The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 6
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Billiard Boys Win 12 Inning Game; Ark • Mo Loses to Haynes Commercial Tram Robinson Terry Haynes ., Hughes .. Pastime . Afk-Mo .. East Ark. Liberty .. W. I-. Ptl. 3 3 3 3 2 5 I C 0 C 0 1.000 .667 .500 .500 .143 .000 In the longest over-time game of the Commercial soft ball league race the Pastime Billiard Parlor defeated the East Arkansas Builders Supply 4 to 3 at Huley Field last night. In the other half of the bill Haynes' Men's Shop, third, running team, trimmed Arkansas- Missouri Power company, 8 to 3. Pastime and Builders fought It out over the regulation strelch without either gaining an advantage. Pastime had several. members of the championship Robinson Drug team In its line-up because of an inadequate supply of It's own players but still found the going P. G. A, Tournament Next for This Trio TIGERS IE is DUEL OF THE DECADE • AJ>- TWgSSWii FRIDAY. JULY 20, 1934 By Krerz A llirec colfen abore will tttrnrt a lot of attention wlinn ttu Professional Oolfera- A»soc!»t1nn !<>iiriiani«iH opens at Diifralo. July 24. Tliey flnli/.or) In a tic In ihe recant jr.OOO St Ptul Onr-i Jnlinny n»volt«, loft, of Milwaukee, wlni-hig lilt playoff with Ky l.affoon, center *f D»r«- aria Harry Cnnjpr. rlghl.'o! Chicago. By Barry Grayson Series Sturler DETROIT. July 20. — How Joe cronln hales to give up. Practic- al triple later. Sensational fielding of Wilson, Builders shortstop, helped cut off more than one Pastime threat before the Blllard aggregation finally tobkc through. Warrington went the full route for Pastime and Holland for the Builders. Warrlneton gnre the Builders but six hits over thc 12 innings. Holland allowed twice ns many but was stingy when hits meant runs. Several runs were cut off at the plnte during the game. • Applebaum's work at short stop was the standout performance of the game. He cavorted nil over the infield and short outfield to make catches and stops. "Wimpy" Bums was the winning pitcher and Smotherman the loser. The box scores follow: First dame H«>nes Ab K H K Blackwcll, If 4110 C. Brogdon, ss 4111 Isaacs, 2b '4020 Crockett, 3b 4011 Medlin, if 4111 Applebaum, ss 4120 Carter, cf 4120 Z. Blackwell. Ib 4221 Boone, c 4010 Burns, p 3111 '. .Totals Ark-Mo Fisher, ss Taylor. 2b Kettinger, 3I>- Boyett, cf Marshall. Ib Webb, ss Allen, If Pride, c Smotherman, p •Logan, rf 42 8 14 Ab R II G 3 0 3 0 3 0 2 0 3 3 betli out or affected by Injuries or illness since the American .eague outfits squared olf in April. Their sick bay report reads like a running account of u revolution. One would have believed that the :limax was readied when Johnny Stone, the outfielder who came from Detroit in exchange for Golden Goose Goslln last winter, was carried from the Held In Clevc- nnd tile other day with torn llgn- ments and "n severely sprained an- le. One rather expected Cronln to tie a white handkerchief to a bat and wave it from the dugout, but :herc's no quit In the manager of last year's champions. 