The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 16, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 178. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPPP nn MnnW»Aiun -.r, _... • """" '*' ~ -^rf* f f ] Blythevllle Courier Blylheville Herald iDOMTNANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Blythcylllu rj n uy fjeivs Valley leader MISSOURI Report German Planes Repulsed; Fishermen Tell Of SeaBattle ' ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 16. war pianos attempt. n,i *„ «Vt- i !i • , V V '~ llBJ »'"ii w«r pianos niremiH. ed to attack Die coastal defense of Scotland this afternoon, tlie nir ministry announced. ' ' q*,,!!, 1 '?? flcma " P'^nes wore reported shot clown. oeverai oeiinan war planes, par~* ——— •. . : dilating In (he attempted raid on li', e .:., 1 . iavn . ! toses '» Ihc Firth of Amend Claim Of, Big U-Boat tvinmpl] . air force planes, the minis-, try said. Shrapnel from hursts of anil-i aircraft fire fell In the streets ol, Edinburgh bill there were no casualties. The day was clear. I Sonic of.Great Britain's most important naval bases and naval yards are, on llm Scolllsh coast. There had been .several reported Dei-man air thrusts in the past, toward Scotland bill none of a .successful or serious nature. The Royal air force'engaged today's raiders and "Inflicted cas- Coos Way Toward Film Fai Stalin's Answer To Message May Deter m ine Ger- Nexl Move ' ; nalfics upon tliem" islry ssid. the air mln- Earlfer it had been announced dial the Rcynl air force had carried out successful flights last night over northern and centra! Germany despite adverse weather conditions. - ; Believe German Warship Sunk BERGEN", Norway, Oct. 16 (UP) — Norwegian fishermen, returning from Vaagsoe island, today reported a battle between airplanes and warships hi which they believed a German warship was sunk. The battle lasted, about two hours, the fishermen said. BEHLIN, Oct.; ic. <up)_Adoir Killer was reported by usually reliable sources today id Imvo sent a communication to Josef Stalin by cornier uml to expect nn eur answer due to • nHeei fienimtiv next, .step (ii tlie European war There was no definite indication of Hie contents of the communication but It <vns beliemt that the answer would have an Important, bearing on future steps to taken by the Nazis. SlHdy 'Necessary* BE17LIN, Oct. l(J. (UP)— Ger- BERLIN, Oct. 1C. (UP) — The German supreme command todny amended an announcement, mode earlier that the same submarine which sunk the British battleship Royal Oak had torpedoed tlie British bailie cruiser nejmlse. The revised communique said (hat the Repulse had been attacked out it eliminated (he earlier an- nuuicemenl (hat the 32,000 ton warship Imd been badly damaged and put out of action. tin London the Gorman announcement tirade earlier today that the liepulse had been torpedoed I Kusslan ambassador, would return 1 nnd badly damaged was ridiculed j to Berlin this week, probably with us German pr-cpaganda). (a high Russian official. Other Nazis liluled that this official might be either Viachcslav Molo- tOv, premier-foreign commissar or Vladimir potemkln, vice foreign commissar. No mention was made today of Italy, mentioned last week as prospective participant In Gcrmnn-Rus- . many and Russia propose to start formal consul In (Ions today on "necessary measures", to be taken as the result of British am! French refusal to stop (he war, Nazi quartets asserted. An authoritative Informant Mild nko that Alexander siiklmrtzcv. They said that three battleships rv . and several airplanes, which they Determined ( believed to be British craft, nl- lacked a single warship—presumably German. The