The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 1, 1954 · Page 4
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 4

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1954
Page 4
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BROOKLYN EAGLE, SAT , MAY 1, 1954 MOVIES Wild Western Teams Marilyn With Bob Mitchum at Roxy "River of No Return," outdoor action film, has Canadian Rockies background to provide f inrmaSonpIc splendor and a steady supply of dramatlr incidents. Better Iran avern. ' its type. Ky JAXE CORBY New York City may be short of water, but the Cinema-Scope icreetl at the Roxy is not. "River of No Return," which .surged in yesterday, is a picture almost continuously awash with a mad blue torrent on which and against which Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum for the arrow-slinging Indians on the high cliffs above the river. More hazards haunt them when they make brief excur- fi?ht for their lives. The pic-re. In Technicolor, was filmed 1 the Canadian Rockies, and le roughest stretches of the :a!igne. Bow and Snake In- i an livers provide the better; sions on land. Mitchum wres ;.a:-t of the barkgiound f..r this ties with a mountain lion at Vostern, which is picturesque. I one point, and at another with reVn'efulUt par,irular,y knife-wielding stranger who ' From start to finish, "River, a incy t0 -Marilyn. Mitral1 No Return" is both a Chase Pum also has a wrestling and a flight. Robert Mitchum. i mat('h wlth Mlss Monroe, who defends herself furiously, i twisting and turning with as 'much skill as the mountain aivFR of no MtTCTHH" PATRICIA MEDINA doesn't know it, but Karl Maiden is o mad scientist in this scene from "Phantom of the Rue Morgue," in 3-D and color ot the Brooklyn Fox Not all the picture is as; with "The Boy From Oklahoma " primitive as these epis"d"s ' I are a . mpo : .,irro..m nterhide-. at the ii'l. whh h . f iit on tai mip-j rhirin. the old rush .livs nf,lenI-,n hose plainti 1875, meets with a etback. He son. for th.! J,arfl and his young son, Tommy Rettig, rescue Rory Calhoun and Marilyn Monroe from a raft f Trucolor Tale oLthe Old West self well enough in a role that e raft offer the only; on'v rp1uires 7" act ike an fornia for many years. I A pursuit, and the take- 2gL22 2Lfi222,t to-, and the frequent p Even so, "River of turn" is a far cry from "How to Marry a Millionaire," the mi thp tili-hnlenl river .mil hv ' ",r""1-,,"l (m-iuie 111 Willi.. l wav of thanks Mitchum get M'lyn la,, displayed her tal-bopped on the head with the fn,s- ,Rlve'. s "ot really her . '. of a nt e .ii-ii h i- in . hoi -e ' ."" .nolen by Calhoun. The river and the ".. ,',.,.. ,,.,.,u... 'n the untamed wilderness -es Indians lurking. He bun- . vfs throufh hls!gest that di Hes Marilvn and the hov on cn wit.h hl- eas7j man Kane wi the raft and the race for life apl and Rory Calhoun is h th begins. ; PrP. " tnp C.fZ 0 ' netful of the Varied Complications I ?, u:- ': ,v,uns into m The complications are ashling aci'oss the Roxy's pert.KiiIar as they are varied screen that is neverthele- the Rapids and whirlpools have headliner in this film. the trio jouncing and bouncing and half drowned aboard their Film Industry Aid 3 To Combat Delinquency j The Council of Motion Pic ture Organizations, an agency representing all element C Re Has Cast Headed by Six Stars "Jubilee Trail," following familiar plot lines, is abort on action, long on dialogue and static scenes, but noteworthy for its eye-catching color photography, "Jubilee Trail," at the Mayfair Theater, Is an exotically colored, incident-packed but slow-moving roundup of the kind of events that have gone into pictures about old Oali- is based on a novel by Owen Bris- clumsy craft, and there's stretch where Mitchum, h ing been bounced off of it, is dragged through what seems to be miles of water clinging to the steering gear. At times the voyagers are just sitting ducks MADISON SQ Mr. I A GARDEN nil W TWICE DAILY tlmi May 9; 0il Z: 15 & 8:30 P. M. the industn. lias directed Rob ert V. Coyne. Its special coun- r.t nan, sel, to recommend an industry! committee that will work out a plan for co operation of the industry with national, State and local authorities in com batting juvenile delinquency, dialogue siig- and around a particularly pic-r Joseph In- turesque lot of sunny hills, ''.'d i'i.igefor-l The thlead of story is merely d to translate : something for the cast to fol-nent. 1 low for instance, in the case, The picture has six stars: of Miss Ralston, while display-1 milling about: Vera Ralston, I '"ft ner singing and dancing Joan Leslie, Forrest Tucker,! talents; in the case of Joan Les- John Russell, Kay Middleton he, encountering one distress-! and rat O'Brien. Buddy Baer situation after anotheri jt niifF. timii." Btpui.iir pidur. mallCp. she finds happiness. Y.tJ'"Dii'Z'nu..J' iZ'"kJ,, I Long-Urawn-Out Romance SZ& LVJti'mSrmSSn M1S Leslie's troubles start when she marries debonair SCREEN Under-Water Thriller in 3-D at N. Y. Paramount By LOUIS SHEAFFER One of those grotesque hangovers from prehistoric timet Is on the rampage again in "Creature From the Black Laoon,- the N. Y. Paramount s new sciencc-iuiiuii movie, wnicn Of course represents far more fiction than science. It opens snipmniv with a soundtrack! vntro Hiociissin? the birth of, water. None too soon, either, our planet, special-effects shots Uustrating its fiery gestation, more - commentary about me miracle of creation and evolution, but all this is just a brief gesture at dignified window dressing. The next thing you know, we re on the banks of the Amazon and geologist An- 'CARNIVAL STORY with Lyle Bettger and Anne Baxter, is at the Criterion for a third hit week. It's in Technicolor. sHki - MATURE FROM r Cnlteml plct iuced kj William Au Whll BlMrll, Bm ChMinii tonlo Moreno has just made an exciting discovery, exciting to him, that is a fossilized hand with webbed claws. It belongs to a species completely unknown to science. In double-quick time, Moreno has enlisted the help of an ex ppilition to hunt for the rest of the skeleton, and when they return to his camp site they discover the bodies of his two native helpers, brutally mangled. Science, however, can't be discouraged, and they stick to their digging. No luck. Finally scientist Richard Carlson suggests to scientists Richard Denning, who heads the group; Julia Adams, Whit Bis- sell and Moreno that they explore the waters of a nearby lagoon. At this point "Creature From the Black Lagoon," a Universal product made in 3 D, begins to shift much of its action under for the submarine episodes ara easily the most entertaining in a prettv foolishly devised story about the last