The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1934
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served by Me United Press LE COURIER NEWS THB DOWDiAKT NEWBPAPKR OP NOBTHEABr AHKAMBAB AND BODTHIAOT MUWOORI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 107 ... jlythertlle D«lly New Blythetllle -Ocurtor -••' VnUey Leader Blylherille B*r»W RT vTiicnni T p »DirAMC-\c> c. trmrr,rs A *r r ,,r *, BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 21, SINGLE COPIES FIVE 'CENT8~ KIDNAPER Martial Law Is Near htMinneapolis 49 in Hospilals Following Street Battle With Strike Pickets .MINNEAPOLIS, 'July 21. .UP>Fearing new riots In Ihc blorxl- Epattereci city market section. Gov. Floyd B. Ohon today ihrfot;ned to place Minru-apolis under nianial Saw. More thuti 4.000 national gnards- men ijndsr command of Adjt. Gen Walsh were massed in barracks within a stone's throw of th; spot where 49 striking truck drivers aha pedestrians were shot down by po lie eyeslerd.iy. Muttering groups of union men congregated around the district but avoided hostilities. ' Governor Sccrps Police Governor Olson caustically criti cized ihe part police played in the brief bin furious clash and said martial law might te necessary to enforce a "rule of reason." 'The blcod of those wnumt.'d and dying IE upon the heads of me'men «ho brought about the bieaking of a mice promised in?,' Olfon said. "I am prepared to .take over miiilsry control pi the city at any lime. "That means with police and sheriffs subject to the . direction of Ihe adjutant genera! of the national guard. "If it is^ necessary to assume military control..! *?lil make the city"of Minneapolis as quiet as,'a Sunday school." ' The- [overnor declared that tin convoy of food trucks which precipitated the firing on pickets policemen was a breach of promise made by police, the truck men's union, antl employers. Forty-Nine In Hospitals Forty-nine men were m hospi ials, four in dyin? condition, o 3,000 national jniardsmen marched into the city with light artilbry.l Veeme'n Sr.illlr, Wnlrrfronl, When- Pifckrls Seattle, whose nnlcm; were taking n deliberate and slow vote on !i general strike, was shaken by violent Hyming between dockyard strike pickels and ]:olice alone Hie barricaded docks. Till s view shows Ihc waterfront .where the fighting took place. ME TOLL Police Prepare to Raid Dillinger "Hide-Out" CULVER, Intl., July '2} (DPI — Police received n Up Hint John Ullllnger, another tnnn, and two women we:c hiding out In u coi- la_s on n lal:c near here. I l r «leru! agents and slate offl- ! jeers wore reported ready lo innli I'lhe place. Local police threw al id' Ihe Culver bank, in plain clothes, have been working on Information that he Indiana desperado was In hld- neur here, II was learned. BUT PLffi League Reports Reveals World Trade Up In 1933 [ GENEVA, July 21. (UP)—World ! trade improved during 1933 for I the first lime since the depres- ision sturled. statistics of the P J'J Pi / n i I-cague of Nations showed todny. Candidates Draw tor rOSl- Volume was a shade greater Ihnn „„ H«™ i' D ' 1» 1932. Raw materials increased S on Democratic rn-; cight ^ ccnt an<1 manufactured articles something less than two cent. Trade in foodstuffs de- creaspd eight par cent- becauis of th, eincrsosfd self-sufficiency of mary Ticket Candidates for district, county and township offices drew for position on the ballot for the Democratic primary August 14 at Ui> county courthouse here ihis morh- 'iiig. .' A The drawing was conducted by Jesse Jaylof.ofrthis cily. cliaiiTnan of ,th« county. r>mocraUc! central committef. and J. B. Bunn, secretary, of Osceola. ' . A number of candidates did not appear for the drawing and volunteer;! and others drew lor them at the request of the committee, officials. Despite the drawing held today the ballots cannot be printed until after the August 1 I'nc-etlng cf the county central committee, wh?n nominations for lowmhip commit- However. consumer