The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 2
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BLWHBVH4A (A*K): COOTIEB NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1584(1 Easily Made Garnishes for Grown-Up Soups ' HtmtH ItHK* -TlMiu marriage licences have npetfy b«en issued from the Bly- ,'thevJDe of floe of the county court clerk Mist H«l«a K. White and ItweU • Paul Adams, both "of .8C*efe-Mo.; .Mits Liza James and R. B. Bownes, both of here; Miss Beauton Lovelace and Je« p ell Gib- boos, .both olcarutl'.crsvllle. . -•. - » i • - C*Mnl« Birthday Joan Trlesehman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe O. TrleEchmnn, had a party yesterday ntternocn . because it was her third birthday. Fifteen o[ lier friends played In her yard from 4 until D o'clock. \' She gave the girls dolls nnd llic 'boys received halls ns souvenirs after her mother had served ice cream lollypops and lemonade. \ Bits of Mostly Personal DAN THOMAS GEORGE SCARED Dr, and Mrs. M. W. Kmmel and Bon, of the University of Florida are guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. L Berlin for several days. Mr. and Mrs. O. Shonyo arc spending today In Monettc when " they are guests at the bannuei being given'for Cov..J. M. Fulicll Joe Applcbaum, accompanied bj Harry Springer ol Memphis.' wu leave Sunday for Chicago anil St Louis where they wilt attend (he lair and buy for their stores. The) plan to be away ten days. Butler Oliver, ol the Mld-Soull Cotton Growers "association office here, has been transfcircd to the Dyersburg, Tenn., office. He will go there August 1. Dr. and Mrs! I. R. Johnson have returned from a brief stay in Memphis where Dr. Johnson attended to business. They were ac. eompanied home by Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. I. P. Wysc, who formerly lived here, who will visit them for several days. Miss Fannie Apperson, of Mir- xnlngham, Ala., who formerly • made her home here, Is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Briscoe for several days enroute home from . Chicago. She arrived yesterday, afternoon. Drs. Carl and Edna Nies left to d»y for Wichita, Kan., where they will attend the National Osteopathic convention..'they- will be away two weeks. Mrs. W, ,A. Grimmctt and Mrs J. R. Sfovall are ( .iij, Memphis today. • ' . '. . • j Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cliandler have .as their guests Mr. Chandler's sis/ ters. Misses Olive and Lyda Chandler, ol Little Rock. They arrived yesterday and will be here until Sunday. L. A. Christopher Is a patien at the Memphis Baptist hospital The condition of Mrs. Hugh Henry, who is critically ill ut lh< Memphis Baptist hospital, Is un - changed today. Miss .Ada Duna vant motored down last night taking with her Hugh Henry. Billy Brewer, who is ill al tii home .ol his parents, Dr. and Mrs W. F. Brewer, is slightly bettc today. Mrs. Max B. Reid, who has bcc ill at .the Blythcville ^hospital lo two weeks, is better. Mrs. Beale Massey, who was i several days, is now much proved. Max B. Reid has returned fron White Sulphur, W. Va., where l' attended the national conventio of. the Commercial Law league. 1 gave the response to the addre ol welcome in the opening meeting. Oscar Fendler, accompanied bv his father, A. A. Fendler. Mii Frances Fendler and'Bennie Fendler, of Manila, have returned from a brief visit in St. Louis. Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Driscoe have as their guest for the remainder .of the summer, Mrs. Briscoe's niece, Frances Ruth King, of Harlingen, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Scbaiigh anrl daughter, Jeamtte Jean, have returned from a visit in ,/ywood, • Kan. Mrs.- S'baugh and. dau?h!cr were there for a month and Mr. Sebaugh motored up for them recently. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rnmey and RKltJCP _ — AM AffwtoT TO AwgtooLis AS A UES-iT Of UERQ.SM 06- fVAYEO CWK U.S.S. ORECOM W Oi HESS V.'iTEUS N 1QOO Ttl GALUAH viis A itoori IIA PACiSGOM SUOP BUWili 6--O3MIHO- M ACF1E9S. >\ APPBWED in SEVEUAL- R3EMCH RUMS PEFOQT O0<.'..