The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey on January 17, 1929 · 16
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The Morning Call from Paterson, New Jersey · 16

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1929
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OIXTKKN AMUSEMENTS 5TAPT1N& SUNDAV m - M which hat been clod for Ave j-ear beeauae of the mysterious death of a popular aclor. Suddently an at tempt la msde W put on tha same play In which hemet hla death, with tha original oaat a far as possible. Tha ghost of-the murdered Mar Mem to haunt,the thater. Strang and fearful thing happen during rhearals Mysterious J wkfnlng threaten the actor, f T1Y opening nUeht i a riot -of chills arid thrill with a niahlng climax. The plctur U a veritable breath taker and advance reports consider It o be the beat nmtery picture ever made. Tha companion feature, "Nothing to Wear." la a clever comdy drain full of auepenae, thrllla-nd henrty laughts. I'filque In plot, tha story In woven around the time worn cry of women throughout the ages. It sparkles with apontaneoue numor land unuaual situations. A gorgeoua background of clothes, luxurious settings and picturesque locations attract the eye. while the. rapid Are action will keep tbe audience In a continuous roar of laughter. The cast Includes Jacqueline Logan, Bryont Washburn. Theodore Von KHz. Jane Winton and others of equsl note. The attractions for the balance of this weak are: "Singapore Mutiny," with Kstelle Taylor and Ralph lnca and ''Honeymoon Kbit" with George Lewis and Dorothy Culllver. JTHK PATERSON MORNING K ft tbe studio by th side , f THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 1929. '.y, i wr..-3 rived, I door, and, entering tha front lobby, poke to the gatsman aa If I ware a stranger seeking admittance, Tnen I took a position nathe-tpMoarit. observed' her, and filially fngeged her in- convereatlon." ...flSH After a fw nomnMik with bue-fyed Vondetl Parr., I knew beyond question hgirtihe and none other wae to ba 4he, flrt ifttle ftrl In talking pictures: "On Trial". Warner B'roa. latest ' nll-talklng Vltaphone special la at tbe Fabian theater all' this week. One of the latest novelties that haa , Been iinniurea nn aotinc a'- cmpanlment Is a W ait Ulsney cartoon, ptoduceflj with all the sound effects, making this individual subject the moX Popular subject on tha program. It Is the first ttfn tlnce sound motion pictures have been at the Knhlan that great applause has greeted any on subject. A single reel comdey. tha Pathe news events, also the Fox Movle'onc news. In voice, sound ajvl action, rounds out the balance of the pro- grain, ass SOD BUSTER'S SECTION by m HAROLD WETTYEN AG It tW LTIHA L AtilOT, diegaw Ait Ooontf Kstensk lnk I torn it a. uoartboaae, I'aierson. M. i. ens Better Than School ef'it. Hut aha ww hustlad n ana i naa not opporiunuy 10 mensM 1-CVrB to her. Rverythlng la so uncx that aha is unsatisfied. However, aJM SSTSt UMjmm IMKOmd youth ' v TOVTH' ft) Was vmm HAVER A Starting Today Starting Today DANCING HUSBANDS A NEW MUSICAL COMEDY 30 -HIT STARS -30 singers - dancers - funsters INCIADIXG Charles Marsh, Max Stamm, Martha Vaughn AM) THE MIAMI MIXERS 12 12 ON M KKF.X "The Adventurer" - DOROTHY SKBASTIAN ITH CHAR, DK, I.ANEY TIM MeCOY Sunday U. S. Theatre I z ns Sunday The Last Warning xvith I. U It A LA PLAXTK MONTAGi: I.OVK, .lOHX BOLKS MARGARET MVIXOSTOX ROT D'ARCT Nothing to Wear with .JAtiQVKMNfi MKiAN BRYANT WASHBI RX THFODORK YOX EI-TZ JANE WIN TON "SINGAPORE M CTIK " with BSTEliLE T.YI01, RALPH ICK "HOXEY.MOOX FLATS" NOW with . Showinir georgb ixms. I DOROTHY GULLIYER GARDEN. Battle of the SeJl., "The Battle of the Sexea" V. Wi Griffith's fastest picture showing all this week nt the Garden theater unfolds a captivating story of tha modern home. Griffith has made on of the