The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1931 m.YTIllOVlM.K, (A1MO COUKHOH NRWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* a word (or Oral Insertion tud ouo cent n word for etcb lubswjuent Insertion. No advertisement taken (cr less than 60o. Count tie word* and tend the awb. Vhonc 306 I>O MORE. HUNT—1 inve -I rooms and hath at 1218 Hollj. Bm:.l! and loan payment is 51J3J per inciitli and runs 112 mont'i.v l have paid 'XI months, leaving 91 more payments. I have more mun llily payments than I can meet ana you may hnve this proji'v'.y by payinc out the loan and P- inrj me. 55.00 per month, no interest. Phone 100. K D. 27C-1I1 FOB SALE or TRADE—My equity • in property on Walnut St., known as "McBride Apis." S;e me 01: premises, Mrs. f. V. McBride. 2CP-K30 FOR RENT TOR RENT — 2 furnished Tight housekeeping rooms. Adults only. 13 W. Missouri Avc. 29P-K2 WANTED POULTRY WANTEO-lUrltct prt. ce», any QUBctlty. Marilyn H»t- 210 8. Fourth St. 90-TP — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Uwll, 22tTJ 18th St. IT WANTED — Hay to bale. C. Q. Smith, Phone 827 ur 1502-F2. ti-60-TF DErENDAULU person wanted to har.dlo Watkins products in Blytheville; customors estabiished, excellent earnings. Write in o\vn handwriting, J. R. Watkins Co., 8015 Kentucky St., Memphis, Tenn OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^MGW,fit.RC5-TH' DEAL, ' I'LL cu-r VQU IM AS' A '->• •PAR-TMEP, IF Vou'Rir. <u IIKUI.X- iii.'iji; 'i-oii.iv I.I.IM: ii.iKHiirr, is nn ,i ixnu- ftlnl, niu-ji In dinner nil)* SIOLl.Y CltOMX, „ n,l B l,I,,,r. unil luu .,1 ii'ii frJeniK Tin- Imi mrii •lu.rr.l u,,d uric I. ibm. l.ln,,,. >KiHlU-nll] imdi n nolr to ln'r NiOllifr. l-.tss IMIIUiri-r. >'uiu,. ,11 (I.I L . P . Hi,,. „, u l ,'? ' ltf; ' dl "K SHAM: »•. III, Ihr |nilU-ciii:in III ,.|, B i fc «rl«li., ikf ulrl. <Tn>., l, „ rnilitr InilpJ nrtr,-,. rtnnli,, rj In rt k*o,.|; viiiiiii'ui ml I, him. Ka ,„ ,(,,. i|,' c;1 i, CGLJSfHi .OU ilAS A HEAPS -~/u ALECK ! Vou CAM Be.-|M BO'DIE-'S PA'f WOLlLP ^ \3E SUMPIfJ ! j A DIMffo IT' -- wi-fA-f I'LL pa -life ii III (l ,, r ,,,. „„,„ , , .. :U]I | M-,,,- ,.„ ,,, ir,,,,,,. ,,. ,.. „•;,";„*•?„„, r-.-r:^<-n,i M, I,, :1 in, .nil lirin,. r >|ion«i,r,-,l by llu- . - ... : HI.VrKH. l,, e ,. nl , r . I,,,,.,. Ihr.i ,|,r m:u, wuundril I n Hclil 1,111 II,,.. Mm,,. |, Krcnlly rt-llcvri!. lliirli'l l.nilil In- "Maid's fmgas s . COMMISSIONER'S SAI.L NOTICE is .hereby given thai the undersigned coir.missioner, in compliance v.ith the terms of a decree rendered by the Cliruicery Court for the Chicia.;awlia District of Mississippi Countv. Ark-msns ojr, the 2-itli day of February. 1931 • wherein St. Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St. Louis was Plaintiff. I No. -J157 I and W. M. Burns, et al., were Ds-' londams, will sell at public auc- ,wn to the highest and best hid- der, on a credit of three months, at tile front door of the Court House, b-Hween the hours prescribed by law, in tho City of Bly- thcviile, Arkansas, on the 20th day of July, 1931, the following real estate, to-wit: All that part of the SoWluvcs; Quarter of Section Twenty- five 125), and the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quar- icr of Section Twenty-six (2di that lies East, of the rfeht o" way of the Paragould and Son - thtastern Railroad, all in Township Sixteen North. Ranise Ten (10) East of the fifth (5th> Principal Meridian, containing 157 acres, more or lea; subject to lease of one acre fo. p school purposes conveyed by lease dated May 0, 1D25, rtr • urded in record book No. -1'J. :il p'ngc 120; said l; J .Hiis b-:in l3 situated in the Ch'.-.knEuwlu District of -Mississippi County. Arkansas. SAID sale will be h'.i. l.j ?;il- kfy taid decree in tlv: :.;'::' of S8,- 70150. with fix per cent inlcicjt from March 20th, 1033. THE purchaser at fani sale '.v Ijc required to execute toiicl with approved security, to sci-nru Hie payment of the pnrclvj'C money, and it Hen «•!!! lie ictaluc.'i upon said property as additional srjurity fer the payn,cnl of sucli piir'-h^se mcney. WITNESS IMV hiind and I ho sc;il of siiid Cum I, on tiii:;, iii-> ^:)th day of June, 1931. ILL R. L. GA1MF3, -w^ Commissioner in Chancery. 29-6 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper — Auburn Caterpillar Tractor .. Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking ., General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward .. New York Central .. Packard Radio ; Simmons Standard of N. j. ... Tcsas Corp U. S. Steel . 180 3-4 .. 30 . 185 1-2 .. 20 3-3 .. 21 1-2 .. 12 5-B . 145 3-4 .. 14 .. 44 1-2 .. 38 3-4 .. 21 7-8 . . 04 3-1 ... 8 .. 20 1-8 .. 16 .. 40 .. 21 . 102 1-4 - lia,,U C ' rl Urr tn Hi,' IbrnTcr. Ill, Vina,' ii V.IV It(IIIAKI), Mr-. Clct-31 let Ulinr MM) AVIiirn Unnr rc-luriM frmit Hurh-E'i linrly jt N( ] lrir K Cm-, nljnut luri'l- ln« Rohnrd the nmtrirr liclmvui • tr.-iKKtlj nnd Ijffia livr tn hnvn iiollilu- mnrr m Sa , v | tk (lll . ,, lno J.lnnf Iiroml.n vrtth rcluclimcc, NOW GO 0\ WITH TUB STOUT CHAPTHH V T TANK stood In the ivlngs. Her -*-' mother was just comlns off tho Blage. railier triumphant after lier tout \vflli those impudent Hues from Congrerc. The second act was nearly over. There was t/aly a. liarc chance thnt EOIILC latecomer might arrive, demanding lickets. Mano crept through tlic darkened house to ilic tune of well-bred kiuehlt-r from tlic subscribers as the lion inois were tossed over the footlights. Tlic loWty with 11s modernistic zigzags of silver on a slate-ltlnc background, its astonishing mural siion-injj Circe among lier sv/lue. made her cateii her breath as i!sua!. It was such ;i bold riot of color and design. She took lier place demurely hcliind the Elided liars ami fell to sorting EluLs with ah idle hand. Lhme v;an in a ran^y figure, (lie £cc-til of Turkish tcii!cu:;ly. "I'm !;oins In to sit ivilli i dozens nf girls otto ctearets. i him. Wail! \Vlio':; here 1oni:;ht?