notions. , urn Ml FIB Troops Leaving Strike Area at San Francisco BAN FRANCISCO. July 21 CUP) —Withdrawal of troops from the San Francisco bay „£, was be- 1 U Theimomeleis iReach'New Highs and .Water Shortage Grows Serious CHICAGO, July 21. (UPJ-nonth. famine, nnd new sifTllctlons for millions of fnrmrn rolled cast- ward across the United aialt's and southern Canadir. today In the shiinmsrlinj iilr of u record heat wave. At least 10 deaths were traced to heal. Thousands were cd. Cnttle died almost unheeded In western fields as farmers sought wnter for their families. Cior.i burned In » dom slutes. Winds became SD hot (hut human skin cracked and bllsteret at Its touch. Thermometer columns boiled ov Olson Acts to Obtain Full Control of .Dakota Government BISMARCK, N. D., July 21 (UP) —Acting Governor Ole H. Olson struck again todny at William H. Lunger, .'impended governor, whos; real he took, by removing Laiig- ei's principal appointees from office. Olson signed orders for reinovul of Lunger's' Vwo key -I gun today- after teamsters returned i I itc A ' •/ no work and (here were definite Assessed IpD Apiece tor Indications that all strikes now in • — ^ u . u ,,, iJ3 wutu UYI.-I ., . t .,,. . degree m.rk-ln «vc»ll « « u , tat «» n ° l ™ I Sec on Finr,t rm 1 Ight On Street ' progress would be ended soon. places ttlmoil to Kit degrees—from I Utah ulmosl to Ihe Attiihllc. coast, and from Medicine Hut lo Port Arthur. Between 3.500 and 3,000 of -the Clov - A1fr ed M. Lamlon, of Kan- 4.200 troops on strike duty'will uc| sns . speaking al Emporla, declared 1 hat the nation Is confronted with great disaster." Ernporla has nov :een the mercury below 100 for '.12 clays. It was US withdrawn In (he first movement. employe, by Municipal'Judge C. .A] "" l ''° orders cf Mai ' Oen Davld Cunningham yesterday as a result, of a Second >street disturbance thl'f week. • ••• " -. j Both men were found guilty of "'" -battery. :Mcttilr jwilf his fine while. Jenkins wu^ .<raii.- cd an appeal to circuit court. . Testimony Aiowed the disturbance to bs nothing more than an ordinary street brawl but revealed some of the dissension and dis- r, . 11 i i r\ l satjsfaclion prevalent among veri- Services Held at USCCOla oils »roups and individual 1 ; -under the PER A program. Another FERA foreman remarked that McCall's fine would cost him little, statinir r cessarily be printed without name,*. quarters and belligerently ihe streets.'daring police and employers of (i.OIK) drivers to run President Makes Appointments Under Railway Labor Disputes Act ABOARD U. S. S. NEW ORLEANS, with President Roosevelt, Ju- , - „ . ly 21. (UP)-President Roosevelt.I " lat a collection was to be taken aboard the U. S. S. Houston, bound !"P._ to ,.,PW •<•"* nne a "d that for Hawaii, Interrupted his vacationing long enough to announce FI1DIY the appointment of the membership of the national railway media- striking truck, The regu lar ballots, to b» printed lion Doard tolia i'- HUT lot f-,( CT1IT1C • • , . . , . .. * Tlin tinned - r,^f "there'll be more of thai if this around doesn't slop." McCall made no .attempt to for Aged Relative of Gen. Wade Hampton OECEOLA, Ark., July 21.—Funeral services for George Wesley " am P to n "•«!«> c y thc l here Thurs- of hls dauB llcr ' irivers to run a gauntlet of guns. imme diatelv alter ihe Angus 7 irr 5S.=s s * ±- rr is 1 ; police," who yesterday shot down] _,„_,. , nominees i'l pickets in tm effort lo move n truck load of groceries through their Hues. Screaming men fell to ihe pavement r.!id wr-re trampled in a brier biit tarrifii: battle. Two police- Cfealed ^K. is intended to be a snprem-.- deny Hint he was the' aggressor in' Mrs ' John D ™? lass . wer « comlncl- the affair. He said he was angered _?. , rrom '" e First Bapllsl Church Jenkins had been circulut Fricltt V afternoon. The service wa by Ihe Rev C '" " Cal ! ' lad ° ld P a1nt f lr ' The tallol will list'contested of-•'<*»"• ° f >' a11 lab ° r controversies. " lsh . E(l .^ ' he E ° ve ™ m , en '' "> ln " *-" 11L ^"«™ wi , „,.._ ..,_„!=„, :_, nwlfluaL 1 ' lie £nln hp nfiri a-nrnurl ,..,., Io *' d l " Er " en in the following order as" n! The Presidential appointees are: remit of the drawing i William M. Lsiserson, Yellow Circuit judge i two" to he choj-' S)3r;nBS ' Col - ; Jai » es w - Carmall, ch pas- In Car- yesterday, No tain has fall™ for vceks. Thousands of 'farmers and even arge cities sought almost Iran- tlcally for, drinking .vttti. . . Five thousand residents of 'Falls ItyV-KSb:,'-wire'sal'd-lo lisilii-'aa- tua) dangfr of » water ;,r?.tnc The city waler plant »ns unatle today to i',i;mp water from lowering Nemaha river. A temperature of 114 degrees sent thousands to beer* taverns. Creston, fowa, planned to enlarge daily shipments of 46 carloads- ol water by rail from Council Bluffs .In Chicago and Kansas city cltj authorities pleadeti for water con lervation. Chicago pumped more Ihuti it billion gallons from Laka ~"chl_an yesterday without being able lo maintain normal pressur In th? mains. a. E. keck. Npill '.illoiijh,' ! Washington, D. C.; John Carmody. Jeff Bralton men were slugged into unconsci- ousr.Sis and kicked by furious men as.m?y iay prostrate. ^ U11J1L Panic stricken crowds fled in all ] hnVn'.Tal u Harrison riireciions shotguns sprayed ihe circuil c)erk . - Addi siuets ivith buckshot anrt 200 m- Hliah Cra , j now chief engineer of th? federal up to take legal steps to back his accusations or keep his a member of one of the pioneer "(* ma tm.u-clklutu ul &CCIJ 1L1.T , ... r T, r mouth shut. Continued underhand famllfcs , of tl)at county and a rel- uctivities on Jenkins' part caused Mlv ol Wode Hampton Ccunty treasurer: lioland C.rten ' = m "3ency relief administration. Joe Dillnhunty. | The president also named Mur- County judge: George V,'. Bar- i ray Latiin er as chairman of the " " ' ! railrcatl ielir<mient board, crealeil attack Jenkins. McCuil °' lhe Confederate army. r,Tr, Hampton moved with him lo stated Jenkins denied that he had been active in falsehoods ils family lo JWsstssippl county In ' ni8 ' w>lcrc he '"B^KCd In farm- ticnsl guardsmen ru:hed the moil, v:ith bayonets. B. Stout. 1 ; RcDie^elt has not received the rcc- | affidavits referring to the worlc severaT foreman. Questioned by McC.ll ^re" and was widely known ' ymlllcol hd CQirf lie It'rtlllrt -.^«c+ tllQ ,. ,.i.i-.J n..vj»,l. He was a member of Ihe Bap- Naw York Cotton HEW VORK, July Cct:cn closrd steady, open high 1283 1200 1295 ' 1305 1310 13H 21. (UP)— ,County clerk: Carey Wocdtaurn I '"""lendntions of the railroad iFred Fleemnn. 'i executives and lhe association of counsel he said he would -post the ] Representative: C. J. Little fvy : rallVx ' av executives for memters to affidavits in a Second street store W. Crawford. ' -represent them on the board. : window. Jenkins claimed he was I tion or warning. He said that he Hai n "p*__n" hurst, way ftirmt ner men, State lien Tcv id nigh Vogel He appointed Sidney Papkc, rand Forks, la head the" regiila- ory department nnd named Bert M. Salisbury, now district court clerk at Mlnneaukan, as Vogel's lUccessor. Papke, secretary of the senate In th?.lnst Icslslnlure nnd one of Ihc powers behind Langer's ouster, ns- otfico today and bege-i anprovlng -ItcciiEes, permits ano other official dociunents. ybael,.ho*ever, dc-clarod he won!; ybael,.h r turn h6r turn ovc'r the -highway department's, -.a0aU;fl. ; . (».