Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 19
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BUY NOW Y, JAN. 1, 1898. M JOHX W. BAKIOW. Rumen.. PBOFJUIXORI. Mr month 40 oeoti: per yeai ~ "t 4 - 50 rharo* and the Saturday --.formlDir the Herat-Weekly *Wir, itricujr In advance. .,pOttolBoe M »>»M»r, 11 provided by 1*». the Eleventh Congregg- --Juuary llth, 1898, « 10 o'clock a. m ., tor the purpose of "looting; one Bjcmber of the Demo- *ra-tie u ttt cggt,.^ committee for 111(1 dlitirlct for the ensuing two 7«»N. TbijbaiiB of representation in Mid eoDventlMi, as fixed by said •aoimlttee, wlll^e one delegate for each 200 ?0 tei or'fraction of 100 or •wir CMS f 0r t ^ e jj ea( j O j tne Bryan .electoral ticket, j ; A gAoeirtl Invitation la extended to otta^omccratg of the district to at- i to said contention |»e!!8i5ted In each county on or ij'otjh, 1898, by county meetings, according to .upon the call ,of the everal counties. S. E. COOK,' ngreesional Com. [ton, lid., Dec.18,1897. Years for the only a abort time Hcked them, and Eur °P ean9 qf the great em- W^$S|>>egl™ the * ew iyS' 1 <^L° n hl8 hftnd9 ' jl" l B Htt?Ho run this gov- feNJSjj*/ The people ''tour years con- board, Btnker perhaps men Js to be removed. ,which de» Harley \l udli / TIIK city of Brooklyn, New York, / will now be rubbed ofl the map. '( Robert VanWyck will today become Hiayor of Greater New York and will have greater power than any man holding alike position on earth. The population ot New York City will ex- teed three million and the magnitude «f it* buBineiiB will rival the greatest cities of the world. The cost of .Maintaining the City of New York wiU aggregate 175,000,000 exclusive .«f the salaries paid city officials. Mayor YauWyok is a new man in lie life. It is generally surmised his administration of the affairs of th\o gretit city will be a clean one. e leaders in the cause of labor i country,.>t._well as in Europe as ' or capitalist. r Thec.ftpta]nii«^ganized labor are well nigh unai|iusly opposed to the proposition! of tiding this country to the single goHt; standard They know than witfcBau appreciating money musit com«jteduced wages to all classes of laboring people. We see it going on now in^ew England factories. It Id on in Old Englland, too, where the striking engineers are trying to prevent further reduction in ,wages. Samuel Goinpers set forth the Idea plainly in his reply to Secretary Grage, when he said: The product!* of labor are divided into three (ireDeral shares. One share goes IRS lultcirest and rents' to the money lender and landlord, to capi Mllitfl who do not productively use their own capital, who seek to avoid the rlnki of production, A second share goes its profits to employers, a third iihare goes as wages to wage- earners. Tho interest charges and rent* lire to a great degree fixed and nrofltu * B ^' wa £ es are * UD J eo ' *° £reat fluctaUoni. This being so, it 18 clear that uny thing that reduces. the total mon,ey value of the proof l»bor must increase the of the money-lender and r though nominally ibted, and deeniftse the share to bfl: divided •mon? employe" and wagesearners. It !• liqually 'Bio" * nab Ko ln orea98 the value olt iQonev must deai <%se the , of prciducta of labor, andfchere- ujrich ttie creditor at t% ex i of tbi> debtor ;«=K TlfceiP Ji IMS tine total erpeiidltnn $3.scrtoici Ladies' or Genmen's Vi~i, Patenather Tins, Shoe in the Store. 