The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 6
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FOUR (AHK.)' COURIER NEWS TOE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS 'TO* COURIER NEWS CO.. FUBL1SHUHS :.'''''.'• ' O. R, BABCOCK. Editor ' H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National . Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F, Clark Co. loc., Ne»- York, PbiUdelphl*, 'Atlanta, Dallas. Bio, Aatonlc, Sail Francisco, Chicago, St. LouLs. Published Every Afternoon txccpi Sunday. 'Entered as second class mnucr ai me post, cfflre at Blytheville, Arkansas, under net o( Ooiiijress October 8, 1917. Served by the United SUBSCKimON RAiKS , : By carrier In the city of BlythcvUIo, l&c ycr . week or ?0.50 per year In advance. By mall with In a radius of 50 mile*, 13.00 per year, (1.M1 for fix uiouttu, 85c for llucc nioutl'j; by mall In |»otal y.onw two to six, fncl.istve, t«,50 per year, in zones rcven und dtlil, J1U.OI) per year, payable In advance. Living al Home This scribe spent a pleasant and interesting wock;-eiHl amoiiK the clay hills of Obion county, in northwest Tennessee. The laud looked poor, but the people didn't. Las).-year's drouth burned up the crops, but the Ued hail relatively little to do. This year's crop outlook does not compare with that of Mississippi county, but the people arc not worrying. Bank deposits at Union City-have, actually shown an increase in recent months. Obion county grows a little cotton, quite a bit of wheat, an:! a lot of torn and hay and pnslure crops. Cotton and wheat are sold for cash, but most everything else ijoss into beef and dairy cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry. That may be a foolish way to do, but it has made a very pale compleetioned variety of hill land iprovidc a basis for a lot of substantial and comfortable appearing farm, homes and for a number of prosperous looking towns. Obion county lives at home and seems tu^.bo, getting along very well at it. •It/eyon''lfa3'fi'-:li6inc ; market for a substantial 'part 6£ its livestock. The Reynolds Packing company of Union City buys something over a million dollars worth of cattle, hogs and sheep • -isch year, almost entirely from Obion and adjoining counties. be regartlctl us his private uffiiirs if lie did not himself jiiiblimu them no widely, Mr. C.'ooliclgo, .Mr. Hoover and Hie G. 0. P. larilV lire not liio whole s>x- ])tanaliun of why the senator and a lot of other osliniaulc pei'.soii.s we uuw the c'X-owiHM'd of 1'nrms. K;inniii(; i.s a business thiil, iilmof't inoi'u I hull any oilier, rei|iiin>s Uiu ex- |iert ami eviT-wiildtl'ul eye of ;in ownur- imiiuigc 1 !'. As a fiimicr, if wo may he |n.'i'imH«l to say MI, Air. t,'ara\vay in probably a' lii-st class United Status .senator. Neillier in the United oUli/s nor anywhere else lias UKi'iuilltin.! rvcr prospered niulor a system of :il):<entee hiiullofdisni. A faun ill Arkansas can't be niainiKed suicucrfsl'ully from a desk in \Viisliintrlnii. MONDAY, .JUNE. 20, 1931 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Senator 'Caraway's Farm : We have heard or read Senator Caraway's story about the farm he used to own when Woodrow Wilson was prcsi- dent a number of times. It is not ;\ bail story, and continue-, to .bring an appreciative response from persons who per- .haps also once owned farm;!, or who think they would own farms now if it hadn't been for Calvin Coolklgc and Herbert Hoover. •We have never been inclined to minimize the adverse effects upon agriculture of ceiinin uf tlie policies of the RqiuUittii) party. It is harder to • own a farm, or al. least to earn a profit with one, because the Kepubiican tariff taxes agriculture to