- (inliGbiiry wllhouL "aome/Eorl of- 'check-up, so I can have a clean bill." The highway department employs 1,500 1 men an, ; S;is hundred of 'thousands of work 'underway. dollars Vogel of roai has • no been paid since June 1 03 a result of anti-Longer . officials' refusal lo honor salary vouchers. Bellrgercrit farmers, rallied here by the thousands to back Langer's fight" agalnsl his foes, hold Ihe key to the state's Impasse. iys Abduction Planned in Desperate Attempt to Free Al Capone JOLIET, 111., July 21 (UP)—A convlcl In Stnle 1 prison turned over' lo Warden Frank D. Whlpp today K'lml he said was the "true story" cf the Lindbsrgh baby kidnaping. He named Frank Nash, Paragould, Ark, "bad boy," slain In Ihe Knmns City Union Station maaacre a year ago, and Al Ca- noiv in Atlanta prison, as Ihe men behind the plot. The convict, John Pawelciyk, ;ald the kidnaping was planned to free Capone, then In Jail at Chicago, following denial of his ap- peul from an Income tax convlc- • tlon. C»poht Offered Aid : At the time of the kidnaping Capone offered to old authorities In finding the child and said tie iiad "friends" who could trace the kidnapers. The Information has been turn- cil over to federal authorities. Pawelczyk said he met Nash while both, were In Lea'vetiworth prison. At that time, according to lhe story, he and Nash communl- ted by means of a code which or appeared on a not* left ate Lindbergh .home. Pawetezyk med as the actual kidnapers ash, one Bob Santivich, apd a oman .-friend of the latter, knosh ily as "Tessie." . Sa'ndvlch, he said, killed' the ndbergh child wilh a blow' over head after a tire hurt blown ut on their car and thi. had come panic. siriclen. *>'>•*... • iupWa- '|TTT .B'Ti-iiai' >!»••<' i I According to thc convict's story ;'•',; npbne conceived the plot'iri a operate attempt to win his : fref- ' 1 6m. If that were tr'us,. derectives " ; olned biit, trie comparatively low ': ansom demand of JSO^OOO, which ''•: uzzled authorllles," inlgtit" be . ex : s allied. Paw'elctyk, senfenced in • hlcago, Is serving »' one Id ten . T ; Relief Project Would Give Employmenl to Aboul 30 Women A mattress factory will be estab llshcd In Blyt.licvllle by th; PERA If the community provides a stilt able building. The factory, which would emplo; about, 30 women for six months o is a,:r^rs *%£: ».r^T^M s Succumbs at Memphis Hospital; Burial Will Be .at Hopkinsville, Ky. Mrs. Hugh Henry, 60, died at lhe Memphis Baptlsl hospital at 1:30 o'clock ihls afternoon follow- I Constable. Chickasinvba town-! ,ship: Tuniar Simpson. G. J. Wal-i July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar May 132 1:131 1320 1324 1334 1330 low 12B3 1294 1301 1310 1322 1328 close 1!!W 1304 1317 1321 1331 133!l ker, Jack Robertson, Harry Taylor ' E. C. Harper. Candidates for the following of-i fices are. unopposed and no draw-' ing for them was held: Sheriff, Clarence H. Wilson; Assessor. R. L. Galnes; Coroner, W. H. Stovjll; Justice of Peace. Chlckasawba township (four lo be chosen), n. Spots closed ueady at 1315, up|L. McKniglit. Ed Walker. Oscar 15. Alexander. Drawing for position of the three candidates for congressman Is lo SttH'k P rlt Kt-, kc llcld ' m L »"e Rock, it is un- I dcrstood. Candidates for slat; of- all( j T 112 [lice also will draw two dauzhtcrs Mrs lime. secured a headlock on McCall to MmT'ooug^ ™t*££o\i 'and 1 Slie vvas taken Io Mem P llls I prevent further blows after he had Mrs rj' n w ^ nf «! , - J , l pral <la 3 s a 8° ""d members of her !been knocked down. He got his __„__ dharleV of Blytome.' and ih\W ^lack-^r, 3 MccSft tad, g^V..,.^- PA1 ? ™™% Jenkins said. Other witnesses. In- of o s _eola and a ^iiece If" J eluding the Rev. W. J. LeRoy, D Harper of Greer Lake Street Methodist church was r j are( j | n t | le among needy families. A large floor space In a build one of thc men who sep- palr, asserted McCall New Provisions Will Allow Less Flexibility in Wnrlt- illad no object in hu luinds - Jen •^» i iLAiunuy in worK kins dEc!ared b , OW5 dellvered by -ing Hours Miss who hone 1JUJIJI-. family were wilh her when d« ^crc7ary J oHiie 'climber'oTc^ piKea away. . ln( , rcc 5nid t(K|ay (hat he h d T .' ic ,. r ™?" ls * e l e l?™ 11 ^ 11 hcrc be able to announce shortly thu "Mil be taken ^u neces£^:y arrangements hav tomorrow for uecn mntle T | lc f nctory vv m thus to Hopklr hilermenl The Ccbb August 1 If a building is obtalnc Will Speak McCall to his short ribs aggravated an old Injury. , A. T. Anaconda Copper 12 3-4 Eeth. Sleel 30 1-4 Chrysler 38 1-2 Cities Service 2 Cora Cola 132 Gc-n. Am. Tank 347-8 Uni. Electric 191-2 Gen. Motors 30 1-S Int. Harvester 32 3-4 Montgomery Ward 273-8 M. Y. Central _s Packard 3 Phillips Pet 16 1-B fiadlo 31 1-8 Simmons Beds H 1-2 Si L.