The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1941 BLYTHEVTLLE,-(ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEft These Men Command U. S. Asmies And Heels U. S. Envoy To Bulgaria."Alway Craved Excitement," Says Wife Here are. the generals, admirals and flagships of our three'new fleets that form the• bulwark of leadership in U. S.'defense. At sea, Admiral H. E. Kimmel is commander-ln-chief of the U. S. fleet as n whole, and of the Pacific fleet; Rear Admiral E. J. King- commands the Atlantic fleet; Admiral T. C. Hart commands the Asiatic fleet. On land, Lieut.-Gen. Hugh Drum commands the first army arcn; Meat.-; Gen. Ben Lear, the second army; Lieut.-Gen. James Brees, the Uiivci army; Lieut.-Gen. John L. DeWilt, the fourth army. In command & 1 the newly consolidated .Caribbean defenses (Panama Canal, Puerto Rico and Trinidad) is Lieut.-Gen. Daniel Van Voorhis. ' Vaetiee Of Giving Prisoners Hclucation and Traming Ls Growing NFAV YORK. UJP> — Education and vocational training to rohu- inmates of American prisons has sv.'opt through the country 'in t.he last. year, trn informing many into virtual schools, according to a report of tlu 3 A nun 1 loan Association. Out of r.iij muionnl and stiue prison livstituiion.s, the survey .said, utilise educiUionul training as u n intoRral pan of their .systems todnv. Three-quart er.s of them ^hv vorruioiiitl tniinlnc, to in- lll.tti-S US \VPll. Forty- four .stiiU 1 prisons, with a combined population of HtJ.'JU?, reported lS,i»!i5 inmates atlc-ndmy, -i hue schools, and I5,7ti9 at- full time. Seventeen state with i7,r/.M inmates hud 4,7^8 In pan time t\iul 3.-12" In full time school, Iho .survey showed. Nearly half the Inmates wore ushu; iheir idle time to train fcr f.Liinful <Mnployinent when tlu\v nro f roe.' Similar vremt.s wore noted In 17 women's institutions, 12 federal \ prisons for men. :ind other insii- ' tin ions. More than 100 of the prisons in ihe country now have Installed circulating libraries, while ill! per eem h»vo shops and offices providing vocational training; 75 per cent have •recreational facilities vised by more than half their In- iimies; 7i per cent maintain part- time schools; (SB per cent have t'uil- . time teaching staffs. Extra - currk-ular teaching aids, 1 such as lectures, movies and group radio 'groups had been^oreanivied in (j7 per cent of the nation's prisons, 60 per cent had recruited teaching corps among' their inmates; SH per cent e.dif their own prison papers and the same number provided facilities for correspondence. courses from accredited educational Insti- festivity nnd party-going in (Bulgarian capital), which, dentally, happens to be s beautiful, gay and 'sbphisti city." II; has also, by the, way,; called "the hotspot of the : kans," since Hitler started: cd: ei'liu; it as a corridor. for fensive in the southeast. •••;iw '"'/•T'-p'-Tri Mrs. liui-lo wears u hiuulsome I'mcrnld rmg- und smiles inscrutably ovi'r tlit- ti\lc that floor jje Eiirl<; won U from Kinir Rorls in si pin-bull fame. Uy NEA. Sorvloi* plane crack-ups as the Prlnco of HAVORFORD. Pn. — Glaring Wales was for falls from horses headlines put war's spotlight on a decade or so ugo. Bulgaria—and also serve to recall, 1 Last winter, when Earle was ap- o those who know him, that one pointed to the Bulgarian post after 1' Pennsylvania's most colorful an unsuccessful try at .Jim Davis's OILS Ls U. S. Minister to that Bnl-tseat in the Senate, his wife and ;m hotspot. He Ls George Hubert.j three of his sons accompanied him rirle. Ill, who. his wife says "til- abroad. EXCITEMENT A.s Mrs. Karle tells it, how, the U. S. drew its handsome headquarters in Sofia Is a story in itself. It seems that the building was first offered to the French. But because it faced the rear of an equestrian statue of Tzar antler II of Russia, they refused* feeling it was an insult to tj national pride, With no suchfl thetic sensitivity, the tt S. legatj and recently the Earles have occupying it ever since. SIJE'D MKE TO GO BACK Last May the State Department ordered "families of U. 8. diplomats •—including the Earles—to come home. And so Mrs. Earle, who likes• excitement as well as her husband, and. wants to be near him anyway, hiul to conifi back to her*comfortable old Victorian house in Haverford. "I don't hear from George regularly," she complains. "Communication is so difficult and not really stuslfGCtory. I do wish they'd let me RO back to Sofia. Only then would I feel really comfortable about how George is getting along," 'ays craved excitement." One Place of Peace Left in Europe | Today's Menu % teaspoon salt, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 4 tablespoons fat, about ?i cup of water to make a very soft dough. Sift the flour, dry skim milk, salt, and baking powder together. tutions