surviving Gill-Man, an amphibious creature of great strength, who resents this invasion of his watery home. Under-Water chases Ingeniously photographed and MCI la- I given a .w illusion 01 neptn, ii"Di, 12 1 tne under-water chases be tween IJIlun aim uwiuu in aqua-lungs and the slithery Gill-Man provide some fun and pleasant excitement, but you continually have to ignore the pedestrian workings of the plot and its obvious methods insetting up a bit of suspense. When the expedition's small schooner first anchors, for example, in the lagoon, before the mem hers know whether it holds danger, Miss Adams dives overboard for a long swim. Fortunately for her, the 'Treat ore," who is lurking in is immediately fascinated by the pretty swimmer and doesn't try to harm her. Which indicates a powerful amount of imagination on the part of the scriptwriters, for it is reasonable to assume that the Gill-Man would be smitten hv a GUI-Girl, not a girl scientist. However, there'! little point in subjecting the story to any sober kind of examination. The boys at Universal were on a fanciful binge, putting on an enjoyable show in the water, something less in dry-dock. SUSAN STEPHEN, new English find, is seen with Alan Ladd in "Paratrooper," inTechnicolor, at Loew's theaters with "Drive a Crooked Road " EARTHA KITT, starring in "New Faces," in Cinema-Scope and color, with "Fort Algiers," at RKOs, Century's Avalon and Marine, nia home and learns that the; ,h Kandforce bavoy and Camera Confest daughter of a distinguished Walker, Loew's Boro Park j A conle for anuteui. photog. Spanish family has become the and the Brooklyn Strand. Iraphers involving the pictures1 unwed mother of his child. 3 LrlTtrii Jwnt rianlct Bnring mm. & RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL Stowploc of Hit Notion ockflltr Contw J' "Top f " ZUNSER, CUE ROSE MARIE" . OnimaScoPE ANN BLYTH HOWARD KEEL- FERNANDO LAMAS BERT LAHR MARJORIE MAIN . PMwwtoe f astman coioa A MERVYN lR0Y Production . Stften Play b RONALD MILIAR IRd GEORGt f ROESCHEl DirocUH b MERVYN leROY An M-G-M PWf THE MUSIC HILL'S GREAT EASTER STAGE SHOW "45l0f P Of Ca8ttr"-Fir-Imed Cathedral pageant produced by leonidc f M. is prominent as a wandering Russian. An old-time plush saloon is the place where most of the story and the cast get to-eether. The olot features two ... a v ju-L i.-.-uw. i..r t)ai)ies, one 1 1 lenu i ma t e. a Ram- have he, n exchaiiKine I :f Hplon Kpllpr Ctorv council says it hopes to work bier, a drunken doctor who re looks all alon- the westu-arrt 0616,1 R6"6r i,0ry in close co-operation With agen- vem to usefulness at required trail, it takes most of nn hnnrl Tno 1 ncon . T "iea"J ""KaK in iiu.s di.-; moments, a dancehall girl flee-, and minutes to dispo: Itrenxthen others in areas ,.,,., at Rockawaj held at the Queens amusement j park next Saturday. Models lelen will be on hand during the day- mtti kot a.- 'uni! 1'iiniiiiM ition to no-e f..r ere the nroidem i tause'sn Indian ih-ai..