Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1942
Page 1
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Blx NAUGATUOK, DAILY , SATURDAY,! JJUl,*, 11,, 1942 Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily Merchandise Household AHi()lfi.N hflon loat, Any pornon having on nald boou IH culltul up on to pi'tiHnnt tho Hurnn to llm bank within two monthH or tlm unnift book will bo doolarwl ««n- uoilrui anrl nxtlngniMh^'d, antl a n<\sv ono iHHiKxl In lion tluiro- of , ,hmo y7, IU-V2. , July 11 and ad 71 llotu'd or HArtfl.Y INSTALL l'!l> .Joint I'Javi'M Through l«o" foot U<ador IMpn ............... 10" I'oot '*'•<• All' /lUUiMM In Mlook Bxtfwalon laddm-H , ,,.1'nnn HfU.nO tip JOHN ,1. flAMMOU, tf SUNS, IN<!, KM Spring St, I'honi' t'OT2 TO HUNT—Ow> rni'iilshtxl, douhlu 1'ooni, Klltiliuii (irl.vlldgds, If du- Nldud. Apply, MM Snot I Mtrool, 7-<J-<l(Jx, TO Itl'IiNT— Nicely ~~ riirfilNhrri' room, Mtiltablo I'D!' onn or two Kon innn, AH oonvurilwuw.H, Apply i t or tali-phono 4 7-8-tW For Rent Real Estate _. ;.„ , ..... r ——.—^^^p.. .1.. . .. ,- -•• .'_.. •• m. 72 AiMU'tmoiUs liml Toneinonls TO »Ki\'r— Ki>i* iii«n only, or • • .tr littfln I'M rnl shed, . rooms, x^' 1 oonvnnhmooH, Phono 47.30. TO HIGNT-^h'liVhlHhed room for 1 t oi id PHi-Hons, Apply at :I07 Meado\\ Htroot, ,.-..-..- ' 7-7cl»x. JMONUMKNTH flpoolal pi'lmiM on All VV, JUUHAIIDS 2<!0 So, Main Ht, Tnl July Furniture Bargains {• !1-P(), Mapln Hmlroom Sultu '. ,J?40,00 'l-i'u, MvlriK I'toom Sultu ,,.,'70,00 H J!»,(X) I'Mud SVhltd (Joinbliuitlon at Hargaln J\ku>s, Aulliorl/od H(«rvlnii Station for BIWDfX Mf.J»\fK LAHNhHY LOV1NIO ItJIJ'KJTHTC CO. 8 (Jliuroh Btroot Dial noa-i For Prompt Sorvlufl KOOl^W-KS Jiepori iMuuly fur work, 7;HO a, lii, HrlnK loolM. Now InornuHu In pay with yearly homiM, No «hort«Ku of work, Wo mfg. our own IIIUUMMUIH, Sou ,\fr. llnnlny, Tllo UoollnK Uo.i •427 KAHt Main, Watorhury, Mapln HruakfaHt Suls Also a IVw llsod Francis Furniture Co. •Kit North Main SI,, Union City, Ul. Tnlcphoim H770. (!oui'tnny tlar at Your Sorvlnn, 7-0(10 SIONSATIONAIu .!,!'& TO HKNT—A •fiirnl«ho«l room foi 1 Or li pursons, all oonvonloncost aldo. of town. Call 2547 be IWUUM 0, and 7 p. in, 7-3-dO li'OH SAI.10—«A 4-fnnilly, honso, 540 roonus, o,n Uallroad aye nno, Uoaoon |«'«lla, Good paying in vnHlmiuU,;.Harry J,, Shormur, 142 Clnrtlss. st'rtuit, -Union. City.' Dia MHO, , 7-JOti LEGAL Thu annual muullng of Iho lol wiioi'H of llio drove Oomotory As- oiilation will ho- hukl at tho Nauga- nok National Bank at 2 p. m. \Y. S »„ on Monday, -July. J!l, 10.42, Tin niiual .mooting of tho Ti'iiHtuos o:. aid Assoc'.l'atlon will bo lusld'al ;ir> p. m. W. S, T. on tho Humo.rlnlc 1, iho Naugatuok National Hank. KMIh MANNWKIM'M^, Proslclont. 