The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on March 10, 1905 · Page 2
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 2

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1905
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rrlpvVMAiClI 10. 1905 THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. MISCELLANEOUS. MISCELLANEOUS. MISCELLANEOUS. DENTISTRY. 1 Specialization recojrnizes these three principles: 1st. All knowledge and skill cannot lie in the head and fingers of any one n-The mn who jevotes njs entire time to (Joins' one thing can do that" particular thing far better than the man who undertakes a dozen thm83d A ma-ter with a number of efficient helpers can give his clients not only the best that is in himself, but the best, in addition, that he gets from others. . , . 1 apply these three principles to dentistry. But they are not followed in any other dental office under the sun. The avoidance of rain in dentistry is practicable, but it requires science, eauipment, time, carefulness and innate sympathy. Given these, it can be attained in everv case. In inv office it IS attained in- every case. send for my 44-page booklet. "Dentistry by Specialists and the Gentle Art of Painlessness,-' and learn more about my methods. ' EDWARD EVERETT CADY, D. D. S., 346 Fulton St. (Cor. Court Square). FINE SILK. WORTH 52.111, STOLEN FROM II FACTORY. r H H,1,k" II TO THE PUBLIC AND PATRONS Burglars' Profitable Raid at 162 Pacific Street, Near Fire Salvage Corps House. OF THE MAYBE W0RK0FEAST SIDE GANG Salmon Had Ho Working Stock for Girl Employes "When He Opened His Shop To-day. SUBWAY AND MANHATTAN "L" ROADS Alleged to Have Stolen From Their Employer on Ocean Parkway. . IMPLICATE COACHMAN RAHN J Instead ot an open vote, had been token there would have been no strike. Some ot the strikers are old men-grandfathers, with gray hair who have worked lor the company since It started and quit work for those reasons." George Walling, a sinking guard, was one of the men bitter against Pepper. He said: "The labor leaders deceived us, first, into joining the union by tilling us that we could only hold our jobs by bceotniug mem- statements require no reply or commaot." The surface ears had their troubles also. An Eighth avenue trolley car that left One a few reckless looking guimpes, some plainer yokes, several hundreds of yards of lace and one or two silk waists, made up. were disdained by clever burglars who took about $2,000 worth of fine silk from the shirt waist and corset cover factory of J. Salmon at 162 Pacific street, this morning. But the thieves had left Mr. Salmon no working stock and for a time it seemed as it all the nrettv young women In the place would have nart of their day off. Mr. Salmon rose to the Hundred and Forty-fifth street shortly after ainn thoueh. and telephoned at once to 6:30 o'clock reached One Hundred and First gome gj,k lmportrs for enough silk to keep street when the plow on the car dropped .... , ,., ,v n.i ,n heln into the conduit tleing that road up. Then the tactory going for the day and to help the crowd made s rush for the Columbus : him fill out his orders. j avenue line and after allowing several cars , "I'm away behind In my orders, anyway," : that were already crowded to over-flowing, 3aj(, j.r Salmon to Detective Sergeant James ' Kelly of headquarters, who was making an to pass hv, some of the Hf.rlemites succeeded I In getting on one of the cars. They man aged to reach a point near Seventieth street hers of the union. We found this was taise . whjch formed a wKh thp tro, afterward. Then again half of the men 1 p. wtr sonijing the flames Into the air were forced into the strike without knowing j t0 a bright of about ten feet. This dis-what they were going on strike for. ' play of pyrotechnics thoroughly frightened . .... , . , cnrrv several hundred persons who made a rush "I went out the rest and I am sorr f f Amsterdam ayenuc Br(ae ne aJ for it. I read in the papers that the stnke (h(, ?fxth and Xiutn avenue elevated lines, was declared off by the National leaders. ot,iv to fjn(j ,i,at D0th lines were running and I am here to get my job back. I am irregularly. done with labor unions forever." Pepper, Defiant, Denounces the National . Officers. Thel ocal leaders refused to accept the fact that the strike was over They cursed with intense feeling. , "We don't give a damn for the national officers," was the way they put it. George E. Pepper. president of the local union of the Amalgamated Amociation, went to Colonial Hall where ho addressed the west side branch of the union. When he returned to his headquarters in Marlou Hall, Pepper Bald he told 'the men not to desert the union and that the etories that the national officers had thrown down the strike were untrue. Ho said thai the statements given out MANY NOMINATIONS CONFIRMED. Consuls and Secretaries of Legations and Embassies Approved by Senate. Washington, March 10 The Senate to-day In executive session confirmed the following neminattoLs: George B. Anderson, District of Columbia, consul at Antigua, W. I.; Robert S. Chilton, jr.. District of Columbia, consul at Toronto, Ont.. Canada: Hunter Sharp. North Carolina, consul at Kobe. Japan; Robert Brent Mosher. DlFtrict of Columbia, consul at Collingwood. Ont.. Canada; William