The Daily News-Journal from Murfreesboro, Tennessee on March 25, 1930 · 6
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The Daily News-Journal from Murfreesboro, Tennessee · 6

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1930
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) t PAGE BIX TUESDAY, MARCH 25: 1930. NEWS.CAflHEn "-.v . STOCK EXCHANGE Am Tel and Tel 246 Balt and Ohio 1194 Beth Steel 1071 Ches and Ohio . ..... 232 Chi M and St P 24 Chrysler Corp - 39 Com Prod Ref 95 DuPont De N 137 Elec L and P 79 Erie 58 Gen Elec - 78 Gen Motor 47 Kennecott - 58 Liggett and M Tob 110? Louisville N 135 Mack Truck 85 Nat Cash Reg A 5 Nat Pow and Lt - 44 N Y Central 187 No Am Co 120 Pure Oil 24 Radio Corp - 49 Remington-Rand 1 39 St L and S F 115 Sinclair 27 So Pacific 124 MURFRk eIKOBO PRODUCE. Quotations Furnished By Murfreesboro Produce Co.) Paying Today. Eggs, cased 22cts Basket, or loose 20c ts Hens, 4 lbs and up . 2 lets Light hens, under 4 lbs, leghorns 10cti Chickens, colored, 2 lbs and under 19cts Leghoms 17cts Stags, over 2 lbs 16cts Geese Sets Cocks lOcts. Ducks lOcts Hides, per lb. 6cta, Horse hides $1.50 down Goat Skins 25cts. Sheep skliy lOcts. to ,75cts. . , COTTON NeW York, March 25. (INS) The cotton market closed steady, 11 points higher to 6 points down. Spots steady, 10 points higher at 15.80. Open March - 15.48 Close 15.55 15.61 15.65 15.40 15.53 15.61 May July Oct Dec Jan ; New contracts OCt 15.23 Dec 15.35 Jan 15.37 15.53 15.60 15.44 15.59 15.60 15.15 15.29 15.33 New Orleans, March 25. (INS) Cotton futures closed steady, 10 points up to 5 points off. Spots steady, 7 points higher at 15.27. firsts 36 37; firsts 34 354; pack- BETTY BLURBS CJK (X f& Automobiles now have front-wheel drives, but the back-seat driver remains in the rear." Copyright, 1923, King Features Syndicate, Jbfl . ing stock 1G20; specials 38ft38. Eggs Receipts 22,295 cases; graded firsts 24; extra firsts 24 Mi "S' 25; ordinary firsts 23G23; dirties 22; checks 21V. Chesee Twins new 18G19; Young Americas 2020; Daisies 19G19; Longhorns 19 ft 20; brick 18 18. Live Poultry Turkeys 25; hens 151? 26; spring chickens 18 30; leghorn hens 25; roosters 20; ducks, heavy 20; small 18; sprign geese 15. Potatoes Receipts 23 cars; on track 242; U. S. shipments 723; no trading on account of blizzard. NASHVILLE LIVE STOCK Hogs 600, steady. Tops 10.25; heavies 9.30; lights 9.20; pigs 8.10; roughs 7.35 down. Cattle and calves 300, steady. , Sheep and lambs 50, steady. YESTERDAYS CLOSING CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO LIVE STOCK Hogs receipts 53,000; market 10-15c lower. . top 1060; bulk 940-1050; heavy Weight 935-1010; medium weight 960-1C60; light weight 980-1060; light lights 975-1060; packing sows 815-900; pigs 925-1025; holdovers 1,000 Cattle receipts 14,000; market stea- , day. Calves receipts 3,000; market 50c lower. Beef steers good and choice 1300-1450; common and medium 1000-1275; yearlings 900-1500. Butcher cattle-heifers 800-1300; cows 600-1000; bulls 700-950; calves 900-1400; feeder steers 900-1150; stocker steers 850-1100; Stocker cows and heifers 600-900. Western range cattle Beef steers blank; cows and heifers blank. Sheep receipts 20,000; market steady! medium and choice lambs 975-1025; culls and common 800-950; spring lambs blank; yearlings 800-900; common and choice ewes 400-600; feeder lambs 900-1000. (Sfocic Ctea&ts IM NO HAN TO TALK. BUT . . . A single man is nobodys fool, says Otho Cannon. And a rusty cannon Is no good in war. Those who do for nobody are doomed 1 10 be nobody. Sodie Fountain Jim Wed his mixer Where once he nectar Now elixer. Girls when you marry you wont be singing in the rain, you will reign in the sink. VJq Pay (o) (O) . 2a OEaoEGG (WITH SAFETY) Murfreesboro Building & Loan Association, Inc. TELEPHONE 853 OFFICE, JAS. K, POLK HOTEL Dope Shipment Tie, frank full of dope which smugglers attempted to ship into the United States with the baggage of Sir Duncan Orr-Lewis, noted English peer , being ex-imtned by U. S . Attorney Tuttle. The trunk arrived on -he S' S Majestic with Sir Duncan's other baggage, but he refused to ' , claim it and turned it over to the customs authorities, vho discovered that n was oacked with drugs. ' i 'Vi.- Umernatmna! Nwi STRING BLIZZARD ' Continued ae r on March ,30 and 31, 1926, was 12 6 Inches. Electric light and telephone lines were down in many parts of the city, and trees and signs were blown down. Delays were reported by the principal railroads entering and leaving Chicago, and air transport was at a standstill. Indianapolis, nd., March 25ilNS) Miss Viola Roffert, 22, shot and killed A warning Issued to motorists by the herself on her wedding day here today. The tragedy occurred m her bedroom at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hoffert. The young woman was to have gone to the altar today with Elbert Bums, 26. 