Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1942
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

ft, ' NAPGATUOK: DAILY NEWS; SATUDAY, JULY n, 1942 Aii Ordinance or By-Law re- gating to Parking Meters and Parking Meter Zones upon the Public Streets *nd Highways and pro- Viding for the enforcement hereof and penalties for the violation hereof, I If.* ut oujrh UrCanind and Hin Hour I ol' H of tlui Dor- I, Km 1 Ihu purport) of Ihl8 ordirmnuri; (ft) Tho word ."vohlolij" any drvlpn In, upon any pfrnoti or p"opi or. 'i\\i\y hi* Iransporlnd filKhWHy, oxonpl & dnvlon which upon ra'lln or Iniuktf. (l>) Tho word "Htruol" *»lmll moat , / ' "n Mlronl-, uvnnuu, nmd hoiijovard, lil.tcliwity or olhnr public '-pluoc ItwiiU'fl In Ui« i linrouifli o( Nn.U#utuok aru| nHl.ahllMtuul for the UHO .of vohluloft, (o) The word "pripHnri" whall mean firuklnotudo any Imllvllimi, iHiun, ro- parhiors'hlp or corporation. Cd) ( Tho word "operator 1 . 1 Hhall rnnan'-iUUl ln«ilndn ovory Individual wh6 Mlulll npnrah' a vehicle as the owntfr Hi»''i'<>ur or UM tin. 1 axnnt, 'MI-' ployoo or of thn owner. Htitillnn tf, The (Jhlnf of PolkM Is' horohy, aulhorlxed, In ,MO far as mir- authority may hn iHMU'swiry froi IhlH -(.'loanl, lo ('HtublUh ImmmlhU ly ,'UfUl Fwui.'t-lMiM to (line -P.n ay .(niMH .'(uiiulllloiM rcqulro, to too''known HM parklnx moli'i 1 xon< upon nuoh ,.MU'iHi|.rt In Hin iionuiKl of ' Nuuftat'iiuK UM aru solcclcd t'o I ho.'location of Much '/OIIOM und If Ml<T'iwrklrttf nu>lr.r xone.H /hn (If of .-Pollco Hhull c-aiiMn jKirkliiK i • tci'H 4 !,{» |){^ (n^tilli'd and tfhall i parking footer xpacnM |.o he i iiafod as hfirefmirf.«r provided, 8ha(l t'tx .tho lime lldil.tall'tHM loffHl parking* In nwh /,(HH I S. Scmtkin. t'l,- PiirklflX niotei'M In (do parking meter xonex eslah- UH provided In Heotlony h'-re- HlUill ho plaeed U|ion 5he ctirh to the Individual parking hen»lnal'tor doMorlln'rl, Kjioh •(oe|(!i' shall ho planed or In .Hitnh 'manner a.«» lo nhosv or hy ,a Ml^n/iJ that the pat k- InK 1 ^pii'Ht adjaeenf, to Miioh /nnh-r IH nr is not loyally In UMe, Km-h pai'klDK metei' liuU.ii||e(^ shall In- dh'ato hy a proper lowund tho lexal, parking thn«! eslahllHlied hy Mie., Hofo'uxl), a/rd when oporaled shall, Inni'riafo , orV« and hy \i* dial und! poHitur the 'duration id' Iho period of .lugal parking and on thn i'\ • plrfitlou -of Miiuh period nliall Inill- cato. M.l^al/fir overllwu parking, SGbi'lplj \, The (ihlef of j'ulhv having provided f(.i- HHCM or, m.-u-k- lnK«'' palnteil or planod upon 'Imi our|( ; , o-r'• upon the s'lreet adjacent' to f>anh fitii'klnK tnolru 1 fin and To i of the 1 <d' Mpaoo for whloh'flald inulor IH l,o he UNful, ottuh vuhlolo parkod .adja- oont or tvoxt lo any parking motui Mliall park within Hio UIWH or umrk- hrgM HO oHtahlishnd. It Hhall ho un~ lawful and a violation of thlH ordl'; nanmi lo park' any vo-hlolo uwi'OS any Hiiuh lino or marking or to park Hjxld vohlolo In nuo'li ; position that 'tho fwrnu Mini 1. not ho nntlro- ly within HID ai'ou so dfinlKnutod by suoh llneM or marking*- .Snotlon fy, Whnn a parklnK Hpauo In any parking motor xono IH para- llol with tho adjHonnt ourh or tddo- wulk, any vohhdo -pai'kiul.'lii suoli parkliiK xpaou shall bo parkud HO that l>ho rwiiincttl part of Hiroh vohU hn nwuri^t lo tho imrkliitf when, a parking Mpaoo In uny parkhiK motor »OM« IH dlaK-' onal to LMo ourh or «ld(t\Vall«, any. vehlolo parknd In Hiiuli parklriK ttlinll ho purkuil svltlt tho fOro- part of «uoh vuhlolo noaroat- to Hiinh mutor, Suction 0,- SVhrn any vuhlclo ahall hn [larkod In any Mpaoo udjaount to which a parking motor IH hxiat- nd In • aooordfumo with tho provisions of «thln cmllnanoo,' tho altir of said -vohlolo shall upon nn- tho said parkliw Mpatui l-m- modlately dnposlt or uauso to ho deposited a olio (Hint .ooln. of tho Unl'bed Status or two »uuh ono ocnt coins or Hi red suoh ono onnt oo.tns >r a five oonl ooln of tlui Uiillnd states In mioh parklna 1 motor In an- uirdanoo with Ihu cOuirno thcrofoi 1 >f Ihu parlhmlar inutof as Indloal- on said dovloo or upon notloos poste.d for that ptirposo, Upon deposit of such noln or oolns plaol'nK *»wld inoliM 1 In operation, tlui parking spaee may he lawfully occupied hy Hindi vohhdo during Mir« period of parking time whloh heon pinvMorlhod for the part of f*treol In whloh said parking Is looaled, If said vohh'le Hhall ro- maln parked In nny suoh parking spaoo hoyond t-ho parking tlmo limit flxnrl for sut'h parking space, the parking metnr ^hall hy Us dial and pointer Indicate suoh Illegal park Ing, and In that ovent, suoh vohl- ele Hhall he ormsldwod ivs parko ovorllino and hoyond 'thn perlo 1 ol egal parking time In any mioh iart of tho streid whore suoh moo-i - Is loeatod and shall oonstltuto violation of Dils ordinance, and Jd punished as herelnal'tdr sol out, Sootlon 7, (i shall ho unlawful ml a violation tif the 'provisions f this ordinance Cor any person (o ause, allow, permit or suffer any chicle, registered In tho numo or, r operated hy, suoh person to he >arked overtime or heyond the por- lod of legal parking <tmio llshnd for any jiarklng inoLu as heroin dosorlhod, Section ,M, rt shall ho unlawful and u violation of |,hc provisions of this ordinance {"(M' any pnrs.M to «h'po»it or causn to h» -dop'Hlt- ed in ji parking motor a onb uynl coin 'Or a flvo oont ooln for tho purp»;sfi of incireaslng or oxtdiidlng MIC parking tlmo of nny vuhlolo hevnnd tho logal jiurlUnH: time wmuh 'has hoon ostahllshod for tho Swear in First,Officer Candidates For WAAC find has the July and August Store hours — Each Monday from July 13 to August 31, inclusive, store closed all day. Tuesday to Saturday inclu- s i ve _ open from 9:30 to 6 o'clock. Colonol tloHn F, l)ny«, ^emiUiifj nnd •Indiiotioii oincoi- ; of the souther, u Now, York disti'lcjl, Is .shown adinmisloriiifj the oath in New York city lo 12(1 wonion who onlistod In I h<< Wonii^n's Auxiliary eoi-ps as oincor cnndldales, Tlicy will report to 'their (joinniandinn -ofilcer at Fort. DCS-Moinus Iowa, wllliln the noxl few days, Included in. Uipstv Inducted.-\vcr« six cjoloi-cdwomen, oiie of the ili-st women nilol.s in (lie Civilian Air Patrol and .school tniolHtr who rohirnrd from .Inpiin sHohlly more than n year afjo. ; . : War Bonds and Stamps bought by you and me help furnish the tanks to keep 'em rolling and the plans to keep 'em flying. Buy your War Bonds and Stamps as cheerfully as you'd make a gilt edge investment— if s an investment in security for you and yours—give them the tools to finish the job. aclja- \vhile signal parking spaou adjacent to which wild parking meter Is placed. Suction 0. It shall In; im lawful and a vlolallon. of tho provisions of thin ordh)(\ii( ( M! for any ixu-son to permll a ve'hhvhj «to remain or ho pliu'(Ml In any parking space ron.t to any parking meter said nudcr Is di.splaylng a IndlcatlnH 1 that the voJilclo o Ing Hiieh parking' spaou 'ha* nlnnuly hoen parJwjfl Jiuyond tho porlod of time proscrihcd for such parking space, Section 10. -It shall b c unlawful and a violation- oi'.ithc provisions of this ordinance lo de.posIL or cause, to