1 couldn't name n ball player more proud of his profession, position, and himself than Joe Cronin. "It will be a shame if \ve fall to repeat," asserted the Washington pilot, "for we're the best club. "As Connie Mack points out, u pennant winner Is not a great Chicago Cubs Take Phillies; Dizzy Dean Chalks Up 17th | Victory The Detroit Timers were Idle yesterday and the New York Yankees won and gained on the American leaders. Tlie New York Giants, National leaders, blanked tlie Cin- ( elnnati - Reds. i The Yankees won over the Chicago White Sox, 4 to a, with , Chapman's double in tlie eighth driving aeroes thc .tying and winning runs. Murphy was the winning pitcher. Gasto was the loser. The Cleveland Indians scored fire runs In the ninth inning to defeat the Boston Red Sox 6 to 5 at Cleveland. Ostemueller, who had the game all but won. was chased from the mound in the uprising led by Earl Averlll's single with the bases full. Lloyd Brown was the winning pitcher. • The fast moving . St. Louis Brawns scored their filth siralgln, triumph yesterday "with Ihe Wash- liiBlon Senators as their victims. The score was 8 to 1. Eight pitchers were used In the contest. Cllft. St. Louis third sacker, hit two homers. McAfee wos the winning pitcher. Schumacher won his ninth slraiyht Biune ns tlie Giants trimmed the Cincinnati Reds. The score was 4 to o. Tlie Reds got. 12 hits ed "Old Timer" here" with some biu couM "'<- b u»c)i them for runs.! affection If it wasn't that his | Dc «' i "gc>' wus the losing mounds-' slock In trade Is to make fans I "'""• dislike him. takes on a newcomer! T ' ; e Chicago Cubs defeated the In the feature match on Monday | '"iHutlclphln Phillies 2 to 1 at night's mat card here, On the Philadelphia. The Cubs won when Mickey Coc.irane Is so positive that the Detroit Tigers will ivin 'Enemy'.of Mat Fans Meets John Marr; Sullivan Attempts Comeback Roy Welch, who might be called "Oil 1 — - iffcctloi ilock I: llslikc .n the night's .... _ _ other side of the bill Rough House Sullivan, the Tennessee country boy with the big voice meets an *ti«v njt jjvuuiv i igurj) \vui uin wu J "'m nit uig vuice meets an the American League championship unknown In the person of one Jim: lllftt hP nlrAllrlv hoc Manin.l Mr! Miller I .. Malone and Wurneke won a hurl ing duet from E. Moore and Han- scn. 'Hie Phils were held to lour Ihal he already has named his; Miller. : hits. o ASO/ BOTH BROKE THE MILE LWEt-OCK E06IN& OUT BOMTt«CW TO T H£ MARK To 4:07.fc... TME TTGER OlER'S liME WAS 4-.OB.7 iTHE* A6AIN TO HOOK UP IN Trie ^EBT M LONDON JULY 21, AMD SLEWN CLrv'MlN&HAM'S WORE RKgm \»JORup R£CORJ> OF4.'Ok.7 IS /M PANGEK.... It wilt be Lynwood (Schoolboy) Howe, above, (he huge 22-year-old Arkansan who struck out 11 Yankees and came back three days later to fan six In six sessions. Rowe has accounted for 11 victories this'season, Tlie Brooklyn Dodgers walloped i ing hurler. Redfem led the Chick o -J A L n 1 J • attack with four hits. Bridge Arch racked in Tlie Nashville Volunteers los 1 EH) tons were used In one day." 1 It is n well establish'*:! fact that — _..^.. UJ ..nj iiujuiu nu | . jut unmiiivj] LAKlgers Walloped I **'^ i»*.*...iiic »uiuint\jio 1113^ tt starling pitcher In the world series. I Welch rates as just about ttielilic Pittsburgh Pirates 4 to 2 nil 2 to ° decision lo the Chattanooga. said Whltehlll to Cronln, when the lost shot, had been fired. "You saw for yourself, didn't you? It s that old ball. I'm all right >rcimiuiv Dinner 15 not, u great , l( .. ,, ™, — ••&•• team unless it duplicates the per- ""? J'; hT1 £ " ew ° M u lo ° slick - formunce, and It would be a pity L ^ C , tarl ° f Wnltehl)1 h(1OT '' fnr ii™ wnchinoirm ,!„>, .„ H™. 11Qd Bn y too miwh luck Rettlne 1 0 I 2 0 000 Totals I'arttme. Barnes, lf-3b Blackanl. ss Browning, c GloverAlp i A. Beyills', cf Wcbb.|3b ' Marshall, 3b Bunch, ss Moore. 