The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1941 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 4
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FAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS day. Her mother, Mrs. Annie Toon, of Cape Girardeau, is here with her. J. D. McDowell who has been quite ill since Friday at his home on Highway 61 north is resting very well today. Social Calendar EVENTS Mrs; Frahcis Jackson enter tain- ing^C. £. & club.- "X 'Friday Contract cljjb .meeting with' Miss Virginia Nurin. "&l$zr ^ocietyV'ciiurch of the lm- njacjilate "Conception, sponsoring bin^o party, $;15 p'cjock, at Catfro- Jic .Hall. / Music Department, Woman's club, meeting at high school auditorium, 3:30 .o'clock, Club lias Dinner P. A. P. club uiembers were guests of Miss -Birdie Nell Dunlan for a dinner party Tuesday night fit the home of Mr. and Mrs, Joe G. Trieschmanu. • Plans were discussed for a social to be held March i. Tlie six members voted to have a dinner party to; be fpjlo'wed wijh dancing at the Blue \Rporn of the Hotel Noble. Following the .meeting, the girls attended the Ritz Theater where they saw "The Philadelphia Story." ''' Liberal Rations Of Potatoes Varied Easily Groups To , Give Varied Program j Students of the fifth and sixth grade of Central school and of 'junior high school wjlj present a program' on folk music at the meeting of the music department of the \y Oman's club at the high school auditorium • at -3:30 o'clock Friday. The; program, "Festival of the Nations", is Under the direction • ; of. .Miss Lola Na^on oC the Central faculty and Miss Mary Emma Hood .,' of the junior high school faculty. - Parents .and friends are invited to , attend this meeting, Miss Hood ; stated' today.. Songs to be sung and the nations ! which . they represen t a re as follows: Italy, ; 'O Sole Mio"; Ire-, land, ''The- Kerry Dance"; Den-' mark, "Weaving the Wadmal"; Spain, .,' "El Manton de Manila"; Early American, "Little Log Cabin :•.'.• in"' the. Lane"; all nations, "I am , An American". . Irene Fitzgerald is to be narrator of' .the program and Ann Decn and Miss Nason are. to be accpm- ',.••••'. .panists. ' • • , ' ' . • ' * . * * Club Has Guests Members of the Tuesday Bunco . club and five .^guests were enter. - tained at- the home of Mrs, George Shamlin- Tuesday afternoon. ;• Quests' were:", Mrs. . Rpbert Wied' . *nanj. Mrs. LaPayette May, Mrs. Sam Sykes, -Mi-s. Raympnti Sham'\. ' Jiri, >nd Mrs. H. M, Whjt'ehead."". .-'.•Prizes, which' .were pottery pots . -with cactus' went to Mrs. J. N. Dillon, for hit,u" score, Mrs. Len"> dennie/'Fowlfcv.'for low score and Mrs. Wliitehead for b.imco. • ;.A : dessert course was served at the conclusion' of the games. ';.'; :''...'' ' • » ' » • " ' Daughter Born. '.-. A . daughter .-.was born to Mr. and Mrs. -William Cordell at 12:1.5 o'clock this .morning- at the family home, 1 14 */»' North Second street, The who weighed nine and one half pounds has not. yet beep DP hied.'.. Mrs. Cordell is the former •Miss.'LaMinda McCuistpn.' :'.' . '. ; . '•?• . f '*'~ : '-' Has plub Party A ' Washington scheme .was carried out in the decorations for the Tuesday. vCpntract club party -which. was .gjygn' -Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. 4,.G/Hall. . Besides the club 'members, guests were ' Mrs." .F. \G. Reichel, Mrs. B. " M. Matthews and Mrs. Edith "MC- Cool." Carnations, and .other cut flowers and blooming plants decorated the rooms. Tallies and .the dessert course served with coffee were in the . Washington motif. • • Mrs, V. G. ' Holland -was high and Mrs. W. W. Shaver, second high scorer ' in • the .bridge games.' ' •; • ' :\ ?