The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Four Mat Stars On Arena Card Jack Welch To Team With Indian Against Canny and Allen Tag matches, the "peoples' choice" for their wrestling entertainment, returns to the American Legion arena Monday night. ..._,..„,., Promoter Mike Meroncy |s,bridging In four of'his biggest niid'best) • stars for this outstanding iirograjii iv for his weekly presentatloif'vmich 1 ^ promises to be in keeping wltli *t1{c If exira-spcclal cards In recent monnw, *• .The promoter is throwing) lift 0 the ring two brand new tag teams who make their debuts teammates. . • Y -'.i-.''^ Jack Welch, No. 2 brother ofMiic Oklahoma wrestling trio, joins -hands with another First American, Yaqul Joe, the talented Indian leg artist, making the first time that rival Indians have been assigned to the same team In the local Legion arena. "Wild Dill" Canny, the mat villain who always causes a furor when on the show, draws Hoy (Egghead) 0 Allen, the human kangaroo, as his c partner In this four-star event that has every Indication of turning Into a super free-for-all, knock-down- and-dr»g-oiit event to reach a new high in ring action and activity. Herciige Theme Present This program will not be without the revenge Ih'eni'e. In fact, U Is studded with feudlsts. Oddly, both members of one team are bitter rivals of Canny and quite probably ' will be out to seal)) the Atlanta toughie. Welch Inherited his feud with Canny. The other Welch boys, Roy and Joe, have long been on the black list of "Wild Bill", and vice versa. They have.been 'so busy attempting, , to eliminate the other that they have been unable to bury the hatchet. Even'.if they did go through the motions of settling their differences tlierc is every probability that the -handle would be left out—to crack the other on the head with It. -Jack made his initial local start, in a match against Canny. H was on Christmas night when the first six-man tag match ever attempted was unveiled to the satisfaction of a packed house. Welch and Canny carried on with their traditional rivalry in great style. The Individual battle was particularly outstanding as 'Jack sought to get in his licks against Canny. He did, but got some in return. ' Gels His Chance Two weeks ago Canny and Yaqul Joe tangled more than once, despite the fact that the Indian was not "a participant. He substituted for Meroney as referee and came in for the repeated attacks from Canny that Mike had been'getting all these years. As usual, the trouble started when Joe kept breaking Bill loose from his foe. Bill was at his roughest, working the choking stunt overtime. The referee naturally wouldn't let him go unheeded. That didn't suit Bill one bit. Once he asked Ya"QUI to pull oil his pants If he were going lo wrestle. Another lime iic squared off with Joe to his sorrow He was clipped on • Ihc chin and all but kayoed. Allen, one of the most active and colorful performers 'ever : '}p show here, is -dinj; tor 'play,' arjpVdmiiicnt P p art. in. the -finc.ishqw.; Iiet,will itske f^MS^^$fi^.;ij!^friiiriHi rtar)^i,^aJc1^s:Yii(iu( f :iJ a liiHd; tag "match has the usual hour a a half lime limit, two best foils three. • .• • It nil starts promptly at 8:15. Byron Nelson And McSpdden In Semifinals •i J. r. MOST AMA/.KD The most nniazcd person present at Ihc gain celebration for Lieut. ntz McDonald, one of the "Bataan \neels", at Tupelo, Miss., was Lieut. rfcDonatd herself. . . . Slic could- flguro out what they were mak- ', sucli a fuss over her. . . . She ,,-d Mrs. Kclton Francis (nee kf/J(lic Sue .Waits), a former high Tidiool chum and close friend that •lie did not do Anything llwt dc- iervcs a celebration of any norl. " All I did was sit down, and . nothing for three years, which nyone could hnve done" The anyone could hnve done" . . . 