The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 28, 1918 · Page 23
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 23

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 28, 1918
Page 23
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. SUNDAY. APRIL 28, 1918. ZEALOUS WORKERS FOR SUCCESS OF LIBERTY LOAN IN BROOKLYN tfwm hotlx ,1 oi i in Ion ;. :. 1 Hie tuno of the bud frosts I Hi' spring. The .-, ed is mi. slow in germinal. ng and ihe plain- arc i.m.i and delicate. Tiiev are inipiovid bv Irun.-pla nting ttti ftL. I flf'1' J iP Lasi fly- ' MRS. WALTER tWftfcflf - - ''l''" ' T"." ' ' " HlWl T. W. C. A. Booth. iV;)j Kwra Hgre t0 Suujy Feminist Movement , -7 ! Which She Hopes to Promote in Her Native Land ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON HEALTH BY WILLIAM BRADY. M.D. Vaccinatlou Does No Harm. Arsenic in ihc Medicine. n vaccination work any perman- Can you tell me whether salvarsan u.uuy to the health or affect the! 606 contains any arsenic? Answer Yes, sir. the ii plenty of it. ' Japaiese Editor Claims That ; Her Countrywomen Need to Be Awakened to a Sense of Their Own Importance. ( Should Participate in Gov- lca. in English ami Japanese, and tofrom belns 'self-realized.' to the slial spread it broadcast in both countries. ftptMMMI Stati-Miirn ItWflUlli. Mme. Kiimira has Influential friends in the Japanese Congress, to whom she took for assistant-. Such an im portant personage a L'klO Ozaki system . , tl'.e heart or the ho arm heals well? nver Xo. Many Imaginary af- ' Xruiiilgi.-i or Sinusitis, effects are charged to vaccination, j 1 took cold several weeks ago, and ou t believe in compulsory vaccina-: havo suffered ever since with what 11, but I have vaccinated our chil- the doctor calls neuralgia. The pain n, just to ba safe. Wouldn't have 1 Is all through the head. The heart ie .-o if there were any risk in- and kidney, re normal, and have bad Minister of Justice su.- rtainii of apnrovul on tiie emancipa tion of women, though he has not yet both i dami puDitc opinion hy a. tic- partioi-! pation in anything aimed to further It. ! Kenzo Adaehl, anuther Japanese low petty existence which with slaver' to the men of the nation. Wo- j men must arise in a body, to bring about that real civilization in which tvur ,..-iii m, Ioniser cni-1- M'-n n ine- . Lent force, women love and peace; fciu MISS bOPHIA SUPPER t'elery r- ipon - i m .. i l soil w ith id. i,n . I i I'll rotted or fertlii?!, a-d fie. fit -111 Mill livalion. I,i ii,.- u.ud-u. c-I-iv may be planle.l aftc? some rally eroi. such as lettuce, radishes, soon as Hi" plains attain cmi -iricrahbi si.e tin I.. iv. - sIomiUI be drawn In .ether and a Utile .-oil c moaned about the has- ihc nlan: to it upright It Uw ill aching la done iil. eailh. care should be taken that the hearts at the plants do not be come filled. Bnaids. iial-ei "i- other material may be used for blanching l. nt earthing up will pin. line Hie Ilncst Cilery mav be stored and kept for winter use by niacin;; it in bids, and covering It Willi der or straw, in trenches covered with coarse nuimiia of straw: in out door cellars: or in the storage room : the bai tuant Celery will tost Hie skill of the gar- .1. ner about as severely as any crop ho may choose to grow, but no garden product pavs better for painstak- ... ... ,.,,1 Ii'. .it than th is crop: Tor detail as to the storage of ...1. . se Fa::. i. is' Bulletin 8 , '., "The II, .me Storage of Vegetables." l . partn.enl ..f Agriculture. old hot- M d, you may be sure, rhc silence of Septic Foci. i treth which give no local syr be foci of infection: io avail. Medicines ,M.a on suggest any- Die advi ibr ' glasses fitted I i fail to help n,e. tiling'.' Answer "Taking- cold" may mean a i eoryza, or it may mean just your ef- . eight teeth with large fillings, tort to explain why you aro ill. If it I are dead teeth. Hive been ill 1 was coryza, possibly you now have nix month with grippe, alight tern-1 trouble I" tbc Ihymold or sphenoid teril. I i , anemia, shortness of breath, i sinus. Ask your doctor to examine hut latent pain in back of neck, nerv- j for that, or to rid you to a compc- boai i ess and aching all over. Have ' tent nose and throat man lor exam mj tonsils removed. My phy- J I nation. .Many eases of "neuralgia hi can find no explanation for my depend upon in.