The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1886 · Page 1
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The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1886
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TEue Daily RepualbMca 1 FOL 5 NO 1546. MONONGAHELA CITY. PA, MOND Y, MAY 10, 1886. Price Two Cents. THE REPUBIJCAN Publish! Kvrr Afternoon. trnwt to mmimiUMi ahonM la tt Karteaa 41 U poatfblo. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. la WtWm-TIm cant. STANDARD TIMK. U4V rutatwik.... DmvMfevg............ W. filsahott.......... M mniMi City,.... vanivraiB ... SrowmiTlU. VaWftttwa. A.m. a. m. TjOT 11:00 7:45 U:M 1:25 ISA) Ml 11:45 t:2t 0:47 MM U:01 1:16 1:31 1:50 m. a. a. m. 4J5 5:07 6:31 5:50 4:17, 6:41 7:10 7:20 1:50 7M 7:30 7:50 10 OHM i. m. itm ( Rikkiik, UUTB Oalostowa.... BrowasrUla.... Calif orate., eUamaem. Koaoanahala City W.BUabMa Art. FlttiBircB ift.K. a.m. 0:40 'u:4S 6:53 10:54 7:15 U:ll 7:tt 11:56 1:15 'lS: 8:34 U:40 1:67 j 1KB f :S5 ! 1:40 a. B.p. m. p. b. t. m 3:40 4:43 4:56 6:17 6:51 :17J :o( 7:01 5:00 4:00 6:12 6:34 7K 7:40' p. m. p. m aaaoay Trala Laarea Brownsville at 7:90a.m. Moaeagaacla City at 1:40, arriving at Pitts-borgaat 1041 a.m. Returning leaves Pitts baran at 1.-01 p. m., arrires Monongahela City 3.61, btowmtIU 4.00 p. m. TMMts sold and baggage checked to all points Mat m the Pennsylvania Railroad. far Bates of fare, time tables. c., call on Asm, Monongahela Division, or address TMO& B. WATT, Pass. Agent, Western Dls. trial U fltttt Arenne, Pittsburg, Pa. W. h. 8. WILSON, Agent, Moaoncahela City. Pa. ALTIMORB A OHIO R. ft. Wheeling ft Pittsburg Division. Trains arrive and depart Eastern Standard TUae. rmnuM :50 a. a. 1:40 a. sa. S-JOp.ia. :p., oino wxar Liivis riXUITTnXB k. WASH TON 7:56 a.m. 8:33 a.m. :3ft a. m. 10:24 a. m. 4:35 p.m. 5:23 p.m. 6:38 p.m. 7:25 p.m. 8:51 p, m. 9:35 p, m. OOIM BIST LBaVBS. WAUnWTOB 0:00 a.m 6:42 a. m. :S5a.m. 3:00 p.m. 340 p.m. VrtlLlTYILLl 6r5Sa. m. 7:23 a. m. 10:15 a. m. 3:45 p. m. 8:51 p. m. AB. PITTSBUBQ 8:10 a. m. 8:20 a, m. 11:15 a.m. 4:45 p.m. 9:40 p. m. C. K. LORD, Gen. Pass. Agt. rass. An., PITTSBUBQ. PA. ED. D. UUXH. Dir. Pass. Art. CHAHTIKRI RAILROAD. Pan Hah-dlb Rout b. Trains between Pittsburg and Washington. Pa., Central Time, which is one bour slower than Eastern Standard. Leare Pittsburgh : 0:05 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 1:55 p.m. 4.30 p.m. 5:10p.m. Arrive Washington: 7:55 a.m. 10:15 a.m. 3 :J5 p.m. 6:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Leave Washington: 6:16 a.m. 6:40 a.m. 8 :85 a. m. 1 ;10 p.m. 4 ;55 p.m. Arrive Pittsburgh: 7:00a.m. 8:00a.m. 9:65a.m. 2;50p.m. 6:35 p.m. All trains dally except Sunday, LOCAL NEWS. Republican League meats on Mod-clay Tuning. lamamber the Rink second Baptist Mill this evening. Mr. Harry Hamilton ia suffering fram an attaot of erysipelas. Mm Dara Guthrie, of Brown's station, is visiting friends and relatives in this city. ' Parsons who catch fish with seines or dip-nets an liable to prosecution and keary f ne. Tie McK. & B. railroad engineers have been working on the Bellevernon id of the line for some time. James Keel was the guest of Mr. Wampler, MoKeesport. on Friday; S. S. Petersen was also a visitor in the Take Works City, Mrs. Myra Balle Moore, of Colorado Springs, and Mr. Alexander Wilson, of Leechburg, are guests of Mrs. Wm. H. Wilson. West Main Street. Mafor Farrel is preparing some stock this week, and will start up the paper mills