Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 13, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1942
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The feather Warmer Tonight, Circulating In If It's Nev^s Can Find It In The NEWS Beacon Falls Bethany - Bristol /T.errace Cotton Hollow- ^ MillviJle Platts Mills Straitsville Union City ^Wj&B. NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, JULY 13, 1942 Price Three Gents Russians Hour Of Their Struggle IRE L. CALLAHAN AT NATIONAL CONVENTION uproionts iodgo Naug atuckf HOUSEWIVES in Nebraska, NX h.-iii, Jr., k „ ire, NO. urn, i». «. .i ."•<"•»• 1 ", Nob., 11 ' ^Mnllvo of the ASKED TO KEEP PRICES DOWN General View of Saboteur Trial Courtroom I 1 tin- ord.'i'. Mr. ""iS ''! ' Hl V r,<rmlMK ttiul tlf ll|llu -.,:\v,...k. a* Iho H< . Wf "I™ ll! ' ,,r Mm gala trap- ..-.H.V "HU'k thn im"I' KlkH from -ill , n < " ;' K ,ou.,lry a.ul HM altoml- »r MH.-IS hHd lo a low IMg- '^'^ vith »»« P0l»«y u( , (1 \vn,MM'i.| !«. oni'l-i travel, will iMMl.-votod to plans ,,.'s riirthi-r and in- M.» war oflgrt, liil'Ml for Porllaml, to nftor NVallnr h. oiilbr>-nk "f wa. •lernont, ">m;ih,i buslni'ss man, who I lUl of thu nniaha KIks Clon- vontK'ii i^i't'iiiMiiun said, "Omaha \vi.4 xra»l"tl HID ln'iior of playlnw Inwi'lo Hi" 'ir.iiid lAidgo -of Klks MMIHC nf I'- 1 * ''''"tr.'il lonaMon and (willlii'.-* I" atlo»in.ilfly .handle HUdli MI Impoi' mdhi-rliiK. ^'11 would hw In-cii n-ady lo cu lor tain addl- on ernment July -111— (UP)— Tim gov- IH asking h-ousowlves to keep Mio 'cost of living down. Tho Now KnKlaiul 0-P-A Office Is lluillMK ft million cards 'foorir- the pledge: "I will nol. buy uhovo milllntf" ' And housc- wlvus ni'O uakoil lo \yoai 1 the oards hi u •Iwll.lfl iiKalM-st inl'hnblon. Sam-; plOH of the cards arc 'being sent to Washington for consideration as. a imtltni-wlrlo program. ......... "»*» - FATAL PLANK ('.HASH , S, C,, July 3— (UP) A board of .Inquiry Is investigating thn. I'hlrd fatal 'air nooldonl n.t Mio Spartaivbui-g air -bnan In a -\vook. Second Lieutenant Wayne Moslicr, of. Lawton, Oklahoma, was killed' yoslordny .when his, piano gal out of conlrol and -crashed. OKA I) AT 04 St. Johns-bury, VI,., July 13— (UP) —The Kitato oommaudor of I ho G-Al\ Is (load. Glwi'loH A. Heyer died at a hospital just three works aflor iio was uloulod Iho IKHU! of tho Vermont department far Iho fifth time. T,b(3 death of Iho M -year-old vol- fM'ftn who was a native of Mutta- polsoll, Mails., IPII.VOH only ifcwo GA-U lunmboi'H In Vormont. Late News Bulletins U. S/Ariny'S"if;naI Corps IMiolo. . This is n fjonoral view of tho eourl room in lire Department, of.lustier,• liiiflilino in Washington, I). C., wliorc isillhl !\«r/i saboteurs are. (m trial. Prosecution Is at la l>le,Oiijht), defense at.left.-. Seated .hi the rear are mem hers of Ihc military eommission, They are, left- to, ri» hf:Hntf. Gen. .lolin- T. -Lewis, Mnj; (Jen. Lorenzo D. GJWSOI'' IWnj','fieri Waller : S, JRriini, Mnj. fJen; I'Ynnk H. McCoy, iiresidenl. of Hie commission; Mnj: Gen. Wanton \Vinsliip. (Jen. (Juy V/'Heni-y nnd <«(5i), tloJiji T. Henry. IS MENTIGNED FOR LIEUT^GOVERNOR NOMINATED BY \YnsliiiiKtoii, July 13 — (UP) —- President .Roosevelt has imminati'd William L, (''layIon to be tile new nssist- ant.s<'fivl«ry til' commerce, Glayton at present is a special ^i.sf/i/iMo Scc.rctary oi. 1 Oominorco Jesse Jones; He will mccwd K'oluM 1 ! ITtnekloy, who has resigned, LIVESTOOK"HANDLEIIS STRIKE Knsl SI, Louis, Illinois, July 13— ("UP)— Trading at llu» ln'jc I'lani St, Louis stockyards has been paraly/ed by nslriki" of livrslook handlers and butcher