The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey on January 19, 1929 · 13
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The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey · 13

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1929
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THE PATEBSON MORNING CALL, SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 1929. nun them Eegent Observes 3rd Anniversary Prof ram of Feature En gaged for All Next Week. Tomorrow, at the Regent theater, vill be the celebration of the Re- sent'e third vear in vaudeville. An niversary week will be celsorated tnd to make this a molt auspicious occasion the program will be aug tiented to feature six sll-Star acts tnd photoplay features each halt reek, with a complete new shew starting Thursday. The acts that rill appear In order of their position Ion the program will be as follows. Opening the performance will be Kay, Hamlin and Kay. also knows as "The Three Sensational Kays," are admitted to be the world's speediest Imld-slr athletes. This can best be appreciated after witnessing their remarkable performance. This will start the show off In ship shape manner and give It a flying I start. Next will be an attraction extraordinary, that being Little Esther, the colored kid sensation. Little I Esther has Just turned eight years old and has already captured the plaudits of nanny theatergoers all over the West, This will mark bar first appearance In the East and from all past performances she should be a welcome addition to the ranks of the eastern performers. Her method of singing songs and doing the newest dances In her own way I are positively excellent and should be a ahow stopping entertainer. Bobbe and Van are two boys who Just revel in entertaining others with tomfoolery, music, singing Vnd danc ing. In these they are experts and to watch them work 1 to get acquainted with two very clever boys, who stop at nothing If It Is enter tainment to an audience. Toby Wilson and company will be seen In "O Henry." a comedy with music. Toby Is an old favorite and In this new act la cast In the role of Henry Tuttle, a newly rich millionaire who, with his wife and daughter, retires to Florida. The fun and plot that ensues while they are In Florida are all convulsing and must be seen in order to be appreciated. Wilson's work In this act is said to 'be his best characterization and his supporting company of four Is ideally cast to make "Oh Henry" a trs mendous comedy success. Art Henry and company In "A Re heat-sal" have a skit as different as it is amusing; Such things are to be expected of Mr. Henry "Is his long experience haa proven him to be not only a comedian of the highest qual ity, but a creator as wcIL So in his act Henry has created a new laugh medium that he dispenses with at every performance. A corking come dian in a corking comedy offering Jean Rankin and her Blue Belles are described as Melody Maids in Musical Moments. Here Is a girls' band, ten versatile musicians under the clever leadership of the charm ing Jean Rankin.. The girls are un usually versatile and are different than the regulation girls ban. In that there are many solo numbers In cluded. The feature picture will be "The Haunted House," with Chester Conk- llng and Thelma Todd. NATIONAL RAW SILK EXCHANGE Quotations Famished Dally by George Elbogtn Co. Jan. 18. Net Closing Months Hh Low Change B. O Jan. .14. 9S 14. 9S 4-1. OS $4. 18-4.99 Feb. Mar, A fir A May June 5.00 5.01 Ml 5.01 5 01 5.00 10 -fl.Ol lo -fO.05 f.eo o.oi 5.00 0.03 r oo 40.04 4.97 0.01 4.95 0.02 bales 4.99-5.30 5.01 6.01-5.0 5.01 5.01 4.97 4.94-4. If (175 con July - 4.9S Aug. . 