The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1945
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 10, :i9<JB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally rale yer lino foi consecutive lu Eertlons; Miuimuin charge 60c 1 lime per lino _ 15c 2 times )ier Hue per day iac 3 times per lino yer day Us 5 ttui«a uer Hue ycr tUy Vc 12 . times per line per day be 1 Month per Hue OOc Count five aveiaco \ the line, Ada orriarcd lot three or Elx times anit opped before expiration will bo cliargcd or the number of times the ad appeared nd adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy BUD- lled by nersous resirtiiiK outside ol llir iy must be accomy-inied by cash, Jtates •ay ho easily computed from iho as ova able. Advertising ordered foi irregulai Iiiser. Sons t^es the 0110 time rate. t No responsibility will bo taken for more hail one Incorrect insertion of any clarified ad. •v^vn For Sate Iboui (JOfi atre- Farm, :! inili-s Su \\-i-.-l of Sn.ithville. Artk. 2:>U tu-rfs In cultivation, j-ooii corn, cm tun liny nml. pasture land; also, soiiU' limber". Mrs, .Mary Jptmsiun. I.LUVIVCKT <.,'«.. Sjnitli- viJlc. Ark. :)|lQ>|ibOJ :iml C(irri:ij;n 1'lionn l.kkk-n , uilintuislralur Mnh\ Dfxll-r. 0:!. r i Konl ]ilrlill]>, A-l tiros. Hill i:<il -ICJri l.ukf. :l]IGi omiiiil Jilnotns. 1'liorn! (T'O. 3[9 pk-lt! •6e.t\ 1'orto Kicti Sivccl Potatoes, 1-1 uiLU ; South. 1 uulu Wost on cnm-l mul H. M. Freiicli, Kracljville, Ark.. HL 'i Huick Special 2'door. Runs Kunil looks good. .1 K<">'| tires. 1'hntio l'», Manila. Ark. S-[.k-l. r >'-20 :i Hutlntn Itijster*. I Mil'. 1.221 II ar,J ,\l Cullr be s['en at Varljro. '. t'flv y si/e: |3 iluly Iractor lire rhai es, n<nv available at ices. Montgomery Wnril. AY FOll SAI,K. Casllio Jlrottiere. l. ora. Ark-,, phone Blyllievllle 22fiti. lorcnce 2 burner console model an.l :i burner, with oven. Quirkme;i stove.. 2022 Cliickasawba. l!j>fcl - rnclic.illy new Hot I'oint Electric Wn< i Heater. Call 2926. vpk |lcclrlc \vMer heaters, electric nnt'e electric motors. Ho;rcn Electric Cu 120 S. First. L'hone 21SO. 3:'J-ck-l Electric motors—all sixes i to l'/2 H. P. Hnnlawa. Appliance Co. 3-8-ck- AfJ Model UU tractor in good con,] I tion at ceilinK imce. Paul Ityni I Store. 5-ck-i eiv JjQ-(:;illon writer tnnk nml oil hen L .. „.., . |ft(?r ft p _ m _ g ^^^ | or. Call a 182 room house, completely fur nisi if with servant $ hnusc. Cinsfi in. IVLr a,9.10.00. $1500 cnsli. batancn < tunJis. II. 0. Campbell. I'lione 4 Hi. Ha ... iyas Mm I foot comr.iru I I'rice OI'A ceiling. 