workmen. The *triki- was i-jillfcl just hot'oro the market was due to open iWn hnsy Monday sessuMi, The strikers say they walked out I'prmisi' ol' a deadlock in negotiations Cor a wage in- cn-axc. Almui Li5,0()0 hogs, cattle, and sheep arc tied up in tin.' viii'ik NEW ILING PRI'OES loii, July 'IK— (IfP)— The o(Tico o[ ' ^ )rico ad " (odny ostahiishcd coilin.i; 1 prices on more 700 ilcniM uiado from cotton, Tho new quotations U> OFF TO ATTACK Undo,!, July ;|;j—.fUP)—»Squadron8 of 1?AF (igbters ^!liK}il<.r.l,(,inhors roarocl over the English Channel this ^•Pinion in the direction of Boulogne, It was believed % WITI-en 1-011(0 to attack inland targets. TOBRUK ATTACKED dun,, ,|,,ly ;|3— (UP)— A Koynl Air Force com- i'|iH' n-poris (hat Allied bombers bave libnvily nt- 1 ^'«l (he Axis IIUHO ol. 1 Tobni'k starting 1 fires and caus- Local Mian Copfisrring > ,,With Republican Leaders in Hartford The voters of ns 1.1'ipso in thn fli:th district and. -In', ihn anxiously awaiting a noun oo i n o n t fr o m Cl n gi :JQ- • "Yinin" 4 ivurcTl^lv DV I?Dt ARE ARRESTED BY FBI Charged with Giving: Assistance to Members of Nazi Sabotage Gang. ; 1! °j!Ji jLJJgP 1 ' 1 - i^~ H**J1_-. sonh I'l, TalhoL, of NnugnUiok, as to 'his decision on will suck In tho elections In, November. \ ,- Tulbot, has slatort repeatedly Unit li'o will await tho .call of tho Republican loaders -in Connecticut • Washington, July la FBI has arrested \h -persons .whd are sold to have, acted, as contacts and assisted--- the •••'•olgli t Na/J : saiio- l-ours wlm I'hndod'.-in this country by submarine. ''•!'; ' The announcement of the "ari-'esls was made by Attorney General l?id- dlo a.s tho 'military 'i;ri : al ; .of ; the saboteurs -entorcd Its fifth day. 'Among liiosn arrester.! were ''Mr. arid Mrs, Jiaii.s l-la|ipt, of Chicago,; : tho -par- 'onIs of one of the defendants,; Hcr- berl '-1-lniip.t. . Another ,\yas'-: Mrs. . Maria Kor 1 ing, wifc of ;"• the leader oMho.sabotage gang. \'. : , V;;"-."••;..•' 'IMxu'Q .wore, six .women- among ;(,hc so-called contacts. All. of tliem have l).qen arrested during, the past three weeks. • • . Tho- others.taken Into custody, are JI o I hi u t 'Lo) nor, o C • As toi.-ia, ;! New York;" Antho'n'y.•'Grhm'or, of-..,New Voi-k city; ^'fi'ss Hedwig Engeimann, p'f NCAV York city; JJermnnh- Fajc, 'of'Astoria; Rrnost KcrUh' 1 qf,.' York city; MVi and ; Mrs.'-"Marry Jaqucs of Ghloiigo; Mr 1 , and Mrs Otlo Worgin, of Chicago, nnd jMr. and Mrs. Walter"Prochllng,. pi! Ghi- Many Naugatuck Stores Will Close J ; ; ^Tuesday at Nqon — o tomorrow, July 14.; most oi' v tlie sEfti-cs m Nniifia-.. < tuck win close, at. 12:30. o'clock 'noon for the Clerkis' Half Hdli- 'day, which- Kns; 4.M-°n observed lM*re for several years past. The stores wi I rcl<)S(f at 12:90. each. Tuesffiiy for ;tiie remainder of the summer months. " (Conthuiod on, Pftgo .^f. g ^ l j_ Rdfinr Hoover, - tlio head ,of the F13J, says tho• soiirch for more con- 1,,-ir.ts is -con.tlniiint?. . ITo says those arrested were'the first-persons' contacted by the Oos- l.apo-lrained snbotcurs when they landed on the Long Island aiuM'lor- !rh n.nnsls. They allegedly save shollci' to tho saboteurs, and one b'ought uu nuloniobilc In which (Continued on Page Two) MALLEABLE IRON Among the patents .issued by the U:'- : -S.; Patent omcc at Washington :nn(l.,^»0imcod today by tlje oftlce oC; Ba'i ; old'Vo. ; Manning, Waterbury ''•jfa'leiit, attorney, for Boy C, ^chilliii^^ol; fWilminslbri,; Del-. ; H calls for /two, patents on a bracket and wns: v assigned to the Eastern MaMlcable' Iron Go.'.of NruigiUuck. • Spade If sed by Nazi Saboteurs *~^ ~ . _ •!