The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1945
Page 3
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MONDAY, JIARC1I 12, 1945 $6898 Obtained From Seal Sale County Tops Quota In Raising Fund For Tuberculosis Work Mississippi County exceeded Its ?6,000 quoin for Die sale of tuberculosis Christmas seals by $88.CO. according to a final report submitted ^i>y Mrs. Roland Green, president 'of ihc Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, mul Mrs. C. G. Rc<lmr;ii, executive .secretary. Tills figure represents an' increase, of 33 per cent over 1843, sales, despite the fact that 3C6 letters containing tuberculosis seals mailed .to residents of Blyihcville remain unanswered to date. Eighty per cent of the proceeds from the sale remain in ihe county to be spent on tuberculosis control and prevention work, giving Mississippi County the sum of $5,518.03 for this year. Mr.s. Green, as president of the association, \«is in charge of the drive in Chickasawba District with Mr.s. R, L. Naming of O.sceola,' serving as chairman of the drive in Osccoln District. Communities contributing toward the fund were: ChU'kasitivba District Blylhcviltft—Mail sale S1.530.C5, personal solicitation $1,22100 booth sales $163.23, bangle sales'$44 12 high school S38.75, junior high $18.82, Central Ward $31.21. Suil- bury school $41.93, Langc school $10.81, Harrison colored school S35.00, colored drive, Emma Lester, Chin.. $117.03.—Total $3.268.15. Oilier Towns and Comimmitics Lcachville $250.42, Manila $202.25, Dell $148.20, Armorel $125.81. Cios- nell $40.85, Clear Lake $18.20. Yarbro $40.12, Lost Cane $39.1(5, Boyton $31.94, No. Nine $20.00, Half Moon $20.00, Lone Oak SH.75, Whislle- ville $15.00, Brawn $10.95, Blackwater $20.00, Promised Lund $15.00, Socky $15.00, l-lat Lskc $12.71. Hickmnn $11.13, Sliady Grove $10.00, Box Elder $10.00. Mllllgnii Ridge $9.32, I'awhcen $9.00, Tomato $8,00, Recce S4.00, Roval S5.00, CnlumcL S'l.CO, Shady Bend $1.00, Colored Rural Schools $3050 —$1,187.31. Total Chickasawba District — $"-l,455.-!6. Osccol;' District Osceola $1.030.35. Wilson $432.11 Luxora-Dmible Bridges $200.00 Keiser S1G0.12, Joiner $103.85. Carson, Driver, Grider $75.00,Victoria $57.50, West Ridge $50.00, Frcch- man's Bayou S54.GO, Dyess $53.68 Bassett $48.00, Etowali $40.30, Bur- ttette S30.00. Chelford, Wliitton Denwood $13.00. Colored Schools $87.99. Total District S8T.93. HLYTI1I3VILLE COUK1ER Nfi\VS GREEN FOREST, Ark. (UP)— This small Ozark town has twice :>een vi-ited by destructive storms. So the Green Forest Lions Club, ooking forward to the coining •tornado season," is considering a Jroposal to build a public storm cellar—complete with rest rooms The cellar would be placed in the :eater of the town square. Looks to War Ml •The Allies hope their postwar plans wiH prevent future wars, but Uncle Sam isn't taking ony chances. A new Research Board for National Security has been formed, headed by Karl Complon, above, president of the Massachusetts Insliiule of Technology. Composed of civilian and military scientists, it will develop weapons for any future, conflict PETROLEUMI JHWTHISWflY Press Mnrolinc bclwct-n thumt and fmcrr. Sprratl slowly ar>,itL Ixing filirra prove Morolinc'i liiph nunljty. For minor cut.'y burns, Ltuiscs.5c r triple Eixc, lOo Expert Auto Body Repair * * FLOOR MATS We've jtisl received a shipment of door mats—front and rear mals for all makes of cars. * * Lee Motor Sales 305 E. Main Ph. 519 Refugees From Flood Waters Flood refugees are housed in Arnold Public School at Newport, Ky,, ns water from the Ohio River burst over the Hanks. Over 12,000 persons were forced to move by the flow! waters in northern Kentucky. (NBA Telephoto.) More Gifts Received For Priyett Fund News of the Privctt Memorial Fund, publicized by stories and photographs in many newspapers of the country, has caused a number of Uifls to he sent although nil recent stories liavc