJL LtflSF "* In his maiden- senate speech, Brooks snid the measure "is-uri-, American" and "grants powers- which when placed in the hands of one man will . . . involve lis ulttmatcly In a foreign war.'- -vv He said the bill nlso would make ' President Roosevelt the "over : all" all-out dictator of all the foreign- wars thut do now or will iu the 1 near future dissipate and' destroy tho resources and liberties of men." Brooks, a World War veteran, spoke during the fifth day of gen-.' oral debate on the bill. He follow- • cd another opponent' of the.meas- ure, Senator Guy M. Gillette; Democrat, Iowa, u veteran • of the New Contract For Another Five Years Signed By City Hospital Board M. A. LOUR, who hns been opcr- lnff tho Blyihovllln Hospital un- •ier u five-year lease conirnct with j Swinish-Amerlciin, Boer" and AVorlS the city Hospital Board, today an- Wars. Gillette tol . today .... nouncocl that the lease had been renewed for another five-year period. The board announced signing of the now lease simultaneously. C. M Buck, attorney, president ' of the beard, said that the"ncw lease was agreed upon almost a year before expiration of the old Icnso. 'It was understood that Intended iHirclmsc of • now equipment for the hospital prompted the new contract to be signed now. Mr. Long, also .announced that Chapter N .of flje ',local P.E.O, vt'omnn'a orsrnnlzfttlcm here, had donated a three-place suite of Lloyd chromium tubular furniture and a Venetian blind for tho doctor's consultation room at the hospital. In return, the hospital will £Ive free' hospltalizatton to charity patients clesijjnoLed by the group in nn n mount equal to cost of tho equipment.. The furniture inntchos a flve- plcce Kiiit and the blind matches other Venetian blinds recently bought by tlie hospital for its wuit- ing room. 'riu: woman's organisation donated a surgical "no-shadow" lamp; to the hospital under the samo arrangement eight montlus ago. Last Rites Held For Ed Hamilton Collins Gillette told the senate'; w _ couldn't vote to pass any bllf "which will permit any man under: • God's almighty heaven to slt^lrt the International poker game -of power politics : and stake on his discretion, by his judgment of the value of each play, all the re-: sources of the United States •" of " America . . . the life, liberties^ the happiness, tho security and perhaps the blood of her -citizens.'" :; :Senate Democratic Leader Alben .W,-Berkley of Kentucky was di'lvintf for passnu;e of ihe measure a week-from today.'- . : '•'"•'"' '."V--.v^ He and • - other ' administration licutennnts hoped to beat down restrictive amendments which op- send the measure back to the. house for prompt concurrence'''In .the senate changes without need for prolonged conferences. . '. Ed Ffamllton Collins, 56', Portage- Mother Of Local Man Buried In Mississippi Funeral services were conducted at 10:30 o'clock this morning-at rhe Christian church in Rulevllle Miss., for Mrs. M. E. Langston"mother of C. c. Langston, who died , at her home Wednesday after(noon. " ';;•-•• Mrs. L-angston. who was 76, hnd been in ill health for some timer." She had a number of friends here where she had visited mimer-r erday at Blytheville Hospital. Fu icral services were held today at villa. Mo, died at 2:30 p. m. yes- ous Umes b tl „ .^e hornet terdfiy at Blytheville Hosoital Fit- i,*r «„„ „* *r ' J" «... ° e , -? [ nMA fini ••"'-'"-"• i """ 1 "" >-«ii«.i reservists are bcin«- called tn H™ ' Ul Ri:iv «;es were neici rociay at a ££ .^sssrcissj ^-^«~r-~ ^ 9 ra-x-'Su'"^ nvann n ,, a , . . , - • which seeks to force the suite an- S D ? ess sftici today - " Tt l * «• portlonment, beard to give Die county four representatives instead; of three on the basis of 1940 cen- .sus figures. .The second suit, according to Ainry. contains additional popn- 'p.tion statistics and will .strengthen the original suit. mmure thc should not ells- because the reservists are put- months ago. Services were conducted by the tier son at Number Nine and -"in the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. K. Latimcr, and family who resided here several years ago. " Besides Mr. Langston and Mrs. La timer, she is nlso survived'"by 36 1-8 j Brownsville, Tenn., Thursday night 'and does not b?ein another school , until Monday. Through the usual J cooperation and mutual assistance < that exists between Junior Cham- j bers of Commerce, the Os-eola i Chamber of which Fred Smith is president, was able to obtain the 1 I ^k f f _ LeaUS Off fo Vl * IV -" of Lease-Lend Bill i Mo-Kan-Ark District, was n visi- - f tor to the local Kiwanis Club this j week, appearing on thc program as the principal speaker. The Caruthersville club will be host club at the spring conference of the May Sept. May Sept- high low close 811-2 801-2 807-8 753-4 761-4 751-2 753-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 61 61 603-8 605-8 595-8 593-4 591-4 591-2 txvo men for one night. Mr. Whiting and Mr. Bailes will 1 take the hi»h points from the nro- i grams usually covered in the five- i } nights school and orerent them to i the Mississippi County audience j in the full evening. The program * i will be interspersed with a dra- I matic skit and audience participa- > tion features. . r Mr. Smith and Joe W. Rhodes. J : former president of the Jaycees I who took the week's full course L recently in Memphis, have sent * out special invitations to the citi- j "' zsns of Blytheville. Luxora. Keiser Wilson and adjacent areas to attend Friday night. In order to defray a part of the expenses of bringing Mr .Whiting and his assistants to Osceola there Kiwanis clubs in the twelfth cu- vision. „.,.. .v.o^^.wuo j ul; |jui,- Dnir tJ«..t«,. f ni i T-> • i ^ «"OW OUiViVCG OV on their uniforms to defend ! "M «« y f StcclL '- Bm ' ml was !