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York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania • 24

York Daily Recordi
York, Pennsylvania
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k. A 3 1 I i i. The Cazctte and Daily, York, Saturday Morning, August 23, 1 958 3' 4 a BliiMt little NtwiHMT At WwM Debbie Ann Enrolls Sfsfer Diane Marie Nature Story Happy Birthday What Is The Gregorian Calendar? years and centuries passed, the mistake grew from minutes into hours and then into days! By the 16th century, the Roman Ughtfoot Scorned A and and quite unjust mistake The scornful all too often make. Lightfoot the Deer One of the largest of the Green Forest folk Is Lightfoot the Deer. Only his, cousins, Flathorns the Moose and Bugler the Elk, and of course Buster Bear, are bigger than Lightfoot.

If I were as big as Lightfoot, I wouldnt be afraid of anything in all the Great World, said a squeaky little voice. Lightfoot looked down at Whitefoot the Wood Mouse. He blew through his nose. Who says Im afraid? snorted. I didnt say you were afraid I said that if I were as big as you I wouldnt be afraid, replied Whitefoot.

Peter Spoke Up Well, you are, spoke up Peter Rabbit. I dont know of anyone in the Green. Forest more ready to run than you and Mrs. Light jrv tj MS 7 0f The calendar we use, today Is based on the calendar used by the Romans, But the Roman calendar RseM went through many changes because it was constantly leading to confusion. By the time Julius Caesar ap- peared he simply had to throw out the old Roman calendar based on the moon (lunar, calendar) and adopt a new one based on the fact that the earth revolved around the sun in about 365-14 days (solar calendar).

In order to catch up, he ordered that the year 46 B.C. should have 445 days! After that year of confusion, each year was to have 365 days, except every fourth year. To use up the fraction of a day left over in each ordinary year, the fourth year would be a leap year of 3G6 days. This system is called the Julian calendar after Julius Caesar. But even this calendar wasnt Win a valuable prlzel Send i tetter with your question, name, address and oe to WHY DADDY? ere of this paper.

The 15 Volume Encyclopedia Britanica for school and home will be awarded If your question Is selected for use. Todays Winner is: VALERIE LEE, 14, Kingston, Jamaica. quite exact. The Julian year was actually about 11 minutes longer than' the actual solar year, or the time for the earths journey around the sun. Eleven minutes a year seems mighty little, but as For: itors 3 i 4.

'Hamttm Dear Editor; I would like you to enroll my sister in the Birthday dub. Her name is Diane Marie Nace. She will be one year old on Sept. 22. She has brown eyes and curly Please change our address to 1500 Monroe street.

Enclosed is a picture taken of us recently. Mother Is writing this letter for me to surprise Daddy and our grandparents. Debbie Ann Nace, 1500 Monroe street. Rabbit Tom Robinson Id like to run like a rabbit in hops With occasional intermediate stops. He is so cute when he lifts 'his ears And looks around to see what he hears.

Today's Assignment Catholic Church decided that the calendar needed to he reformed. calendar needed to be reformed. Easter and other feast days were not coming. where they belonged in the seasons. Pope Gregory XIII ordered that ten days should be dropped from the year 1582.

To keep the calendar correct in the future, Gregory ordered that leap year should be skipped in the last year of every century unless that year could be divided by 400. This system is called the Gregorian calendar. Roman Catholic "countries adopted the Gregorian calendar almost Immediately, but Protestant countries were slow to accept It. For instance, England didnt adopt it until 1752. By that time there was 11 days difference between the old and the new calendars.

When England made the change, some people felt they were being robbed. They rioted In the streets, shouting, Give us back our 11 days! The American Colonies also adopted the Gregorian calendar In 1752. By the way, George Washington was really bom on Feb. 11th, because he was bom when the old style calendar was still being used. But we celebrate his birthday on Feb.

