The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 20,-1934 •LYTHEVILLE,, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGBFIYt s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING [NFORMATION /illy raw per one W coraesu- Jve Insertions; ' ' to a line) ... 100 08c ** Ihaped an ate* aM «•*! '*•», rtqgired to'insure their return, ir b*( iaya. Mwc.HL•', UNIQUE .CLEANING (Five »ver»ge One time per llnu times per lluq per day 06C Ote ne True* time* per Jim per d»y . Klx time* r«r line per diy . Uontb r»t« P«f Une ......... Minimum oh»rge Ue Ad* oraereo :o' uiree or MI unit's and stopped before «plr»- t'ou will be charged tor the cum btr of times the id appeared MM idjustmcnt of bill All ctauinwt Advertising copy mibmHteil by persons residing out- tide of Uio city oust be Mcora- ptnted by cash. . Rates m»y be computed from above table. the work contemplated, and sircdlkiulons, ndilrcss Clilef, quested, a deposit of $500 ' by check It should bo certified Riict rimde payable to U. 6. Department of Agriculture. II plaits arc not Trniric, U. S. Department, ol Agriculture, Washington. D. C. Oldest Resident oi Altoona Dead at 110 ______ ALTOONA, 1M. (Ul-J— nUooiiH'S lulilest resident, Hnclicl Hunts, 110, The f'enli whcol was iwnii'il|ilic woman who grew up with u Aunt ni\chcl llvril Ilirnui;!! II ol](o Contnil I'ennsylviuiln where she thu niosl crlllnil decmlos ul llnslrtvcd (or 103 years. niillon's lilstoiy. | Twenty-seven presidents . were Seven ycara aflcv llic Monroe liiKUgufatcd In her llfulmc. Slip son, Rev. Morris Uurrli, 75, Pittsburgh. .... : Doclilue hud bci-n Inunhed ill European chancellories, wlilli! .'fhe .ancients thcuBlit UK eta we're attached psrinaiicntly. 16 the , in Aunt. Hnchcl wns mnrrlcd when dome of the sky, so they calif el' 1 -Teddy" lloosavcll was born. Ho tiwrn fixed stars to distinguish them from Ihe wandcilbi; planet*, j Mint Hnchel Is survived by one) «end Courier News Want Ads. no icsponsiDlutY wni be taken tcr more than one Incorrect In- tertlou ot auy classified ad. Advertising orcwfcC lor frregu- «r Insertions wki> the ou» time rite. PHILLIPS' USED CARS bUBR. WE AKK Ol'FK NIGHTS'. CO.MC, BRING YOUR FAMILY AFfEK SVPPKK - WE WILL TRADE WITH YOU - SAVE SIDNEY - »ON'T WAIT BUY NOW: •23 GKAIIAM 1'AIOK SEDAN. A Real Buy ? 112 •tS PLYMOUTH SEDAN. New Pairi. Bargain ? 125 •30 rONTIAC COACH. Gcud anil Runs Gocd •28 DOUCE SEDAN - VICTOR •29 DO1IGE SEDAN .. '31 DODGE SKDAN . STANDARD STANDARD TRUCKS CHEVROLET Tiuck, Closed \Vlitcls '32 FORD l!i Ton Truck, Closed C»ti, Dual Wheels $29 '32 CHEVROLET. l^f.- Inch Whcelbasc, Cab, Dual Wheels ...... 538, •30 FORD PICK-UP .TRUCK. Closrd Cab. Baigaln PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~ USED CAR LOT Corner 1st « Walnut SU. »-noi:« Ull) - 811 BUSINESS ;>iKt;CTOR¥ CALL 127 For highest Quality Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Ked Ash Coal. Lowest. ni-H Content. Good dry COOK and heating wood aud kindling. Corn, Imy, mixed feed, fnrm seed, taule and stock salt. Home of hisn quality pioducts ann lov; cash prices. FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Owned business e and Ketail Keep Kool with Hunter FANS. Unconditionally guarantied IIIJRBARD HDW. CO. 1'OK SALS idcrful bargains in good used electric refrigerators and ke boxrs. Used and new electric CHEAP. Also fan repairing. Bargains In used Dcko light plant and batteries. E. I!. UEE SALES CO. •101 Shin St. .Fpr Sale Bandy 40 acre OZARK farm within 2 miles good town. On, daily mail route. Four room house, woven irire fence. Fruit. 