crew of the-fishing, smack said they were forced to mate a detoui- around the battle zone i» order to reach land. During that time, they said, they saw the single warship engage in a running battle , with the superior enemy sea and air forces. ' Nazis- Strengthen Forces PARIS. Oct. 10. CUP)—Germany iwMn »> Will Not Be 'Indicted' gam AUSTIN, Tex., Oct. IB. (UP)— - Oeoi-gia asks Texas today to hnnil over Its society murderer so It can compel him to spend the rest of his ifc in prison. Tlie scciety murderer, Richard Gallogly. represented by two ol Texas' most expensive criminal lawyers, asks Texas to prelect him from Georgia justice. is pourlns men and mechanized ro ™ Georgia justice. .... units into the west wait fortiflca- A « orn ey Genera! Ellis Arnall of tlon. line , onf a 75-mile front bc- .twee'n.^he Moselle and-SaaV rly- ers in preparation, the French be- liei-e, for an early offensive, it was disclosed today. •' It was estimated unofficially that Germany now had more than 1,- 000,000'men in the rear positions of the west wall. French artillery spent the entire night shelling .-the German rear lines in an efHfort to dislocate and delay the movements of. troops, moving in a gigantic stream "toward concentration points. Observers could see' the flash of lights on roads . far behind the 'German lines, and .the noise of arriving transports could be henrd In the French advance lines. Georgia be^an presenting the state's evidence at an extradition^ -iiearlti j before Gov;"w. Le^'' O'&ahlel. "'He' undertrok to prove that, in addition to the holdup murder for -ihidi Gnllogly is serving a life . ; terni, he Is guilty of another slaying and a number of acts of banditry. . Arnall, here personally because Georgia docs hot wish another Indictment of Its justice such as that .Stan-Italian measures." talks on "necessary were Inccrnllnn? to hh left rmd no?e In n highway nccl- ''near Tyl« into Sunday nt- very well nt the 'Hal Mere lie 'v,as 'wing tlie ncchlenl. Is not serious. Nor was there any word whether Germany and Russia would take any "necessary measures" or merely talk about them. Diplomatic quarters wondered •wheteher.. there might be n new declaration affirming Nazi-Communist solidarity, a new threat, of "peace or else" to induce the Allies to stop fighting, or another "last" attempt to find a pence formula One Nazi quarter said that Germany's present position was .so good from all viewpoints, military, economic and psychological, lhal Meet Hollywood's ne«es,t—and joungcst—stu hart been tcrncd down, 14-monlh-old Pelei- "Brother Rat and the Baby." He liar, made .such a hll. in IheVudln . that third "Brother Rat" story is being, written for After 77 other bamos D. Good landed Job In ' Marion Perkins Accused !• Fatal Fight On As I Street Saturday Marlon Perkins, 20-yenr-old \m row .cawlct from Newport, law n -clinreo of inurdPi- as tho resul of « fight on Aim street which loo pmeo Saturday afternoon, A 44 your old man, who died • hi th Ulythnvlllo hospllal Saturdtiy mid niBht without regaining conscious nm from a blow, itUe-godly Btnic •iy I'erkins, was Identified Into yes crday as Sum Autry, World Wa veteran, who had been l|vln» a Number Nine. Arrested early Sunday mcrnln at his father's home in Newpoi 1'crklrw snlcl ho remembered Mil with someone but that h was so drunk he could not. romem bcr when it, starled or onilcii, olfl eel's said kduy. Cllvcn iv hearing in mimic court today on a murder charge 'crklns \vus held lo circuit com- uul his bond set nt $2000. Hc iva •cturiied lo Ihc coilnly Jail and hi loud I mil net been mnde-at 11001 oilay although his father WHS ox iccled lo iirrivc tlils> (iftcrnooi o make effbils