22, because we use the Gregorian calendar. FUN TIME Riddle Box 1. What has four legs but cant walk? 2. When does 2 plus 2 equal more than-four? 3. What bird is low-spirited? Answers pJtq aniq sqj, uaqio qoeo apjsaq aaaifl uaqAV Tq I PICTURE SECRET Add and subtract the letters in the names of the things shown.

Clue: it helps you keep things safe. Answer to yesterdays How sea, sail, wave, tide, wind, yawl, rig, bow, spar, yard, stay. Newest Club Member Is Known As "Mikle" Dear Editor; I am a brown haired, blue-eyed little boy who would like to join the Birthday dub. I was bom May 3, 1958 and am already a very active little fellow. Although my name is Robert Michael, everyone calls me Mike.

Mommy and I want this letter and picture to be, a big surprise for Daddy. Robert Michael Duttera, 1108 West Market street. SATURDAY, AUCUST 23. 1958 ROBERT ROYSTON ANDERSON, 10, Itowortttown WILLIAM BENNIAH BEINHOWER, Now Cumberland CAROL ANN BERSOi, 9, 806 Chestnut itrect JANE BRANT, 10. Delleitown, RO 1 NANCY LOUISE DAUGHERTY, IS, Folton, RD 2 DORIS IRENE DONLEY.

12. Etferi. RO 1 BARBARA ANN EICHELBERbER, 13, Lowltberry, RD I HILDA MARIE FISHEL 2. Thomesvlllo, RD 1 JUANITA ANN FLAHAlfTY, 14, Windsor. RD RICHARD FULTON GEMmIlL, 12, Jocofeui KATHLEEN MARIE GROSS, 1, Felton.

RD 1 CLAUDIA ABEGAIL HARMAN, 10, Dover RD CYNTHIA LEE HARNER, 5, $44 North Berthing venue BARRY EUGENE HENGST, 5. York. RD 6 DONALD WAYNE IRWIN. 8, Vork laven, RO 1 BRIAN ALLAN KOPP, il, 1651 Weet Philidel-phle Itreet DOUGLAS ALLEN KREBS, 1. 1 Weter Itreet, Glen Rock LARRY EUGENE IAUGHMAN, IS, Ettori, RD 1 DENNIS LIST, 9, Jacobui ROBERT KENNETH LOCKWOOD, 2, San Franclico, Calif.

JAMES MILLER, 3, 637' York itreet MARY EUNICE NElPER, 6, Delta, RO 2 IAN KERBY NEWMAN, 12, Delleitown. RD 1 ANN POSEY, 4, Red Lion, RD 1 ROSE RINEHOLT, 5, .223 South Char let. itreet, Delleitown STEVIE LANE SHINDEL, 4, York Hevon, Rl 1 SUE ELLEN SMITH, 12. 17 East Main itreet, Delleitown LYNETTE MAE SMYSER, 3, 2295 Maple reed CATHY LEA STANTON, 8, York, RD 2 CHARLES K. STAYMAN, 12, 336 South Grill street MARVIN EUGENE YOHE, 3, Red Lion, RO 2 LOUISE BETH YOUNG, 2, 217 Locust street, Wriohtsville ROZANNE MARIE ZEIGLER, 2, Manchester, RO 1 SUNDAY.



4, York, RD 9 CONSTANCE MacDONALD. 12. 343 Smyser itreet KAREN HAZEL McCOURY, 3, Thomasville, RD 1 BONITZ LOUISE MILLER. 12, 115 East Mipli street, Delleitown DAVID ALLEN NEFF, 6, Red RD 2 SUSAN IRENE OHSIEK, 2, Emios villa MARY ANN EMMA RAUHAUSER, 15. Dover, RD 2 LINDA GERALSOINE REDMOND, 15, 330 West Maple street.

Red Lion DONALD E. SHEFFER, 2. Mt. Wolf, RD 1 FERN SNYDER. 10, Red Lion, RD 1 DONALD LAVERNE STREMMEL, 10, York, RD 2 DENISE SUE YEAGER, 3, Wrightsville, RQ.