subsiclixe certain forms of industry. Hut, if Senator Caraway will pardon .our poking our nose into what might Flic Arkansas Picture The avrrnsjc Inveslor w-nnts lo know something abcut the management of the concern In which h; Invests his inuncy. What kind of a picture has Aikansns lo ofTcrV * o * Individually It lj a iilcnsmU one. It's people are courageous. They have demonstrated thai they can take a licking nnd come back. But the outsider, who knows Anything al all, knows that the people of Arkansas ore nt the mercy of ruthless politicians, \v'ho have taxed every conceivable source, who have squandered nnd wasted the public's money, who play upon the Ignorant, and dare the people to wise n hand In protest. IB it any wonder that Arkansas securities sue not Ihe inoU desirable when the stale maintains some twelve stale supported cnllo^ps, hall of them created for |x>liikal purposes, ami frcrving 11 very small section of the state? Is il any wuiuier that Arkansas' credit is not as i<ood as It should be when taxes have increased -100 per cent in ten years and nothing but a deficit to show for '.i? Is It any wonder \vhcn everything from clgui"- etles to sniiir has been t'lxe.-i lor school pur- pusrs yet hundreds of schools arc iacinfj a shutdown? 1:; it any wcucler when lh'. L stale is obligated lo rc-pny a hundred million dollars for highway construction nnd the few nipn In charge- refuse lo permit on honest and comprehensive ntidi'l? It i:; true that Arkansas i; blessed with many ic.;cmcr& but II misjhi as well be a barren dcses-t if (lie politician is tuiun to be permitted to run thioiigh Ihosn in sin nbiind- on;d. reckless manner. —Pine BluII Commercial. U •IK . t,-m m^ w •> >&;••! i fc ''Well, don't go to work for ;t <k>iUisl—you don't even get M diiy olY wilh ;i toothache." You can't blamn the mar. \\\\u niasiiod the Blrl lie met at the buach lor sMlling the place a sand trap. If u moratorium di-hiyn drill payinrnio, it's :< pity Coii^iei.s I'lin't have Mimclhins.; like an oralorissm. The Spanish army Is cutting down on Us hiyh olticers. Makstiij a Gcnerat rcthicliou, as il weie. h ,|u WASHINGTON frLETTER \u-.i '£iiat Writers Have Oi'K.inl/.i'sl tu i T ishl (.'vnsui-sliip, Kml Stimuli May l-'ind Opposition SlilYrr. \Vhfii Hi- I'r^e., Hunks Sup|ire:i'| teil llci.iusr iff What lie Cun- sidcrs OljH-imc t > as>agcs Then there's the runinntlc, yiiuiin Ihinu who tcuk up Kulf bcc.iuje she licard -some Boilers try :\ f\fxn. A man is brin-.; Micd for divina 1 hc'causi- hu ]iut pi'|?pcr in hi:; wife's iiovuiei. Ami d;d she WASHINGTON— '1 he lislsirc hni: begun U) clmul slijlitly tor tlu Hon. Uccti Smoot. senator from Utah, Ihe leading apcstlc of cen- rship in ConyreSH. A lot. of siuthors have yanked (03Cthe.- In figh'. ccnsurshlp, fid- •jri'.l, stale nnd local, and the likc- lilioo:! is that in tlie future, when Senator Susool goes dashing dowti tlie corridors of the Senate1 oll'lce building lo read lo his cyl-i leagues what he conflicts obscene pafsages of books, he will be fol- cd by a coiiiiuittc.' Leu- on suing osit that what Senator Hmcol considers .obscene is not c^nc at all, blU uuly gootl literature Ii'. for you and me and th-: n:it. cf lite reading public. . 'llu r.cvv iVaticnrii Council oa Fici'tlr.::! Krum Ceu.orshl]i. huv.