4.9 Total sales 175 tracts). Market closed Arm; and advancing. if JAPAN MARKETS. Yokohama Bourse. Hsles Jn. Keb. Hsr. Apr. Mr June WO 1,976 1.998 1.370 1.376 1.377 1.376 Tea Yokohama Open Market. Yea txeasoge Price (Stlya) Ten 1.S80 Kobe Future Market. Feb. Mir. Apr May June 1,87 U77 1.377 1.380 1,379 Tea Kobe Spot Market Ten Kxcboe Price (8iItu) Ten 61i 1,360 Sales 1.960 Rules 133 Rales 440 .. Market Active and advancing. me Last Waiting" At the United States Premiere of Famous Mystery Play Picture Will Be Presented Tomorrow. Tomorrow will see the premiere in the V. S. theater of "The last Warning." a special production, adapted from the famous mystnry play of the same nanfe, by Thomas f Fallon, based on the popular novel by Wadsworth Camp. It Is a real thriller, with Laura, La Plante In the leading role, directed by Faul Lent, who directed Miss La Plante in "The Cat and the Canary," last season's thrill success. Appearing with Miss La Plants In "The Last Warning," la a strong cast, including Montague Love, Roy D'Arcy, Margaret Livingston, John Boles, Bart Roach, -Burr Molntoth and a doian other principles. The picture was supervised by 'Carl Laemmle, Jr., and la guaranteed to give creepy splnea to the most sophisticated audience. The story deals with a theater which haa been closed for Ave year because of the mysterious death of a popular actor. Buddenly an at tempt Is mad to put on the 4am play In which ha met hia death, with the original cast as far at pos sible. Th ghost of the murdered star seems to haunt the theater Strang and fearful thlnga happen during rehearsals. Mysterious warn Ings threaten the actors. Th open Ing night is a riot of chills and thrills with a smashing climax. According to advance reports, the picture la a veritable breath taker, and is considered by critics to be th best mystery picture ever made. The companion feature, "Nothing to Wear' it a-comsdy full Of laughs, suspense, surprises and thrill's. The cast includes such wall known play ers at Jacqueline Logan, Theodore Von Elts, Bryant Washburn und Jane Winton. Over a hundred Pari fashion creations are used in the action, being worn by the stars. The story revolves around an exquisite fur coat which geta tha possessor into endless difficulties. The latest nw events and a popular overture by th U. 8. Bym- phony orchestra complete tha bill. Sceery Contradicts Historical Society Insists Colt of Repairing Pen nington House Will Be 125,000. The renovating Of the Pennington mansion will cost fully 925,000, and the annual maintenance will be 86.900, President Edward Sceery, of the park commission, insisted yesterday upon his return from a mid-western trip. He contradicted a statement by Charles E. Dietz, acting president of the Passaic County Historical society, that the 825,000 estimate was exaggerated. "I cannot understand why this great wave of patriotic enthuslam should suddenly take hold of the patriot! o societies," Mr. Sceery auld. "when for the last seventeen years the building has been going to decay and at no time was any such enthusiasm evident." Commissioner Sceery maintained the societies now agitating for the preservation of the mansion had plenty of opportunity In th last three months to come forward Alth a petition, but had failed to do so until after the contraet was awarded to raze the house. Now the matter Is out of the park boaid's hands, he said, although he ex-presed a willingness to abide by any decision Mayor Hlchllffe might make. Four Plead Non Vult And Are Fined $50 Many Defendants Face Judge Delaney in Special Sessions Court Four of the defendants who facad Judge Joseph A. Delaney in special sessions court yesterday pleaded non vult to the charges against them and wero fined 850 each and placed on probation. They are: ''i, William De Young, also known as "Pish." "Maurice Van Kirk" and "Maurice Verkerke," twenty, of Peterson, accused of having misconducted himself here with Aliens Caprigllone, of Centra) Valley. N. Y.; Raymond Kordjn. twenty-one, and Thomas PagUaro, twenty-three, both of Peterson, alleged to have acted Indlecretely with Nellie Kensak, fifteen, also of this city, and Morris L. Weiss, thirty-eight, of Peterson, charged with having unlawfully overdrawn his bank account to the extent of 810. The complaining wltneaeea against Weiss was Benja min Ksterman. also of this city. Charged with th theft of cash and merchandise worth $41 from Max Frankel's place of business at Arch street, Arthur Sandford. twenty-four; William Rose, thirty- seven; Luther Williams, twenty-two. and Oscar Casey, thirty-nine, all of this city, wsre acquitted, ae was Oklselll Carlo, thirty-eight, of 147 Broadway, who was alleged to have made an atsault with a large knife upon Benjamin Aszatl, of 119 Broadway, with intent to kill. Convicted of having neglected his five-year-old