Phillips, Massachusetts, second secretary of the Legation at rkius. China; Henry P. Fletcher, Pennsylva- investigatlon, "and if I bad not been there migit have been more silk for the rascals to take. As it is Ul recover from this loss. But I do not think it was very nice for the captain of the precinct to ask me why I did not keep the stuff in a safe." The burglary was peculiarly bold, for the place from which the goods were taken Is on Pacific street, a door or two from the house of the Fire Salvage Corps, where there are always men wide awake at all hours of the day and night. The thieves knew their ground pretty well, for the general Impression Is that they did all of their work from the rear ot the building and got la and out through a vacant yard of apartment houses in the back, on Dean street. The police, wisely considering the matter, have a notion that the thieves were of the notorious East Side gang of Manhattan, which makes a specialty of stealing silks, the more valuable the better, and who find a ready market for their stolen wares in cert-iin silk houses on the East Side, where persons Becking for bargains in such gooJj can buy at marvelously cut rates cut even below the cost of manufacture. It Is some l;uid ,itn eoorntnrv rtt thn l.oyntlnn r T.ishon. Pnr'nii' Tiinmn cinp Monro niatrirt of since t he eang has operated in Urooklu. by he Interborough company of the success Columbia, secretary of Legation and consul partly beiause a number of its members have In which the trains were being run and that ; general to Roumania and Servla; Charles been In jail, but within a month or two morn s. Wilson. Maine, secretary of the Legation at Greece and Montenegro and of rbe Diplo matic Agency In Bulgaria, with residence at The motormen now in charge of he trains on the "L roads and the Subway system are not "green men." They are men experienced in railroad work, and in the absolute control of the double airbrake system used on the largest ra. roads in the United States, and have all had a careful examination before they were put to work. Sensational statements are being circulated to create feaMn the minds of the public against the use at this time of the Interborough system. In the interest of the public and the business community of this Metropolis, it is important that these statements should be refuted in the public press. The safety of the puDiic in me iram o.i the "L" roads and the Subway is being carefully looked after by the most skilled railroad men to be found in this country. INTERBOROUGH RAPID TRANSIT COMPANY. Police Say They Believe the Girls "Were Prompted to Steal "Will Beturn to Germany. A FATAL ERROR. A man steps Into your office, draws up his chair, and talks right Into your face. His breath is offensive. Your only thought is how to get rid of him and his business. You cut him short with, " 1 am not interested." SOZODONT Is essential to one whose breath is not pura and sweet. . Penetrating the little crevices, it deodorizes, sweetens and purifies them. and makes you feel genteel and clean-cut 3 FORMS : LIQUID, POWDER PASTE. CHILD PERISHED IN FLAMES. Father Probably Fatally Burned and Three Servants in Maine Hotel May Have Lost Lives. the men were returning to work, were bluffe "Even if the national officers had notified me that the strike was off, it would not;Tlhons. William Blumenthnl. New York. make any difference. 1 don t give a Oof the national officers. The strike is still on, and we are going to win. It's a lie that I met the national officers yesterday. ."A good many cars of ho company are in the repair Bhops and there is no one to repair them. The company is gradually getting in a hole.' Men Clearly Violated Agreement With Company. The policy of dnying unquestionable facts was maintained by the strike leaders. third secretary of the Embassy at Paris France; Lewis Einstein. New York, third recretary of the Embassy at London; Craig VV Wadsworth. New York, second secretary of the Embassy at London; John Ridgely cr.rter. Maryland, secretary of the Embassy ot London. NIPPED BY TBAFFIC SQUAD MAN. Manhattan Butcher Fined $5 for Abusing Officer. Kounditnan Bavendam, of the new Broad- Chief Jencks of the local organization of i way tramc sqwio, prearuieu m. u,l v the Brotherhood of Engineers, denied this ', er in the Gates avenue court to-day, before afternoon that he had received from Grand J Magistrate Furlong. The man was Albert Chief Warren S. Stone, in Cleveland, O.. an- Kepp'.cr, a butcher, of 601 East Eighty-third Bouncing that the charter of the local union street. Manhattan. The officer .aid he was was revoked and ordering him to forward to 1 l. tni. morning when Keppler ! the Grand Chief all its books, papers, and UI.ove along at a reckless rate, regardleus of o?her property. He declared that he had re- j ,tle crowd ot women and children In the reived no such dispatch from Grand Chief j street. Bavendam rode alongside and ordered t , , ..,, Keppler to alow down. Instead, he alleged, A dispatch to the Eagle from Cleveland leT drove ,a8lr and .B, not caught eaid that Mr. Stone, stated that the action unUl fag r,.act)e(j tll. corner of Hart street, was taken on the ground that the Brother- j sentence was suspended on the reckless hood had a contract with the Inttrboroush j driving charge, but. us the officer said the Company covering a period of three years. ', ru.n had ud vile language to him in the vompauy i presence of women and children, he was fined which had been signed in feepumbcr last i if. o( A fnrivtly con(lu,t. and that tho engineers struck without eon- , suiting the officers of the Brotherhood and In clear violation of the existing agreemi nt. Mr. Stone added that th dt'lslon of the grand council was final and that the New York engineers belonging to sub-division No. j 101 could not be rcliuiat.