The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Bf.YTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Vets Forced Out of Hot Corner THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1934 Hot Corner Sack Hotter Than Ever .With Lively • -Ball and Lively Recruits •-'••'. BY JIMMY DONAHUE KEA Smtce Sports Writer „;. No longer is the ''Home tor Ihe Agfa" sign tacked up on tiilrd unsc. The old hot corner, burning up • this year by reason of ibe scrc'ivy hops thai lively ball Inkes down the infield, has been yelping for younger blood, youtli lias answered. ' Time was when K veteran inflelder who had losi his tip, bin still had a good nocdle on ills shoulders. would be shifted from second or short down to' llilrd. nils was evident In ihc case of Hale Joe Sew- tH, who, wiieu lie slowed up at short, lor Cleveland, was shifted to third and .stayed there until his last acl- ive year in 1933 with tho Yanks. More recently this was demonstrated in the Yankee llnoup. when Tony Lazzeri was moved from second to third to make room for young Don HeiTner, mid later rcle- ~gated lo the bench In favor of Jack Sallsgaver. » I * You'll find only a few graybcards swinging creaking Joints Into action ai third today. Willie Kamin, nt 34. Is playing the hot corner for the Indians—although Mis underpinning Is beginning to protest long and Joudly; Jimmy Dykes is doing a steady trick al third for Die White Sox at the age of 38; Pie Trnynor still cuts up at the far turn for the Pirates, despite 35 years on Ns shoulders, and Osslc Blucae and Marty McMamic, although not graybcards, arc playing third every now and then with only a flash of trie stuff they showed In tljeir heydays. ; , .Take a look at the third basemen In the majors. Jack Saltzgav- er, 28, Is filling in for Lazier! in Hie Yankee lineup; Cecil Travis, 20- is making quite a name for himself In Ossle Bluegc's place at Washington; Frank Higgins, 25, Connie Mack's find, Is heralded as tire greatest fiiird sackc'r to come up in years; .Harland Cllft, 21. Is making Rogers Hornsby smile; Marvin pwen, 2fj. Is one reason why Ihe Ti' gers are in the thick of the American League fight; Stanley Hack, 25. is a standby of the Cubs; nucky Walters, 23, brought up by Red Sox from the Pacific Coast loop for $10,000, went to the Phillies and is doing a good Job. Besides these Is Blondy Ryan, 20 who, fitter placing sensational ball at short for the'Giants last year, was pushed out or t:-e picture by the return of Travis Jacksat), only to- Jump back in again, this time at third, when Johnny Verges nnd another of his unlucky breaks. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY - By Krenz TIGERS IN Babe Ruth Hurt As Yankees Lose Wild Game to Indians jTliursday & Friday With the lively ball making third base a hotter corner than IHKtlton. formerly regarded as the Weal spot for a slipping slm-Frank Hlgglns, remarkabl whose all-around play has bee ing his second year with Joe Cronln's Senators hitter and fielder of Conn „..„.*-., „„.,- v ,,. r . a big factor In success of tho Tigers; :md iowe r r ' " ' <•» r ever, youth *as taken .over Ihls infield veteran. Above lire three ol these yoiing- Mack'.s AA's; uiwr right, Marvin Owen. IH. Cecil Travis, scrv.- a belated Baron rally. Harry Kelly | Done ns a cros.s for their blood was the bc ' lorc llls offs P r '«i! 'WHuun.r n,, 8 ht well ! 'llic New York Olnnts shoved iilu-ir dosc.H rivals, the Chicago 'c.ibs. iip';:: nnolhc> nolch yester- '<l:iy. The Dell oil Ti'^irs, American , Icatieit. heat ths Wiisliiimon Scn- ! uiors wlillu llic second place I Yankees were losing 10 Ihe Cleve| liiiid Indians and losing tlie serv- ; u-i'S, iTtiponirlly. of Bal« Ruth | :r; well. ! . Tlie Gianls trimmed Ihc Cubs • 8 lo li and pushed llie Chicago I c)u|> back throe games behind the' lenders. A big third Inning when the OianLs scored six runs put | Ihein off to an early start. OIL, I Kn^lli:!], Verge/ ami P. Herman ] lilt liomcr.s. Filzsinimons was the winning pitcher. ' | I Tlie St. Lcmls Cardinals detailed tin- Brooklyn Dodger.