lo arrange b:ml. The fight |«. said lo hnvc ell naxed an argiimenl over n pint o vhlsky which Perkins allegedly HC cnsed Andy cf stalling Officer vere told'thai the fight started h r whisky establishment, but ciulet of tho American cafe will ins Inflicting (ho bio* whlel there was no need for Germany to take the initiative in any peace —ove. For the . third day,- .German newspapers'-aiiplnyai s^iisaUonall the si.nking pi" Jh'e BrlU5n''"bSUlc shlp Royal'Oak as a ' severe ; blow to British sea power. Walther ' Funk, minister of- economics .and president of the Reichsbatik, said In a speech open- Ing a trade fair at Vienna yesterday that Germany's position as re- mit the ^tradition of escape tujl-' S en\in7 heav 'rm a °^ilit S nu ^' r ? 1 Krupp-s mu,v ' a G«''Itt needed to present It. "N r n Warning" LONDON, Oct. 16. (UP)—Survivors of the French liners Bretagne and Louisiane said today that German submarines attacked, their ships without warning and killed or wounded more than 40 persons, including women and children, by shelling them as lifeboats were being lowered. Five members of the crew anil two passengers were lost with the Brelaene, and more than 30 persons including 10 women were wounded. The first male of the Loulsio'nc was killed and six crew members were wounded. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 15. (UP)Stocks moved Irregularly in a narrow range today .with trading, ihe lightest since . the European, war began'. • T. T. & 'T ................ 1G1 Anaconda Copper ........ 33 Associated D. G. ... ...... 87 Bethlehem Steel industry, including ions works and the state railroads, was to leave for lo T,,;, ,-, „ , -. • , „ , . ,, | negotiations for 'development'' of But Galiogly is not alleging'that'Russian transport facllillM to pm,f(,,» S , r" M^ A Cr " elly '" ! mak6 Russll »> »»v materials', more confinement as did Burns. He was | readily available never on the chain gang. Called by i s:me of Georgia's authorities the state's "most pampered" prisoner, he found the conditions of his confinement such that he wooed, and married his pretty ynung life while in stale prison. He has spent the last year in a private hospital Gallogly's claim Is lhat he is not guilty of Ihe crime for which he c _ ~ was convicted and that he is kept OUpl'Cme LoUfl Will Rein prison because Georgia cfficials ' are afraid in give him justice, believing their ' constituents would think they had been Influenced by the wealth and prominence of his family. view Decisions, Also Labor Board Case WASHINGTON, Oct. )C (UPJ- Gallogiy was a student in Ogle- - The sl 'P remc court, today agreed to thorpc University in 1928. He nnd ctmsi der two major anli-tnisl cas- anrther student, seeking a "thrill," es to rey iew a U. S. circuit , , . . embarked on a career of banditry. courl/ ticclslo » holding that, n labor During a hold-up, his companion unl °" m!> y 110 t go directly to the shot and killed the victim. Gallogiy fcdcral courts to obtain enforce- claims he pleaded guilty and tic- ment of n National Labor Rela- cepted a life sentence because au- " OI1S Board order. thorltles had promised him (hat Tlle sl| P rei "e ccurt's action in he vvaild be out in three -cars aM " le anti-trust cases Involved the . Boeing Air ................ 26 1-f .2 lo save his friend from the death °" conspiracy case that was tried Chrysler i 3-4 7-8 Oct. 6 while bein? transferred nct nncl the ch| cago milk case in Cul l'' s 1fs was caught between the 3 . 8 1 back to prison from the hcspital wh!cU n . fed!!ral uistl ' ict ™ mt ' t»s- two Chicles Cities Service fi General Electric 40 1-; General Motors 53 International Harvester ... 