daughter, Helen, as charged by his wife, Katie, Louis W OUnskl, of Paterson, was placed on probation. The calk of Frederick Hoban. thirty-six, of Paterson, accused of having deserted his wife. Susie, and of having neglected his three minor children, was referred to Chief Pro bation Officer Mahoney for adjust-r. ent. Many Attend Recital By Miss Terpstra Pleases Large Audience With Program at St. Boniface Hall. A large audience attended the recital given by Miss Dora Terpstra in ' St. Boniface auditorium on Thursday evening, under the auspices of the Holland Ladles Har-nionle society. Mies Terpstra gave many recitations and rendered many vocal selections, some of which were dramatic and others humorous. Th audience Was well pleased, as could be ascertained by the continual applause. Miss Terpstra was aocompanled by Mrs. A. Swlerstra at the piano ad H. Van der Plog at the violin. Refreshments were served after the performance. The committee In charge of the affair consists ef the following: Mrs. J. Schurlng, Sr.. Mrs. J. Simon. Mrs. P. O. Posthumus, Mrs. L Banthouae, J. Schurlng. Jr., Mrs. Blvonk, the Misses Margaret Posthumus, Cornelia Wenteler, Joan Decker, Florence Schurlng and Henrietta Wen teler. Eagles Plan Card Party on Jan. 30 James Stoddard Heads Committee of Paterson Aerit. Members of Putersbn Aerie No. 48, Fraternal Order of Eagles, at their meeting In Eagles' hall. 100 Market street last night, made plans for a card party to be held in the headquarters on Wednesday, Jan. 80. A committee headed by James Stoddard was selected to arrange for the event. Many handsome awards will be given tn players and non-players. There will be euchre, pinochle, five hundred nnd bridge games, as well as an entertainment and refreshments. Members of the Ladles' auxiliary are working In conjunction with the men tn planning for the event. In tlie business session last night David Horowitz was elected vice-president to fill the unexpired term of William Martin, resigned. Baltimore Pastor to Preach Here Tomorrow Council of Churches Outlines Program Organization at Annual Meeting Adopts Schedule of Activities. , The Council of Churches presents the following program of activities adopted at the annual meeting: A standard training school of re ligltnta education. A completion of the survey of the cuy. weex oi r en. 20. Personal visitation evangelism Week of March 3. Civic Lenten services at th First Baptist church. i n organization ot a woman s branch of the council. Father and Son week. Wek ot Washington's birthday. A systematic effort to reach those groups who by reason of their oc cupatlon are shut out from the regu lar church services. Closer co-operation with the Y. M C. A. In Iti community Interest. A drive to Increase the enrollment of children In Sunday schools, cul minating in Children's day. Sympathetic co-operation with thi City mission and with all organiza tions that are seeking to better con ditions In our midst. The council will continue to fur nish pulpit supplies to any church in need of its services. The council will circulate liter rture of general Interest to the churches, at it has been doing In the past. Officer Vanderputten Assigned to Patrol Dnjr In the detail for the coming twenty. eight days, posted at police headquarter yesterday. Traffic Officer Vanderputten is assigned-to patrol duty at hia own request. ' Homseyi Awarded $169.87 Joseph, George and Charlts Horn-sey, trading as th H. sV L. Silk company, of Paterson, who sued Max Rosenstock, doing business as th Yeribtit Silk company, also of this city, for $1,118.74, allegedly flue for weaving good for th defendant, wars' awarded a verdict of 8909. S? by a Jury before Judge Newton H. Porter in circuit court yesterday afternoon. Rev. Stinson Will Fill Former Pulpit To Preach Evening Sermon at Prospect Park Baptist Church Tomorrow. Rev. Benjamin Stinson will speak from hit former pulpit in th Pros pect Park Baptist church tomorrow evening st the regular hour of W6r ahip. Mr. 8tlnson's friends are legion in Prospect Park, and without a doubt a large number win avau themselves of renewing old acqualn tanceahips on thi occasion. For five happy years Mr. Stinson enjoyed the esteem and lev of hi people, and through the years th folks