The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE,; (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS' •y-tjvMMwiT fiEWS COMTtlMENTARY TICKET Thto *»*««'WI1 **"" IL L. Adkf>«i 4 Companion ', Hlcknwn * _4« rte' iffZ TirEATEJt ,/, -4» «e«A ' FLAPPER FANNY e y s y ivi. — ±~ (tfflt. V»i» »Y NU StlWCC. INC. T. M. MO: V. 5. f*T. 0>f." " SOCK! Calendar ' TUESDAY'S EVENTS Lanje P»rent Tetchef assocli- Uon meeting 3,30 ocloolt nt school. Woman's clnb sponsoring bingo party at club house, 1 30 o'clock Mrs 'wax B. Reid entertaining Tuesday CliA Tuesday Corrlrncl club meeting with Idrs V. O. Miller, Mrs 'Hafrhan Tajlor having Tuesday Atterno'n club Tuesday Bridge club meeting v.lth Mrs. Harry Kirby. Woman's Auxiliary, First Presoy- lerian church, mettiig i 30 o'clock with Mrs H H Houchlns Delphian Fine Arts group meeting 9 30 o'clock at Hotel Noble " WEDNESDAY'S LVENTS Central Ward Parent Teacher association meeting 3 o'clock at tehool preceded by execute e board meeting at 2 30 o'clock ' ADO Bridge club meeting with '' Mra Ben Harpole Jr Mis. C. 0 Langston entertaining Town snrt Country club Woman's Auxiliary First Frev bj terian church, meeting 2 30 o'clock Vtth Mrs Jamas A 'Ovei- holser, Mrs W. J. Wunderltch enter- lalnln» Wednesday Bridge club ' THURSDAY'S EVEN'TS Mis N rardeccy entertaining Prosperity club other u^on home Mrs L E Baker enteitninlny Thursday Bridge club Thursday Afternoon club meat- Ing with Mrs Eddie Regenold , Mrs J R Turner entertaining Thursday Dessert club nt home cf Mis Eugene Dickinson The Delta Contract club meeting with Mis Fred V Rutherford Mrs Can-oil Blakemore Having the Thursday Contract club Mis R F Klrshiref entertaining Thursday Luncheon club Mid Week Bridge club mcetln T\ifh Mrs W L Horner Woman's Auxillarj, First Pies- i byterian church, meeting 2 30 o'clock at the church Mis Raymond Smith enlerlaln- ing Double Four Bridge club Uttle Theater meeting eight pjn lit city hall FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs R A. Nelson entertaining Fuday Bridge, cljub ; Mu^ic ,/Department, \Yomnns club, meeting'three o'clock at olii" house Bits of New» Mo«tty PcrtotuU Mr .»hd Mrs. George .W, Pttter- soii arid Mrs. Fred Wafftii let tills fnofnlng for R|ch'mdnd,> Va Mrs. Warreii will 6tO]p ^t Lyriflh burg to visit her dRughlef Mli. ' wild ijlterids Randolp! ' Finds New Home by.Mrs. Edgar, Boruin, who return- -shape of hi* .initial, L. Fifty-two I \ n . i . l ~ r .\. C f\ fl[ cd this morftlng, • candies burned .'on Hers °' "'6 UnWQnTeU VJH Miss Nell ElHlrie Adariij, of Ride- cako with tall matching tapers In ley,- Tenh,, spent the wekond, here crystal holders at each end of with Mr. and Mrs, Robert Wade Jr. the" table. A low bank of ferns and Drs. Carl and Edna Nles have roses tied with pastel ribbon was qlurned from'a ten days' vacation arranged at the Junction of the pent hr Shelbyvillc, Mo., with Dr. L. Floral place cards were In pink NlQS' mother',. Mrs.' Mary Plillllfcc'r,, nnd blue, and In Kansas City \yllh her niece, ; Guests were Dr. nnd Mrs. w. I- tflss IjaVaughn Sayr'e, who attends Ncwsbm of Marked Tree, Hi 1 , nnd T^^i.^n.. /MIl.V TTr>'(\,n,io[t .V ] **».