mcst entertaining and worth-while photoplays of lite- oareor m this new Garden .attraction which everyon should see. The unmistakable Griffith touch I to be found In the big moment of the picture. In fact, so real has he made tb relationship that exist between husband and wife and parents and children, that the in troductory scenes showing tne nappy fnmllv are like a naee from life. Tears flowed fraely when tho wife, choked up with emotion over her husband's thoughtfulness on her blrlhdsy, Is unable to find the words with which to thank him. Jean Hersholt, as the erring father, portrays what is easily on of th flnet character roles of his great csreer. Phyllis Haver, as th gold-digger, Marie, plays an unsympathetic role, and Is the direct cause of much of the comedy. Bell Benett Is cast as the mother and wife who becomes temporarily crazed by Ber husband marital de flclenciea. It is her best performance since her memorable "Stella Dallas." Sally O'Nell Is natural as an unsophisticated home-girl who 1 instrumental In bringing her estranged parents back to the domestic fold, and Don Alvarado ns Jimmy plays the role of a male gold-dlggnr. You can't afford to miss seeing this picture: "Steedlng Youth'1 Is the title of the Collegian series this week, and the weekly news events rounds jui the program. Today la dafry day at Trentog- and I am there and hope to sao a good crowd of local dairymen before the day 1 over. The fact la that while i his is Monduy and fifty pef cai of our staff are out alck'4ght now. Sickness surely doss tie up anyone activities and It only u-kv a time like this to draw it to ;oiir. attention. Ther8 Bre othef ..ailaiewes beside flu. grip and colds, however, that do tla up folka and some of those diseases may be caused in milk, so V think I will grje you today, an article written by iPro.'essor Button, of the dairy department of the agricultural college at New Brunswick, which he wrote, for. me to broadcat oxer VODA. , By the way. we ar "up In the air" again, but the day I now Monday and the hour 7:45. Tuns In. ' Here 'lr Professor Buttmjs article, which should be IntertmtlmV tonour readers, who are consumers, as well ORPHEUM PHONE 8IIEB. 1614 CHA8. F. EDIYAMD. faiaager PEGGY MAYO AND II KK RED HOTS WITH BENNY PLATT LADII S' n 1MI ns Manx ees IUC 6oC GET V I PARTY material. Kay RtmlUn and Kay are a trio of popular casting experts and hold dous Interest and appeal and It is a UVQU "Sal of Singapore." Phyllis Haver Path star vehtcl, "Sal of Singapore," showing all this week at th Rlvoll theater, Is a marl-time film story that It radically different from any see. story ever produced. The action for the greater part tak place aboard a tramp steamship In the Tactile, but instead of storms nd. wrecks, the dram deal with a lrl frequenter of water front dives, who Is shinghftied by hard-boiled ship's captain and who, personal charms brims to the fore the elemental passions of her hardened associates. A derllft baby, picked up by the captain lirV Mazdttan, insplt-es love In both and becomes .the focal point of conflict between granite ' will and diamond hardness. Beneath ..the swift-moving action apJd the grltn humor that abound there is. .in amazing character study and development of types seldom present In photoplays of this virile type. jjj "Sal of Singapore" Is packed with colorful dramatic scene of tremen Camp Director Barnes Visiti Paterson flt Gives Talk About the Opening of Wawayanda This Seaion. i E. W. Barnes, director of Camp Wawayanda visited the local Y. M. C. A. yesterday. Va.aij'anda( Is the boys' camp operated by the state committee of .the Young Men's Christian .association, at Andoper. It Is the oldest boys' camp ' ln.'the country, accommodate! ISO toys at a time during the summer months. is situated on a 330 acre tract of j ,,. lanu wnicn inciuaea complete