The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SKPTKJIBKR 30, 193G mATHKVILU3 (AUK.) COUIUKU NEWS '•' --^^^f^y^Sm Premier Largo Caballcro Neither Asks Nor Gives Quarter In Civil War 11V MILTON' NKA Service Sluff Corresponded! LONDON. Sept. 30.—"You present me with a lo^t battle and innhc me commander of nil thc Allied forcL'.s and expect me to rejoice," General Foch Is .supposed to have said to French Prcmici Ulcmeneeau in 1918 when it looked as if the Gcnnniis were witi- L:\rgo Ciibnllcro, 1 present boss of thc "t'Cgultiv" govcrmncnt SiKthi, never will be quoted to like effect, despite thc 1'acL Uia lit? became Premier of Spain just us rebels . under Generals Fran en and Mola had won import an victories. Don Largo will never Uc quoted that way, because no Clemen ccau nor a Lloyd George hanitec him the chieftainship. He took it When things were going badly foi his crowd, lie brushed aside thos< who \verc conduct'ing affairs am tcoh the perilous command whit I may mean .the loss of his life his enemies win. When dispalche tell of government officials prc paring to flee a lost cause, tli niimc of CabalJero is sought ii vain. C'ntlcJ Spanish Lenin Don Largo was predestined t do .so. Lony a&o, in the earl day:; of the republic, In the smln Elsie dc Wolfs Own Paris Dinina Room Jiidgc W...W. Corbett',83, , : 'Succumbs at.His Home in Canithci'svillc Thc dining vcoin of her Paris home shows .Elsie Uc Wolfe iLady Mcmll) practices what she ' Note the mirrored wall and gaily painted screens ihra mid light and brightness, nurt the ubscnce henvy pieces vi furniture. ,* ht and Gaiety Arc Recipe jj ^ at j lom TKis\] For Attractive Dining Roomj" Whether her home is a bun- galcu 1 , a one-room apartment or a nuuijjoii, every woman wants to nuke it as attractive as po s ' :;ililc. Klsie lie Wolfe (Lady [\Irntll), chosen hy King Ed- witnl V1JI to rcilccanile Huck- ingiuntt I'lilnt-c, offers her ex- athu-e lo readers of the CoLvicr News ill it series or four weekly articles, of wliiuh ' Largo Caballero of 1931, whenever he walked along the streets of Madrid, the Madvil- cnous would say: money, you can do anything; you can make n room that will compare favorably with llic traditional rooms ol great houses. You liavc a light lo make your dining room as fine as yon please so long ns yon give (o it. Us measure of light ulul air. Rut, one thing you must have—simplicity! It may be tile costly simplicity of a marble floor ami tapestry walls Ihc following is (lie second, j and a painted ceiiiiiK. It may be ilnclhcr article will appear next | llic simplicity of while paint nnri vvctk and Iras lo do with moil- : muslin and fine furniture — but, _ einiiin in decoration, [simplicity it must have. j , . , ] The furniture tliat h required KV ri <NIP nr wm rr I" 1 a (lining rooai, declares ilscll: LLMh lit \\Oi-h , a ^^j e alu j ch-ijr;; y ou call bring Written for NBA Service i ji c | c tables and china closets into Every woman has an innllcim- n cr ymi can b uil( i j n cupboards right to he distinguished in an(1 consoles to take their place/ lier own dining room. The room nllt tllcrc is i iu i c a mmc f 0r oilier should fce light and charming, variation, jwith tho color seleclcd for its be- . paired' Articles Recommended ccmiiiRiiea to the hostess. i j n almost any oilier room in I think a dining room should thc house, I would surest that bo a place where the family may you avoid the "pairing'' of things meet in happy spirit for a pause but in the .dining rooin, pairs and hi/ (he vexatious happenings of sets' of things are most desirable IhJ day. Nine limes out, ot ten, Two console tables arc. more im- clhiing room " seems - to be -the 'prcr-sive" tha'n- one/ Thc-ie is '.greftt gloomiest room in the house. It decorative value in a fair of mir- u.sualiy a heavy room, full of rors, a pair of candle.iti-ks, l\vo side chairs, buffets and large,' cupboards flanking a chimney cumbersome pieces of furniture, j piece. You would not be guilty, I Me Perhaps Hint Is why the dining rcoai in America has become the forgotten room. The remedy is to make it light and bright, a fitting background for the hostess. Ijighl tones, gay wall papers, flowers nnd sunshine arc of more importance to a dining room "There goes thc Spanish Lenin of tomorrow." They knew their Cabaliero. Others might weaken, othci iriight falter, but not this stocky .smooth-faced gray-eyed, semi bald workman of 67 who loot : VI. He is a dynamo of encrg; Also a dynamo of hale of those who arc now fighting his government. The rebels arc givin 0 no quarter. Dan Largo expec, b none. So far as he is concermtl it is a fight to Ihe death. It is a thing lie has visualized most of his life. lie started out as a working plasterer. He toon began lo take rank in Ihe plasterers' union, for he had Ihc gifl of gab and boundless energy. He did not spend hi night in pleasant Madrid taverns, sipping sherry and smoking endless cigarettes. He burned thcj midnight oil educating himself.! Then he soaked up on Mnrx and „_ other Socialist and revolutionary j roft colors or in soft, shades writers. roil sure, of two clocks or two copies of the same portrait in a rcom, but when tilings "pair logically." pair . them! They will furnish a backbone of stalely simplicity to the room. Many charming houses farm houses in France with ing rooms arc furnished painted furniture. Somehow, make the average American and din- willi they, dining room seem very commonplace and tiresome. In one litUc house I had thc pleasure of furnishing, 1110 1 the furniture was of Hie simplest, onc | painlcd .fuvtciwthi shrdl cmfwypz '"'painted white, with a dark blue than fine furniture and tapestries. It is the I one room in house where °an afford .. uso a boldly I lmo [or <i ecora tlon. The corner decor a live pa- CU pt o;u - ( | was ;1 ijm c morc e ]abo- per. I like very ratc v . i[h a grace r u ]|y curved lop much the Chi-|., n() a i nl .g c g]^ Aow ,, m( | e „,, new rice papers* of mtlc ,,-,,,,,3 sct in a q ,, ;im t de- u^th ^ lc 'isign. There were several drawers bright, sketchy, tn(l a lowcr c ,,j, bK ird. Wolfe decora lions ol T | le ( | rawcrs !ln( j ti, 0 lower birds and flow- doors invited decorations a little ere. These pa- more C ! a j,orate than the blue lines pers are never tircsomcly reahs- of thc [ Ur ,,|t m . c . so , V e painted on (ic cud are always done in very Eay of little medallions In soft tones of blue from the palest gray blue Mo. — 1 neriil services were held here ycs- U'l'dny afternoon for Judge \V. W. Corbet t sr., who Euccunibcil ubuut midnight Sunilny night from n slroko. Judge Carbelt. tvell-knovyn IJersoiinllly In I'cmlscol court and legnl' circles, was. slrlekcn nl ilia Siituuiay iiflernooii. A second stroke llmt night 'resulted hi dentil. "He wns 83. , Judge corbclt'.