65 3 . Montgomery Ward 54 1-81*" 1 ' surrendered N. Y. Central 20 3-4 • lle llatl <;omc Packard 3 1-8j l ° "Texas justice. 1 Phillips Petroleum 45 1-21 Georgia also seeks to extradite Rad'O, S 7-8 Mrs. Gallogly who Is accused "of Schenley Dist 123-4 abetting her husband's escape, she penalty. The friend's death sen- at Madison, Wis., in which 12 tencc was commuted later to life lnil J° r oil companies arid five of imprisonment. | their officers were- convicted on Gallogly escaped with his wife cil!U 'E cs of violating the Sherman North .Little Rock's Event'" Gets .' Underway T ! •' . •' ." ; - '•'• l .,, . :.,• " ; . ,* Pcrkliis Is said to have dlsap l»arcd and officers took Aulry I the county -jail 'but he was remcyei to (h(! Blyflievllle hosptlal - wlthii n oliorl time. . onicers notified tho shdrUt a Newport wlio look Perkins Inl/ custody, it i s . said tlmt .-he' lei Blylhcvlilc at G p.m. Saturday an drove to his father's house wlicr he was In. bed \vhen arrested. Autry's remains were 'viewed b \va LITTLE HOCK, Oct. -16. ; (UP)~ Thousands of visitors thronged Little R-ck ' ' ' the 1939 Gov. liaitcy officially oiwned the Arkansas officers on ~'"p" nl 0:30 a.m. by.paHlci- assault.with Intent to kill. ry I , p ... •.... . . mmys remains wcro viewe L/ischarged oawmill Work- dozens, ct persons before no ..,, !,„.. A)l»~_ 1 T U Identified by relatives, Lack or pa KC1 Alleged lO , nave, persm his clolhcihad nwdc Idcn ; vSWl I inrlnwnpv " ' :':, tlf l™«™ illJilciilt, :.e>!M ^andmynei ^, ; , (v j^^ ^ y ^•.. wqvqJV . Ui| " • • ' .iL' '.VOl*.'•_ 'r" . „, ,, ... , , i, „,, ••••. i"iv;>» tlie - Cobb Fiiiicfn ,. . .. . W. M. Wright. 38-ycar-oW farm- Homo with tho Rev F M Swcc so visitors thronged Lit- er, of near Gosnoll was shot laic pastor c tho Lake Street-So .today for opening day of Sunday afternoon by-Albert Pcelon, dlst church : of Sling mid burla .,,'.. a "f?, s .,?,,™ s !^. k .^ 11 ?*'' f-V.*! 1 ." b S" ght b i' Missouri and made -at Maple Grove .'cenietorv. . Maple a rove, cemetery. Born. In \Vcst Tennessee, Aulr served In tho World War .In over lion, and by state, federal and city officials. !£,•. '",['•',, ;'• -'..'. -.-.' with: a', sister, Mrs. .Nancy Am The. shooting, which -was wit- Melon,, at Promised .Land, nouiiteti '0' who survive headed a parado of .more than'350 state line ftt . a settlement"called Oilier cowboysand horsemen Kelt/hand, as the climax to an .arc:, one daughter "one : son"Jomw the capital-city's Main street, nrgumehlv between the two men of hero' "m T br-lher Jim Aiitr train, bear- earlier In the atleihoon over Boose Point, Temi 'nnd four Peeton's dismissal from cniphy- tors, Mrs.: Noleii, Mrs. Jnne Tiibbs Ing several luiudred visitors and the Fort Smith' high school band, arrived. Newspaper editors were luncheon Buests of Barton at nooiv Main events scheduled, form ne\r[h. m'ent. at. a^ sawmill farm. for (his ' when 1 On Wrlglifs Blind. Mra. .Victory Hoycs of B:osc . ., , Poliil. und Mrs. XIolllc Weatherly According to Floyd Hargcit. n-lio of Niimbei-' Nine, with whom he had S.. W £! W " 8 . *}, ong : wlm Wrls'il also made his home. . Perkins was priroicd recently frcm ic Arkansas penitentiary where he a term for grand lar- Peeion threatened him. Tno PCCl °" «« swlolls ol he had left his gun ni: approached thc two men, Wright Leg Is Caught Bfitween (HWflglil when lie turned to dodge Car, Truck And Crushed,""" ' MANILA, Ark., Oct. IB (UP)—lh£ aiding on the l>cd of a Iriick with *" his legs dangling from the side dropped his jjun fled through the wo:ds and 'Streamliner' Is To Pull Train Tomorrow Those of us who remember the "good old days" when everyone Jess culp 8 Art **- tho truck nnd traveling In ied d not been apprehended (his af- gathered at the depot to wiitch noon although Missouri state the engine puff In may .see a slml- ere leading In (lie search, lar sight Tuesday afternoon nt llw by other Mlssairl officers Frisco station, The 3:35 south bound Iraln (St. t l -".v* uj umi.i i%llac,.Mll ullhUUEH Z £ L lr ?