_..: ^tmm n irr'f NORWEGIAN SHIP TORPEDOED uly 13— (UP)— A small Norwegian ' ' 'csycl IIMH Ijooii torpedoed in tho Cluir of Mexico. s nrviv(,i-s havo h(u m landotl at a Gulf coast port. the p' oll(l I'-lxmi al-iuck announced'.by tho navy today. PITCHER HANYZEWSKI OPTIONED Chicnu-o, July 1,V-(UP)— Tho 1 "Oluoago Cubs have ^HMlViirho,: i<)d Hariy/owHki - to tho Milwuikpo Br(1 \vcrs or |.| lo Amoriean Assoointion, The_.Bi;ui»s J! 1 ^ 1 '! "P ihc 'Jl-vour hurlor from South Bend, Indiana, llll < "I'm.*. ilnnr/oNVHki wont to the majors v* ] ™™ f vri|>l '«viiii c sH-ii Horvioo in a minor longue, ITc appeareci IIU(<V|t1 '^ tfiuics for tho Cubs thin yeai' and had u.reoora 01 ""<' vicforv with no loHaos-, FBI WILL nivESTiaATE , KiiiKHlc,.,, Ni, w York, ,>nly 18—(Ui J )-^t» te P o!ic ^ lav(t Nh-d in |iMVr agents to' investigate two men aiyi [^• W »HH.|I nrrcmlod in a raid at Pliooniqin, in the oa^ ' >o! i< 1 f 1 say they found a note refornng t^ a I Kdtrio i-iffos and arniifinnition in tho 1Vir Uio two couples, So far, tbey re n-niioy c-hargeR. Tho-prisoiiora are /H Vuiilura and Anno Gregory, all of New YoiK mi ^ ' J «,| m S(.,,|| y of -Hurley, N. Y. „; '* anr '" l5 ' '•" . Ollleial U. S. Army Sifliml fiui Mvroii'G^ciVniiiMV^ln^ie-A^vocnio the War Deportment, lines..„,,« iJiil Afieni; •••i.piiinnn.HlVo.Ht the'small shovel (Jn Cien. Cramer's hand) fh « a iiii'i'l of Mil; evldniici- in tlie'trial of Ijie rlfllit Nn/i snliolours., wni(I - '• (! «in(hicled Ijoforo a,s|i«5c!al milhary commission in Hie in Wushiiiijton, l>. C. f . rial DEATHS MCOWf. OVER WEEK-EM) Ilariford, July J3-(UP—The violent rtoalh loll in Gonneelicut over Ihc week-end stands ft I, seven—Iwo murders, two suicides and three drown ings.* The murders occurred al Hartford and Mrrlden. Angolo Snrafini of Bristol was strangled in tho Hart- fiord Nori/h Meadows, and John A. Butler of Sonthinglon was bludgeoned to death at Meridcn. - Police in bolh cltlos have had no success In discovering clues fo the s layers. ' The suicides occurred at, Bridgeport 1 and Hartford, and Ihe drown- Ings at Greenwich, Now Havon and Willimanlic. PRISONER WHO ESC APED CAUGHT Germans, Seeking To Capture Gale Way To The Caucasus, Put ^^t^r ^f^^B ^B' ^^^ . . ^J - ^ Crashing Weight On BROPHY ASKS Urges Every Citizen to Redouble \Efforts to B\iy War Savings Bonds and Stamps. Warden Leo . J. Brophy, today issued an appeal to the citizens of Naugatuck to give I/heir wlioleli carted support lo the 'local retail merchants on Friday,. July 4 .1V when the merchants group , will again make, a special- .effort lo. increase the sale of War Savings stamps and 'bonds here on "American Heroes Day" In conne'ctioim \yith 'the "Ite- laliersrKor-VIclory"' campaign. "American Heroes Day"- has been set aside to give every citizen of the United States nil" added 'opportunity to honor our brave boys who are fighting now on every' kaUlcfron t, are engaged in mortal-combat with .our enemy on the high seas and ni •the air and for 'those Who are in training to acquire thai;, .efficiency which will permit them to soon take their places in active lighting against those who would destroy 'our beloved country and all others that are making' the supreme.; effort for democracy, .peace and freedom. "On Friday, July 17, Naugatuck will again demonstrate, to our Jboys 'in the service that^hey are behind ''-- Reds Take Heavy Toll of Nazis But Enemy Keeps Moving Forward. RUSSIAN FRONT ONLY ACTIVE MAJOE BATTLEGROUND TODAY / French Patriots Start to Celebrate Bastile Day With Anti-Nazi Violence* .WARDEN I:KO ,T. imoriiv MERCHANTSWILL AID WAR SAVINCS 'front and in .support of the flag .we all revere by, malting it the greatest one-day sale of war savings stamps and, bonds In. tho history of our community. •. (: "Out -there in .tlje field, in the air and on the waters our -protectors need tanks, guns, planes, warships and other equipment badly to bring us all ultimate victory. 