The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 3
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 178. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS __ ^ _____ ^ f ™ AfW NEWSPAFEB OP NP^™^ 7 ARKANSAS AND SOriTHIiURT Mroonimr ' ^*^ Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald Blylheyltto Dally News Report German Planes Repulsed; Fishermen Tell Of SeaBattle IKES NOTE IB _JJLYTnByK.I,lJ!, ^ARKANSAS, MONBA^CTOBKR 10, Coos Way Toward Film Fame announced, r ficrnifm Planes wove reported shot down. Gellril "» wav planes, par-* minls- >.iy EUKI. Shtupnel from bursts of''anil- ali'cmft fire fell in. tlio streets of, fcwnbnrgh but there were no cns- \inltles. The day was clear. : I Some of Qraat Britain's most Imuortmit naval bases nnd naval yards arc on tlie Scottish coast. There had been several reported German air thrusts In (he past toward Scotland but none of a .successful or serious nature. The Royal air force'engaged lo- day's raiders and "Inflicted G'crvnans Aiiieiul Claim Of Big U-Boat; 'Triumph BERLIN, Oct. IG. (UP) German supreme command amended an announcement made - The today uaHJes upon them Islry said. Earlier it ..had been the air inln- announced .. that the Rcyal air force had carried out successful nights last night over northern and central Germany despite adverse weather conditions, Believe German 'Warship Sunk BERGEN, Norway, Oct. 1G (UP) — Norwegian fishermen, returning from Vaagsoe island, today reported a battle between airplanes and warships in which (hoy. believed a German warship was sunk. Tlie battle lasted, about t\vo hours, the fishermen said. They said that three ' and believed tacked a single warship— presumably. German. The crew of the % fishing, smack said they were -forced to make a. detoui- around the battle zone in order to- reach laiul. During that tune, they said, they saw the single warship engage ill a running battle ,wlth the superior enemy sea and air forces. Stalin's Answer To Message May Deter ni ine Ger- Next Move ' BERLIN, Oct. 16. (UP)—Adolf' Hitler was reported by usually re- linble sources today (d Imve seiit n communication (o joscf Slalin by courier and to expect nn early answer due' to' affect Gc-rimmy's next .stop fn (lie European wnr. Tiit-re was ho definite Indication of (he contents of the communication but !t WLUS believed tliai thc answer would have an important bearing on future litcp.s to he taken by (ho Nam's. : Sludy 'N'cccssarv' Mra.surfs BERLIN, Oct. 1C. (UP)—G(._ mnny and Russia propose lo start formal consultations today on "necessary measures", to be taken as the result of Ui'ltish and French refusal lo'- slop Ihe war, Nazi quarters -asserted. An uulhoritalive informnnt said — j ,..„„ also that Alexander Shkhnrlzev, tlie Repulse had been torpedoed j Russian ambassador, would return' and badly damaged was ridiculed j'° Berlin Oils week, probably with as German propaganda). |a high Russian official. Oilier Nazis hinted that this official inighl be either Viacheslav Molotov, premier-foreign commissar, or Vladimir Potemkln, vice foreign commissar. No mention was made today of Italy, mentioned last week ns'pros- pective participant in Gcrman-Rus- earlier that Hie same submarine which sunk the British battleship Royal Onk had torpedoed the British battle cruiser Repulse. 'Die -revised communique said Hint the Repulse had been attacked but it eliminated the earlier announcement (hat the 32,000 ton •warship had been badjy damaged and put out of action." <In London the .German announcement made earlier today that -....T .JI..H uj,, t , uiiee ujuuesnips fv .