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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 2

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 2

Brooklyn, New York
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Tehphoi BROOKLYN EAGLE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. 1938 For Innified Ad Remlla Fire Trucks Provide Lights for Operations in Nassau Hospitals Darkness Adds Sections of Long Island Where Hurricane Wreaked Death and Ruin 'Red Cross Acts To Aid Victims To Terror as I CPEENPORT- THEATRE COLLAPJED JT mot MAtumr.Tnu apca 6Q.PATR0Hf ESCAPE NJUEtY "VsC. lighting Fail iMntwnDiMirF ffe. WALL0F0DD FELLOWS ywnrvni 20 DUCK FARMS DESTROVED. SOUTH UAVPVN JDMMR Tidal Wave Drive Boats Far Ashore At Port Washington Spend to the Brooklyn Col.

Bigley and Six Tour L. I. to Plan Emergency Relief Col. J. H.

Bigley, executive -director of the Brooklyn Chapter of the American Red Cross, was named today as disaster relief director for the tragedy-ridden Long Island area. Colonel Bigley and a committee of six field workers, early today left by automobile to make a survey of the damage caused by the hurricane and lay the foundation for emergency relief plans for the hundreds of stricken families. At the request of refugees in the inundated aifa the Brooklyn Eagle informed the Brooklyn Chapter of 1 the Red Cross of the havoc created HOSPITAL GHTS CUTOFF f.v 0000 DUCKS TURNED LOOSE T-'SJv-J. BOLA MFrtJRi-IL PARK HOTEL CLEAR VIEW NUN PAT ED. -J BEACH CLUB DtSTFOrtD LUOyjAPlrVPEPTV DAM 'AGED CAUSED JfffirX r-v ft.

MORiCHePMTHAMPT b- the tidal wave and urged ttie estorcd early today net. Thj we Pi le Centre, Herapsti immediate formation of relief units. Others Are Selected nucuncTCA(C COTTAGES (JWK.nuout c-iitAC3r er IcrerrOMPSTEAD COT7A6b ClBiU.PORT;!QjSo6UE WAIHEP OUT, CHURCH 79RNAWAV omOFREPORT Ihe VflTTTHBAV SbiPioouT. death 'Toll mounts soUT ZfS ATLANTIC OCEAN (Ltff7 RAILROADS rWZ.2 CRACK Long beach Sones beach William B. Parker, secretary of the I Brooklyn Chapter: Mrs.

Marion L. Miss jc.sho Charles H. MdrFariand. Bert R. Pester and George Meyers, national field repre- i 11 Map shows sections of Long Island where yeat struck, wreaking death and destruction.

)UT, starting on 'the south i side of Long Island, will include 4 Dead in Boro And Queens Dead, Missing on In Wake of Gale and Hood Tidal Wave Demolishes Fashionable Horn At WesthamDton Beach-225 Rescued say snore, tne isiips, Moriches. Wfesthampton, npton. East Hampton and Moi.tauk Point. Dead and Missing LI. Flood Aid Washington's Help Da Wal Sections Flooded of Mam Port Washington, a they were small pieces ot "motc than 50 vessels.

Including I secral costly yaihts. were tossed about aiul thru destroyed by the East Tells Ex-Law Partnei Relief Will Be Rushe To Devastated An a 40 to 50 1 of like a prr Continued from Page 1 Harry VVarshauer, 64, Brooklyn, collapsed in Willimantie. Conn. MISSING: Carolyn Bragaw, her mother and two Negro maids. Peggy Brown and baby, Judith.

Mrs. E. P. Lea, related to late Robert E. Gair, Brooklyn Light ires, 1 rees Felled-Transit Halted With four dead, entire sections 1 of those who i Ovi flooded, thousands of high tension wires and trees felled and transit manufacturer, and their Negro maid, Eloise Jackson.

and lighting facilities hampered. where between 50 and 75 persons remained stranded on the dunes, whether dead or living on shore did not know. At dawn today Coast Guardsmen and others moved over to the dunes, searched the waters for bodies and the sands for living. They brought back, in addition to three dead, 27 living. The storm made Itself severely felt all over the island, with a reported total of 19 dead from Montauk Point to washed away.

Hute waves land to Ocean view Ave. parallels the shore line. mile -wide lake of the area from York Ave. at the west side 0 to Georgia Ave. The wind cracked cornices 0 Helen Wilcox.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lewis, proprietor of Dune Surf Club, Westhampton Beach, and their Negro maid, Beulah. 123 Trees Felled In Prospect Park Hotel Brooklyn and Queens came in for a full measure of the fury of the Eastern seaboard's worst storm in years.

