The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1934
Page 2
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COUBIEB NEWS ' v Social Calendar •. ".-. : MONDAY'S EVENTS . Clrele «[ the 'Woman's Mitsion- ary uhjon of First Bsptut church: 1, tin. C. .E. Park son Ea«l Cherry;- '»'; MTB. John W. Meyer on Kentucky; 3, it church. Mr. anil Mrs. Clyde Howcll, 123 E.; Vine street, lisve announced the birth July 5 of n son, William Lewis. . ' • » , * '• Frtibflcrian Vounf Pt*l4c to Meet Sunday. •The young people of the Hrst Presbyterian church will meel ut the church Sunday evening, 6:45 o'clock, for a program on "Controlling Happiness." Miss Mabel 61• mon, leader, will use Phllipplan 4:* to 13 and 10th verses. » i « Has Birthday P.-irly. Eighteen boys and girls helped Charles Henderson, son of Mr. tad Mrs. Doyle Henderson, celebrate his fourth birthday Monday afternoon. After games (hey were served Ice cream and cake and given red balloons as favors. Bits oj Nctcs Mostly Personal RENUNCIATION . ' By Htkn WtUblrir MY feet »ill never ilray », (kdr God, N'OI ever, llionsli llw moon Is over-Illicit Aciiui llic counlrr|uqr, 9ml I ilull lien- Him I luxe Imul IntroMing in Ihr [,l t l,l. ,. -^ 'i t ~ TM1IS Is my placo, anil I shall tieur go To !*ck llic .'iJirillK 1)1:1! I IIBVC kr.oun \\illi FlillP. I Havi; 3 row of ta\ki You've flivtn me, Kiml, ^cnltc laits, not any of Ilirm Hrlm. '/. OW I >>!ijl] lake Fm l.Kvis fiom iny li^s. Norwfii li;v&nilc anil rrarh lo loiuli liis iLainl. I'll L'lo^c my c.u* lo HIUT Mifnll singing xsmilv. . . So sued thcyucicl ItarGuif, ulav: umlciilaiiJ! John F. Lentl has returned from a business trip to Little Hock. Mrs. John McFarland. of Cs- ruthersvllle, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lentl Thursday. | Mrs, Charles F. Wood has gone to Dyersburg a:d Memphis for a ten days vacation. tvjrs. Sterling Wood has gone to Wtlnut Ridge where she nas joined Mr. Wood, and will make her home. Their daughter has been visiting her father for several months. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Redman h&ve returned from a Iwo days stay in Memphis. Mrs. E. F. Blomcyer and sons, Gerald and Lloyd, and Mrs. Blomeyer's father, Frank Smoot, of IJlbourn, Mo., spent Wednesday in Marked Tree. Mr. 'and Mrs. Husseil Phillips i and children, and K.'F. Klrshner will leave' Wednesday for Frankfort; ilich., along, wltli Mr., and ' " slnll plot llic ihy»illi bAsVou . I'll u?lk Your i»Mli nor ever lurn 1 promise You my feet will ncvcl »liay— Hut pkaw. dear (iod, be faliciU uilli my kcjill It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Let Babies Be SeJl'-Rcliaul Mrs. Everttt'B. , son. They . will spend, their vacation there. joining Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morso «ld family and the Klrshmr fntnily. ' Charjes Afnick jr., has returned froiri Helena where he visited Jlm- injt Tanner' for several weeks. Mr. ' and. Mrs. Z. Jledel have return*' from a vacation spent in Portagsville aiKl other points ol Mlseouri. Mrs. J. E. Whltwqrth, who has keen quite ill for ff\»ra| days, ;s slightly better. Mr. arid Mrs. Harry Kirby ' are •pending ten days in Chicago. Mrs. H. McKay, who has been a patient at the St. Joseph hospital of Mem phi i lor the past two weeks, was brought home Thursday, ing. She is rapidly Improv- O. P. Moss, of Jonesboro. motored over last night for Mrs. Moss who has been visiting r. and Mis. J. A. Leech for several days. P. D. Underwood, of Uttle Rock. Is attending to business and visit- Ing relatives here. Miss Lorena Bellinger, of Chicago, who has been visiting relatives in Oran, Mo., will arrive tomorrow for a brief stay with Miss Mary Emma Hood nntt other friends. She formerly resided here. Miss Peggy McKeel Is in Oennl- son, Texas, for three weeks visli .with school friends. Mrs. Alfred S. Harn-ell and children have gone to Brownsville, Tenn., for a visit. They probably return here to make their home . Mr. and Nfrs. w. B. Tanner anrt son, Jimmi?, of Helena, are gussts of Mrs. Tanner's mother, Mrs. T. J. Mahan. for the weekend. Miss Mary Blanche Gay and Miss Ruth Butt have gone to St Louis to visit Misses Virginia McCall, who formerly lived hsre, and Jane Davis, who attended Sophia JJewcomb with Miss Butt. They plan to return home Tuesday, Mrs. Johr\ L. Finley, accompanied by Mr. Finley's mother of Memphis, have gone lo Shreveport. La., for a visit. W. A. Dowell jr. will spend the weekend at Walnut RWg;. John L. Finley attended to bus• inea in Little Rock yesterday. .'