con- mlml lr mor4 Consumra reallied it troi of the snore una or tne adjoining lake. During pravlcu years large numbers of Patersol) boys jnd oung men have been regular attendants at the eampi Mr. Barnes, (he director of the camp, la a member of the staff of the stale associa tion responsible, for tbe leadership of the country Y. M. C. A's. He gives the spring, summer, and part of the fall to the matters involved with the camp. Mr. Burnes Is a native of the state of New Jersey, who recsivid his education in Colorado Springs. Colo. He ecam the boys' ;Work secretary upon graduation. Later he served In Y. M. C. A. Work in Wisconsin and recnUy developed with remarkable kucce the country Y. M. C. A. centered In and around Medina, Ohio. This'-year will -ha Mr. Barnes second season as director of WawAyana. In hla conversation yesterday with local Y. M-C. A. official he stressed particularly the fact that Wawayanda service Is especially planned for normal boys from Christian families, boys ranging In aga from ten to eighteen years of age. H called attention to the opportunities offered iy tne out all these Ideas and Ideals with proDt. Professor Button saya: "The consumer is constantly being encouraged to use more milk end dairy products. Studies of the different constituents of milk and nutritional investigations present facts to show that It Is one of our best foods, the consumer, however. Is not altogether satisfied with a milk that has a normal chemical composition with fat and solids above the legal Hmlt; but ha alao wants one that Is wholesome and free from all unnecessary contamination. He haa always . pre-ferrefl clean milk and many farmers hava always produced clean milk, but Only w-Jlh th advent pf the.bac- ttrtal homi as a part-Of the bai of payment for milk has cleanliness received market value. On Jhie bast tha dairy farmer feels, he is getting paid for his time and pains In prodnolag a milk 6t good flavor; fraa from dirt: from clean, healthy cow, and containing only a small number Of bacteria, none of which are harmful. Thus the progressive ramp to young meato invest their .dairyman Is doing his share to in-n-acatlon period l 4 wholesome mjt sdre.a continued demand for milk ,Ioor Ufa contrlbWlflk by their beea he is supping; a product ChrJatlan leadership to the whole Jt meets b Pijbjc hea th rf. soma develpnfrtVt younger boyiuiuremiww . wWper:(lf season. una"1" oie ww"'"- " OI law s or iipiwi" ri a to you producers. A milkman . .... mlll, fftp ... hln a real responsibility and to my i " . . , . m.,..,! i'. hi i ill i n Af ihn avAiafaja4 nt in nrt m-t ion they would he willing to pay a. fair mu b,ck t0 tne ljmlt the hMlfHl price for milk that would enable the I K hl. -,..nfllve producer and distributor to carry Colored "Gtft GH" IW Rttui t Llttk FaJii That 'joran t Ml ' ertw to ' b proves oy'tne caJ of lltMa'Acla- Martin, sixteen-year-old eolored "gift girl." who waj removed fiom tha home of Mr. and Mrs. Theron B Alleti. of Uttle Falls, on saturduj to ba plated Ih tha care of welfare wofken her own ffcta In ordjer.. tit she might r-celvo an adftca tla. For ever sin re aha .eft the heme ot "Big Boa" and Miaay,' aa aha called the Allans, Jw Negress ha been ujV2PJV i d Pines ta morn ta n)nljr' trJemlrf she ever had." However, lit tl At rnuaA 'am- ami hear it. and receive tttW- eduoatlo that la being offerai her. WMnyst 'j remain in ino unknown worm pi local colored settletunt, aurroifnded by a sea of new fxb4-m tWdy Strang- lessons that are difficult ami uhintersstlna. For vyWday Mrs Allan stated that $J&&f tha young girl bac OMarMar fare. I where ahe haa bean fourteen years. J Mrs. Allen said tMhvwt! HI feeling for tha abrupt v whlcih her "bound ''girl". '-"had beff taken from her in spite of tha fact that she confessed sh was jurprhted with the "harsh Northern viewpoint of the whole matter, aha