- cvcr, is not only diluting its attention to books, but ;.lsu to plays, movies. raulo and iXT"t.di- cals. •Seek to Iteycal Laws In the Itrirral field it an- lepeal the lu«s'unricr whldi a solicitor of the Post Office Department may declare a p'.iim'calion inmiailabL' and tu support an amendment [u ihe i;i<iio act whicii would t-i't iip miicliiucry lo prc- \ciil (cu.'xn-ship at na- s In the rale of men are deflected septums In the nose, thiek- enimj or hardening of the arteita. defective hearing, frequent col-Js ind pyorrhea. Just why men stioul:! have nose and fhrout |roubles :•;) nuch more than women is ol area 1 . ntercst but the reason is not cbar. When the lleures for liousev.ives were studied in relation lo all of Ihe women, it Is found thai llu-y sillier more frccjuenlly fro;n some condillons than do women ic, nen- cral. Since housewives sire mar- rictl lo a far ^rcaler <'Xiriu t!i;u» ire oilier women workers. U:? explanation lies in Ihe fact ihat lir: conillllons concerned arc di-iiiiitrly issoclnled wilh chittlbiilh. Women have far more dislinij- incus ol the Ihyroitl than :lo iiifn. 1'liey complain much more ul tru- Icrncss in the region of the yah 1 >]addcr and appendix. So far as the age at wliich disease occurs Is concerned, lh= ay.-s n bolh groups seem lo be Ihe samj. Sex dilleiences In Hie occurrenc:- of various diseases are factors which interest physicians greatly, particularly In ihe matter of making a diagnosis; There v.-as a time when certain diseases were limited alincbt exclusively to men, even tiiose Ihci lid not affect tissues or organs peculiarly masculine. Since women lave come to a large cxtcnl out of he home and into industry an.t in- o similar politically active piKiliDrjs. they begin to show disturbance! which v;er« formerly linUied almost wholly to men. In the past the life expectancy o'. women was In general greater than that of man at any givsn age, nnJ among people living to 100 years of age there would usually be more women than men. Equality of effort and associated therewith equality of exposure makes il likely that In the future this distinction will not maintain. THIS CURJ0US WORL CECENTJ.Y SK<3TN«R. ST.PAUL//WNNESOW, WOSB ALFG&ANQ W<ICK MAO LBKH.ERKERK, H3iL4NO, IM 19X8 •••• TVIKG, AND 6BMOIMS OF ¥> THE BRANCH!::}, GROW \ eaSg .IASD1WC.IHC. OF UNO, NEAR.THE CKY Of 1X>5 ANSetES, IS SWWW SLIOI.MS INTO TUB OCEAH, A new chcvm 1 ,' gum inlriKiuced in Chlc.i^u h.r. ;: j'hi llavpr. Mill mcsl chewers. it [:, ,-.;iui. pill mi a ryo lace. or by the and \s:rioii5 oliicr writing per- 3IuiUlled Situation 'Iiic council sijs il pro|jcscs to Iun;s al! forces oppos-Jd lo cen- ccrL'iiip, by which II means any pcwor lo suppress liio cx|)ressioii ol thctiiiin. The lav\ ticusii'l dc— Hue cuii.oivjhip isntl censors tlon't aiiicc. Books Ir'.'cly allowed are lurcjtltlen dramatization. Plays thai ism fo:- months ami operas popular for centuries may not be U;;t.d in the movies. Many things comaiunly heard in (alkie dia- lO^u-j can't go on the air. Tne Post. OIHC3 Uepartmint and Customs Service arc at ccldi about' becks dci-med lit for circulation.' .'V:; lor movie censorship by state sicards, the council cites this con- iu. : iLii: -.Maryland bars a kiss on the neck uui winks al a drinking sctnc. Kansas censors can't stand the sight uf a whiskey- bottle, but kisses en the neck are cnlertain- In Virginia all passion must be blCLixd by a marriage ccrc- iv.oijy. Oliio flo:sTi't like pictures ifLMlin;; ft-ilh jail breaks and con- .•/di-rs an actress in her underwear as •im'.icent'—'though lin- GJISC uilveriiseiuenis in the uews- papers are not. New York, of all place:;, b.ivr. .scenes showing a pu- ntcmari or an official accepting jratt. I'ennsylvania, the strictest slate board of all. is likely lu bar anything." Die-lathis' Tastes single lan'ycr in the i»:il of- tiiclalcs what the naiiun's SNAKK ClIAIlMKIt COV -MONTEREY PARK. C;>!if. tUI'l —John Ostoich, police captain »nd motorcycle oflicei, save towuspjople a few uneasy inoiuciU-s when lie rode down the main street with a five-foot shake coiled ' around hia neck. Ostoich explained that he hud l>ecn called by a WOIIKMI to coino onickly and protect, her from a op; snake. He found the snake was harmless and conveyed it in thu easiest manner to the hills and released it. EXCUSES = l»j- George W. Barham=: I v.