•Mr.. and Mrs. Doyle Henderson haye u their guests Mr. Henderson's mother, Mrs. C. C. Henilcr- son, her brother, George, and Mrs. .George Henderson^ of Bells. Tenn. who arrived yesterday. •Wilson'and George Henry were called to Memphis today by the critical Illness of their mother, Mrs. Hugh Henry, who is at the Baptist hospital. Mr. ant} Mrs. B. L. BaunihoK and children, Billy and Ora Frances, of St. Louis, spent several days recently with Mrs. Baum: hofTs parents, Mr. and M>s. W. D. McKinrUes, at Steele. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Baumhoff formerly lived at Statie. ; There Is one thirst] which 1 would like to say to young par- inLr. do not look for trouble. Trou- ole will come sometimes, a baby will -be sick nnO you should be quick to notice any of the which mean real illness, but of tile children whom T know who nre 111 most of the lima ure those wrapped around in cotton wool. 1 nlwiiys remember with Joy a story of some poor little rich children who went into the street accompanied by two nurses and who were never allowed if they dropped a toy on the floor, of their nursery to pick 11 up again, for fenr they might acquire berms. Some one passing them on the 5lreet 6ne dv sn their nurse talk- Ing to the poiicvinan and these carefully guarded darlings \vjro licking a line along Ihe stone building,' acquiring probably more germs than they had ever encountered In their lives beforel Fear is a bad tiling ni all limes and should be cliinlnnled from I our lives us much ns iwsstble. Tin; nlmosphere created by the people nround little children will react very quickly on them and so remember if you nrc bringing up n baby thai 11 Is important for you to wulch your own discipline. You must not lose your temper if your b;iby is to be gooU-lcmpci<?il Jiid placid. There Is much truth In some of llic time-worn jokes. In very truth a child does bring up not only liis father but his mother too. I would like to emphasize ngaln the value lo the mother anrt father as well as lo Hie child, of mothers caring for their own children at least, at some period of their lives. because she knows that when her baby is born, she is going- to have to take care of it lierfelf. Even when the circumstances of Ihe parents nllow them to 'have a nurse, they lose much of the joy if -they do not tlie'mselves do everything for the baby. Besides,^ the average young mother and father are timid nnd willing to rely en tlic Judgment of somebody more experienced. It is In order to get over this Idea and develop htelr own' self-reliance as far as the children are concerned that 1 would urge them to accept this responsibility without any outside assistance. However, if the mo'Mer has to work us well as the iither and economic necessity maljes It advisable for her to provide some one to look after her child, that per- con should be chosen with extreme care. If it is a neighbor, be sure that she has the qualities of mind and heart anrt intelligence which will make it possible for lier lo to bring up your baby in the way on would rto It yourscjf. And remember how vitally important are Ihose first years and that, the qualities of the person coming in close contact with your child make mi Indelible Impression on that child's mind. Every clilld should have periodic examinations by a doctor In order lo make sure lhal lie is kept In good health. The same general rules apply to liis children as to ndulis but they must have more air. more sleep, better food more carefully chosen and carefully cooked, and n greater amount of exercise. NEXT: Fconomliinc Wisely. CHRISTIAN (SCIENCE SOCIETV ''Life" Is Ihe subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be read In tlic Christian Science service Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is, "As Hie Father hath life In himself; so hath he given to the Son to havi lile In himself" (Jon 5:J6). Among the citations from the Dlblc Is the lollovdng: "i call heaven anil earth to record this day against you, that I hive set telore you lite anrt death, blessing ami cursing; therefore choose life that both thoii and thy seed may live" i Deuteronomy 30:19). The Lesson-Sermon will also Include passages from, the Chrlslia Selene ek'xlbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip tures," by Mary Baker 'Eddy, on of which reads, "Because aufe is God, Life must, be elernal, self-ex Ulent. Life is the everlasting 1 AM, the Being who was and is am shall be, whom nothing can 1 erase 1 (page 389230). A Christian Science broadcast i: given each Wednesday at 10-31 a.m. over KLCN. I'IRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. J. /i Holley, Slipt. \ Prwching service. 11 a.m. Tlv Rev. Alfred Carpenter, ol Llttii llock. li. Y. p. u., 6:45 p.m. Miss I Wllholm. director. Teachers' 7:SO p.m. Prayer Service. 8:00 p.m. FJKST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH S. H. Salmon,' raster • • 9:45 n. m., Sunday Churc: School, S. E. Vail, Supt. 1HWI a. m., Morning Worship Sermon topic: "Man's One Vlli Necessity." 7:00 p. m.. Young-Pcople-of-thc Church meeting, program led b Miss Mabel Simon. 8:00 p. m.. Evening Worship termon topic: "The Power of Go Over the Mightiest Men." LAKE STREET METHODIST Corner Lake and Johnson 815. W. J. URoy, FiiCf . Meeling, Wedne.wlaj Anna Roosevelt Dall Spends Lite Shattering Precedents URoy, Sunday Schopl, 9:45 a m Preaching, 10:45 a., m. ' The Rev. Harold Nance . fron. Doniphan, Mo., will preach «t this horn. This young preacher has been pastor of the First Methodise Church at Doniphan for three years. He will »iso preach at the evening hour, 8:00 o'clock. The Young Peojle's Division of the church will have charge of the program at this hour. Every member Is urged to attend these services and, visitors are cordially invited and welcomed tike brother, like sister ... . Anna Roosevelt 1)«1] and her favoril brother, Elliott, it, a recent picture. • • • « • . President's Daughter Learned Early to "Think for Herself A President's daughter derks BV MAJBV MAROARFT McBRID precedent ajid bnres headlines by! NE.4. Service Staff Writer sfeklnj a divorce while, as a: As far off the beaten tract i member, of the .nation'^ first f am-she could get, remote from r ily, she Is In the public eye . ... porters and news cameras. Ann l'>pkal fa;this erf the Inilepend- Roosevelt Dall has spen SATURDAY. JULY 2}, JM4 «1 * ' ii' * * tie. But It's nothing new to Ant. ShiMerlng pr.w«lenUi is scme- Ong sh« his been doing all her fe. Hardly ever In her twenty- Sht yeirs has this typical Roou- elt woman done ^the expected. Mid now, a nation waits to see ft»t the will do qextr, . Perhaps the most dlHlc'ujt deci- on the ti(|h-splrlted, q'l'ckthink- f glr) ever h»d to m-jke and the ine over which she hesitated long*, according to dc*? friends, w:is sis which concerned trie legal nd to her marrUgc with Cm Us all, New York brckjr. Elliott Favorite Bmlicr Anna's affection for her falher nd her great loyalty to him were t the root of her indecision. She ealized fully that upon her as aughter of the president of the nitod States would be turned the yes of the world the instant the ade a move toward Reno. She new, too. that some citizens would ievitably disapprove. And so, liile she was personally convinced the Tightness of her step, she aited because she couldn't bear have her father criticized tor er act. At the lime of her brother Elott's divorce and quick remar- age, Anna's intimates were aware at she was unhappy on the .