-al , nndnions. I, I" on thorough examination. I1 Temperature mid How to J'akc It. slight endocardial disturbance. What ; if... . ,: in.dy leuipera- glow AUA.MK BUTTERFLY sighing I ..- hfe away because her west-.11, lover has gone back to Ins land, and forgotten tho little awaiting him In tho land of blossoms, is a familiar enough i" Ihc American public. But Butterfly devoting her life to nccnicnt of feminism 111 thai d of cherry blossoms Is lit :ght ,,n incongruity deniand-of mental adjustment to gie cleared up after a few v.cckslturc and how should the hospital. ! Answer From 91. ver Ye?, septic foci are usu-; morning to 9 9. 4 in thi shy silent. Have t he jaw X-rayed and take it coolly. Isn't really Madame Hut- it is Mme. Komako Klmura: daintier Butterfly never trod boards for Ihc delectation of an enthusiastic operatic audience, Clad in the characteristic kimono of her country. 01 toft mustard brown crepe sill:, with llmvcrs of while and Idoe h, , lack hair piled high, and held do taken. with niver ornament, the tiny mite in i lie early of a woman ahe cannot be over four late afternoon, and a half feet tall talked earnestly a th-i moun ter w:'h ai, Kaglo i epi cs, -illative nhi.ot th- plate will disclose any hidden foci. I under tongue two minutes, the Itattu of women in her native land. Yo n- condition might easily be a ecp- Halm for Bunions. " " 'a '""I BS It ought to be, and ticcmia from such foci. What will relieve Hie aching and "'Odrcd i-pics in a way which showed K'ir Dnnri burning pain of a mild bunion, when '"' amazing ,1-grco of conversance ' I no undue swelling, redness or broken w"h modern ideas. She talked in the sonesi of voices, and with ihe most i:s.-d bv ehibr: ig Is Impi oved by Ig pointed. imaginable; but th, lccls not bighi plug of cotton of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. lentton Ihe oharncterlatlo uf incipient or early tuber- I he lung' . There are no chara-tens- t case-.: Fatigue on slight j nemia. moderate loss of cmperature of H9.2 or 99.8 Wea Of a dash of ite. capsicum white pctro- 0 than one cas o of apoplexy cxpi dec of the convic- I -' MME.KOMAKO KIMURA ;' J whit ervtc . I Barriers to Ilducatiou. There are universities for women t:. Japan, but. sas Madame, they are universities in name only. Let wo man ituoy aomeetic wwoomy, mnw To Uilk to women in their institution of learning on politics Is punish aide by arrest. To change all that, and put tho education of woman on the same plane as man's is one of the dearest wishes of Mm-. Uunura's heart. The interview with The l-agh. reporter took place in Mm'. Kimuias apartment In the Hot I Bout Red Cross Horse Show at Washington Distinctive Event of Spring Season ton I 'i i:-r . f- i-. Kim hi. i was cm dun ted from , -talesman, is als.. interest, d school headed hy one Junko i fl"'ts In behalf of her sex. It la to taki, who did much to mold her : Chlyn Ito, however, that Madame ;ht, she speaks in the warmest lodka f"r the courageous net of bring-other leader, ling the idea of the change or law :her schools emphasize only that i which will enfranchise women before :. Manhal- , loned in I .' AI nlalll' s husband, her secretary, and toward tho end her little son of !. whose name ill Japanese means "life and death"-- "because," explained bis dainty Utile mother, "that sums up Ihe story nf a human being." The secretary, clad in American garb, ha.