\vi\s toril April 21 1853,; nl • Butler; lloustun county Cieorgln. He \vas ndmiltcd to the hnr In Gcoi'Blii, and practiced hu Ihcrc some'eight or ten, be- big prosecuting attorney at ou' time In liis .home county. lleV moved from Gcorgln (o New Madrid, Mo., In 1BOO, nnd mow. io this elly In 1000. He has hcli sevcrnl oil Ices here, Including (lios of police'judge niid Justice • of th peace,'whleh.liiller oll'lce ho hcli nt Ihe lime of! ills denlh. • Surviving arc ' his ( wlfe, 1'cni Corbelt; fourtsons,'Snm J. Corbel sr.,.w. W. Corbelt, Jr., and Jo Folks'Corbett, of this, city, nn James- Byron CoVSitl of Detroit, Mich,; and one diiiighler, Mrs. Mary L; Ntilnielce. of Cnpe Oirtirdeau. Services'were'conducted by'Rev. Elmer ..peal, a long-time friend, In accordance with Mr. Corhclt's expressed wish", flov. Peal was nsslst- ed l>y the nev. W. L. Meyer, pastor of the Methodist church. 'Interment was made at Mnple ccriielery. Pallbearers were S. V. Medliiig, Everett Decves sr., o. E, Hooker, lioy : Harper, Shelley I. Stiles.; nnd C: Q; Sliepard,- nil nt- torneys. , ~ „ .-emke Cruising to Win Votes A now l.intl of cainpalun "{our 1 ' —by boat down the Illinois ami Mississippi rivers — Is bcinK Iried by Kcprcscnlalivc William Lcuiko, Union party caudidylc for president. Lernkc Is scon nl the rail of tl\c packet, Cloldci linglo, al I'coria, 111., os the campaign cruise slarled, Stops Will b<! -mndc Cor speeches • river towns. , STORIES Hy I. S. Klein Farm News Edlled by J. O. FULLERTON i County. Agiicullurnl ARml J. K DAHERON Ass't. County Agent RftTE OF SEEDI IS' \tllciton Gives Recommendations (or Planting of Winter Legumes For those dinners who jti'allfy for .soil-conserving ' ' to pay- iicnls'under Ihc ngrlcultiiral con- ervntloti program by seeding wln- cr Icsumcs, the rnte of seeding U n Important factor to be conskl- crd. J. O, Futlerlon, county agent, corn grown In, your oun field will! produce better than the best seed I jou can buy In some far-away state I 01 county. Make your selections I early, murk the stalk, and harvest) after it-Is mature; , r.irtneis are sending altogether I too mi'ch money In buying seed, the I kinds Ihcy can produce for them- ] selves In north Mississippi county. 42 Pigs in Two Years From Club Boy's Sow I Clnicnce Heed, 10-year-old mem-1 bei of the Ekron 4-11 club, Is the I piond possessor of n, 2 1-2-jear- I old Spotted Poland China sow that 1 lias been doing her bit to Increase I hoff production In North Mksls-'J slppl county. wlnls out Hint the, quanUtj of, During 1835-30, four litters v,lth trd needed . will: vnry somewhat n -total - of «,plgs were farrowed by IhLs blooded nntmal. Only oh« ! pig was; lost At the present time 1 Clnrcncc : -ls cxliibltihg the 1936.1 spring llltcr ot eleven at the Mississippi County Kalr A fc* dnys ngo llioy weighed 125 pounds '* On September 1. the fourth litter of nine arrived. Thcy.too, with I llieh mother nrc balng sliowii at I the'County.TYilr. I The receipts' from lh« two 19351 lltlcrs togcllier with the 'market! price of the present 20 head ,0111 hand would give Clarence 4 gross Income of $355,50 on his two ycarsM operations. This less $179 M s|>ent I for feed, labor nnd other operations,'] gives a net reluin of $17566. •Illi soil dlllcrences, 'preparation of he seedbed, niethod b( seeding, nud ither [actors, liccoiiiinenUftllons for seeding winter legumes nlone nrc as folows: Veloli 20-25 pounds per acre. Ausfrlim winter pens 25-30 pounds licr acre. These crojxs may nlso Us planted with smnll grains to afford good ylay.lng ns well ns soil-building purposes. f\>r grnr.lng or for cover crop, 15 to 20 |K>unds of vetch with lliree or four pO.ks of rye, or six pecks of onVs 'will give a good stand; 20 lo 25 pounds of Austrian winter p;as should bo used, If used In placs of When these legume? nrc giown on land for thc llrst time- It should be Inoculated.. i,nck ol Inticulallon msnns partial [allure'even .when Icuumes Imvc been