The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1936 BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Small Grains, Hay and Vegetables Grow Readily; Living Cos'.s High Matanuska Settlers .Show. Their Procduts PAGE Ily TIlKltON HIKE NKA Service Siieciul Corrcspoml'snt ANCHORAGE. Alnsku. — More Ihari two moiittis before the official j celebration of Thanksgiving Day-j Alaska's Mntamiskfl Viilley Ins already celebrated its llrst bountiful /harvest by sttigliu; what was proudly called the First Annual Mnhmuska Vnllcy Pair. No one who saw the nriv." n r "--\- ucts of Hie 150 colonist fainlllo.s spread out on loivj tables In the spacious new community hall an-J. f.chqol at Palmer could fail to i'2- cnll.'niiollicr T^anksgivitis. Pioneer colonists celebrated -that one,' loo,' at 'Plymouth in l(!2l. For four days the Mitlanuska colonists gloated over the fat livestock housed in special barns, the bundles of vegetables, tlie golden sreave.s of wheat, the bunches '">f clover that v;ere their answer to Mio^p who sa r | thay couldn't grow ' anything In Alaska. The new fair buildings added to (lie notable growth of Palmer, which was little more than a ix>st- oflice nn:l a. genera! store h3f->n the Abskn Rural Rehabilitation LAND PRODUCTIVITY I'HOVKI) None of the c"'orosls n-nv -l^nM- Ihs valley's ability to produce Such troubles as have cut Mis 'colony down frnm.lhe original 201 fimi- Ji?s to the. irejcnt 150 arij3 from other sources. . Ross L. Sr.cely, manager of th? eorporatlon, pointed prourllr to his own garden to show what can be grown, and is being fuown. Potatoes, radishes, turnips, beets, rutabagas, parsnips, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, kohl rahi, peas, beans, onions, spinach, S\vuss chard nnd celery were all there. Tomatoes even ripened during trie uast favorable summer. Wheat, oats, barley, rye. buckwheat, mid flax, clover an:l several varieties qr hay and vetch were', shown nt the fair. Tree fruits, melons, and alfalfa . were failures. FRET OVKK FARM COSTS The fair and (its c:\iibits did much lo reassure the colonists as far us the farm possibilities of the region go. But Uhere .ire complaints, even nmong the mast industrious, about the financial end ofjthc colonization scheme. In the first plncq.!'lr</y rjnd-it hard,t<i gat .used loathe /Alsstan". prices, substantially' higher '-an everything than in the states. "We can't find whore \ve stand . v as to what we owe tr.e government." said a colonist with a splendid record. "We get statements on what we owe the commissary for food and c'Jlbin?, but we can't .find out what our houses, bud, and 1m- IVMIPP-OHI, : , re goju» to stand us. OPINIONS IN CONFLICT "We now find our farms are go- ine to cnst 115 more Mian \vt were told," he continued. "Even mv -:lebt will be more than SSflfiO, anil I Iwv? done all my o;vn labor in building my house and Improving tbr land. Other., who liave labor bill* will have debts higher than mine." Another colonist's more cxtrsm" view was:. "There won't. b2 any farmers on these farms when thev find out what they're going to cost No one is going to pay 10 or 15 thousand