'Mo "P The Francls'—lie's manager of the I Sea boo 31ythevllle Compress—have known l*»°i'l Hi—- . he McDonalds for many years andi" lc J' all arc o laid a visit last week-end, just a' Pellllu group; go MIAMI. Mar. 10 (UP) _ Byro Nelson,-uid-Jug McSpaden tunic back Lieut. Ben Hogan and Big Dudley to become semi-finalists the $75 International Four- Golf Tournament at Miami. Shooting near-perfect golf, gold dust twins built up a flv hole margin in 29 holes of the be ball match, winning the game fou up'and. three holes to go. The teams of Johnny Revolt and Henry Picard, Sammy Snea and Bob Hamilton, and Deni Ed ii •bal the best , Shute and Sam Byrd also went i to the semi-finals after bitWrlj contested matches. Sncad ant) Hamilton elimlnat Craig Wood and Tonny Pemis fo up and three to go. Picard and Revolta gained a four and three win over chick Eutan and Claude Harmon. and Byrd fought a clos< BLYTHEVILLJ': COURIEH NEWS DOPE BUCKET tlier of Earl McGregor, who Is employed ut Ihe post office, is a hot . '. Overseas since Oct. Edward writes that he has only two hot baths since lie bath. hurt left camp (Peanut) Mclfancy has rung the liowlc, Texas. . AGAIN — Hobert bell again. Already goaded Tigers Repeat In Cage Tourney Win Over Springdote For Title; Jonesboro Beaten In Semifinals LITTLE IIOCK, Mar. 10 (UP) — Tlie powerful Lilllc Roch Htgh School Tigers again have won the Arkansas High School Basketball championship, thelt- second straight and their loth since 1910, Showing (he same form thai resulted In their winning the District Six crown, the Tigers won the state . . . . wllli hick galore since arriving in , e sa championship by defeating Bnrlnu the Pacific, the popular little local! 1845 n dale 53 to 20 in the finals of — ~. tin' tournament, nt Little , %tt ^, j<uj'>iiti.t i.nji-_ tui,it* • JUljj ftllllU l*Jll •Marine hns met .some more native Rock last night, sons. . . . Bert Dongan writes Little nock moved Inlo Ihc finals Noroa Hoiichlii that He, Lee Rich- by eliminating Jonosboro vcslm'dav nrdson ami Eddie Sallba have run morning by a score of 04 to 32 Ami llllfl ' PnOmil " f, 11,1 nwiMinJ In .-«« C".,..f ]- I _ . _.. . <HHI 40 to the cw days utter Llcnt. McDonald lad arrived home from the Icrrl- ilc ordeal on Hainan as n prisoner 'Peanut'.' and expect to see Springdale' T. H. caraway within a "" lime. . . . That means Unit iVAiy,.." 11 arc «" Pal » Isla !«l. 0' L»= - ™« » u.v,™,,. ^ K e. i*',",',?,".,. 1 '" Sfe W, I!! 0 .* 1 "!? dwrnPtonsl.!, Lambert has 'met Calvin Hill ing his sen travels. if the Japanese. . . . she dcs- irlberi the Nips as the most brutal uid uncivilized race she had ever raii (lie {llspleasure of seeing. . . . Her stories of Ihe horrible atro- •ilio.s to which the American prls- mers were subjected made one's jlood run cold, Mi-. Francis said, . . They were much too brutal for Ihc American free mind lo jrasp; too horrible for civilized woplc lo realize; too terrible to lot " unheeded and uiippunlshed. . Mr. Francis described the coiidilion of Lieut. McDonald as iurprlsingly good, though at the line they saw her she obviously K«K .suffering from n severe case of fright brought on by the turn- •Jii.l by the 8,000 souls at her home own who wished to pay proper lomngc. . . . ' They gave her Ihe ceys to the city. . . . The mcr- liants offere<l her a choice of ev- rytlilng In their stores, with the losslblc exception of the banks. '. . lint the Francis' predicted he was loo modest lo accept any- hlng free. . . . She Is that type f girl ' ' unafraid. RATEI> ROUGHEST Lieut—he recently was awarded mother stripe — James Terry has ecu some mighty rough football ames in lib days at the Unlversl- y of Arkansas, and they ome pretty • • • . . . . girl, plain, unspoiled, and still n that fast Southwest Conference Rocky Graziano Defeats Arnold • \ •-•< • , New Yorker Scores TKO In Third Over Hard-Hitting Youth NEW YORK, Mar. 10 (UP)—New York's Joa-er east .side took over Madison Square Garden last nl^ht afler its Idol, Rocky Grazln'no, had sent Billy Arnold to dreamland. The payoff came midway in the third round, when Referee Frank Fiilluni stepped In to.avold possible "arm to llic helpless .'Arnold. It was'(he hardest 'punching, fastest moving content that New York fistic followers have seen since the heyday of Hammering Henry Armstrong. T ,, A , rn ? Itl - wll ° mnkbs his home In Philadelphia and who lins clmlkcd up 28 knockouts in 32 flglib, hit Rocky with everything but Hie.rni- tcr buckel In the first two rounds. The grinning Gmzlniio took It nil, nml came boring In asklii" for more. But Bullcf Billy hod *j lo t lib ~un. so Rocky took over. - T .l l . rce tilnes he iiattered his foe nal