• ^ O rHilnfn \X'ir\n' Ml* fllld MONDAY, OCTOBER' 16, :'i93'J Will Attend Medical Session At Paragould rCansas Oity University. Osceola Society -^-'Personal jti?.. Christian RIchriioficl. They ' plan Wo week's. P. T. A. i/iunchM New I'rojecl "Publicising tlie Public School ,^_- tho title of a 'at to U's b$ away Assoclal. ... John J. Kelser, former ffir LWO WeeKS ' UUUll **> **&IQVl| lulling 1/HHV"1'«> Mrs. Henry'Ryiee has fetufnert' of . Iho Kelser high school, and from a visit lii Bt. Louis, Chieagc present band director of the Kci- aml Flint, in St. Louis, site was ser: school. Mr. KelssV.. who Is also llio guest of her niece, Mrs. Miles a successful amateur photographer Prbvletice, and In Flint she 1 visited did graduate work" in : School Ad-U^L. «^.\\; D i,, iJLikiri. Mi'mfcr ni[nfs£i'atl6h at tho Uhlvorsltv OJ Hei-ncplieWi Hubert Hunter. ministration at the ..-University ol Mi', and Mrs. Raymond' W. Colorado last year. His pictures of Ealtzirmriii of Varna, 111., were trio Osceol* high school .activities, or- wcekend guests of Mr. and Mis. gahlzatlohs and groups will appear E. F, Blomeyer, and family, itey 1 . weekly iii pester form tn the wlri- stopped here as they were wwpuia (tow of Massenglll Drug ' Company lo their h'orrie from Ciiim where after which 'they will become a they had been vacatlohing. The parb of the permanent records nnd Sallzhinnns aiid tho Biomejers met uies of the Osceola Parent Teacher In Denver, Colo in 1916 and Association spent a week togetliei at Salt plans foi the annual Halloween Lake City Tnev visited hero once omnival at the Osce61a high before 17 jean ago school on October 31 weie made Mlto Maiy Adah Robinson, v,ho (n [he h v i s i ness session led by Mis itlcmls Soutlraestein college at G -....-.." Mrs. G. R. GUlein, Marie; Mr. and Sirs. M. Fifzsirhmoiis <>f Bjythc- vlllt; Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hodges and Mr. and Mrs. E. -R. Reid of Osceola, Mis. 6. tlowlon of L«x- iora. '•.-•• • ft - t ' » Philaihea Class 1'arly Mre,' B:.-E.'.'Moore, assisted by Mrs. Coy E. Sclfres, were hostesses to eighteen members cf the Phil- atliea Olass of the Baptist Sunday school In the Moore home on Thui-silay night for a "pit-luck" supper and monthly business meeting. linllov/eeii'dccoritloiis were used iti • the house with- Halloween caps arid lints- presented 'to each one . iip;n arrival and apples hanging \ from, nil doorways. The special table for the icachef and officers had a centerpiece of yellow marigolds' lii a black container with orange- colored ' candles in orange holders oil ench side. Sealed with Mrs. 3'wlght Ji. Biackwbod, teacher cf Unwan -( c( j by her divorced par- the class, were .Mrs. 11. E. Mooio entj shi _._ e y Boese,' 17-year-61(! president; Mrs. E. S. Crlhuelii, first Gnicii g 6 g.f_ who 1^,35 to slay out late, has found a home with lier pnlernal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boese. .Now she pralesls she doesn't want lo move to a part' of tlie city away from her friends. Memphis spent the weekend heie Df Mrs D s ^nnej president 'I stilus VOVi've made H conquest, Glance That's the vvtiy 18 ' " ^hen he he family are expected to meet ,' the guests of honor. 