aald that she wanted Acl to hava tha d vantage and aduaadon . thAt bar people can give. Ad ttaliavea that H will be for her own td tf h star with them. Mrs. Allan believe that tha young however, the consumer today ctn ttri "Should Jtav en praarai fd tha life she was aout to aniari I can talk to her ana, tenson will bar. I beline that she will see thil thta cha4ee la foi her Mv. Alleh sad. own nooti fwo womefi have taken charge' qunriiea In EINgland times against contamination by disease bacteria. Whenever milk Is shipped great distances and must be handled extensively before reaching the conaumer, It Is procuaad by a heat treatment known as pasteurisation. Thit I a prlclas eafeguard of public health because It destroys all disease baotarla It any be preant in tha milk. "Certified milk has long been In a claaa by itself as a product free from disease bacteria and la produced to meet a specified need. It kuppllea th baby, the Child, and thin valid a milk from" which vry form of contamination haa bean excluded by unfailing adherence to the most rigid production technlqua. It is produced under rfl'dicsl supervision and because oi its high cost cannot be used as a "general source of milk auppty. Vith thee three hind of milk MHtft: yaV .a? m tWutajW ai- .fat f "onke linirM tbm m wStmtaZS1 IB ALltruS I aRAKF LINING (B AiTSAWljrCWTBrCI tSVlw- Jj when the welfare workara came ta jemove her from th Allen heme. i in nk i couia nave cnanaeo ntr offlclala who are his representatives attUuu toward tha naw Ufa, If I and agfhts. On th Other hand, tne ha4 h4 th 0htllc, 10 rMton with .ml Hlairihiiliir must more,. . . . . . . - i ' ' .. i T ' , . , ner -perore ane aa tan en iron fully appreciate tho rust placed I lr, . , ,wr sv, ..a inem oy ino gwhw. "... then reallx that upon them rests the responiblllty of maklM? ura that th quality of this nil important food Is as nearly beyond rsproach as It Is possible for thent to make It. LITTLE THEATER, WILL PRESENT fSHOW OFF "The Show-off." a comedy in thre acts, will be presented by the Little Theater of the Younjr Mart'-- an Young Women's Hebrew asaoelatlan tor three nights. etartlnguiil. Feb- !4, at th "T" atldltanum. Van Houten street, near Church street. 7 he Players REGENT W hoopee Week. ' Next week will be whoopee week at the Regent theater, for the theater Is celebrating Its third vaudeville anniversary anj with the celebration is augmenting its program to six all star acts. The greatest ehOWs of the season will be presented ear h half of the week starting Sunday with an entire new program presented on Thursday. Tha big acts art engaged to appear are Jean Rankin and her Blue Belles, one of America's finest girls' band, not only expert musicians but harmonists, sing era, dancers and exponents of things theatrical. Art Henry and company will t; another topnotch performer With an assisting company to make merry. Toby Wilson is a corking comedy find and presents an act we'll worlii watching and bearing for it Is a very-funny comedy episode. Elttle Esther, the colored kid sensation a riot wherever appearing has been secured especially lor this (tula week. She Is a veritable hit a-, i there U not enough .--pace here '.o Baacribe lier work in full. . , JJobhe and Van are two men with tha variety art and will b pleaslii'j an4 entertaining to all ulio s-u ihci,. who arc ready to deliver their htx the attention of all while on the. stags performing. The feature picture will be an-j other Item that will be of big Importance it being the "Haunted i House" the best mystery comely farce ot the year with Chester Conk-jlin and Thelma Todd supported by I Montagu Love and a splendid ail l star cast. The show that will be seen on view starting today is called "Dancing Husbands," a new musical comedy with a clever company of thirty hit stars including Charles Marsh, .Max