1 The hsooting occurred early this . ...... iip an nr Til doming, the girls mother heard a LYING NEAR UlATH-86181166 a 811016 tlme brfore Automobile Club of Illinois stated that all roads leading Into Chicago were Impassable. All police motor squads were withdrawn and held In reserve. FAMOUS GANGSTER Frank McErlane, Attacked In Hospital, Has Relapse; Transfusion Chicago, March 25 (INS Frank McErlane. big time gangster and so-called Terror of the Southwest Side, was reported dying today in the German Deaconess hospital here. McErlane went to the hospital on January 28, under' alias of Charles Miller, with a bullet wound in his leg, but his identity was revealed on Feb- ruary 24, when three gunmen invaded hiS hospital room and shot him three times as he lay in bed. McErlane, flat on his back and with his wounded leg in a plaster secured a pistol from under his pillow and fired at his assailants, who escaped without being identified. The wounded man predicted that his attackers would be found in a ditch. 'After the footing. McErlane surprised hospital attendants by, rallying, but on Sunday his condition grew worse, and Big Joe Saltls submitted to a blood transfusion in an effort to save his life. Callers at the hospital were told today that McErlane had lapsed into unconsciousness after twenty-four hours of delirium. Will Wed One or Worlds Richest Girls George P. Edmonds, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edmonds, of Dorchester, Mass., will wed Miss Natalie Wilson duPont, one of the richest young ladies in the world. Miss duPont is the daughter of Lamont duPone, president of E. L duPont de Nemours & Co., of Wilmington, Delaware. 'international Me treat) i BMILPER5 Bell Brvs.& SUCCESSORS TO Office and Yard. 305 Wait Held in New York A GIRL SLAYS SELF ON WEDDING DAY Parents Find Body of Indianapolis Bride-To-Be With Bullet In Brain dawn. The parents investigated and diacov-room locked. The father broke down Vie door. The girls body lay on her bed. On a pillow was a .32 caliber revolver, a bullet had lodged in the girls head. The parents and young Bums were stricken by the sudden tragedy, J None could advance a motive for the apparent suicide. , The gun was identified as belonging to Bums father. Bums said it was kept in a sewing cabinet at his home, i dont know how she got it, he told police. i Miss Foffert was in good spirits last Unidentified Body 3 Found In California Eureka, Cal., March 25 (INS) The body of a blonde woman about 25 years old, was held in the morgue here today as authorities sought to identify her and start a hunt for her slayer. Physicians said the woman had evidently been dead for about five weeks. Her body was found behind a log a few feet off the highway north of the town of Orick. Her head had been crushed by a blow over her right eye. Murfreesboro Auto Top Co. 103 E. Vine St. Leach Bldg. Auto Tops and Curtains Sedan Tops and Woodwork Replaced Seat Covers Tailored To Fit Any Car Rugs Rubber Mats Ford and Chevrolet Replacements Drivers Cushions Made-to-Ordrr Running Board Covering and Metal Strips Upholstering Repaired and Replaced Top Dressing Call Us When You Wreck Your Car Furniture Repaired and Upholstered SEE OUR SAMPLES Mr. and Mrs To B. Tanner Phone 851 SUPPLIES MAUGANS - BELL CO. Main St.. Murfreeihnrn Temv SENATE CENTERS Oil (Continued from page 1) Ings in Pittsburgh, Boston and Denver among other cities, The Boston and Baltimore buildings 1 developed battles over the use of In- .. . diana limestone as against granite or her daughter, Roberta Semple, to-marble. In the end, the limestone in- day were speeding eastward at the terests won out over marble and gran-1 head of 100 pilplma whom the iarnous lte Angelus Temple pastor will guide to This was one of the most peculiar Jerusalem for Eastern services, contests in recent congressional his- The pilgrims will saU from New York tory. The granite and marble Interests on the Liner George Washington Satur-charged that ft house limestone bloc day. was forcing limestone Into all construction work over the opposition of , local people. In Boston, lt was said, the city fathers desired granite; while in Baltimore, it was said Marble was preferred for the new federal building. Against these local preferences, it was added, the house block insisted upon; using limestone