on Monday next, running on straw boards. Major Hiram P. Callow spent Sunday with Monongahela friends. The old man looks as fresh and hearty as a lamb that blooms in the spring. The Gospel Temperance Union red 300 pledge signers at Fayette City last week, or nearly one-half the population. This evening at the rink, Second Baptist Festival. The Crall Hard cutting case will probably bo compromised to-day at Washington., overtures to that end haying been made on Saturday. At the Rink to night. Second Biptist Festival, BY TELEGRAPH. The River, pedal Telegram to the Dailv. Rice's Lakdixg. Pa. May 10 -2 p.m. -River 11 feet. 0 in. falling. Weather clear. Thermometer 78. Lock Font. Pa., May 10. -2 p, m, Riyei 14 feet, 11 in. falling. Weather cloudy. Thermometer 77. Weather. Light local rains and slightly warmer weather. A Sad Affair. LccTviLLE. May 10. Satnrday ev ening about eight o'clock Mr. Maxon, his wife and a gentleman friend were returning from k ayette City in a skiff andwnile rowing round an (abutment. near Trumbull A Hall's mines, one of their oars broke. The river being high, the skiff was swept down on the head of a barge. Mrs. Maxon being severely frightened, jumped into the river, almost upsetting the skiff. The two men saved their lives by swimming while Mrs. Maxon was swept under the barge and drowned. Neither the body nor skiff has yet been recovered. Mrs. Maxon leaves several children to mourn the loss f the dearest earthly friend. Dr. DeHass will lecture in the M. K. Church in this place this eyening; sub ject. "Buried cities of the past. The Doetwr promises an interesting lecture and large crowd is expected. The recent rains and Henry Sphar's strawberries field are watched with in terest by some of our young men. Mrs. Pauline McKennan. wife of Judge McKennan, of the U. S. Circuit Courts, died Friday night at 10:30 o'clock, at her home on East Maiden street, Washington. Pa, She was a noble woman, always foremost in good works for the community. She was intensely patriotic and during the war was widely known as the promoter and active helper of every effort in behalf of the soldiers. A friend to every one f every class and condition her death is mourned in all circles. The funeral will take plaee at 2 o'clock this after noon. S. P. White, Esqr., of the new Bridge Company, was in the city on Friday, looking after the piers, &c. Mr, White will prebably be Beaver County's choice for Senator, and they could hardly have found a more intelligent or pleasanter gentleman. Rev. Robert H. Fulion. formerly of this city, now of Baltimore, is paying a visit to old friends and familiar boyhood memories, He preached at Mingo Sab'iath morning, and in Rev. Maxwell's pulpit in the evening to large and atte tive congregations. Druggist McCallister desires us to say, that if the person who took his theremometar which was hanging in the drug store door, will call this evening, he will give him the weather card which goes with it. Rankin induced more than half of the population of Webster to sign his temperance pledge, and organized a flourishing Blue Ribbon club and W. C. T. U. We wonder if he pulled Dad Smith in ? Wanted. (Everybody to knew that we have numerous lines of specialties in foot wear; genuine custom made, which are rare bargains. It always pays to give a trifle more and get areliable article. Remember we guarantee all goods as represented, and make good all defects, rips, &e. J no. M. Sutman & Co. Elizabeth must be a sweet town to live