The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey on June 7, 1965 · 26
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The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey · 26

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1965
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Y 26 Thf Morning dull. Monday, June 7,'' 1965 N Today 's Television Guide MORNING i OIMINI IV MCOVIRV If tha saact flWit want acconlln tchadula, astronauts James A, Mc. pivift and Edward H. Whit wilt touch down (bout 11 'A.M. today of Grand Turk Island In Hit Bahamas. I A. B. C, (7,) C. B.Y (11 and N. B C (4) will rtporf tna racavarv optrallon innin at acwroKimattiy a.m., contlnuina IKroush Iht afttrnoon. I:N A. M. 4 IOUCATION fXCHANOIt Consultation "Rhfumatlc Ftver" (color) t:M A. M. 1 NIWS S:M A. M. I SUMMER tIMESTERi "How tha Court Protects Frwdom" 4 CRUSADER RABBIT: Cartoon I PROJECT KNOW: "Tha Evolution ol U. S. Polices Toward Latin Amr lea" T:N A. M. I NEWS AND WEATHER 4 TODAY: Composer, Cv Colfman, Ivrl. cist Dorothy Fields, and Lee Allen, co-author ol "Kings ol tha Diamond" are among guests ? CARTOONS: Children :N A. M. I SURVEY OP THE ARTS: "A Social-Historical View of Brazil's Buildings" I:M A. M. I CAPTAIN KANGAROO 1 SANDY BECKER: Children II OPERATION ALPHABET II I: IS A. M. I CARTOONS: Children :M A. M. 5 ROMPER ROOM: Children II CARTOONS: Children 1:44 A. M. 11 KUKLA AND OLLIE: Puppets 4:S4 A. M. II CARTOONS: Children :04 A. M. I LOVE THAT BOB); Rah and Paul I Fonda try to rekindle wartime romance with Italian girl 4 BIRTHDAY HOUSE: Children 7 GALE STORM: "Bonnie Lassie"; Susanna Introduces Scotsmen from rival clans 11 JACK LA LANNE: Exercise :1S A. M. 1 J NEWS: Bill Owen t:N A. M. 1 GALE STORM: Comedy 1 JACK BENNY: Violin teacher returns to tee it frugal tiddler's technique has improved (R) I TOPPER: "Topper Goes to Washing, ton" I LONE RANGER: "Cannonball" stagecoach driver Is thought to be man ' II RACKET SOUAO: "The System"; con man sets horse player to have confidence in svste m :W A. M. 4 NEWS: Bob Wilson 14:44 A. M. t NEWS: Roger Mudd 4 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES: Game (color) 5 PILM: "Battle of Broadway" (II3) Victor McLaglen, Brian Don lew t PILM: "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (1935) Claude Rains, David Manners II CODE THREE: "Sunset Strip"; Richard Travis 14:14 A. M. 1 I LOVE LUCY: Lucy. Ricky, Fred and Ethel loin Little Ricky's kindergarten class play (R) 4 WHAT'S THIS SONG?: Actor Ross Martin and singer Barbara McNalr are panelists (color) II STAR THEATER: "The Checkered Flag"; Vie Morrow Today's T.V. 7:30-8:30 P.M. (7) Voyage "The Ghost Of Moby credit for integrity. Melville's classic and admits it. In this one a scientist, Edward Binns, is after the biggest whale in history, ostensibly for scientific purposes, but actually to revenge himself against the brute for killing his son and maiming him. There are some good special effects in this one, including the shock of a whale ramming a submarine and an undersea battle pitting man against whale. June Lockbart, who can't seem to get away from wild life, guests as the scientist's wife. 8:00-9:00 P.M. (4) The Man From U. N. C. L. E. "The Deadly Decoy Affair". (Rerun). This one is pure chase and pure nonsense. Even though you'll be able to guess at certain obvious elements in the plot, you won't really be sure. Solo and Illya have to deliver a Thrush agent to Washington and, naturally, Thrush isn't about to let them. Even a decoy doesnt ease the situation. Joanna Moore is around to complicate the delivery delightfully and Ralph Taeger plays the prisoner. 