*3-' DTHE Ii ISftlO AMD TMEUTD WE MCMES. Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Bread sticks, put through a ling of bread, all toasted to a dell sley are garnishes for the dinner nnd luncheon table soups. Two onion soup; In front, (lie cruam-soup cup. Mrs. Clarence Ward, of Canndy Switch, was taken to the Method- st hospital 'at Memphis Saturdaj ty her brother, T. W. Whitflelr! of Steele. She underwent foui najor operations and Ls now re- loi'U'd resting ' well. More Ihnn 50 friends of Miss lelen Maishall, of Memphis, who ins been visiting her mother, Mrs I'lola Marshall, attended a picnic n her honor Sunday in Blackwell lark, at Gibson bayou, Floyd. Bled'.ae ,of Memphis, Mljs Marshall's fiance, was the only out of town uest. \ Mr:;. Ola Cook nnd son, Lynn, of Iilttle Rock, Mrs. Grace DC Lisle and daughter, of Portage- vllle, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Travis last Friday. Little Miss Jo Frances Neelcy of Cnrnlhersvlllc spent last week here with her grandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Morgan, while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Neelcy. accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Necley. of Detroit, made a motor trip to New Orleans. O. D. Murshall, of St. Louis, is licrc al the bedside of his parents,] lad. but ofltimcs the hour of vie- Both are newer than the use of everywhere. catc brown; deep-fat fried cotutons, cheese straws, and minced par- Individual services are shown; at the rear a little casserole of baked the soup plate, and much more populnr hostesses =WEEKJA' SUNDAY SCHOOL Elijah Hears God's Voice Text: 1 Kings U:9-18 The Inlrmatkmal Uniform Sunday School Lesson' for July 22. 1). BV WM. K. GII.KOY. 1). Kill (or of Ailvame It Is a strange 'an:l paradoxical rM. and Mrs. l>. W. Marshall, w urc now Improving after being crlously sick with colitis. Miss Helen VlCK nns returned! dm [lory is an he Ing cut . triumph It's Up to the Women BY MKS. FHANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Emotional Babies Babyhood Is the most Imirarlnul ime In the lile of any human icing. It is generally conceded iow (hat -In n physical way the round is laid before tlio ace of ix for the future health of the ndividual. In the old days nobody thought t important to "do anything about . baby's first teeth. Today we ;now that the cart; of the Arat ceth Is almost more Important him taking care of the pfrmnn- •nt teeth which come later. All the habU-5 which mak= for. good health urc begun in 'the irst years of babyhood nnd today 16 mother has a right to fail o prepare herself before her baby s born by rcndinn books and consulting her doctor In order tba: when complimented on the fact that the baby of was a she was taking placid ;nul smiling buby of nine montlt:; old, nil her bnbies wore mid on obscrvntloi an hour of danger. Amm- frcqucnlly carries a rom Memphis, where she has burn it. the bedside o( her niece. Jo Ann Douglas, of Wilson. Ark. i slink'. Remember 11:0 warning o! 1st. i'anl that, those who were stand- Ing lake heed lest they fall. Elijah, in his zeal for llic c.uisc t to follow Hie right, but in the intense reaction, when probably his physical strength had been spent, lie was unable .to ssl the proper value upon things. He thought, of himself as tr.c only true prophet, of God left, and lie saw his own life bslraycd and endangered. It was under these circumstances that the voice of tt.c Lord came to him in the cave, telling him to i;o forth s^id stand upon the niomit bufoi'c (he lard. If there is any Tax Will Defray Cost of Market Regulation WASHINGTON. July 20 <UP> The ultimate cost of operating l federal government's ambiiinus' 7 of the still small voice, reminding I stock exchange regulation ma- Elisha as a prophet in his place. Then came. also. tho. mild rebuke Elijah that there were Mill 7000 Injcliinery Isrurl who hart lo unal. not bowed the knee j ,.„:.