-esil lo church Sunday for Iho firsl lime ill many mcnths. 1 cutild not help but nolicu anil as impressed wills tlse fact that there were so many children pre^nt and co d'w crov,n ups nnd csjircia'iy the lack ol I'.Hli'.Ts and mothers p.i tl:i preaching servico. 1 could ::cl help but, think ot v.':i.,i I read ;il;:ui bringing the chiltireii up in the way they should go ana 1 the pomisc to fathers and imiincrj H I'lhev did this the childr-'n v.ouid GERMAN' I'ANs OOLD . not depjtt t!ier,-irc:u. or course KARLSRUHE. Germany. <UP>—jinc cluldrcu were si-iiln» .ciijious Gold has been found in ihe lo'v- j tiainin^ ;:nA I t appeal i' is such lauds of the Rhine at Au near here, iraining as is "atisiaciory tu their The prospector, Theodore Eis2'.e,'lathers and mothers imd been punning gravel and sand' So that lead me to maV.c some for years in liie vicinity. His vein j huiiiiry of the father of one or me Is two feet thick and li:s six IEX:-: t^ys i saw ut church. This lE-tliir he below the surface. It mile from the river. about half in censes. liio chan man o: tile ror.-liip tjimip i.-, il^;rli:r Ihi^lus, author uf the j-.i.iy iv::h thai A fice . riaisghly-uoritcd litlc. "lldl Uonl ccisrls mid juries. Uiauks to reais of tiir.ti ibut OUT OUR WAY By Williams n:tt. whcsc [::i:nphlcl . was ok.^vtd by Eh-.t courts aflcr tni' Ton OilK 1 ;' ijriiHi.inrn: luil "\ I MIND NOAJ, '~\ t 1LV, 1 OM voo! I'M GcTTTiMCr OP SCO, L!MD£17 MM GO lu iinpri:;jn her lu IliaiK'h CiilK'il, \vhnsc Jur^cn got tangled up with John S. Sumntr; li. I- Menrki 1 :!. editor Il'.e American Mercery: Ru|Krt . ; ^-^x^ri \ HMOW..> v. l:fS% '.ft f ^^ -'Mi- 'v JU&HS^'"-: waiiiisi "iiiBSiiiiiiiiii _nt*.tf.t»>"- ^'^ • ..^JM^f MO'U -~-_ V:'i- \ ." "- - V •-•-• readers may yet throsiglt tlie mull, il is pointed out. for it's the :oticilor who decided what is "ob acuc" or -sedition:.." Decisions by custoiii'i mspcctors on foreiijii books may now lie appralcrl to Senator Cs:ltni£'s victory over i£cn- amonl in the ccnsorshii uf Ihe Hawlcy-Smool l.uill light, but the Ihcrc j;iaLb:d iroin process is expensive pr.iclictilly no ic- a single book is a Iravclci's trunk tiomlnailon of hvo or ll-.rcc In radio censorship, the counci ^.';y. c ., a program to make the ail free must eliminate selective cen- scrslilp a'. individual stations which a-,old controversial subjects Jest Ihry embarrass business o; is, must prevcm the industry bj larer groups and nn:st "priitcct p.ibllc inlerc.sts il fne .^jy.ech ;:i;iiiiist discrimination in K : s'.iisi:.< licences." Aside from its federal prograu . the auli-C;:i3or.'-hip Kroup wil iiuv M-ck lo repeal all laws providing for rn:soi.shi|> in advance of shuwir.c; or rii$'.ribi;tion. (c.^t cs.^cs in the rcurt.s nnd conduct a bis- nifor.T.iition '.iliich \. : .]\ educational |jropaf:.ii:riri. s:'.itl ci:at he l:ail not b^en to church for several years that he goitsn out of ihe habit o: TAILLESS KITTEN iiURX i going: The]! I thcuyht of how I MEMPHIS, Tenn., (UP;—G. G. 11:n(l excused myself fov sc many 3rcgory's Maltese cat has given ; years. Then I talked with anothe,- lirth to a kitten having no tail. Ini lather who has tv.-u UDV.