__.. residents account and that with sometimes to emphasize her icprl- stomary candor, she said so (o "'ands. When they grew olrt-r liott, favorite brother though he £ne substituted moral suasion ' ad always been, " Nevertheless, sne went West and w him through his second mar- youtb the blue-eytd, gg$tp.ha|r«d Anna gleefully relates heneU, On* of her best stories is about the time she waylaid toijls Howe, her father's confidential secretary and her great friend, on the stalri a'nd, seizing him by the feet. Cowriesd Mm all the way down tlw iteps. She had just overheard bin virtuously reporting one of her misdemeanors to her mother and, tnis was for revenge, Another time— and this, too, is her own U|s—ne led her brothers |n t vendetta against the family butler b o[ a real or fancied wrong. •flol Is Foiled As a crowning piece of revenge, the terrible tribe one night stole the butler's shoes and filled them wit inincc meat irom the cook's holiday store. History does not lecord what the butler did in reprisal but Cook, for whom the children hud a wholesome awe', discovered the theft of the mince meal and chased Anna all around (he garden to administer punishment. It was a happy life [hat the little Roosevelts led, though it must not be supposed that their many naughtinesses went unpunished, inelr mother was the family disciplinarian. When her cliildreM were little, she spanked them age, Elanding by staunchly as always had. in the family e two are known as a team nd anything is likely to happen hen they get together. Not loni! ago at a White House arty, an entire roomful of guests topped dancing to watch tin. rother and sister execute an in- ricate whirl together. Their steps natch perfectly and so do ihei ninds. Bolh arc independent inick lo make decisions, full o 'iiergy and life. Ring Leader in Pranks Oldest of the Roosevelt children Anna never let the fact that sh lad been born the only girl i he family keep her out of any fun that was going on. In fact, f the stories that the family and friends tell are accurate, she was generally rir.g leader in pranks and mischief. Because she could never take a dare and was acutely miserable it one of the boys or their playmates had done anything she had not tried, she spent most of her childhood nursing scratches, cuts sprains, on one occasion even broken ankle, acquired by trying climb higher than the coach- two [man's boy. In short, she was u tomboy and has grown up into a Self-Thlhki nr stressed One principle wa» always stressed m their training, however-thai ' f , C , . mU , St leam to thlnk for himself. And so today while the senior Rowevelts are always ready with rlni/sr. ,r-K^» ;i t . «~«j n i\ii -vice when it te asked for U\" efuse to make up iheir children's ninds lor them. Perhaps that very fact intensi- - fced Anna's problem when she came to think of divorce All »\ life she had been allowed unusual freedom of thought ana decision Now llic mother of two children' she is experienced and mature enoiieh lo realize what she owes her parents for thnl precious nriv^- ilege. And (he wish to pay h ? r debt fairly may have kept her own inclinations in check. The same sense of loyally and gratitude will undoubtedly influence her whatever her next move may be NEXT: Anna Koosevelt armtrelte-politician. Special Vacation Accident Policy Principal sum ?5,000 Medical and hospital attention up to ?i,000 COSTS ONLY ?5 Phone 797 for full details CaudilFs Agency- Let every one attend NAZARKNE preferably during the first year. ! (Copyright. 1933. by Anna Eleanor Of course, (his Is advice which I nooscvclt: distributed by United the average woman docs not need " • _...-. church Sunday. CHURCH EupUa V. Beasley, Fajtor ^Sunday school, 9:45. E. L. Evans, Morning Worship. 11:00 sermon subject, "A Better Counl' Evening service 7:>j5 p m 5er mon subject "Where Help May Be Found In a Day of Trouble." FIRST METHODIST CHURCH «. V. Womack, P«tor fhc pastor will preach both morning and evenln g , orn Church School 9:45 a m Epworth Leagues 7:15 p. m , Hornersville Society — Personal Feature Syndicate, Inc.} I have returned to their home in Atlanta. Ga.. alter visiting relatives and friends here. U. S. Griffith was a business visitor In Gideon, Mo., Wednesday. U. S. Griffith and son, Sammy, were on business in Cairo. 