Bay Ridge was without lights for more than 12 hours, Bay.side was jammed with 5.000 commuters stranded by a breakdown of service on the Long Island Railroad's North Brooklyn. poll the Two were said to be dead at nearby s. and I kept on swimming ind finally got Adrian Ball. Weathampto'i printer. addi'irvia! i Saltaire.

on Fire Island, and six at Center Moriches. Some $2,000,000 in property of the Park Depart ipert Park rolled up It tended 1 Bo.icli 1 Suo-stations of trie um lighting Co. were Hooded a out of commission, water 1 hailed as pump.n? motors Nassau CauDty hospitals their sick by the llght ol em batteries and In the Long Hospital and Floral Park San: operations were performed lloodhghts burnished by 1: partment apparatus Baseball First Game Pirates 0300100 Three were electrocuted. They were Anthony Butera, 42. who was found near 'a fallen high tension wire near his home.

23-45 97th a plumber, was had drifted about wreckage for three Rate Mrs. Townsend Chapman. John Chapman. Mr. and Mrs.

William Jarvis. Mrs. J. F. O'Brien.

Mrs. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCarthy and two children.

Mrs. P. S. Douglas. Delia Lee, 25, Negro maid, Southampton.

Florence Hunter. 30. Negro maid, Southampton. William Weller, 14. Mastic.

Edward Kohls, 18, Mastic. Summer. Dr. Hopkins, mother and niete. Robert MelVin.

Jane S. Porter and three members of her household, names unknown. Marshall Hawkins. Mr. Slater.

INJURED: Edward Choyilen, lfi. Lloyd's Neck, Huntington, lacerations of the forearm and left arm. Island had With him 1 picked iteri and wa: Clu the storm and depos away, and the grass had been strewn with and branches, overflowing was one itest in years, and the i.ll I.1H ifkly iiferaft. idow of Ecor Guard aull'j the request 0 'cl of- 122 Beach 83d Rockaway Beach, who stumbled over a third 1 rail at the Holland station of the Long Island Railroad, and an unwed identified youth, about 18. who at-ean tempted to remove an electric light ting 1 wire from the middle 0f Hicks near Bush Street.

with the 1 of the Legionnaires Preferred Coin to Ballot Austin. Texas. Sept. 22 1 men were nominated at the Texas American Legion convention for sergeant-at-arms. The secretary prepared to call the roll and take a lake, which is usually 7 feet 6 at its deepest, was raised at one time yesterday to 11 feet.

Prom to 7 last night all roads in the park were closed as a move. the ugly outbreak of looting anions the storm ruins, Sheriff Jacob S. Drover of Suf- folk, who headed the committee with Frank Gould, Justice of the Peace Charles Ludiier and Village Batteries Vander Meer and Schumacher and Donning. First Game Cubs 1000 George W. Perr.y, threw .1 -Rogers Peel- of 1 round 1 INDEX Muriel Jennings, 18, Cedar Huntington, lacerations of nose.

Ezra Cummella, 37, Washington South Huntington, abrasions, contusions of upper lip. Sidney Harvey, 28, 94 High Huntington, injured scalp. Arthur Bowe, 24, Lake St. James, abrasions and lacerations. Steve Immcl, 55, St.

James, abrasions and lacerations. Pasquale Salvatore, 63, East Meadow, fracture of right Mrs. Mary Harris Maidlaw, 143 Waverly Place, Manhat Island Riilroarf. and an unidentified n. about 18.

win. attempted remove an electric light wire fr the middle of Hicks near Elevators Halted The loss of electric power can and hotels in erhead, Quogue, smaller nearby Atlons for those the fury of the mg of homes u'Ich the storm had damaged. SEIZE $2,500 i JEWELRY Automobile carrying volunteer helpers out if the storm area were stopped by the police and searc hed They found, sheciff Dieyer an- nounced. some 12,500 worth of 1 raluablrj watches, bracelets, rings, earrings and other jewelry taken from tpo storm-swept homes. These were confiscated bj the Sheriff for Enforcing sterner regulation- than first had necessary, he barred all visitors to the scene of yesterday's disaster, except those with legitimate business for which 1 tliey could account, and to them IS YOUR CHILD ONE OF THE 20' COMPLETE TJ FOR SALE- i c.r.-tcmaMon among thousands of Bay Ridge residents, many of Continued on Page 2fi tan, fracture of right leg.