„ , U]( , in all probability will bu Elijah misht have been saved j jj,"j"! ". ° r "' lis gloomy aixl desperate- L's;ie-J infoimcd circlcj said th ricnce if he had been only able to About 3800,000 is available for or what re believed lo be true and [vision ihnt can come to slrength- fcurdly liavc been more complete., and yet we fltul him brokcn-spir-j was under treatment for colilis nt! P'irc religion, had achieved a groat j en and liearten a man. he is more hu Methodist hospital. Mrs. P. S. Payne is in St. Louis, vlierc she was called by the death of her father. IK'ttic Boncl has returned from i visit with relatives al Dccring. Miss Evelyn Diggart returned his week from St. Louis, where "he was the guest of Miss Fc:n Lee Alexander, victory over Jezebel and tile pro- j likely to get. it standing upon a phcts of Baal. His victory couM j mountain than hiding in a cave. It was not long before Elijah had n tremendous vision. A great wind- Ited and discouraged, seeking rcf- rtorm rent the mountains and broke iige from the elements and from trx roc j5 5 , and after the wind there i came a great earthquake, after the is fellow men in a cave. There was no moral collapse, j earthquake there was a fire: such as comes lo men ai times not in wind, earthquake, .or when they have worn themselves grandson. Howard Muschcll Ham-.cause, rn, returned Monday from a ' two Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Howard ami]out with their zeal even in a moral The depression that Elijah suffered was spiritual, and it did not, apparently, nffecl his own relationship to God.' » • • He was stiil strong in ills own faith and In his own determination !|Hlclly Llul liood bab!e.s. of her nralinenl, ) realized tlm it. would naturally t)c so. She licr- £elf had u sivei!t and gentle and calm disposition. She rarely hurried, she was extremely puiicllllouo about the baby's health, food am sleep and regularity, but, she did not fuss about unnecessary things. She troubled her babies as little as.. possible and she allowed them ns much 'pleasure as possible and they Just developed naturally into culm and happy human beings. BablKi should not be disturbed when they are asleep, even to weeks visit at Bear Springs, Tcnn. David Crockett, of the 'Calico Rock, Ark., CCC camp, spent last week end with his parents; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Crockett. i Mrs. Ida Smith and daughter. Miss Mable, Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Smith nnd children bpent Sunday with relatives in Portagcvllle. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Morgah and Mr. and Mrs. R. u. Marshall, nc- tompanicd by Mr. and Mrs.:P..R l Neclcy and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sawyer, of Caruthersvllle,' will spend Sunday'at. Big Springs. W. O. Carter, Gilbert and Dan Brown went to Dyer, Tenu., last but fire did Elijah hear the voice of the Lord, though he felt the presence. » * 3 13ut after all these manifestations, came a still small voice inquiring concerning Elijah's condition and trouble, giving him a commission to fulfil, that he should anoint new kings over Syria and Israel, and .en l\ 7000 faithful saints How • th . c securities and exchanges com- >fton we make similar misapprais- i " lls510 " >;|) lo Jai 'i""y 1. and this als of the forces of right that sur- i ls <-x!"H't«l to approximate the an- round us] I "" nl rost of !'«»'''•'••• .'cgulaiion. This cost, however, indirectly Either wlim evil trhimphs, or 11 Is Hie tempter's way to whisper i fa |] to us that we are alone and unsupported, that the CUIM of truth and right is not as strong as we h;id supposed H. to be. What is the cure for these moo:ls of depression? There arc two cures. One is to gH out of tire i-uvc. io get out of Che cave of one's own depressed spjrit. This was the way of the psalmist who communed with his so.ul. saying, "Why art llsou cast down? Why art thou disquieted within me?" The other way is to get to the j mountain version, where God can reveal Himself to us and where we can find new hope in Him. llc ril . fl . ayc(1 by (he ^ ;-,| u ac '" ! "6 o ,f the n the K0t Summer Heeds Cool Laxative I In thli Iiot »e. . AH you tjs:. JiiJ all yo;i . And l ust > ake l>ij cool Ijvicive- nd never urm*. It's i iS'drithrf"? Si allow i, ,!,c taulnt J »r.d ,h< Ituf.rt i, rf hoat ihc i,,L,,,i,,<, bul Ihoi.jujli it-. i, 10 (odiv Rti tm she may know al least theoretical- l )lc " s[> grandmothers or aunts or d be done for hi-r lrlcnds - We should recognize early ngli much, of courcp. [lm n bnb >' llas as lnllcl1 '''Bill "> .