1 * * * ! Class Has Tarty. Mrs Josephine Wort and Mri Lillle Lutes were hobtesses to sl">- leen members and one vislloi of (he Dorcas Sunday school cl.ibs of the First Baptist church with a parly nl the Wert home Friday night , . The devotional from Hie Blst Psalm was given by Mrs. W. W. Wpfson nftei i\hlcli piayei wns offered by Mrs. Theodore Logan. After Ihe business session prc 4 sided over • by Miss Cordelia WU ; hltc refreshments vcre served Tiny' Troubles Irk Mrs Ruffner Einks In the absence Mempius Di^'ut, vnc wc^aciiv* i,t*« D f [yj rs jj g Lanej presldcr with hei father, Dr Finley Rob . following t'oup -iliiging of Ame inson and family l ]ca nccompanied by Mlis CatFc. naii^mt n«t «n«nt. the week j|lc Hniwel | thD p re6 idents mes- at McGroiv „„„ „„.. ghm by Mrs E w Superintendent Roj F Mitchell Best end In El Dorado with his parents L T Moor? who Is Instructoi of public scho 1 muslo In the Ridge se 1 Packird Diuson spoke on coopeiation o Dr. K D. Smith and Mr. J.' M. Walls are among Blythevllte phy- tlciahs who 'arc expected to' BO to Paragould . tomorrow for tho stml-annual niccllng of llio Firft Councillor District Medical society. | Dr. Wails is scheduled lo appear on the program and Dr. Smith is councillor of the organization.- Constipated? ADLERIKA Klrby Bros, brug Co.. and'. Robins: ri's Drug Co. ••/» Everything for your entertainment and comfort. plrcnts nnd schoo i .Ice-president; Mrs. Gilbert Mas tin, second vice-president; and Mrs. Alec Smith,-secretary. Among tho games- onioyecl was a. "bug" contest in which Mrs. A. Glasioa received the bug pin for award. . . .. . In the business meeting a novel' ^. party was planned for the near in Little Rock on business Thurs- fnture to be caled a "Po:r Man's day. Coffee" held in the morning of an Lehman W. Williams, Standard unannounced day when members O il Company agent at Osceola took of the class will call in cars for several of his dealers to Joriesboro around one hundred Osceola per-' jhi s week for a district sales meet- soiis who arc to go just as they are j ng lln( i banquet at the Hotel No : dressed when Ihe "chauffeur" nr- ble at which around one Hundred Watch Society Of Courier Newt Fir Fre«: Show Gnetb Sunday - Monday uluoo ^, ,,,, k ...... _ _ ...... _._ svlp i rKes 01 plj ^ foifelt Mrs. Black< i *t T V " villa UllU auiiuu* iin.1 1*1 b v " oi'l' 1 fl\ tS UI fJ IJ * lui ILII/ IVLIO. UIHV>* ls .,^"11.. ™t™ >,fc pel ],,Jhor*"*«" P° rt cf the seh001 band now ln| w ocl and officers of the class will m^ . lece i le at Uic home of the hostess I -V -- ,7. .7 tV,^ AJT PDlfr ti LUC btJIlUUl UiUlU 1IUW 111 end here with his mother, Mrs f {olinltlon The Rev Paul I L 1 Mooro Si and family ' Postpone tuss Party. i The party of the Beta Chi Sunday school class of tho First Presbyterian church scheduled foi tonight has been postponed it was announced today by Mis G W BlHahuntl, teacher ot the claso Tuesday night, Oct 24, is the date on which the paity wnl be given at Mrs DlllahHiity's home t • * Miss Turner Speaks To 4rmorel Arsnclation Mr and i Si ami family oallowas announced plans and ob Mrs Jirnml* Kjle ol ...HUPS fnr UIR .iniuial Red Oros for Ule <ml ,,i ftl R<!(1 oros-; November Entertainment numbers were nuaifats sung by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Packard, the Rev. Paul Galloway ' and Mrs. G. Iliirlsll] Baiik'R entitled ."Stars of the Summer Night",- and - "Hnsh, Hush." Atto Mrs. lias Birthfla\ Partj Mrf> N L Dodd was surpilscd with ,i party jesterday at her home on Davis avenue on tho occasion of hei 14th Withday Scienleen guesl'i prepared dinner <iii<l ^eie scnctl at Mrs Dodd's home Mr nnd Mrs, W, M HugEl"' and t\vo daughters. Polls Ann a«'lj Jov Boi)d and'Hlrain Rylse, of'Ar N H uyrd, ^fo, wcie nmong the out of town' guests piesenf Mrs Dodd is the mothei of Henry Rylee snii Harvey Dodtl, of this city, of U<! rllj, and Mi Rylee of Arbyrd Talented Musician Is ( Visiting Relatives Here When Mrs Edmund (Tins) [ Riilfner went to court in Los Angeles to diunic the ladio nnmiunier she found he hid aheady di\nn.