Ktanmi, Martha Vaughn and the Dean brothers, besides an .imposing cast of stellar performers not forgetting the pretty twelve Miami mixers, the famous beauty choru. Tho "Dancing Husbands" jShow is a brand new musicomlcality and lii the cast their are singers. dancers and funsters. The feature picture will be "The Adventurer" with Dorothy Sebastian. U. S. THEATER. "The Lat Warning." "The Last Warning", Unlversal's mystery special, starring Laura La Hants, will open at the U. 8. theater this Sunday for a week's run. It A hailed as an unusual and spectacular production. " You remember the thrills and chills of the outstanding Success. "The Cat and the Canary?" . Trie production abilities have combined In "The Last Warning" and they have surpassed their prevlbds effort In the mystery field. The story is entirely different and the director, Paul Leni defies any One to solve the mystery beforehand A big price was paid by the producers for the screen right of Thomas F. Fallon's stago play of the same name which was such a ti emendous success for a long run on Broadway. Appealing with Miss La Plante in "The Iast Warning" is a strong list Including Montagu Love, ROy D'Arcy, Margaret Livingston. John tholes. Bert Roach, Burr Mcintosh and a dozen or more other priuclr pais. ','.. .' ., The story deals with a theater picture you sWmldn't mis. "Behind the Grman Llnea" t the co-featura -picture thie Wek. It Is everything that, th tit) implies, with it showing of wtiat wok place In German 'cltfe's' "ahai ' town whll the nations werst on ' various fronts carrying on the grim business of war. Never before has tha American public had the opportuiiltyy to see actual pictures of German life when the Impregnable Kngllsh navy cut ofT the fatherland from all sources or foodstuffs and other life sustaining necessftles. Don't fall: to see the Rivoli's program this week. 'China Day" Is today. FABIAN "On Trial" The camp wrnv pe Juno 29. rf-accepted r one or more perloa bf two wks each, except those boys nine, ten and eleven years of age, for whom one week of th c&mp season la especially reserved. That week Will be announced I.1""- Parent-Teachers Want New School Totowa Association Will Atk Mayor to Recommend Appropriation. A committee of members 'of; the Totowa Padbt-Teacljer' association will wait, upon Maydr Hlnehilffe today or tomorrow to petition him to make sufficient: appropriations in the 192 bu4et to repjac school NOy 6 by -a modefb; building. School No. ." is one of the oldest buildings in the .city, aniihas outgrowTTits enrollment, the association claims. For tha purbo of appointing this commute, te executive committee of th - association met. Tuesday night, and appointed Mrs. Seeley Van Riper, vice-president of the association, as, chairman of th committee to Upon the mayor. Tho other member hav not been named yet. y. v - The committee ha beeh instructed to cafl to "the Attention of Mayor Hinohliff that schools B and 14 are two ot the oldest in the city from ih point of service, and their need fo be replaced by modern fireproof buildings Is an Urgent one. The dat for the neU meeting of the association was set for the first Tuesday In February, at Which time a prominent speaker wHl address the members. The much sought distinction of being the first .little girl to b seen and heard In a Warner ftros. all-talking Vitaphone special production goes to Vondell Darr with her role In "On Trial". Hers is one of the largest parts in the talking picture. Although she is only nine years old. her Vpice registers with all the distinctness ertd clarity that th most critical could wish. drt Lytlt and Lois Wilson appear as her parents. Pauline Frederick, Holmes Herbert. Johnny Arthur, Jason Robards, Richard Tucker, Franklin Pang- horn Edward Martindel, Edmund1 Breese and Fred Kelsey are th other leading members of the all- star cast with whom the charming child actress is associated. Vortdell Is the daughter of a Texas rancher and Governor Dan Moody ot Texas in an uncle. She lias lived in Lo Angeles all her life and has attended' the Ambassador school for girl and the ,Normndie grammar school.