1 urge every citizen of Naugalu-bk to redouble his efforts to. win this war oh "American Heroes Day." by purchasing, stamps and bonds in rccord- hrcaking numbers so that. our boys may have .the tools they need to finish the job." . ^ •;'. > . - • USING WJBBERTO New York, J-uly 13—(UP)~Tn the United States we ore'- using petroleum to make synthetic rubber. But the Dutch Radio>'in London says the Japanese arc using surplus rubber to make petroleum, . The radib quotes a Nazi correspondent just back from Japan to the .effect that all the Japanese conquests haven't eased 'her most pressing shortages—gasoline, and cotton. And Japan cannot .exploit her conquests for lack of the-proper equipment. Jaipan is trying .to use silk as a substitute for cotton—but she docs not -have enough .of it! - YOUNGG.O.P. OUTING TOMORROW The committee of i.he retail merchants of N:nifi-A!.uok who arc assisting in Iho "Retailors for Victory" "campaign for tho sale, of War Savings Bomis ami Stamps hold a meeting in the Gham'ber of Commerce office in the Neary nuiki- .jng i.liis morning at 0:30 and de- •cided to follow practically the same pla.n for the sale on Friday,..July 17, on,"American Heroes Day," as the one used July l«t w-licn Win retailers 1 drive started in the borough. The'locql merchanls will devote the enlire day on Friday to the sale of stamps and bonds and will ho assisted -hy. GiJ'l Scouts. - Girl Sco'uts will also assist in Mio campaign at the National xind Savings hanks. The church hells in the borough will ring at noon, to remind citizens that they are asked to make a special effont to buy additional stamps <md. bonds on "American Heroes Day." (Hy United Press) The Russians are approaching the critical hour ol' 'their struggle to, defend the • gate way to : "the Caucasus. The Germans are pouring in a crushing weight of fresh men and machines Into two major offensives —one now within 100-miles of Oit industrial cenler of Stalingrad, and the other about 100 miles from Ros- tov. Red army v artillery is • rcpprlod ; taking ;?i> enormous loll of "Nazis hy firing at point blank range—but the enemy keeps moving forward) At. Voronezh (yohd-o\vn T Nai//) some 75,000 German 'troop's with hundreds of tanks are reported -to have the Soviet defenders^ with their 'backs to the wall. But the Russians still hold the city and'are lighting back desperately. ! . On the Kalinin front, northwest of (Continued on Page ?ight) '' ' COW MADE BY ALLYN run NEW PLAN TO FORCE BRITAIN TO FREE INDIA PlnlnfleM, July 13 nor Hurley denies lh,-H he by a • political machine.' • 'The charge was made hy W. Klleryy Allyn, secr^iA^y of the Hcpublican State Ccntral^om- mittee. * , ' . ' . ^ "No political machine Is HJnniiig me, 11 «ald the governor. "I;Mve no such machine. Mr. Allyn Is someone who should know ;al)out political machines, as he wrts Wie lienchmun of ,1. Henry Hornback and should have learned by this lime,," Washington, 'July 13—(UP—Twcn- ty-five-year-olrt sTohn FJklunrt got a brief tnsl-e ""of freedom yosterdny. But itN likely 'to be his last for a long time. - , A jury hasS found him gullly of murder 5n tho second degree on a charge of, shooting a negro from amhush,in October of 10-iO. WhJlc tho jury , was considering its ver- dipt'Friday night,. Rklund escaped from" a prison yan^Tlo was re-cap- inrod