7-IklC Tallin I,U(II(IH of broakfant room HOtH, oooaMlonal lablcn, rnuplM «iul mahogany* f<owoMt prloon In tlui oily, Tbo Hadlo Shop, :l«n (trawl HI., \Vutorbnry, _ ^ ^^'''2^4 it ' Auto* «»nU Ti'uch.s Vw Hnln Kiu'l TabhfH Mdhy Hahy (,'onsolo HadloM ,,.. Studio Oil M-po, Mvlnxroom Sultcn .'l-pc. Hcrll'oom SUxto ?olloii Uar, Tudor ........ ,,, .two 1040 l-'ord 1-Ton KXPI-HHH .^ 1UJW l-'ord 1-Ton Slnkn,, . ,$r»lO.(K) Many other Kxocpllolnal, Low THK NAIMJATUCK FUKI, CO, t? ..Chtiroh Ht, l»h(»n« 5'J,% tiONV, 1036 PAflKAHD ft (JI.UH •SKfiAN ./. ill IU)YAI, $625 $345 $690 Odd Mirrors Mo tnl KltolHMi CiiililnnlH Shoo UOXU.H lii.Jifi M1.UD 7U DlHlrhit of Naugatnnk, as, Hrobah: Cmirl, July 10, 1W2. of Lillian Ratfauskas, laU ItlMh \\'Uhlilntilon officials! ' - Jlu IB tojd, on tho ono luuid^thaf, gHSoJIno 'rutloninn J.s nooobsary 1 JJLM oauHo Ja,qk t of various moans' 'ot, transportation nuiKos it Ijnpotiklble to dQliY^r nprmaJ yuppllos. . llo - limn Jipar's lluili tho btoVugc tanks aro running over ^vltb) gasoline oven In rationed,ai'oas, aiul;that olvllian oonsumptlon J,s wall^bcinc roduoud In order to conserve ^lr and. oars. ( , ( i^oxt he reads an ottlol'al 'statement Ih'nt the government ^I'ay.'so'on^huvq to rollnqulsh bis'tires .and his oar. Before the, ink Is dry t |0n that report, he hqarw over tho ru'cllo!, fchat, f such. 1 (iraslJu aelion >lx not^do'n tern plated. Then to top^.it oft 4|io next news roport from \VashJngtdn pays J I. is hoped that experiments', now*undei fv Vr ", .n .>*• Looks Over N. Y. hope a oxperents^noNyundm way will produdo^a tire tjiaj,'9wiii' keep the oars,rolljn^;btp' M ot'o, . * Tho oltixon IsMpa't*'In-a welter of ooni'uslon. He doesn't know Nyl'ioTTTer ho Is-going to',have gas or lidyj'n' a oar next weclc or, next .month or next season, ,lfc doesn't JvnowAvh •the synthetic rubber and th They don't want to bo< kept in tltb concerning '-mailers vital to their welfare. What, they do want is for their government lo tell thom^tlie truth, explain Uic facts .adopt only policies wlrioh arc jn,hoc-owl \vjf,h 'true coi> UHlQiis, and stiokv lo tho^p policies. liUItGLAHS,SPOIL CAKE Minneapolis', Minn.,, Jultf 11—(UP) b.iker, who takes pride in. his work, wouJd s riit)her Idle Jnir^larsJiad taken* money, Rut they didn't. .ThEy just (book two bites out of a nice, big 'oakc —then threw it on I/lie 1'ioor, |,)or reclaiming',programs aro going »vo)l or badly. <An(PnQlhlng is harder on public mbrnleothun this kind if indecision,'beqausb It undermines jonfldonoo in leadership and governmental, management. The American people don't want to he pampered. ..-• , . They are sending tho(r hoys .1, war. and .financing: its cost to^jire-rv. ^ vo Mbui-ty at home. : ';Chhldren. Gen.