in. The Herald says: -'It would have required a whole army of police to have maintained order on the streets from 12 to 3 o'clock, a. m. Sunday." Here in Monongahela. our Mayor and police keep the boys steadily in line, and no back talk. The Ministerial association did not meet to-day, as some of the ministers were necessarily called away. The program will be on band next Monday, that was expected to-day. Be sure and hear Rev. Cunningham's lecture in the First Baptist church tonight. The Rink to-night will be a good place to go; help the church, and hear the jubilee songs. J. M. Uuffy and Company left leases of oil and gas territory for record in Westmoreland county last week, The bits in the Pigeon Creek teat well were lost on Saturday morning, at about 700 feet, and a tisuing job is amusing the drillers to-day. A Tribute. H. Edward Maloy died 5 o'clock Friday M-enioc, April 30th. after four weeks of constant suffering, borne patientlv and uncomplainingly. In the 18th year of his ace, when to our human eyes life seems to be fairest and full of promise, he was called by the master, and passed fearlessly into tbe Dark Valley that was robbed of its terrors, and brightened for him by a linn belief in God's promise of a life beyond for those that love him. Id full consciousness ho answered the summons, and bidding farewell to the faith: ul. loving mother and to a father who had done all that human power could do, entered into a rest that could only be grateful to all who bad witnessed bis sufferings. A devoted son, an honest, trustworthy young man. what higher praise could bo asked for or given? I, who knew him intimately, knew every act of his dailv lite, can conscientiously award this praise, knowing that it is all de served. He was faithful, hunest.ttrustworthy. Judicious 4 good, young man. In bis home he has left behind no pain of unkind actions or bard words, only obedience and unvarying cheerfulness, the remembiance of which cannot fail to bring comfort and become a sacred memory to sorrowing hearts During the past winter he became a member of the M.E. Church, so soon to find that Sa viour whom he had learned to love and trust, so soon a hope to become a blessed certainty i. s. w. Many ladies admire gray hair on some other person. But few care to try its effect on their own charms. Nor need they, since Ayer's Hair Vigor prevents the hair from turning gray, and restores gray hair to its original color, it cleanses tbe scalp, prevents tbe formation of dandruff, and wonderfully stimulates the growth of the hair, Adolf Lalloz, carriage manufacturer, 119 Carroll Street, Buffalo, N. i ., states: "I was troubled with uausea of the stomach, sick headache and general debility. Burdock Blood Bitters cured me." Positive Cure For Files. . To the peoDle of this county we would say we have been given the agency of Doctor Marehisi's Itali in File Ointment emphatically guaranteed to cure or money refunded Internal, Blind. Bleeding or Itching Files. rnce ou cents a oox. no cure, no pay. r or Sale by B. E. Bteks, Druggist. Daughters, Wivea and Mothers. We emphatically guarantee Dr. Marclusl's cainoncon, a female Kerned v, to cure female Diseases, such as Ovarian troubles. Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and Displacement or bearing down feeling, Irregularities, Barrenness. Change of Life, Leucorrhtea, besides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, Bloating, Spinal weakness, Sleeplessness, Nervous debjlity. Palpitation of the heart. &c, No cure, no pav. For sale by druggists. Price 91.00 and 81 50 per bottle. Seod to Dr. J. B. Marchisi, Utica. N. Y., for pamphlet, free. For sale by R. E. Bteks, druggist. Died. May 9th, Mrs. Mary Myers, ot Kammerer, in her 97th year, of old age. Interment May 10th, in tbe old Lutheran cemetery near Hammerer. LECTURE. Kev. F. M. Cunningham, of Falls City, will deliver his lecture on "Mixable Things," in the First Baptist church. May 11th. Admission 15 cents, proceeds for the benefit of the church. Ice cream served in the chapel after the lecture. PIC-NIC.-The first pic nic of the season will be given by the members of the Monongahela City Cornet Band, on Saturday, May 15th at Pleasant View grove. Black Diamond station. The stage is under roof, and dancers will be protected both from sunshine and rain. A first-class quadrille band and figure callers will be present ; refreshments on the ground. Committee Frank R. Molsberger, R. M. Boyd, Felix Hanlin. Malcom Cochran. Jr., and John Webb. DENTISTRY Everett P. Sleppy. Dentist, late of the University of Maryland, has fitted up operating rooms at his residence. Main street, near the Presbyterian church, and is prepared to attend professional calls.-i9. Dr. Wood Has removed hisofflce and residence to brick house on Main street, second house below Hotel Wilgus. nearly opposite Methodist Church. Announcements. We are authorized to make the following announcements, subject to the decision of the Republican County Convention. Primaries, June 12 ; Convention June 14. For Congrats, COL.O. L.JACKSON, of Lawrence county, subject to the District Conference. State Senate. COL. A. L. HAWKINS. East Bethlehem, Hon. JONATHAN ALLISON, of Chartiers. Gen. JOHN C. McNARY. of Chartiers. Hon. J. R. McLEAN, Claysyille. Judge. JOHN W. DON NAN, Esar., of Washington. JNOADDMcILVAINE Esq.. of tt asnington. BOYD CRUMRINE. tsqr., of Washington. Assembly. JOHN . CLARK of Franklin township. J. B. FINLEY. of Monongahela City. Capt. J. K. BILLINGSLEY, of California. DANIEL HOFFMAN, of Burgettstown. HON. BRIT HART, of West Bethlehem. R. V. JOHNSON, of North Strabane. Maj. H. J. VANKIRK, of Washington. JOHN B. HAYS. 1st Precinct, Smith. K. L. JONES, of Bentleysville. T. M. PATTERSON, of Hopewell. Capt. J. FRENCH. Morris township. PlKtrict Attorney. J. F. TAYLOR, Esqr., of Washington. County Surveyor, R.J. McCLEERY'. West Finley. ROBINSON'S MEAT MARKET, Main street, near M. E. Church. Keeps constantly on hand all kinds best meats; fresh dal'y. Moiiouongahela City, Pa. J I. STHOVSK, JKWKI.KR, HAS THIS EXCLUSIVE AGENCY FOIl Dk. JULIUS KING'S COMBINATION SPECTACLES. The best in Gold, Sliver, Steel. Rubber, and Tvlonlte. Call and see them. Nothing will make a more suitable pretent than a pair of Upld Spectacles or Eye Glasses tor a Christmas Gift. Only for sale bv m i J. I. STROU8E. JEWELER. 214 Main St.. Monongahela City, Pa. LANDEPELD MEYER Had a Better Stock OP GOODS For Gentlemen's Wear THAN II R NOW EXHIBITS. CALL AND SEE THE NOVELTIES FOR SPRING. H. LANDEFELD, Merchant Clothier, MONONGAHELA CITY, PA. STRAW TICKS. Bring on vour bed ticks, now. I have plentvfof good, clean straw; will fill and deliver back to your nouse promptly at the regular price. Don't fall to put name ou tick. WM. DEWALT. Monongahela City, May 8- '6. IHICKE.l KEKO.-Ooru Meal. Cracked V-' corn. ScreeninRs and whole corn fer chicken feed. JOHN S. W1UJUS. Monongahela City, Ms y 7 FOR llKS i .