(.[his life, even though he may be baby, even Him: can only come with experienci and pracllc?. So much from the point of view of physical health. There is .another r.ide, however, which is just ns important and which must a!;o IK studied before a child Is born, nam;ly child psychology. There are so many things which here been discovered in tho last thirty years on th? subjeci of the influences in early taby- hood which entry through into lat?r life. We nre only just beginning, to eelize how impoitant is the'nif-nt- al and emotional life of a littl •hild. You may plant the .seeds or future nervousness and bad mper at three weeks of age. I heard a muse not long ago. ] for a time only a healthy little animal, as we have to ours. In the first year of a baby's son, J. P. nave gone to Memphis where J. P. will undergo an operation for skin grafting on his leg Te has had several previous operations of this kind as result a bone Infection. He Is al Camp." bell's clinic. Mr. Ramey will re .„, ,, turn tonight tut Mrs. Rnmey wll . '_ be there several days. I Bay Jackson, of Columbus, O., Is visiting relatives here. Friday and were accompanied home by Miss Ruth Brown, who has been visiting there. Mrs. Milo G. Atwood has returned . from a visit at Advance, Maiden and Cape Olrardeau. Society-Personal Telephone .Companies Mu«t Submit Reports WASHINGTON, July 20 (UP) — The federal communications commission today ordered all telephone companies to flic with it a complete schedule ot rates and !Mlss Allie Holt, who is in nurses training at St. Joseph hospital, Memphis, is here visiting hei parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.- Holt. Mrs. Hiaman Kohn and daughter, Irnm Sin, accompanied by Esther Bnrkovitz and Janice Mc- De.imott, of this city, and Virginia Brltton. of Springfield. 111., drove to New Madrid Monday, where they visited Mrs. John's aunt, Mrs. M. Frankel and her sister, Mrs. Minnie Frycrmn, of St. Louis, They were accompanied horns that evening bv Mrs. Kohn's niece Miss Doris". Mr. and Mrs. and former pastor of the local church, was here Wednesday to funeral of Mr. Priest I'sed Fen Name THORND1KE, Mass. (UP)—Ths Rev. Chester F. Leahy, local Cath] olic prijst. lias done considerabl? attend the Miersch. Mrs. Bush Ethridgc aijd children. | writing under the pen name ofj and guests, her sister. Mis-, Jane "Brandon Brian.' Montgomery and her nice?. . Miss Lucinne McNeil of Dallas, Tex., left Monday morning lor Hardy, Ark., to spend a week visiting | with relatives and camping. DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Served Daily BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE j ..; I'llces Reasonable Submit Proposals (or . Settlement of Strike Sam Jabour of life he learns more than In mnny, j copies of contracts with subordin- uiany yearo 'thereafter. Every-l otc corporations. The commission also ordered all elephone companies to submit by September 1 a statement showing the ownership, financial sttate- ment. and officials of their own and subsidiary corporations. The order, Issued after the flrsl meeting of the telephone division, was the first affecting telephone systems to be handed down by the new federal agency. thing is n new experience and if we will only allow him to develop naturally instead of trying to hurry his development and bring him new experiences bsfore he is leady for them, we will llnd that we have a more placid and a happier baby. NEXT: Let Babii-s Be Self- Ucliar.t. (Copyright. 