outside. Praising the work accomplishes in Lhe big majority of the country's prison institutions, the Prison Association, however, warnei that other prisons provide' no fncll ities for education and improve ment of their inmates. Their sur vey also rrlticl/.ed ihe eclui'ationu programs of other institutions as badly planned nncl executed. The association annomu-ed that dry skim milk, plays an important j j y stirring from the center "until il womcl concentrate Its efforts this By MRS. GAYNOR ittADUOX NEA Service Stnft' Writer Where economy is a large factor,, cut'in the fat. Add the water^slow- "In spite of blackouts," says Mrs. role in family nutrition. It has j^ 'soft dough Is formed Drop >om l - veai ' in ^-tendinp education in practically the same value as !~resh7 a "spoon onto i leased baking P^ons Urns fnr not 'developed In skim milk, providing protein. cal-; sheet> and bak g jJJ a hot oven | ihis - seusc '' imd ^ establlshin?, Improved standards in the others. Hobo Awarded '"Degree" In Migratory Literature cium, and other minerals.' with sugar and vitamins B and G. In the preptinuiou of dry skim milk, only the fat, vitamin A, and water are removed uom the whole milk. 1450 degrees F.) for about 15 minutes. To add nvu-rients at low cost to your menus, combine white sauce made with dry skim milk with Dry skim milk can be kept with- i, fish or chicken. Vary out refrigeration for several weeks it kepi in a tightly, covered container. If exposed to the air, however, it absorbs moisture, becomes lumpy, and. changes flavor. = To prepare fluid milk with the powder, measure cold or warm wa- tei into a bowl, sprinkle, powder ! over the surface^ and beat until ! powder dissolves. Do not use boiling water. your seasoning to taste. For .WHITE SAUCE white sauce for • ANN ARBOR, Mich. (UP).—Uhl- I versity of Michigan sociology-stu- M'eamed i dents have received definitions of SPOON BREAJD Cue cup dry skim milk, 1 cup meat or scalloped vegetables use j a hobo, n tramp,, and a bum—and 2 tablespoons of {at, 2 tablespoons 1 from ..someone, who ou^ht to know. of Pour. V 4 to VL- cup of dry skim ' j. Leon Laznrowitz,. new presl- mllk to each cup of water, and ; dent of the Rambling Hobo Pel'/i teaspoon of salt. Heat and stir ; lowship of America, told the stu- lt Is significant. Uml widespread Earle, "there was a great, deal of redence was given to n story that, ecently went the rounds In Wash-! ngton thin George Eurie had won vn emerald ring troih King Boris n a plnball game. The Bulgarian elation denied it vehemently—but to many others it seemed quite in character—with Mr. Earle, not the King. Mrs. Earle admitted here in E-laverford the other day that her husband HAD taken a plnball mn- i chine abroad—though she doubled! he had played it with the king. But then Mrs. Earle la noted for her sense of humor. She has the! emerald rln£. ; A onetime First Lady of Penn-' sylvanln. Mrs. Earle Is a slim, attractive woman in her early forties, with a carefully-groomed appear- ) imce. It's hard to believe thai she's I the mother of four sons—two of : thorn over 21. LIFE WITH GEORGE— NOT ,Y DULL MOMENT V,'hen she married V t).ie present: Minister over 25 years ago, he was \ in. line'to inherit a large fortune;] and was known nr, one of Penn- ; .sylvaniit's few first-rate playboys, nils, reputation he only began to j outgrow towards middle age, when j he tank n sudden Interest In poll- ; tics and was named Ambassador! to Austria. Later he became the i state's first Democratic Governor! in half a century. Even now, Mrs. Earle Indicate*. | life with George Earte keeps her' on her toes. During hi.s t^nn u j governor he become almost as well-known in Penn.syhanni ki. i HARRISON'S AUT< PARTS & GARAGI SFtlVICE STATION 45-Minuto Battc»T Rcclmrgi GuTiei'iil Repairing, Wcldii Across from Red Top OI Prepares You lor Good Paying Jpb in AVIATION... constantly until thickened. cornmeal, 1V° teaspoons salt, 1 cup cold water, 2 cups boiling water, 2 eggs, beaten; 3 tablespoons t'at, melted. Mix the meal, dry skim milk, and salt thoroughly. Combine with 1 cup of cold water and stir until smooth. Add 2 cups of boiling wuier. stirring constantly until the mixture thickens. Blend » small amo'uUi with the beaten eggs. Combine all the ingredient:;. Pour into ( a well greased hot pan or baking i dish and bake for 45 to 50 minutes in n • hot oven (400 degrees P.). Serve frcm the pan in which it was baked. DROP BISCUITS Pour and one-half tablespoons dry skim milk, 2 cups sifted Hour, dents a'hobo is a migratory worker, a tramp a migratory non- worker, and'a. bum n non-migratory non-worker. The class considered this fair weighing 9 or 10 pounds, in Co- enough and so awarded Laznrowitz lonial "days. One of 'these si:gar -an honorary degree: "doctor of cones lasted a family about a year, migratory .literature." "Cone" Sugar Sugar was purchased in cones 10,000 New Aviation Jobs in St. Louis for Well-Trained Men Hrtpar* youmlf for a good paying Job In aviation by starting Fry* training now. In only 6 week* you can graduate and b» quallflsd for ana of tlio 100,000 fob* now opening up In th» U. S. 10,000 troirtud men wlil be netded In the n*w 5t. Louis aircraft plant ctono. Proporly trained workers will bo In demand about th« lima you flnlih your court* 4 . . If you start now. \ota. (or Frye System Recognized by Manufacturers Recognizing the copyrighted Fryo ivsloin at a JOporior method or training, aviation leac!