8:30-9:00 P.M. (2) Andy Griffith Show "The Pageant". (Rerun). If you find amateur theatricals amusing, you should have a ball tonight as Mayberry prepares for its centennial celebration with a pageant. Andy's in it, so's Don Knotts and, if that isn't enough, Aunt Bee takes over the leading role on short notice, making her triumphant return to acting, her first time on stage since the 20's. Everyone else is dreadful, but compared to Bee, they're junior Lunts. It's Frances Bavier's show. 8:30-9:00 P.M. (7) No Time For Sergeants "How Now, Brown Cow". (Rerun). Funny show, dominated by a nervous cow. When Will brings her on the base to meet the planes, their noise scares her out of her milk. Then she hides in the shower, scaring Sergeant King, shares a date with Captain Martin and goes maybe one step too far when she starts getting affectionate toward the officer. 9:00-9:30 P.M. (2) The Lucy Show. (Rerun). A lot of laughs. Back again is Lucy's crush, sports-crazy Bill King (Keith Andes). This time, Lucy's eager attempt to prove she's as sports-minded as he is finds her going through a duck-hunting date, tennis, bowling and golf till she's ready to fall apart. In desperation. Lucy suggests skiing, knowing there's no snow around. But she's in for a surprise. 9:00-9:30 P.M. (7) Wendy And Me "Wendy's Instant Intellect". (Rerun). Wendy may not be bright enough to get into a literary club, but she can sure outcheat anyone in the group. She tries to make an impression and succeeds but it's not the one she'd like. Much of the fun of the show comes from the lady stuffed shirts' reaction to Wendy's zany-isms. 9:00-10:00 P.M. (4) The Andy Williams Show. (Color). Andy forsakes guest stars tonight and features members of the regular crew the Osmond Brothers, the Good Time Singers, and members of the Nick Castle Dancers. The singers and dancers are introduced individually and get a chance to show their stuff. The Osmond Brothers bring in more of the family for a few tunes and view a film of their first Williams show 3 years ago. Andy, still the best part of the show, guests or no guests, offers "Wonderful Day", "Roses And Roses" and "Carousel", and with the group does "It Had To Be You". 9:30 10:00 P.M. (2) The Danny Thomas Show. (Rerun). Linda confides a crush on t even aware of her. So what docs Danny do? He tells the whole world about it during a T. V. interview. You can't blame Linda for wanting to leave home after that. 9:30 10:00 P.M. (7) King Crosby Show "Moonlighting Becomes You". (Rerun). Mel Torme guests as a professor moonlighting as a piano player which is bad for his academic image. Big scene is a wing-ding of a fight at the dive he's playing. Mel and Bing both sing. 10:00-11:00 P.M. (7) Ben Casey "Money, A Horse And A Knowledge Of Latin". (Rerun). Barry Sullivan guest stars as a famed surgeon who's charming, literate, popular and totally unqualified to operate. It's the case of a man whose secondary career, that of a best-selling author, has sidetracked him from his original role in life. The surgeon, aware of his shortcomings, tries to subtly pass all major actions and decisions to his temporary associates, who slowly get the true picture of the man they admired. An intriguing character study well performed by the star 11 P.M.-12:30 A.M. (11) The Merve Griffin Show. Guests include Elaine Stritch, comic-actor Dom Deluise. singer Karen Motto, Irene Demich, Robert Moses, World's Fair president, Professor Leslie Fieldler, author, and I i Vidal Sassoon, hairdresser. 