2b Potter, rf Warrington, p Totals Builders Mosley", U Kramer, 2b Puckett. Ib Lindsey, 3b Wiggins, rf Cresap. rf Wilson, ss - Gilbert, cf Keohter, cf Friend, c Holland, p Tipton, ss Totals - Second Cam* 30 3 6 9 Ab R II E 6030 6031 5 1 6 0 6 1 2 0 4 0 6 0 6 0 0 0 2 3 1 0 1 1 1 I 1 0 1 4 2 .2 0 5 0 1.10 56 4 12 Ab R II F. 6 1 2 5 1 1 5 0 0 4 1 0 200 201 600 1 0 0 300 400 502 S 0 0 48 3"6 for the Washington club to bow out this fall with that indictment." One-iiil flame Hobbles Whltehtll With all their hard luck, Cronin believes the Senators would now be out, In front had Alvin Crow- tier and Earl Whitehill stood up. During -the-early-par.t_of_the season; Crowder spent more llme~o.r a hospital than ut, Griffith' Stadium, as Mrs. Crowder underwent a series of operations. Paradoxically, wliitehilVs Ineffectiveness is atlributetl to a one- tiit iierformance, Whitehill had been complaining' about thc ball days before he took Ihe mound against thc Yankees In New York, and made Memorial nay memorable. The only difference between the American League sphere of 1933 and 1934 Is the color of the stitches, but no one could tell Pedro that, and what happened on Decoration Day convinced him that he was right and he world cockeyed. The Yankee management was using up balls left over from Inst fall, and Whitehill, suspicious, of nil balls, noticed the difference in the color of the scatjis i'witli his first pitch in warming! up. Who Wouldn't Be Convinced? ' Whitehill was masterful thai day -Ilirttng with tlie hull of fame right up to the final round. There was one out in the ninth before the other side out since, despite thc fact that, the gloss again U being removed from American —., .»«,KJ u.j juji, uLruui LIU i i"i rjLi-ouurgn ri mips 4 to 2. nl most heartily disliked of the mat- j New York. With tsvo out in the men performing here. The so-call- ninth Trey, shortstop, hit a hom°r ed "Canadian Wildcat" has man-. Hint scored Boyle ahead of him aged to topple over most of the land won for the Dodgers wrestlers showing here with tac-' ties that bring plenty of Bronx cheers and so of course continues to be a first, rate attraction in the Dizzy Dean chalked up his ITih Lookouts at Chattanooga. Pettit „,„ was the winning pitcher and Brill- ST - OUU1S. Mo. tUPl-Posslbly heart the loser. Pettit held the Vols tlle sU ' lu 'St' s t use to which ice ever to three hits. Onlv 28 batters fac- , " „ ~ . u is n wen establish-*:! fact that ICC 10 LaUSe Contraction! hfai expands, cold contracts, steel. w ? s P ut was here recently ack ,,?n M , Xt tlme ' John opponcnt - ta " ol "* mc arrivcii in lhe known here. Sullivan rates with Emil Pirpo as a kicker when it conies to protesting decisions. Sullivan Is trying to stage something of n comeback. He lost some prestige it dirt. iciiiuvtMi irom American i~ *. »-.>.~>.e,*. ,». balls by rubbing them In I,™ al Capc otrtt "K*"- Mike B mem in Meroneyi wno promotes malf]ies Me.nwh.-e. cromn confesses _.. ., ^ column," the shortstop Isn't swatting the onion as he should. "I wouldn't care about the shut eye and groceries," smiled young Joe. "If I only could" hit." in fans trying to make up their minds whether to stay or leave Mike came to '•>> I'omcr in the nintl clinched ed him. The Atlanta Crackers were on : when the (iOth Anniversary of the famous Eads Bridge, across Die iuc nuuina Xjiiicrkcio WLit Ull ,• - , the wrong end as the Knoxville Ml »sisslppi. was observed. Smokies'won 3 to 2 'at Knoxville.' A speaker lelated how the last Heusser was tlie winning pitcher £leel section of thc arch would end-Schmidt the loser. The Crack- nai close—b3iug too long despite ers were held to five hits. Clint- tlle most careful engineering ral- ham .of the Crax hit for four bas- Thc Independent store did . . . .. culations in advance "The weather was warmer than had been expected, and ths stei! in place was longer than U should be," he said. "To reduce this .