-a5t:-,iiii:;!' J I "I-'rcsh. but rallior nice." she- Hie _\Vakf-iiiin;3 or tho iJulrda or romriGrileit to herself. Tea lad Muriel liad missal him. .Mm id professed to a "yen" for i \VL lulled tier lno\vs, i..,-|fcc? N'o. IHKIO of Ih'/.iii. 13 vi l lAXi; bUinmcil (lie llt'o mnniCii- ,o Ecems—aUL'flcllve," our| s |, 0 ,.,,,, F lAXi; Blcnn ; cl3 j ' " i;u-U>-. "II. BOOTS AND 1-lER BUDDIES SAD, IJUT THUK! By Martlu men, lliouBiit them "fo fii^iifully; .•on:-l;u, Hracc^nd Sylvia M llS Ura.| •' M(cMl ,. t ,', is U|;U „„ vc( , raa Kiv<! iilm? \Vliy. my dcnr, IIC'M ali-c- limly :i knocliont. a smondiy. I'm pnmcoiie \vill run nff , ro!:i:nilic." Well, maybe they v:ere. i 11: '° ''owl T.inno dlihi't i;no\v "Oh, ludl. ! don't want lo tic I tcon." miitlricd .Mil Slic-v/cnt to the screen d.-:or3 and-'••'• "l''!" 3 ^ old Hartciows will I;?! him I n c'u:n:co lh;it looked out into Iho swcct-Ecoiiwd 1 S1iro to lnl1 ll> '"• the Inbtanl l cii.t dream, inf; the [inrry nf the niylit licforc. \'nji Kchard l:e:nl- Inj over her hand. His dark eyes . . . full oa hers. i uijiliii." She went to ill. It was infinitely ihr:;. Or.iyj 5 ' 10 arrives. But I've sot to Bcchlic (!..„,-, threw away • HID lialf- a feint powilerhiH of liir-ri? ptnis! l:lm - '- n ° ; '". X"'- 1 '"""'f irl ;i "d tell''.icd cli;iiret nnd ln-^.u mcUi-ii. hiiitDtl of n s!:y ar(l!ins that h!;ir-l;! illm ''" ''>'-" '" " ! = car. Uov.n r.t velvet diirkucsi. Wluit :i iiii:iit! A^ i lllc C1U| °' li;c 'iilie. Tell him to she stcod there Lir,i:e lisard a fci!::li k " vc c:ltl > 1 " :!cl '•«'" lirn'ik away, tt-liisllc. saw a cisarol describe an! Or "<>• - vo » ™''t E ">' "11 dial. The arc in the dimness of the circular v '' ! ' nl = K" :1 S will clop watching t!ic F ' !nv '' f " 1 ' 1 in. Give mo =o;ns Ion: iy to redden !icr "i>.-u't tell anyone you've- seen me." E-IO cauliuiieil as slia trlpt«cd dcv.-a the Kiei::. CUE was Interrupted in lior rev. drive ht-fore the thostcr. i • " lllv iMl " "- il -" '."' l -' ivc '''= "°' ao I.i.'-nc '.vent I.T.C'; to h-r couuli-ir " eric l,y a soft vo:« ut liio win- " l!ti! '>- t^™-" ™"«- » W «»<*.; ^'f I";,' 1 ." «'r,lc In,-., a nute." I Ei:0 f u rllr!mls!y .,,.,,, in ,,,,. ,.,;, dow. Llanc looked up to ste a - l:0 " ccrc<1 "'"• "°'->' »' s >"«•! *'»'-'^ im;;cr?_sliM.l( a Illllc as yMr -» b |, lc ct a cindoivila strauge man standins there, rc^rd- Muriel?" Siie v:as consekrjs of a • slm wrote. ' .1 y friend or life." she uiuHiui: over tho en Uc-il Mow rich Ing her fixedly. A lean man with ai n "- m ^\\as ot disapi:olu;n:cn;. j J 0111 V- 11 "'.