1 Tunica. Mississippi. v is C!li|iper. si >tor on ruhbc George Iteevc G-ck-1 MOTOU'^ f tin I no Cut tuna n Au|t> Glider*. UKL'II. I.OVTK l.uwt-'a Urocerj- 532 N. tilli i'liono 5£>7 iby o. IMiorLO -130. AI1I11TS, X. 7.. llcils nm! Wli!te>. H,g. i«tered and pedigreed. Allen Itii^liiiiK, lll.vtlicville. Ark.. Thou. I). Wllkins, huxoia, Ark. :f[0-l>k-0 room honte on Uearn Kt,, liurilwoml llunrs, cental healing, t;arjiKe: ti'K^ limn ', >rs ul,I. Jn |ii>r(ect conilltiuli and idullly lornleil. .liiiitiLi'.' Stevenson >'o!iiu Oil) Agency 3'10-ek-17 BABY CHIOK.S LI Mom HalckkirtK. liljylock flafehery. JliKliwny til .N'urllt, HlMhfvlll... llli:!i KO.IIS, gallon or inoro tu<r J:iy. X. '/>, ratints, wliites uiiJ roiU, r«'^!s- .i*irt'il' f nriU ueJixri'od hiuck. >l. li. •• Jii]!!l' h - :lii: ? For Rent arms for r. Mil. ent. Mcl'avv l.w\ Co. l)o.\ 'wo -]0-acre farm* '2 miles from town, iit'nr Plal Lake, aiid 100 a*ro faun. HlylfLovilte (Elu Co. 8-ck-t5 ni-nisliu.5 a|iArlr»on(. A-luUs only. 10. \V. Keinucky. Phone JIIOO. !(.]ik-;:i ^20 acres of gootl cotton land or will rent in smaller pieces. Crop or cash rent Luxora Gin Co., Luxorn Ark. G-pk-13 'rout Ijfilrninn, private i-ntrflricf 1 . 209 W Kentucky, Mr.i. Hisk. - a-pl;-15 in private home, steam lieai. l'hon< U. • 312-ck-i ffrU'lericy iTA. l-Jioiui npartmciil. Ktcctri lioutiis." Daily, weekly or moiithlj*. Pea Lmly }lolc\, pJionu 'JO'JS. :tJ. r ]-]>k.-J"5 i for cou|i!e. 111-I North 2177. !{<n>iiis fur Jiicti. J furry AI It in a. utnl -10 ncro farm. 2 houses, liig bnrn tool slioil; uriiJcf /once. 1 1-2 mile west of Go5ii«lK Ark. Sco lloll \Vliile, Kaihvay KxiirpiH office. 1'hor -SKWIN'G MACHINES JlEyTKD—Rin B < Sewing Miivliino Co. riione 27R2. 11 i>0. llromlwny. 211-ct:-!. L-'AHM IiANDR Onn 200 to HOD acre irafi. This ia oti of (!:e lipst farms we hjivc for ren Ahn, Ksve one KO acre tract. K. I (!<-e Cotton Co-, IMilliovilh'. or Vnlle* ficl«! Oin CV. Yarbro. 2|12-ck" Services for ilciJenil^We [iluinljinj; a nil lieati call Cnrllon Osliuni, iiliotifi BVfi. Hpk nml Ktnle Income Tax Kcturii 2U-]ik-l for Klip Covers, draperies, UuHlctl Cn: tains, etc. 1 Mrs. Illackwoll nml Mr Smith. 1'lione Hiif). ll|:i~pk-l If you hftve city property or- fnnns fo sak-. list with me nn.l I <vill .lr> in best to .it'll Ilirtii fur von. Sec Jt. >' Hock, Lyiicli MlilK-. Mum nml llroa* way. 2!20-pk-3J2 SEWING MACHINE BEPAIRS Ocnniiic fiin^cr parts, trimrnnlrrd wor! Kinscr SrwEn^ Macliine Co. I 1 ho 27!52. 11-1 So. - HrnaiUvay. '2M7-fk- DON'T SELL YOUR CAR < Until You Get ' PHILLIPS' PRICE : » BLYTHEVILLE'S HIGHEST USED CAR BUYERS' * Phillips will pay you the TOP CASH PRICE without any risk of OPA violation; without any repair or advertising expense on your part; without any notes — ALL CASH; and without any "Come-Back" on you or Delay. PHILLIPS NEEDS 50 USED CARS M- All Idle Cars Are Now Needed In The War Effort! •P H ILL! PS -MOTOR COMPANY Walnnt At Slh — Phone 453 Wanted To Buy Child's prcwnr lurjje size tent condifion. Vlioiic 20IM. Fryor mcnt rabbits. Z-lc [>pr jirnind. Otis Shepliorci. [iliono '2609, or SI. lj, Nicli- <ils. SIS K. Mnin. 