-d except upon a , majority tote at a convention ot the bru.b- tihood. i I'epper and J neks are trying to secure thou ore of them has been releaseu shown to the police by the monthly stut prison reports, and there i3 more activity u the work, which is vastly more profitable than "verging." The men who do this kind of work are Bilk experts, men who have been working in the great silk mills in France, and they know, as soon as their fingers touch the fabric, even in the dark. Just how much It ought to fetch by the yard, even from the receiver of the stolen goods. Their booty is not bulky usually, and a handcart Is sometimes employed to get it away. The J2.000 worth of stuff taken from Salmon's last night could easily have been carried by one or two men. It was of the flimsy, but tough, material made by the Japanese, and it was wide enough to warrant good returns. Mr. Salmon said this morning that it was worth from 75 cents to Jl io a yard, even at wholesale, and. as about 2,000 yards were carried off. It is likely that the loss to Mr. Salmon will ex ceed the wnicn ne nas estimaieu. The burglars who do this sort of business give neighborhoods a long rest after making a raid and the chances are that they may not return to Brooklyn In months. And the chances are, too, that the silk will never bt recovered, for Japanese goods hace no selvedge, simply a mark at one end of the web with the maker's stamp, duly canceled by the government. It is easy to remove the stamp end the marks without Injuring more than an inch strip of the web. The factory 1 in what used to be known as Coakley Hall. In the Sixth Ward, and the firm making the corset covers and silk waists has had pojsesison of it for more t"ian twenty years. This in tne nrst turg Ury has happened there. Nobody Im- Patten, Me., March 10-A woodmen's bote! at Sebois. located In the woods ot Northern a Penobscot County, about 2" miles irom here was burned during the nignt anu . least one life, that ot the young daughter of Luther Hall, who kept the hotel, was lest Mr. Hall, unconscious from burns and exposure, is here, having started to summon id woodman discovered him about ten mile, from this "wn insensible on bs sled, his horse matuug u. y-i Irfiulsa Schmidt. 21 years old, who was ar rested at 215 East Seventh street, Man hattan. last Monday night, by Detective Mc Govern, o the Parkville station, charged with robbing, in company with others, her employer, Fritz Llndinger, at 230 Ocean Parkway, Flatbush, was arralgnea oeiore Magistrate Steers in the Flatbush police court to-day on a complaint sworn to by Mr. Llndinger before he left town. I As told in the Eagle, a quantity of table 1 linen, table silver and women's wearing apparel was taken from the Llndinger household In the latter part ot February. He had discharged his help and on information furnished by Ferdinand Rahn, a former coach-,n h accused his servants. Hannah Lange, 21 years old, the laundress, and Louisa Schmidt, the maid, with having taken thu goods. A complaint sworn to W h" auo implicated Edward Goldstein, a yea of 215 East Seventh street, Manhattan. The matter was reported to the police and Detective McGovern was assigned to the case. He had the two girls in custody that night, and also obtained a quantity ot tho stolen goods. The Schmidt girl becaa.c hys terical at the time ot her arrest ajd, was j . nollovuo Hnanltal. whtch do- louort ho, rrnienment until tO-day. She with i... t ar,aa oir are, now Inmates of the Way side Home, under tno proiecuuu n Mcury, the probationary officer. Goldstein was arrested the next day in Flatbush, while returning some of the stolen goods to the Llndinger home. At his arraign- t Via rii.-iplHttliPfi ft II knowledge ot the rob bery, saying be had been merely asked to return tho goods. He was paroled on his ON NEGRO CHURCH TRAGEDY. Coroner's Jury Hears Nothing New as to the Collapse of Fleet Street A. M. E. Building. HAD BELT OF GOLD SOVEREIGNS. Armenian, Held as a Vagrant, Believed by Police to Be Clever Jewelry Thief. The Inquest into the circumstances surrounding the calamity which cost ten persons their lives In the Fleet Street African M. E. Church on the night of the !7tn uit.. took place to-day in the coroner's court, In the Borough Hall. Before the Inquest mo Jurymen, under the guidance ot Coroner Flaherty, visited the scene of the aisaster and then they trooped back to the Borough Hall and listened to evidence. George V. Elliott appeared for the heirs of one of the women who was killed and Assistant District Attorney Smith took charge ot the legal end of the inquiry for the coroner. The story ot the pastor of the church, who was In charge of the funeral services, the Rev. Frederick M. Jacobs, was to tho ef fect that there was a large crown in iub place an da noisy