round •nold caiiie Dangers and the Boston Bruins and tune away singing the praises of nese stalwarts who manage to cep going season after season, espite the. terrific punishment In very game. . . . u wa.vlceallzed luault mid battery, nothing [ess Jimmy reported, but he loved il', every minute of the game which nded in a 4-4 lie. . . . BACK IN ./asking for Referee Pul- and the fight . .. , —• *""i "«u defeats, .both In mam event shots In New vork. In January 'he dropped an CBht-round decision to Fritzle 21- fide vie. Grazzlano, youngster; friends as ring. In his dressing ' room the ' new boxmjr commisslnnei ~ lower east wns mobbed by he tried to leave MUCH in u 1-1 ue. . . . BACK IN , . UH..-WIIIB room tile new "uu ACTION—Our friend, Sergt Dick ™ xm > f commissioner, Eddie Eascn "mltB ( fancy h bdck in action. . . 'Sent olfe ™ congrntulallons. and saitl It football lack to the States after more than WBS Ulc most thrilling bout he had season." wo years in Italy, the former ' ccn since Betook over his duties n>Vl " .tar catcher writes that he Is ""commissioner. omewhcre in Ihc Marianas. !„""! tllc rcnll V Immnn story of '"=^.1, Nothing would suit him better than « riU!1 a'V's upset win was told in Slate „ - downed Wanren 30 for the right to play I chaujploiishJp game. the class "D" division, Lake- _ .„„,, ...i, .iiitm ^'"'J'ij/itlii.Sl JI(J with a 41 to 33 win over Marshall Lakeside moved Into (lie finals by beating Old Union 00 to 42 and Mai-Khali entered the championship inntch with a 27 to 24 victory over center ridge In an overtime nffalr. Lay Foundation For Conference Committee Will Be Named By J. W. Hull To Draft By-Laws LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 10 (UP) _ Coaches mid presidents of 10 Arkansas colleges are In favor of or- ganising j, ,, ev Arknnsas (nlcrcol . cgiate conference, but will not take .steps oilier than drawing up a frame-work for the conference until later. The college officials held a closed meeting at Little Rock ye.stcr- out the matter hc conference. 1 0 Athletic Director it day p thrash establishing According c rec Ivan Grove of Ilciidrlx College was a "very favorable meeting" and he says "much of the grit that existed before has been removed." ,,, T !', e ,?''°" p sclec '«! President J. W. Hull of Arkansas Tech to- serve as temporary And he has been authorized to name a committee to draw up a constitu- Ihe proposed Rapid Success Swimmer, Dick B>' JIM JKLUTTZ NKA Special Correspondent CHAPEL HILL, N, C. — Dick Twlnlng's rapid start in swimming reads like an Horatio Algcr tale. I'rior to the first week of December, the 17-year-old North Carolina freshman had never swum, yet he not only won a leading DO-' sltlon on one of the nation's bcsl teams, but in two months acquired Ilic national A. A. V. junior 220- yard free style championship. fie set a new i»'o| record of GO 3 .second? In the 100-meter free style :ui(I last only one race all season —to Navy captain Ilarley Mizc by ,1 KfiLsker In Die 220-yard free style. When the son of Maj.-Gcn Nathan P. Twilling matriculated at Chapel Hill lust fall he" had. no idea of going out for athletics, unless lie should decide to give tennis « whirl In the spring. Young Twining's lather is In command of .the 15tli Air Force in Italy. TAI.KKD INTO GOING OUT Twinlng's roommate was a member of the swimming team, as were a couple of fellows across the hall. His friends told him what a fine physical specimen he was, urged him to go out for the lank coi'jis. Finally, early In December, in self defense he talked to Coach Willis Casey. "How much swimming have you done?" he asked. "None," Twining replied. Casey almost fell off thn bench. At the start, Twining was listed as a promising newcomer, but Casey stuck him in the opening meet with Georgia Tech just for the sake of experimentation. The results wewre amazing. He anchoret! the medley relay and swam the lead-off leg In the free style relay, both of which North Carolina won In the medley relay, the Chapel' Hill combination set a Georgia Tech pool record—3:09.3. In Tivinlng's first Individual race and only loss, Midshipman Mize had to turn in 2:22,3 lo win the 220-yard free style. Forty-five minutes later Twining captured the •UO-yard free style to