-,...; ' a i .u .'immediatelv following the ( ur-1 ( ontestants may apply in of increasing concern. of gold at Sutter's Mill'aml as-dramatic' performance in 0 o'" nt ,,f "0ul of writing to Photography Con sorted vircinc nel w me ' 7 hvinV .r ni l , It This World," it was announced test." Rockaways Playiand, MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE MrtTCiU ,' - ; SJ. f.. ,1 Nancy Hamilton, who is Rockaway Uracil. L. I., or by licture. calling llElle Harbor 5-Z900. PasJU DOORS OPEN 10 1 ipart till the end Joan Leslie gives the sorted singing and dancing. film, playing her unhappi Plcturcsiiue Traveling and widow role with char ! In spite of the numerous restraint. Vera RaNton story angles, the picture's bestirloes the raucous but ; points are its Trucolor, pie- hearted dance-hall girl 50c .o'J.' fflmwm 1HIIIUI. ai a ' zJ!r?. i nun tiidaicd 1 'Gay as laughttr, bright as brookhv , ' . . ,.,,,.. .,,,. , . 11 '.resenting the picture. calling HElle Harbor nil iaag I i I Mdruimm. lWiMUa-if MIcYj T,nd I nights matinees: T2 2 To"7 ?2 !1' fc,""."- !.' point s a re us Triiro.,r pre- hearted dance-had girl and P9! 1 0 RISTEHIIH6 HATIKl'i!iS V 1 1' 1 VJ M' r' rtCrW I BK KV -i.Sjlfentin,, unreal , to Kem jj ifL fyniJ of 1 50J iPA8VAMmi "uffiS VjJS) TECHNICOLOR gg&"gg wua an Ke'S u i irricri ti 2 hew LmimSs 61 mmiimwm S J w ntfKI5fflS SSSSKSZ rS 'SLi": nia garden and other outdoor' realisti.Miiv .H-tre-n" n .te In 1 LAw rFEATUWESlAT 8MUUR mmnasl . b S .a sSEk aKggSgtoS "e. :..,",i " a LOWJ , MHMPfrj TOMORROW - - V-'m X: 1.11: J;&'l'ne of travelers on hor-eback. tragedies are synthetic and "f" Mooklyn M. L1 N I Vt7 "J ..' :""" cTX BBH BAiM TZjoy thub Uli. C9R OfWI I. D i I : vh'att.s treking toward California over.easy to take. .I.e. f.TSmn. WEM!EmW& UJM 'thT ffl CM A WS IWif r?f5. Win $25,000 in Prizes rrfi,.., .,,. ... .. , h gw IPTWwPTfnj sAM Hn rioE visol Bru? r-;:-,,:,, I toaiatr MQatn. JB H I pJL A f '1 j U j WaPStfBk mm JlliJ Sports & Home Show HS;;vill: I MITCHUM MONROE Mf i thVOt I a"V-Vlk 1' ll jL i7l '",u'" IlirT l i k w, :mjm Ri-'ifm- imt Li s JgSS met. stwyck sander$ jl c0loiy Ij-u:.:;:..-:: :;; 1 LUtU-;M:fig4 -Ti MLJ S3: 'paratrooper' -' MH HBHKI LATE SHOWS TONITE AT THEATRES CHECKED 'DRIVE A !0ajaa I buck ugow -gpicAHARsiE a lib stiiy--- Islit; fcsty I IrffflHiM RICHARD CARLSON -JULIA ADAMS cjL'",?fe'' Tj nv sum 4 "piNCKCHIcr b "ROB ROY" HMHHHHBHMHbI ShBHMHHHHI IMP'giKV ICHA0Dt(lW.MtTDI(IOal)lltlatl cn, I AlVJ Fifth A,.r.u. J JO". 'From Her. to Eternity' ; 'Loos, in London',- mmmmWmx fJtfTnwm kismet ;;v:.v;.. -'Rhapsody'oov1 fnHHPHFl WMmiiiWiim - -I . COLISEUM Vf.--- -:MeetDrJekyll&Mr.HyriB,i Tr.;' . ' FOHTWAvi H St -Ft."Ha, -oi Pk.y 2 -I 1IM II t: A,- . ' ,j -ty b! ,"" GINGOLD ""DE WOLFE INA CLAIRE CLAUDE RAINS ! k JOHN MURRAY ANDERSON'S JOAN GREENWOOD ALMANAC 1 HE CONFIDENTIAL CLERK IHMHIAUW.44 t.. .jo ... r.aiSw.d , Coa M, T S, ELI0T Ef.litiollv Funn. ,u.,. , - , .I.IVt MarMtHOX DOK.l AS imsnv atarnnwin aaWv '" i i.-.ihM w -.r at l I fi-i Varfy parYki r l" H Ma"""' TODAY " WED Anniversary waltz 2 Perfs. Today &Ww z is rlOADHURST.W 44 (n 40 Mat lll.i.wil , -'J ., ".'J J? ' JJJt VFW YORK'S NO I Ml Sl( ai. sMAH' MKVAIH RtrHAaUa ' JnlKLtl BOOTH 1 jMJLnir vrnUKr By the beautiful 8EA'ljTLFia ' " Wll.BL'R IVANS i..hrH,.MI.N.,.H ., II.,..5.11S. MAJCSI IC W 44t a M r.I.w,i -MVaiCAt SMASH" fOLE PORTF.R'S Cancan The girl in pink tights r abe burrows mTss ;k '.rs AM S. SHU.tRT TI.M W 44 31 CI'la(-MMn . . , , , . , t .n .u 30 mu today a. wed .a t so Urama Crttici Award Bet Mnneal l---,-rTHE golden apple victor BORGii ..i.v.N;";,.;; mI,:',s Comedy in music a,,,,.. i-o.idar ' vterea.tli Ml "Scoll" " in The R,-inrkjhle Mr. Pennypark 111 1 4H I CO.IONET THEA . W 4',la 31 CI a-S8 0' .', Iie At X 10 Mm .TODAY A WED 11 2:1 In ci: rove a "" TOm'eWELL i " rnp"' r,F 'pisi'i, Vamms the seven year itch ' ;..m,;;'.,-..'jm.; .,i'",.'Va vanessa brown 4:ni,.YTHltR!a,ll!lSI O 7-7t2 Fl I. (OS Thr, I.1M H ,.f B,. ( I B-S,I I H III Mill TODAY A WED at MO inSFPHINF HIIII " KIN?llh0Lp"ifa!HM;r'fr"v Thv SOLID GOLD CADILLAC .IR8Sma..V r. LURING SMITH BEI ASCO Thf 44 SI t of 0 iu .MM "A smash hit: iy;.' .