have followed him in Illness and health. Mr. stinson is retired from the active pastortate. but he is exceedingly busy With th Grand Army of the Republic, and th Bona of Union veterans, of the Civil war Work, and haa been honored by both organizations, recently being installed as chaplain of Farragut post, No. 28, G. A. R., and also as asso clat chaplain of the sons camp, and supplying where a pastor is stricken With illness, or vacation seasons, he is Jutt at busy as a regular pastor and enjoys the fellowship of all the denominations." Chaplain Stinson will greet the congregation on this occasion with the theme, "Big Busi ness." t , ... i i ' Bo Bitten By Dog. Peter ainopulos, of IS Southard Street, reported to police headquarters yesterday that Ms son. William, a nine, had been bitten on the left leg by a dog ownsd by a family at 13 Mill street. Efforts will be made to have the animal observed:; by the board of health to determine whether it is suffering from rabies. Rev. .Tuett Noble McDonald, pas tor of the Associate Congregational church, Baltimore, Md., will occupy the pulpit at the First Congrega tional church, both morning and evening, Sunday, Jan. 20. Rev. McDonald Is a man of wide experience In Congregational churches of different types, and has been especially successful In building up a strong Young People's society, and large Sunday evening audlenoes. H Is a member of the National Council of Congregational Churches, and Is vice-moderator ot the Middle Atlantic Congregational conference. He has been pastor of the Baltimore church for four years, and has been very successful there. In this sge of great changes In church attendance, a minister who has made a real study of the changed conditions and the methods best adapted to overcome them is well worth hearing. A cordial welcome Is extended to all who wish to hear Rev. McDonald in his timely talks on the power of the Gospel. KOHL JAILED ON CHECK PASSING CHARGE OBITUARY WlUlam Jatsler. Many of the older residents of the Westsldo.-eectlon ot this city, will no doubt regret to learn of th pasning away of William Jutzler. at his late home, 70 Glover avenue, in his eighty-fifth year, following a long Illness. Mr. Jutzler, although retired from active work for a great number of years had been going about dally, until recently his condition made It necessary to be confined to bed, until gradually he grew worse, with the end occuring with members of his family at his bedside yestsrday morning at 10:25 o'clock. The funeral will bo held on Monday morning from his lata residence, 70 Glover avenue, West Paterson, and at 9 a high maas of requiem will be celebrated at St. Bonaven-tures R. U. church, after which the interment will be made in the family plot in Holy Sepulchre cemetery. Mr. Jutzler leaves his wife. Caroline, who Is In her eightieth year, and two daughters, Mrs. Charles Thaler, and Mrs. Joseph Sani, of Ohio. ELKS TO INITIATE A LARGE CLASS With a large lass of candidates to be Initiated, the degr team of Putorson lodge, No. B0, B. P. O. E., promises a stellar performance at next Tuesday evening's regular meeting 'of the organisation, according to an announcement made yeeterday by Freeholder-director Robert Worsley, who is secretary of the lodge, of which Leo W. Eirich Is exalted ruler. Charged with having passed a worthless check for 8800 upon Archie Locker, of Paterson, who entered a formal complaint against him before Justice of the Peace George Richmond, George Kohl, of S62 North Eighth street. Prospect Park, was arrested last evening by Constable George Young. Unable to furnish the ball of 8600 which was required by Justice of the Peace Richmond for his release pending grand Jury action, Kohl was committed to the county Jail. Snew Charged With Theft By Woman Theodore Snew, twenty-four, of 40 North West street, was arrested last nleht by Detective Sergeant Smith and Detective Kennedy on a charge of larceny made by Mrs. Blau, oi ou Clark street, who alleges the young man stole Jewelry from her apart ment. Snew Is held at police hcad- m.aarturs ncndlnir arraignment In police court this morning. Anto Stolen. Dolly Schwartz, of 493 East Thirty-second street, reported to po- j lice headquartert that her Chevrolet coupe had been