11:30 P.M.-1:00 A.M. (4) - Tonight Show. Johnny Carson's guests will include Kaye Ballard and Tony Martin. 11:45 P.M.-l A.M. (7) Nightlife. Louis Nye continues as cohost with William B. Williams for this week. Their guests tonight will be Chita Rivera of "Bajui ", Willie Ruff Jazz Trio and Singer Gary Lcmcll. v r- lnss I cCf V" -I r v sta,.www DOING THE SPLIT Mr. Mooney (Gale Gordon) seems a bit perturbed over Lucy's (Lucille Ball) living-room practice on skis, on "The Lucy Show" tonight, 9-9:30 P. M. on C. B. S.-T. V. The show is a rerun. 14:S4 A. M. FARM REPORT 14:SS A. M. 4.4 NEWS AND WEATHER 11 PINOCCHIO: Cartoon 11:44 A. M. 2 ANDY GRIFFITH: Rate wins audition for Mayberry concert (R) 4 CONCENTRATION: Game t SEEKERS: Series explores recent developments in medicine (return) 11 CARTOONS: Children 11:45 A. M. 7 NEWS: Bill Owen 11:14 A. M. 7 PILM (continued) Highlights To Tbe Bottom Of The Sea Dick". (Rerun). Give this show The story is a blatant parallel to schoolmate Scott McCarter. who 11:14 A. M. J METROPOLITAN MEMO 11:15 A. M. J NEWS 11:34 A. M. 1 McCOYS: Grampa and Luke train for father and son day relay race IK t 4 JEOPARDY: Game (color) 5 HALL OP PUN: Fred Hall 7 PRICE IS RIGHT: Bandleader Skilch Henderson Is contestant TELL ME, DR. BROTHERS (color) 11 CAROL CORBETT: Children AFTERNOON 11:44 NOON 1 LOVE OP LIFE: Serial 4 CALL MY BLUFP: comedian Nipsey Russell and Metropolitan Opera star Eileen Farrell are players (color) 7 DONNA REED: "Dennis the Menace" stars Jay North (Dennis) and Joseph Kearns (Mr. Wilson) visit Donna and Alex (R) 4 MEMORY LANE: Joe Franklin 11 CARTOONS: Children 11:15 P. M. 1 NEWS: Robert Trout 11:34 P. M. 1 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 4 I'LL BET: Singer Giseie MacKentie and husband Bob Shuttleworth oppose writer Rod Serling and wife Carol 7 FATHER KNOWS BEST: Betty Is tutoring football star Mulev Orkln (Rl 11 BUCKAROO 544: Buck Weaver 11:45 P. M. I GUIDING LIGHT: Serial 11:55 P. M. 4 NEWS: Ray Scherer 1:44 P. M. 1 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: "Wallv's Big Date" Tony Dow, Ken Osmond 4 EVERYTHING'S RELATIVE 5 CARTOONS: Children 7 REBUS: Game II FILM: "Sword of Venus (1453) Robert Clarke, Catherine McLeod - 1:25 P. M. S NEWS 1:34 P. M. IAS THE WORLD TURNS 4 LET'S MAKE A DEAL (color) 5 PILM: "Battle of Broadway" 7 GIRL TALK: Panelists are actress Arlene Francis; Mrs. Edward Durell Stone, wife of American architect; and Sally Llberman Smith, author f FILM: "Her Primitive Man" (1444) Robert Paige, Louise Allbrltton 1:55 P. M. 4 NEWS: Floyd Kalber 2:44 P. M. 2 PASSWORD: Actor Tom Poston and musical-comedy star Elizabeth Allen are players 4 MOMENT OP TRUTH: Serial 7 FLAME IN THE WIND: Serial 2:24 P. M. 11 NEWS 2:34 P. M. 1 HOUSE PARTY: Columnist Abby Van Buren Is Art Llnkletter's guest 4 DOCTORS: Serial 7 DAY IN COURT: Drama 11 TRUE ADVENTURE: "Land-Sea-Air" Sports car racing at Santa Barbara, Cal. 2:54 P. M. 5 METROPOLITAN MEMO 2:55 P. M. 5,7 NEWS 1:44 P. M. . 2 TO TELL THE TRUTH: Comedienne Phyllis Newman and actors Orson Bean, Barry Sullivan and Joan Fontaine are guests 4 ANOTHER WORLD: Serial 5 PETER GUNN: "Dream Big, Dream Deadly" Del. Eddie Sllers comes close to solving million-dollar robbery 7 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jessie has questions about Janet 4 JAMES BEARD: James Beard discusses outdoor theater II PIONEERS: "Reno" Story of man for whom Reno, Nev., was named 1:25 P. M. 2 NEWS: Douglas Edwards 3:14 P. M. 2 EDGE OP NIGHT: Serial 4 YOU DONT SAYI: Comic actor Mickey Manners and actress Anne Francis