-.u a.,,, ,i 10 Mavaa ioday a wed ait ae BIS, AMIR1(,Sr,. Vii : MKT OAVID WAYNE J""' FORSYTHE K I VI K I "THE TEAHOUSE ' AUGUST MOON IDfrA nomill Huaaaawn !. Drr MART nri' ' ' P 'I'MR Ay- at Etea l.i nt,nre TODAY A HI Vogue wmti-acmEirTt JS, ZZZJfTS, cSTct isiASOAvi WTT7 '''--srf SlKIUA ROC 1 C RICHARDSON JOHNSON LEIGHTON ,7 2irMMC flCTOP 11.11 lei T lsi7Z"er lilTir nonyanauieivy SnlSSS1 "PINOCCHIO" & 'ROB ROY" Richard Todd rjs p'm "PINOCCHIO" & "ROB ROY" J". "Hi. Majesty O'Keefe" & "Crime Wave" :,S 'HIS MAJESTY O'KEEFE" tUr HARBOR EfXL BERKSHIRE Tmt ' 2 Perfs. Today&Tom'w RANCHOT TONE v" Prize-Winning Musical Hit ! CAROL CHANNING f2?. WoHotifurfowii WiL-9mB STEVE COCNMMf I raaajjaajBaiay-fa-y a bob Hope Jcan Fontaine . J D'afiYN " " CINT PANORAMIC SCDHn! J "ps "THl '0Y F10M 'oKUHOMA" fHEl 'SENSATIONAL!" -VVando Ho, Neari .oumay TECHNlQOlORj mzmnww LATE SHOWS AT ALL THEATRES VlWrCUf A VK "aaH.v ALAN I..ADD IIOI.FNN ENnC:: "PARATROOPER" (ro ,) avalon MARINE BROOK PATIO, Flatbull. MIDWOOD. I NOSTRANDJ ll.YM I'll ll h- ITONNI nr CARLO "FOBT F.XraLA' WAIT D1S rVi uis "MONEY FROM HOME' I0n LML StTOS TiMl AVENUE USH.HU Majesty O'Keefe; Crime Wav. BAY RIDGE AND SUNSET PARK STANLEY Forever Female; also Cease Fire BEDFORD otera, 153 Raaari An, PR. 4 22M ll shaulr) Happen lo Ton; lraaaTr Wae t Gaa BOROtGH HALL AND DOWNTOWN ST.GEORGErTro,rs, Titfield Thunderbolt; Project M7 ILATBISH AST0R a?..?'6"'" Holly and the Ivy ; "M 'ff S:,""" AVENUE DwtHell and High Water (C-s n APIIirp '"l0E CREIN Sat. Mllne Safari Orumi; areat Dlamind Robbery ILrtlUUljC a.. P,or. E .last RhapalI; al.o Great Diamond Rohbere GRANADA '""'i's'S?,1 WSf, 8 KENT ,c7a.1Ca""u' Times Gone By ; also Curtain Up LEADER N.'-k'"!,',,!. Rhapsody; Great Diamond Robbery LINDEN ::::: Knights of the Round Table ; vogue .r.:.,rv,".M H0uy and the ivy: r;""" I AS I II AIBI -II . Ay. Corl4luHJ., PARKER HESTON rmm NAKED JUNGLE ROSEMARY JACK CUY CLOONEY CARSON MITCHELL RED GARTERS Fart. Bd "KIIAPSODI" savoy WALKER 'ZT duffielDfX;1, CLINTON 2L ridgewood 'NEW FACES" ICINEMASCOrEI & "FORT ALGIERS" "PARATROOPER" & "DRIVE A CROOKED ROAD" KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE' .CINEMASCOPE) PINOCCHIO' & 'ROB ROY' NEW RUGBY rC;' Rhapsody; r.rpat Diamond Rnbhfry GRA HAM ::;.::r a::... His Majesty 0'Kfi : Crime Wave RINGS HIOHWAT JEWEL 121 pJI"; ,M Naughty Martine; Strange Witness PARK SLOPE AVON ,Vr, Vll ;.,.k,,n It Should Happen to You; tJZZ CARLTON . : I';,. Paratrooper; Drive a Crooked Road PLJZ A " My 6 Convicts ; also Pony Express SANDERS M ,4, Paratrooper; Drive a Crooked Road aUDORWOOD RIV0LI " Road House; also Loose in London Hi I PKBI n bav SHEEPSHE AD Haw t. Marry , Millionaire ;;ilVe"oPM SOI 111 IIRIMIKI TV GLOBE n Mraaa 4 ) Anew Rhapsody ; Great Diamond Robbery I FORT ALGIERS Mala rOD 1 HriRBORO "MONEY FROM HOME" CROSS BAY. Pinocchio ; also Rob Roy

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