1'rice S350-oiiiy part cash. J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. REPAIRING oOTr reduction .lulj Only On I urniturc repaired, rcflnished, «P bolstered. 1'alrirk at Farkhonl'9. Call 57. t-rk-8-9 Factory nuthorlwd KRIG1DAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mecb»nki Day 67—Phone—Night WZ E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Slain St Fire Home Loan EJtim'atts Roofing, Painting, Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. lOc k8-10 returned within 15 days after bids Its inventor, Oeuriie W. , Ferris, im American cnglucm 1 niirtl "«i«c here. ftnrtrew Jncksoii wns cnrrenliit; his axe opened, the deposit Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed way In muddy boots ncross White stet'l tildge builder Horn :il Annapolis, Md . on April torfelted <u the Government. rftfdlrvion W. Walnut. C«ll 102. In Gitlrsburi:, 111.. In 1859 copies of standard forms, OUR BOARDING HOUSE MODEHN 3 room iurniihed or i». DAWN OF AN IDKA! furnished apartment over Kitty ' 8ECWSE OF PAfWS TOE/ Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. WN'T WHAT VJORRVtNG ME 3UT - WHAT HOL01N' IT UP ' HAW—VAOW WELL I "RECALL VAERE,TO tAV (SOLD rA\NE-^-I WAS TWE -BUTT JEST^ /XND v« CftN'l BE UNTIL HE CM* STAND OP M* OWE ME AWftV fit TH' . CERFifAONV: OM- SO THAT'S OH-EB-! WE1X-1 GOTTA BE GO1N'- 6'BVE.' Nicely Furiushed BED Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. JO-ck-7-10 JUST TO GET YOUR ON ,- ACCOUNT OP TH" 1. GLfcPE PROM > FIXCO UP PEPPING AUTCWJTIV0 S»v<- Itome a>4 Mtoey «nr cMualetc T5P\CK TROtA KtfUctmcat f*tt* Hnbbud Hardmn Co. D«Pt. - - rtMM fit 6c k.8-6 YOULL DO NO hAORE OF- IT, WENCER3RTH / N\V T316NVTY AND NOBLS NWAt ^ $ ROOM & BOAED OOO Meals ani EiM". able ftites. Mn. T. K. WaUok, 2 East Cherrr. Fb*ne Mt. 20c k7-20 TH\S IS ONE TWE 1 DON'T ; HAVE FOO2V TELL ME WHPvT TOO.' NB.VI SIR.' I KMOVI WHAT TOO/ SO TUtV CAN'T NVARRV TUOR DUMB DAUGHTER Of F ON ME 'tlix TK' KING'S ROVW. TOE GETS VJEV.L.' HAW.' WOTTft BREAK FOR ME .' Lawn Chain TJnpalnled THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO 25c AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for summer driving at jargain prices you probably will ever see again. Come in. Corn- are our prices on auto par's, res, tubes, motsr. oU, 6 gal $1.50. WOLF ARLAN We Sell Wholesale and Ml all Phone 176 - - 128 E. Main HEAR 1NTXJE , J ~~^..--^-*-—r V. ^^ J 1 VT- ' i'T. ti"^' i.i* Ma u.s r*T.of TIE CL.ASP WITH "H" ON OWNER MAY HAVE SAME -BY CALLING AT THIS OFFICE AND AYING FOB AD. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE GUY JIEANS IT! f Rooms and Apartments f«r FAIR visitors. 50c per ptrsen for night. W. A. Snodgrass, 17 W. S»ptrior SI., Chicago. 18p k22 AM', i voot AViO OOOT—YOU CANT MtPvtt N\. TO 6O "TOSM WVTH OUR MARWfMbt V.