'J in.iiV-'.lin [.ivc tncat Rabbits. 12c Ib. Allen ItuFbiiiK'. Illylliuville, Art., Tlios. I). Wilkins, Luxora. Ark. 5| 12-|ik-:l-l2 liny an<l corn. Klevfllor Co. Soybeans, (irain & VVill liny 20c dnzrn Tor wlro cost linni(- ftrs. Ihiclson OleRnerj Farm Needs Drill-: us ymir fvotllirv-, IIOK null lieallli [iniUlelnB. \Vo curry a cmi fresli Ktnck of l.nlcrlp srniius. cincs. Dr. He** Toim-s niul ilis ItxntP. Wfinits Unix Ktorp Main Unilronii. Lost ically nii-.v biovBlf. Src 11. fi. Cn>i i- Kicli Cliovrolut Co. S-ck-12 |n!o Ccirliflcd Ceros.ln Irralnl I). Jc V. lli. >'o. II PlnnliriK Cnllon SMI|; fir.H I ypar from ]irot?rl»;rs—:ipn]]pil fm [tri- Ivntft gin. JIOfi.DO p^r ton. ClH-:ir I.ikc | Knrm,-lllylljCTill.!. Arkansas. rJitnic- 7TO. I actor Stall: Cullers, extra lieavy biii]'. Iwl. COO Ibs. Itlytlieville Marbinr- Sli^.p 2-27-cV-lf lath tubs now available if I 'you are eligible to file a * priority form. Come lo Montgomery Ward office . for information. Ask for j Mr. Clemmons. 3-1-ck-l Wanted To Rent House. I'onimnont residents. Couple one chilli. Phouc 2577. ' of pearls, rlii/icslonc flnsp. HK- n*>f orris. Cnll .Hll.-t!h Ciir Tire sizo lilti 131 nctl Serial So. YI!l50:iir, I.nH liny nij;(i(. I'luni,- y'2l)l. ltov Wonted paiu'iilcs lo rnnke n shftrpcrop. have pond li.niscs. lllyilitvillc Ciin Co. Sckl'i TRAVELBES cr. lorkcrs ami trrvvelirif; l.-ihipinont just received I Company. . .fc. PnrkhnrFt me to Montci>uior>- W^rd for vcitir 2- S»r Ilnby Ctllcks. i(ll-ck|l rn. onts. ctioiK'. IIB^. dairy anil ].r»ullry JlffilF. Custom ' frcd (.-riiidin!;'.; lllytlii-, • viljc Kr.ilii ,t Klcvalor L'6. ' lIJT-ck-'U |(!)l'l,) 14 rottonscoil $0.25 per 100 |ll)!.. 5120,00 Ion. ile-(\'rtlfii'd, Ccrofiau-trentoil Jlrltniiine ISI.Oo' per "lOO Ilij.'. S7f,.cm' ton rr " P litK-Crrliridl Hnlsoy (improved Ark- l.ny) Rnyln-nns SI.00 Imsliol les^ llnu 1100 lill.: ?2.flO per Innlifl. nvnr 100 bit. Illn Trolifie Seeil Corn S3 50 >m |Riird«to IT.intaliim. Himiotle ArV "Imne, 7S2 1122-rk-lf hn quality liahv chicks. L. K. Ashcraft Co., '/ 2 Wnck | south of Frisco Depnl. Call 1493. 2-14-ck-l4 Icfivod ciu]o,l'l plnmliin.i; sut'iiLi«-s: con- Rins rotniitrlo loilpls.' Vitc-lion sinks mil \vash lin«in«:. Hpecnl nriri'<: ? vo(!ks. Wolf ^rian. J'linnc 2S'IO. S:2r.-fik-S'2r. il Kslnlc. I lijvn no siilclinfa. Jf. ''. •ninplioll. 120 foulh Second. |.h'in" |I46. 2IIO-i.k.l2 llectric and Batlery Radios. ] Hardawav Appliance Co. 10-16-ch-lfi 'How many times must I tell you not lo camouflngc the wcll!"| WOOD and KINDLING Barksdale Mfg. Co. South Uroadway AUTO and ELECTRIC RADIOS REPAIRED 324 EAST MAIN CITY RADIO REPAIR AC, '- •:! ir I j Visit Your Studebaker Dealer .... Our repair shop has the most modern equipment in the city; we've plenty of space and a competent staff of mechanics. We Ji.arc 6'ail '« announce tliat Clarence Cummings is now !n our I*'service department. Drop in and visit him. ... Gene Osbornc, shop foreman. I r —YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR CAR IT _YOU WANT TO BUY A GOOD CAR Sec your stmlebakcr dealer firsl-wc'll give you a fair deal. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Chamblin Bill Chamblin "In Blythevillr- For Over 30 Years" R. R. cfc Ash Sts, > ..„,- , ThoneZlSS ilins ypllmv golil fiulovn wrlsl vvnith bsl Wednesday inimiinj;. llcvont. Jlrs. hinipson at J. 0. 1'cuncy Hior^. SpMl Help Wanted SlirmTrn]i|.er to fnint :IO nrri's. ( t-rnvol mail, \villiln 1-2 mile uf .m-liu. KIIIII) IKHIII-. See Knvt Mooily. 1-2 nil wcsi o£ uniu unle at HAAK.'lMO-pfc-l to f')r liumc 1 for room Itox K. K.. i-[u (.rmi llrlinlflf. sPtlloil wliite. n-otnnii to live !j on i c. il o lin u s p vv-u rk ft nil ci rn Ajiply Pahicc Cafe. :!-ck nced cooks anil ivaltreKscs. ' Xnble. ' i OSCAR ALEXANDER "Kil Kstnle—I'nrni I,anrlj Clljr I'roiwriy & Itonlal Services. 107 West Main St. WK 111,1, ALT, HOOTOK8' PRESCRIPTIONS AND BAVK YOU rONKI STEWART'S Drug Store VALUE OF LIFE INSURANCE? Ask a wltJowl Aik a boy or girl whoia builncji or Irndo school troining cams from a policy! R. L, SIIHRUICK Box !)Sr>, IHyOiovillc ««pr«i«nUn 0 THE MUTUAL 1IFI INSURANCe COMPANY cl NtW YOKK FOR HALE CONCRETE STORM SEWKR ALL 812KB Clirnper Tltun IVrltl^e Lumber Oscccla Tile & Culvert Co. flione 691 Osccolu, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Guruteml BM! Frit*. Kirby Drag Stores Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main for CASH PAID USED FURNITURE Any Amount — From $1 to $10,000 Worth! ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. 301 K. Main "Where Luke SI. Crushes Inlo Muln St." Phone 2S02 Crawford Service Station S. Division & City Limits — Phono 921 We Call For and Deliver Cars! Spcchillsls In— Greasing-Tire Repairs-Washing We've a few sels of seat covers IcR W. R. "1)111" Crawford J. L "Joe" Cosner The repair ptr- fect for ladies footwear is our *i nv lsiblc half sole. Clean, smart looking with no n:iils nr stitches to Injure J. los <?—anil, .ajiennctically sculcd sole joint «itli no shan'K sirain. . »w. r .M fl » N ST. SAVE For ALL MAKES of Automobiles and Trucks Phillips provides tbe best service facilities for SAVING YOUR CAR. Brakes Adjusted And Repaired Efficiently Mufflers, Hose-connections, Fan-belts JFfepi^te:i j Cars Washed, Polished And Properly Lubricated Save Your Car. You May lie Only a Foot From Trouble PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tcl - ''53 Hlytheville Arkansas • .