£ UI S.J?/ "'5 "I?. MlntartPlri County authorities. Hargelt satd that he hntl lired light. Mr and i irom the hcspilal """•" " * < -" s; "" uisinci, couri cns- ed In Dallas savins' mlssctl cl ' !ml "al indictments in the to Texas to anneal 8° v 'e rr ™enfs case against the Chi- !__ it ri'<~*** Ano-n mill- inrtio-t^... Simmons 23 Sccony' Vacuum 14 Slandard Oil N. J 47 5-g Texas Corp 4g 1-2 U. S.. Smelt G4 3-4 U. S. Steel 75 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.,. Oct IB (UP)—Hogs: 13,700 Topp. 7.25 170-230 Ibs,, 7.05-7.15 140-160 Ibs,, 6.25-8.85 Bulk sows, 5,85-8,655Catrlo: 6,700 • Steers. 8.50-9.75 Slaughter steers, 6.25-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50-975 Slaughter heifers, C.25-1I 00 Beef OCRS, 5.00-6.00 Cutters and IOR cutters, 3.75-4.75 Is at liberty on bond. cago milk industry. fork Cotton Former Resident Of Blytheville Dies' Dec - • •• . - . ' I Jan ........ 872 ' NEW YORK. Oct. 1C. (UP) Cotton closed steady. open high low closi Oct 917 920 912 "9111 889 881' 8S9 874 872 87811 id Sunday Dr.-P. L. Husbands, which was be- p r ^f n ^l! , „ , lllg W cr »t«l on the Wright farm, H. L Martin of Brighton was because cf his inefficient work, driver of the truck and W. L. Pa B e, Peclon Is said to have become employed by the Earl Stevenson offended at, Wright over the matter dragline cot,: reeling firm, waking and had an argument Sunday out of Manila, was the driver of morning only to return early In he automobile. Thc machines nl- the altcrnoin to get his tools, he nosl scraped, as they passed and said. * At the lime he returned he had ., .. ll >e gun and Hargctt refused.lo talk Mrs. Martin, wife of tho truck with him unlil he laid Ihc ««n driver, said Gulp apparently was aside, it Is said •n,P l?tle Blvt iv B ' CUtt "* d b en omted • 011 for similar «ork '™" Mt W ' 1Cn thc nr sumenl broke out anew. ment at thc office of a local physician and then removed lo a Para- 'Prank' Rpcnlfc souls hospital in a local am- a " K KesUI « bulance. the Citizens am ot formerly connected with July 843 824 842 622 850 831 the Metropolitan LU e m sm . a ncc S P° U ciascci »o»'l»al at 921, up5 company here, died at the Mem- Wheat Orleans Cotton NE\V ORLEANS, Oct. 16. (UP) — Cotton traders continued to watch tlie neutrality debate in congress ' ca scd. and the war In Europe today and Fines For Two Youths Four men accused of playing a prank Saturday night resulted In two being fined on charges of nw- ohe the other Louis to Memphis) is lo be pulled by a stream-lined engine—the newest type In use loday. Those who care to view 'ihe modern engine are Invited to do so, according lo officials of tne Frisco railroad, who are using tho engine, on a scries of runs lor publicity. While thc light-colored engine will be strangely different from the black, sleek looking "Iron Itin" which thrilled you ninny years ago as It came steaming up, only to quietly pull away while you gazed In awe ni Us Intricate parts. Tlie engineers will be glad to answer questions, it wns announced today. Tills will be the only lime this engine will come through Blytlie- vllle but it Ls believed Uiat similar types will be used on all trains within a short time. Negroes Prosecuted After Fatal Shooting STEELE, Mo., Oct../IS.