111., Monday. Dernice Fox nud James Wright [ ML. and Mrs. II. t,. King and Manila Society — Personal field lEft the first nt tlic week for l.H- i children are spending n few days | tie Rock where they will spend; in Batcsvlllc. Ark. They are the thirty days in C. M. T. C. camp. | guests of Mr. and Mrs Ed Hines Mrs. W. E. Brown and daughter,; S. G. Lockhart of Dermott 11- Theda, of St. Louis, are visiting'quIdiUln; agent for banks of (°_ rmcr ' s Drothc;i ' 6 > Ssin and. Monetle. Osceola, Leachville, and ' ; Manila, was a business vlsllor here Hotptial Notes .: Adm*ted/to Uw BIythevllle fiospHal: WUbum Brown, Cooler, Mo., IMrtnMt.-Dbmjtwd:' l(n>. Sam Bailey, Hemoodak, Mo.; Mrs. w. Deertaf, Mo., and Tonur, Static, Uo. Bob Lane. Mr. and Mrs. H. Margolin and;Monday, daughter. Lillian, and son. Charles, j Guy and Burl iicHenry Miss Wonna Mac Blanton of Luray, Tenn.. is here for a v with her uncle, c. F. Kirkm and Mrs. Klrkman. Paul Ray has come, from Spri...- Jld for an Indefinite stay with Ms parents. Mr. and Mrs. T . A Rev. and Mrs. c N Gainson, Lloyd, left Monday (or'a Two weeks outing on Little Blac ! in Duller county. Mr. and Mrs. E. Collins and children ond Mr. and Mrs j.inj* Meyers, ot Uaynes City, Fla ar, '!:'f, d ^°' ld ?L tor a '«* lays visit of T-.'lsa. Okla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Borowsky. Mrs. Bliedd Bunch and sons. Ansel and Ralph, of Luxora, vlbited relatives here Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leccy Harrison and children,, of Granite City. 111., are guests of Mr. ond Mrs. George Worlliam. • , Mrs. Edgar Hutton and children „,„, .„„,,„„„ arc visiting with Iwr parents, Dr. I phis for sen-ice with the , . and Mrs. fl. H. Ray, in Enrle thtsi cincers. Rice A. Johnson returned Sunday from Little Rock. They-had been in the national guard camp there for two weeks. Claude Sanderson, who has been working for John Benson for a few moiitlis. has accepted an appointment with the, war department as a molorboat driver. He Wcdncs<l . R y morning for Mem- army en- Mrs. T. n. Kiniolving returned and Sunday from a two weeli ™w C. \V. Tipton was a business , . Miss Ethel Barcroft relurned -to visitor in Memphis Tuesday her In MemplUs Tuesday Carl Newton and Benny 1 after, a few weeks visit witli Mr. Mrs. Jiin Darcroft. , Benny Fcnd- ler were business visitors in OECC- ola Monday. Mrs. R. w. Stockard of Scmluolc, Morris Frankcl, of New Madrid <?kla., is visiting her sister, Mrs.ivras a business vLiitor here Tues- L. E. Mobley. | day. Mrs. Floyd Horner and sen, Max] Mr. and Mrs. James Brewer cf Lewis, . and Mrs. Johnnie Horner] Cardwell, Mo., were the guests of arc visiting relatives In Trimble, ' Dr, and Mrs. II. D. Robinson Tenn. „ i Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. O. H. Cole and' — - Uttle daughter, Jackie Lavonc,! Read Courier NC-JS Want Ads. with Hatcher. the ladles brofher.""Vernon children in a Nevada woods cabin sturdy athletic young woman who H«iT Margaret McBride dtwribes No president's daughter ever did swims, skis and plays tennis ex- n i series of three arliclts. Here I such a thing before. Here is pre- Some of the escapades of her Home Economic Demonstration FOOD SHOW FROZEN SALADS FROZEN DESSERTS PARTY MENUS Smart Food Purchasing for Summer-Time Meals By with her Hill, at Cape Glr'ardeaiT Mm"' o nd , Mrs ' Clj ' de H! ^s 01 Lie Rock spent, [he earlv part of this week with Mrs. c F" Kirkman • - ' *"i ^ of - - \Vednealay for Jeffer Jr. citv Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hov and . . Mrs. Dave Egbert wer vwior, in Memphis Wo.nes- Ad«. DELICIOUS Hot Wtather Specials Served Dailv BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPB Frlces Rea»nal>le Prominent Home Economist of the Frigidaire Corporation, Dayton, Ohio Be Our Guests,At This Wonderful Demonstration BRING YOUR FRIENDS! MONDAY, JULY 23 Afternoon, 2:30 Night, 7:30 TUESDAY, JULY 2>l Afternoon, 2:30 Night, 7:30 Free Refreshments Everett B. Gee Sales Co. Free Prizes -and— Gifts FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS Next Door to Ark-Mo Power Co. t

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