••*"'» All Club Members Attend Bridge Party Bits of News Mostly Personals Airs. Sam Flonnan has returned Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me :FEBRUARY 20, Class Play Tournament T . To Be Held At Luxora LUXORA, Feb. 20.—The Junior class of the Luxora High school is .sponsoring their second annual local class play tournament Friday, ; at the high .school auditorium, with members of the senior, junior, •'•'cphomore and freshman classes from Tucson, Ariz.', where she h;is j prfcjcipatin? in the one-act plays, ypent the past two months." She \ Tile Proceeds from this tournament motored her son, Lloyd, the're to [ wiil b ? usecl A' 01 ' the Junior-Senior enter the University, of Arizona, j oari< l.uet. j L'oyd .spent the first semester at, i Honors syiij be given for the best j the University of Texas at Austin. ' a " t01 '—-or actress—and . best olay. ; but because of a severe sinus in- Tilc Seni °*' class has selected \ Baked potatoes and bacon make economy meal. By MRS. GAl'iYOIl ftlADDOX NBA Service SUft /Writer Any liberal diet must- include at least, one serving of potatoes or sweet potatoes daily. Of nil ways of preparing potatoes, baking is one of the best from, a nutritional viewpoint— and ^Iso from the standpoint of taste. Large, uniform - sized potatoes are 'best for baking. A wise housekeeper always bakes enough potatoes at n time for two meals. On the second day, the left-over baked potatoes can be creamed or hash browned. GENERAL VAKIAT1ONS Cut, baked potatoes in half lengthwise; scoop out inside and mash with butter, salt, pepper and hot milk. Refill shells and .slip into a quick (450 degrees) oven for 5 minutes. Or, before putting the potatoes back into the oven, make an 'indentation in the stuffed potato and 'fill with cheese sauce, buttered vegetables, creamed vegetables, creamed fish, creamed meat or eggs. SOUTHERN BAKED POTATOES Scrub uniformed-sized, baking potatoes, riase thoroughly, dry. if a soft, tender skin rather than a crisp, crunchy skin is ' desired, lection, he changed schools. He is now mui'h improved. Wnite a\v:«y, Mrs. Flonnan, accompanied Ijy Lloyd, went Lp Mexico. Mt&s Virginia Nunn returned Tuesday from Montgomery, Mr, where she visited her sister, Mrs.' John Coeke, and family for a few- r, and Mrs. T. H. Haynes v:ho have been living at New Libeny for (he past six years, are now- residing at 1113 Holly street Mr. and Mrs. Mike Saliba, G. M. Saliba and Joe Nas.sar of Dawson, "Vine Leaves" with ihe cast of characters represented by Lawrence Clark, B. O- Wilkins Jr., j Marvin Spann Wilson, Harold Owen, | Odejl Butler, Ned Pardeesey. Bena Miller and Billy Langston* The junior class play is -"The Kidnaping/' Cast—Ditsy SiUman, Vivian McRae, Joannia Miller, Htir- cld Fra?,ier, Billy Rodgers. Fred George, Emery Koch and Chan',2 Hicks. The sophomore play: "One Happy 'Family," with Frances Walker, Elsie Long, Mildred Hawkins. Mil- Ga.. left this morning- after hVv- ' dred Chambers, Charles Rodgcrs. ing spent four days Ivere with Mr. j Euc5ciy Pormenter, Elkin Roper and and Mrs. Saliba's daiiehfpv ' M>-< Clarence Hill. daughter, Mrs. A. G. Shibley. and familv. They were here especially for the" funeral of Z. B. Saliba. Mrs. C. L. Daniels, of Corning, returned home Wednesday morning after having- visited her sisler, Mrs. T. J. Crowder, and family since Sunday. Mrs. R. B. Wallace of Birmingham, Ala., is vi-iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tinker. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. White and sons:. Dick and John, will go Lo Paragould Sunday to spend Mrs. White's birthday with her mother. Mrs. W. H. Jones, and family. Clarence Hill. Members of the freshman class participating in the play, "Elmer," will be Frances Liverant, Mary Clay Bowen, Annie Owen, Jacqueline McRae, Eliza Smith, Idell .Perry, Floyd Hawkins, LeRoy Koch and Billy Clayton. Temple Program Includes Talk By S. K. Garret* S. K. Garrett, junior high school principal has been added to Die list of Mississippi County educators --„ who are to vspeak on the Brother- Bernurd Jaggers is resting well i hood proaram at Temple Israel at Blytheville hospital following an Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock, appendectomy performed there this Rubb-i Herman Pollack announced Music Festival Will Be Given Here Tonighl Two hundred students who co^ pose the Blytheville band and the tonette groups of the city's ele-i mentary schools will perform toJ night in a free concert at the city auditorium at 7:30 o'clock, i The music festival was arranged for the public in appreciation ol its support of the local -band] Charles G. Morehead, director! stated. Logan Family Carries On Traditional Servid BOSTON (UP)—Pvt. Edward Logan continues his family's ic. record of service with the 101 Infantry, Yankee Division. " His grandfather, Col- Lawreric J. Logan, commanded the old 9tl (now the 101st) during the Span] ish American War. His uncle Lieut.-Gen. Edward L. Logan, w commander of the 9th on the Me tea a border and the 101st durii the World War. Later anoite uncle, Brig-.-Gen. Franks Logll commanded the regiment. . Must Not See Mother-in-Law The African 'Zulu covers face with his shield whenever meets his mother-in-law, and- is not allowed to mention In name. Puzzling as an army pilot's dashboard is the phprometer, used in testing eyesight of potential fliers at Randolph Field, Tex. Look sharply, and you'll see cadet's right eye peering at you.'" Bang-up Smartness Scrub unJfornirsized, large type j brush well" with melted fat', '-place baking- potatoes; rinse thoroughly, dry. If a soft, tender skin vainer than a crisp crunchy skin is desired, brush well with melted fat. Place the potatoes in n cokl oven, bring- iJ,he : pven temperature -up to 450'"degrees 'arid bake until''the potatoes are tender when pinched. This will require about one hour for the large potatoes. However, they may be baked much more quickly by starting In a hot, oven (150 degrees F-). This will require about 45 minutes, possibly less, and the potatoes will" have the crisp skins. the potatoes in'a. cold oven, bring the oven temperature up to 4£Q degrees F. and bake im til the potatoes are tender when pinched. This will require about one hour for the large potatoes. However,, .they, may be balled much more qulcSly by starting in a hot oven (450 degrees). This will require only about 45 minutes, possibly less. Place a piece of sliced bacon on top of the potato after it has been baked and the top cut off. Then broil it until the bacon Is crisp and brown and the juices have soaked i thrpugh the potato. morning. Miss Patty Shane, who has been working in the decoding burjsau at Washington, p. C., will arrive Sunday to be with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shane,' until late Spring when she will become the bride of Lieut. T. p. Wright of Okla. Marshall Field has been admitted to Walls hospital for observation. , Although he has been seriously ill i for a week, his illness has not yet ' been