-'Hsfurtfir-Shi-Fef; 'chief' of 'the ? rhl " e ; e *' Military, Mission to the United States, is phown peering through tfieitelescope atop the 03m- p,ire State Building in N.ew York, to |re£ an over-all view of the big city. vyatching him is Alfred E. Smith. Almost 25 million of the 2ti million passenger' cars in the county are used for what is class!Hod as "necessity driving." That means that they are used at some time or other for purposes connected with earning a riving or some closely related economic pursuits. You can see, can't you, what would happen if thcso cars couldn't run because they Jind no lires. And you can see, too, can't you, why it's necessary io make your tires last just as long as sililc, (Central Pr income Jn the flrst tor o{v. lhIs = yea'r. 1 readied a'iv annual don't want>to be-troaledMiUo I:™ 1 ? 'of SlOO .billion, an. all-time ' high,,Uic Department ol Commerce. reported. .; . ; -/.."'. ; : •;. .-. -. SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK MOONS IS fcEAU.y WHLK SttH rr, s AW A/ B/ 4,000 MILES- ^ oa, WOOD""**' OvFFEmE. FRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE NEWS ... ../RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! of NaiiKatuuk, within said l.)ii?trkit ;>(K) OTIIKIl ITKMS AT KXCI'JPTION- AliLV M)VV PIUUKSI'OOMI'J IN-ANI) I <()()!< Til KM UVKIU HA'DLWY'S ANN.WX I0:r Meadow S(,n»ot (J, K, -I'ortahln 7-lulus, U-way radio with ImlU'i-UiH, ^ SlniH, lorhury, \, applhmtlon -has been, imulu tu this Court, for purmlsMlon to purcrhaso curtain real uslato br.'- longlng to «"!<!• oslflto, UH applloa- tlon on file moru fully ttppoars, II ly f3l>, That the foregoing MP. bo- hoard and determii At .tlio 1 Prolmlii OlTluQ in said iNnu- guluoU, on the- KM,h day 'of .July. K., I). tUAii; ut 4:00 o'clock ,in t'hc afiwm>on of that day; and this LJour.l dh'iM''ts tliu ai'mrdUin to glvt publics .millon of Miu pondonuy ol said, application, ar?d the Ll-me and of hearing' tlmrcon, by pub- u nolkui thnroof ono tlinu. Norlh Main St , Wu- Employment 17 .lion Wanted Trio, A SAFR' PI«Af.!W- TO HOY" Avoniio Dial 4-UI09 1040 CMHYSM'IM IVX- oil, goml tin's, flllttl Hadlo, ah 1 <M»ndlMo.n, h«>nl- I alUer f> p, m, l Unltnd 'I'lro Paotocy JJO .lomn'Hon St., Wtby, Merchandise 111 ........ i> < n 1 1 iii Him nfn i ilium WifJKKH HAHY (.JAIWIAW'JH ..^'l^J) HAOfJOY'H ANNIOX 10ft Meadow Strict' Wutorbury OUT ALL (I A H (I A M (J 10 8 Tho only ranxo that nookn on ri-lalni'd hnatt •DOMKMTUJ AWLIANCK (!()HP. 14r, Grand St., WaliM'lmry, Dial M-HH4H FOIl Al,(, MAKKS OF WAHlIfNO MA DOMESTIC} APPIilANCJK COUP. I4« Grand sv, SVatorbury. ni«i Sl.ook (nnoi'Mpi'lng RELIABLE W ]•}. Main, Cor, (Join, VVal.nrbury WII,I« HI'ltifi To HMSPONHIhf,K PAMTY 3 roo/OM of bmiullfiilf now, modern PIMNI'WUN, iHWor dullvorod or used; Hudd<Mi ovonlH uauHiul a .or pi-aiin, HO you can buy MI!M , living room with lanipn, , oln,{.riiodorn wal\ut bwdroom f>--ph'ou kllr-bo/i M»V|, for only $1fK) • $,'H) flopo.Hlt and $.') wnukly WllllriK to HO|| Hoparatoly. May neon at your (jonynnbuiro at Alhort'H l« 1 uni, (Jo,, Wtby, 2iyj Houth Main W. • Pbonn 4-JII44 Car, Train or HUH oxpnnnnH rot'undnd 7-7tf HAI.KSMAN WAN'WKI) AN \VAiNTI-;i> for Mau'lol(/b Houlo, Heal oppoi'ttinlty for rlKlil nmn. Wo holp you K»'t Hlartnd, Wrllu UawlnlKh'H, I.Kipt. (J U (1-dO-O, Albany, N. Y, . 