--.,_ , nd several airplanes, wind, they Determined Georgia TustlCP sieved to be British craft, at- W;! , N , , D _ B . T . J ,. , „ - Viwis Strengthen Forces PARIS, Oct. 10. (UP)— Germany is. pouring men and mechanized • : units into the west wall fortification line . onj a 75-mile front be. .twee'n_j.he r Moselle ana • SaaV rivers in preparation, the French believe, for an early offensive it was disclosed : today. . '•• It was estimated unofficially that Germany 7 now had more than 1,000,000 men in the rear positions of the west wall. French artillery spent the entire night shelling the German rear lines in an effifort to dislocate and delay the movements of troops, moving in a gigantic stream 'toward concentration points. • Observers could see the flash of lights on roads far- behind the 'German lines, ami ..the noise of transports could be he.'ird French advance lines. siaii-Ilallan talks on "necessary measures." Nor was there nny word wliclh- Wll M n "T "i. ri el Gei ' ma »y and Russia would Will Not Be Indicted J- lnke "">' "necessary mensiirc.s" or A ' . merely talk about them. Again • Diplomatic .quarters wondered whcteher Ihcre might be n new declaration affirming Nazi-Coin- Agree To Withdrawal Of 90-Day Clause In fiUIR Embargo Repeal Law Richard two of criminal arrivin in the "No Warning" LCNCON, Oct. 16. (UP)— Sur- viyors of the French liners 3ro- lagne and. Louisiane said , today that German submarines attacked their ships without warning and killed or wounded more than 40 persons, including women and children, by shelling them as lifeboats were being lowered. Five members of the crow and Iwo passengers were lost with the Bretagne, and more than 30 per- 10 women were sons includin wounded. The first mate of the Louisiane was killed and six crew members were wounded. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. IB. (UP) — Stocks moved irregularly in a narrow range today .with trading tiie lightest since the European v;ar began". T. T. &'T 161 Anaconda Copper 33 Associated D. G 87-8 AUSTIN, Tex., Oct. 1C. (UP)_ Georgia asks Texas today fc hand over its society murderer so It can compel him lo spend the rest of his ife in prison. Tlie society murderer, Gallogly, represented by Texas' most expensive lawyers, asks Texas to prelect him from .Georgia justice. Attorney General Ellis 'Arnall of Georfeia^ began presenting fhe'state's evidence at :aii extradition- hearing' before Gov. W. tee,' b'pauiel, He undertook to prove that, in'addition to the holdup murder for ihich Gallogly i s serving a llfe-.ier'm, he Is guilty of another slaying and a number of acts of banditry, v . Arnall, here personally because Georgia docs not wisli another. Indictment of Its justice such as that Implied in HID refusal of Gov. A. parry Mtore of New Jersey to'per- inlt the extradition of escape iugl- nmnisl solidarily, n new threat of "peace or else" to induce the Allies to stop fighting, or another "lost." attempt to nnd a pence formula. One Nazi quarter said thnt Germany's present position was AO good from all viewpoints, military, economic and psychological, Uiat there was no need for Germany to lake tlie initiative in nny peace move. , For the . third . dajvlaermrtu newspapers -diijjla'yai ssiiSr,tj6iially ihe sinking pt pie BrTtIs!Y"'batUc- ship Royal Oak' as a severe 'blow to British sea • power. ' : Wnllher ' Punk, minister or cco : nomics .and president of, the Reichsbank, said In a speech opening a trade fair-at-Vienna yesterday lhal Germany's position as regards raw materials would improve each year in any long- war. . -A committee of experts representing heavy industry, including Krupp's munitions works and (he state I'Rilronds, was to leave for Moscow late today by airplane to Meet Hollywood's newest—and .youngest—star. had been 'tcrne'cl down, "Brother Hnl nnd Ihp !3( that third "Brother Marion Perkins Accused I Fatal Fight On As Slrcel Saturday Marlon Perkins, 20-year-old pa •owl .pcnylet from Nowpovl, fan i-elmrne or murder as tho resu of n flsht on Ash slicct which loo plnco aalurday nlternoon A 4 V«iv. old man, who -tllcrt ht' 11 rnythovllln'hn.5)iitiil snturdiiy mid Jlght without regdlnirig coiwclo\is less from a blow, lillpgcdly strut )y Perkins, \yas Identified Into yes crdny iui Sam Auiry, Avorlrt Wn •olcrnn, who hntl been' llvliia- i lumber Nhie. Awslol rni-iy. Sunday incrnln a his fnlher'« ho;ne In Ncw'poi