one. He attributed the accident not so much to the fact that the floors were overloaded with people as to the fact that the people were in motion at me time. Frank Stanley, an architect, wno maoe nu examination of the building, declared that there should not have been more than 100 people In the building. He found that tho beams did not overhang on the girders sufficiently, that while there should have been at least four incheB of rest, there was but an inch. In tho opinion of Mr. Stanley tho building was dangerously overioaaeu. Some ot tho city's inspectors were examined and told of the inspection that had been made of tho building. Other witnesses, wno had nothing new to say. were examined and the case went to the jury. The verdict rendered was the following. The victims came to their aeatn oy suuoca- own recognisance for a lurtner nearing. CBUad bv the falling of a floor, due to the time of the Lange girl's rr.gnment tlon caused by the fan ng o tho she confessed all and Implicated the "Y 'nurcb. colored, caused by a surging ocnmiui. gin uuu crowd concentrated on tnis parucumi wi Bedrach Peterson, an Armenian, was held this morning by Magistrate Dooley, In the Adams street court, for hearing two day hence, on a charge of vagrancy, made against him by Detective Sergeant Frank Kelly, of the headquarters start. The inn eculd not give a very good account ot himself, partly ni,i .ho fnrniHf cnaehlnan ana inioruiam She accused him also with assaulting her on or about February 25. He had obtained employment from Mr. Llndinger at the same time she did. and It was with the understanding that the two were man and wife. Tk. iri tnii Miss Meurv since her ar rest that Rahn was not her husband, but that he exercised a great power over her and that the two had been living together for more than a year. She said that she had met him at hor home city, Bremen, Germany, and that, despite the protest of hor parents, sho had come to America with him. Miss Meury further said that the girl told her that Rahn had prompieo ioem . address on Seventh av nue. Manhattan. The police believe that he Is a dangerous palmer, ana mat ne uioio ten slowly. .... . . a nair at earrings. Bet with diamonds, about The woodman Drougni tue .m. . . . (h lowciry store L. M. was revived tor i J : piccard that bis hotel r.aa " V" " : manufa, Hall was revived for a moment, ne siaie. , . . .. . Btrcct. one of the !?I W 'h'2T..P ,h. bote" errasTcep.has been giving the iai, H.h.H'n. hat three I manufacturing and retail Jeweler. Journal had perished and thal three , trade g descripml . cannot live. He 1. terriDiy Durneu the head and body. A party started Promptly Sebois. Jey chuuvi .-. - to go to fore night. wunn ho cnulii not snehk English readily and partly because he could not apparently , Mr LlndlBger and that . . AAaBO oo Sovollth live- ----- - he wa3 accustomed to take ner earnings imiu h., on.l hoflt her hesirie. McGovern arrested Rahn last Tuesday, and he was arraigned on the complaint of the i o oiri tn tho Flatbush Dolice court on Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to the oharo nt nasault preferred by hfr and was held for examination to-day. Mis Meury had the two girls in court to-day to testify nt his examination. They coin accusea nini of beating and attempting to choke the Lange girl and Magistrate Steers reserved decision tn his case until March 19. Tho oYjimlnntlon of the two (SlrlS WIU come up on Mar 23. to give Mr. Llndinger Wo tho inrv. recommend a more anu frequent Inspection of old buildings of this character, even if from outside appearances there are no signs of structural weakness, where girders and beams are concerned by uncovering the celling or floor, to discover structural work or uetect. LASSOED A DROWNING WOMAN. Mrs. Mary Murphy, Out of Work, "Weak, Hungry and Despondent, Jumped Into the East River. men, -- ---- - - . In the building wnen "" ";"". ,.. lns with much industry and great success. Mrs. Hall was visiting friends h. " After ( s of t innoctncP. umoi.g giving this information Mr. Ha 1 again De jewelers of this city. c ame unconscioca ; - , wh,.o the nr soner was searcneu a bui- TWO NEW FIREB0ATS NEEDED. Kew Engine House Also Wanted to Protect the Recent Additions to Brownsville Houses. YOUHAS PLEADED GUILTY. Michael Youhas. 25 years of age. who shot and killed Annie Mlnarlk, 17 years of at ; her home. 172 Wythe avenue, pleaded guilty 1 this morning to mansiaugnter m me ursi ae- ., . d h . , gree in the County Court before Judge (be -.,rproom. and the workroom, after and he will be sentenced on Monday. The . thai. Tbey discarded a lot of valuable prop-maximum penalty for the crime 1. twenty i f rty In the shape of laceo and goods, years. Youha a. Indicted for murder In or partly goodB, but they totk very enough support to Jusil; thirn in making a ,(,. second degree. ! ard of uncut Bilk that was In sight. Thy !h- hhooting is supposed to have teen ; mo carried otr ome oi tne rane-up aiun, caused by a quarrel between Youha. and i "ualnty confet tWn.," .. the man behind the l. over the attention, of the former to : counter would my. In th .hape of comet murder . coven, cut low in the necg. ana waist, tnai Th. .nglneer of the Finance Department o ronnrt to the Board of Estimate to- . oonneetlon with the request of Fire Commissioner Haye. for an appropriation of for three new flrcBoais, one oi ". clngle was found wound around and around his abdominal line, on the bare skin. This was taken from hm.nd.nsme ?. us. ,f" wa, compclled JT nei TKV, U J 1 composition of noney ana 0. . . ,h: ,hrpB robbfry and the little hnrd of nearly Jouu gave uie iun . . . .,. , . iolf - ; - i. . .hat t n,o ia iot a. eomD ami. uneasiness when It was taken away irom . ; - "':rht can be lo not co niirnnHe v cuuuieu nu,.. .