-S. F 21-4 Tf^9s Co 22 5-8 U S. Sleel 37 7-8 ti S. Stneltin? 134 Win-tit open high low close ,liil .01 97 1-2 99 3-8 97 1-2 98 3-f jr-J >nl 97 5-8 S9 3-8 97 5-8 9!) 3-8 September 01J .. 93 HI 7-8 98 7-8 100 1-2 93 10! WASHINGTON. July 21. (UP)for position The NRA today announced Ihre here and the result will b? certi- new policies concerning maximum .w lo each county committee. work hours, classification of customers, and valuation of materials \t:w Orleans Cotton in cost formulas of codes. , , ... .. JOKC Victim . company is in charge of arrange- )„ time. mcllt5 - ' I A movement Is also underwn | 'Hie deceased, who was a native for establishment In Blythevllle fbl- Ret A at RrlnLlou Hopklnsvtllc, had resided here a community canning kitchci lor RCea 31 Brinkley for several years. She Is survived similar to numerous others alrod ... „ lj >' hcr ""Stand. Hugh Henry, four i,, operation in rural districts c Miss Bernlce Reed, dnig'uer of i sens. Wilson and George, of hree, the county. The Woman's Club • wnrd Reed, candidate for the nivitl, of Philadelphia, Penn.. and interested in llv> proiecl but Democratic nomination for govcr- fial. of Hopkinsville, and ihree yet nor, i • • ' ullu u ' a V HctHlrrson tO Injuries railroad commissioner, ivll Clay Henderson, former 111 speak project, arrangements hav? bo' . — .,.„.>,„„ „. ,„„„. '" t 11 ? 1 ., 0 ' Mr - "«d's candidacy i The new policies are not to be POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — When " Hnnklcy Brolhers slore antl j I arbllrarlly applied to approved! William Amos Byrd. aged 22, of °" nc s hall, about 15 miles west ol liaughlcrs .Mrs. E. P. Harned. Mrs. made for some $300 worth of ma Sam Strony, and Mrs. James Dun- terial, nerded for the miiium cafi, all of Hopkinsville. I would be built i division labor. ty FEHA v.n NEW ORLEANS, July 21. (UP) codcs . _ n cod£>s awaiti , 1<7 apcroval' Clarkton, Jumped out ol an auto- °l cneola °" Highway 40. tonight al —The threat of sharp reduction in provisions not conforming to n? w ; mctilc. the owner ol which Inlro- 7:3 ° o'clock, this season's cotton crop tecmi^e policies will be. stayed to give In-1 cniccd himself as John Dillinger, n : J° o'clock. M1ss Rei * a teacher at Armorel, of Texas drouth caused futures to ausliy an opportunity to show th»;he received injuries from which ^ few tnlles cast of here, has been ,1™ ^ ^..., . ,,.,. ..,., "i~ "-y dM at a liospl|al hcre Byrd active In her father's campaign. Close /a oents a bale higher on e Tra°d r ers'Vre U ™un l ting a lh' ! n Jm' for variation. ™** a *- Will Inspect Sites „ „. for New Po S toifice' Gover " or , . . Lld On Ai New Orlean July ays until ihe government cotton' wee |( S or mom i ls ]s lop forecast, which will be re- tjcallv ed lack of rain could . ory ln operatl o n , tne announce . ore bullish do;um=nt, racnt sald . Sucll provi5ton5 wire .cased August 8. Rains In the west, especially Texas, could Impiove His prospect (or a larger crop forecast, ' " continued lack of rain could rtsult In a m Journal ef Ccmtnerce said, open Inch low close .... 12C7 1290 1280 1287 .... 1293 1302 1292 1299 1308 131G 1M5 I3H 1316 1321 1326 1321 1325 1331 1351 1331 1332b tlcally. Code attjmpts to provide flexibility for peak demand and labor shortages has proved unsatlsfac- Haytt and was laken lo a hospital al Paragould where he remained two weeks. He was brought to the 'nnntgn managers. county candidates one of Reed's• Charles C. Taiil, posl office sil5, BATON ROUOE, la., July 2 inspector of Little Rock, will be lUP)—Convlnc2d that nil gamblln have been o sneak at Brinklev to. Brandon hospital here last weck.|?