told of the money already having been raised to purchase a home for the family of Pic. J. C. Privctt, 37-year-old Infantryman killed in Luxembourg. Total gifts today amounted to SG120.20 in cash, in addition to gifts of materials and labor donated to improve the house for the wife and eight young children. The committee expects to be able to announce later this week of purchase of a house which will adequately accommodate tins family through the years, and which is to be furnished as completely as possible with money given. Prom the East have come several more gifts. Mrs. Adley Fall-weather, who enclosed SI in the card of sympathy sent Mrs. Privett, wrote in part: "I am the mother of six children and my husband also is with General ration's Army and. was r in Luxembourg but he lived through 1 the battle. May Gqd give you. strength to rear your family and the' things you want to give them as I know how hard it is to without a dad's help. I am going to write my husband to ask if he, by any chance, was acquainted with yours." ' Stiijird Hirsclnnan of New York City sent $5 ant' 1 tetter reading, 'Wishing you the best of luck in the future." ... - , , ; .Mrs. 1 ArchibaHI-il.-Spccr', Clijtoh, N. J. ; ' sent S5 and a letter- rending, "I would like "to extend my sympathy. Have faith in the Lord and 1 kiibw, you.'will never'want/' •-; •'.';• From Ben Reig of Ben Rcig Company, "creator of Dresses- Gowns", New York City, was received a gift of $15. "I hope that this, together with other contributions, helps toward providing this family with a home." Mr.s. Elose Goodman sent $5 from Brooklyn, N. Y. "Uncle Dillic" "Hessic sent $5 from Miami, Fla., and in a letter to Jo- die Niibcrs, who originated the idea, lie told of hoiv he knew both Pfc. and Mrs. 1'rivett and wrote "I think it very nice of you nil. Kindly give Mr.s. P.rivett and children my best regards and good .wishes." He formerly lived in Dlythcville. Prom Sergt. Joe M.- Harper, stationed nt Lincoln Army Air Field, Lincoln, Nebr., came $2 and a letter of sympathy. "I'loase accept this as a gift from one of many United Slates .soldiers." Mrs. Jack Pinchcr, whose husband and two brothers arc in the Navy, sont S3 from Manila. From Osceola came another gift Mrs. Edgar H. Mdon sent $i. Hei letter said in" part: "May God bless you and help in the trying days." A gifj of $1 came from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watkins. Mr. Wntkins is n seaman first class of the Navy, at Camp Huencmc, Calif. Jerry Hilliard, in the Navv M years and now doing "hop and skip' duty in the Procurement Department along the Atlantic Coast, sent S2 after reading the news at Mobile. Ala., where visiting relative.';. He still calls Blylheville "home" he wrote Students of the Armorel school sent SU for the fund. Employes of S. H. Kress store here sent 59.25 contributed by these em- ployes whose last names were turned in sift of $1, McGhce;-50 cents each from Lasatcr. Carlew, Turne'y; Goofs Rodjers, Collins, Bcvill, Swell, Corden, Grove, Cooper, Overtoil, Salmon; 25 cents each from Wicker Leatg, Seals, Provost, Rice, Tnllev' Barlles. . " Blytheville Minister Addresses Osceola Club & The Rev. S. B. Wilford, pastor of First Methodist Church, was guest -speaker at- the Osceola notary Cliib. meeting Tuesday;' 1 : Max Hart, iti charge, prthe pro gram; intro'ciuc'ed the. -speaker whose subject was "World Affairs Following the War." L. W. Walters will be in charge of the meeting tomorrow. Women of the Presbyterian church served dinner. HOW TO "KNOW" ASPIRIN Jiiat bo euro loBsk for St. Jowjih Aspirin, iricre a none fiialcr, none stronger. IW) tnblcta cost, unly 3£c. Wliy pay more ? 