are panelists (color) 5 CARTOONS: Children 7 YOUNG MARRIEDS: Serial 4 FILM: "Quality Street" (1937) Katharine Hepburn, Franchot Tone 11 LAUREL AND HARDY 11 LINCOLN CENTER PRESENTS: Frederic Waldman and Musica Aetrerna Orchestra performs Bach's "Fourth Brandenburg. Concerto" 4:44 P. M. 2 SECRET STORM: Serial 4 MATCH GAME: Musical-comedy star Sydney Chaplin and comedienne Vivien Vance are players (color) , 7 TRAILMASTER: In first of 2-pailt story, Adams encounters Ranie Webster, former flame who married another man (R) 11 CHUCK McCANN: Children 4 NEWS: Nancy Oickerson 4:34 P. M. 2 SEA HUNT: Live torpedoes are (ound at bottom of harbor; Llovd Bridges 4 FILM: "Any Number Can Play'; (1949) Clark Gable, Alexis Smith 5 SANDY BECKER: Children 11 TO BE ANNOUNCED 5:44 P. M. 2 FILM: "The Gamma People" (English;. 1954) Paul Douglas, Eva Bartok 7 FILM: "The Last Woman on Earth" (I9M) Anthony Carbone, Betsy Jones-Moreland 9 MIKE OOUOLAS: Operatic soprano Patrice Munsei is co-tost 11 BEACHCOMBER BILL II EN FRANCAIS: Lessons 5:34 P M 11 CARTOONS: Children ' 11 ONCE UPON A DAY EVENING 4:44 P. M. 4 NEWS MacNeil, Pressman 5 MICKEY MOUSE CLUB II NEWS: Kevin Kennedy ' 13 WHAT'S NEW: Children 4:14 P. M. II LOCAL NEWS: John Tillman 4:11 P. M. 7,11 WEATHER 4:14 P. M. 1 NEWS: Robert Trout 5 ASTROBOYi Cartoon: "Toxor, the Mist Man" 7 LOCAL NEWS: Van Sickle TRAILS WEST: "The Strangers" and "Money to Burn" II SUPERMAN: "A Night of Terror" George Reeves, Phyllis Coatel 11 ELECTRONICS AT WORK 4:45 P. M. 7 MEWS: Peter Jennings , 4iU P. M. I EDITORIAL! Michael KtBtlnf , , lit P. Ml I NlWti Harry Reaaoner 4 HUNTHY. BRINKLIY I SOUPY SALESi Variety I OOI OOlt truce Morrow's guests are Earls. Nell Vedaka and me Shenerl. 11 HUCKLBBIRRY HOUND II IPICTRUM: Psvsleloaisl Harry P Harlow, director (4 Wisconsin's Regional Primate Research Center, talks about study of lova and the Itectlon systems ol primate 7:34 P. M. I TO TILP THE TRUTH) Panel 4 KAREN: Karen's debut 41 gossip col umnist tor school paper attracts attention ot parents who want to know about mystery elopers; Debbie Wat son. Richard Denning, Beverly Lvr INSIOT'OM'O'TOO talk. crew Into buying ancient auto I VOYAOC: "The Ghost of Moby Dick" After gigantic whale cripples Dr. waiter Bryce and kills son, scientist re turns with expedition to find monster i Richard Basehart, David Hedison, Ed ward Binns (R) f FILM: "Subway In the Sky" (1954) Van Johnson, Hlldeearde Netf II HOLLYWOOD A OO OO: Sam Rid dle's guests are Churck Berry, the Roiling Stones. Bruce Scott, Challeng ers, and the Curtis Brothers 13 BOOK BEAT 4:44 P. M. 1 I'VE OOT A SECRET: Frltt Weaver of "Baker Street" has secret tor panelists 4 MAN PROM U.K-C L.E.: "The Deadly Decoy Affair" U.N.C.L.E. must get captured THRUSH agent to Washing ton. To throw enemy off track, Wav. erly escorts decoy under heavy guard whila Sow and l ive take care ot real prisoner. Robert Vaughn, David McCellum. Ralph Taeger, Joanna Moore (R) -S EAST SIDEWEST SIDE: "One Drink at a Time" George C. Scott, Maureen Staoleton (R) 11 NEWS: Gary Gllson 4:14 P. M. 1) MUSIC INTERLUDE 4:34 P. M. 1 ANDY GRIFFITH: Andy wants Aunt Bee to try for role of Lady Mayberry In pageant. Frances Bavier, Don Knotts, Olan Soule, Hop Summers (R) 7 NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS: "How Now, Brown Cow " Grandpa Anderson it upset: Air Force lets unnerve prize cow, she gults giving milk (R) II HONEYMOON! RS: "Trapped" Jackie Gleason, Art Carney 11 MUSEUM OPEN HOUSE 4:44 P. M. 2 LUCILLE BALL: Lucy's boy friend is athletic, Lucy isn't. She claims to excel In sports that