1m Hand Made, J Worth $4 ibo $6,00] ,oShoe Clq New Rubbers, Best Mait Reduced^ year will exceed 1140 000,000. G-en. John S Gobln, commander-in-chlef of tbe Grand Army of the Republic, proposes to set on foot an investigation of the pension rolls. In a recent interview he said: "The number of survivors should be far fewer cow than at the close of the war. The veterans are dying fast. And then the great number of men who passed through the war and have never applied for pensions should be considered. For instance, I have never applied for a pension, nor have any of the members of ;my staff, although nearly all of them are entitled to be placed on the rolls. I am very certain that more than 10 per cent of the members of the Grand Army have never applied for pensions. "Whether there is fraud or not I do not know. Statements and figures to which my attention has been drawn seem to be stamped with truth, yet they are eo startling as to be • almost incredible. I cannot accept the statement that tbure are 40,745 iQore "survivors" , and "widows" drawing pensions \than there are aotual survivors and widow's of the war. This indicates a state of affairs buyond belief. Still, I cannot comhsit the assertion. I have been so impressed with what appears to be an array of proof that I have begun a, thorough and searching in- vestlgolilon on my own account. "There s.hould be some way to exclude from the pension rills the women who have married veterans late la life for the sole purpose of getting a widow's pension. | "I think that it is an unwise {provision of the pension laws which de- mauds a hospital certificate. Our best soldiers would not go to a hospital unless they were seriously Injured. The skulkers were always ready to go to the hospital, and they have carefally preserved records and papers und so get pensions DOW without difficulty. "It seems £tetfj^t the general record a>Q ^^||^^IBVd count. A ioldler w{|^pPJ«easy time of it afing ab|Kgarr,isons does not de- as much consideration as he endured the privations and ings of camps and marches and' in the thick of the deadliest r P made ceivi Krai pany days of 1898 * r more than T rl or tlie KriiR-Keyn olds d>, lOlis. Jan. 1.— D. W. Coffin rd.ay afternoon appointed re- the superior court for the [molds wholesale grocery com- th.is city. The firm several jissigned to E. L. McKee and Intendedll to continue business and reorganize t|ji<! company. At tie time of the assifnment the firm estimated Its to be about $300,000 and as- .10(1,000. Mr. Coffin has qualified e,, with a bond of $200,00a iolii Product of th« World. , Jan. 1. — The directors; of the rnibt, :Erom information now at; haiKijiSaj that there is substantial ev;-v : deiac'e ijh:pi.t ithe world's product of gold for the calendar year 1S97 win approx- itntite. if not exceed, $2<0,OOO.OCO. an increase of ratiarly 20 per cent, over L59S. Tat! gold product of the United States for 1S86 wa^: $33, 100.000; for ISO! it approximate J6l.500.000, an increase o sets at M recei PROBABLY THERE'LL Bl£ NO Iowa Makert DlHtlaluicr of Having Invade* the S»cre<l Soil of llllnotii. Springfield. Ills., Jan. 1.—Tlie report ot Governor Drake, of Iowa, on the invasion of the state of Illinois oy a company of the Iowa National Guard, has been received by Governor-Tanner. It. is a long document. First it is an explanation of the causes leading to the disturbance at Fulton, Illsi'.. the moving of the head office of the Modern Woodmen from Fulton to Roc-k- Islamd on Aug. IS. The report saysi :....„"; L, Iowa National" <iaajal,-—rfa= at J,yons, a. 'milo from Fulton, of the company hearing the repij conflict did assemble at theiir in Lyons without orders, and pr in uniforms and bearing- guns tu the Lyons bridge, and remained during the evening. Lieutenant leran, of the company, assisted tft 1 marshal and mayor to (listr guns, but denies distributing B* s rifles belonging to company L.tf The persons making the afij|avit to Governor Tanner that compafiy L ln " vaded Illinois soil did not clain to be personally acquainted with llhe wearing uniforms, or to hajle such examination of the gun^Jas to assure them that the weapons! 