enab'le the Tar Heels to come from behind and prevail in what to them was Hie most Important meet of the year. His time was 5:21, six-tenths raster than the Southern Conference record. KEI,LV LENDS ,1 IfANI) It was In Llie second Georgia Tec!) meet that Twining set a new Bowman Gray pool mark of (iO.3 lecontls for the 100-meter free SATURDAY, JIAKCJI 10, 1<M5 tion and by-laws for conference. This committee will be asked lo submit Its work before fall The group has lifted its ban on spring sports, and it's believed that scvera] of the colleges will return o Informal competition in track tennis, golf, baseball, softball antl swimming. , : The future of intercoileeiate football competition remains cloudy- • T. . Hull says, "It is inadvisable to make any statement concernlhg competition for the next Of Norf/j Carolina's Record Twining, Hard To Believe Red Clawson Leaves fyanston No Longer Called Don's Brother By NEA Service ' EVANSTON.-Whcn Frank Claiv- son entered Northwestern three years ago, his pet peeve was being referred to as Don Clnwson's little brother. Don had jusl graduated with n record of nine letters, three each In football, .basketball, and Irack. It wasn't long before Frank ucrmnll established lilmsclt as a star In his T»lh«r <»', n own right. As a sophomore, «w he Rcls homnwh S °T n ' r ' Wl \ m fiery redhead won three letter-in | m ,^al InZm,!^" ° SC " 1 th ° football, basketball and tennis. LasthTt if had been ft1 all lie was quarterback on the foot- '"hen a German na ball team, and he has Just completed let s anced o"f nf "t the little mail C.ravJano. " "" . When they raised Rocky's hand in victory, Whltcy dashed across l»e ring with n robe nnd threw It ovor the bloody youngster! Tears «-erc SB-piling hi" his eyes ns he shouted. "Rocky, you did it, I knew you could." And to Rocky Orazlnno. that hug liy trainer whtlcy Bimsteui was by " nis biggest thrill, of Ihe night. C.I Trl/ts Geunan Harp ^RUSHVILLE, lud. (UP)-A sma.ll harp W lll be PFC. William U. of Illinois Plans Physical Ed Building Costing $2,300,000 By NKA Service CHAMPAlGN.Universily ot Illinois proposes to build a physical education building costing $2,300,000. Plans call for a central basketball floor with seating capacity of 18,000. The structure will house two second-door gymnasiums and n swimming pool. It will provide spncc "A Better Place To Eat" The New PALACE CAFE —Steaks, Chops, Seafood, Chicken. Vegetables cooked just like home. for handball, squash and Badmin ton courts. .,....., »..v i 't probably will be centrally lo'. he said j catcd In (he south campus area. ilrt pocket The Illinois Post-War Planning '.-gun bill- Commission has approved the proj- i-1 cct tor inclusion in a budect which equaling his brother's record, it's been a long time, however, since he has been referred to as Don Clawson's brother. match with Frank Slrazza and Joe zarhardt. They finished three up with two to go. In today's matches, Nelson and McSpaden will play Picard and Rc- volta, while Snead and Hamilton meet Shute and Byrd. The finnls will be played Sunday *<• ? •*,•> A V Leg/on Hut, Moindny^arch 72th, 8: 75 p. m. lowest Admission «f-»J | WrtttUns Arena In America, Resmed Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena gray Monday: from 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Jack Welch & Yaqui Joe VS. Bill Canny & Roy Allen 2 30-Minutt Preliminaries Roy, Allen ^ Bill Canny ^^ TS. Jack Welch '"""""Yaqui Joe GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tir« Repair WADE COAL CO. N, Hwy. «1 CEILING PRICES Phc=s 2291 J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30 5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blythefllle, Ark. Phone 2921 Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Last Time Today 'Forty Thieves' with iiopalone Cassiily & Andy Clyde Serial: "The I'liauloin" Shorl Saturday Midnight Show Starts at 10:30 The Black Parachute' with John Carrailinc A Osa i\tunson Sclcclcil Short Sunday and Monday GOODMAN I AND NIS IAND }/ raramount News Short ' ne\u svtimbcfoie \cl non mfioii il 111,1101 ilnm pionshin and set pool record. style, breaking the old 61.4. That light in Hie Carolinas' A. A. U, ncet he bagged the. national jun- or championship in the 220-yard 