are out of season. Keith Adnes (R) 4 ANDY WILLIAMS: Andy's last new show ot season, (color) 5 77 SUNSET STRIP: "The Man In the Mirror". Kar, S wen son, Roger Smith 7 WENDY AND ME: Wendy must cram-if she expects to loin Mrs. Norton's exclusive literary club. George Burns, Connie Stevens, Doris Packer, Dar-lene Patterson (R) 4 DEATH VALLEY DAYS: "Birthright" Jason Evers. Susan Flannery II DICK POWELL: "Tissue of Hate" Henry Fonda, Eduard Franz 11 POPULATION PROBLEM: "U. S. A.: Time tor Decision," fifth of six reports on world's population crisis, (color) 9:14 P. M. 2 DANNY THOMAS: Danny reveals "Linda's Crush" to audience ot T. V. show. Angela Cartwright, Mariorie Lord. (R) 7 BING CROSBY: Singer-actor Mel Torme In "Moonlighting Becomes You" colleague Bert Snyder leads double life. As associate professor of music at Colford University, and as Fingers Fenton, Iazz-slnglng pianist. June Dayton, Stanley Adams (R) 4 PILM: "The Saint in Palm Springs" (1941) George Sanders, Wendy Barrie 14:44 P. M. 1 CB S. NEWS SPECIAL 4 ALFRED HITCHCOCK: "Water's Edge" Ex-convict Rusty Connors wants loot from payroll robbery masterminded by former cellmate. John Cassavetes, Ann Southern (R) 1 ESPIONAGE: "The Dragon Slayer" Lee Montague, Patrick Cargill 7 BEN CASEY: "Money, a Horse and Knowledge of Latin." Dr. Hoffman is honored to operate with Dr. Arnold Swanson, but attitude changes when surgery starts. Vincent Edwards, Harry Landers, Barry Sullivan, Angela Greene (R) 11 BILLY OUAHAM: Opening day of Dr. Billy Graham's 1945 Hawaiian Crusade I presented (Tape) (special) 11 NEWS: Robert Potts 14:45 P. M. 13 OPERATION ALPHABET" 14:14 P. M. 2 THIS IS ROBERT TROUT: John Daly narrates profile of newscaster Robert Trout, In broadcasting for 34 years, (special) 14:35 P. M. 1 CHESS MASTERPIECES: "The Ambitious Pawn" 11:44 P. M. 2 4, 5, 7, 9 NEWS 11 MERV GRIFFIN: Guests Include actress Elaine Stritch. musical-comedy star Karen Morro wand comic Dom De Luise 11:44 P. M. 4 WEATHER: Tex Antoine 1 FILM: "The Conspirators" (1944) Hedy Lamarr, Paul Henreid 11:15 P. M. 4 LOCAL NEWS: Jim Hertz 7 NIGHTLIFE: Variety 9 SPORTS: Clure Mosher 11:24 P. M. 2 PILM: "Tell It to the Judge'' (1949) Rosalind Russell, Robert Cummlngs 11:25 P. M. 4 FILM: "The Scarlet Coat" 11:34 P. M. 4 JOHNNY CARSON: Guests Include comedian Kave Ballard. Trumpeter "Doctor" Severlnsen subs for Skilch Henderson (color) 12:14 A. M. 11 SPORTS: Bob Wolff 11:35 P. M. 11 BEST OF GROUCHO: Quiz 11:55 P. M. 9 NEWS AND WEATHER 1:44 A. M. 4 NEWS: Geoffrey Pond 7 PILM: "Night of the Quarter Moon" ' (1959) Julie London, John Drew Barry-more 1:45 A. M. 2, 5, NEWS 1:15 A. M. 2 PILM: "Strange Intruder" (1954) Edmund Purdom, Ida Lupino, Ann Harding 4 FILM: "Native Drums" (French-Italian; 1955) Charles Vanel, Pedro Ar-mendariz 1:24 A. M. 5 METROPOLITAN MEMO 1:25 A. M. 5 WATERFRONT: "Sea Bells" 2:54 A. M. 2 PILM: "The Devil's Pipeline" (1940) Richard Arlen, Andy Devine 4:95 A. M. 2 FILM: "Get Hep to Love" (1942) Gloria Jean, Donald O'Connor Debbie Watson Is T.V. Tammy Hollywood Sixteen-year-old Universal T. V. contract star Debbie Watson has been set by Jennings Lang, senior vice-president in charge of production, for the title role in "Tammy", Universal's new half-hour comedy series which will debut this fall over the A. P. C.