Dominick Grace, 44, East Hampton, lacerations. Miss Bardnor Beekman, 60, May Huntington Station, arm fracture, concussion of brain and laceration of scalp. Frank Nemeier, janitor Southampton High School, broken arm. Emmett Young, 35, Southold, internal injuries. Chris Leicht, 70, head injuries.

Betty Joost, 17, Southold, shock. Train Holdup Nets 1 hugs $1,890,000 us other Marseilles. Prance. Sept. 22 (U Pine Long Ten bandits robbed a train of 118 Umitaulf ROld bars vIue at $1 890 000 today.

Six-Day Bike Race I The Ea-ier Apprach ti Under modern prorc P.M. STANDINGS warning that "a latent Hour Score 1 threatening to become 46 FLATBUSH AVE. (m active is T. Station Georgettl-Morettl isw 125 declaration of wTr I 1 I.etourner-t.uimbrctiere 1529 its attacked the Marseilles-freight train near St. ny and held the crew at point.

An express agent i to draw his gun and wai Shinman-Wissel 1529 2 2Rfi 1529 1 275 1 1529 1 274 W. Peden-I). Peden Walthour-Crossley End-of-Season Clearance! "Broken lots" but substantial savings. How to End Debt Worries With a Cash Loan Thomas-Otlevaere Rodman-O'Brien Audy-Debaets 1529 0 1H9 en unloaded the expres-s packages, Dcltacco-Saavedra 1529 0 147 Olmo-Rcboli 1529 0 124 Leader, Georgclti. Former record, 1.71,5 miles 3 laps, made by Moran and MrNamara in 1914.

ir waiting trucks aboard the train 1 it by pulling the ANNOUNCEMENTS SUITS 1)27 were $(55 236 were $60 812 were $55 360 were $50 902 were $45 Sell mm T.i- ctr.e c.trlv were n.o ked but no iProm tr. nc'rmt Me1 Hi inity was was f0'llld bandits. Tlie gold And where, at a time like this, a lime, was en route to Belgium from the Vittorio iWar Beautiful i Musso- MODEL fei. Up $35 A vo id Em harrassment En joy Strictest Mfsrsiasui sands of femilies Here ii the simple, bi REFLECT Personal iru borrow money Come to the ncari office. us a few simple fact! from $25 to $300.

You don't nee Quickly as your application i GOOD JUDGMENT WITH nvi in lull, without deductii Pay bi WILLIAM WISE DIAMONDS Some "broken lots" of topcoats and overcoats. Were $45 to $65 $35 now. Rogers Peet Company Fifth Ave. ji 4lst Street 35th St. at Broiclway 13th St.

at Broadway Warren St at Broadway Lberty St. at Broadway Buy and fine shoes, too -TRiangfe 5-9432 over a comfortable period of tim days or even more. Everything out embarrassment. For QUICK SERVICE phone DOWNTOWN-587 FultnnSL DOWNTOWN-AlbK Tlictre 1 "BOROUOH FIATBU5H 2nd Floor-803 "BAY RIDGE 2nd Floot-5314 5th FORT HAMILTON lad Floor 44 7- "BUSHWICK-2nd Floor-Room 3-131 BEDFORD 2nd Floor-548 No.tran 1 A Bey I KINGS NOSTRAND 2nd Floor-1569-73 Flalt RIDOEWOOD-315 Wyckofl Avrnac, WIUIAMSBURO Ovtr Bickfford'i -73 Open Thun. tvtninjfc WH MOVING AND STORAGE MODERN FACILITIES for thr Me keeping of HOUSEHOLD GOODS VALUABLES and OFFICE RECORDS NEVINS 8-9104 seci urn FIREPROOF STORAGE CO 636 Pocific St Brooklyn J.

E. CAStflDY, Ptrtittrnl ihoea are designed to give ths wearer fool 1 they are "alio of higheit quality. Only iu-1 and maleriale are employed in their manu-y are made by true craftsmen in our own enjoyment of Tre Mark Shoes will last longer islaclion will be complete. I RKF, BOOKLET. "THE CARE OF THE FEET" fiiciil In our Brooklyn cuttomer.

By way of Sc anal St. for Kmrcrv tatinn. By -lulo: mm York end of Manhattan Bridge. 10-1 Trcaiont St. at Brmptld St.

1 Wedding Bands at $16.50 Engagement Rings, $50.00 Mory tmnot buj v.luf Our name in your guarantee WILLIAM WISE SON 2M LIVINGSTON BROOKLYN New York 6 Delanccy Street 7isona FINANCE CO. MAin 4-6000.

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