-.~." r ^... u v.,,t -Jtwit ulu rv/; L.I:, I lv aulll. lu llrullcc lilt per cent of the total retail bus-i length, "they actually packed ti (ness of this-:country in 1929. Tibs of the arch in'ic2. As'miich 1 a n roney relieved in YOU'RE in TELLING ME Until July 2, when El Goofy ioinez blanked (Hem, thc Red Sox hadn't been whitewashed in IS games. . . . T. O. M. Sopwith's Endeavor Isn't held any too highs' by his countrymen. . . . The English arc wagering 3 to 1 that ( won't win the America's Cup. . - . Bill Urbanskl, Braves' shortstop, is playing an Improved brand, of ball . . . probably because of :hrowing Sullivan In one minute, said to be even a faster fall than he gained over John Elliott of their rescue. Methe situation by Rocks Best .Barons Mound Duel; Touchstone Shuts Out Pels The Liltle Rock Travelers tented the Birmingham de— 0 —...,.,. .J.L.I uuLJn ijiiivm, ui *<-i*iv;u iuc n i ["mi ngnum Uflrons 2 Slythcvllle some time ago. So Sill- I to 1 in a mound duel yesterday livan, as you can readily see. Is!Clarence WilJoughby, Traveler vet- out to gel back his "rep." jeran, was the winning pitcher and Welch and Marr meet over the. Carlos Moore tlie loser Willoughby 90-mlnute or less, two out of three kept six hits well scaicred. Moore gave up but five. The league leading Memphis i Chicks defeated the New-Orleans I Pelicans 4 lo 0. Clay Touchstone was ll-e piichcr administering the whitewash. Johnson was Ihe los- falls limit, and Sullivan nnd Miller over the two out of three fulls 60 minute time limit. Cinch Bags Invade Ohio WOOSTER, (UP) — Chinch bug Infestation In Ohio Is the worst ever, according to J. s. Houser. state agricultural experiment station entomologist here, who warned farmers that the i>est was now flint $1000 raise. ... The word j n]ov mg from wheat, fields into I* out on Clarkson, a Univcrslly ;co rll and ral , 5t . ,,<, ,, aUod by of Minnesota sophomore gridder.sote barriers who-passes and kicks equally well j- fiom the right or left side. Big Tenners closely. . . EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. By Rontce Wakefleld tel.lng you will watch the kid The last time the won the L was In 1909 . the world Built X-Ray Machine From Spare Part LIN1COLN. Neb. (UP)-An X-' ray machine, constmcted entirely from spare parts lying unused about the laboratory of the physics department of the University of .Nebraska, now Is on display in the laboratory. It probably-Is the only one of Its kind in the United States The eomptetc apparatus, which enables the student to study various forms and structures of the crystal formations of known and unknown . materials, was constructed at a co«t below one-third of that of »me of the layouts of the larger nnlrerslties of the country, accord- 1 !2L to Prof - R - °- Spencer, of the department, who designed It. Enjoy this.. GETAWAY v . . . , FDfllf TUIC Vlcatu>n or "«K-end pltisintly \ ; / I nlo/ lnd * W cost ' at lllt Co »''s most \\JA ^popular liotel—Tht White Hou*, - '^^ C wlicce cool, silt breezes blow and p every outdoor sport u avvilalilc. 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JACK HUEY MKRY BOLANP NEIL HAMILTON PRTRICH ELLIS Paramount News Technicolor Short— "Morocco Nights" Special N'ewsreel of Sun Francisco strike from its he- i ( 0 the climax. f

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