«d her in Mcsico and hid lemnirictl After Mis Rultnei wis revived (he mull Indiciiteri RuITnei had belter slay out of .California, where Mexican divorces are invalid. . Houston Tex cams jesterday foi n \lslt with Mi KUes parent* Mi and Mrs N W Kyle at 134 East Ash street; Miss Eia Wright Is able to be olit after having been ill of malaria foi t\\o weeks Mrs J H ElMns Mis Loj Welch Mrs Chailes L WMIfc Mrs - - ftv Jd ftcnl L L Ifubener and Mrs Bclandi Ppmq „, lnnm rolfh 4li « Giccn spent Fiiday in Memphis I Heard Wjlk daughter of Mr | and Mrs Hiram WjHe will go to Gienadn Mi^i tomoriow foi a visit with her grandmother, MIS. O r Lawrence Hei paicnts and sistei Dora Beinice will rnotoi hei as far as Memphis tomorrow and will go down for her Suiidaj Miss Helen Blumenberg cf Mem phis; spent, th6 weekend here as the guest of Mr and Mi-i C M hGiav ' , 1< Inlng Osborae, - who attends Southwestern college at Memphis premtt AM ^ dl rcc|m of rt(stuct fiyc lnge(l at . tendance at the district conference oil O'ctober 19, at Marlon. Holarians Hear Walker Lewis T Walkei Lewis pist president of the Memphis Rotan Club ard J ' -' the Lewis Supply Uns citi wis piln before Hie Osceoli- Mr Lowl-j spoke 'on of of ^ Club who has not been announced. .Other guests present Thursday light were Mrs. Jettie Blackwood, Mrs.-- E/ W. Rlloy, Mrs. Harold S. rillman, Miss Josephine Montague, Mrs. A. E. Vance, - Mrs. Searcy iWeafs. Ivlrs. E. H. Crihfield, Mrs. Robcrt ; Summer. Miss irriiii Summer, Mrs. Clnytoii Cox, Mrs. Mildred Biov.ii Mis Ely Driver, Jr., Mrs. Frank joi'dnii; Mrs. Alec Smith. Sirs. Wtiitmore Hostess The rutlaj Budge Club with tlvee gnists wcie cnlerlained In the home of Mrs. Yatt E. Whit- inoi e \esteidaj afternoon. Fall roses were used in decorations of I tlie Whilmoie apii tmenls. Guests plising were Mrs. Joe dealer's >were present. Accompanying him were Roger Morrison of I the Osceoia Esso Station; Hal Bcd- • ord 6i Keiser representing W. M. Taylor C:mpany; nnd J. R. Hlsaw of the Osceola bulk plaut. .Mr. Wiliams rounds out ten years of unbroken service with the Osceola agency today. Read Courier News Want Ads. Fred MacMurray Madeleine Carroll Allan Jones HONEYMOON IN BALI" Also Paramount News * .shorts TUESDAY PAL MATINEE & NIGHT spent the weekend here with Ills parents Mr nnd Mrs W J OS I borne. i Mr nnd Mrs George Bush of Parrgc lid spent the weekend WrC 1 as guesfs of Mr inrt Mrs Cecil Jone5 u _____ _ Shane Thes came ovei Lspeolally i entlle _. b , R 0 t«rlT|is of the Til for the Blytheville Paragould fool !_,,.,,„, 'the hist-.ry and accomplishments of the. Crippled Adults hospital In Mcmpli's accompanyini, his lee hue with mo\ing ploluics of the hosplttil and pitlonts lh,(i hospital m ide pos'lble by in original gift of $200 000 bj B B Jones of Mississippi is supported Cordi Ooriino of N,e\v York CiU solo bassist with (he New Yolk public library nuisic division orchestra, who is the guest cf his aunt, Mrs J G Baines, and ^!r. Baincs, vill entertain (he Klnfints Cliib it its WediicEday iilglit dinner. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, il"- inentary supsnisof of city scho6H spoke at (he meeting of Ihe Aimo jjl Parent-Teachei assoclatloi Thursday afternoon at the school for subject »as "Sow an Act "tedp a HafVest" ,- — . i Mro T. L 1'nte presided o\or|Thcodor Albin Fmdolscn as his £e meeting which was turnod oiilj American student He has MANILA, Oct. IC.-Of inlerest Ha to the program c,halrm.ui S n m i a number 'of \ears in Gei- here Is the wedding of Miss Bonne ., ,,i.i! ,. T>O, r^ A ^ Ttt.'cl _ „ n i..^ n ..i «,. M nc llin Rnt>\ M/*TnfnOi fft nllpRlnr B. HOllV Mr. Cohiine, wlio vlsllcd here • • - ——-• •vernl jears ago, \\as accompanied ,<. ^ , ,. j . i here by Ills wife [MlSS Klittt IVlcMosh Mi-: Corzlnc slunied under llio W pr lo fripclpv- WnlJv eminent European conlrabasslst, ] Weds LneSler .noiiy fKMis, Alice Womacfc Betides, Miis manj ^ t^^'c tallr rttVior nnmhprs, numer o \ars n .a student He was the Ruth Mclntosh to Chester B. Holly - . .^. — -. v — - _ i vjv.ilci) In the fifteen or moie ball game plijed Frltlav night ' VCT rs cf IU existence it Ijas tiealed ' Mro, John F Icntl and sort Jat^ over (OUI thmisind pftfients with Lemm will leave this afternoon nmct .. nino per cent of (Mm fiom for Tuls»: Olla where they Mil Tcnl _ et , se( , A iknms nn<I Mississlp visit Mrs Lentls brother R J p , T lint> seven have been fiom Lemm and famllv The\ \vill bo ^[^^.jp, C ount> Dining Ihe accompanied b> Mrs I«ntis coils- •• a;C ijo e of slxtj one in Al Sellmncr «ho will P« »™ an « e "- e °^ »,„„ his mother Mrs Frank bellme.ei P« '»»J=| "^ afL ^ In. Tills... They plan to lelm i ™™ > or ho )UaUl!llUon C SaUirday - . , w-licro arcf admitted. Mrs. J. D. McDowell, .who Has ^ n . es s n go to the club frcin Dr. been lli of bronchial pneumonia ftt,^' j jviorrlson of Chicago who her homo on the lilghway soulli of ifjt ur e(j'-: Before llio Osceola cliib (own, is now Improving. - a ti<i citizens last winter 6n Soviet Mr. nricl Mrs. M'J C. Cpqko Jr., c[ Russia, was rend.. Dr. Morrison Coming, visllcd liere ahri nt Lux- ^rote from Moscow on September prh BiiiKlny, They We're, guests of 3 ; : the day the present war wiis W Rhodes Mr-= Mary Bowen P>mtras and Mrs L. W. Walter's, Jr. A pair of vases went to Mn>. 'Edward'Segraves for highest score. The Club will be guests of Mrs. Raymond Coiner next Friday. Those attending the Quarterly meeting - of Womaiis Missionary Union at Aimorel yesterday were Mis Dnij,ht H Blackwood, president of the O ceola scciety; Mrs. H-uolil H Tillmin, Mrs. A. L. Bo\ce Mi-. Willtim Stewart and Mrs 0 A Strange Mrs. Blaokvvood was mfde chairman of the nominating committee to select officers foi the seai 191& Mr and Mrs A r. Bnrtinin." were I JUST DOMf KNOW WHAT TO DO, HELEN. SOMETIMES I 0-HlfiK HE LIKES ME/THEN FORNI REASON HE-V^ s =rfe sis == :i =i FORGETS ME.JfTHERE ASA RfASON) •^ MEN DON'T LIKE ' WOMEN WHOH/WEN PfPAfiDfHERGV. Tuiner's talk, ouier numoers ""lonly bavsisi \vnn me oiiraiutiv wintu «»» i«iiv""<.-" «•• ^.jru t o-1 Mrs. CooKes parents^ Ay; anil rs. declarcct.. . -.-_.:. „_., (he program were tvo readings b. springs Festival orcheslra and is vill e Saturrtay night, \E.