ho deposited In any pju-king meter any slug, duvlco, or olhor substitute/ for a ono cunt or t'lvo con I. coin of I liu United Stales, Suction .1.1, It shall be unlawful and a violation of |.ha provisions of this ordinance for un.y person to deface, Injure, tamper \vll,h, opnn >r wilfully break, desl'roy or Impair the usefulness of any parking meter Installed under Hie provisions of this oi'dl'immw. H(M5llun ,iy. It .shall ho the 'fluty- it' the prdlce officers of the -Hor»ugh, acting In accorrlaiHU! wllh Instructions Issued by Hie Olilef of tho Police, lo report: ... (a) The iiuiivher o'f each metei 1 wliieh • IntlioaitQfl bhaL vchjclu .ociuipyln^ 1 : IMfi '•pavk adjacent ' do . sueli purldng ' mctor Is or has- been parkod in, .'-violation at' any. of lihe provisions • of this ordinance; , ' . ,('!)) r JMio ''Stale lloonso; 'number of such vehiole; •'••.*.•• (c) Tho- .lengt-h of limo during; wlrloh siioli vehicle.- Is parked In violation ol\ any /of tile provisions of -this or.dlinarce; ' ' (d) Any '-ptjiur/ rjicls, •; •« .kn.ow- lerlgo • cif AvhJeliMs /.neees.sary to a l.'liorough 'tin'dcrstaiulJiis 1 of -tho clr- oumsUinecs uLtonding -suc-h-. violation. ., ,,;• -, .; . ISaivh . such-.- pp'l.iccji.iol'J'Icei! shall, also attach l,p \such vehiole a n,o- 'tltie to l.he. O'W'nur, thet'ooi' -/Unit such vehl'cle IIUK -baeii'^pnrked --in violation. -of , a ( :'i)rovlHlon ,-, o.f.' l/l\ls '• ordinance <ind Instrucl.ipa: such'' OWIHM lo re.|)QrV ' at:. 'ili,e.- Police' Station ol the 1 IJorough 1/1 t'cgard.- 'to^uch .violation/ lOiioh /owneiviinay, within 2-'i hours of 'the . tli.fic. wTieh'.'sucli notice was n 1 tactied' , lid such ;..vb-h l.e.le, 1 pa y to such.' Police ' •SLaflbri, • :us .a .p aliy for 'and .'- : ij'j fulj,; sutlsfactl'On of suah violation, -nVc-suhr .of • one doi COMICS ARE FRIENDS When Yvonne Dionne, one of the famous Quintuplets, was confined to the hospital recently, she was a very lonesome little girl, It was h6r first separation from her sister^ and tho familiar surroundings of her nursery homo, Yvonne didn't smile—there were strange people and tho loneliness, austerity and silence that are so characteristic of hospitals, • Then her nurse brought tho Comics to her, And all of a sudden the sun shone again, there was laughter and mirth in the sickroom, For tho Comics meant a visit from friends, friends like Private Buck, Etta Kott, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, Big Sister, Muggs and Skeeter, Brick Bradford and Secret Agent X9, and* all the other characters that arc part of the Quintuplets 1 daily lives, There is the secret of the tremendous popularity of the Comics, They are friends, friends that give happiness and cheer, friends that help to, heal sickness and sorrow, Whatever else you give your children when they arc ill or otherwise confined to their'beds—-bo sure to give them their Comics from THE DAILY NEWS lfti 1 --($j.QO)";-TM-o,faiJuro of suoh owner, to make, such pay.monI; at Lhe Po- l!cc,,SlnLion \viWiin said tr/cni.y-f.our (-24)- )]0.ui:sv shall rcndoi 1 such own- oi' ; siihjctvi to' bhc. penaRies heroin- a'f'Lo.r pi-ovidocl foi- violation pi' the provislojis pi' (his ordinance. 'Section 111, Every parson who violate. 1 * or fails <to comply wif.h •ol'x'bho provisions of Lhi.s ordinance, smill 1)G ; pimi'Shable by a 'fine not exccorlintf Ji'lfl-y • do]Ifirs' ($50.00) 01 by. imprl«bi)ininnl, noL cx-cecdlng 'iO clays oi i by bot'ii sucli J.'ino'and ini- priso-ninenl. _, •-.-..- -:Seolion J4. The one -cent or five •cent"'-•;ooins. required Lo ]>"c doposit- od'.