-T. V. network. The talented young actress title-starred in the "Karen" comedy series this past season and was selected "Most Promising New Star" in a national reader poll by Fame magazine. She was also honored by Radio-T. V. Daily in a second poll as one of television's top three new personalities. In the new color series, based on Universal's highly-successful "Tammy" feature films, Debbie plays the role of a shanty-boat girl from the swamp country suddenly transplanted into the big city. Joining her as regulars will be Denver Pyle and Frank Mc-Grath from Universal TV's long-running "Wagon Train" series. ) Answer Man Mary T. Moore Weighs 120 Q: How tall Is Mary Tyler Moore of "The Dick Van Dyke Show' and how much does ihe weigh? E. O., Demarest, N. J. ' A; Miss Moore Is I-feet I, and weigh 120 pounds. Q: Is Mary Pickford's hus- band Buddy Rogers still live? What is his first name? B, W., Elmira, N. Y. A: Charles Buddy Rogers Is still alive. Q: Has Shirley Booth ever been married? F. L., West Hartford. A: "Ilaiel's" Miss Booth, has been married twice. Her first marriage to Ed Gardner of "Duffy'i Tavern" radio fame ended In divorce. She later married stockbroker WUliam H. Baker, who died in 1951. ' Q: Red Skelton is my favorite comedian and I would like to know if Red Skelton is his real name. When and where was he born? T. Y., Grand Rapids. A: He was born Richard Bernard Skelton in Vincennes, Ind., July 18, 1913. Q: I know you've answered this one before, but I have to show it to my friend to settle an argument. Is the boy Tom ori "As the World Turns," the real son of Don Hastings? M. D. T., Hartford. A: They are not related. The little boy's name is Frankie Michael. If you have a question on any T. V. program or actor send it to T. V. Time Answer Man, in care of The Call. M. G. M. To Hit Peak Production Culver City, Calif Television production activity at M. G. M. will its all-time peak this month, it has been disclosed by studio head Robert M. Weitman in an announcement of June filming starts on five M. G. M.-T. V. series. First scheduled to go before the cameras is "A Man Called Shenandoah", a half-hour wes tern starring Robert Horton, to debut on A. B. C. September 13. Fred Freiberger is the producer. Three series for N. B. C. will begin production June 16. "Dr. Kildare", starring Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey, will be starting its fifth year its first in color and as two half-hours weekly. Norman Felton is executive producer of the Arena production, with Douglas Benton as producer. "The Man From U. N.-C. L. E.", fast-climbing hit of the past season, begins its second year starring Robert Vaughn, costarring David Mc-Callum and Leo G. Carroll. Produced by David Victor, with Felton as executive producer, it also will be switching to color. The total of seven T. V. hour per week in production at one time marks a record high for M. G. M. "Flipper", N. E. C. top-rated new show of last season, begins its second year on vaf-ied locations in Florida and the Bahamas. Ivan Tors is executive producer, James Bux-baum is producer, with Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin and Tommy Norden starring. "Please Don't Eat The Daisies," new half-hour family comedy series starring Patricia Crowley and Mark Miller, to premiere on N. B. C. in color September 14, has been set for a June 21 production start. Paul West is the producer. Heightening the T. V. activity at M. G. M. will be the leasing of the studio's vast facilities for production of five outside series, "Combat, "My Favorite Martian", "Long Hot Summer," "Jesse James" and of 'The Loner". Highlights Today's Radio 6:05 P. M. WNCN: Schubert's Symphony No. 9 in C, G. Szell 6:15 P. M. WFUV: Beethoven's Leonore Overture, No. 3; Dvorak's Strings Serenade in E 7:05 P. M. WDHA:' Poem, Griffes; Flute Concerto in D, Vivaldi 