diagnosed. Among the put of town people here Wednesday for the funeral of F. H. Acton were: Mrs. Acton's today. He replaces W. D. McClurkin, .superintendent of the • city schools, who will be out oi the'city. His subject will be "The Contribution of the School to the Democratic Way oi' Life." • Other speakers will be C. L. Bird oi Wilson, Roy E. Dawson of Osce- cla and ' J. M. Burnett of Joiner- Dell News 1 Have Program Meeting program insofar as it pertains to materials in the possession of citizens of Arkansas. Any person having such documents or knowing is$ Dollye .Robinson To Wed In Early Summer CAF^TKERSVILLE, Mp.. Feb.. 1 of persons having them will fur- 20.—Announcement was made this 1 thcr ^ ae cause of Arkansas history week of the engagement and ap-I jf he W ^ I] "otify Raymond Foster, preaching marriage of Miss Dollye State Supervisor, Arkansas Histori- Rpbinson of "this city,' to B." J. cal Records Survey, War Memorial Bpmcr, of this city.niid St. Louis. Building, Little Rock, or Mrs. Ann The 'marriage will be solemnized Smith, Unit Foreman of the Sur- The /marriage will be solemnized in the early Summer. I The bride-elect is. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W -V. Robinson of this city, and is a popular mem- | ber ,,pf tnp young social set. She attended the local schools, graduating in 1933, and since that time, has "been employed by the W. J. vey at the courthouse in Blytheville. At The Hospitals Blytlieville Hospital B. E. Jaggers, city, admlt-ied. B. H. Collins, Pprtageville," Mp., Peck" Auditing Company. Miss ad , nliro ;, Robinson is a past president of ', 1;"' .... . - - 11 i Charles Wickei-. city, dismissed 'the Caruthersville Business and All the members of .the ADC Professional Women's Club, an ac- i p . ; s ' .r'' nv lib-were present Wednesday after- tive member of the Business Wo- i ' . Mr.s. L-nv.son Priveit, Cotlonwood club ^ere present Wednesday after" noon for the party given by Mrs. Harold Nunn at her home. Refreshment were served at the conclusion pf the games in 'which Mrs. Ben Harpplq was high and Mrs. Otto Scrape was .secom} high scorer. ..' • * - * * Entertains at Rustic "The. Rustic Inn was the setiing Wednesday afternoon for the Delta Contract Club "parly 'at which Mrs. Hiram Wyli.e. was hostess. - Mrs,: F.I L. Engicr play.e.d \yith the club .members. Mrs, Charles Walls Hi>spilnl A. A. Guinor. city, admitted. M. Fields, cily, admitted H, B. La\vson. Cooler, dls- tive member of the Business Wo- inen's Circle of .the Presbyterian j Church, and lias been active in j many social functions. i Mr. Bomcr is the son of B. i Bomer of St. Louis, and" was for-I merly associated with the Shell i r , ";.. fb - Giihan and baby Petroleum Company in 'Memphis. Cnvu ^ er ^'ji^- dismissed. Tenn., and Louisville," Ky. Ke is n a;™"** »«Ptisl l^pitnl now secretary-treasurcr .of the Re- !p, a - VlC SclL ^uxora. admitted, finer Relay Company of Caruth- ™*: J ' w - Waru > W^on. :\d- A f(.*-in.r.'" " muted. Twelve 'members of the Woman's Missionary Uiiion of the Dell Baptist- church met for a Royal Service program in the home : pf Mrs. Jim Henderson." Monday afternoon. Mrs. Jim : Ross gave the devotional from the 34th chapter of Psalms. Group singing and sentence prayers followed. Taking ans. and her sister-in-lawr -Mrs- A. R Kickm'nn of - Pampa, ''• Tex., 'ho will remain here, with her and er daughter, Miss Margaret Jane \cton, until the end of"the week: vr.r. and Mrs. Roy Anderson of Schlater. Miss.; Mr. and Mrs Gor- I part on fche Progi'an-i were Mrs. ion Wriaht of Caruthersville M,6 • Paul Gilliland - Mr£ - Allen Hardin, Miss Ruth Seedy," "pf" Jonesboro* f Mrs> Carl Pe PP les ' Mrs. Henderson vho returned home" Wednesday and Mrs.