13o BUIO to demand Bl. Joscpli Aspirin. ana VULCANiZiNG All Recapping Strictly Guaranteed. Quick service. In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! SERVICE STATION 12 Years At Main & Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service LARKIN DON EDV/ARDS "The Typewriter Nan" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE '" : ' TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PHONE 3382 fEeery Transaction Mast Be Satisfactory) JJIj'tliui-llle Airport If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainablel HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. ' "25 Years' Continuous Service" "Well. 11 Nle.s!" This, Orvillc "IlooL" Mitchell nn- nnunrctl to all and smulry nt Mu- nld|nil Airport yesterday ntlerlest- l)op|)inn his Culver Ciulet on which lie hus spent many, ninny hours of work tiicso recent months. "Hoot" really didn't need lo say anything, lieennse nil cyos were iinon him when lie tllmuccl Into the cockpil of Hie blue mid yellow low-whined job and took off. Moit of llu> .siwdiitor.s knew wlnit tluil moment meant to Mllchell who had sweated out Ihc dlltlciilt re- pulr job utter tin; iilune was clnm- i«l!i'il lust yrar In lumllnit on n Missouri field. H seems Hint the local pilot ivii.s lakiiiif 11 frit-mi tin n trip and when (hey arrived the landlnK sfrln WHS a lot rougher than they realized. Tlie speedy little Culver nosed over in a ixul plnee on Ihc j-unwny niul Mltelinll and his pnsscnecr found themselves upside down, but safe and sound except for a few scratches. , 'Hie plane did not fare so well. The prop was broken, the motor support damaged and other parts were smashed. "Hoof .surveyed Ilic dnmagc, and said, "Shucks. I cnn fix lhat." Sure enouuh, he did. A friend with mechanical talent ami equipment, collaborated and (he pair of them carefully went over every Inch of Hie plane affected by the crack-up. The government, In- spcclor from Little Hock checked nn on their work, pronounced it perfect ami "Hoot" once more Is ready for more flying. Somehow during Hie intervening months .since Hie mishap, he also has found time to build n real flying model of his ship, complete with n tiny one-cylinder gas engine and as soon as he puts a few move finishing touches on the model, It too, will be ready for the air. • • • An airport visitor this weck-entl was Thomas C. Bennett, flying from West Memphis lo Joncsboio, Uicn.-a back to West Memphis. Two local enthusiasts are busy (jelling ncqiminlcd with their new planes Ibis week. One is Eddie Regenold who has bought, thp Uisconibc formerly owned by C. B. Wcods Jr. The other Is L. S. Havt/ojf. who slill is a student bub who expects to solo after another two or three hours of instruction. PAGE •THREE: Shells Are Not Selective "'jf *^ * h*4 wu&^vy'V A' i'^'M^tfe* ^ BrollicrE-ln-mtscry for the moment, Ymilt soldiers and their Gcmmi n Knockcd-out U. S. tmjli destroyer for prolcdlon iijjnlnst 11 (icrnwn ' ot tlio Third Army's -Ith division In 1'ruem ii captive;; huddle totvUm IKIIWKC. Pr!s Valley ucllon. "Knit" has purchased (he I,U!>- coinbt! of Dr. George Cone of Osceolr, who Is reported to have his heart set on a Culver. • » » Harold Smllniry suys he luis been promised Ills Stlnson In iilrworthy condition within two weeks. Tlie Ihree-plHce ship wus parked on the runway at Jone.sboro niruort recently when n lilgli w hxl caught It mirier one wing, lipped It over mid csuiscd some damage. Sudbury Is 'grounded" temporarily due to no fault of his own, and he's not nl all happy. • • • People up ut, cnssvlltc, Mo. arc on the Job. They're after the business of nir tourists. "Ply your plane to the Cassvlllc Airport and fish nt Hearing utvuv Stale i'nrk." they urge through circulars distributed to civilian iih- porls in Arkansas niul Missouri, Air park facilities arc offered thrco mill's from Roaring Itlvcr with nnways Hint will accommodate light to medium weight civilian planes. As further Inducement, they offer taxi service to Roaring River and Ciissville. Temperatures Ilend Courier Neivs Want Ads. COLDS' LOCAL CONGESTION / —ol children quickly onothcd by I'MiQtro—Cnindinn'H olil- lunoiuiiltoneinaiilcn.lovcloned,—T-I, by modern Bcicnco bi(o n cuim-K?5§? tcT-irrilniil, vnjKjrizinu B.ilvo )*^i2 Only 2S(, .lonblo Biro SSf. QaiL'Wc^ PENETRD »«t.E KICK in MuiTau «|T?T «••-•!