-'J-n. par.kjn'g -molcrs a-s pt-oviiloj herein '-arc-'.hereby Jcvled and ;.,s- spsswl -iis J.' 1.0'. provide-. Tor I .he proper regulation ; and ppntrol of ti'ah'io Upon , the , publio "sl'rG.tii.s and a : Ksp : >!/ho /op'st or suporyislng. '.anrl res.uiating.; 'ihq/parlchig 6'i' : veil ides • In UIG 'parkiryf nieicr Bono's braiited:' to •cb'v'eV -t'lie cosL-ol' the- 'purclmse, -.supervision,- proLoe-: 'tip'.n, inspection, '1'nslttllatlon,. op-, •eriVtion, iiuiinLen-ance, < eonli-ol ' and : uso'-.-qf Wic parking meters described- herein. •-.-.- , " ., ' \- ; •Section J5. This. ordinance shall •be deemed -an .additional provision for the regulation, of -LraffJc •'an.d pai'khig in'the zones--provided- for- herein, ; ' ' SeeUon JG. If any, section, pari, of .serj.fc}.Qn, sen:|,enoe, , or p)ir;ise- ofUiis ordinance sliall be held unconstitutional .or; invalid,- J,|ie remaining provisions 'hereof- sli;ji] neVer.MJ doss- ..retrial n in f.u 11 f o rc-j and effect. r : : SecLion'. 17.: ;AI1 oi'dinancos ''Or parts of ordinHncos--In .conflict with the. provisions of this ordinance be un;l tlic'.s.u'mu ai'c liercby rajioalcd. Mrs. Edward R. Hance, Mr. and Mrs Glen Kii-by, Mr. aitd Mrs. Albci Ilolinbefg, 'Dr. and -Mrs. J. Nelson Judy, Dr. and Mrs. Paul M;.Elliot, Mr. ami Mrs,. OJncy 'L." TrasJc, Cecil Grant, Mr. and ' Airs. ' Dona.ld MacVicar, Mr, nnd Mrs. Harold R'o-bcrU, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Philip • K.. nice, Mvs. George T. Wigniore and Mrs. Fred Zonino. . The entertainment wa's in cbar of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Elliott. ~ A surprise fcaLui'e of tlje occasion was. in e* inLroduotlon 'of Prof. Ylado KblHch, a noted violinist, J^.y Philip li3.'._Hicc, factory nmnuger of the Naugutuck Chemical division' of the United States Rubber Go. Prof. KolHca gave a sJiorl .concert during the tiniioe intermission and lilj. finesse and iecfjiricjuu on tlie violn held his -audience spellbound- d'a-i-rig .-•Passed/ -adopted and ordered pub- ITs'hed-ljy- (,hn Bo'tird of .Wa-rdo/i and Burgesses', or the 70h day of July, 1942. , ...'-:". Attest : .'•''. •??£'.': • .' .CHARLES P.. DALY, .H : ^ ' . • : • •Bproiitfii Clerk. ;;:;• A\ T''ue G0]iy of Record 40) KINO MYNDIOATI, IMO, ck's Welcome A Decided Success f-\ (Continued from Pago One) youngeY seL .or ihe bncons'li, \ylUi married 'uoi.ipie.s- inqluded, n blended tlie" "oiK'n• JvoiiHo" Just;evening and tliC' -; splendid . success ol'-Mie oeea- s I oil AY 11,1 j i n d o u'b ted I y res u R I n one oi'V-rji.pre 'evcnLS; oJ' $ similar, nature,being hold iu 1,1 ie parish' houso during if;h,e sumnicr season. •J?0.1 lowing .ft'AvcliioiTio to the vis- i'lors-by the/eontmiiUee, and inti.-o- rliioMons, most of IJ:ie• evening was devoted /to' dan^iny. tRofro'shmcnrs were sej-ved : and when the joyl'iii party : disbfuidcd a-borit midnight, Na-uffiiLu'tik..-liafl gained many more friends w)jo- wJ,H sproad the griod name of our borough to .all parts of; the nation. . . . The J'nllowlirsjoinil committee arranged ifcJiC; "open "'house": Rev. and While a resident of Vienna .P.rol' Koli'tch studied •the.'violin and latei entered;.the^Unh^rsity .of.Prague ; M,c take a, -'course ,;in mechanical r cngi- neerjng. ^.JI-c : coVilinued his ' musica,i endeavbrs wliil-c a,stLiflqnt at.Pragut. and Jater took a onu-fyear course ai Qxl'iQi:d.:-;lJis\course^ at Oxford .vyah not /comjilctedr ' Aylil'lo a stutlenl. there his' artistic talent on the -violin much attenl.ron thai he was invi.ted. to give a concert!'in London.' The'-'•inlpiodiato success o. his concert work resulted in his; decision lo'forsake Iris .planned caVeei as a mediani-eal .cnginee-r an'd devote, ji'is lii'e ",to music.. He appeared in .concert Jn-rnajiy oJ.' the largest c i t i es in KO u'ropp an d ca m e to .