1 belonged to the Lyons company. Business .of .Fulton deny .a,ny..kjwv-lei belonging to the Iowa g~uar< in the disturbance. Captain' Lieutenant Holleran make denying the allegations o: Island people. Adjutant Ger says in conclusion: "I have cE.arci opinion that Iowa National •were not seen in Fulton oa Aug. 13. nor were any m«m' Iowa National Guard there Iowa National Guard there i nor in any other capacity th citizens." Stafford I» Safe at FninUfo MHwaukee, Jan. 1. — United' Boiler Inspector D. "W. Chipma son D. W. Chipman, Jr., is c gineer on the Alice Stafford, ;l safety anxiety has been : 'felt, celved a telesrram from Fred •wood, general superintendent St. Paul, Minneapolis and Sai Marie road, which owmj.ithe that she arrived at Frankfort o'clock Friday afternoon. .Mrs Chipman, Jr., also received a from her husband at Frankfort, he and all the crew are ?MENiND Clipper-ton, Off the Coast of We ico, Again a Point of International Difficulty. STABS ASD" STEIPES HATJIED LflSl r [420 BROAl Jn Spite ot tlie Protests of Those tn» H<ri.-.t*d It und Notified Oui- Stut* W- partuient— ^lexican Warship Sapporfr to Have Been tookillfr Aftcr » »>•»% Grab Turns Ont to H»ve Been on Moliv 3Ioro Sorious Butlnow, ; _j San Diego, Cal., Jan. 1.—The stearrk Albion arrived yesterday from amor.tliij; cruise down the coast, and her pajj; sengers tell of a rather hi 5 h-hand| proceeding at Clipperton island on tB part of the Mexican gunboat Demcj crata, being no less than the hauliri down -of the stars and stripes by a: armed force landed fcr the purposi and in spite of the protests of the me there employed and the Mexican flag. The story lows: "Our trip down far as Santo Domingo wi particular incident." said ard, one of the Grea Reductic Millinfy Gooda ihe' / Tij in Prices^ Spr|s. BroMway ai oeen brought to th, Mexican gunboat Democrat perton island. He, with tv had been employed by a pany to take charge of about of guano that was stored in aising of the .old is as tol-i the coast aal s void of an-yi Roscoe How-1 "On our' at Aca- jied that rt by the •oin Clip- ther men, com- .000 cons e HARHER'S MA< houses on the island, and \v •were landed there some nine ago they hoisted the American notified the secretary of sta.te action. Mexicans Hoist Their Own Fl On Dec. 14 the Democrata <: r a short distance from .d and ,?ent a boat's crew of as to the island, but on atterip' to Hand the boat was dashed a coral reef and suffered conside. damage. Finally the linded, and after an official me stars and stripes were*^ | fro.m the flag; pole that ha" by the Americans, Mexican Hag was jj^ notifif;d the U?e island take away the will en!er trying y^r prepared^) give to tbe reading j the past qua f f a ccniuiy—contrifctions from the pens of I, World, illusl| by Iciding sras».?A brief glance over its] OUR( PACIFIC IVHOJICTS r%ic.in*cuA.\ wsui Ey H (> WID TORPIE ^ \ lEiSTCTX Sil| AKD THE PiCIFIC) • THE 1>£V< Jit STfy BOKSAL EN'S CORNER-THE NOV HKNRV SlMERRr.tAV,authof of "The Sowers." e contributi Irederic Rci PROGR1 ((MIES AND PK inch aiithorj as ' in, Ruth McEnerJ SCIENCE ;S STUDIES IN f rte Jo aU fuiff/\ IdrestHARP Howells, aod others, j OCIETX-? iled i aa-7 to guano under penalty o£ violate the -The UltnT is TboutToO »il«off the j Mexican coast, almost Acapulco, and Coral Keef. due •6 known as c is about four -,u o iai-^p sized lake T™ -- ™ ^^ s c ^" i west Atoll or miles in tute — WhJCh f 0 ^ a ThousUTof tone, of the is to be found on the sole worth. fully armed and prepared to do whatever resistance might THJE 8TOBY,, Cuban Tobacco at New York. New York, Jan. 1. — The std Concho, which arrived yesterday' Havana, brought 36S bales of tobacco. ONE IN EVERT FOOR. Mexico City. Jan. l.