* ht according to Sam Manatt, He never regained consciousness. | lcc ?' ' July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 7-8 100 1-2 Spots closed steady at 1299, up 12. Byrd was" iiHch-iiiwnV"frorn' wllh Nem R«ed, brother of the points In Arkansas to his home. * ub ?raatorial candidate, here. Fol—. j,,,,,,^.,., , ; , c .The motorist who picked him up '"''.'"* "'« speaking the' usual li^qiiently misinterpreted, have sought to have some fun out of balur oay night dance will be held. WilsoVchild~Di« 0 -. . . . . , J WILSON. Ark.—Joe Wayne Mor- Byrd walched his chance and tindale, 3 1-2-year-old son of Mr . without a word jumped. His head and Mrs. W. R. Martlndale, died jttrack the pavement, causing s Thursday following a sliort illness. sed controversies, difficult to enforce. and pro\,-. "This probably will be your last ride," he told Byrd. "I'm John. Dillinger." Cnt-ti (,0»fJ July op?n high 62 1-4 63 1-8 low 62 close j fracture of llw skull, 63 1-81 Surviving are his parents, Mr, Sept. 63 5-8 64 3-4 63 5-S 84 1-21 and Mrs. John Byrd. Funeral services were conducted Friday at Bassett cemetery by the Rev. H. B. Lewis. ear' term for manslaughter. Plins investfjratlon - CHICAGO, July 21 (UP)—Mel-n H.. Purvis, chief of ths de-' artment of justice bureau in ' hicago, said today he would make n immediate .investigation -of horges -by a convict at • Jollet ri:on. linking Al Capone and' rank Nash to the Llndterjh kld-~, ping. Machine .Can Victim . J Frank Nash died In the Kansas ilty station massacre when a.svip--' csed attempt by gangster frijnds o free, him miscarried. An escaped prisoner from Leav- nworth penitentiary, he had fceen rrestcd at Hot. Springs and wo'si icing returned to Ili5 prison whf.i machine gunners opened fire on = he ttutomobile In which federal .gcnis were planning to take, him ' lorn thi Kansas City railroad sta-- ion to Lcavenworlh. Hash and hrce federal msn w;re killed. It las been suggested that hi; death it thc hands of his supposed - 'riends may not have been accidental, but lo prevent him from .alking. Nash was born and reared Hi Paragould, and is rememtersd by number of Blytheville men and women, former residents cf that city. In Osceola Mondav to inspect oro- has ''ceased" In New Orleans, Oo rx>-eri sites tor the new postoffice O. K. Allen Ihis afternoon a: building. I licenced that as long as this sit While three sites only were sub- ation lasts no furtoer altemp milled In bids opened officially last will be made lo remove city of- Momlay, Mr. Taul's letter to Post- fktals. master Arch Smith Indicates that Yesterday In a letter to Mayor T. oilier suitable sites may be con-' Scmmes Walmsley .District Attorney Eugene Stanley, and Police by R. A. Chief George Rayer, Governor Al- Cartwright. H. V. Cartwright and len thi'eateiied to rsmove these Harriman Hoiiery Mil! Situation SHI) Unsettled WASHINGTON, July 21. (UP>The Harrlman Hosiery mills case appeared today likely to become unsettled again before the ink on ' the NRA's supposed agreement could dry. The blue eagle, which was taken away from the Tennessee hosiery mill in one of ihe NRA's moil publicized controv!r=tes. was ordered restored ty A. P. QIaiicy, flelJ assistant to Qen. Hugh S. Johnton. As soon as the terms of the agreement wher=by the eagte was to be restored were announced, it was denounced by union ofTciaii as no eelltament at all. sldered. Bids were submitted W. J. Driver. In England and CHrmam 1 . a "bit- lion" unlU Is a million million, but In the United Slates and France It is only 'a thousand million. offclals .unless all gaming which ^ Is against Louisiana law Is stopped. Prior to that Senator Huey P. Long had threatened to use the national guard to clamp down on gambling. WEATHER Arkantas— Oenetnlly fair and continued warm tonight «nd Sunday. b and vicinity— Tclr «nd continued warm tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature h«rc yesterday was 98, minimum 71, clear, according. to Sucujl F. Nor- rls, official weatlter ofcttrvv.

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