dollars for a 40-ucrc farm in Alaska." But still another says "They couldn't chase me out!" Manager Shecly says hs has made vain efforts to get the appraisals made and reports sent. Ha thinks ttie average debt will bo around S5COO. Most of the colonists do not fear the oncoming second winter. Their houses are built now, and it wasn't any colder last winter than in the homes they left bjhind them in the states. Nineteen below zero was the coldest, a relatively mild winter, anil snow \vas only a few inches deep, old-timers say 1G inches is gcorl nverngc. '.WOSQUITOKS ARE ^The mosriuilocs were bad. the jfllanisls admit, but the season for Minn is only about a month and a half loin, you could stnnrl them. if you wore a veil when yon \vcr.t Into the forest. It ts now more than two montli? since any colonists have left to go back to the states. Fourteen or 15 families who were residents of Alaska have been accepted to replace some of the 55 families who left. and others who are paying their own way up from the states will also be accepted to fill vacancies on the 111 farms which now- have houses on them. Sixty children have nlso added to the population of ths colony since arrival, an.1 there will ba many more within the next few months. Three colonists, Virgil Eckhart, Joseph l\ihl, and Walter Pipptl, have already declared their inrtc- pendence of further government credit, and have started payin? back their loans. There will be several more this fall, sheely believes. BARNS BEING BUILT New barns arc rising now, to supplement the houses built last winter, nnd the colonists have cleared nn average ot eight acres apiece. The first creamery in the region, which will market co- ralively for the whole valley. Ill soon be in operation. Poultry Typical of Maianvska Valley homes nu.l. fcrm l;i!>J.n>i r.:c- the:;., ovn-.i! !,y w ,r rr ,,,,,,., . cotonls . who already h,s s „,,«! ., c; ^ ,,„ ro « rjrawt ;„,„. , Lo w ,,. ,, ^ ••';• " ncsotn tefcre B o«i|{ (o Alaska. 1 .tnki«» proof that vlrtoMy ™>ry variety of v^e.^.c en:, to ..,„«-„ - m A ; llsl::i ,. „,,,, 1]( .. c ( , an exhibit at the first Mr.l Bn «: : . Valley. Fair. M. C. ^.-.i ,,,^ 0 (! Mi ,, tr j» UlB v -,, „„, ,. M ^ c. the fair, is shewn with cnior.s. carrots, cucumV.:- t,-,b!).i 3 c, ]elliiC'L-, cilery iiolalrc'i wlira't nn-l clover raised by colonists. '" '""••"• ''"•' —WKKKLY SUNDAY SCII001, l.KSSON— The Macedonian Gall . .Iiric:n:;'.ic::'il Unifnrni Sntuliy Kchcc! Less'.n for Oct. 4. EY W3I. K. Gll.ilOi', I). 1). Editor of Advance j Having finished .his first mh- ! sionary journey, Paul and his "cmpanion. Barnabas, returned to •\ntioch. But almost Immcdiate- 'y Paul cc-nccivcd the plan ol a second., journey ' lo the "cities in .Asia -.MEipr, where they had al-j neatly .ifoiiiided churches ;or, per-! i?.'.)s one should say. establish-1 3tl groups of dLseiplcs, giving them' •jicourpgemcnt in the faith. I At Ihe outset, one of those un-; fcrtunate lifts which occur even between gocd men, and in the >'.st cf organisations, marred the 'eellng of personal good will, and >ft a blot- unon (he early hir.