-- . .... .1... .,..,nn.alv (.minted mm. anu wnen m- w. H. ... . . ,he, C,ln,Werrfl'lenT Ellsh " coin w From the story of the Lange girl, told to wn dotrd oagain nVplcce of the probationary officer, the . bel ev. stout cotton. Every sovereign nau n o" little nest of beeswax ana noney. so n would not rub. that the Integrity of the coins should be maintained. DYING MAN ACCUSES FRIEND. Sam Park, tight against national leader. They are not getting any airong encouragement In thai direction. Foimer Union Men Now "Scnbs." The nun In the lot a I union of Lo. emotive Engineer, are now platil in the uMiions of "Hiao.." Tliey ate no Iui.k- r ei.iun in u, and havj no right to r cognition !'' uiuo men. H. B. Msy, vice prci'lcnr of ili lo-jl umttti of the Amu'.gauiati '1 Al-ui ui lull, paid thm morning ; "I am still confident thai the r: n lll win. There Is only one c h: in e to 1 -c and that Is a stmnpr',1,. of the in. ti in r.'urn to work ,1 haw reliable nd'l.en (rem all dlr-rtlotn tht very te of thu n.en hue d terii 1 the atrtkeff uud hU i hat gii.'K .""jritUi s of P tery. .'uliw.y train, running Intra the Itroiklyn Itrt Ige pti-i'Mi f r' i:i up-tnwn 'w n 11"' snd 10 If, thin nirn:tir "re filled ti their inmost rnt..'ity .th" enr i f a n. alter of fa' t carrying niot- tlmn th v v. nin.l . m,..o ,l,u. ,hlo..oo uokM nlrlr '""" rZ 1st.-. Anu out sueii a nuiining .. . treasure nouse Brooklyn water front. nne IllKS, LUl ine DUrgiam app.renuy lew ... -,l.tlnn of vbat they were doing. They ripped out a He recommended that an appropriation section of Iron bar. from a rear window In I jo.OOO be made for two new nreDoai-. Controller Grout was of the opinion mat there ought to be two additional large Ore-boats and one or two smaller one. for shallow water. Kire Chief Croker. who was present agreed with him. The matter wa. laid over until n-it t week when . appropriation of at lea.t $it0.WO for additional fire boats probably will be m?l!C.;.... n rnmmlMloner Churchill sp oored before tho Hoard of Estimate to ak nth.-r women. Jm. nrlor to the Yonh.s wn seen drinking freely Id a aaloon were "dreams" to the artl.tic oense.. And In the neighborhood of his home, and after 'he thieve, did not even make a try at the , an preprint ion for additional cnglnt. i... hurt the eirl the Polish nouulatlon bin eafe. where there u money to hand, . n.r. r oart. of the city which attempted to met) Youhss. .. hi. victim nor at th wide-open desk of the proprietor. ny imperfectly covered by the fire de- wa. very popular, it 1. am tnat rotin.. i-tea,p:ed .ulclde twice alnce hi. arrest. Strange Case Reported of Attempted Murder to Get Insurance Money. lu carry, ei a dtirn.g rt: itnlnn e.i vil.K !n llre-il, wlillc no' trow 11 i wrr qulrkly ti d w- f-r.'ire), r ,. h. i i i ' l.rt !. of both ,b . : t Mli J t.v N f. T ; r. 't . t- v 'j st,. ( . : i , 4 I.. i- t n ', r. v. i . ; it r " . POWERS HELD BY MAGISTRATE. George Tower, wa. held this morning by Magistrate Dooley, In the Ad.m. street court. for the action of the Court of Special K union, on a charge ot as.ult pre ferred .gainst him by Thotna. K. Calnes, who on tmnlovtd to ell the Kagle at the June ti..n .,f t-hf hiiMh avenue .nri Kulton street ii Uki Saturday .fternoou. I'ow.rn Jo.tbd toe rompl.lnant and then .truck him i"-etui blow. 10 the face.. It w clear to the .......k ht tho ovldence w Btt sufnrlrnt '"r l"''"1'1'"' ,n' ,rrnt him tu holding l-owtr. for th- higher court. Aw.lstniit Ul.trict Attorney hn.t' h pros'-cuti d. o. , - - - , are on ly i m pet i.-l.. v. - j They did not even o Into the office, but con- , al prornt, Mr. Churchill .aid. o i - .o .ho m i.r.pnnm. mtlA Wltrll ' ... . . 1. . n..o,l. 'tiOtlOT llfl llllq ll.CII OUIO V ui o,'-.Mo rrot:i. Thl. I. the list of the stolen property, a. given by Mr. Salmon to he police: From l.r,(K) to J.OOO yards of .Ilk. PL whlto nainook gowns. Tweu'y-flve silk corset covtT.. Six white nainsook torf't covers. Five white iialnnook shirt.. Tito white lane skirts. The police are ..arching vainly. It 1. expected for the nolen goods. No one In the neighborhood w the thieve, at work. h far .. the Investigation, of tho police have gone. One of the sections tn.t nccm i" tei tlnn, Mr. Churchill said, I. iirownui-. "There were i.i"'i nour nui vlile la.t year." .aid Mr. Churchill, "and there is ao engine house to protect thern. MRS. CHADWICK WORRIED. i tjt.ilitidliH Tn - ' ),' iii'mlin. i .if. i r " CALLED A LIAR IN COURT. Strain of Trial Is Evidently Telling on May Beach Jury on Monday. Cottage Grove. Ore., March 10 In the mail of the city marshal of thl. place yesterday j wa. a letter purporting to be wrltte. by John Fletcher, .tatlng that the writer wa. tired of life and had decided to t .mmlt ui-clde, and telling the marshal where to find the body. Fletcher was found a. Indicated, with a bullet wound in his head, but, iioveliinmenis tend to show that he wa. shot by John Urauton, who. It Is charged, wrolo the letter, ihe crime being for the repose of g.'ttlng life Insurance of tt.O'iO, payabio to Uranton at Fid -her', death. Brnnton. while wnlkltig along Ihe rotd. I. charged, borrowed Fletcher revolver on the pretext of wanting n Kin a wnu uuiuhh. 