1933. by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt; distributed by United Feature Syndicate. Inc.] Prize Was Unlucky for Negro L 1 - 1uu !s™ or0 ihai • the scune date among possessions :ot n negro woiiuin. they question- DECATUR. Ala. <OP) — A 102- year-old ten-cent piece, a luck :oken to its owner, brought mistor- ,^ v ^,,, ,,, tL tune in the form of a 09-year jail [i-Vth "the" evidence" ••~tciic« to Willie Shaw,-negro, in circuit court here. WHEELING. W. Va. HIP) — Youthful members of the Mountaineer Club of McMechcn had besn puckering their lips in sweet anticipation tor a fortnight. They were to hold the first "kissalhon" Lawtou, Ukla.. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jabour and Edward Khourie, of Anndarfco, Okla.. and David Mike, of Mayfleld, Ky.. who has been in Oklahoma visiting, arrived here Monday for a visit in (lie home of Mr. Khourie's mother. Mrs. Wolf Khourie. The Messrs. Jnbour aie Mrs. Khourie's brothers. Monday evening Mrs. Kliourie had open house for hsr Oklahoma guests. Mrs. B. H. Dewecse, who has Been seriously 111. K much Improved. H. M. Dewee'ie Is in Tuisa. Okla., qisiting with his cousin, Billy Finnegan. Miss Lucille Davidson of Seiiath is here this week visiting Miss Louise Golden: . Misses Davidson and Golden were college criuius a'- Central college. Dr. J. S. Compete, pnslor of the -VJNNEAPOLIP. July 20 (UP! — Definite proposal; for settlement of the lour-day-old truck drivers | strike tt'cre placed before employers nna union man (oday by Rev. i Father Francis J. Unas and .E.' il Uunnigan, feicral mediators. | 'J'li^nature of the proposal-was ' not icveuled. Father Haas reiter-1 atcd his one and only public c tatement since nocoliations startd: "Wn appear to b: making -pro- Midsummer DRUG SAVINGS Read Courier Nevvs Want At*. Two ncsrot'S robbed C. P. M&dry ol his purse, wliicli contained $25. In reporting his loss lo police, Mudvy mentioned small change including a dime made In 1B32. which he carried tor luck. Eon ml n dime BURNS! BOILS! ITCH! Regardless of how serious or aggravated the form, have for a quarter of a century, yielded to Cross Salve's powerful germicidal and healing action. 30 cents and 50 ceuU at all dealers. Honest money back guatantee. The Cross Salve Co.. inc., Marion, Kentucky. WINE OF CARDUI . . . 83c HOUBIGANT BABY POWDER - 25c BOTTLE 666 CHILL TONIC 17c Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones have t4ken the McDearmon home on West Walnut street. Mrs. S. J. Mc- Devmin and son, Rarrol. and her sister^ Miss Florence Chambers, have 'moved'to the McDearman plantation on Highway 18. Jirnmle Thompeon, or Memphis »bx> Jdrrnerly-lived !-cre,' ls vlslt- inc in th* dty, After an Illness ot four weeks, Mrs. Lute Hubbard Is now much brtter. She is «t tier home on West Main street. . : 666 -(quid, Tablets, Snlve. Nose l>ro;>s Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colds Irst clay, Headaches or Ncuralfii.% in 30 minutes. Kinc Laxative and Tonic iMost .Speedy Remedies Kiumu Chef Wood -. HOPSTON, Tex. (UP) — Texas' younfwt priwn ccnvict Is clar- ence Buney, 14, who 'T«, >en*OK*d' to'ttrvt' two" years .chopping wood'op the prison farm after be pietded guilty to -a charge •ot automobile, theft. The boy Ls beU«red to be the youngest con- "»kt ID the .country. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. But now the lips aie dtooplng liko that age still should be i in circulation. The woman recalled ed. Ehou(cd. stormed. Bui- the boy; Spencer, club adviser, was showered with protesting petitions, promised the parents contest was ofT. ns much ns afford. There HUIIII COURIER classified LOCtST AT I5ih. 7T.LOU1/,MO. AS TO PRICE- • • ROOM WITH PRIVATE TUB AND SHO.VER BATH FROM QUININE 1 OUNCE 99c 50c Ipana Tooth Paste _. ... 50c Pcpsudent Tooth Pasle 50c Chill Tonics Black Draugli 15c, Castoria Mississippi Cordial 60c Lysol 39c, 30c Lysol 19c 60c Syrup o( Pepsin 47c 60c Sal Hepatica 41c, 30c Size 21c Rubbing Alcohol, Pint 19c 50c Hinds Almond Cream ...'. 39c FOUNTAIN SPECIALS—MADE WITH FORTUNE'S ALL CREAM ICE •Orange Mellm Sundae ]0c' Jumbo Sodas, With Whipped Cream " I5u I'rcsh Kiisplicrr3- Crc;im, pint ~~~~ 30c I Delicious Toasted Sandwiches ..: '_"__ I5 t Brick Ice (/ream, Hostess, pkg- 2flc Robinson Drug Co., Inc. Phones Corner Main & Railroad 205 We Delivci

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