-The house on Second street, lust above K. K. station, hite'v occnuieri by Mrs. Filson; occupation at once: 5 rooms and kitchen. Rent 87.50 per month. Apply to J. K. LONG or at LONG'S LIVERY. Monongahela City, May 10 6t. CI Al.f.KRY, Photograph rooms torrent, X one of the best locations in the citv: good onenii.g for a live man, or would do for a small family. Enquire of It. WILLIAMS. MoDongahela City, March 15. 18St. FOB REST.-Twn Houses in the Second ward. Kate te.25 per month. Apply to J. W. HANK or R.WILLIAMS. Monongahela City, March. 15, 1836. FOR SAI.K. nouse and lot: new trame double house, containing eight rooms and good cellars to each house: a well of good water at the door; will be sold cheap. Enquire of J. W. HANK. Aiononganeia utv, t ep. 2nd. 1 1. FOR SAi.n. Cottage house and lot on the pike. Third ward. Also, vacant lot ad joining the above, at a bargain. Enquire of S. P. KELLER. Monongahela City, March 22-tf . NOTICEBUSINESS CHANGE .Hiving sold the stock, fixtures and good will of my grocery to Mr. J. r. coivln, I hereby commend him to my former patrons and custom ers. The business will be continued bv Mr. Colvia at the same place, Hotel Wilgus Block, Main street, and every endeavor win be made to Please all with attention, courtesy and fair prices, in retiring from business 1 desire to thank my friends for their liberal patronage and generous good will. .1. T. JV. JOKS. Monongahela City, May 6, 1886. LOST Strayed or taken from the premises of the subscriber. Park Avenue, a red white muley Heifek; bad a rope tied round her neck; has been missing since Thursday evening. Suitable reward for information that will lead to her recovery JOHN SMITH Monongahela City, May 7 1885. Notice to Farmers. Any party or parties having Lumber to saw, can close contract for ($375) Three Hundred and Seventy-fie Dollars for One Hundred Thousand feet, by addressing BOX 408. Hon-ongahela City, if application be made within 30 days. May 7-lm -d&w. PKRSONAi.. 1 have been travelling over the world for many years, and have lost, track of a brother and sister, formerly of Monongahela City, viz: Mr. John Crookham and Mrs. Lydia Gray. If either of them see this, or any of my old friends in the town of my birth will inform them or wrtte me, I will be glad to restore communication between the separated members of the family. I have lived in Utah twelve years among the Mormons and would like to hear from some of our family. Aduress A. J. CKOOKHAM, Ogdon City, Utah. CARPET WEAVING. WASTED.-My patrons to know that I yy am weaving two-cut (JAR PUT, and finding the chain, to order, for THIRTY CENTS per yard. Reports to the contrary are false. Rooms In Odd Fellows Building Basement. LEVI CORNFIELD. Monongahela Citv, May 4, 1884. t.t. &w. Plants ! Plants ! Earlv Cabbage Plants, Early Tomato Plants, sweet Potato Plants, All the New Varieties, By the Dozen or Hundred. at KEENEY'S GARDENS, on the Pike. Monongahela Citv, May 7-15, CHANGED HANDS. WEST MAIN STREET GROCERY HOTEL WILRl'S BLOCK. J. F. COLVIN Having purchased the JONES GROCERY, has stocked it up new, and now solicits the patronage of tbe grocery buying public. JUST RECEIVED Fine lot of extra good potatoes, Family flour of the best grades. Extra good stock of prime sugars. Side Meat. Bacon and Hams. Fresh Country Butter and Eggs, A nd a full line of seasonable goods, fresh. A-Bring your basket, give us a call, and we will endeavor both in price ind goods to meet your wishes. .1. F. COLVIN. Monongahela City. May 10 14. iGALBLANKS Lawyers, Aldermen