11.. .l.on eri.nllnf tn Fletcher', .worn sir.'e- nieni. turned the weapon on thn latier. ifter having .hot Fletcher. Ilrnnton tried to Induce the wounded man to My thai .u bad shot hlnielf. This Fletcher refused to and later swore to an anilavll rhargints Uranton with the .hooting. MARY FLYNNS IMPROVING. it... ho Q. ihn lenillnE snlrlt In the rob bery. Mis. Meury believes that the girl, ore merelr instruments In his hand, and that they are entirely Innocent of ny wrong Intent. She has obtained a proml.e from them that If thev are freed from the charge again.! them they will st once return to hnmei In Cormanv. She .ays that the two g(rls come of re.pect.ble families who still live In Germany and that tt Is unneee.-ary for them to earn their living In this oonmrv itonie.tic. The Schmidt girl has i.t,.r livtnx a. . domestic on Oarfleld place, thl. borough, In who.e trunk the police claim some of Mr. Llndinger'. property Including a bottle of choice wine, wa. found, and. although .he has not been Implicated In the robbery, her .l.ter said to-day that .he also will return with them to Germany. COWBOYS IN WALL STREET. Weak from hunger, despondent because sho had been for weeks without work, with but 8 cents left and with her final attempt, made this morning, to get employment a failure, Mrs. Mary Murphy, 45 years old, a widow, livim at 20 Cherry street, Manhattan, at tempted suicide shortly before 11 o'clock this morning by Jumping Into tne t-ast mve. from the pier of the Pennsylvania mce. Company, at Fifty-ninth street. She was rescued by three barge captains, who saw her lump into tho river, one of whom. Cap- . .. . . r. x- i t tho Ilolnwnre. tain foil, Ol Barge . ' - Lackawanna and Western Railroad, threw a. rope with a ellp-noose in It over her head and pulled ner asnore. e - the Flower Hospital anu iu ihi suffer seriously from ber submersion. Whlel Captains Pelt and Dillon were Inking Mr.. Murphy to the cabin of the barge to dry and warm her, elie broke away from them and ran toward the edge of the barge vidently Intending to repeat ner ti.... attempt. Tho captains restrained u.-i fore .he could Jump . secona iime. Western Kanchmen Greeted Noisily by Bulls At the New York Stock Exchange. FUNERAL OF A. M. PALMER. Service at "Little Church Around the Corner" Attended by Many Well Known Theatrical Men. Very Ftvr lielt.y. To-rl- y 4. tiiu h let'tr h..!'i- v,,. ti.,,1 i-l 'o, ,,, r,.n':-lt ;t-. t ' 'iti ! ) trl Nlt.tli n,tue .-,. to i,,. I f ,;. i tlte.. Hot, . It but It ai.r d'!t. s,l the tritltia it ti.i.iu tw re ,rie, ,,t, t r (. three nil Ir.'it :ti;.( i'n o, tule Tle Intert,ortiMK:t r.T i..l. te .t.ll J.r' 1 rf lol'iee 1 le r at- it ttti v fintt-ii. v te lave their joim for all tliue. o tlo- hit. rbor'ittkh i. i tti' ertied mi I th. y w.li1 liattiri.liy side with l'i pi-er ntel JIoI(k. A little luimlter of letter i Hi r ce'Ti d tin. mornlo. . Idr i 1 to Mr ll.diev w.rnlnr lilin tbnt itm;.t .-'. going to he In blow tip with tttiwti)tH Mit ir,u pan. of thn toad and power hotit.. A ee:ille lell.r W.n pelted rot Hlallo't "P" 1 1 l H I' 11 Mr H-dley nan e mi 'ho ftlt.t'lo of the lllt'lttl"- 1 1 I II .-'1 'Meadley " and on a slu-le thiet un iho In.l.le very poorly wiltten: fir A . i.n.i.i will untile blnw p ihn rr hou i I't.e ll'tteirrd and Forty-ixih .triei. Look mil. A friend" Men Isgrr to Ritinn to Work. An oftl lu of the Inir thotooBh I'mni snjr, hen s ra till, altt-rtioon. ,t. I TROLLEY CAKS IN A CRASH. Cr-. No. 1TM. of the I'utn.m avenue line, nd No !T. ol the fi. venih avenue line, cam. toetl,.r with a crh at o'clock l..t night at th Junction of Court and Fulton tret. IP ii,n1 the lo the vehlclo tht r . no'ttiiurv and the r' ngera miH wim- ,..,t a h ruu h. 7h" I' avenue car I hue court clued lo have ihe wnnt ul the colllnon i wh, h In- Is ail' K'd tu have taken Prl, an I ih lour pa.-tugera ihero were .hakt u I )n r,., .!,,. tr.i luinltuie, Hu"n .r,r. l:.t. Tilt M Ot I he p 1"I rn . , Ml, )r,B, Melir.lth, of f.'. 1 n an t ih-y did uot i Th ti t any alarm. I ... , . . i. . , i.,.t n an i o j w ' , if-.-i, ,o oV, mm .a d 1,, loo aid In her . fotiinl ipih. who wa. . Di.n. r.a n i Magistrate Naumtr Tlatly El-pressed His Opinion of Michael PascarelH's Ouecr Te.tlmony. Mich. id r.P' arelit, who wna atttnii.oned be. forn M.g'.-ir.te Natimer. in the Myrtle sve- to-tUy, in '-xplaln a irin;.ai tlun , It Ihe i. ,1 f -.r i be door. r AOLE TROPHY MATCH T0-NI0HT. Tin n..f-h In tha K.asla rifle trophy erie I. '..n th. Fourteenth an I Flrt eventli ) , ,... t.trt. whkh a tiedued fur lilt Sin it'.., n. Kb', but UI U w. p'att- J.'