^ "lamauc.illy, lunuing aull , ovc]y nuA tl . n n , ||re Ml]r1el soft sray cat pulled vrell do\vn over j v;hoi!1 cllc h311 l:e=u ospcctlug sliC| lwr " !l = missive. sccn:cd. scar:c!y noticed tlm Ills eyes. couldn't !:a,'e said. The oti-.c-r "irl^ D:!nnoi:d ccckcd a humorous eye' door ojru :ii!il tho 'can yo'.ip" man "Ton Inic for tli^ f-i:i'" he r-sVd • C5i! ; c c '' ! ,' ^ " la l!ark::c " v ' il!l ° '. nt '•'•"- 1 " 11 " irl ^l"> I- 1 '- »vcr It!.: j fhsii ]"«. S'.ie mil it have sit"1 really dou'l thi-m it would bj i r ;" I ', i>1 . :ll . a ilvlrl ' llv : :iF!: 'W"'' ]•••', f '':^^ «'lth ti.o foMed plisi.l Hair t-cre fiv,- miii'Jtcj when slm worth vonr v.-Jiie con.n.s iu ,„; ' ; « fal! "- swenl ndor «,i i ••; h;,,,!!-." ,H, ,!-rp v, k-o -u! vi- K:-:-.!.-.-! l.v i|-.- ;.p r av:i:iro of late.''Lm, :c toI,] hln,. ••riowaho-.u!f 11 \™ 3an .'" r::i[I "^, li;1C ' nr , r; ^'"'"-' :: ; :lli -' ™" EOU - ! "" <ll »' !l ^» Va " ''•-'"••'. '^^ tickets for tomorrow niglit?" fl ' acX E ' vlr "5' n - o " : " ! l!cr ai'Slus.; lur:i»d to Elaro =s Llano slid out. "S:,.,, llurlol?" be crioil lirvrah- "I've corie all 'He «- a v from "^ , Vl '" : '° " 1vct , I" 1 '" 1 '' i: "' b I Miii-id v.- a = tiiol!!:: K rcr-Hc^ly lip lesily. tow,,, m do a review for r;,<; "! ,'- r tllrr ' !l !; a sp^- 110 ." 1 «}>(:-.. | and down, her ir.ftcw shine r,r,ck-| "C'.'mo alr-n*." i:o cried a.-, l.l;i:io i'P/itrc.'' llii; li-un man ai:JFli:icd.: "fj . *., .'"S'l-nrr.ic^ -,vn:u ' Ihm. Siia^ turned to c!r::-i. at l.iar.c. p:ir ; : cd tn turn over lier caali liox Sll^ KTCOll tilCVC US. a l:tilc, as ff she had hccu Haven't cecn hii:i :;incu :u her ]-,nn:or- me one in the a ycoil ^irl. 1 can gel sonic if it, • '.I ^ofhavc ciedcntiaur ,,a,,e '—,,,, n ^ ^ , , |uv .. . ^ ^ ..^ ^ ^ ^ \ ^°^ ««-" '-^-^'» :o pni-l. sn;:lin::. "Bill i j:i?i h::il and ] :!1 :c-;!-jd!-:iy a'. I.Iaiji-'sl "Wliafcii-r is II all Nhoiit?" l.l.-ne, Toll 11:0 —did Ch'.itk Kiophima^cd looi:. "Vcs. I'm ctisol-.uuiy !;al lo knnw aa R!IC ran slum- il. crov.-n ,,|i uud Important. The lean yoiins man looked faintly! ^^ anmred. lie [iu]3r:i] i'rnni his pccl;ot' j,^, \",.",^ a soiled and haltered police card' '" " . I I:0 " {1 OV01 ' liei -' 1:t w 'lb -" front ilror c.inliously ami slio'.vcd i \Vheru id lio?" him to a ssat. Mariel oif duly lv,:lli lilsn, wauled to know w!io hii . ,, .. ...... * iKs-in'ifallier was, all tint rut. lor.ighl so Liane v;js uodiims for: j-.TL'HIEI.'S cy.-i were starry. Hcri clmck just l:.i:;;hcil in l,.:r face. her. ; -..i UKII^I. a ey.'ia were siaiTy ex-1 Tmtnl lier rmmh. HliD! ir.c "Thank;." Tl-.e yoiilis mnn Ecl-| oil»inc-:ii. l.i:i!i» tlio;,si,t rho hud! lo r...c liiia a:;.iin. Kurtail'j! Il.nv'a ', her. tied down iu » !ii>- posliirc. As, never it-.