-Offioial intelll- received £rom Mwatlaff shows the Mexican arrived at Ciipperton isl- was fourd that Seems to Have th* ., Jan. 1.— President , Mc- Einle|'hiis decided to stand by Bryan, •whom' lie nominated as minister tc China. The nomination will be an- nottnced when congress reassembles Jan. 5. The appearance of Bryan's name in tin; last edition of the con- yreswionaii (ilrectory os minister to Chlii* has cireated mucli merriment in offlclal an th* Followinjt »or IwJi»,i» aad nortkmttertjr wtadi nortb . One Person In Erery Foar Sofl'ers Piles. About one person in every four t era from some form of rectal dlse The most, common and anuoyln Itcninjj piles, indicated by warm alight moiature, and intense, uni trollable itching in the parts aflec The usual treatment has been si simple ointment or salve"which so: times gives temporary relief, bi nothing Hfce a permanent cure can expected from such superficial meet. The only permanent cure for Itc' ing piles yet discovered Is Pile Cure, not only for itchln but for every other form blind, bleeding or proitrudlng; first application gives Instan rel(6\and the continued ase ilor Mme causes a p«irmanent r moval rif the tumors or the smail parasites ^hlch cause the intense itching ana discomfort of itching pitei, physician! for a lomg time that the remarkable relief by the Pyramid Pile Owe :ause it was supposed to con- alne, opium or alimllar droig?, is not the case., A. -recent analTBis ot the remedy ihoired mbsolntely free from any co- plum, or in fact ani r pcison- drugs wbiitevcir. Sold 50 Mnta ]wr paekagv. id Go!., Mtwhull, tree book en s o£ the ur.iform ntform. that of ottienor Ani«- ierce . The fol- colonial cab- ie recently insti- which went .day: tidsnt of the cab- lose M Galvez; finance, Mon»maro.uis of Montoro; L S J Ant0 nio Govm; eaucat enor L nclsco seayas: c» mrn vura«oiz: posts and CoTH- 1 The., icar ve >ived orders \for lago and Noiih- owa|ntra.l roads.] EKLEGRAMS. :' non&nn., caused^a Blg^business id. getting'through the surf, the their rifles ani swords, themselves by s-tviinmtag flag was carried ashore ears old. jars old. were in a Chicago rin A.. J. Mil . W.t A. J.I TJHV,»- W.T.W1 go, has bought hlne for- Safety 1 Strong! Calu ander fd met roil skip, wn flictln« fore rea troll r>\vl •; h e part of the Americans, rep- expiorinr company, ba^ng been accom- jturne^l to Maza>.about 20,600 tons ot. island. Indies has '•_ per cent, in^ and lemon Tne Chipp bouse has be loo small. Fl ly to be rejecf The British'!! has unanimouS declaring it in .j/ber. ope" th«. East i opened^, closed no b b^'entirely !| Oat^-De 1 nominal; Federation jg 95; TAB. resolution j xard—D* to shorten | nominal; t: *oody,p^< 1)1 paokins trip w | 22c per dd Land- i j coun- 1 < Ihippett < there 1 - t)in s the made ta tbe most eminent of Ira D- associate in e leave Brooklyn Jerusalem. Egy Twenty-five car ty, Wis.. potatoe; to'New Orleans, by wholesale dea 73 to 78 cents a The Chicago a road company is pu] Green Bay. V" ing 1.000 tons of many men in the Assignee Piening, Banking , , I>aid a. -divideniJi p€ ; icen t to of beiiBg president of i ce hou£ie ot hol d- Hogs— 1 JS.OOO; »" pig*. »*•• I lor "tl» c di 56.10@5.60 "revio^a- • cbt. 1. the creditors-- The ly paid a dividend Thousands of _qti Uon of the " of Jefferson wiunty. of rabbits. About^ ntsM . e for the arre»t ol Nicholas McQsi Bpen&v el«Bt:.hours loom lc Sculhoid, today. •»* " fmlr to i iun do., 03.75 Hhe*P !•*««• i J L

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