\F. Blomeyer nnrt fan\lly here Guests, were A. C. SpeUings anfl Miss Mildred Muir, ' Magglo mid aPmcrnb er ct seierM Well Known Magistrate-T. L. Ca.ssidy read tho | anrt of Mr : Coqke's parents, Mr. A ; B . Shearcn of Market Tree all Jisi2S'_and The Poor Ola Maid '| NM Y ork musical orBanlatlons ' sefvlce : • at. his homo before Miss and Mrs. M. C. Cookc 3r., In Lux- Gardner,. Robert Mncnnb ol Jones- FARMS FOR SALE feme i" ami talk lo us about your wants in farm lands. We have any size tracts, improved and partly Improved. Small dowii payments. Several hun- i!reil acrf-s cut-over land *1 P" r -acre down. RIALES LAND CO. 2nd door soiilli of Cily Hull Helch Is right. Meii don't like wofnen who ard dull Biid listless, who look as tired aiid worn out as they say they arc. .Sometimes.the lack of sparkling pep and energy, Vitiich is so attractive to others, Is due lo simple anemia, a condition brought on by n. deficiency of Iron hi the. blood Men and women who are overworked, spend long hours indoors and lack sufficient sunshine am exercise, olten nnd that it is this condition which Is sapping the! pep and energy. Sargdn, the famous loiilc will iron, is helpful in overcoming iroi deficiency in the Mood, tending to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. Tills ac- 1 coiiiplished, you feel like a person, with new pep and vitality and a better appetite. _ Get a bottle of Sargon today at nar risk. If you are not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price i will tie returned without question. I Kirby Drug Store D 6iir Gihg Comedy, Novelly Short and i'iclorial. • AclmhMOn Matinee ICo & 26c NljHt 16c & 36c -..' OXY Matjnen Fri.-Sat.-San. Last Times Today Jiggs'^and The Poor Old Maid During the social hour wincn followed relreshmeiits of •andv.lcli- cs and Iced drinks were served Hostesses were Mrs harvey i ; ar- nsh, Mrs J H Adams, Mrs W T ?,fet7jer, Mrs Roy Tnompson Jntl Mrs. King York musical organisations At The Hospitals iiiythcvllle litispltal Secil Flecman Bill D:wnitig. 61 this city", and Miss Obevlu Overman, of Black Oak. Miss Mcliilosh U the clauBhier of Mrs. Ruth Mclntosh. Mr. Holly ycve spa ui mra. mini ivn;jnn<^n. mi. iiunj MLis Virginia Durham, city, ad- is with the U. S. Engineers office Ccmplcle Plan' For Binjo V»rt> 11110 . Plans have been completed fcr m ,n c(1 the bingo parly to be given tomorrow night under the auspices oi the Woman's club at Ihe club house at 1 30 tVlocK Arrangements for tho atfalr have been made by the finance committee which is headed by Mrs J P Friend An assortment of prizes locmd- ing lamps, cakes aluminum ware and pictures, and other mteellane- ous gifts have been secured b> the committee, It was announced ts- day mlttecl. . . ' , ..' [here. Alice Bizzcll, Curutliersvlllc, ad milted. Mrs. Charles Sanders, city, ad Dr. and Mrs. G. K. Wilson re boro, aiid D. H. Lowalter. ...,L. J J Mtore, cilj, admilfcd Ernestine Jeiikins,' L'uxcra, - nd- nUlcd. Mrs T. J Barnes, cilj, odmilted Bobby Turner, .city, •dismissed. Mrs Bussell Baugh, cltj, di-i missed. Walls Hdtpitiil W. M. Wright."bbslieit,"admitted, Wlllldm BtillCT,, Cooler, admitted Mrs. D. O. Gracey; Yarbro, dis- nlssed Mrs.' SalUe Steco, Etowah, misJecl Tr.nnps Wsnt Gas Masks MANCHESTER, Eng. (UP)^-Gils lasks nte the cause of a problem —a problem that has brought the vrlnkle of worry lo the usually introubled brow o( the tramp. They are given a gas mask wlieii Ihey get lo an institution, hilt .ire not allowed to take it with them [he next morning. ui, uuu mis. v. *-«• ii.iuu.i .u- ..