-, 0112 abo.,'» he same litter ttore were thicc! ten year:; ok! an;! the other about nthcr kittens which were normal' eight. He said they had not bec.i n all respects. Courier News Want Ads Pay. in church or Sunday si'hool for a long time, tint he had not pait j v:ry much attention to thtm. Hi shad left ihe training of the boys i lo their mother and he said he i oucsscd she was so busy that shu -either had forgotten about me j church or (hat he would look after j them. He said he thought tlfc : churches were a mighty good thing j lo: the community and thatr it •would be awfully bad if they should I close. That he Intended to sUrt I in sc-me of these days and would | take the boys with him, he said ' that right now he could hardly | go as he had more or less work to ; do on Sunday morning and he sometimes went fishing Sunday afternoon, and night found him lired out. So he ccuid not yo Sunday nisht. He said boys, were a great. j responsibility and maybe he shouM J | te more careful. . > ? i (Copyrighted) STUDENT WIN'S SEVEN FKIZES MEMPHIS. (UP)-Of the 11 honors awarded graduates ol the UnU versify of Tennessee School of j Pharmacy this spring, Webstsr Price Dunway, Seimer. Tenn.. captured seven. He won the faculty medal, honor certificate, Blldd medal fur materia medica nnd four ' ! other prizes for his research v.-ork. Women Suffer More From Serious Diseases 'llian Men HV in:. noitKls j'i-.;iS!:i\ lalitnr. Jdlinv.ll r[ Hu- Ainrri: lii AiiorLillcn. .mil if Hy- R»la. tlie Hr.illh .',la^/ ; nr :otli;- vrais agn li-,i Ci::r..-.i ^t ;.i rn Kriucalion. aMr : v -'.i;:-,- ing t'r.r c:.s.-» in ;lr pr.i.-.ic.- pcnera! plat'.-u'jiirr- lo the t onvhisicn tli:.: £ of tiisra.-fs lomin-^ ;o t'/ of phy.-iLiar.s couici b" r.: cf r",'.ii:::ii'.-:it i :-..;• (i in a h.iu:ii; s<: s i:: iitf..IM\S .u.- 1U>C t;:,-y .v:iov.- I::T. . :i of v:rr:< for v V.A'J prepare;!. xaiu.'.ttiun v..i.. : ....^., i-.-iij ol sr.i'ti a:'.I -.i..:..v:i at Fascinating, Delightfully Different Vacation Spot High Up hi the Cool, Green Mountains of New Mexico F AR from crowded, noisy highways— a thousand miles from teeming, sweltering beaches. Outdoors, the natural free life of the saddle, the woods, the trout streams, the mountains. Indoors, the restful luxury and thoughtful service of a city club with every human comfort. Cool, crisp nights—miid balmy, sunny days. Never a fog—little rain—:io sticky, exhausting heat. You sleep under blankets in mid-Juiy! The ladies love it—and the youn^ folks —and the young old folks, too. It's paradise in the mountains with a million acres for just our folks to play in—no outsiders. Let's go fishing—riding—hunting— poloing—swimming—hiking—shoof clay pigeons—take pack trips, etc. Choose your own amusements mornituj, neon or . 'night on your owa time schedule at luxurious Rancho Kcs —.r.o.-.t glorious mountain resort playground in the southwest. Even the most elite hoccb of this country can't give you finer luxury nor better service. It is only natural that channirrj people come to Alanc.'io />:-.' 1 n'ii--:ii : .' intorvL'i; n.i,s rrcrntlx toai- ;:;i::':l (lv? rnics lt-r di^:;'.so amoir^ injii ,-ir.d women us clncimiii.-d by : -'u- c:\nminr.lir,;; of I^.SIil rioapir. iTiu- women included workers of all i:;i - ; l.ip". l'C'-.:.',ev, i\ cv clerfc in storr. 1 ,! r.; i ;:u:l lho.-c .M-IMI^ in the various !:nc i pvufc.-sions. any of thr ccntli'.ians ]> r c:x from .Obh (he. won:en tulTcr »r? .r. 1 . r.-.i-.n ', ccnnci'tc;! willi clnldbirlh. The r.r.c-. i :i.'lr:l ty | arc h!i;l-.rr amonz vMimen .:-.:-. ;!i,-; nnio:in :>:cs; for funcl'.^ml n-.urmur.s' 5t.-t.i-::. il nnd r.cuui.-.i.ii ivliexcs. Women iiav: j ••'•:• ::: >nl | varifaM 1 \i-ins more frc,-,-.icntly than M'j-. -.:;.--'c'o Him n .id .\\.~a v^lvitlar icsi^ns of 1 ...;. :i:u.,t ! li:o aud enlargement of il:: I • ..i.ikts : On tl.c ulii.jr l.aiul. the only con- ! 1 riiiioiis in which there is a definite ' at Jcmez Springs, New Mexico Write for full iafnri-ial'nn i 155 EAST SUPERIOR STREET •-* CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

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