ijcrklns snld lie remembered lijht wllli someoiio but that Ii vns so driinlc he could not rcmcm oer when It slnrtcd or ended,'offi •ej-s snld l;day. Given n JicnrfiiK In munidpn •nun lodny on a murder charn Porkliw WHS held lo elrctitl com nd his bond sot at $2000. He \va etiiriicd to the comity Juil and h jond had net-been made nt noo odny nlthough his father was Ok. itcled to nrrlvo this >. n.flernoo 0 mnke efforts (o arrango bind. The light Is- said .to have cl! nnxed nu argument over a pint o •hlsky vvhlcli Perkliu'allegedly'nc used Aulry cf sleallnsf, otflcei vcro told'that tho tight started I 1 whisky establishment but cndc After n other babies [l 1 '">>>V'°f Hw Ametlctth cafe wll H-monlh-old prler n. Good landed Job In iby." He ha.* made such a hit In tho studio co'riscious' Rat" story is being, written for .him. North. Little Rock's Big Event Gets Undeiwajy Today ^ LITTLE ROCK, Oct. -16. (UP) — Thousands of visilors Ihronged Little R.-ck today for 'opening'dny of thc 1833 Arkansas Livestock Show. .. iicrete walk, Perkins Is said lo have Ulsar peared nnd officers toolc Aulry I the county jail but ho wns rcmivc to the Blythevllle! hospllai wllhl a short, time. Ofllceis notified Ihc sheriff ii Ncwporl who look Perkins 'nil custody, it is snld thul. ho lef Blythevillo al 6 p.m. Saturday an drove to his father's house \vhcr he was In bed when nrresled..'.. remains wero viewed o • he- we IT"" Identified by relatives. Lack of j» nave pers In his clolhcg had made Iden , tlncntlon dllflcult.'' • ' , .-: I Funfrtir.servlecs;, wcro, lie!((- aflcniDon nt the Cobb' '" ' TV I i o MI \v, i '"inys remains wero v Discharged oawmill WOl'k- J 1 , 020 "^, ^ f , Persons before kei- Alleged To , v Sriot Landowner W -- ,._ . , i"n-4iJi^vii (i if HJV '- tJUU(J'-"J ._M. Wilght, 38-year-old farm- Homo with tfio Rev P M r;.ot near Gosncll .was shot late pastor cf the Lake.Street ' „ cllst church, ofllc!ntlng,iaiid\burla niade at Mnple Orove conieiery. in But GaUogly- is not aHeging that' KS£taT"Tran^port '"fSle" to contiiMnPni? 11?^ " l fr" >T '" ! mflke Russifl " raw "Wterlate more confinement as did Burns. He was i readily available never on tlie chain gang/Called by j •— s:me of Georgia's authorities the state's "most pampered" prisoner, he found the conditions of his con- IGR[ESID TRUST finement such that lie wooed, mid married bis pretty .vj:ung life while in state prison. He has spent the last war in a private hospital in Atlanta. ' j Gnllogly's claim is that lie is not' guilty of Ihe crime for which he' n was convicted and thnt he is kept OUpreine Court In prison because Georgia cfficlals are afraid lo give him justice, believing llieir constituents would think they had been Influenced by the wealth and prominence of his family. E Review Decisions, Also Labor Board Case WASHINGTON, Oct. 1C <UP)Gallogly was n student in Ogle- The .supreme court today agreed lo tharne University in 1928. He and consi ' Ie '' 'w> inajor anti-tnist cas- autther student, seeking a "thrill," *•' Bn<! to review a U. S. circuit embarked on a career of banditry collr ' decision holding thnt a labor During a hold-up, his companion " nlou ma 5' not 80 directly lo the shot and killed Ihe victim. Gallogly tcdc ral courts to obtain enforce- claims lie pleaded guilty and ac- ment ot a National Labor Rela- cepled a life sentence because au- tlons Boai 'd order. thorilies had promised him that Tne sl 'P r emc court's action In he w;uld be out in three r ear tencc was commuted late imprisonment. Bethlehem Steel Boeing Air 26 l-_ Chrysler 89 3-i Cities Servian. G General Electric 40 ] -g General Motors 53 7-8 Intei national Harvester ... 