7-0-dlX. W •* «--f *-"*•* 7 fj-*^f mt *' • *; T *' T '*''**i^^*'r*T"t"*^/^r?7T''"T". 1 -^»JLTfi"-T*i l Sli31Cl AN'l>Jl^— lloy« for onrrlor rouUw. Apply Mr. Dillon, Cllroulatlo-n, ManaKrir, NauM'atimk l^illy NOWH. ^t^'ju^tj^w^-x^.^.^^^^K^^^^^i-x^^ 18 Womrni Wanlod or VJIIH. poHitlon. Ton yearn' oxiiorlonou, MV'I, Naugar 7-(»-d;i. VVAN'I'KIl— dapabhi woman woultl. posltlun 'dulMK tlnbt aod (MKiktiiK. Tr«l, MIW) for appolrvlinont afliM 1 0 p, in. Muni! homo 7-7dMx WANT tl >— S » I «'.s I u (ly , ' 1 nil Him*. Apr- ply Hon Ton Store, 171 Clhurob 7-10'dII, htor.vtoe bni'iinln.s In (food radlOH, prlcwl at ^!l-ifr»-$lO, Now, MfiKland 'MtiHlu Shop, iOSJ Orand SI,, Watnrbury. hint 4-7I9H. icAi, ANII HA i>i o »U;P\IMS I,OWH«U FJJ-Kl'MIK! CO, MluotrluUuiM in film roll tttrnol Tel, 2574: fop NOW IH tlio ilirii) lo your fur (uutl, I'iok up dtMlvrfy .soi'vlot', Also ihn dry (deunliMfi phonn liflirj KIKVAIAN'S 78 C.lnintn Htr^ol, .HT IJM Put Vour* f^iiwn Hlowor In nhapo rot' thu HuaHon, ' Mosvorn Hharpoiuul, rupalrod, oto, Gall for and dullvnry uoiwlnn, Mdtbourn Hni'vlod Station, imbhor avontio, TolopMono H480, 4-74f SERVICE On All rnakoH of and NKVV KNfHiAND MUH(C! HHOP ! Orand St, Dial a-7!0ii MI/SID A fiKOOiiDINfl All Tanxbt, Af«do AH Low AH So. Main Ht. . 4-Jfiffl Mota'l (Jo OutlorH, Loadni'H, TtnnlnK, and Kurnano Work JAM JOB BAKJtftt St. Nuugutuuk, Oouu, IU/SINKH8 HKIIVIUK oliix uluanur. Sorvloo and ro- flalkul for and dullvurud, 'lioim 1, NlH.mni, ^','2, 0-0-lino,x. •bol'ui'u tho IMth da,V of July, A, D. lUVi, In .^OIMW. iuisvsp.upur huvlng o olraulallon In 'naldi DlHlrlot, ait two (U'lys bol'oro said day U. liIMMKT SIJK'A, •Uulgo. 7-l.l-dJ. Dl.slrlet of N-au^tiioU,- SH, ProbaLo Coiirt, July 10, A, IX IM'2. of ,lohn Hank'.y, lato ol u; In '.said DlHtrlot, do- uousoil, Upon the application of Joseph' T, ManUsy, praying that lutfers. on admlnlslrallon 'may be granted on» snlil ustaU}, UH pur applltiatlon on. rilu more fully appcai'H, It IH •OHUI'MU'ID—That, suk, he heard and determined at .11 iu.. Probate Ori'luii . In Nangaluek, Ini Huk( DlHlrlot, on the i«l.h day ol| July, A. U, 11)42, at iO;ix> o/eloek, in the forunoon and L'liaib nollcu be K'lven of .Lbe. pomlonuy of said ap- plinatlon, and tho tlnus and p!;i<:<\ of liimrlntf thoi'Mon, by tlui siime fintj time In sonic, nesvs paper havitiK a •olroulatlon In Dlslrlol, a n d i;y posting a therupr on 1 Hie jniblle sign-posit Ini tho tosvn of iSftUtfuluyk, .In said District, and by sending, postage paid, a like notice to euph oi' UK.