.ll M B" OUltt Of 1.11 UleOant ('Olonel ,r'V I'ti iti Ht..t.e In anlilngton, will he .hot i hi a evening in Hi- K..Mh. .veime .rniory. It In prol tii'lr tht t' tn.peitr,ra r,( pmall arnta prnillie will pre.eti' the .artia lentna whl h IMI the Thirteenth and Twrniy-Hiir I r gmirnt. on the e-emng of Krbrtut y f, BR00KLYNITL8 IN WASHINGTON. Kagl Ilure.ti. Ho. r'Olirlaelilh aireel, Va.hltig'on. M.rt h o-Th fnllowltif The fact ilui tlte -tr.le I. l.mWn ! nrotiVlyiH'ea relierd at tha Hureati hlmaelf In an tlluil' t. a lit l.redlr a tln nl It the magistral pliiii.ply Infornu'd hltn thtt be regardtd him a Har and thould hold lilm In ball of Isoo for the Court of Hpc-i r n 1 Hi t"lona The totnplnlnaftt .eld aim itia ! arriittite. Hunt, with the defendant, intot. r I t. wh'-n ahe wa. (lupo.a.ia.ed from Iter aiart-tnenta, whereby h- wa i to at" for h. r prop- Voluod at l.'-e Itu in. ni'UH'i ttiat afiT demanding her .oodtt on verai nera- ; h ,r.f,.,.. i aloi,.. Pait iin III per.laied iii rein, ring me delivered I r prop-rty and had ronterte.l It to ma own mUk .,, 1Mrl, Ue . . I aiitcrntlient Mr (tarry a a ciM.-dly di.'otei With . pal- ' lightly agaiifi I OUIV !! WfV ('level. nd. O., March It l proo.oie tu.. '.he ChadwUk cu will not be given to th- jiiry until some tune on Monday. When rouit opened tin. morning. Judge T.ylor k'-d the roun.vl en both .Idc to Indicate the length ot nine ihty would require for their aigunieiit., and alter a ton-ten nee between lUftrlM Attorney fttillivan .nd A.torney 1 P. I'awby lor the oVf n.e. t w.a agreed lhat the imenle phould h'' I i. tat tlcallr unlln.lte.l lloth lawy-r. w.n ! uf the opinion that all the .tgunn nta would i ,nmiine more than the two niilniii of lo- il.iy. AMl.tent I'lu'r. I Attorney Thorns.'. II i (larry made ih" t'inir.g srguniei.i f,,r the utf-rini nt. !! t titied himteit i,ii ny lo the la ot the ti" claiming lh;it nn ..ti.'. Itietlt to tnnipiraiy ate) tin' the .greiu.etit aril 1 wl'h It Ih" Int'ht o violate the law Mr Harry apik, t ,r aletut one a-,d a htlf hour. II" ne (lined by Mr Mmg tot ' i lomg ar. jii Mit, will If liawley for Mra Chad-"otny for Hie Captain Beth Bullock and hi. band of Western cowboy., who time here yesterday i after taking part In Ihe Insugurstlon parade, visited Wall .treel tbl. noon. They went down town in a big automobile and when Ihe machine turned Into Wall street tbey were at once recognised and cheered by the rrowda. Thev returned the cheers with such yell. a. quickly thalr pre.ence known thri.imhoti! iho financial district. Windows In Ihe lull buildings sbout the corner of I Wall sod Hrtmd .treel. weer openeil ana ! streamer, of tape sent d.ngllog out, while the occupant, .houted w t tne cowooya. The enwtmya flr.t .topped .1 the Hloik .mlMtige, and went up Into the gallery. 1hre wa. . lively bull m.rket In progress, i... it,. i.,.t... reroanisln. the cowboy. The whereabout, of Mary Tlynn. the;,,. lh,lr hK ,mbrroa, .topped bu.lnei. Brooklyn girl, whc.e di.appearan. e for three for . u,,n; and ,-.M - . ..... The York In a tremor Ot riciie. ; -"". Her Wherenhouts, However, Ate Hot Revealed by Her F.rnlly to Any Ounld Inciulrets. Klnc" 11 OUI ner in-"" hi - I liars. rnr - - - r , ' h" r.t.irnd from I'hlla d.-lpMa ahe I:, re- f pandetnoiilmii wbl'h quite rqii.le.1 the :,r..r. ."...v. m . M.,nhi,. y W'pfka liU': N'eW ni-nt for her a.fe'v. If now withheld fr .11 hoi her liuwl llltlnilite frleqd., ah i lutluin with a frit nd. with hi r uncle and at I,, r home, I'.'H Mutnn atre. l. Juet where he I. now her fiitnily re'uae to rill stul llf t v. n decline in ai.iw. r the door hell, an at r. utiii'i luive loon the ill tun nut upon the mo. llv for Information. When a'lted alemi Iter londiilon lltey r-p.,ed briefly ihioiiah the at.eaking tul. thl intnlt an uiil.wfiil act w in t.i it i atti moon ilia' Mla Hutu l improving ".-ry will iitvoni tnai iiier naa aii.oniie-ly ntithlng lo ii. The infereiite and prob-l,lltea are that Mi. Hum will retirn to a private .aitttanutli li Mat and rei'tiper- ale from hit long and to lion. tup. can." .o enthu.ia.'lc Ih.i he sent hi. big list .ailing down 10 tha floor. He got It l,i W llnr . mllttlie inere waa uranu The public funeral iiervlce. for A. M. ralmer, the veteran theatrical manager. wtr. held In the "Little Church Arounu inn Corner " on Went Twenty-ninth street. Manhattan this morning at 11 o'clock. Seldom has ibis little church held such u represent tlve gathering of theatrical manager. au .ctnri a. was pre.ent t the service, to-day. The funeral arrangements were under the au.plcea of the Actor. Fund of Am'Tlcn, with Al Hayman director. I'nder hi. direction, and a. . mark of e.teem. the uBhers were the manager, of New York theaters. Among tho.e who .erved were Thomas Shea, Empire Theater; W. W. WalterB. Criterion Theater; Lewi. K. Worh.. Now York Theater: Mare A. Lueacher. New Amsterdam Theater; William Newman, Herald flqunre Theater; Henry Kamsey, Lyceum Theater; Lew Phelps. Oarrlck Thenter, and lleury 8nmmer., Knickerbocker Theater. The honorary pallbearer, were men who had been lltelong associate, of Mr. Palmer. Many of tliem had been brought Into tbn public eye under hi. management. Tbey were: Bron.on Howard. William Olllnlte, K. Y. M.rkay. E. A. Iilihmar. tiener.l T. lo Jaine., Judge IHttenhocffer. Iir. S. W. ?mlth, K M. Kno. liBnlel Krolim.n. Kr.ncla Wll- inu, roroe. iiouert.on uu mei'. Orlamer. Tha funeral service., In accordance with tha wl.he. of Mr. I'.lnier. were extremely .imple, .nd were confined to those provided In the Kpl.cop.l ritual. CLEAN BILL FOR THE HANCOCK. Sailor Aboard Receiving Bhlp Can Be Taken by the Yankee to North Atlantic Fleet, nn a lively lay '"fiefnre Ihey efi thn .ireet, th cowboy, look l"n" at 'be curb market In Broad atreel, autre 111. nroaera i-nerro.i inn. again. Broad tret waa Jammed from curb In curb by . .houllng crowd while Ihe rowlKiys were there. THEIR BAIL WAS INCREASED. p waa .Per tr.e oeiernnnt nau aiven nta li nt mioliy on the wltnie .'