and Justice ot the Peace, A full line of Bonds. Mortgages, Deeds, Notes, Drafts, Receipts, and all V,e usual legal blanks AT A. Y. Swickard's, Next door to Post Office. Bargains in Boys' Wagons, Bargains in Boys' Carts, Bargains in Boys' Wheelbarrows. SDon't pay old prices tor old goods our stock is fresh and cheap. Back Numbers of Periodicals Ordered direct from the publishers; no trouble ; glad to oblige vou; it you are short on back numbers, call on us. Pitttburg Daily Papers served to all parts of the citv. A. Y. SWICKAED. Monongahela City. April 22. 186. VISCONTI. TUSCAN CREAM SALAD OIL, The Finest Brand is the Market. Just Received aud For Sale by GEO. T.LINN, Druggist. Paper Hanging. The.-undersigned is prepared to do Paper Hanging on short notice, in the best style and at reasonable prices. Leave orders at mv residence. First ward, or address box 201. W. M.COTT. Monongahela Citv. Maroh SO.-atie. Extra Castile Soap For Baby's bath Pine Toilet Soaps, pure. Fine Salad Oil -Our druggist's case is now very complete ana ineaicines win be compounded, on pre- seripuoiis irora pnysiciaus with the greatest care. W. C. Mi'CALLI TElt. Monongaliela City, Nov. 21. HM,r. V(niCB,-A Niclioll & Shephard Vibrat .a. i"g oeparaior lias oeen stored on my place for some time, and having notified the owners wniiout avail to take it away. I now give this lunher public notice, that if the same be not removed and all charges paid by iHiniu.iy. may mil. inso, ai iwoo CIOCK, p. In., it will be sold to the highest and best bidder for storage and costs. lut.erested parties will iaKe nonce anu govern tnemselves accord iiiglv. J. M. WILLIAMS it BROS. Fallowlield township ALSO Will be offered for sale at the same tune ana place, an eignt-liorse power, subject to cost and storage, on the same conditions anu circumstances as tne above. Any persons naviug or claiming to nave anv interest or ownership in tins Horse Power may attend if tney see nt. J. W. WILLIAMS, Carrol township. May 1st 1886.-d&w. ."lOK. SALK CHKAP. Four buildng ivi.i mi muni uiitci, ur;ircu jmiiji mm Sixth Streets. J. B. FIKLKY, i euyies riiuiv ICE CREAM. - Ice Cream furnished to Private Parties, Balis. Picnics, Festivals, Kxcursions and in any quanity and as Cheap as an y house in the city. THE ONLY STEAM ICE CREAM MANUFACTURER IN THE CITY. Always keep on hands, a large and fresh stock of Bananas. Oranges, and Lemons. Fine Candies anu Foreign Nuts of all kinds. Fresh Oysters the year round. At H. C. SUTMAN, Monongahela City. Near K. R. fetation. April 21-t.f . kiiiitiiiiiii OUB SPECIALTIES ARE Wjf. J. ALEXANDER. J AS. 8. ALEZANOB : JOS. A. Bekkon. ALEXANDER & CO. BANKERS. MONONGAHELA CITY. - PENN'A J D. PORTER, ATTORKEY-AT-LAW. ASD SOLICITOR OF PATENTS. PENSIONS. CLAIMS Practice before All the Departments. Associated with O. P. O. Clark. ex-Camisstjnlr of Pensions. Address P. O. Box 72B WASHINGTON. B.C. JSAAC VOHE, JR. ARCHITECT. MONONGAHELA CITY, PA. J S. A. P. MORRISON. ATTORNEY'S AT LAW, 155 Fourth Ayeone, PITTSBURG, PA JSAAC S. VASVOORHIS, ATTORNEY-AT-LA So. 85 Diamond Street, Seeond Floor. PITTSBURGH. PA . JOHN L. GOW, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WASHINGTON. PA. Collections made and all other legal busine ' promptly attended to. The business of Kxe ; utors. Administrators and other Trustees e pecialiy solicited. II. JO.YKS, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, Corner Fourth Avenue and Gran Street Kntrance No. 173 Grant. PITTSBURG, PA. BI. JLIAJV, " ATTORNEY-AT-L AW, Office in Young's Building, next to Town Hall. WASHINGTON, PA. IS. PATTEN, 1. D. OFFICE:-WEST MAIN STREET. opposifeE!iCEAt Josepl1 Patterson's, directly 4:5-'!'