- known hulrs rnshllng oul.slclo this. niHtrlot arvd 'to l.he • AdmlnlstiMtoi of tlm Kstiito of Annie Mauley a!; least five days before'said day as- I), I'JMMIdT SHKA, .Jllll 7-ll-dl WHY Will HA VIC "NON, (,(H)l»i;HA»K)HS M (Wakollold, Mass,, Dally Itnrn) One eardlnal prhiolplo of our kind; of govurnmunt Is that publks offl- ulalM should treat :ilin people with,, perl'oot franknesH. Amorloan oitlxon's entitled .U> all the faets,..axucpt whlah Oonstltule aotual military seorul8, Are the Amerhuin people being aouorded i'r'anknussV'Tbe gasoline and, automobile situation this ({uostion. Thu American motorist has been ploMy up In tho air as to the i!»> of oar IransportalJon, He Iran hi\ar,d oounllosH. vanying "rupoi'ts. Ho has road, oonfliotlng statement, oonl'lloll/ig, M^aluuiont from Real Estate For Sale l«'or KOM HAIil'J— i\n 11-rooni hoiiHo, onn-imi 1 Kni'dgo, uxtrn largo lot, A-l oondltlon, looutod In Union City, I'rluo Jfitt.WX), AlHO a huautlful hulkllng lot with all ImprovamontH and oellur (ilronily dug, M hargaln at $700, LooatuiJ on North lloiullny Hli'oot, If -you want to l)iiy or «oll or build, HOO I'atny ^abrloln, JUmltor, J>howo IM5H or ftWj, FOH HAliK—•Mtuinnlfiw of 5 room*, all ImprovumontH IrtoltidlnK hot watnr jioat and oak trim. iji'i.fiOO, Now 4-rouin modorn bungalow, $5,000, iirand now modern 4~ro6m with 2 extra rooms un- <lnlHh»ifl, ijlO.OOO,. Klvc-i'oom modorn bno-famlly IIOUHO, 2 lolH, JjiC.WX), 15-rttoiii Jl-famlly IIOUHO, A-l oon ' dltlon, Uontrally looatnd, 1^0,500,"A Tidupliono UNITED STATES BONDS AND STAMPS By PAUL ROBfNSGK ETTA KETT THEN'YOU'RE WIMK^ GAL WHO'S ^ DlDVOU WRITE THE LETTEr2S IDEAi'SENDIN-' .OF DAME ALL.TWe NICE THINGS GLAMOROUS Mra: 1 SUPPOSE THIS MOVIE MAP : IS By ROBERT Si' SECRET AGENT X9 RIGHT, PfZINCE! A G-MAN,,. BUT NEVER BEFORE IN HER DUMBHEAD! YOU KNOW THIS "LIEUTMANT RUDOLF*j& A HERE COMES " PfilNCE CAESAR WITH BRIOlt BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITT and CLRENCE "GRAY AS THtY RU$M TOGETHER AGAIN, BRICK SLIPS NOW IDEALTME I DEATH/STROKE/ BARNEY aOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By BILLY DE BECK BIG SISTER By LES FORGRAVl MOBBED HIM^HUH?'GOQD/7 YHH, BUT IF YOUASK : I FIGURED H^D RETURN / -ME X I THINK'WE-'VE TO HIS ROOM WITH HIS . CAUGHT A CRAZY HE BRINGS A PICTURE FRAME/ BUT THE PICTURE 0 WITH HIM.THEN WHAT DOES / HE DIDN'T TEAR HE.DO?SlTS DOWN AND'v-4 THAT UP TOO TEARS IT TO PIECES' PICTURED WHAT 7 GREAT SCOTT/ t; PICTURE 9 -, / ME HE DIDN'T BRING IT WITH HIM* ' AND SKEETER By WALLY ,..VOO .MIGHT .GET A. SUM -STROKE !!„./, <I'LL. LE.T VOO GO A LITTLE- LATER- IN "THE SEASON! •TTOL.D VOU' FOR THE LAST ME i .',.;iv,.iTiS TOO OUT TO ^,rfSiXGO SWIMMING,! GEE: SISTER, 1 ~ THB SEASON TOLD ME: UAST SOMMER'l LE1T ME. GO ICE-SKATINiGM. ^opr 1 19«, K»n fi pJjtGr^Swdiwie

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