—Errtesl Mosby, negro, nnd his wife, Rulli, WASHWCTON, Oct. 16. (Ml ,-~ (Dfliii., Nov.), of (ho scniitp fovoigr toilriy placed before the spjinlp'.ftn «r Georgia' Police Thief To Save His Life MACON, On., Oct. 1(1. (Ul'l - l'ollc> , sought a thlcif today, not otily to jHinisli him foi muboiy but also to save his life. . Tilo thief broke into ix supply rooni of (he Mucon hospital over (lie weekend, according to Maii- aeer Jack Harris, and stole eliilii euliica |)le« Inlo th« veins of which germs had been Injected, nnd a. rabbit. •, The ''anlinaLi were used li\ ox- sp))iilp,(in ftniomlnienf^ •!)0.(lay'(?f(3(lH« inul pl«cingtra« ft strict cash ahc! cflrvy basis. , * Plttmail Intioiluccd Ihe amend-'' ment after wldespiead criticism I h^d npueninl In Ihe benalo agahift 11 rlaiiss vlilcl) would have allpw- , ed fOrduy commnclal crcdih lo waning nailery. i'Attiwn'« nellon, cxjwclea to m- crca«> siinpoit for prompt, passasf of tho bill, ofltne us Senator I). Woitli olark (Km, Tda), opponent of arw embargo repeal, du- IKcreil u f,l(ishltiif wnate attack'on Greut nrltain. ' "Tun liull (if the Brllbh oniplro. If, built on Uo thliiEV said lierlmcnts. Harris -feared (he plg.i might trfnismlt tubcrcnlosls,"syph Ills, or diphtheria to persons' who handled them. TESTIFIES Tells Three-Judge Court Byrne Hampered July's Investigations NEW .OlttiEANS, Oct 10 (UP) — Sidney Do Armas, ono of two Oi- Icniw parish urand ]tt\o).i dismissed alter n court.) loom Jmoic !n->l week, testlilcd at a piitillq lienrlnif today, [hat Dlstilot' Attorney Cliarlos A. Bynip had prevented art ' luveatlgotlon .' Into gambling. •' New Oilcans "blond and treacheiy, 'nio Brlilsli woi'd ami the HiitMi honoi- u're worth no more than that of ono A.- Hitler." Mcanwhllo a do?en members of (ho holaljonLst, bloc met In ihc office of Senator ilimm w Johnton (Hep., Calif.), mid killed ad- inlntslmtlou hopes lo end gencial dcbato on'the bill thl? week. The Isolationists ngi'ccd tiiat Ihcy hatl Mifflclcnt spcalteis on Ihclr sohcil- iile lo cany tho fljjht over lp nc\t week at least. Tn deciding lo Ihiow thu flD-d.>v credit clause overboard Pittmnn pointed out that a BO-day tcctlon was wrltlen Inlo Ihc pioposed bill by the house of icpicicntatlves at the lasl .session of congioss but IliuL he had no deslic lo iclaln it If It was going to cause confuilon. Senator H. Styles' Bildgcs (Rsp, N. II.)'/ olfcri'd nn amendment when Ihe senate convened lo place a picamblc In the bill expressfnir tho counliy's dcteimlnatlon to ie- nialn out of war. County Convict Has Expensive 'Visit' MO Taylor,' . negro prlscnei mX the Mississippi County tssnul favm, couldn't resht taking o. ilde Sunday momltig^and tho rewilt was lie anolhci 30 Hc ls on to Judge court'tho jiuy had asked for Infornmtton Inquiring into gambling police brought them evi- unless dcnce. Expected also (d testify this att- eniocii was Edsjqr II. Powell, an- Sav« A!J other 'grand -Juror who was ar-, ' ' vhlch replied In his He pleaded guilty In municipal court kday to a charge of dilying an aulomobllo without the owner's consent. ... was ar•eslcd: vvjtl.rpc-'Aimai alter both lad attempted to lead their nrtl- lon. :.-..- Destitute Farmers II •WASHINGTON, Oct 10 (UP)~ Senatci Theodore G. Blllra (Dem, Miss) deflated today lhat President Hooscvelt has piomlscd fed- e;nl aid lo destitute farmers In 21 states, Including Arkansas, which have suffcicd diouth and floa Congressmen Ask CCC To Fix Figure Pending Negotiations ... WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, (UP) — Cotton states" congressmen, led by .epresentalive Steven Pace teem., ia.),.kdoy asked the Commodity 'redit Corporation to tls 15 cents month a bale as (he cUton stor- ge rate pending negotiations with isuraticc companies lo reduce in- urancc charges. The