-< 'cry of the church. |" The' nuarrel concerned John Murk, who hsul been tlie co:n- ^aricn tif Paul and Uarnalras on he first journev, hvt who had 'eft them during the journey' •-rarently, ni Paul thought.' i'hoirt yoocl reason. Barnabis iri-rd to take John Mirk with them apiin. Paul refused, and, Uie ccn[c:itlon between the two; rod pirn V.-RK so shnrp th^yp -eparatcd, Paul taking Silas as 'iis companion. j Whatever mav have been un-| lei-lying Ihe dispute, or what- vcr may have bicn the fault of lohn Msrk, ho evidently re-, 'rieved it, for the young dis- •i'jle became the author of our 'ccond Gospel, the sini]?lesl. most ivid. and most direct record ol. the life end ministry cf Jcsf's. ' This recond journey cf Paul -\as to hava ^cRUlls momovjtous i : n his o - vi» ' expcriwi a'i'l for; 'he western world. lie did not ici'.ttmpliite leaving /-sia. hni. his >lai-.'), hv ' wli J- he liyiKicVii -'rcvlrlCHtlol euidancc. were I crfered with nt more than c cinl. Havin-r vi.-^iletl the churcl •i Gai.-.tia, he found himself "rcrs 0:1 th^ Aes:ran Eea. ac:< hicti was the continent cf F t~.v. liere at Ticas a vision r ;c?.red to Paul in Ihc ni;ht. a\v a man of Macedonia, a l.-card him EiiyIii B : "Come ovcr ( :r.,^ Mnmltiiln ami lio'.p us." j liu: significance of such a vi- , tio!i for n mnn such as Paul i BBS plain. Irr-nediatcK-, lie \s.\a[ p'?»s lo BO to Macedonia, inul • aiTivc-:! i:Him?t?ly at Phi!ii;,ii • chief cily cf the districl, Mr-re! he tan-ird ami, on the- Sabbath day, went outside Hit- giitc of thc city l-.y a riverside, v.-hc-r.; ' £ " mMSeii '" '" ' "' ^ Ucar. -Ihe prpbubility Is that! these \vho came' by the rlwrsid" I Ic pray were earnest souls whose ! dcioiioii mijht li'avc made thcmi marked In a pagan cily. and who | clicse ll-.ia place of relrcat ami i worship. I "line la no lefc-miM lo any men in the company, but we ur; I'''I Him I'oi-l .-.H-jtn to wuiiv.-n who were Bathcrctl there. Amonj tnt:.2 was Lvdio. n ".seller of ]:i-ijilc" home was in'l 'll!j-:Viirn. Tlie would 1)21 that ;,lir. was a woman of somo': svliSitanstf In bud ness, for "'jiir- tle" was n requisUs ol the well- toHlo. k ,, Th.e baptism -of Lydu \vas a 'ho'fab:c t-yciu. She became the honored first ol that, long rimt I'Llile lino or women ,ln Europe and Ilic western world, who have irinislcrcd to the saints, nnd fcrvccl the church v.ith fervor nnd devotion. Blcsaert be .Ly;li.i, "the sJlcr of puriile." " wilt also be handled, Tlicsc f^i- cilities \vS11 ssrve old sett bra us well ns thn now colonists. Malanu&a's first harvest iias been impressive enough lo give it n real northern Thnnksgivinp Day of its own. PICKARD'S GROCERY THU SAFKST PLACE TO 1HIY YOUK JIUATS & DAIRY PRODUCTS \Vc receive Swift's Premium Hcef twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized JI i 1 k twice daily. \Ye h a v e the most modern Frig- iclairc meat equipment. Variety of Cold Meets nnd Cheese. Fresh Vegetables Daily. \Ve Deliver. Phone 673 104-1 Chkkfisavbn '•• , '"° RD V-8 TRUCKS M'c Invite Yon (o Cnll Us Today for a Demonstration Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Anlhomed Ford Dealers Effective | Drugs | I Compounded Accurotoly Tyson Rubber] I'KV CilK-Ua Jad Salts 4)c C-or. Mary Lak. \ Lavender Lotion Saothlntl .39' Kirby Bros. Drug Co. ft Week-End Cash and Main and Specials Carry Broadway i G!oves SW - - CARREL'S GARDENIA TOILET AfflfMSl 29 *! 