«rf mr«tl 1500 Frve.ora^ualoi for gofl.^- job» Jn,W-*0. They or a proving,Iheit.worth . to timplaytfri ond daily Increasing th» prcsfig* of Frye training In such plants ai Uiaiei Consolidated, Dooplaj, Lockhyod, North Arnerfcon owl Norrhrop In California; "lcon» to Sfeamian, Soeclicraft ond Cassna at.WJ lla, Kaniai; Marftn al Baltimoro, Md.; Cu , ,Konsa* .Cil|*.-.-^ ,...,4. ,.,„„, '^.,,-. ._ When you begin your Frye ccurs*. you •jxpoct to bocomo highly ikilled and ht voluoblu as ait eviction wcrkor. Fryo I stnjctors are thoroughly earripeUnf. Clo (day end nleht) ars npl ovar Shop* and' closiroomS are com squipped. And you.-.Uurti under foclofy conditions. ' . . . fan" Immediate Action Is Vital AIDfDACT /TlAADAMV y °° 1 ' c " /0 an 0 PP ortl Jnlty now you may **llv VRMrl V.WlYirMI'l I nover hovo agoJn. Set your course today For a successful career in aviation by i writing, phoning or visiting our school. Opan qvenmgj ond Sunday5. Ask about easy terms. . . (8) D1W5IOM /J7'2fi North Oniiiil Blvd.. Doi>l-. :$0 St. Loulu, Mo. I'll. JofforHOH 700U SCHOOLS in ST. LOUIS* KANSAS CITY-OMAHA-DALLAS High in the sunlit Swiss Alps, yet undarkened by war, a parish priest celebrates the holy mass, a symbol of peace on top of a continent covered with conflict. Occasion was the placing of a great wooden cross at the peak of 12,969-foot Mt. Bietschhorn above the N Lotschen..Valley of Switzerland, - CHAMPION Young Explorer Learns What's Under Skylight SALT LAKE CITY. Utah. (UP) — Five-year-old Charles McNeill and his 4-year-old .sister, Ethel- mane, were playing around the edtfts of a skylight in a court adjacent to their second-story apari- mcnt. Ethelmane dared Charles to go out on the skylight to see what was below. Charles took off his shoes. He edge dout on the glass. He reached the center pane when tho crash came. His mother picked him out of the broken glass in a shop below. He was cut and bruised but net seriously. And— most important—he had found ow what was under the skylight. Part Time Work Helps 1316 Harvard Students CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—To defray college expenses, 1,316 Harvard students earned $260,398 during the 1939-40 academic year in temporary employment that included 100 baby - tending assignments. The student employment, office reports the odd jobs included work for 391 typists, 328 entertainers and 2H waiters* APPROVED Alfalfa Seed Lespedeza Seed Oats Seed Corn All Kinds of Field Seeds Keystone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dressed Poultry L. K. Ashcraft & Co. 112 E. Main Phone 154 We Bny Poultry PER WEEK A RECORD i\IAKIN G AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. , . . and here's America's PET whiskey because it's HERE ARE THE KEYS TO A NEW DRIVING THRILL! in a Chrysler Fluid Drive! • • • Tested, Proved, Advanced! $1.20 Quart $2.35 ft) Proof • Gco.A. Dlckel DistillingCo.,lnc.,tex1ngfon,fy. Combined with New Vacamatic Transmission • • • It's Different Smoother... Finer... more Thrilling... than any other driving! • • • WHY SHIFT GEARS? WE WANT to hand you the keys to a Fluid Drive Chrysler with Vacamatic transmission and give you a new thrilling experience. You can't compare Fluid Driving with anything chat's gone before. It's so much easier .-.. and simpler . . , and smoother. It's the new, modern way to dr^ve. Gears ad just'themselves automatically, in normal driving. That alone would make it astonish- ing. But Fluid Drive goes far beyond that. It's the smoothest drive ever put in a motor car. Ac traffic lights you simply step on the brake > to stop. To stare again, you release the brake and step on the gas! Smooth as oil! One fan-like wheel drives • another by forcing oil against it, just as watetic| turns a turbine . . . and just as smoothly anif silently. || Why not try this new driving thrill . , . in.«| ||| more beautiful Chrysler . . , tailored to yoaljB taste? There's a smooth-as-oil Chrysler ready fcj|| you any time. Just 'phone or come in to see utsS 5th & Walnut Phone 810 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash St. BlytheviUe, Ark. Phone ill

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