\ VOU • VOU CM* CROP VA Mikinr, Re-blocking ft Trimpitng Hats We can make r°«r oW hats like new. Steam Mocked into any new Style. Mn. H. G. Wkfcham - Beu Hill At O«r fill W«t Maia-- - rtwoe 28« lOc M-10 VOO .'otCWi'E.t O? WtVV f\0 A 606S\V , A C«t^9 LEGAL NOTICES WARNING ORDER the Chancery Court CWcka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. AUred Greenwood, Plaintiff vs. No. 5735 Ida Greenwood, Defendant. The defendant, Ida Greenwood, Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Allred "Jreenwood. Dated this 18th day of June 934. By Elliott Sartain, D'. C. R. L. Gaines. Cleric. WASH TUBBS . LINKED HASH IVlfsl uftDBCV-JI. GHE WAS THE •npoi=r. ACMOOK. VD r CLOir-ICD TO (3E UMiSAOCDTO MARIA-/ VOJP. PAD. K>»VCVER, HGR"hNCAGEM£wr RINQ WAS REALLY A HHHEfl RIS!<3, A1JP PAR 7OO BIO. OBVKXJSl.V, SUE H"U STOLEN THE BIRTHOfW PRESENT VOIJR DAD HAD HCXifiMT VOU. SO I PUT TWO AMP TV.O TOGETHER, Q.MD THE MURDER WAS SOLVKP. ^r~ IHftT, OW THE DAV OF THE HOLD-UP, BARS": I'HONSP A JOU POLflMD IW WINCHESTER. THAT POLflHO- MiS BEAL NAMB WA^ POLftRIS— WAS'A MEMBER OP THE L^DKOMI MCS. THE CASE AGAINST BABE WAS A CIKCH AFTER I FOUND SHG'o MAILED THE PISTOL FROM THE 1 CHECKED PICTURES OP THE LADROV1I M38, AND LOMO CISTANCE CALLS HADE FROM THE Holland & Barham, Atty. MEIT OP AGRICULTURE, Wash- ineton. D. C. July 11, 1934.— Sealefi Bids in single copy will be received until 2:00 o'clock pjn., Eastern Standard Time, on the 14th day of August, 1934, and then publicly opened, for furnishing all labor and materials and performing all work for constructing a dilch. earth fills and. embankments, and timber spillways for Big !.akc Bird pefuge. located at Manila .Arkansas. The principal items of the work covered by thii invitation for bins arc approximately as follows: Excavation for SALESMAN SAM HE WANTS TO A10I VOU'D THINK I WflS JUST A 1 SCRUB AROUND THIS JOINT, INSTEAD OF A BIS-LEAGUE SLEUTH NOT MILKIM', FRESH GUV.' THIS is OWE OP TH' CHIEF'S C500FV IDEAS' Ht OROEREP Me Tfl GO O^ER ftN' CLEftM UP KELLY'S pcou ROOM' LISSEN, THEIDEfMSTO PDJIBT 1 TCXOJATO, WO ORDERS IS OROtRSlI WHERE ARE VA MV PRETTV MAID ? dilcli, 25,000 cubic yards; levee borrow pit 5,600 cubic yards; rarth embankments, 6,600 cubic yards; cypress piling in place, 2.600 linear feet; pine timber In pill way overflow sections, eet B. M.; pine timber in sp~- uay end and wing walls, 22,000 Vet B. M.; pine timber In- bulk- HO StRv'ED WIUO THE BftRS heads In levee borrow pit fills, 55, 000 fect,B. M. Award of contracts will bo made only to contractors er.ce and financial resources to Insure the satisfactory construc- FRECKLES AND HIS FKIKNDS LETTS GO SEE WHO IT WAS...MAYGE THERE'U. BE A LITTLE EXCITEMENr V THATVWSMT AN ECHO WE HEARp^.NO EClip EVER SOUMDSD TWfT'HA'RO- BOILED.' PONT 00 IT, NUTTV. MAYBE THERE'LL BEND TROUBLE AT HE FINDS OUT WE'RE JUST STAWD V/HERE Afta '. ILL BLAST YOU OFF'N THE 7WAIL,1F YOU MOVE ANOTHER STEP.' T.SO'JJCED I LIKE -THE VOICE CAME FROM THAT CAIJYOSJ OVER THERE — BUT YoO CANT TELL Italian- .poet, born. IM 60MWA TRV AN PULL A. SNEAK, FRECKLES. FOOLING.,.DO VW HIM SAY, UNTIL GET GOOD r PLAU. 1 J• / ^// 1 ' v/E theses CIRCLE CAT/O'J vVACATIONINQ UP HERK operation. of first electric locomotive Ja America..

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