65 3-8 Montgomery Ward 541-8 N. Y." Central 203-4. Packard 3 7-8 i to "Texas justice." Phillips Petroleum 45 1-2) Georgia also seeks I? 5 a . dl0 , 5 7-8 Mrs. Gallogly who Ls accused of Schenley Dist 12 3-4 abetting her husband's escape. She lne antl-tnist cases Involved Ihe _ 2 lo save his friend from tlie death oil c °nspiracy case that was tried penalty. The friend's dealli sen- at Madison, Wis., in which 12 to life ma J° r oil companies arid five of i their officers were- convicted on Gallogly escaped with his w if fi charges of violating the Sherman Oct. 6 while being transferred acl nnU Uic chic!l so milk ease in back to prison from the Vsoilal ch n tcdcial district court clls- „„,. 1—, ,.. _ .. - missed criminal Indictments-In the government's case against the Clil- jcago milk industry. He )ind : becn'making his liom „ , . ,, , ;-.,.,,.--.-place but had,lived in Hie Number Nln stafr^n -r 06 °^ ille - Mtal| ' rl ™>™unity.for a number of ybto Counted cowboys and horsemen Kefthand,ts'IhfS"' ,?-'^ ar^'te^T T '«'" 5t?.??3s«ttfc srt -*s*jsS3z£ tcrs, Mrs.: Nolen, Mrs. Jahc Tifbl: nnnd, Mrs. Victory Huyes 01 B'os Point,, and Mrs. Mollle .Weatherl Wright also made his home. .1m, .no Perkins was paroled recently frcn was serious lire Arkansas ixmltentlnry where h Newspaper edlkrs were luncheon guests of Bnrlon at nooli Main events scheduled for this ; when Pcctoh thre'alened hinV'Tio afternoon were the opening per- one-believed Peelon mm " no formancc cf the T: E. Robertson's ' a .'. on S. wlth lOrmailCC CI the T- R Rnliort<:n>,'<: \uhl-n 1,0 lr,l,l TI; i , ; , , •"r.unaun ijviiiwiiimry wncre n sToiTss tiSrS 3 ! JW.^.^BSr^sss; ^-^ n ieira tof ^ inr horses, hogs nnd poullry. lion of n record list n livestock of he had left his gun'Md' when' he Lep; Is Caught Between Car, Truck And Crushed ^ I — and fled Oct. IG (UP)— npproached the Iwo men, Wright' lake refuge behind a tree.. 'Streamliner* Is To j Peeton IS said lo have fired directly olrealnnller Js *° | at Wffghl when he turned lo doilge MANILA dropped through the words and Pull Train Tomorrow Those of lis who remember the "food old dny.s" when ninniLin, ATK., Ocl IB (UP)— IiiiM ,,nf 1 „„ , . , .. !>U"U «IU unj.S WIICI1 CVeryOlK Riding on the bed of a ruck with tcrnZ n ifh n T M? 6d ' llS , ftr * gatllcl ' ctl nl tile de > Kl lo watcl M, i™. rf«,,»n:._ .... . . icrnoon although Missouri state iho r»n>in« ..,irr i., ..,!.,. ,„„ - ,i«i his legs daiigllii Jess Gulp, the sitle nnllrrT ,,,»»„ i ii "."~""" Bul "- me engine puff In may see a sm- A k '° ,1, V , C 'f^ 1 "?, " ll ! e •l carcl1 - ""' »«8b. W«tay nftanoon at Iho Jess Gulp, 54 C f BrlEhinn Art- ir i « ii "-"""'B '" uie scarcn, lar sight Tuesi du-eclons passed on a Highway No. mill owned by Mr Ha" 18 bridge at Roselnml Snmlxv iir w r ^...ui..J ^ ,^ a . 'Idge night. R. L. at Roselnnd Sunday Martin of Brighton was because cf :lnvcr of (he truck and W.L. Page, Peeton Is ing operated on the Wright farm, his inefficient work. said nost scra|icd. ns they passed and said. • ' and surrendered in Dallas he had come to Texas to Simmons 23 S:cony' Vacuum 14 Standard Oil N. J 47 5.5 Texas Corp. 461-2 U. S. Smelt 64 3-4 U. S. Steel 15 1-2 Livestock IG. EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill.,.Oct (UP)—Hogs: 13,700 Topp. 7.25 110-230 Ibs., 7.05-7.15 140-160 Ibs.," 6.25-6.85 Bulk sows, 5.85-6.655 Cattle; 6,7ft) Steers, 8.50-9.75 Slaughter steers, 6.25-1100 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7 50-9 75 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-11.00 Beef KVS, 5.00-6.00 cutters and low cutters, 3.75.475 is at liberty on band. York Cntt<> Oct. Former Resident Of BiytHeville Dies' Dcc ' I Jan. William Hugh Wilson nrn.i., .«' Mar. the Citizens ain Co., oi i NEW YORK, Oct. IG. (UP> Cotton closed steady. .open high low closd 317 812 843 821 920 889 874 810 851 832 low 912 88V 812 860 842 822 » , ' ' th . e 8 un wife of Ihe truck with him had Hargctt refused,(o talk until he laid the RUN driver, said Gulp apparently was aside. It Is satd 87311 Gulp was given first aid treatment at the office of a local phy- and then removed lo a Para- hospltnl in a ioca) nm- bulnnce. 