* 5 lo :! ui Brooklyn. Mcdwlck'K hitting fciilured. llio Card auack. Walker, was the winning although Da-«y Vance went lo his rescue in tlie 'eighth. •' Tile Cincinnati Reds EOl around •lo winning the first game al Phil-! • iidelplila tills year. They trounced' I Ihc Phils 9 to 8. Tlie Phillies had iron five straight games before the I licking. The Bdsloii Braves finished on tlie tOf> end of two games at Bos• • Ion. The scores were 3 to 1 and 7 Ihe rac-' to ^- ' Ine PitliburBli Pirates were in lanta bailors got to three Knox- vllle pitchers pitchers for 1G The Nashville-Chattanooga lest was rained out. hits, con- Out of tie lot of young third By Harry Grayson they imd Done, been mistaken in Dis choice lo carry on Hint of Me- Tll<? Indians finally edged out however, and continued to ace, or Old Rosebud Hint of Un'- [lle Yankees in a free-for-all slug- •nd marcs to his court. One of.clc. Bui when Indian Runner was B'"B l)e c at Cleveland. The score a baby, he looked no more of &:»''»> '5 to 14. The Yanks in in • ami ,,,, the Whitney daughter of basemen, three sland cul as the class of hot corner guardians. Thsj are Prank Higgins. Man-In Owen and^cecll Travis. r lts mighty tough to select the Indian Runner repeated his last best of the trio, but just now Hig- year's victory in thj Stars and gins seems to be oulslahding. With | Stripes Handicap at Arlington, as C5UCAHO. July 18.—Like Dls Pone, .his p>'.)>p;, Indian Runner, Die sini-y book gelding, started his worth ralhcr lute in life. Indiaii Runner revealed promise as a 2-ye:;r old, but broke down nt 3 and v.'ns picked up for $:i(MX) ly D. A. Wood when ihc disappointed Hal Price Headley slartcd him ill a claltnips race. Appur- enlly more" goal-looking Juvenile Inn. failed to live up lo his strain and udvance notices. But tu 4, Indian Runner was Ihe nimxv ol four important stakes and $2G,5Z r ; for the wholesale grocer, of the little saulhcin Illinois coal mining lowii of nenton, \vho niirEca htm buck lo health. The othei day, three-days alter Ills sire pos.cxl away al the farm cl C. V. Whitney in Lexington, mares was Flyutlt, a Pclcr 1'iin. Another K0 «] one than he did at 3 was Indian Maiden, by that tail-I consequently was eelded Hunt Whitney thoroughbred,! - . _ Whlskbroom II. These two mines vlsilctl the es- labllshnient where DiK none held forth in 1928, and Die following year fouled a (lily and a coll, rc- si>ccllvc|y. The filly later became famous as Top Plight, leading money winning mare of all lime nnd greatest, money winning 2- ycar old in the nunals of Ihc turf. The romantic career of the colt has been related' in the He was Indian Runner. Needless to jstiy, Dis Done stayed no longer hi the Dominion. He Immediately was brought back to Ihe Whitney farm. We no doubt will hem- the name of Dis with some frequence for soini; time,! Is in for it will be a number or years ' are in seventh Ark-Mo Power, Haynes; Pastime, Builders Clash and:ami tnc Indians 18 hits. AveriU, - j Knifing nnd Saltzgaver furnished j hoinrrs. Oahe Kutli was hit on the l« by a balled ball and forced to nli:e from Ihe yame. He may be mil two weeks. Tho Boston Red Sox jumped all river (he Chicago White Sox for 11 10 to fun. Cooke, R. Terrell hit homers. 2:30, 1U-25* 7:15, APIAJS CATCHER Hi 1 ? HANCH.I\S WHAT A P1TCHUEI k's got action! It's got clamea! It's got love! It's got me! Ami it's got ...... pathology' Hot-cha HAS A BRotrlEK GEORGE WiWXv PROCLAIM AS &SGER AMD BerreR "Alcclik-rranean Ulucs" Special Comedy— "Alley Oop" Memphis Champs To Meet Robinson Team Friday Nighl P.cad Courier The Robinson. Drug company team of the Commercial Soft Ball triumph. Cissoll. R. John- league, first half winner and lea- leader at the present stage winning pitcher, of ihe second half, will play the half, oT M ; MuHusaii was the i The Tigers trounced, the Nais-4 U. S. Engineers 6T Memphis, ftrsl Haynes 1 Meal's shop will play lo 2 al Detroit. Tommy Bridges halt winners of the Memphis city Arkansas-Missouri Power company. ive"I Ihe full • distance for Detroit. 