7:15 P. M. WABC: Edith Piaf sings 7:30 P. M. WQXR: Pianists Hambro and Zayde, live recital, works by Bach, Weber, Brahms 8:00 P. M. WABC: Barber's Violin Concerto; Haydn's Symphony No. 57 in D WRFM: Handel's Flute Sonata No. 8; Bach's Fantasie in C 8:05 P. M. WVNJ: Broadway's "Gigl" , 8:55 P. M. WCBS: Baseball: Yankees and Kansas City 9:05 P. M. WNCN: Faure's Pelleas et Melisande; Bartok's Piano Studies 10:05 P. M. WLIR:, House of Jazz UNKNOWN REMAKES HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - A relatively' unknown actor, Alex Cord, will play the old John Wayne role in the remake of "Stagecoach." New T. V. Series To Show Hidden Talents Of Stars By HAROLD HEFFERNAN Hollywood (NANA) - Many well-known Hollywood figures gripe bitterly because producers, sutbbornly refuse to let them strut their favorite specialties In movies or T. V. The only chance they get to show off is at movietown gatherings, where their antics are usually hilariously received. They still feel old-line studio conventions have kept them rutted and their fans cheated. Cary Grant stalking around on stilts (he did this for a carnival living many years back) would bring plenty of howls from unsuspecting followers. So would heretofore undisclosed frolics by Jack Lem-mon 1 (pantomimic take-offs), Jack Benny and George Burns (soft shoe duet), Jimmy Stewart (comedy magic), Fred Astaire (pocket billiards trickster) the list of stifled wonder boys and girls goes on endlessly. Yes, siree, these Hollywood folks can . be real cut-the-rug-gers at a party. Why not give 'em a chance at maximum exposure? Art Linkletter admits the thought has been going through his mind for a long, long time. Sitting in on many Hollywood parties, he's observed the relaxed pros putting on numbers he felt should be witnessed by the public at large. So Art's done something about it. Beginning June 22 over C. B. S.-T. V., he'll present a 12-episode show unleashing the hidden accomplishments of many screen and television personalities (not necessarily Murray The K Will Host Special To Help Youths New York "It's What's Happening, Baby!", a special all-star musical program designed for the out-of-school teen-agers of America and ded icated to their working needs and interests, will be on C.B.S.- T. V. Monday. June 28. from 10:00-11:00 P. M., it has been announced jointly by Sargent Shriver, director of the United States Office of Economic Opportunity, and John A. Schneider, president of the network. The program was conceived by Murray the K, New York disc jockey, who describes it as a kind of world series of popular music. He will be the host. The broadcast will be taped June 16 before an audience of teen-agers at the Fox Theatre, Brooklyn. "It's What's Happening, Baby!" will feature performers 'Villi r 1 PAYS I Zi All . J J OilnLL and it is not necessary to wait a year to earn TOP DOLLAR" Open or add to your Savings Account now . . . Enjoy SAFETY AFETYOFNfJ 4 YOUR SAVINGS VcVy V UPT0 cT EXTRA BONUS Save by June 15th Earn from June 1st Dividend! Paid T. Dot. of Withdrawal (BY US! OF PASS BOOK LOAN) SAVE - BY - And 136 MARKET ST., TO those mentioned above) together with appearances by famous screenland people who have not been active in recent years. The offering comes out under the somewhat prosaic designation of "Hollywood Talent Scouts". "I think everyone has a hid-dent talent he'd like to bring up front," said Linkletter, T.V. Spot Set For John Wayne Hollywood John Wayne will make one of his Infrequent television appearances when he is a guest performer on the new season's second colorcast of "The Dean Martin Show" on N.B.C.