3&c' ('()!,!) CIlKAiM VAN'. CKKAnl ASTRINCHNT liCIO - POWDKR l.ll v STICK 5CH 1KOLYNOS TOOTH PASTE 3S:c GENUINE^ , RUSSIAN' MINERAL OIL/a .«>, „ PI SL i *'•, " Lucky Tiger HAIRTONICJ 17 ANI'C TABLETS 16 , 3 Doitn _ MODESS^ |RI ORUS !M ; ORLIS ' Tooth Paste li'ith tochrurc/lo.c ORLIS MOUTH WASH ^—f SPECIALS ! j?'»X:-'".» n " J IC-oz. fHydrogen^ Peroxide 50c Philli Bromo Quinine _ JSc Site / $1.50 Anusol ' , Sufipoiitorlti J, 25c Feenamlnt! 1 Latallrt Gun 1 35c Freczone ',:j ¥ )Q forC^rn, ^ft Astringosol ( • '• gt Klfht tcicrvcti to limit quantities VITAMINS ,toof ASPIRIN TABLETS 2Sc . 2S« DR.LYOMS TOOTH POWDER 19'€ $2.00 Xippor Bill Fold All $1.19 fRONIZEO YEAST HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ''" : Slrtamllncd ' f. ELECTRIC f f ~i(K h«.it (". f^ t\t\ Indicator l •• *»F 6 Lb. Size^~ ce. Cniome- fmi»li,b«vefed «dgc, * NEW'rRKNCH niALIt » THE VOGUE l ALARM CLOCK frit, sat, *»" t«i,lof»cl aft,, (fifi A , , 0 i c j yi Cuarftnlceil. I'fls^c! out Ubori- lor. lot> lOOTo lor %*;&*!*&/ iWNjMai vick's VAPO. RUB 25.C' 6CMCAMPANA" 1 ITALIAN BALM li- Nature's^ -Remedy 19c Warn- -1 pole 6.oi7^ BORIC' 1 ACID AKTNA RADIO Slinrl \Vnvi! - I'oiTlsn Ucr'r.|-(|nii - With H:ll- f:ist Tnliri - l!nl''i>:il- illilc - Last ivortl In Italics VALUES! ! Oollnpluino 10c ^i< 25c ^Pepsodent^ Tooth 1 •* Olafscn <f paste f Cod Liver Oil 1 Q C Mt p '<"'" "' f'»'•»'< J - Uvender Shavingl Cream .23 C rJergen'sl Lotion 33 C . r Hamlin's^ Wizard Oil .29' Yeast & Iron 80 Tablets *f\,> in Bottle . . . <l«f' • Cod Liver Oil Tablets, ISO (kO<> in Bottle . . . »*O Halibut Liver Oil Capsules, Box Of k,. olSO, Plain..«i«P*' For the Children MALTED MILK fef Pound Size 49« Your will io, l!,,, ,j t ],c- IOUI foc<l d.inlt— nd ii will help lo builj encisy. • BREAD TOASTER 983 Sptfinl Tor tliii MJel Wool SlKHIjrt , 'I'o 7 at Cliainois To §1.50 ON SALE •> Monarch $ Hot Water Bottle, SSic I Guaranteed.} »TOOTH 3 BRUSHES' Kk'HIiulcs, :! Olive Oil, I'(. FOR COLDS I 3 (or 5»c 7 PIECE SET First Aid Kit merly 75c, now Ev«i>tltinB you need loi em«gcncy. DETECTO, JR. Bathroom Scale Fully E .i •'• Campho-Lyptus\ J- Ointment for Colds Magnesia .:- \ i Alcohol COUGH fl ANALGESIC BALM .* GrBarbaSoT SlV.jSSI '.f^. H9e • , ( SHAVING COLD TABLETS f-Vi P i ^ M ^ "Success" 4...^.,, •>•>,.. Hk. ]MC 5ox of2S . . . . ^«§v . K^:A v u BRONKO NACURSKI FOOTBALL Metal Shoe Trees Fletcher's MOUTH WASH ,1,0 I X FREE Bo, „/ 22O Cleansing Tissues u'lf/. reth >^ It,. Jai Pcrlrclioi Freshly Made , Cold Crc.Vm 63- Malted Milk, 2 pounds HhicU Shoe Oye lOc 'L. H. T. Haliy I'ow. & Tcxhtdc ZIPPER^ 17-fncf» liie. imiUtio MIXES, HEATS, WHIPS, STIRS ELECTRIC ? MIXER "Progress" Alarm Clock Guam! by Slop dial CotlRll & Cold Crc.osolcil F'/nuilsiun (hiiirau- Iccd 'Box KOTEX VNSo Linen Finish x/ Playing Cards 33' Halibut Liver Oil Capsules (Fortified) 2S'i89 c 16* 406 'Fletcher's! 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