•-!•' GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service *iso— Vulcanizing »nd Tire R*f«i. WADE GOAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEfLlNG PRICKS Phone 2291 txpch carbon. Improves ignilion. Givei more powtr - oy eliminating (riclion in upper cylinder wallj and ringi. /flIV F: B. JOYNER Corner Second & Ash Sts. SERVICE STATION Phone 2611 HOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may fje ruining your property. Calf mo to check tip without cost or obligation. HATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP 309 E. Kentucky Phone Z35» BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Scarce) STEEL WOOL IN 1-LB. PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. Aluminum Paint. Ntght Latches. Electric Churns. Padlocks Electric Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglers. Shannon Spinners. —Alt In Plentiful Quantities At PLANTERS HARDWARE CO. 126 W. Main Th» Complete Hardware Store ' PhoM B15 Atlanta . ... Aitttiisln . s • HirmhiKluun Cliarle.slon . Chiirlotte . . Chullaimogu Chicago . .. Cincinnati . Denver . Detroit . ... Jflcksonvlllu , Tallahassee . n.sHs city Macon Memphis . ,. Mlnml Montgomery New Orleans New York . San Antonio hiavnnmih . . Tiimtm . ... Washington . Dnlla.s Ilousliin . .. Hi low 71 r>u VI 'I'J 1:1 si) (M « ci « oil r>u .50 3-1 . ; B!) 'l!i ! M\ ;lt . .16 'M 7B •!!) i^ r.i «n w in nn is 62 : 11 fl!l -. .IB. :M .-id fii , V2' 'Iff . Ill 116 0:1 ::« . TO ( 'M .. n (ii Iilltlc liock en Hlircvcporl yj 50 Osceola Man Prisoner •*• ) ^ War In Germany ^ Mrs. Hairy p. jonca of Osceola 1ms iccclvecl a telegram from the >- IiHcnmtional Red Cross Informing ** licr thnl ho liasfoand, StaH Ser- "~* gcnnl Jonas was'a prlsonci of the — Qernmns. , Sergeant Jones, son of Mr and MIS. Harry B. Jones, was, previously reported missing In action ncc. IS. The telegram stated that " n letter would follow. ^ . . Rend Courier News Want Ads. COLD LOGGED NOSE.? Feel stuffy? 2 drops in cucli nostril, holp you brcatho ircw. Caution- UsoonlyasdirccleiJ.Cot FENEIRO NOSE DROPS NOTICE Swift's SliiuKhtcr House will be duscd unlit March;' 15lh, for luliillni; and screening for your protection of good ()uallly Meats throughout the Spring mid Summer nlimllis. Leo Swift SEE ... CALL ... or WRITE ma for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . i ; Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL B. lldwy. BlylheTllle, Ark. Ph. 2631 IF YOU WANT TO save that These 4 things are "musts" right now! 1. CHANGE THAT OIL! Sure... you're used lo tlimkinn of » Spring Oil Chnn X o. 'l'lii.1 lime 1)0 it unit do il now. Don'L luL tliooM Inn (jot caught in /ml weather s{ty. uainr old, thin, coW-weathcr oil! 2. LUBRICATE THAT CHASSIS. Tim older tlio cnr, tlio greater tlio friction in moving iiiirUi.'riiogreaterLbu frielioii, tlio'fasterthp wciir. You never needed the protection of rm expert, all-out, uvcry-spol lubrication job as you need it... right this minute! DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main BtytherlHe, Ark. Phon.e 2921 3. WATCH THOSE TIRES. They've just Iran through !mr<! months of winter driving. Mnybe ynu'vo been a lilllo cureless about proper ;iir pressure. J,ct u.i look them over now, fix them up for extra miles to come! 4. HOW'S THAT BATTERY? Pretty tired ami beaten up? Ready to quit wbon hot weather gets at it? Lot us go over it with care, refill, recharge, rcptnco if necessary... and let's by all means do it now! STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY Phillips Motor Co; Brown's Garage & Ser. Sta, 5th & Walnut, Blytheville .. Manila, Ark. 8. R. SchmuckEsso Station Main & Division, Blytheville C, L. Owens Esso Sta, Ashley Service Station Osceola, Ark. .'.•;. / ' 'A'rl^Mo. State Lino

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