giown on the Innd In prloi jcais. Earliest records waving go permanent I back ' as 3000 1 U 0 , when Babylonian Indies had I their hair braided and treated! wllh bitumen Ho preset ve tilt [ curls. •Jmsf Pap'ev Seeks lo Av, range Passage for 'Ibird Contestant NEW YORli. Sept. 30 (UP) -The race of ;t\vo newspapermen by airplane- around the world, stort- ing tcnlglit, may become a three- way ' contest.' The New York Evening Journal, 'Hearst newspaper, was' altemptinj 'Kil'snllcii.. lo Vic with H. 1 RV"'E!cbS of the Scrlpps-Howard ncwsp: crs and" Leo. Kieran of the Npftli American Newspaper Allinhce {heir effort to set n now ninrk for an around the world trip using only . established modes ol travel. / The Journal snid it expected .lo kno'.v late today whether it would be able to arrange fcir Miss Ktl- gallen's passage. Ekiris'and Kicrah have arranged their 'Schedules so that thch' 20.CCfl-mile trip will end with a flight across the Pacific In the Pan-American Airways "China Clipper," lenvlii'i Manila for San Francisco on October 1G. They expect lo be bnck in New York 20 days after their departure. . 'RULERS '"' CPAIN'H civil war again jnnj • make thc internationally controlled zone of Tangier Ihc cruj( o[ a |ic ¥ \v jMoorish uprising. _ England' iiiany>"ycars ' ligo* ^s'riw the '''value of .Mils point of land opposite Cibmliav, as :.thc.'kcy:'t(i the Mcdilerrnucan'nnd the; Orient, '•rounded, according tb'Mcg- cnd, by Anlcua, son of.Neptune, tliis point formed the'bnse of operations of Hercules. Phoenicians, Romans, over thc Vandals, -Moors swept city. ...... - --„ . ________ lie soon became head of|0uc color— and -while, if you an- [o ., vcry dark b |, |f r n , c c |, ail . (he plasterers' union in Madrid alyzc them, they arc very fan- '• CUE i,ions were blue ami the china also of the Socialist party laslic. the general effect as ii the Spanish capilal. He aeilalcd ngainst King Al- jstful ns it is cheerful. Tlic quaint landscape | was blue sprigged. Tlnce little 1 pitchers of blue lustre were on papers. the waU cupboard shelf and Ihe fotiso X11I and was rewarded which arc seen in so many New i mirvov in a [ a( i c( j gold frame, v;ilh is long sentence of impris- England dining rooms, seem to ;,,, vo lllQ ncc e<sary variation of cnmcnt. He was pardoned, as belong with American Colonial (olle • i ',J i|i were other political agitators. He furniture and white woodwork, uclpratcs Iluffcls to limbo' ', went right back to his attacks prim silver and gold banded chmn. £ ^ mu( , 1| 0 , cl}pbor , rds nn thc monarchy. Again In prison, i These landscape papers arc tisu- i c ' onso ic s i^ cal ,. e I think they he found himself a cell-mate of ally q«Kc good nna make for ™" ""',.,' \. MCT ttari ' ' Lawyer Alcala Zamora, destined gccd ci'.eer. Thc new designs are ,' c ', -!«i" v -ird china c to l:e Ihe first President of the lex complicated, more simplified J.'^,,.^^ n j irf \ { ' ltri rl ., li| . 5 . [hnt fc'panish republic. Even while in in form, than thc old ones, priion, Xamora, Caballsro and llusc Hooms Take Siiccial Care olhers signed a manifesto against j There are. of course, other Alfonso and Dictator Primo 'dc things besides color nnd cheer to Rivera. I lie considered in thc decoration of Authored I.nbrr Reforms (a dining room. A large room will When Alfonso fled and thc 1 '^' 5 cal1 for a very distinguish- rrpubhc was founded in ™' I en treatment and this may •- Small wonder some of Ihe nation's tallest "corn cropped up near Traverse City, Mich. That's where bathing f beauties don't scamper for their woolies nt thc first nip