to construct the build- ings. An entirely different story was told by the limestone Interests. They said limestone was just as durable as granite, far more durable than marble and one-sixth the cost of either. They argued limestone was fireproof while granite crumbled under intense heat. That limestone was weather-proof .poR gALEW)ne rrlgldaiie. one elec-while marble cracked and deteriorated in a few years. MISSING ARMORED GAR DRIVER FOUND New York, March 25 (INS) Raymond Gallagher, 30, the armored car driver who drove off with $62,414224 in POR SALE-Practically new Fordson payrolls last October, was held by po-i Tractor. In A-l condition. BROAD-lice here today after a country-wide 1 w MAPLE3- Tel- 298-6t-D.) SC6rC!1- . . . . . . VT FOR SALE Hay and seed com. J. M. Gallagher had been traUed from New H Castlewood Farm. TeL 644. York to Chicago and to Kansas City and Texas. The latest information of his movements led New York police to for RENT Rooms convenient to Paterson, N. J., last night where he . Teachers College. Mrs. H. F. Crad-was arrested. . dock. Phone 703-W. (294-3t-D.) Described to police of many cities as red-haired foe missing chauffeur was Identified when Detectives jostled him In Paterson, unsteadylng a wig and revealing the -flaming locks. McPherson Leading Trek to Jerusalem Los Angeles, Calif., March 25. (INSH jujee gemple McPherson, evangelist CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOR RENT One 5-room house, gar- den, barn; sufficient pasture for 6 cows. Three miles on Lebanon pike. Apply at Puts Place or call 750. (292-tf-D.- FOR SALE OR RENT o room house and 13 acres land If desired. 1 mile on Woodbury pike. Write Box 261. Gallatin. 257-3t-D) trie range, one 11-piece dining room suite. Priced to sell. Clyde Reagor. (275-tf-D.) FOR SALE A-Model 1929 Tudor Ford Sedan. Practically new. No exchange. Cash $450. Box 57, Murfreesboro, Tenn. (290-Ct-D.) FOR RENT One or two furnished or unfurnished rooms. Private home, Good location. Write Post Office box 1 204, Murfreesboro. (297-tf-D.) Gotttcra wMa ?oalei? appeal Blot GAIN we repeat, what good is a waste basket circulation? What good are a million subscribers if the i newspaper isnt read? Publications the world over would gladly give away subscriptions to gain a large circulation if advertisers would stand for it. But experienced advertisers know that a subscriber is not a reader unless he wants the publication and Is willing to pay for it. For if the newspaper isnt read the advertisement isnt even seen. The Daily News-Banner does, and has always, run on a paid in advance basis. - Its subscribers pay $3.00 and $5.00 a vear for it. Tliev wait for it, they rely on if, read and re-read it, and often ( we have found) pass it along to a non-subscribing neighbor. To our readers we are selling news and not a baby show. We feel the obligation of a newspaper. We sell our efforts to the reader and get a fair price for it. Our theory is that Rutherford County deserves a newspaper. Our bought and paid for circulation proves it. - And a seventy-one per cent increase in advertising lideage in the short space of a year is impressive evidence of what the advertisers have found out. Psittacosis Germ Finally Isolated Berlin, March 25-lNSM,rof. Robert Koch of the institute for infectious diseases announced today that lie had discovered the psittacosis germ. He has been working in seclusion for some time. The Psittacosis germ, long sought by physicians all over the world, is believed to have been discovered by Dr. Koch in a virus taken from the heart of parrots infected with the disease. The germ was found by a process of filtration, lt was said. FOR SALE Poplar Weather-Boarding, Extra fine grade. Nelson Lumber Co. (290-3t-D.) L, H. WEHRLE AUTOMOBILE GLASS Put In While You Wait Window Glass Any Size FOR SALE Radio, used three week s. Good as new. Reduction. TeL 391. 293-3t-C.) WANTED At the Wesley House, an your old school books, magazines, and newspapers. (272-tf-D.) FOR SALE Nw 4 burner Nessco oil stove, with Boss oven. Used one month. Cost $44. Will sell for $30. Party leaving town. TeL 1071. (281-tf-D.) FOR RENT Three nice rooms add bath. N. Academy. C. B. BRANDON. Call 1090-J. (298-3t-PL) ' WANTED To sell used Vlctrolas, priced at $7.50 to $100. Machines originally selling at $35 to $200. NEWSOMS RADIO SHOP, College Street. (298-3t-D.) FOR RENT New 5-room. Dungalow. ' Furnished or unfurnished. All conveniences. Now ready. CaU 312. (287-tfJO.) baby fa3!x I i 1 1 . 1 1 Q 'i r 1 ! i ' 5 I . 1 ? i I. f , ;t. , d y .

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