«n°ther son. che Rev. H O LinE- the country." j at No. 9 Cemetery. sron of Greenville. Miss another •i Survivors th« wife, Mrs.[daughter, Mrs. J. C. WiteStt of ty C here and throughout the Balkans of the spanin? of the Postoffice To Close Blythevillc's postoffice will be closed all day tomorrow. Postmaster i rt nsw Ross Stevens said today. No moil' Calls lo thc colors, the putting Coats, No. 9. and Mary Col- j grandchildren U«.mod,h. pubHc aga.nstsp.e, T,,,, £%S?^™ JTS [^ 0 "'£, *^T^" ™* PpA-irTc Vir>>-n n.-.,i *i ••_ . /Aniline Wiilf,-,., v., ; . /•% • ^- ' »»iui,i.u, mi. <t 4 ld iVIIS. Co ns, Pulton. Ky.; a sister, Grace , Goronwy Poetz and Mr and Mrs Collins of Tennessee, and seven i Charles Langston are expected to Danube by German military pon-) grandchildren, toon bridges sent tension toward deliveries will be made. • of railroad and other workers unreason—it will br Wn*h i tler natlonal control, the rationing J"? ,. lt * l " b ° Wabh - of shoes and clothing and thc many ingtcns bitthdav. • rumors increased anxiety. ' fl ™p;; n e ral Ho ,,,c wns ln i;s ra thls " tem ™ from Ruie - charge. Saturday Is Holiday Pampered Toto In An Ugly Mood For Wedding SARASOTA. Fla.. Feb. 21 /UP) ( Tcto. the pampered pat from; photograph the meeting. *^t'«i%'\n rt v-i* 111 rt. *4 ^A*-|^.. ff+*+ I\A»: ^ . *~ mcn W0ulcl not be nllowed to I> aint made , and only In I Blythevlltc banks will be open i from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, ! officials of both the First Natlonal Bank and Farmers Bank and Trust Co. decided today. George Washington's birthday falls on Saturday and Is a legal holiday, but local institutions will Havana, arrived today wedding with for her It will be held behind a can- i ugly self again, vas shield, out beyond the machine i Preparations for •tlie last, few days has he been his i observe regular banking hours in order to accommodate heavy Sat- the wedding urday business. in to town shortly voyage trip from Port Everglades. Toto. stood the trip well, except fh e for being seasick twice and an-' even if noyed at imprisonment for the, was ah 1 - w ...,,, first time since infancy. Details of OOQ irkecThe" H\^ d sch!ddSi ain for 5 S £ Cr V? iu ** m ™« «*en *e massive steel it v\ rto oCIicv-iU 4CQ I Oi o tr , JLVl, Governor Will Talk At Dinner For Spencer be all rlsht," said Richard j HOPE, Ark. (UP)—Lloyd Gargantua's keeper, "when | cer, recently appointed United in a cage,, he fiinds out we got a nice bride! States Senator, will be honored with i !«!? S g ' ! f °L him /' i a stage dinner here next Tuesday. dcostS20,-| But Jose Tomas, Toto's Spanish; Governor Homer Adkins will m an 'keeper, wasn't so sure. i speak at the dinner, which Is spon- "M«ybe." said Tomas in Span- j and glass compartment rolled into i s h. for he speaks no v^.-.-v^.us vu w^csjoia tnere A tough man in ^«u^* • i i j I —j . , , ' w; " l ft quarters, uargantua. oinea "Mavbe hp no !<kf> " ^.rcLsn^fo^ ^Sr s --cS K^s^^^^^^^^ss^ •School of Human Relations and the lease-lend * ""'" °' SPMIncr f« KToTi- X7"^>«I. i_ «_i. ' ., i^nu *.ke Toto; and may- elllng in New York, is the author of the popular book,; "How to Win Friends and Influence People," bill to aid Britain chose, the Missounan to .make, the first speech-in their [other through the glass that will i separate them. The cereniqny will be strictly private, except for reporters and photographers. Officials said news-. ! brute that breathes" was In an even i In that case, Mrs. E. Kenneth 'uglier mood. The 600-pound "bride- | Hoy t, who raised Toto from a two- groom" spent several days in the paint shop while his cage was being repainted and decorated. The months-old baby, had an option to take her back to Havana and -let Gargantua go his -ugly way. sored by the Hope Chamber of Commerce. Spencer was named by the governor to fill the imexplred term of Senator John E. Miller, who will become a federal district judge in western Arkansas. Talks On Cotton Picking Contest Prospects for the 1941 National Cotton Picking Contest were discussed by Crafton at the luncheon meeting of the Kiwants -lub Wednesday at the Hotel Noble. He also spoke on the proposal for consideration by the American Ugiou to sponsor the ball club hi the Northeast Arkansas League. Although assuming no financial responsibility, the Kiwanis club indicated that it would support the proposal. The negro Boy Scout troop which was recently organised and with which the club is identified, was discussed by Percy Wright"' U. S. WEATHER FORECAST In obedience to the wiU of its founder, Girard College, in Philadelphia, admits only poor orphans. BLYTHEVTLLE — Partly Ciouo> and continued cold tonight and Saturday. Lowest tonieht 23. MEr.rPITIS—Fair tonight. Saturday increasing cloudiness and not' much change in temperature. . est tonight 32. Highest Saturday 46. "'.••-.^ ARKANSAS— Partly cloudy. Coil, tinued cold tonight and Saturday..

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