- "The child to play the tremedously Important part of Doris Strickland in 'On Trial'," said Director Mayo, '.'had to .have a good voice and an unaffected manner two very rare tilings among screen children. , thetr frifnds are invited i i jniervieweu inu ty-six applicants before. I. fouad Yonde.U. Darr. . Tjiis . mathoA l emple-irtd Wi, Informed thai "a p'fosrie'Cl" had aV- "SDeciai "knowledge' Is as essential tn the prodiifltlon of clean milk as in the product of other occupation. For this reason the dairymen of the state are constantly studying the tha underlying science necessary to understand nrf control th change which take place tn milk. "There are several Hk Jn tharf milk chain which reaches from Ont tiim to the table of tft coriavmor. There are three m-aste lina hl(JV must ba forged with an undertanil-Ing spirit of co-operation. The producer, distributor and consumer each have share In this task. In the requirements for clean milk insurance we find points for all to observe. Th careful producer now strives to have healthy cows In his hera.HtfTMia them -clean when he milks and the barna in which they are kept are clean and well ventilated. He uses only Clean, sterillxed. dry unslls,for the handling for the milki nd.Jls final concern is to have the njiillt, Cooled injiiediately and thoroughl.,to a low iemperatur. "The distributor sews to It that th milk la promptly delivered to hi planter T'twcesslng; He transports It to the city in clean equipment, proper!' refrigerated. He also bottles It' In clean plants and employs for such work healthy people. The careful' consumer makes sure the bottled milk that is delivered does not become too warm by undue exposure to hent for a long period of time and also protects it against odor abaorptlon by keeping It capped When not In use. "Rapid strides are being made In producing a milk free from disease germs. Wherever npilk is sold In thf natural-Or -raw state, the herds from which it was obtained are tested for tuberculosis and many farmers bot-tl(isuwh-irillk at the farm so that the resulting product Is guarded at all OBITUARY Mf. Mary O'ROarke. Mr. Mary O'RourJte. widow Of Michael O'Rourke, parsed away yesterday afternoon, att tha home of her alatar, Mrs. Alfred Cellarius, of 7 Ryle avenue, after, an illness of several weeks. Mrs. O'Rourke was born in this city and her entire life waa spent In the TtoWa ecctlon. where she had a large acquaintance of friends, who will 3e grieved to hear of her death. She waa a member ot St. Mary's R. C church and held membership in th Rosary society of that parish. Beside her sister, she is survived: by two brothers, Charles and Joseph Daysprlng. Funeral services will he held on Sat- eraay morning at 8:10 o'clock and nll hour later, a; aoltmn high rotrulem mas will befoffered"'fOr the rejjbse of her soul af;'St. Miy's Rl :-hirch. Tho Interment' writ be hNN In the family plot at Moiy Sepulchre cemetery. . we- nuaa.',m- During January I t I 7 I PriaS vr.y E. collinga recently caught a skate weighing sixty-tour and a half pounds oft Hastings, Gngla.ld. H Home-Made, bat Ends Bad Cough In t Horry TURN VERE1N ELECTS OFFICERS The following Officers of the Pat-erson Turn Veretn and of the Wonv en's auxiliary have been elected: Turn Vrlni ; President, William; Mungenast; vice-president", W'll'lla'nii Lauber, sr.: secretary. Edward Martin: treasurer, Arno Lenk; col- lector. Jk. Lauber: anditnra T.ouln 1 . a j;; ,L,. . . ujhuc wnwuitj miici iiiiu a 11 j - Klralnger, Peter De Heer and H. .thing you could buy at 3 times the Lauber; entertainment