'ree style. In the season's finale against Duke, Twining copped the 220 ami 440-yard free style •events to lead North Carolina to a 50-25 victory ind clinch the southern and Southern Conference championships. Billy Kelly is another reason North Carolina was unbeaten in swimming. He holds four American •ecords, has tied another and won three national junior championships. He broke three American narks iu a week, including Waller 150-mcUir individual medley long with 1:49.3. Billy Kellly and Dick Twining get North Carolina there in a jiffy in the water. Hagg Will Try Again In Mile Race Tonight NEW YORK, Mar. 10. (UP) — Sweden's swift Guilder Hagg, with a week's training under his belt, „ • —= - will be out after his first indoor Spcncc's tfi-ycar-old record In the mile win tonight at the Knights of RECAPPING and VULCANIZING All Heeapping Strictly Guaranteed. Quick service In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires; ' ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE!. SERVICE STATION 12 Years At Main & Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service LARKIN |! SEE ...CALL,. .or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL Bljthevllle, Ark. Fh. Z631 111 S. Bdiry. BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Scarce) STEEL WOOL IN 1-LB. PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. Aluminum Paint. Night Latches. Electric Churns. Padlocks Electric Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglers. Shannon Spinners. —All In 1'lcnliful Quanlilics At PLANTERS HARDWARDE CO. 126 W. Th« Complete Hardware Store Phone LUBRI-GAS Expel ( carbon. Improves ignition. Gives more powtrT!.,!!^^^ ,oy eliminating friction in upper cylinder walls and rings. ~ "Up (o 25 Percent Extra Miles in Every Gallon" LUBRI-GAS IS F. B. JOYNER Corner Second & Ash His. SERVICE STATION TJione Z611 NOI/CE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining, your properly. Call me lo check up wilhoul cost or'obligation. SATS, MrCE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H,C. BLANKENSHIP vxn 'H 3M E. Kentucky Phone 235* Columbus meet in New York's Madison Square Garden. Hagg has been working out on the Brass of Central Park following his disastrous start In the Invitation mile or the IC4A meet last week. Haeg finished last in a field of five clocked at 4:31. ' The fleet Swede will compete against the same field as last week, plus Ensign Tommy Quinn. other starters are Jimmy Halferty, Don Burnham, Rudy Simmy and Forest Efaw. And hurdler Haakon Lidman, HauB's traveling companion, will go out for his second win in the 60- yai'd high hurdles against a field which Includes Ed Duegcr and Bil- • ly Mitchell, of the Cherry Point { Marines. NOTICE Swift's Slaughter House will be closed until March 15th, for painting mill screening 1 for your protection of gooil Quality Meat's throughout Hie Spring and Summer months. . ' Leo Swift ^^W^B^HHM^WMHI^^^^^^B New Theater Manila's Finest OPEN 7 SACK EVENING MATINKKS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT I O'CLOCK Buy War Bonds (In Our Lobby Anytime) And Keep Them 1 . Saturday 'BOSS OF BOOM TOWN' A Universal Ilcture Kerinl & Short Saturday OWL SHOW 'Seven Doors To Death' with Cliic Chandler & June Clyde Selected Shorls Sunday & Monday "IN SOCIETY" wilh : Bud Abbott & Lou Coslcllu Fox News & Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. ' Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1M ' Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 - * Continuous shows Bat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature , "RIDING DOWN THE CANYON" with Koy llugers & Geo. (Gabby) Hayc:] "BADLANDS OF DAKOTA", with Kobert Slack Serial: "The Batmnn" Liltle Abner Comedy Sunday and Monday "THE SULLIVANS' with Anne Baxter & Thomas Mitchell { Universal News Comcily RITZl THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show BUrl- »t 7:3*. iATCHDATS & BCNDAI§ Cor Office Open* 1 Show Start* 1:11 Saturday "TRIPLE JUSTICE" with George O'Brien & Virginia ValtJI Selected Shorls Saturday / OWL SHOW "MAN KILLER" Selected Shorls Sunday and Monday 'RAINBOW ISLAND' with Dorothy I/amour, • Eddie Bracken, Gil Lamb Selected Shorls

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