Commmllly Credit Corporci- :n had reduced Ihe rate effective oinorroow from 18 to 12Vi cents s the result of offers by port antl crminal warehousemen ' to store otton at reduced rates. The result,ol the proposed rc- uction, ho-ACvcr, brought protests r:m 'inland warehousemen vvho aid lhat with ' insurance rates at to 10 cents they would be slorlng otton at a loss. Arkansas Farm Youths Are Awarded Degrees KANSAS CITY. Oct. 16. (UP)— tve young Future Farmers of Aransas today were awarded the American farmer" degree by dele- to the annual convention The live, were Neville Danlcld of Sfimtors I'eptcsentlng the stricken states estimate that ntm:s $50,000,000 will be necessaiy ,ft relief. * Bilbo estimated that MlssIssipjH alone would require a relief luij ] of about S2.00D.OOO. ? Sf| The assistance, he . said, ..\?ou ! be extended through thc Surplus 1 Commodity Coipoiatlon, the \VPA and the Farm Security Adin'-eistrS- tlon. Maury Maverick Is Indicted By Jury SAN ANTONIO, Tex. Oct. 1C. (UP)—Mayor Maury Maverick, -former congressman, was Indicted t;- tlay by a county grand jury.on five felony counts nnd 10 ; misdemermor charges. Maverick quickly aVranged bond of $1,000 each on the felcnr cotuits and $500 each on the misdemeanor charges. Ho said the action was v a "political smlre." The felony bills charged unlawful advance of funds to pay p:ll tn.ves. 500 Winers' Strike At • . Iron Company Ore Mine BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 16. (UP)—Approximately 500 miners of tlle Woodward Iron Company went on strike today, typing up the com- amdcn, Billy Bryan <f Forrest l )a «y's cnly ore mine, fty, J. B. Ferguson of Booneville, ^^ slrike resulted from oy T. Hayden of Green Forrest nd^aul Dalrymple of Yyman. ' Tlio live were among 16 ycutlis eleeted to receive degrees from ..-„..., „..„ ..„ ,,„„, , lull ,,, , v F r , 20 ''°«> male students of vocd- prellmlnary hearing before I a agriculture. Each must have ' H. Ballentlnc toddy on Dar P ed ^ aM fl t least In high school him. Mr. Wilson - 84 3-4 low close futures closed steady, vip one to 82 1-2 82 84 1-8 five points. 83 1-1 «.M „ weeks He was at first thought'to be suffering from a heart ailmenf hllK tin + ii^rt f.C V.!_ in «**ifittn, Chicago Corn !<*!.; Jan. I'lgn low May 51 7-8 62 3-8 51 5-8 1 Dec. 49 1-3 40 3-4 49 1.4, . close May 52 1-4 July 49 5-8 open high low ,closo S30 930 ' "" "" 883 873' a 55 833 883 S79 860 837 t>26 894 Q81 B71 854 R33 923 SD3 884 87311 •353 839 closed W . rt -.,, or . James Henry Harwell, whose liome Is In Sheffield, Ala., but who Is working near Liberty, and Emmett Williams of Haytf, were fined live dollars each. They are said to have luken a key to a nlckleodeon In a local beer parlor and to have left the I the music box lo Us ^'"8 7' charges of operating a gambling i P. rcject agricultural work mid ! house and selling liquor without '«| • •; » m °urtt Invented In n IK license. The man Is charged with I nent farming enterprise. penna- ment over the contract system of mining now in effect at tlie company's ore mine. WEATHER Arkansas— Partly cloudy, warmer In south, colder In northwest • p->r- *..w tiiun u t-iiciigi;ii Wllll Uyvi* I « ' ' • atlng the house while the negro; Auto' Wreck Injuries woman Is charged with selling It- , .„''.„,• tlon tonljlit; - Tuesday cloudy and colder. parti;." selling qwor on three counts. They wore released on bond. ' _ - \vill It was nt their beer place near jurcd In n Cooter that the shooting took place near Holland Are Fatal To Negro Memphis and vicinity—Fair and 'warmer tonight, Tuesday parity «««"««»«» ta '* t "" overturned. when h, vvaa 38.

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