-j been lu Ihis conn-try for fifteen years, and acted us In. terpreler w henever in e-ssary. Mr. : ul Kiiuurn, In somber black kimono, Kr p.ined spiritedly In the discussion from of , time to time, lie is in thorough syin- I pathy with his wife's ideals, and will hj co-operate With her in furthering them, of I He la himself the founder of a new t-h- del gion, an llngllsh title for which he was at a loss to formulate, but wlu-h In-said was approximated by "Imagination Set I'll e." furiously enough, his chief inspirations are the (eighteenth I'entury Kngllsh poet, William Ulake, nnd the Twentieth Cenlury Irish poet. I William liutler Yeats. n,.,i, n V.. I to purple top- this costume. Smart April'27, 1 U i S. (spring millinery is by no means iSnernl to The Eagle. .fining Itself to spring blossoms. Youns -i-Jli: National Capital, lot.g famous ui- .m ,. -, I . in i -I rimmed nat m. I for Us -.liilitv in combine busi-1 ali-ady had several mutators, wild" , ,i. ,'.,,, in lorn defeat in aiiluinn coloring adoi i into sucee- in. I in Prim- (ho iii.i iiy mod ish bats worn respectively by Mis - V.Hleh diiTe-iil .lenient, niaklllg ii II ' " ' ' U ' '' n U on. da Ug h 1 e , el 1 1 1 e f or 111 ',. , .'..i.. I i .., i i.r i a har- Sp-.iker. and Mis- Madge i iillan, an- toonlotii company or Mrle of com- IMinleij of national interest, scored another big success In Us Red Cross Hois.- show, which closed yesterday. The horaea, their owners and their admirers, who tilled the New Arling- i k, just across Ihe river, averj on, were to all api-aran. es ue blasts and humans of high once formerly mc' at the I 'upl and military and Its smart fled cross, through the com-of prominent women headed i, William i llbb I McAdoo, wife secretary of Trecaiir) and Pre 'il:...n'., youngest daughter. With tim wei summer and re .11 the ;y not only I 'ark. bul , hieli i-oii- mother.'' she said; " WO were taught that personalities, too. Ii "I ife no personality, the better wll Ife and mother." Wh,!e at school Mme. Klmi .special course In literati. inie under the influence of i Con. I . in this school must be good uth. the better the , Hut of a cut. one side of ' keeping tin or by suit: 1 j keeping th ' You must : i lower blood the diet t a i getable foods, live by the diet cathartics; m I : l.ul, I :: kt Ma, others. Disciple an food, i The s": oedi, si hai-iobss palliative Is riunssi ounce In a quart or two of Inject an ounco or two In ev ry day to be retained. : per cent, ammoniated met ment may be applied for the Itching, fine harmless Internal remedy Is oil of American wormseed, five drops to a child, on sugar, on empty stomach, followed in two or three hours by a tablespoonful of aromatic syrup of rhubard. This may be repeated twice a week for several times. Which Kind of Salts f Please advise me which kind of salts Is considered preferable for thin-ning the blood and for the liver. rsMei Though varying In actlv-I Ity, the effe-t Is identical with all sa-! line cathartics, and It Is wholly a mat- , t i of taste. TCpsom salts, plain or ef-h vescent, will accomplish everything; any saline cathartic ran accomplish. HOW to Quit Smoking. Can you advise me how I can break j on the smoking habit? u ner We hae a little mono-graph of Instruction waiting, and aj I in j cd, addressed envelope, will bring I t :.- return mail. Tainting. u h-al is the scientific explanation of I tainting, caused by watching an opera-tion. lor instance? And what. If any. and j iowpI nally j0'nts a olnt- Anawei Place youi ... Ij, on your hips, the tip of the index finger on the hip bone; your thumbs will then iust -Iliac behl What Cured Her "0 mother, must I get war bread 7" Little Daughter had been asked to 3 to the bakery for bn v for her nl-.l ds in her esp man was the various Japi zincs of the v dish feminist, disciple she is The present way of life for Wi education in patience and selt'-sa flee. Put it Is not fair that woi should be aaked to sacrifice all time, to bury themselves and individualities. Now we are con io know too much to tolerate it ; in order to have the power to rl this and other wrongs which exist women, we must gain the vote, law says that children and women barred from participation In govr wo must change It by elin h Approves American Woman's Drc.s. sv ,,i;i..,.,N M Mine. Klmura approves of the Amerl- directors. Cabin, can woman's dress, commending esp-- distinguished guc cially the opportunity it offers lor indi- i udvanlagrs Vlduallty. The Japanese woman take Ington a mean: an hour, sho says, to dress her hair, despised hi the and her entire toilette Is inimical to workers In the c t ipr. rolls activity anil I've-dnm of iiiuve-mcnt. , There Is a .'