of aulumn. Corn in this field grew more than "two girls high"—12 feet to be exact —to gel all this attention. And was thc rest -of the country's crop btirncd up! Anlelops Tco I'lcnllljil "BOISE, Ida. iUP>—The fi'at game warden doomed 100 Idaho antelCv'.: when he issued that mimctr of special licciis;?; to hunters to kill the deer out uf fcafon. There arc too many deer in the state, he snld, after finding 15,CC(i head in a recent census. KF.WAUNEE, Wis. (UP)— Among it. 1 : records in the court Iious3 vault. Kewaunce county kcci>3 a complete file cf the tirst year's issues of llic Pr.nnsylvania Chrnu- iclc and Universal Advertiser, Then come Spain nnd Portugal. England cncc held it, bul gave il up afler n struggle.with the out- Jaw tribesmen. In 1923, England, France; Spain, and the Mendoub, ivprescntalive of the Moslems, agreed to make this an inlei lEonal zone. As n result, the dozen different nationalities living wilhin Hie cily arc governed .mostly'by.Ihcir o w n representatives on an equal basis Roth France and Spain pic- lure Tangier in their stamps of Morocco. A view " of th city on a' Spanish ;Mo-| rocco slamp is- shown here. '•. 'Copyrl&ht, Has, NBA Service. Inc.) I weekly newspaper published Philadelphia in 1767. ullcitoii Urges Mississippi County Farmers' to Provide for Own Needs *ST.CHARLES MeUf (/tl Every farmer hi north Mlsst.sslppl county should make a start In the iroducilon of seed for his own use. This applies to Ijoth ' garden and ficjd.; Jf care, is takciV.lo get.a pure secil 'of Ihe variety desired as a slari, proper attention lo the handling-of Ihe.seed crop \vlll cvenlu- illy Cnnb)e every faimer to produce a large percentage of his own needs. ' '•••' ' ' ' Brery j-car 'there ;-appears to be a shortage In'somc kinds of seed. Then prices go "up and many fann- ers .have to cither appeal lo their u.inkcr for a loan, ask government aid, or go In debt lo the seed dealer. In one-variety cotton planting communities, collon growers, if care Is exercised, can produce their own •ieed and some to sell. The scarcity of good seed, however, is: more often found \vken a farmer makes up his mind Lo plant legumes, such as 'vetch, Icspjdcza, sweet clover, lie learns that other 'farmers aft. planning to do the same thing and when he comes to buy> prices have gone up. A small acreage set aside for seed will produce all the farmer can use the next year. There'arc ways of harvesting iil^nd Ihc county agcnt^can explain methods. Corn Is a homo-body: Good seed eani homt Jasrefutly furnished rooms Peiutyrest mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights:. Well lighted bathrooms [These comforts are yours whether you occupy an expensive-suite or a minimum •! priced room. And the sama friendly and efficient service, |oei to EVERY guest.' ' OfracUcM ' ' DINKLER HOTELS CO; IHCORPOWTEO CABLING DINKLER , C ' rRCSIOEHTAIID GENERAL MANAGER' The Ansky ATLANTA • The St. Charles NEW ORLEANS ^ The Savannah SAVANNAH ' TheTutwBer BIRMINGHAM hff erson Davis MONTCOMHX * AndrewJacksM NASHVILU In, Very tittle Is known atput the discovery of silk. Thc most coin- death penally upon anyone seck- Diryclcs Prated ,,, g lo export thc ^ worms SANTA HO.-A. Cn 1 tUD-Dcan, cccoons or anylh | ng saV c the .".'.? P_ bcr L B : C ^.°- I'^JT".?"!:! rnbrlc woven from the fiber, in gold. I mon legend is that it first was ' I made by St-Ling-chl, wife of The ancient Chinese, jealous of i Honng-Ti in, Chinese emperor of tlieir discovery of silk, !m|»scil a about 2000 B.- C. DR. SAUIU Eye, Ear, Niisc & Throat GLASSES FITTED liccm 210 ! 