850 831 • *-»**; iiJSlll HIlCc company here, died at the M™> phis Methodist hospital afternoon. He was 36 . When here, Mr. Wilson, handled farm loans for the Sunday Spots closed nominal at 921, up 5 CJjiicaffu Wheat Orleans Cotton .NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 16. (UP>- 'Prank' Fines For Two Youths Four men accused of playing a prank Saturday night resulted In two being fined on charges of malicious mischief In municipal cou: The 3:35 south bound train ('St Louis lo Memphis) is lo be pulled by a stream-lined engine—the newest type In use today. Those who care to view 'the modern engine arc Invited to do so, according to officials of tne Frisco rnllrond. who arc using tho engine on n series of runs for publicity. While the light-colored englaa will be strangely different from the black, sleek looking "iroil lion" which thrilled you many years ago ns It cnme steaming up, only to quietly puff away while you gazed in awe nl Its Intricate parts. The engineers will be glad to answer questions, it 'was announced today. Tilt? will be the only lime this engine come through BryUi'c- ville but it is believed that similar types will be used on all trains within a short time. Negroes Prosecuted After Fatal Shooting STEELE, Mo., Oct. ,16.— Ernest Mosby, negro, nnd his wife Ruth Georgia Police Seek Thief To Save His Life MACON, Qn., Oct. 1(1 <UP>_ Polity (Bought n thief iml«y. not only to punlbh him for robbciy but also to save lilt life, Tho thief bioke into a supply room of Iho Muron hospllnl over Ihc weekend, nccordbiK lo Manager Jack Hauls, and stole eli-ln, ]>l8« Into Ihu veins of which germs had been Injected, and n rabbit,. _ ' Tho niilnmli were used In on u sli'ici c-nsli atol eftn-y basis. ~~* PMImail Intioduced tiTo amend* >«,«« nftfr widcsmcad critici'in )"\d npj)eai«) in the senate against, (i c!a|itt ^Itleli would have allowed p(M«y coimni>ictiU credits to wmililg nations.' ''jlltlfUi'ii (iCilon, expected to fn- cwnfp .yimiort for prompt pnwr- of Ilia bill, came us senator n, Woitli olntk (Oem, rda),- opponent of wins omburgo reppal, do- lliwwt n flnshliiK senate nttwk fm Girnt Dillnln ' "Tiie trail of the mflish empire is built on Iwp things," tald Cbrk, "blood and Irwchciy. The British woi'd ntu( the UrtlWi honor arc Harris fcavcd the guinea pigs might transmit lubeicnloMs, syphilis, or dlphlheila to handled Hum. who Tells . Three-Judge Cowl •Byrne"; Hampered Jury's Investigations NEW ORLEANsToct. 10 <tj'p)_ Sldtiey. DcAunns, oho of two Oi- 'cnns parish Brand jmors dlsmisi- cd niter n court, loom fuioic last week, Icstlncd nl n imfillo hearlnu lodny [Imt Dish let Mlouicy Charles A. Byrne had prevented nn investigation into New oilcniis gambling.-.' . , woi-lli no more tlian that of orio A. Hlllcr," Mfniwlille a da/en members of tho IsolatjouLsl bloo met in the office of SfjiBto]- Hiram W Johnton (Key, Calif.), said killed ad- inlnWratloii lioyc* to end eencial debato on tho bill Hits week. The isolationists ngrced that Ihcy had Miffletait s|)cnkei-3 on their soiied- tilc to cany tlio light over to ne<vt week «l lettst. In deciding to tiuow the 00-day ciedlt clause overboaul Plltman pointed out that n 90-day tcctiou wns wUtteu Juto tlie pioposcd bill by (lie home of icpiescntatlvcs at the last session of congiess but that ho had no dcshe to iclnln it If It war, Roliis to cause confusion, Senator if. Stsles piidgcs (Rsji, N. if.), offered an amendment wlicii Ihc senate convened lo place a preamble in the bill expressing the Lounlrys deleimlnnUon to ic- main out of wnr. County Convict Has Expensive 'Visit' Taylor, , negio pi boner on llic Mississippi County penal fnun, couldn't resist laklng a ilde Sim- dav morning and tho result was lie BCl another 30 dnys'laoked on lo his sentence and a fine of $25. in municipal not - M eollrt Expected! also lo testify (hh nfl- ci'hbcn was Edgnr II, Powell, another. 'grand Jinor who was «r-. rested .with "DC Ariuiti, nrtei both liad allemplcd lo lend their petition. ..