committee, 'coat. -frotn aar druggist, get '2, oane- es of PInex. Put this into a pint bot- Mra. H. Barow. J. Lauber: instruct ai da.P"H granulated sugar tor, Peter De Heer. ' '-Auxiliary: President, Mrs. William Lauber. Sr.; Vice-president, Mr. William Mungenast; secretary, Mr. H. Barow; treasurer, Mrs. A. Feder-henn. Turning nights will be held Mon To cad a itubborn cough quickly, it is important to sooth and heal the inflamed membranes, get rid of the germ and also to aid the system inwardly to or these purposes, here is a .borne- syrup, or strained honey to fill up th nint. This takes but a moment, and makes a remedy so effective that you will never do without, once you have used It. Keeps perfectly, and children like it. This simpl remedy does ton neres-eary thing. It loosen th term-laden phlegm and sooth away the inflammation. At the same tuna it is ab- daya and Thursday of each weekl .orbed into the blood, where it arts di rectly on the Droncmai iudcs. xbm explains why it brings such quick relief, even ih obttlMt bronchial coughs and "flu" cougha. Pinex is highly k concentrated compound of genuine Norway Pine, containing the active agent of creosote, in a refined, palatable form, and known With meetings, the third Mondav night ot each month. The auxiliary will hold Its business sessions every second Monday of each month and social sessions, the fourth Monday. Plfps are being made for an "Easter Bonnet" oartv on M,,n,i . n Feb. 11, to which all me.mUera nd " as one of the greateat healing agents a for severe coughs, cnest corns ana bronchial trouble. , DO aot accept a auDsutuie ior riaex. ALE'S At tha am bsntth avelT tymp- DNEY etc with HALE'S. "f gsfcWi. 0REH0UKD & TAB on Entirt Stock of HAIR GOODS French and Domestic Trio s-forma t i o n$ . . . Switch . . . Wave i4 Hyda bo bs. ttupning Hal? Piaea ia all had including grey and whit:, all type (Ot bobbed and long hair. ' Ptrrnantnt Waving DtUmz Tarts tSCi SCAUP TgEATMENTS IxduUesIr ia of BetuSr saea I Balcony ILLLF CTl Cow Wt v C''.; r - npmws - -r . Mi v. Compact CompMe- Tlm' walnut console A.'C-H0Kt Radio " 30y -with built-in Fada 4 Speaker measures 40 inches by 25 inches by lfriailida; Single iJiM, i pUoi light, Hear the famous Fada Harmo-nated Reception today! Bet your " ears decide radio value. MUSIO STORE M0 tmrtni.tfoi Hall r ' OPEN EVENINGS ii i in) n TTi i a wa BUS SERVICE PATCRSON lTrTAlW.PATKB80?7 U EXPRESS 8' Oiftoa, Bloomfleld, Newark. iHi leave Market ana Clarti stru.-Wsk days: 1:00 A.M., A. If 7:00 A.M.. tend every 10 mlnuttJ until 10:0 P.M.; then every 10 ramJ Utes until 1X1 midnight. BaturdsTi and tundava: 0:00 A M and trtry I atlats Utltll 10.00 A at.; taea every I MlMates until uum neea: ttea vrr l minute until :00 Pk: then every .10 minute J until ii sea r. m.; tnen 'ii:io r. i naif. Jfkavo iri.. Pmoti -MONT CX ADt 7 Montelalr. Market am Clark! teraaa, for Moatruir Week drs and Saturdays: 1:10 A. M . S:S0 A.M.: then every i mlnut s until 7:35 A. M-, every 13 -minutes ttn- tn 1:36 A.M.. vry IS mlnutss until 4 5 P.M., every n minute until i P. M . every minute ui until P.M.. svarr is minute until 1:50 A. M : 1:11 A. M. and 110 A. M. arat FOten uarags oniy. Suaflayat III A.M., very mlp- PAIBR80ITTTrPERX 70 rlr Taww. (HOW Rork. Ridae-wrtod. iTohokaa. WaUarkk, AjrjV. dale, Raiajkky 8M Snffern. n..e. leava fr Mala- . Far Glek Wee a nt MMgeWM -o. Week days: r0. 15. M0. :ll, :! X.iL. and tvry 15 mln-isa until l:lC.MTtha 3:. 1 :4t P M. and svary 11 minutes at (II 7 I UI. 1:11.' 1:11, yery is j lea ii:H 1:1. 11:45 P.M fliil A-.M.L aal avert, is minufre rr Mmkekaa Watk days: l:U. I:SJ. :4S A.M.. and every 30 minute until 11:41 P. M. Saturday; fill. :!S. I:1J A. ind every HMnutei until 10:1!. J- M : then llttf P.M.. and i::00 r.lght. mtd- f A.M., and i T-.48 P-.M.; 10:45 P.M-. 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