-Lewis, afternoon after havirp spent three As the concluding feature of the days here; Miss Morine \Vilson ! program< Mz;s> C - A - Smifch ' Mrs Miss Pni. T,nwhnn "T\-T?'CC '™ n ~, 'n Jon " Burns Mi-s. Ross and Mrs. Osceola Society--Personal Is Initiated Laiv Williams, a student at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville was among the .13 new members initiated by Sigma Chi, social fraternity this week.. Marie Son Born A .sun was born to Mr. and Mrs. W C. Foster at the family home Monday morning- The baby who weighed ten and one half pounds has been named Donald Marrece. ... * :'f Mii's Margie Ash more has returned from Little Rock where she spent ten days. Mrs. Bailey Spencer and son, Ralph, * spent the weekend with her mother. Mrs. Ida Richardson. Pat. Lawhon, Mary -...». j_.u.ibt« v »» f i>j. uro ivj.ii.1 y yj , _ • , • . . . Fitzgerald. Miss Ruth Archer 'MISS Hardln save a pageant on "The Florine Faulkner Miss Helen Worlclj ^-^^ a - nd "^^ We As Robbs and Miss Robin" Gill, all ^P tis ^ Car ? ^? b >" - th f Yfar 1945." students of Arkansas State 'cpl- "' * "*'" ' lege at Jonesboro, who were school mates of Miss Acton "last yenr. " Mrs- W. H. Minyard. who is ill of a cold a ther home. ^818 West Ash street, is much improved today. Mrs. Paul Greenwell is improving after having undergone an operation at Blytheville hospital Tues.- Mrs. Lewis dismissed the group with, prayer. The hostess served a dessert plate on which was arranged . a hatchet indicative of Washington's birthr day. • On March 3, the W. M. U. will meet in the home of Mrs. B. G. Gill. Read Courier News wane aos. Women's JETTICK $ Read Courier News want ads. ATOP an utterly lovely coiffur?. ~ with soft bangs at the front and a low chignon at the back is Lpuisesanders' smart little navy straw p^tilion—:-worn. imtilted on the top of the head. The brim is faced with red. The-cloud of veiling is navy blue". The' shining iings which trim the "crown ara loosely rolled circles of silvery vinylite. Meeting At Masonic Hall Sword cf Bunker Hill will meet tonight at 7:30 .o'clock for degree work at the Masonic Hall. All visitinz brothers are invited j to attend, Jack O'Keefe, secretary j and treasurer, announced today. WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY Read Courier News want ads WHITER, DOUBLY-DELICIOUS THE iDainiy COOKING FAT Jto Wonderful! Records uie club .members. Mrs, Charle^ T 1 A* 1 II' L-. Wylie^ received high score prize i -i 0 A HI lllSlOr.lcU.lS among the members and Mrs. j 1 'r> - /-> • » Engl,er. was .presented a gift. ! 'H i ^'J.Hirini![ vrllKiC . 'A sandwich plate was served at i ' *"' the> conclusion''of the. games ' 5ii> .Methodist Hospital i Born to Mr. and .Mrs. James j McCullar, Osceoia, a son. Black T»rf Tan Beige & Brown Trim White, Brown Trim Rend Courier News want ads. Do you havp any ok! leuors or i 'Hie famiiy '.ritrrs. - journals, cl a party diaries, scrapbccks. political cor- _.-.•.-•".- - me vVeanesday i respondence. notes ou le'al case^ Bridge club and one guest, Mrs. churcli records, earlv town records' Elion W. turby, at her home \Ved- non-current commercial records' nesday afternopn. | and other source material in the t«hu ^y^ Rt thC d ^ n 8l h a^ of private individual, are an, table which had a centerpiece of { nsscntial pan of the local history mixed spnng flowers. O f Arkansas i mixed spring flowers. Mrs. W.. J. Wunderlich ;vas hish and Mrs. Charles Ho?r. sfrof.d high' scorer 'in the games which followed. *- . * * Make Flails £or Fre-Lenten Dance "• A 'p're-Lenten dance to-be given '^pnday night at tlie : American iiegfo.n' Hut will be sponsored by p\ember^ of the Catholic Ypuiis People's chjb, "according, to an? n«Unteaient macfe [today; »o [hr- ht.