{ The Job That CORRECTS TROUBLE Before It Happens! >i<V mi it FT r MOTOR ANALYSIS AND TUNE-UP ADJUST: DISTH1RUTOU. POINTS, TIMING CAKIUMKTOR, VAIA'13 TAPPRTS, FAN BELT AND GKNKUATOU. CLEAN lAIH .CLKANHIl, BATTERY TERMINALS AND SPARK' PLUGS. CHECK: COIL, .CONDENSER, DISTRIBUTOR, VOLTAGE, BATTERY, VACUUM CONTROL, COMPRESSION AND HEAD CONTROL. TIGHTEN: CYLINDER HEAD, 'MANIFOLDS AND HOSE CONNECTIONS. It's still a long way to a new car — Take No Chances With the One You're Driving! LO Y EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 ' HIS MAJESTY \ C'MOM, LET'S Y OUT 13 r X WILL&EE Yeo HAVE /RISHT/AI- HEY AIM 1 ! THAT/ VEH. A& N.YOU GENTS J IT OUT ( READS' WF 'TH MOOVIAN /VICIOUS WvM NOW J WITH "PHIS V SOT TWO GRA.WD WIZERl OH CROOK k. S\ NEW KING / STRIKES AS EVER A. 7 1 )\ WE GOTH ONUS.' -, -7; N. LIVED! jfittfc-- - _/YV ^y\ ^ —- mm\ ^ Oh, Boy, Is Il« TO«K!I]_ , By V. T. HAMLIM WELLTT'l^^^^p^ '& W .-C^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRTENUS Mike Vrii>hi OKAY, PAL—you GIT We JOB \ Bur I GET THE IITTCES ^^^^^S^-vSJl i ™»£*™^.> PLACe OM THE BANDSTAND / WRIGrtT, NOW.^ THAT, WE . NDERSTAND ACH OTHER, E'3 GET DOWN •Q BUSINESS! ~r &\ ^&*' -^< RED RYDER MERRILL BL088* SOMETHING TEILS Me tM GOMWA en' THE FIRST SINGER. V«O £Vfp. HIMSELFIMTO A_V U. S. Naval Air Unit tn«\vt*r ii> I'rr* limn Pn»Vi IIORIZONTAL' 1 Depicted is - insigne of • U. S. Naval Air Station, > 7 Chaos , ,j :! . 8 Planet a Symbol for' radium Jl Persian fairy 13 Biblical pronoun '' 14 Bucket •16 View with displeasure )7Paid a visit 19 Entomology ' 20 Hearing orgon 21 Treatise , 24 fnlrepid ' 26 Of the thing 27 Sloth ( stations VERTICAL 1 Certain 2 New Mexico i (ab.> 3 24 hours 4 Anger 5 Electrical unit 6 Verbal 7 Birds' homes 10 One who nils 11 Writing tools 12Wifhin 14 Father •'»•• 16 Scottish "I shccpfold ! 18 Arid OIT DCS 22 Skill ' of Dritnin 23 Affirmaiivc 3!) Early Eng- 24 Possessed ' lish (ab ) 25Venlilate 41 Indian 28Tomd mulberry 29Dislirict part 42 Bellow 30 Forgive 44 By way of ^^ void «Kvcwhing 33 Assistant 4K Average (n!i. 34 English tlvcv 49 Symbol for 38 Mythical king samarium SIFear N 35 Individual 36 Contend 37 Wood 40 Pompous show 43 Weary 144 Virginia (ab.) 46 Vein 47 Symbol for ', tantalum 48 Is indisposed 50 One (Scot.) 51 It is the ' I Insigne of one 30 35 'II 21 ENROLJTE TO OxlEAf\,ll1TLE BEWER STOPS TO SEE 1ri£ DUCHE55 Cf mw.V V Robhcry With Labor B> FRED flARMAH RED RfKK NEED-IVU SOSEBODT TO , LOOK AF1ER OM WE tR-vi-, RED RIDER AND i\AR5llAL BilRKE,rJ\CH 5£ Trie OIHFR.PASS WITHOU RECC6HHION! WASH TUBBS Stisiiicions Aroused BY LESLIE TURNER MB.D&5REE,THIS 15N/ A REMARKABLE FAKE, WSOM-fN-LAW.WASrU TOO.THAT'5 WHVIWAHTEP TUBBS.,, WASH, MR. I TO SEE THE ORraiNAL |W PEtiREE HAS FOUWD 1. MR. THE FAMOUS PAIMTIKla, < /^N ^-x I " SUNSET AMD CABBAGES" I PION'T LIKE mStOCKS EITHER iVASH I DO HOPE PAPPV WIU. B6CAREFU1. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not According in Plan BY EDGAR MARTIN .:?$f 1 f :;n;d: }' \)^ o

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