.i-t Mine. Klmura came to America scv. jM atmimr eral months ago to study ihe various j tiuitds'omest costi aspects of the feminist movement her- i.r.m;- worn r-spce an does not dare think I She reads all the literature on in- sub- ?! ,j and Mr-. !; hen I talk to Japanese I Jeot she can lay her hands on, goes to flj-sl Is a Mic-pl feminism, they say, 'I'll i lectures, speaks with leaders, and In faced luffota 111 s ',' or 'I'll ask my 1ms. general leaves no stone, unturned to I possible width oi re not like the Amen-j strengthen herself for the task ahead j ya rds at th- h-n lear-mlnded and Indo-1 of her, Boforo (he returns to her native marked by a sa thought. Women- fhe ! land, Madame Klmura is going to visit , fastened in front ambers of tbc Congreas. -hanging the law is all vrry 9 far as it goes, sajs Mine. Ki-onlv it doosn't go far enough, ion the widespread education of i that she lays strongest cm- other of Washington's famous maldei hostesses, and a model of good dress Ing as the irtie hluc WasWiiglonliin understand that term. Mies Kllsabeth Btct enson's hors :!iow costuine was worthy not only o honorable mention but of a silver cup. had dr-ss been the subject of contes This much-admlred gown was ono i lb" new lersev clolh:, ill a color be tween terra cotta and mahogany. v.a.i a one-piece alfair oiicned in front and finished with large self-colored ball buttons. Th- sleeves were long and close. The skirl was by no means narrow but rather short, nine Inches from the ground probably, but look ing short by reason of the fact Miss St. (ciimiii voi- .dippers and hosiery the cxacl shade of her gown, the for mer of leather and the latter of silk. f'ui thermore, the slippers were fin ish..! in large buckle-, also of a cut steel colored, to match the leather a straw pointing the direction of the wind in footwear, which has been conspicuously plain for several seasons. The bat topping this smart costume was a small turban of black sistlu. Mi s do Pena's Gay Hat. (June the gayest hat at a recent afternoon company was that worn by Miss Manuellu do Pena, daughter of 8 with popple. itli one of tin -piece gowns. mass of women must he prefer the rough bard road, 'implicated ami deep. Which rom Independent thinking, Washington, and talk with the first woman member nf Congress, Miss. Jeanne tte Rankin, and with President I Wilson. Training Little Children Ing the word started Suffrage Movement. . years ago Madame Klmura : : other enthusiasts sowed the flrsl of what Is destined, If fixe- ,,f .se counts for anything In such era, to develop Into a -.. ' movement in Japan, line ..r her elates baa since died, and the r. not unite po firm of nttaractei ., erne Klmura, has experienced s igs of heart and withdrawn from ause; so it must be admitted that hi 'ace In the proceedings, Hie How the Children Keep a Weather CalendarWhen Children See All Nature Doing and Making Something They Long to Join in the Work of This Busy World. ARTICLE XX.Vf. Hy M Its. BERTHA LEWIS. nuroau nt Education nd the National K'n IP nature study is to bo begun for I itors. Tiri the first time, the easiest Intro- many, pi duction Is by tho time honored j sing to It. I topic of the weather, In conjunction TlmB t re, i with the day. A weather calendar If , heaven j naturally follows, the days being I Holding to i marked with appropriate colors and traoe symbols, yellow for sunshine, grey for , Hap,)' cloudy, whit- for windy, umbrella for Because amy. -t-. The calendar may be dec- ,,) ,,es. I orated lo represent the main nature he natural study aba fnr the month, a snow scene . dirt, poll for January, skating for February, i when out around Ihe worthier our human pi act. the child, after making told thai his face Is duty, concludes that all soil is nut to him thai ii Is only r pin. - that it is dirt, for i Ibo