-jtovian,s of the i present anri future in t'nr for such nv-Ufriai the Arkaus-as I Historical Records Survey is "pre.- j j paring a Guide -o Manuscript Col-1 I lections in Ai'kansss. The "object] j o! this gu.ide is to list all available ! sources "of information Trtilch"ma*y be .wed ty the historian or re- seachcr. No collection 5s too small or unirnpovMm for incltiiipn' and no material i$ in-tic-vant. 'Hie A.-, ricturcil lo !)_VVidlhs AAAA lo H JAIUJAN'S FRIENDLY SHOES TOR MEN 00 BJack Brown Si/.vs h—} j A A A io 1) $,. Day\- ideal Baby Shoes al Popular Prices •TJje affair s the only, one which i s not intcrestea in obtahjin? DO^ ms been 'schedu tod\ for the pre- session of' these" doom" ; P it Lenfcen.&pason. It ia to be informal, mcrelv "requite *he •."- ^"«« of ., . . MARCSARINE pancing -will be from nine until 4weivc-o'clock.-— >—".'..... Ipcai coUpctorc;. . owners of these nialei-ials in this Distributed by PROVISION CO. Cherry anri KF.- Phone 0 Bl;theville. Arls, 'OIL PARROT SHOES FOB BOYS & GIRLS LY Plionc 231 V/hat a VafceJ $ • NEW BATTERY BtOClC almost doubles capzcity at J/-J the cost. 9 NEW LOWrDR A|N TIJBES cut .current jjisia 2/5. ,«N£W HJG.HrpyTfy T SPEAKER gjv« siett <^XW*( *0??.'" « SPEC! ALLY .DESIGNED FARM R^PJP C!R§yiJ gets 'mox statiooi. £n/oy finer Tone and Amazing Performance! Costs less to buy.., less to operate. No wet pay for and recharge . , , no wind ehargers.' You actually save 2/3 of battery cost and current ^islc. I Programs take on new jif.e, new nchsejsj" riser tone, more stations, greater power . ,. . even in Daytime: See this amazing Philco 90.GB Farm Radio, apitf! EASY Tf RMS urnitiire G0 B TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY For Sale Stake body for long wheej; baJ truck. Phone 8G. 20-ck-i For Rent Five room apartment, unfurnishsl Four rooms furnished. Telephoil 274-W. 2Q- Furnished apartment. 209 "Wei Kentucky. Mi's. Sisk. 20-ckr| Modern three room apartrnerl Newly decorated. First class co)| dition. Corner Main and Secon| Furnished or unfurnished.' Simon. Call 764 or 1170. 20-c HO WTO OPE THAT CLOSE! UP AT NIGH' Put 3-purpose Va-tro-nol up each nofl tril . . . (l) It shrinks swollen meirl branes; (2) Soothes irritation; (3i Helps flush nasal passages, clearicl mucus, relieving transient congestiosj VICKS VA YRO MO 317 LAST TIMES TODAY GRANT HEPBUR /..«v^ THE 3-STAR IEWART ^ ^//i Ruth HUSSEY • JohnKpWAJl Roland YOUNG ' •" John HALLID/f Mary NASH • Virgirxift WEiDLfj Scre«n Play by Dcnald Ogden St*w*rt Diiectcd'by GEOFGE'CUKOR "'"" Produced by JOSEPH L. MANKIEW1C2' Also Selected Shorts Matinee lOc & 20c ( Night lOc & ^4c ; (taxes included) ' \ LISTEN TO KLCN .10:00 a.m.—12:45 p.m.—4:SO p.v Phone KHz 224 Phone Rosy I FRIDAY with Sabtr, June Duprez & COD Veii^t." PJnj'ert jyirter the auspices cf r.ircnt-Tcachcr Association. Tji rts ivUI hr. sold by the school cj drcn r.nii} (>:00 p.m. Time of Shows: 2:CO y.m., 4:00, ,6:0i> 8:00 p.m. and[ 9:30 pjn .Matinee t<> 6:00 p.m. lOc ^ SpccJal (all price lOc & S(i is included) Help the P.T.A.'by attendini R O X Y THIJRS, & FRL BARGAIN NIGHTS IDe •"&' BAR81EVPM} ••giaa^Jfeijj «Mtta Mi "l&§*&f?l H»vof -" t'm -A ~r\ ' ' • ' s Also Selected ShorW

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