• Ai n er- ica -in 19:35 .mak-jn^- his Jlrst appear- aiic'-e i'n'concert at Carnegie '.Hall. . I' -a. ve'ry. successJ'uI -low of tire' Unitcd'.-'S.UiLes.. JIG-re'tu.rned to his native country '/.where- he remained until .the .outbreak -of the present- vyar. llD'vreturned- to, the Unil,dd States and for; several years conducted a school 1 for thq- violin in Carnegie-hall. ITe numbered among his s.ludeivts; some of- Lho .most," Lai- ented/arti^ly'ln-the. oily .hut many of his students were obliged to abandon their musical careers when they'entered the service .of the U. S. armed, forces. Prof. Roll ton. closed his studios for the duration of the war, enlisted'the New. York Slate Guard and later accepted a posf- ti-on at/ the Naugatuck-Chemical Go. SENT TO PKISON St.-Johnsbury, VI., July H—(UP) —A 27-year-old Lydon bachelor- Charles. Shute—f aces a 15 to 20 year state prison seirtcuce. lie received this term from .Judge Mcllvlllc G. Morse after he pleaded guilty to assault. Sabotage Trial May Last Another Week FIRE IN DA\DUIIV Danlkiry, ,]u-ly J J—(t)P)—Kirc caused -^25,000" damage to ,thc J Mo'dshon . -bat factory. Fire (J Jo'hn .McNaniara 'says most d d;u-jifige\-.."resullcfi. from u system which - qui-clvly ex MJC flames, ^bouf 400 do/x-n wore destroyed. VaieK your saving account tfrow ! (Continued from Page One) iwill. be tJ.g)]tqne(l n» a resul),'of the landing of eighiL. N'a/1 saboteurs T-n the Atlantic coasL Lleutenanit General Som'crvoll, army supply-chief, 'has .ordered that civilian (guards/at It,000 plants be organized as mi auxiliary to t!io army's military .police. Somervell .says 'tlicy will 1)0 -given .special training .in combatting saboteurs. Friend—Ny.hy.-, does a person al- .ways lower. Iris ;VO]'ce .when 'asking r/; Their Front Teeth Bombed Oiit *& H A, Iff.',- *\ ' ? \ *^£ 4 '' The front teoth of these thrc^ soJdiers were knocked put by Jao bomha winch Exploded ail^arourid them during the^ippohese>raid on DutcS ? fl a P t«?hn^^ beatUe hoap.itnl.^Left tonjrht: Robert MilanVChicago; Bruce Richari! •on, Hot Spnngs; Ark,; R, Prentice, Bokchito, Okla. r ^ (Central Preti) DIVIDENDS •\vcr« add«d lo doposilors' n counts on July 1st. , Up lo $5,000 Ilic annnnl rate' 2 l / 2 PER CENT On" larfjer ainounts the Vale- JS Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time -' c Mutual'' WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in. force on nil properly 'expire Jiine,30, J!M2. Tin's pi'otech'on may ho ohlninrdj the local .who live «c(iit(j for --"*-'States Covernnx'iil, l r or, iriformaUOn sec n lal \ Naugratuck Insurance Agenc^, Inc. F. W,:'EATON, M.-inagcr. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 [m la fin Automatic < Coal Burners are . now available-froiu our stock. No more are being- manufactured, i°i °^ e kno ^ s h °w much, if any, fuel oil will be available tor house heating this FaU and Winter. As cold weather approaches there will be a tremendous demand for equipment and coal. Somebody > s sure to be disappointed. Is it going to be you? CaU us now for a survey and quotation. Pic thii love (in ? [of Naugatuck Fuel Co. ,, . T _ Distributors of FAIRBANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL BURNERiS * »Phone 5236 pel Cljp 5it .Y,

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