- tiifneii this moniliig from Memphis Gives Birlhrlajr Diuticr where they iiad been with Ihelr Covers were laid for twelve sen, C. Lewis Wilson, who under- the ; bcaulilully appointed dinner v'veiit'iuv appendectomy at the given by Mrs. L. Howtou last night Memphis' Baptist hospital ycsler- iii honor of the nfty-secpiul birthday. Mrs. linn Stout, mother of day of Dr. HcwUn. -The three- Mrs. Lewis Wilson, went down to be tiered cake in pastel shades ccn- wj!h ,, 6r -. gj^ wns mo torcd there tcred ide lablc which was In the Mt-niphl<: M Joseph's .,- , liecenl Bride lo * I Mr- Alice BUSh HAjfl, admitted Be Complimented I Allnfiin foust Hayll ndnilited 'Mrs William Maliii who was be-1 Mciii.)liis Bajiilst Hospital fore her recepfc marriage, Miss o, 0 R CV H L McClanahan, Blith Bijti.e, daiigli^er of Mrs CiritthcrsUlte, amnKtcd John W. Bljlhe, will h"'compll- Tcnunle Gijl, Bragg Cllv, iid lueated at a bridge shower Wednes- ]n ittcd diy night given by Mrs Ear! 1 _ Buckley and Mrs Fred Fleeman «l Hie He eman home Invitations liav^ bettt extended to 20 guests,l» attend the adalr which will begin at eight o'clock. . * * * T» Honor H&ubcgacsk. ^Mr'.und Mrs .Coidl UotdtV, vl New York City who are Usllurg Ivjr ciohlne's aunt, Mrs J G. Barnes, and'Mr. Bame^, and Mr. nnd.Mrs Altcri. B Jiggers hel6, \vlll 'be compllmenlcd vulh open house nt the Jaggers home, 1120 Heani street^ tonight. Mr ( C'crelHe, lulenled bassist, will , pjay /or Hie guesXs at the parl> ^ I/in Jajgcrs IS a cousin of Mr I Conine, A • nitaber of friends of | Read Courier News "Want Ads. Th« Morning AflerTakinj Carter's Little Liver Pills .. Ing, soreness, M\& stutnntss l» \he uOslclU \lfE Mcnlliolptum. lv glvci.qulcV: Ttllct from th=V^ (" cor^foct. 1 ) ntid promote hcalln; tlie'Irrllatcd iueml)Taii€5 - In ...nostrils..Its vopori nlw teach Uesp Into • Ihfc air PMMJW, brlnslus gralcful comfort. Also tub some. Mcnlhotatum on rcur chtet nnd Jjf ck to Imptovr the Idtal tlootl cltculnUon, Rub U on ybur fortheafl aiid ttmp'es to cluy licadcchcandiuuralsta due tocolua. To SL LOUIS KANSAS CITY & CHICAGO on trie Frisco's popular daylight train "The Sunnyland," arriving St. Louis 3:55 pm... air-condilioned coaches.,. the "Snack" car serving the meflls with budget appeal . .. Connecting Service fo Konsds City • MliiralPodSc W=!«ifc Lv. St. Louis..,.•! 4:1 Opm 4:05 pm Ar. Kansas City. . • $:30 pm 9:30 pm Contracting Service fa Chicago Altoa -Wokoili Lv. St. Loui 4:30 pm 4:25 pm Ar. Chicago...,*. 9;25 pm 9:35 pm FRIS0& LINES ; ; > I5T10UIS 5AH FRAME1SCO RY.I Koi lltkels andin'oimallo cat) Iho F R I S C O TICKET AC? EN DUO-THERM POWER-AIR GIVES YERR-ROUND COMFORT Greater comfort at lower cos?! That's what you get from the new 1940 furl oil Duo-Therml Power-Air, the latest heating development, forces ceiling heat down to the floor . . . drives even, comfortable heat lij eVefy corner . . . and saves 5% tti fuel costs! And when you want quick heal ^-open Duo-Therm's radiant door arid get a flood of heat that soaks clear through you in a jiflyl Many beautiful models to choose from. Atul remember, they cost no more than ordinary healers. Also I'ox News & Comedy Tue^Wel-Thur. PAL HIGHTS! 4 aamittert .for • the'-fl.rtr/>f 1 cOAN'T LAUGH NOW! «82.50 AS LITTLE AS SHALL DOWN PAYMENTS ERSY TERMS SPECIAL NOTEt Duo/riiefm'a tVAcr-Air 1icip3 you keep cool in iuimiKr... by pouring out a brisk 2?-initc*iu\-ho\ir breczel XEGAN <FARKEI

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