1 learns, at Haley Field tomorrow and l>nsllniv Billiard Paflor wili;Eir] WhileHill worked for Wash- night. meet East Arkansas Builders Sup-. itialou. The game will slart nl 8 o'clock, ply in Commercial soft ball league ; The St. Louis Browns with Had- Vernon nimer, star southpaw ol games nt Haley Field tonight. | Icy pitching beat the Philadelphia the Druggists, will opsn the ganw. Ihis time nud Ihe power company'the iiinlli scoring tin- two Mack, a 4 lo -2 triumph over Union Uuiic. | team is in sixlh position. Pastime'runs. • I City. Tenn., at Union City yester- fil ^' l] p!»ce and liii! Builders, j day. Dick Potter, manager of the Read Courier News Want Ads. Robinson club, held tho Union City 'only one year of major league experience under his belt, he Is hitting at a clip that puts him among the "fVrJtjsLx hitters In the Ameii- can circuit, and his fielding was so sensational that he was selected to play qptthe. American League all- star teapi Travis' ranks Tight behind Higgins. He, too, has only a year of major league experience, and last year didn't see regular action. He Is hitting a few polnis higher thar Higgins, steady. Owen, while but his fielding isn't so hilling around .330, ti£ did in the Inaugural, grabbing $10.153 more and swelling his earnings to S45.000 to lake his |>l:ice in llio lop llirce of American humllcap winners. Indian Runner came from the ruck to shellac Lurtysman. first funk 2-year-old of several years nco and ivi-ent conqueror of the Kiighly Equipoise, and beat his old rival. Ihe llghlly encumbered Advising Anna. Strange Story of Dis Done Risks owners run in llielr el- forls to breed, great horseflesh sel- j dom are appreclalcd by the public. svhich. for the most part, assumes ' Is below the first two in tr.e - - --- department, but his fielding has Hiat when a Sun Beau flashes! lie. Like "cross (he I been ihe Utlk of the league! Higguis and Travis, he has had on- 1 ' one year of big league back- •ound. He probably is the most improved hall player in the loop this season, and fits perfectly into Mickey Cochrane's smooth-running machine.' HAS GREAT DAY Blanks Rocks for 11 •>ngs, Homers for Score of Game horizon il is just, "rich; Higguis and Travis, he has had on- nan's luck." ; ly one year of big league back- Th« case of Dls Done serves as i P" 0 ^" 15 - an excellent example of the nnccr- I tainties of breeding race horses.' his son, Indian Runner, serves as an example of the vagaries of racing. Dis Done had every right to be remarkable race horse nnd an outstanding generator. He was the son of the finest horse ever bred in France, the immortal Sardam- pale .a running wonder and a phenomenal procreator. ' Moreover, Dls Donc's mother was the splendid American mare, Lady Hamburg II. by Hamburg. Hi's '•"T brother, the Imported Chicle. Inn- hac! bccn a Eood stakcs winner in i x..s country, and nolv. is -one of] the foremost progenitors on this; Bui Dis Done went postward 1 only once, and on that occasion ; /.Under the watchful eyes ol a "'"shed third. He was retired to I major league scout Clay Bryant, lhe s '«* of the lale Harry Payne I "smoke ball" rookie righthander of Whitney in 1924, but though given ' the New Orleans Pelicsms, pllched llls Pick of ihe choke American! 11 scoreless innings against • the''"ares—dams which only a Whil- Littk Rock Travelers and climax- n e>' coulct give him—Iw was a 1 «d his .performance' by hilling a lamentable, flop, horn* run with two out in the After repeated stud failures Dis Pelicans 1 half of the Inning to win Done was sent out In disgrace The the (HOC,-1-to 0.. |Whitneys banished him to Canada Clarence Struss, Little Rock wl >cre certain brcctlers believed itookie speedoaUer, was the losing lhe >' saw some possibilities for Dis pitcher but he w»s gremt even in defeat. Stnes held the Pels to three hits in 11 Innings white Bry- »nt held the Travelers to sbt. It was the greatest pitching duel of the seaion in the Southern association. ••. • Memphis' Chicks ' obtained an ,*»tn .taeak in the four'game scr- .ies with, the Birmingham B*rons wlnnSne S to « at Birmingham _jwrtertay. The Chicks took the" lead fe the tetc lnnln«a and withstood Don't Forget Caudill's Agency Insurance General •an THE CREAT UFTER-UPPER MOTOR TRAVEL INFORMATION TRI* OF COST A\n'rw-'i ! m?iVi ! ' t riL 1 J IE "* Stltl ' OBJIU1<lt> " I «'-"KSOTOt;RS ANDrrOURS. 1 P - '- twcTrrr month. Trick claims, with their exaggeration, Afford no accurate information; "But," says the Owl, "a test will show Things about fuel you ought to know!" No matter what claims may be made for a motor fuel, the thing that really counts is how well it will perform in your car. That's why we simply ask you to try Essolene and draw your own cocclusions about its ability. 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