-T.V. September 23. The noted motion picture actor-producer-director is another of the many top-name show-business personalities already signed to share the spotlight with Dean, Martin, star-host of the weekly color series. Wayne began his memorable film career in 1931. He made his radio debut as star of an N.B.C. ' Radio mystery-adventure series, "Three Sheets to the Wind", Feb. 15, 1942, and later appeared on other major radio shows. He made' his bow as a T. V. performer on Jimmy Durante's N.B.C.-T.V. "Comedy Hour" Oct. 11. 1953. .He has since performed on a few other important N.B.C.-T.V. series including the premiere colorcast of "The Milton Berle Show" Sept. 27, 1955, a "Producers' Showcase" colorcast Nov. 14, 1955, "Screen Directors Playhouse" Dec. 7, 1955 and others. who are special favorites of the out-of-school teen-agers. They will tell the young people in their own language the opportunities available and where to apply. Shriver said, "This method of reaching these youngsters, thanks to the facilities so generously made available to us by C. B. S. and its affiliated stations, represents an entirely new departure in our handling of the great challenges we face in reaching the people who need us most. "We hope that the efforts of all the fine performers who have volunteered their services will help to make possible a summer of outsanding accomplishments in bringing broader vistas to our least privileged young people." Robert Forrest will be executive producer and Barry Shear will be producer-director. savings and PROFIT! MAIL We Pay Postage ST mm Uta AiMcialioa PATERSON (FREE PARKING "and a show such as thii should provide the opportunitj. Plenty of them I know ,have been yearning to get those hidden lights out from under, the bushel, Who knows, , it could start a whole new career for them. Least of all, it will, give them an opportunity to get It out of their systems!" 4 To avoid standardization, t Art says the shows will not be glutted with singers and danc ers and stand-up comedians. ; "We don't care if the per-former saws a woman in half, does a soft shoe number, plays a Charlie McCarthy or demonstrates trick pool shots," he points out. "Our emphasis will be on talent in any field that might entertain an audience." OPEN TO ALL ' Competition will be opett to all comers and there will be surprises, Linkletter hints,, in the number of top show business people who will do pur-prise guestings. ". .'.'?, The famous T. V. host, who has worked with children over the past 25 years, has Come upon many youngsters of great potential talent who. never get a chance to be auditioned and this kind of show, he believes, will be just the sort they and Uheir parents have been hoping for. Important names froml fields other than entertainmeht t lawyers, doctors, scientists, politicians will paradA before his cameas, too, Linkletter says, providing they can survive the auditions, which are now being held in Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York. Just returned from Australia, Art says there's a vast reservoir of talent in that country that has never been seen in the United States. He arranged for a number of unique acts. In his quest for ' talent, he has also probed circuses and ice shows, finding subordinate performers who have yet to get a real break. TV Chuckle I EAiT CARROTS TO IMPROVB t i - in i '"''Himrni sf - SNmiiMi LOW COST MORTGAGE LOANS Competitive Terms & Rates Both Ways REAR OF BUILDING) i

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