-••• Says Aid Promised Destitute Farmers Congressmen Ask CCC To Fix Figure Pending Negotiations WASHINGTON, Oct. 1C. (UP)— 'otton stales'" congressmen, led by lepreEenlalive Steven Pace (Dem., Ga.) t kday asked the Commodity Credit Corporation to fix 15 cents month n bale ns the c:lton stor- je rnte pentllng negotiations with isurnnce compnnlo: to reduce tu- urance charge.^ The Commodity Credit Corpora- en had reduced tlie rate effective omdrrooiv from 18 to I2!i cents s Ihe result of offers by port find ermbial wnrehcusenicn to store ollon.. at'reduced rates. The result.of the proposed re- uction, however, brought protests r-'m 'inland warehousemen who atd that with insurance rates al to 10 cents they would be scoring otton al a loss. Arkansas Farm Youths Are Awarded Degrees KANSAS CITY, Oct. 18. tUP) — ive young Future Farmers of Aransas today were awarded the American farmer" degree by dele- ales to the annual convention ere. Tiic five- were Neville Danleld of WASHINGTON, Oct. 1C. (.UP) — SeniUci Theodore O. Bllho (Dem, Ml<s) declared today Uiut Pfesl- ilcnl RooSovclt lias piomkcd fed- eial old to dcsltlule farmers In 21 slates, including Arkansas, which, have suffeled diouth mid flo damage. Senalors leprcsenlluj the 'stricken states estimate Hint -al $50.000.000 will be necessary ,ffl relief. Bilbo estimated Dial Miss alone would icqiihe n relief fmi of aboul $2,000000. The nsilstance, he snld, be extended ihrolish the Surplu Comm-dlty Corpoiatlon. the wi*A nnd Hie Farm Securllj Admtlstrn- llon. Maury Maverick Is Indicted By Jury SAN ANTONIO, Tex,; Oct. 1C. (UP)—Mayor Maury Maverick, former congressman, was indicted ti- dny by a county grand jury on five felony counts and 10 misdemeanor charges. Maverick quickly arranged bond of $1,000 each on the fckny counts nnd $500 each on the misdemeanor charges. He said the action was a "political smire." ' The felony bills charged unlaw.- ful advance of funds to pay ptii taxes. 500 Winers Strike At Iron Company Ore Mine , BIRMINGHAM,-Ala...- Oct. 10. (OP)—Approximately 500 miners of Ihe Woodward Iron Company vent on slrike today, typing up the com- amden, Billy Bryan cf Forrest l )a "y's fly ore mine. ily, J. B. Ferguson of Booneviile. oy T. Hayden of Green Forrest nd Paul Dalrymple of Yyman. Tlie five were among 18 ycullis waived preliminary t, __ -i. .i ^_ .^ lo receive degrees from «uLi, cr 207 ' 00fl ™ nl « students of voca- beforc'l (lonal agrlcullure. Each must have - — -.• i east in high school cotton traders continued to wn oh today andIhe o her'two £|,g re Mn 8 istra *° H. BtltenUne todny on.™. *•" « tewt In high school .he neutrality debate In corrC »«wd. ™" 8 ™ fcf 6 °<."K!? 1 !^.» ^mblhig f. ; -' ^^u »r f , ,'ork am have who - Dec, open him. Mr. Wilson He wa; high 84 3-4 low 82 1-2 82 and thc war In Europe today and 'close futures closed steady, up one to Chicaf/H Con 84 1-8 five points. 83 1-4 iOct. 1 Dec. 49 1-2 52 3-8 49 3-4 low 51 5-8 491-4 close 52 1-4 49 5-8 May JlllV open 930- 883 873' 855 833 high 930 89S 883 879 860 837 low ,closO '" D23 SS3 Spots closed steady.. 820 894 881 871 854 833 873!) James Henry Harwell, whose, home Is In Sheffield, Ala., but .who is working near Liberty, and Em- inett Williams of Haytf, were lined five dollars each. They are said lo have taken a Key to -a nlcklcodeon in, a local beer parlor and to have left the building after turning the volume control of the music box lo its j house nnd selling liquor without a ' license. The man Is charged with operating the house, while the negro woman is charged .with selling' liquor on three counts. They were beer place that amounl invested In a ixsnim- nent farming enterprise. Auto'Wreck Injuries The strike resulted from disagreed ment over Ihe contract system of mining now In effect at the company's ore mine. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warmsr In soiith. colder in northwest pw- tton lonrjht; ^ Tuesday partly- cloudy and colder. Memphis and \lcinltyr-Falr and i warmer tonight, Tuesday paitly Will jured in Are Fatal To Negro J cloudy. The msWmum temperain're here well ^ v '" rls ' OII1<:lil »«*« t««pert!Ute

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