-n her Ion!; an lovUv. j ll-al for a lat:;;!i? If I lir.d a:y liatidi | "jlon'i >,,a sv,-c-"l?" h» said Fdft- Liano fled back she had an imprcs-1 "1 put l:ii:i ia 1M. o^ tlic kit," ,111 ii:at mni:-.-y jrjaiidHitlior left i ly. "Don't i'o!i cvci'i wai-V i-j Lclp tion of lc-.ii !<-ES, H Eliuliliy gray si.? :, ai;;:i::ii:iir:illy. rd r"- ;iv..-i;,- will, liiui in a lain-j 11:0 find liio Hide divvi'?" suit which somehow miloil ylii 11 "Nr,-..-. J.-":',.- '' t:c::-:;3 l]v:i--l ^nr- u-lf. \f li-'-M li:ivc r, l'iirr.-\ ar^ cr« i:.. .'-.,ni'\»Vr<l> flic's Doll Sutgcon IMI Sidr j 'LEEDS, Kllg.. (L'Pl-Mis-i Num. Greaves, a shqi assistani, oprralcj j a doll lios]iilal in her pparc honr.=, j repairins as many ;•-", n hmnirccl. dolls a week. ; ROMSEY. Eng. iL'l J j--Skc!eton:j believed to he the remains of Cromwell's soklierf. have teen unearth- \ ed in cxciivationii near an old .:enr, j ctery here. A'ei« Orleans Cation NEW ORLEANS. June CD tui'l -Colton closed steady. open high 3o\v clone July 1005 1005 59()b Ocl I(H3 1047 1025 I02S Dec 1061 1070 1047 1054 JfiTI 1065 1075 10SS 1063 March 10!)8 1100 1083 1033 May H08 1118 1102 110J Spots ciiiict at 030. ofl 13.. A'<?/0 York Cotton NP;W YORK. June 20 (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high lev: cics; July noo ioos nao 901 .flct 1034 1045 1C22 1028 S)CC 1056 1068 1043 1053 Jan 1068 1050 1053 1005 March 1000 10S7- 1075 10M Way 1107 1110 1(07 1105 Spots quiet vU 1C05, oil 35. More than onc-liMf lii 1 : trc>h- walcr area of It-.c ivorld lies with-! in the Ixmndaries ct Canaiia. I ^TS EASIER 10 UUNT15 C-sgf W !M THE woKi.0 IJ-IAX) "it ii To UX3WT 76 6BT ?l ®SCA oiieygl^ia W idFE HScRONll^^W • J'OR A rte'.u iw-&;.oci.o I PUXCH MER W i^g7\ J4C To K A.( I l'-i i -T-' :: v:;j._-=-- _- ~^-,.•'••(.. I i^.-v/^tjaA'f ['^ /'&'!!;•-{/..;>'." "'-Kv:!'.<j'' j .1, ); fc§\ WASH Tl.i»KS '/';<-' Nf^fyyi, 1 /fe^f^^S^ San, 0:1 a nuli> of, I.-.Int protc.fl. Ke- KL-lilrnciit f. horr.d hi-'r tone. SmUln^ a liltlo i:i-]i!,!y. driver's 3<.::t hall turned lo look at 3O2S I ^'IAWT Vet) TO so -£ R !" V ^!! 71^^' HF^IIKTT^ /^/><^;;,--- ( y.' ; •x-.,-,." v -5r^'.\-. 1 - S°^ M;' r lin g 4 .-:".!/' rrv^v^x/ & ^^\\ ( •VHgf:-V '•;•' .'f'r-a svi ,-so? V o /:H/^, M H~^) ' ; ^t-<r^ : 'V M T 1 ^C;AA I . v : '/ L -^ve l Vfertf^ \ w;.%'"/>7>?J 1 \ ?i•--&-•'•!'! ' I i 1 ?:^^' <-;A ''\ c''- • <'i fe.^- \ffi& fc^Si ^'^ 1C ;^ ; .M .\i'Ti;i{ TIU; HATTI.K! £a! i >:-.C---.IIN ft Clrl. .'.V! ItSTS f'.^=. 13v Crane Hcuc. cv\t.-3 Tut BOSS. HE '•'• ": i-'.-'i;.:' 1 ' 1 '// MJ- tl-' UXX ~ 1 9'D f ! " ' H-M Mi'dtLK WTER A. ?>PclL W Tut "c*.'•'' V'' : -T' ' '- 6 ^^ ^° "' T ^ l '^'- °* : "'JW''*' 1 ' KOyiTH , AVID ft ?.Ef O' S^ORt ttETH ^^:! v-'.-i x1' • ;VC--: , —i —-( ^ '''i'-* 1 wvi iot-t iv;9 .\ Nost, HE'LL er /,\ cojptft A'O GOOD <\5 EVER, MMQST. r^-—-/ ANO ALL TnW lipRT

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