'Ingram Till lies. I'licnc JIO ' . Office 1 m m ST. CHMLES, iiiale most ccnstantly of native (lining rooms. I have recommended the use, American woods for furniture because Calinllcro entered we have botli thc beautiful woods of our new world ond Ihe tried- world—and what could we not with such material avall- a bicycle Hah bicycles are teller. The trip was nearly mined by tho fact that the English Likes arc three- f p ceded with low. inlermediate and high gears. Fcliccman ^Va:i!s Shccrskin' I£n;r Oran; Car.luncl PASADE'lA. (UP)—Martin mid Gsa Johnson ol the Pacific Cccgrnphlc Society have sent \%crd Ircm nnrlhrrn BDnico tha they arc returning with four f. rany-cutan2s, one ot which ivcishlng 303 pounds, If, believe:! to to thc largest ever ciptnreil. JACK WAKE UP YOUR I JACKSON One-cliihl families Increased 23 per cent in number during 1031. LIVER BILE- Villlioi]! dloitl-Atd Twll Juatj Ott o! Bed in Ihe Mwraj Kmn' to G» Thc liver ehouU pour out two pouiids o( liquid liilc into your levels diily. If this bila isnot Llnwir.icfrccly. >-onr foot do<-3Ti'Idik-*3L It jUHtdrcnj-s in the bowclj. Cft9 bloat* ut> your Rtortiarh. Yr.u pet constipate.!, Your whole system in roi.v>nc<! BTK! you fwliour. sunk ami thcvrorM loo>:apimk. l^x.ilivcs arc only makeshifts, A tnera bowel (tocjn't set Kl thc CJiaM. It takes tlmsc iTLXxl. old Cnrter'a I.ltllfr Liver 1'illa to rrl lhc*c two ponnila of blta nowinjc freely ^titl niaVe roll feel "up mid up", tinrni- ie" ccntle. jclaniiwinir In mAktnjt tjilotiow fref'ly A«k f»T Carter's Little l.lver T.lls hr can-.c. Slubl»mly refuse it.iythinjr ctsc-ZSc. 1D34. Araicd revolt of the Leftists aimed revolt. And he went right | llllg. The should Vl » lu |the hospitality and conviviality of, brcl:c out in various parts of IKCS to his agitating. Tne las', dj nn , B I Spain, particularly In Ihe mining election was won by Ihe Popular, region of Die Aslurias. Just as Front—a comuiimtion of all thc ! me rebels of the Right are nov j forces cf thc Left. Cabaliero and employing as their best "shock his friends tolerated a government troop* Moslem Moors and reck- in which they did not lake part, less adventurers gathered In the;Now he IS the government, sit- Spanish Foreign Legion, so in)tins *" Madrid.-If he wins, he 1".H the ?OTernment"of the Right j^U be ruthleis. It .he loses, he ; ings, used those same Moors and For-; <""• piobably pay (or it with his tign L^Glowiat''" to conquer the life—and expects to. of today; iworpovaic a feeling oJ In furniture with a spirit ,§ in color. NOTICE of contemporie'v NEXT: Modernism in futnUh- Read Courier News Want Ads. Any article Imtijhl of KUKKF. 11A1IH\VAUK CO., not salisfsciory in every way \vc will refund jour money ivlllimil question, provided you return il in the same ccinlition as rcrcivctl and fn a reasoinblc length of lime, say a vcck or ten d.iys. Our flrsl price is our licsl price, ami We Have O.r.c Trlci TO ALL. Burke Hardware Co. 312 \V. Main BlySheville, Ark. Arislocrals of Kythni. M Piece Colored Orchestra Now I'lnying al the SILVER MOON NITE CLUB Will broadcast Friday from 2 to 3 I M. over Station KBTM Jonesboro. New 1937 PHILGO The crack of the bat ... the yell of thc crowd . . .the cries of thc players .. .you get them all with a Philco! There's still time for FREE home demonstration. Ask us about it now! PtllLCO 80K Phiko'smrotCMpKt for AC-DC optmion. Litest '5"""«. trenHCidoui power, fine.(opt. SDeikcc §20 TO $600 Liberal' Trade-in Allowance '— Easy Terms / ;J Philco Battery Sets $39.95 ui>; HUBB AR FURNITURE C0. :

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