.ml thai Mm.m tr.te N. nmer e.reaid lila opinion regard. 11. g tho tnaii a vi iaei:y and ordered lit .r I real, inn li lo hia aorprle lie rurnin i bail. All iU he In do ! look to. lev Mr end Mra I. A'alti. Ml. a around" llere the nff. l,tl pot 1 lo ihe ,..,. .ikina. Mr. and Mr.. Thorn.. P.. I. died tif reltllitltta atl'fc. t. a It. i liliel up t lie )t r4 three antr.riMima nl Mr lli.lii t . i,tr . tin ,rnwd'd lite inltldit. nt III" l it. It" llttilding end who were Lillm. utr tt - ether In Ihetr aiigetll.aa lO fet'ltn lo era "Th" atatetnelil (.ailed l llie i. i'.ti la.t in.. it onlaln. lite aitiiailoii tuliv an I t . ie la nnthina t" a id In It fn h tin ,i u- an net, ltd will be Ink' li on to Nil tht I ..lopir. IH required " Kara lite nf lal .Itentlon waa rallrd lo talemenia iif Mr Jen. a. and Mr I ppor thai the atriaa (a) en , en I llie nflii lal. wt. ptnad wliile, aat 1 TT'e fai la n-iak for 111' im.lte.. Thrif CASTOR I A For Infants and Children, The Kin. You Hare Alwajs Bought Heart th Slguatur ot NO EVIDENCE A0AIN8T THEM. Oeorgt .nd William Oiubet, Fort Ham llton 8nlooiilieep rs, Dl. charged. lieors" an I W illioin I. ruber, lha lt of lit aaloonkeeper. atttated In th" I'ort 1 1 ei rn I tt (.id. .era iiab.tgd till, aftirlioott frotn lu.tedy by litii'd H ti i t'inini.. loner llrtudiei. no eU" of any wi it. gdolns on llieir pari ll. Villi lit ell (.re.ei led (ill l.inrnln a lb" Ki-d. t .j.linrl-He. male a rild on the .uioonk. ' n r. lit-ma iii ih" vh inur of the k m M itiiil'on n il' ' iiair re.eriaiioti and aite.ted llie of Ihetn ! ull the i Im-ie tif havlnl pl.eri "toll S floUl I ihe tin nation lu ih'ir ptmmiou. Whin Mr appealed in-e li llonven. w hi our her aioii alii, gra.ped hi e'-r .ml lal. i I Wlni rme to n tier ltrh.1' t , -M-nt w.a a' time. de. if te Mm. i i,ddl' It. od a handkef h t n I r tt.o'ith alia t). li. d an. 0 l lio llllere-;. ' ol.lied Mia l liaiwlck ''ttlid. Iler too. Ktnil 1 I' her, pai ! In. aa 11 a. If to run. oi i ,.r ra In an "i I mau. . tn tiervoualy utiii Jodge ' te, npeillllg .lff't,e iii Always .Haramsor tn ftill 4m laxatwe fromo Qoinma Cum CoM In On Day, CiVta t lyi evsry lNJUIlf.D IIOY AbKS DAMAGES. A dama.e . ilt for inr.tinal Inlurle. w.. filed In tin l iil'.d Hmi'. dr. nil ( nurt tbl" aliernooti , Mi, h. Keinem la. Ill year. bid. ot Me k' lt atteet. agalnal lh Amtrti.n I'ati I t.miianr. In ihe iniiiplaliil eteJ ihio' John Itotnanelll, th boy's Iiiardiai I' l .'at.d lhat lh hor waa In jured while working In ihe unman'. ' lory at '!. minor of llilid euue .' Third atr. . i. 8UICJDF. BY HI00TIN0. k inall b.lee, III he Ale.aildef K'l.ilik, .Ion ' rr"r" ,', e1""'' hlmaelf iii hia rotilil III Mill. Iluiel N" I .ireei Maiihuttaii rttiiie lime ami nl.hi or atlr ttitaa iii'itiiloi. bv nrtt'S . 1.011.1 in... .. lei.u.le from a : hmlib at w....n r-mlier. PETITION INBANKRUPTCY. Mathlew IllO'k. f 4.1 Udi.ii atrt.1. ha. ftie.l haiikrni'ier ! i i.. He nh'dub llalillltle. ,,t.J Prlfcotiers Aceuned of Holdup ef Aged Man RecognUsd as Old Acquaintance of Folic. Iimnla I" Nell, I'ettr I. Muk.hey .nd Will lain Held, who were .rr.linad ye.terd.y In Ilia Hitler .Heel lour I, .cru.ed of holding up and rnlihltil at an early hour In lha morn-(nl Nrlla S'tlaon, SO tears old, 42J Clinton a' root, hnd an eaamliiallun In Uaf. whl'h ra-aiilied in Ihe ball Ivlng ln-reaatd from 2 imm) In l.""tt and nn adloiiinmeni la . later dale. In June In.' Mule. hey was .rcuaed of .natchihi pinkeihtiok from Ihe hand nf Ann. K.eniherg, .. .ha .al In an .lev. led tiaiu st I'll'h .venue .nd Tweniy-nfih airaal. 1'lie ihlef .tool nn Hi platform .nd Ihruai-lit! hi. hand through Hie window In gel the purae. e.rapen; a i tie iiirta aaiiiewni y waa arre.'ed later snd w.a Identified by Mrs. Kami...!. In Hie County ru in, tef' te Jtidse Aapln-ail, he piovid an alibi, raving he waa at Ih Meaierberl noting ihul dar Iii retirl to lai. wnen i Nell w-a arraigned, Capi.ln II. tool l rei oiiiii ti l iii aa ih" mail whti .ad i..lin d m ihe alibi and anured Iba .ru,ult-I n I ot Mult aln , It wa. decided In-day lo rslae Ih qiisrsn-lln on Ih receiving nhlp ll.ncoek al the Navy Yard ao lhat the Yankee, Ihe training ahlp. whhh la lo arrive in miirrow from Ihe Booth, will b enabled lo lake on hourd B Inrgi mi in her nf men irnm llie liancni a Willi whhh lo nil Ihe vaianclea on Hie North Atlantic fleet, now In Houihern walera. Th" Hancock ha. bean In quarantine for len ila nn errnunt of three ca.ea nl manalea. Tho palltnta were taken tu . hnapltnl and .re now eonvaleaeeiil. Cuplaln riii'try. enmmndlng th Hnncnek, Will aelecl Ih aeamen and nlher rl.aae. nf nun lor lh Y.nkea. li w.a ..Id .( the y.rd to-day that there I. . plentiful atipplv of men on Ihe H.ncm-k and thai iher will Im nn Iroulil In living ih Y.nke. .11 th men Ih.l will h needed lo fill the muncica. ! had hern Intended lo ."lid men Hninh durlni Ih., but on .cenuni of tha quarantine- mil . man haa been elityi.c.l No tired Brains when Grape-Nuts food I. M.ed. . FACT!! Trial Prove.

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