home of miracles, the n which ernes that won. " " Call life. Let the chll- CKperlmmU with different ill -lay, sand. loam. In oy m ill become familiar l oiilanl- for All lie- wearing one of the sm popular frocks, a coml ured and plain foiilnn and white. A large he trimmed in fruit shadin s.i:. shock Inhlbl- '"".." thauwa? ' C0ltaC CI,eCSC Worker nurses hae to Washington, D. C, April 113 - to I fur Pimples mm Blade leu heads. i am bothered with an eruption oflth pimples and blackheads on my face, fa :-Pd though I h:u tried a number or In rOnKdlea nothing seems lo help mc. I Can you advise me what to use? ! AnswerIt lakes more space tban'i ia uvnilablo her. .Send mc a stamped. (Mid ' d ' o -lope for a special left oi suggestions for relief. Two Buy LI .1 Hie words SUfl - would i. Ha) i .as founded ., n Paddy has a newspaper every morn- matiiv fmi inc. why should not the children hVe I derftll rorc( one of their very own? Theirs can he J dren make sheet o drawing paper, bung beside 1 kinds ,.f s, the calendar, on which one of tbsjthlswaj n . hildren may draw a flower, etc. These : with the nam. ami tcxturcfl of each. drawings ma noi be works of art Have tho children notice the rrom the grown-up standpoint, but they j changes ., the air- thai it Is but In Lid the child to observe and to tell. I summer, r .-iri i winter, dry in eunny n well as he la abb', what be has seen, weal lit r, di nlp In rainy weather, calm. He should be shown where he can im-! breezy , very windy. Rxptain why prove his work, but the original 'we should t. careful to breathe only ketch should never be interfered Vltli j good air, In-ealho deeply and expand or criticised. A more accurate rap-Jour lung-, thai we live In tho air as resentatli an be given in a separate j tho fish llvi in tho water: thai birds lefhron, aftor Ihe child has had a i fly up and down in the air, as (lsh ham- for further observation, but In lawlm up and down In ihe water; that no way connecting tins With hiH Wit lair is all above us just as ihc water Is hawing on the calendar, lest he be- I above the little water animals that come discouraged or self -conscious I crawl on the bottom of ocean or river, and try to express something which he I Every child le familiar with water has no! realty seen, : i" many forms, but perhaps the won- To adopt a in . in springtime is nn-1 dors of Its rorma are so i ommon that other good plan. Have ihe children ' he has not not teed hoc miraculous give the trei a nam. and so make of they are. We cultivate the linaglnft- it u companion. Mwayi dude the tton or our children bj tales of iho family nami of lln troi Frequent I prince who beci , invisible when he Mits uiiisi be made to the tree be. i put on bis cup of darkness and who e.-ius.! it cannot co to the i hlldrftn. i mad- far Journeys through the air on Notice now the buds ar. arranged oa j his magi- carpet, and yet no nap of the branches, which of them grow darkness ever wrought n6re astonish-most rapidly, and what tho) turn Intd I Ittf disappearances thai occur when leaves, flowers m branches Try to die- this most common of our tarth's ele-cover ii the tree Ins any othci ut nnta disappears from under out' ver) model. A smaller group, "Informs - I of which added greatly to tho uppear- Unce of the Congress and the dignity I of the willing young helpers. j .Mrs. Guernsey maintained her reputation as one of the best-gowned woni-en Of tbc society as presiding officer In a very smart foulard of white and tan. with one ,,f the smartest of tulle hats in bron;:, with dull pink and crimson roses showing beneath tli- puffed brll at the scleral dinner parties in hor honor, which helped to cnllvi n the busy week. At the eve-idi.g i.' Ill a draped model with ack . brii sees so many things ' -r than be. nil doing ' iking something, he, ACTIVITIES ma) well use sm ii occupations as -lining, pasting, weining and modelling, for the birds, trees and spiders OF WOMEN the (plrltl i . In Penneylv I War MotlJOl if the tanks that ' l expei

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