- ' MONONGAHELA CITY, Pa. F IRANK T. HOGG, MINING ENGINEER. Office: Front St. BROWNSVILLE, PA. All branches of surveying and colliery maa-apement promptly attended to. Special at maps" mtins up """rate "ine ELGIN MO COLUMBUS ITCHES, King's Spectacles and Eyeglasses. All regular goods sold at the lowest cash prices. Repairing watches, clocks, jew'lry. next door top. o. at 4 W. M. NICHOLSON'S, y-M. II. nio. .The Old Reliable Auctioneer. All calls giveu immealate'at t,..10. Mouse" "oToffl V?" evore's Scl' Washington co,Pa! '""'ville Peisons whoconteniplatehavingsales shon'i i aim to see the auctioneer before getting hini printed to save trouble about date, J5d l t-avoid other sales. WJi h hi to v Duniiingsville, Sept. 17 D&W U1AU rjinos, p. VVORLEV " AUCTIONEER. ton lixS5' Shire Washing W. ! Glveieaca.l. Mmmm PROPRIETORS,"" . MONONGAHELA CITY BOILEB FlQtfB MILLS CHANTER NOTICE -Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Governor of Pennsylvania on the 1st day ot June. 1880, by Win. McGregor, It. E Bvers, W. P. Varne, E. C. Wescoat, W. II. Alison. K. C. MeCurdv and .1. M.. Grable, miller the act ol Assembly entitled : An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations, approved April 2V, 1874, and the supplements thereto, for the charter of an Intended corporation, to he called The Monongahela Cit v Electric LUht t o., the character and object of which is to furnish electric light to the citizen? of Monongahela City, and for ihese purposes to have possess and enjoy all the rights, benefit and privileges of said act of Assembly and supple-ments thereto. 1 1 W. 1'. WAKNK, Monongahela City. May 5. 18;;-4w,0 'CWl ' A ooi com ii.tii. For SALE. Two second-hand buggies, in fair condition, for sale at a bargain. Reason for selling, over stock and need the room. LONG'S LIVF.UY, Mononuaheln City, April 21 -tf. I he Monongahela Wkeki.t Ukpi'hi.n-mn and l ie Pittsburg Weeklyciiiontele Telegraph will he sent to any address in the Culled States for tbe term of one year, for tl,Z Address CHILL W. HAZZ AIM). Monongahela City, Pa. CAPACITY. 150 Barrels Per Day, MANUFACTURE Four Grades of Full Roller Process Flour, ALL KINDS OF fi:l:d and meal Constantly on Hand. We have one of th r,a, ROLLER MILLS In the State, and Gnaraniee every Sack of Flour or Fed AS REPRESENTED. HIGHEST PRICE oraKiver.Grai", dellvered elr by Railroa i rjruifi coi.t'MBi:& ;WATCII COMPANY, Of Columbus. Ohio, are making watchM bod vi ,h Iff? il5,a1 n,it pK plJn.em8 nthir. )f'.'ithe latest Improvements used y t l.'ifs1tle.3m""3Lnew and ""vel ones that So n mna "u,t "se I nsy are the watc hes. and you must come and see then), in order to t hi tWTl' T,,fyare t,le beSt In tne market, forsao by J.I. STKOUSE, JEWELER, who ha the exclusive agency of tli city. nbarhoSeT West End Meat Market Having our shop on th coi ner of Chess and Klgntli streets, wit h a large relrig eratorof the vSteyeus patent, we are now pre-Pared to keep constantly on hand meat of all Kinds and as ehenu as i.ho s:inn. .i.iqiiio be had elsewhere. I hope the - Meat Buyers of the West End will appreciate the convenience it will be our aim to keep best of every, thing In our line and sell as low as possible, liive us a call and he convinced. Monongahela City. March Is J,!,HANKl

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