stolen from Van : Houten and Washlgton streets, be tween 6:80 and 6:50 o'clock yester day afternoon. The car carried license number P-31115 N. J. WILL REMAIN Open Tonight Until 9 o'clock Splendidly ready for the great overflow crowds who are continually urging through our doors, eager to share in the great bargain feast. Don't Miss it-Get here early THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME FOR SENSATIONAL BARGAINS Thousands of genuine bargains in all departments. BRAWER BROTHERS AWARDED $366 A verdict of 8878.40 was returned by a Jury before Judge Clifford I.. Newman In circuit court yesterday In favor of Brawsr Brothers Silk company, of Paterson. In Its suit against Barney Lefkowltz, trading as the Lee 811k company, also of this city, for SIX. allegedly due on a book account for silk. The plaintiff, through Its counsel, Peter Cohn, originally filed its suit In the Paterson district court, but the case was transferred to the Passaic county circuit court when the defendant filed a counterclaim for ST89.40, charging that the silk was Imperfect. The Jury found that Leskowlts had "no cause for action" In his counterclaim. La Fraterna Lodge Installs Officers Angelo B. Oliva, Pc, Becomes Chancellor Commander of Organization. La Kraterna lodge No. 1 1, Knights of Pythias, Installed officers before a Inrgo number of Pythlans last night in her lodge rooms In the McNalr building. Those Installed were: Chancellor Commander Agelo B. Oilva, P. C: VIce-Chancel-lor Commander Agelo B. Olivia, P. 0.! Vice-Chancellor Prank Coronato, Frank DeMarla, Master of Work Nicholas Tarantlno, Keeper of Rec-ods and Seal Felix C. Tnmarogllo, P. D. 0. C; Master of Finance Domln-ick Fraulo, P. G. H ; Master of Exchequer Murlnus Carusl. Master at Arms Nicholas Darlco, Inner Guard Cllbert Ventura, Outer Cuard Vincent Murino, Trustees Frank Puglio, chairman for term expiring Dec. 31, 1929: Tullio O. D. Darla, term hiding with 1910, and Oaetano 1'uRano, for term ending with 1931. Representative to grand lodge, Angelo B. Ollva, alternate representative to grand lodge, William Giudlce, 1. L. O. C. The Installing officers who were received with grand honors wero: Simon Broagol. as grand chancellor: Joseph Sprechman, as grand vice-chancellor: Maurice Flshman, as grand prelate!; John J. Nixon, as grand keeper of records and seal: Herman H. Moskowitx. as grand master of exechequor; Benjamin Blake, as grand master at arms; William Del Oludlce, as grand Inner guard, and Paul Alexander, as grand outer guard. Under good of the order remnrks were made by all of the Installing staff nnd a few more that developed the information that the newly In stalled officials had been rehearsing derfal dinner was served to sll pros- and wero rapidly getting Into excel- ent and mors speech making and lent form to do their work. story telling was Indulged In till the At the close of the meeting a won- wee hours of the -morning. YOUR TEETH ARE PRICELESS AS PEARLS Hi Good Health, Good Looks and Good Teeth Go Hand in Hand! No man or woman, whether employed in office or shop, in business or a profession, can be truly efficient and get ahead while handicapped with troublesome teeth. How Many Times Have You Started to Have Your Teeth Fixed? CAM HOT 8UP 09 DROP 1 GUAMHTUD9YIABS J Neglected teeth may bring serious ailment to the entire body. You can not afford to say, "1 haven't the time to spare, that is necessary to have my teeth attended to." Why neglect them until it is impossible to save thcmT Sweet Air Eliminates All Pain Freo Extraction With Plate or Bridgework. Free Examination. Come In Any Time! DR. MALL AS 262 MAIN ST. (Comer Main and Market St.) Entrance on Main St. A. M.-8 P. M. SATURDAY TUX P. M. FOB THE GIRL GRADUATE NEW MONOGRAM RINGS The latest design ii monogram rings; I Ja a great aaturaje of styles. $5.75 up OF 1 OFF V IN OUR FEBRUARY JEWELRY SALE 18-Kt. White Gold .95 $1.00 WEEKLY Diamond FOR THE BOY GRADUATE 4 Vj CLASS RINGS We will gladly arrange te give the entire riass so j- designed rings fherlaa. Prices a tow as $5.75 up "FOR THE GIRL We hare oa display afl the new models of the world's Host famous watches and they ran be obtained ea easy terms and standard erieta. 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