ycs-lorday, and faces a sentence of 20 years io life. One of the largest gatherings of he Young Republicans of^New Haven county is'expected here tomor- 'ow, afternoon when, the Naugatuck ,\ub will sponsor a meeting and out- ng at Schi'ldgen's Grove on Ihe East Waterbury road. Cong. Joseph 13. Talbot, of Naugatuck, will be the uest of honor at the occasion and j other prominent members of the 0 0. •P. in the stale wiM attend. The ocruiting officers from the U.. S Marine station in Waterbury arc expected' to be present. Henry Sehilclgen,, 3rd, and Henry Zwick arc co-chai'rmen of the general committee arranging the out* ing. Other members of tlto i committee arc Henry Titley, Andy Anderson, John-Finsel, \Vllllam -Palnt- 'cr, Rudolph Anderson, and •' Lester Seiple. The refreshment committee .consists of Grace Woodfield, Helen Mai 1 . Wanda Anderson, Florence Painter. Agnes Finsel,' Marie Schildgen and Mary PloskK ^ ^ An average dewing machine contains enouglrcopper to meet the requirements of ten ' .30 caliber ./mar chine gun bullets;. New Delhi, July 3-(.IJP}— The All- India ' Congress party's working committee will accept Mohandas Sandhi's "Quit. India" movement formally today. The Nationalist committee has approved the plan for a mass movement of moral pressure to compel Britain to give In.dia full freedom at once. But the proposal will not be put into effect until next month when ihc full party meets in Bombay. Sources close i/o the committee insist that .the movement will 'be carried out .in such a • manner as not . to interfere with the <illied war effort. ' ' ' ' . FITZGERAIJ) v TO RUN AGAIN PlalnfleM, Conn., July 13—(Ml?) — 'Congressman William J. Fitzgerald of Ihe Third.'i.l.ional district, is a candidate Tor renomina- Uon and'rcelocMon. ' B u I, h e . says, ho wi 1) >Vi a ve, n o tlnic U) condu-ct a camjiaign because of Uic pressure of Washing- ion' 'business. "You are g'oing to do "my campaigning 1 ," 1 .Pitzgernld told supporters at a party rally. If foods boil dry in your, enameled utensils, add only warm water. Never heat porcelain enamel eel'pots and pans without some water in them. . ' WAR BEING PREDICTED , Woshington, July l.'J—(DP)—T\vo leading government 'official*-'"'warn thai, -Mils will 'be a long and - hard war 'hefore the Axis, is crushed. Senator Tydings of Maryland—In direet answer to ttepresentallve May's prcdicii-on of an early end l,o the war—says J944 'will i)c the •earlJest date for victory. Not until. •then, /Tydings "helieves, eaii the sledge hammer and trip hammer blows he administered.- And ICdgar Ansel Mowrer of the Offiee of War Information .eays victory lies more in the hands of the suhject people--of Europe than In the milHary superiority of. the Unile<l Nations. ' 'Mowrer . "-We- fcxrgct that'Europe .". .conl-ains more ; fully competent •human" heings, 111 o r e Industfial plants, more ship and air hullding^ facilities than the rest of the world together." lie adds "qnep the peoples of this region accept iVaxii'^vpremacy and cooperate with the Axis the Axis will he impregnable to assault." o Man Reported Missing Is At Mother's Home San Francisco, July J3-~(tJP)— The land can be a mighty confusing thing to a sailor,, ilut Cadet •James Moyes Knows IHe answer. Moycs was-.'•'rescued' -after a sinking last month. Afrtl lie was standing in his mother**}, kitchen when an. ofllcial communication from the navy arrived, u • Said the comjnuniquel, "Gftdcl .lames Moyes, United Stalfen nayal reserve, missing since .lul-y (>lh. M Said Moyes, "I'll go back toi sea." '."' . I : ;— , — 6

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