1 DAVID ZORTMAN, 5, 2844 Meadowbrook boulevard. Song Of The Settlers Jessamyn West Freedom Is a hard-bought thing A gift no man can give, For some, a way of dying, For most, a way to live. Freedom is a hard-bought thing A rifle in the hand, The horse hitched at sunup, A harvest in the land. Freedom is a hard-bought thing A message, a bloody rout, The candles lit at nightfall. And the night shut out.

Freedom is a hard-bought thing An arrow in the back, The wind in the long com rows, And the hay in the rack. Freedom is a way of living, A song, a mighty cry. Freedom is the bread we eat; Let it be the way we die! The Railroad Cars Are Coming The great Pacific railway, For California hail! Bring on the locomotive, Lay down the iron rail; Across the. rolling prairies By steam were bound to go, The railroad cars are coming, hmnming Through New Mexico, The railroad vars -are coming, humming NaLMejfico The little dogs in dog-town Will wag each little tail; Theyll think that somethings coming A-riding on a rail. The railroad cars are coming, fangs.

The owl tu-whit, tu-who. The railroad cars are coming, humming Through New Mexico. The railroad cars are coming, humming Through New Mexico. A I "What has size to do with being afraid? asked Lightfoot. foot.

Big as you are, I should think you would be ashamed to be so afraid. As he spoke, Peter made a couple of quick hops that took him to the other side of the big stump. What has size to do with being afraid? asked Light-foot. It has everything to do with it, spoke Whitefoot. The smaller folks are, the more enemies they have.

That is why some of us are afraid all the time. Who is there for you to be afraid of? Looked Thoughtful The big Deer slowly pawed some leaves with one dainty foot. He looked thoughtful. There is Buster Bear for one, said he. But isn around much, said Peter Rabbit.

And it shouldnt be hard for you to keep out of the way. Chatterer Boasted It isnt, replied Lightfoot. Im not really much afraid of Buster Bear, because Lean keep, out of his way. If I were up on the Big Mountain where Puma the Mountain Lion lives, I really dUTdbeaTfafcn come down here, so here I am not afraid of him. When I was small I was afraid of Yowler the Bobcat.

I dont feel comfortable when he is around now. I really dont have to watch out for him. And whn I get my new! antlers, he wont dare bother me. So you admit that there really isht anybody you are afraid of, yet you are afraid, cried Chatterer the Red Squirrel scornfully. There isnt anybody in the Green Forest that I know of who Is more ready to run at the snap of a twig.

If I were as big as you, I wouldnt run from anyone. I would make them run from me. Scorned Lightfoot All the others gathered around and nodded their heads. They all seemed to agree with Chatterer and Whitefoot. It was plain that they thought Lightfoot the Deer a coward.

They could see no reason why he should be always bo watchful, always so ready to' tun and of course they felt the Sajme way about Mrs. Lightfoot and the Twins. To most of them size governed fear and the smaller folks were the more they had to fear. So it was that they scorned Lightfoot the Deer. 1958 by Thornton W.

Burgeu Who Invented Mathematics? ANSWER: Mathematics began when prehistoric man learned to use his fingers to measure the objects about him how many cattle he owned, how many children he had. This method of counting on 10 fingers was the basis for our decimal system. subtraction and multiplication, but they were dumsy to use, and it remained for the Greeks to become the real founders of mathematics. Two men stand out among the early Greek mathematicians, Euclid and Euclid is often called the. father of geometry.

His textbook on elementary geometry, written more than 2,200 years ago, was used in schools until 1903. Archimedes was the greatest of the Greek mathematicians. He made many important discoveries in astronomy and mechanics as well as pure mathematics. He was almost 2,000 years ahead of his time when he developed some of the basic principles of calculus. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is Archimedes working out a mathematical problem with the aid of a compass.

In the upper left is a prehistoric man counting bright stones. If you do not know how the decimal system works, ask your parents about it PU. IAT me podp tw own am old 1 4 4fc 9 Jk i- i 4 A vt j. rv.

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